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Stop and Stare

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Stop and Stare

MissProngs and hplova15165 are proud to present Stop and Stare! This is a Marauder Era fanfic that takes place during Lily's 7th year at Hogwarts... the year everything changes; her love life, her friends and enemies, and her plans for the future are all mixed together during her last year at Hogwarts.

~ * ~

DISCLAIMER: We would just like everyone to know that we don't own most of the characters. They belong to J.K. Rowling and we are just borrowing them. We also don't own the song Stop and Stare. We are once again are just borrowing them. This is our own creative fanfic that we'd just like you to enjoy. So please don't sue us!

~ * ~

Stop and Stare


Mr. Sirius Black,
We are sorry to inform you that Ms. Jade Snow, your Gryffindor acquaintance, has been killed in a recent Death Eater struggle. Death Eaters, as you know, are the Dark Lord's rising followers. The Ministry is doing everything possible to track Him down.
Mrs. Laine Snow specified you to help her with the funeral. It will take place in two weeks. The plans will be arranged for you and young Jade Snow's acquaintances to be transported to the funeral site.

Lucinda Hopnick
Head of Aurors

~ * ~


Lily woke to the sound of her mum yelling.

"Lily!" Mrs. Evans yelled. "Get up, darling, or you're going to be late for your train!"

Lily groaned and rolled out of bed. She hated getting up so early in the morning. She grabbed her towel and headed down the hall towards the bathroom. She shared a bathroom with her sister, Petunia, who was already there. She was brushing her hair, trying to make it look shiny. It was a futile attempt.

"I need to take a shower, Tunie," Lily said. She had called Petunia that nickname since before she could remember.

Petunia scowled. Her short, dull brown hair hung loosely around her sallow face. Petunia had always been a bony child with pale skin who cared deeply about her looks. And she'd always been jealous of her sister's effortless beauty. Lily, with her deep auburn locks and dazzling emerald green eyes, didn't have to do much to be considered pretty.

"No need to be so bossy, Lily. And I really wish you'd stop calling me that. It's so childish," Petunia said in a know-it-all voice. She continued to run her fingers through her hair. "I was just getting ready for Vernon. Of course, you'd know what if felt like to get ready for a boy if you had a boyfriend…"

Lily clenched her fists, but remained calm. "I don't want a boyfriend, Tunie. And it's not like I never get asked out!" Her mind brought a picture of a boy on a broomstick with black messy hair to the surface.

"Sure you do," Tunie said in a voice that meant, 'I doubt it.' Lily rolled her eyes and ignored Petunia. She and her sister used to be such good friends. What had happened?

Lily took a quick shower and changed into a pair of jeans and a green cashmere sweater to match her eyes. She quickly glanced around her neat room for anything she could have forgotten. Everything was packed. She grabbed her trunk and pulled it down the stairs to her front door. Her long hair flowed behind her as she ran to get her parents.

"Let's go!" Lily squealed. This was her last year at Hogwarts, and she wanted to be at the train station on time. A sad feeling touched her heart. This really was her last year.

"I can't believe you're growing up so fast!" Mr. Evans said as Lily got into their blue muggle car. He finished loading up Lily's trunk and owl into the back seat before sitting at the wheel. Petunia silently slid into the seat next to Lily while shooting her a look of disgust. Lily rolled her eyes and looked out the window. A smiling, but teary-eyed Mrs. Evans stood in front of their house waving good-bye to her youngest daughter. Lily smiled and waved back at her mother. Her mother looked very much like her, and Lily was told this all the time. They looked almost exactly the same except for the green eyes which belonged to her father. Lily had the exact same shape and color of emerald in her eyes as her father.

Lily continued to wave until the car sped off in the direction of King's Cross Station.

Wow! This really is my 7th year. Lily thought while staring at the passing landscape. So much had happened since she'd gotten her Hogwarts letter and arrived for the very first time at a place she'd soon called home. She let the memories fill her mind whole a feeling of warmth spread throughout her entire body. Her reverie was soon interrupted by the cheerful voice of her father.

"We're here!" he exclaimed.

Their vehicle stopped by the curb of the train station and Lily got out. Her father had already unloaded her trunk and owl and was placing them onto a trolley.

"Are you coming Petunia, dear?" Mr. Evans asked.

"No, I think I'll just stay here," she replied, throwing Lily a look of hatred.

"Alright then. Come on Lily." Lily's father began wheeling the trolley towards the barrier with Lily following in his wake.

"Have fun at your freak school," Petunia said sarcastically to Lily's back.

Lily turned around and replied just as sarcastically, "Oh, don't worry, I will." And just before Lily slipped through the barrier, she shouted, "Have fun with that fat boyfriend of yours!" The look of pure loathing would have been priceless had Lily seen it. A smirking Lily stepped through the barrier letting the magical sensation take hold of her. She arrived at the other side and glanced up at the huge Hogwarts Express.

"Well… I guess this is goodbye for this year," Mr. Evans said, his voice breaking slightly.

"I love you," Lily said meaningfully. She gave her father a long hug. He squeezed her tightly, but broke away, glancing at his watch.

"I'll see you over the break," Mr. Evan's said, smiling. "I'm so sorry dear, but I have to go drop your sister off at her boyfriend's house." Lily held back her bitter remark she was about to make. Save it for Petunia, she told herself sternly. He waved as he left the platform.

"Lily?" a soft voice called from behind her. Lily spun around. A sandy haired boy with chocolate colored eyes was grinning broadly. Remus Lupin ran over to her and gave her an unexpected bear hug.

"I missed you," Remus said to her.

"I missed you, too," Lily said to Remus, smiling. Remus glanced around.

"Have you seen James or Sirius yet?" he asked. "Peter and I have been looking for them."

"I would help you if it wasn't James," Lily said, "And I've got to put my trunk up, then look for the Head Boy." She picked it up, staggering under the weight.

"The Head Boy?" Remus stopped abruptly. Lily looked at him questioningly. "Good luck with that," Remus finished quickly, looking away as though something else had just become more important. Lily started towards the train suspiciously.

Lily lugged her trunk towards the engine, not watching where she was going. She couldn't because her trunk was so unbelievably heavy. Unfortunately, this caused her to run into the last person she wanted to meet at that moment.

Lily fell to the ground and dropped her trunk on her foot. Muttering curses under her breath, she got up to look at the git who had run into her. His messy black hair was falling slightly over his intense hazel eyes. He grinned the moment Lily had looked up. And his crooked smile caused several unanticipated butterflies to flutter in Lily's stomach.

"How was your summer, Evans?"

James Potter.

Lily groaned inwardly. All right, pull yourself together, Lily, Lily told herself.

"Oh, the usual," Lily replied. "So how was yours?"

"Lovely, especially since Sirius came to stay" James said sweeping a hand through his already untidy hair. He observed Lily looking around the platform. "Looking for someone?"

"Just the Head Boy," Lily said. "We have to get to our duties." Lily hauled her trunk along.

"Haha, you said duties!" James said. Lily rolled her eyes. Immature. She hauled her trunk away.

"Wait!" James said desperately from behind her. Lily sighed.

"What?" she said, turning around.

"You're looking for the Head Boy?" he said with sudden realization.

"Yeah, what's it to you?" Lily said haughtily.

"Well… the thing is…" James said slowly, trying to build up drama. Sooo melodramatic, Lily thought.

"I'm Head Boy!"

"What?" Lily said in disbelief.

"I'm Head Boy," James repeated while pointing at the shiny Head Boy pin he revealed attached to his muggle clothes.

"No," Lily said quietly.

"Yes," James said excitedly, his eyes sparkling.

"NO!" Lily replied angrily.

James grinned.

"Hey, Lily!" a pretty girl with crystal blue eyes and curly gold-brown hair squealed at the sight of her best friend.

"NOOO!" Lily yelled. James continued standing there, grinning.

Lily furiously lugged her trunk onto the train. "Elizabeth!" Lily thundered to the blue-eyed girl who was now beside her with her own trunk in hand. "Why did I get paired with him? Out of all the people I could get paired with, I got stupid –" Lily flung open the door to an empty compartment, "- arrogant – " she threw her trunk onto the luggage shelf, "- air-headed POTTER!"

"Oh, come on, Lily! It can't be that bad," Elizabeth said. "He is, after all, Chaser on the Quidditch team, very smart, funny, cool, popular, and extremely handsome."

"You're just saying that because you love him," Lily said playfully.

"Heels over head for him," Elizabeth said dreamily, her blue eyes turning a pretty shade of gold. Elizabeth Summers, Lily's best friend in the world, was a Metamorphmagus, but only her eyes could change. Every emotion was a different eye color for her. Elizabeth had also been Lily's best friend since their 1st year. They knew everything about each other, including the fact that Elizabeth was crushing hard on James Potter ever since they met.

Lily took a seat by the window and Elizabeth sat across from her. Silently they stared at each other and then burst into laughter. They hugged and Lily noticed two of her other friends walk by their compartment.

"Jade, Alice?" Lily asked peering out of their compartment. Two heads turned at the sound of their names. Jade, a tall, elegant girl with fierce blueish green eyes and curly black hair waved excitedly. Alice, the shorter girl, slightly stockier and with deep amber eyes and straight brown hair smiled at Lily. They began pulling their trunks toward the compartment and quickly stowed them away before embracing both Lily and Elizabeth in bone crushing hugs.

The girls changed into their robes, then lost themselves in an intense conversation about their summers. Lily had had the usual summer of lying out by the pool, fighting with her sister, and parties with a few of her muggle friends that she'd been spending time with every summer. She had gotten a nice tan but it didn't compare to Elizabeth's who had spent two amazing weeks in Hawaii. She went over all the other details about her trip that she couldn't fit in her letters that she had sent to Lily and the other girls. Lily loved hearing about it and decided that one day she would go to Hawaii. Jade had visited her older brother who was at a muggle college called Stanford. And Alice had spent a very romantic summer with her boyfriend, Frank Longbottom. They didn't realize that the train had long started until Lily glanced out the window.

"Wow! I didn't even notice the train started!" she exclaimed. Three other pairs of eyes followed her gaze and stared at the passing scenery.

"It's been moving for a while now," the deep voice of James Potter interrupted. All eyes turned to him and he smiled. He had changed out of his muggle clothes and into his uniform. Elizabeth's eyes turned a sparkly gold in an instant and a deep blush crept to her face. Lily noticed out of the corner of her eye but obviously no one else did.

"What brings you to this compartment full of wonderful bachelorettes?" Jade asked playfully. Alice glared at her and she added, "Excluding Alice, that is."

"I'm here to get the Head Girl who obviously forgot that we have a compartment full of Prefects who have no idea what to do," James replied with a smirk.

"Oh no!" Lily exclaimed before jumping out of her seat and quickly exiting the compartment. James caught her round the waist which made her shiver. Hoping that no one had seen it, she pushed James away and briskly walked up the train towards the Prefect's compartment. Rolling her eyes, she told herself that Potter was a boastful idiot who did not make her shiver.

Behind her, James was quickly telling Lily's friends that she'd be back once they finished talking to the Prefects. He also had told them numerous times that he truly was Head Boy. Jade suspiciously asked him to show her the badge, and once they finally proved it was genuine, he was allowed to leave. But Lily had gone ahead of him. James hurried down the train's hall until he caught up with her. With eyes only for her, James quickly picked Lily up to give her a little scare. Many heads turned as Lily Evans let out a scream.

"POTTER!" she yelled. James just stood there, happily continuing to hold her in midair. "PUT ME DOWN THIS INSTANCE!"

"I don't think I want to," James said after faking a long deliberation.

"POTTER, IF YOU DON'T SET ME DOWN, I SWEAR I WON'T TALK TO YOU ALL YEAR!" Lily shouted. Several people poked their heads out of their compartments, but after seeing James and Lily, they stuck their heads back in. Everyone was used to seeing Lily yell at James.

James sighed and set her lightly on her feet and she stormed off leaving a disappointed James behind. He looked at the many heads staring at him and shrugged, quickly following a fuming Lily. The whole time, Elizabeth had watched with jealousy and disappointment.

How I would give anything to be Lily, she thought. Her eyes suddenly flashed red but only to be replaced by a deep midnight blue. Lily was her friend. She had no right to be jealous.

"What's wrong?" Alice asked.

"Nothing," she lied. She really didn't want to talk about it just then.

"Oh, ok," Alice replied, taken aback. After knowing Elizabeth for seven years, she knew something was up but she decided it wasn't the right time to ask.

~ * ~

"Everyone know what to do?" Lily concluded. She had just finished giving her speech to the Prefects. All of them were listening intently - all except James, of course. He was looking at something purple and fuzzy, trying not to let anyone see. Lily looked back at the Prefects. They nodded.

"You may all leave, then," Lily said. James waited behind for Lily as everyone else left.

"So, Evans, I was thinking that maybe, since we're working together this year, you could – " James started, but Lily cut him off.

"No, I won't go out with you, Potter," Lily said shortly.

"Evans, every time I open my mouth doesn't mean I'm going to ask you out," James said sincerely. Lily blushed a deep shade of magenta. "I was just wondering what time you wanted to meet for patrolling." Lily's blush grew darker.

You git! She thought, He only wanted to know what time to patrol! You just made the biggest fool of yourself! Lily lost her track of thought for a moment. Wait… since when do I care if I make a fool of myself in front of Potter?

"Lily, you all right?" James said, concerned. She had been silent their whole walk to the compartment.

"Just fine," Lily replied, putting on a false smile. She opened the compartment to find that Sirius, Peter, Frank, and Remus had all joined them.

"Hey! The Head Couple is back!" Sirius said mischievously. Lily folded her arms tightly and sat down next to Remus. James took the seat next to her.

"So… how was Prefect duty?" Jade asked.

Sirius snickered. "You said duty…" Jade rolled her eyes and punched him in the arm.

"OW!" he yelled, surprised. "That hurt!" Jade smiled playfully.

The group began talking about their teachers after Remus brought up the subject of homework. Elizabeth suddenly remembered something about her History of Magic essay.

"Did you put anything about the nymphs in the History of…" Elizabeth's voice wandered off. She had noticed something purple and fuzzy sticking out of James' pocket.

"James, what is that?" Elizabeth said, pointing at his pocket. She pulled it out.

"What?" James said. His eyes met the purple fuzzy thing. "NO! Give that back!" His arm reached across Elizabeth to her outstretched arm.

"It's a note!" Elizabeth said, fascinated. James was trying to grab it. Elizabeth pushed him away and jumped out of the compartment. She began opening it when James jumped out behind her.

"Ooh, let's see what it says!" Elizabeth said, her eyes melting into a bright gold. James's arm was reaching around her shoulder.

"Jamsiekins, Hope you have a good first day. Love, Mum," Elizabeth read. She turned to face a fuming and red faced James. She burst out laughing.

"Awww… Jamsiekins! Are you having a great first day?" Elizabeth said in a baby voice. James snatched the paper.

"Don't tell anyone about this!" James said angrily.

"I wasn't planning on it," Elizabeth said calmly. Her eyes were a sparkling gold once more and her blonde curls outlined her heart shaped face perfectly. And for some unknown reason, James couldn't make himself look away. He had stared at her for a couple of seconds before Elizabeth broke the silence.

"Earth to James?" She waved her hand in front of his eyes. He blinked rapidly and backed away, looking confused.

"I'm going to… yeah," James muttered, getting back into the compartment. Elizabeth followed, sitting down gleefully next to Jade. That moment had been close to perfect for her.

One step closer to James's heart, Elizabeth thought to herself.

~ * ~

Lily watched as Elizabeth entered the compartment after James. A sick sensation was bubbling at the bottom of her stomach. She had never felt it before and couldn't recognize it. She brushed it off, knowing she shouldn't feel anything besides love towards her best friend. Lily was always so sweet towards everyone.

She sat next to her friends, listening to their conversation while trying to read one of her favorite books. As she turned to the next page in Pride and Prejudice, a thought suddenly hit her, permanently impacting how she viewed James.

He didn't call me Evans.

You like? Post feedback, please!


"The eyes are the window to the soul."

James was happier than he had been in a while. He laughed constantly when he was talking to her and he was always drawn into the conversation by her charming smile and her eyes glittering gold, they were unlike anything James had ever seen. ~STOP AND STARE

Stop and Stare by me & MissProngs & Feedback ~ * ~ The Last Horcrux (Completed!) & feedback ~ * ~ Lovestruck & feedback

'Sirius Black is sexy, right?' Of course she was right. The best-looking, most rebellious, most dangerous of the four marauders.

I love Harry Potter and Twilight. It can happen without a war.

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Re: Stop and Stare

Light/pale blue – content (normal shade)
Deep/dark/midnight blue – sad
Hazel – extremely happy/cheerful
Pink - flirty
Red – angry
Gold – love
Purple – frustrated/suspicious
Brown – nervous/fear/worried
Green - jealousy


The remaining time on the train passed leisurely as the compartment full of Gryffindor 7th years lost themselves in conversations and piles of sweets. Gradually, the Hogwarts Express slowed to a stop by the station in Hogsmeade. The four Marauders and Frank quickly left to retrieve their owls before getting off the train.

Lily, Alice, Jade, and Elizabeth tidied up their compartment before setting off down the hallway to join the masses getting off the train. Lily had been so focused on the thought of James that she lost herself in the crowd. She hurried off to find her friends again.

"Elizabeth? Jade, Alice?" Lily called out amidst the chatter of those coming off the train. Lily saw a blonde head bob up near the front of the crowd. The head turned and Lily saw the glittering eyes of Elizabeth. She briskly walked towards the girl. She felt herself abruptly get hit in the shoulder.

"Watch it, Evans!" Narcissa Black hissed. Her luscious white-blonde hair fell around her shoulders and her grey eyes were full of resentment. Her sharp features accented her beauty. Narcissa would have been gorgeous if there hadn't been a shadow of evil that haunted her face.

"Sorry Narcissa," Lily said, biting her tongue to hold back the cruel retort she had planned. The posse of Slytherin girls around Narcissa must have been the reason she was acting hateful. Narcissa was usually a mildly sweet person – in private, that is. She hated her “friends,” her parents were pureblood maniacs, and no one seemed to understand her. Lily had been there for Narcissa one night when her supposed friends hadn’t.

Narcissa’s new, fake voice interrupted her thoughts. "Nice comeback," she said, scowling. "It must be that I'm too good for you, Mudblood."

Lily flinched. Narcissa’s last words stung. She took a deep breath and walked through the group of Slytherin girls towards Elizabeth.

The carriage pulled up beside Elizabeth and Lily. Elizabeth spun around, sensing Lily's presence.

"Lily!" Elizabeth exclaimed, her eyes turning from nervous brown to her content and regular pale blue. "Where were you? Alice went looking for you!" Alice appeared next to them.

"What happened, Lily? I saw you with those Slytherin brats!" Alice said. Lily explained what happened as they piled into the carriage. Alice's pale cheeks colored with red once Lily finished.

"That's not right!" Alice said. "We should get back at them – "

"No," Elizabeth said shortly, her eyes flashing an angry fiery red. "Narcissa has some problems, but she can be nice. I don’t really understand her, but Lily said she’s changed. Just respect it.” Jade and Alice nodded, Alice nodding only reluctantly.

"I still don't like her," Alice muttered, mostly to herself.

~ * ~

The students loaded into the Great Hall like a pack of hungry wolves getting their first piece of meat. The girls took their seats along with the Marauders and Frank.

Sirius sat by Jade and was constantly pulling at her hair. Every time she looked over, he would act innocent. This only increased Jade's agitation towards him.

Sirius pulled at a lock of her black hair, caressing it in his fingers. Her hand snatched his.

"Quit it," Jade said. Her turquoise blue eyes glared him down and he backed away with fear. Only Lily saw the curve of a hidden smile that was playing on Jade's lips.

The Hall suddenly became quiet. Everyone's attention was focused on the Sorting Hat and the group of frightened first years waiting to be sorted.

A patch on the hat parted and burst into song.

"I’m the Sorting Hat
As most older students know,
I see a student’s talent,
And in a certain House they go.

There is Gryffindor,
Where go the brave at heart,
Or maybe Ravenclaw,
For the witty and smart.

Slytherin may be for you,
Where the cunning and sneaky stay,
And of course, Hufflepuff,
For the loyal, I must say.

Though we all differ greatly,
We must come together and fight,
Keep our beliefs with those who tell the truth,
And not give into a lying sight.

There is much that can be achieved,
When we rely on each other.
So instead of fighting without sense,
Let’s join together with one another.”

Whispers replaced the hall where clapping usually stood. Lily completely understood this. The Hat had never given the students advice before, or ever recited a song more short and to the point. She turned to her friends to discuss the Hat's new tactic, but Dumbledore had stood up at the podium.

"Quiet down," his magnified voice said, echoing around the room. The Great Hall became silent under his command.

"There is a speech that must be made, and let me begin by saying: Do not meddle in things that shouldn't be meddled in. Thank you." Dumbledore said, with only a hint of amusement on his face. And with a swish of his wand, the tables were filled with delicious food.

Lily was still troubled with the Hat's song. It was slowly confirming her fear about the rumor of a Dark Lord on the rise. This Lord called himself Lord Voldemort. Every time his name was spoken, fear struck in the room; she could feel the people around her shudder. She didn't like the feel in the air when he was mentioned - it was very tense.

"Lily? Lily, are you all right?" Jade was waving her hand in front of Lily's face.

"Yeah, I'm all right," Lily said. She looked at the feast laid out before her. Her hunger had died down a bit. She picked up her fork and was playing with the food on her plate.

"Come on, Evans, eat something!" James said, nudging her arm. She felt her arm prickle excitedly where he touched her. She moved her hand away.

"Yeah, Lily, eat any less and you'd blow away in the wind!" Elizabeth said, her pale blue eyes sparkling as she grinned. Lily grumbled, and after looking at both of them with annoyance, she took a small bite of her chicken.

Jade was picking through her salad, poking out the tomatoes and broccoli. "There," she said when she finished. "No tomatoes, no broccoli."

"No taste," Sirius commented, sticking a fork in one of her uneaten tomatoes and putting it in his mouth.

"Like you and that tie," Jade fired back. Sirius looked down at his blue and pink striped tie.

"I am mortally offended," Sirius said, a fake look of utter shock on his face. "This is my favorite tie! My brother threw it at me when I left the house! And if he hated it, I love it." Jade smacked his arm again, this time showing a flirty smile.

"Sounds like you and your brother don't get along," Alice commented, chewing on her mashed potatoes.

"You have no idea," Sirius muttered darkly under his breath, stabbing his food with his fork and shoving it in his mouth.

"So, come on, don't tell me you didn't hear about that last Quidditch game where the Cannons almost beat the Tornadoes?" Elizabeth said, grabbing James's attention for a while. It was a conversation Lily couldn’t join since she wasn’t the biggest Quidditch fan.

“So tell me everything that happened over the summer,” Remus said from the seat next to her, his brown eyes cheery. “What did I miss in the magnificent life of Lily Evans?”

Lily laughed. “Mostly a lot of fighting with my sister. She seems to hate me more than ever since she got a boyfriend. She always tries to rub it in my face, like it’s an achievement or something. Well, for her, I guess it is,” Lily finished bitterly.

“I don’t understand that girl,” Remus said, shaking his head. “How could anyone hate you?” Lily blushed slightly.

“Thanks, Remus,” she said meaningfully. “But she’s been making my life a living hell for the past few months.”

“Such hate from a sweet girl!” Remus said, a feigned look of shock crossing his face.

“She has, and there’s no other way to put it!” Lily said, laughing again. Remus could always cheer her up. Before she knew it, dinner was over and the chocolate ice cream had disappeared from the table (after Lily had two scoops). Professor Dumbledore called for everyone’s attention. The noise died down.

"As you all may have been hearing in the news or from your parents, there is a Dark Lord on the rise. There has been havoc across the globe, and families everywhere have been murdered and tortured. He goes by the name of Lord Voldemort. My advice to everyone is to stay away from him and keep as uninvolved with this chaotic man as possible. Keep in mind that even though his power is pure evil and may look impenetrable, there is a power that is even stronger than that. Love. So keep your family and friends close. Also, there will be many rumors going around about this, and my advice about this is to stick to your beliefs. Everyone in this room knows the difference between what is right and what is wrong. I trust you to make the right decisions and put faith in only the people you trust. This speech was to warn you, not to scare you. Thank you."

“Now, in other news, Mr. Filch has updated his list of banned items, now including biting tea cups, Smelly Sap, and several more items that will be posted on his door in case anyone wants to read them.” Lily swore she almost saw Dumbledore grinning.

“Prefects, lead the first years to the dormitories. Everyone else may go,” Dumbledore concluded.

Whispers immediately filled the hall once more. First the hat, and now Dumbledore; everyone was warning her about this mysterious Dark Lord. Lily saw her friends giving each other nervous looks. Elizabeth's eyes darkened to a smooth brown tone. Sirius's brow was furrowed and he looked concerned. Alice had gone slightly white, but James was looking over at the Slytherin table, angry. Lily followed his gaze.

The Slytherins didn't look worried. In fact, throughout the entire speech, they had been laughing and throwing smirks towards Dumbledore.

"They make me so… frustrated," James murmured.

"No, they make me disgusted," Lily said, turning away crossly. She couldn't believe that anyone could take such a matter so lightly.

"Come on, Potter, let's go get the first years," Lily said. James ran his fingers through his hair once and looked around.

"Oi! Short stuff! First years!" James yelled. Lily punched his arm.

"Just because they're freakishly short doesn't mean you're allowed to mock them!" Elizabeth hissed in his ear, hiding the smile she felt while she walked by them. James laughed.

"Follow the leader, now," James said, pointing them along the way to the moving staircases. Lily rolled her eyes and ushered the first years along with James.

"Lily, wait!" A girl was running through the mess of people trying to leave the Great hall. Lily recognized the voice. It was Narcissa Black.

"What do you want?" she said coldly. The word "mudblood" rung loudly in her head from their last confrontation.

Narcissa glanced around. Her Slytherin friends had already left.

"I wanted to apologize," she said, a rush of affection reaching Lily as she spoke, "It was really mean of me to say what I said to you. But you know what could happen if I didn't do what those girls told me to do…"

Lily shuddered. One sweet Slytherin girl, Susan McLain, refused (very loudly and publicly) to be a part of the evil within the group of Slytherin girls. She mysteriously vanished the week later.

"It's all right," Lily said, smiling. "I forgive you."

~ * ~

Alice piled her plate with toast. She had just begun to eat when Elizabeth and Jade sat down on either side of her.

"Got enough toast there, Alice?" Elizabeth said, teasingly.

"Itshjushtshoyummchy!" Alice said through a mouthful of food. She swallowed, "I mean, it's just so yummy." Elizabeth giggled.

"That was lovely, Alice," Lily said, a grimace on her face. She sat down on the other side of the three other girls.

"Ah, breakfast," Sirius said, sitting down cheerily.

James sat down with them, just as happy as Sirius. "Morning, girls," he said, cheerily. "Sleep well?" Remus, a mischevious look in his eyes, and Peter, grinning like Sirius, took the seats next to Alice and Jade.

"What's going on?" Elizabeth said. The Marauders grinned.

"Oh, you'll see," Remus said, taking a swig of pumpkin juice. "Just wait until most of the Slytherins arrive at breakfast."

"It's nothing dangerous… just the pudding, at a certain time, will – " Peter started, but Sirius shoved a piece of toast in his mouth to discontinue his sentence. They both smiled innocently.

Lily and Elizabeth exchanged glances of worry. "I hope they aren't planning on hurting anyone!" Elizabeth said nervously. Alice grinned maliciously.

"Those Slytherins will get what they deserve," Alice said. "Especially that git, Narcissa Black." She said the name with pure loathing.

"She apologized to me," Lily said, "Be nice to her! You remember what happened to Susan." Comprehension dawned on Elizabeth's face.

"She's just afraid of what those other girls could do to her," Lily explained.

"That poor girl," she said. Elizabeth noticed the last couple of Slytherins heading towards the table. A plan formed in her mind. "I'll be right back." She got up from the table and hurried to the doors of the Great Hall. Elizabeth caught Narcissa's eye. She motioned for her to come over to where she was standing. Narcissa gave her a questioning stare, but Elizabeth beckoned hurriedly. Narcissa got up and rushed over to Elizabeth.

"What happened?" she asked nervously.

"Just wait here a few moments," Elizabeth said. They glanced over at the Gryffindor table. James was counting down on his fingers.

Five, four, three, two…

POP! A cloud of glitter appeared everywhere, and all of the sudden, every Slytherin's hair was bright pink and their faces a hideous shade of orange. The girls at the table were staring at each other with horrific expressions.

Narcissa and Elizabeth burst out laughing with the rest of the room. Narcissa turned to Elizabeth.

"Thank you," she said. Elizabeth received an unexpected hug.

"You're welcome," Elizabeth said, overcome by a strong wave of happiness. Narcissa watched as her eyes turned to a light hazel.

"Your eyes…" she began.

Elizabeth shook her head. "Long story, I'll tell you later," she said, grinning. They turned and began laughing again.

The only person who looked the least bit happy about this was Professor McGonagall.

"I demand to know who is responsible for this!" she said over the laughter in the room. The noise died down and everyone looked towards the Gryffindor table. Sirius and James looked at their friends. They both suddenly stood up on the table.

"Compliments of the Marauders!" they shouted, to an arise of clapping.

"Come now, Minerva," Professor Slughorn said, his large belly jiggling as he hopped over to where she stood. "The kids were just having some beginning of the year fun!"

"Well… I suppose… this will be let off with a warning," she said sternly. "But I don't want to see it happen again." She glanced back at the Slytherins and Elizabeth swore she saw a smile flash on her face.

Narcissa and Elizabeth said their goodbyes and headed back to their own house tables.

"She should have been there, Elizabeth," Alice said sourly. Her opinion towards Narcissa had obviously not changed.

"Come on, she seems okay," Jade said.

"Sure," Alice retorted. Jade could tell she still didn't like the girl.

"Well, on the bright side, we have Potion's first," Lily said happily. The others groaned.

"I hate Potions," Elizabeth said. She looked at her own schedule. Her face brightened.

"Quidditch tryouts are this weekend!" she said excitedly. "I'm trying out for Chaser!" Alice pulled out her own schedule.

"I'll try out for Seeker again," Alice said. "You girls trying out?" she asked, eyeing Jade and Lily.

"You know sports aren't my thing," Lily said. "And last time I tried out, I fell off my broom and the Slytherins started laughing at me."

"Speaking of Slytherins," Elizabeth said, her eyes widening as she scanned the paper in front of her, "We have Potions with them. Next." The girls groaned and dropped their heads.

"Cheer up, ladies," Remus said. "It's our first day, be happy." They got up and started walking to Potions.

“I just know that girl Nancy hates me,” Elizabeth said sourly. “She makes my life so miserable.” Nancy was the leader of the posse of Slytherin girls that hung around Narcissa. Elizabeth had the unpleasant misfortune of being forced to sit by her every day the previous year because they had assigned seats.

"I could toss myself to the Giant Squid if it'd make you feel better," Remus offered. "Or toss Nancy to it, either way..." Elizabeth laughed, her eyes turning light blue.

"Thanks, Remus," Elizabeth said. He beamed and continued walking with her.

Lily was arguing with James along the hall. "Come on James, that was a completely immature prank! I thought you were better than stuff like that!"

"Come on, Evans, it was funny!" he said, raising his hands to defend himself. "It was a joke!"

"Just don't do it again," Lily said. "You're giving the Head Boy a bad reputation!"

"Fighting like an old married couple, I see," Sirius said, teasing, throwing an arm around his best friend. Lily rolled her eyes.

"We're not – " she started.

"But you act like it," Jade said, her black hair bouncing around her shoulders as she walked with them down the hall.

"I think that sounds like a marvelous thought," James said, grinning and staring out into space. "Mrs. Lily Potter."

“Come on, Jade,” Lily said, ignoring the wave of perfection that had just crushed her when James had mixed her name with his, “Me and James, married? That will never happen.”

No one noticed the look of pure disappointment on James face. He shook it off. There would come a day when Lily realized they were meant to be. Hopefully.

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"The eyes are the window to the soul."

James was happier than he had been in a while. He laughed constantly when he was talking to her and he was always drawn into the conversation by her charming smile and her eyes glittering gold, they were unlike anything James had ever seen. ~STOP AND STARE

Stop and Stare by me & MissProngs & Feedback ~ * ~ The Last Horcrux (Completed!) & feedback ~ * ~ Lovestruck & feedback

'Sirius Black is sexy, right?' Of course she was right. The best-looking, most rebellious, most dangerous of the four marauders.

I love Harry Potter and Twilight. It can happen without a war.

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Re: Stop and Stare


Lily woke up with an exciting feeling early that morning; it was Friday, and Professor Slughorn had promised a special surprise in class.

She hurried to shower and get dressed. By the time she was ready to go, Elizabeth had just woken up. Her hair was up in a bun and she rolled up and out of bed, yawning.

“Blimey Lily, how long have you been up?” she said drowsily. She glanced at the clock. “It’s only 6:30! Breakfast starts in an hour!”

“I was just excited about class and couldn’t sleep,” Lily said, shrugging.

Elizabeth groaned and dropped back onto her bed. “Yeah, that’s Lily Evans, everyone, the girl who woke up early because she was excited for school…”

Lily laughed. It did sound ridiculous – but exactly like Lily. “Aren’t you going to get ready?”

“In a minute…”

And she was asleep.

Lily smiled and crept out of the room, stealing a glance in the mirror on her way out. She immediately headed down to the owlery to see her owl, Ivory, before she went to breakfast. Her mom had wanted a letter from her about the train ride and the past few days of school anyways.

It was chilly outside. Lily shivered slightly as she entered the owlery. There was someone else there as well – shabby robes, a pale face, and recognizable greasy hair. He had just let his brown owl fly away when he turned to scowl at Lily. She frowned at him but turned to get her owl, ignoring it.

She wrote her mom about her catching up with her friends and how the train ride went fine. She thought about mentioning her feeling towards Elizabeth, but dismissed it. She didn’t need to make a big deal about it. Lily folded the parchment up and attached it to Ivory’s leg. She stroked her creamy white colored head. She had named Ivory for her unique and beautiful feather color.

“Take this to mum, all right?” Lily whispered. Ivory flew off her hand and into the sky. Lily turned around to see Severus’s cold black eyes staring her down.

She sighed and turned to leave when Severus said, “Potter turned you down, then, didn’t he?”

Lily whipped around and glared at him. “I have no idea what you’re talking about,” she said icily.

“Come on, I can tell how much you fancy him,” Severus sneered. “Don’t deny it. I bet you asked him out but you were too late. He’s moved on, hasn’t he?”

Lily felt a worried feeling momentarily touch her stomach, but she let it go. “I don’t fancy James Potter.”

“That’s too bad, because he’s the best you’ll ever get,” Severus said contemptuously, each word hitting Lily like a baseball bat.

“I’ll have you know that James Potter is a much better person than you’ll ever be,” Lily said angrily, not even believing the words coming out of her mouth. “After what he did for you, I can’t believe you’d even say anything the least bit cruel towards him.”

Severus stared her deeply in the green eyes, standing there for a few moments, then stormed out of the room. Lily had sensed a trace of sadness and disappointment in him.

~ * ~

Professor Slughorn walked into the classroom, his large stomach bouncing as he excitedly headed to the front where there stood a bubbling cauldron of a light lavender potion.

“Now class, settle down,” he said, tapping his wand on his desk impatiently. The class became quiet.

“Can anyone tell me what this potion is?” Lily’s hand flew into the air, followed moments later by Remus. “Yes, Ms. Evans.”

“It’s the Draught of Living Sleep,” Lily said, “It’s supposed to cause nightmarish and realistic hallucinations. It’s like being alive in a nightmare and having no escape.”

“Exactly, Ms. Evans! 10 points to Gryffindor. Now, let’s move on to the instructions…”

Lily began to brew her potion, tossing in the ingredients directed on the board. She stirred everything precisely in order to achieve the best potion. She was letting the potion simmer for a few moments when a piece of paper hit her back. She turned to look and see if it was Jade, who was sitting next to her, but she was feverishly trying to turn her potion from green to blue. Lily picked up the paper.

What’s up, Evans? Lily rolled her eyes. Potter.

What do you want, Potter? She threw it back at him and took her potion off the fire, letting it cool down.

Two weeks – Saturday – the Quidditch match – come and watch me.

I’m not the biggest fan of Quidditch.

You always go to the matches!

Well I’m not the biggest fan of you, then.

Come on Evans. You can even say it’s to watch your friend, Summers. She’s trying out for the team today, isn’t she?

I’d only go for her.

At least you’re going.

Why are you asking me two weeks in advance?

I don’t want you to have plans. See you there. Lily read this and turned to look at him. He grinned and winked. She rolled her eyes. His head is so full of air. She scooped up some of her potion and turned it in.

Elizabeth was just doing the same when Nancy, grinning, pointed her wand from under the table at Elizabeth’s feet. Lily caught this too late; Elizabeth’s legs froze together and she tripped, smashing her vial on the ground.

Cursing angrily under her breath, she cleaned up the mess and went to her cauldron to get another vial, but came back to an empty cauldron.

“Where’s my potion?” Elizabeth said, gasping.

“I thought you were done and I cleaned it up,” Nancy said sarcastically. “I’m so sorry.” She smiled, pulling her bag over her shoulders and leaving. Elizabeth was fuming.

“I’ll accept an extra credit essay, Ms. Summers, since it’s the beginning of the year and it was an accident,” Professor Slughorn said. “Just don’t let it happen again.” Elizabeth shoved her books in her bag and slung it over her shoulder, catching Lily near the door.

“That girl makes me want to hit something. Really hard,” Elizabeth said, her eyes hot red.

“Calm down, it’s all right, Slughorn’s letting you write an essay,” Lily said, putting a hand on her shoulder. “And red isn’t really your color.” Elizabeth relaxed, the red melting away from her eyes.

“I can’t stand her,” she sighed. “I don’t even know what I did wrong.”

“You’re in Gryfindor,” Lily said point blank. “That’s all the reason she needs.”

“See you at lunch?” Lily said, turning the corner for Arithmacy.

“Sure,” Elizabeth said, heading to the North Tower to Divination.

~ * ~

It was Quidditch try-outs that evening, and Lily had promised to cheer on Elizabeth and Alice. She stood in the Gryffindor stands along with Sirius, Jade, and Peter.

Lily and Jade were whispering excitedly; they knew Alice had to make the team – she was great, on the team the last year. Neither of them had ever seen Elizabeth play before. But they knew she had to be good; it was the only sport she talked about.

The players were circling the field a few times. A good idea, Lily realized, after watching two first years slamming into each other and a second year flying straight into the stands. James rolled his eyes, gesturing for the bruised boys to get up and go to the hospital wing.

The Beaters started out. James used a boy from the team last year, Jacob Hunter, and a new arrival who seemed small but turned out to hit very well – Baxter Goode.

The Keeper try-outs took a bit longer because there was so many of them. Lily soon realized that most of them weren’t very good at all, however. They only caught one and then gave up when James got a little tough. James finally found a good Keeper who didn’t miss any of the five balls. Her name was Alenna Frey.

It was the Seeker’s turn to try out then. Alice was up against a fourth year that Lily recognized as Madeline Caston. Lily hadn’t seen her play before, so she didn’t know how good the girl was. James blew the whistle and threw the golf ball. Madeline flew quickly and caught it with ease. James through several more and Madeline caught all of them. In the end, she only missed one. She was great, Lily admitted.

It was Alice’s turn now. She caught some of the toughest ones James threw at her, but in the end missed 6. James shook his head, giving Alice a sympathetic grin. Alice looked downcast but smiled back at him.

Now was time for the Chasers. The first girl was from last year. Lily recognized Anna Madison who immediately got a spot on the team after missing only one of the Quaffles thrown her way. Two other girls went next, but they couldn’t stop giggling enough for James to throw a ball their way. The second one giggled so much that James finally said, “What!?”

“You’re James Potter, aren’t you?” she said. He sighed and she burst into another fit of giggles. James pointed at the school and the girl flew down to her friend in giggles.

Elizabeth flew out now, ready to go. Her blonde locks were tied back and her face held a look of determination on it.

James threw the first ball at her and she caught it easily. The second was pretty easy too. But the third was a little more difficult; James feinted, throwing the ball in the direction opposite of which he was heading at. Elizabeth adapted quickly and caught the Quaffle, passing it to Anna who scored a goal. The fourth was even more difficult. James refused to pass it, and Elizabeth tackled him for the Quaffle. She stole the ball quickly and cleanly, coming out of it unharmed, and scoring the goal herself. James was getting ready for a difficult fifth throw, acting as though he was going for the goal himself, but twisting towards Anna at the last moment and throwing the Quaffle to her, high in the air. Elizabeth flew up quickly, but realizing that her broom wouldn’t be fast enough, put her foot forward on the broom itself and kicked off from the end, jumping in the air. She clutched the Quaffle high in the air, grabbing her broom quickly to prevent her from falling.

Lily and Jade stood up and screamed, cheering at the top of their lungs. Elizabeth grinned at them proudly. Lily knew Elizabeth hadn’t been good – she had been amazing.

James stood there in awe. He had not expected such an amazing performance from someone who hadn’t played Quidditch before.

“I didn’t know you played Quidditch,” James said to her, still amazed.

“I don’t. I took gym since I was 6 years old and until I left for Hogwarts, so I've done gym. I even did it during the summer when I was home,” Elizabeth explained.

James looked confused. Gym…?

“It’s a Muggle thing,” she said, realizing he wouldn’t understand. Lily and Alice were beckoning for her to come over.

“So… do I have a spot?” Elizabeth said, catching her breath.

“Of course! After a performance like that, how couldn’t you?” James said, grinning.

Elizabeth’s cheeks turned pink. “Yes!” she yelled, racing to the ground on her broom. She met her friends on the field.

Alice ran out towards them from the locker rooms. “Elizabeth, I saw the end of that and you were awesome!”

“Thanks! So were you! I can’t believe you didn’t get a spot on the team though!” Elizabeth said.

“Oh well. Madeline was better than me anyways,” she said, frowning a little.

“You were still awesome, Alice,” Lily said genuinely. Alice brightened a little.

“And so were you, Elizabeth!” Lily squealed.

“I know, and that jump at the end was fantastic!” Jade commented, grinning ecstatically. Elizabeth’s eyes turned completely hazel. She grinned, a feeling of euphoria engulfing her. She was on the Quidditch team!

“Come on, let’s go back to the Common Room and celebrate,” Lily said.

“By doing what, exactly?” Jade asked doubtfully.

“Well Remus has a couple of new text books and – “ Lily stopped short at the look on her friend’s faces. “I’m kidding! I have a couple of bars of chocolate and some magazines we can read.”

“Yes, chocolate! Come on, hurry up, let’s go!” Jade said, bounding ahead.

“She loves chocolate,” Elizabeth said, laughing as Jade beckoned then on.

“It is a delicious candy,” Lily commented, distracted.

Her eyes began to trail away and flickered towards James who had just got off his broomstick, looking windswept. He ran his fingers through his hair, as always, adding to the “just got off my broom” look. Lily almost grinned. Catching herself, she turned away quickly, unsure of why she had looked over there in the first place.

~ * ~

It was Sunday afternoon, and Elizabeth desperately needed to finish her homework. It was only the first week of school and she already had three essays due. Lily had been reading in the Common Room (of course, she had already finished her homework, who knows when…). She took her books and headed off to the library.

She sat in the only corner with a window, piling her books on the table. The sun streamed in, warming up the area a little more. Elizabeth groaned, not wanting to do the essays at all. But she reluctantly pulled out her quill, paper, and Transfiguration book to start her essay on portkeys and its dangers.

Someone placed his bag down in front of her, as she was one page through the paper. “May I sit?” he asked softly.

“Sure,” she said, glancing up to see who it was. She was slightly surprised – it was Remus. He was always in the library, doing work, but he and Elizabeth had only talked a little with each other, and usually only when other people were there.

“I heard about Quidditch yesterday, and I’m sorry to have missed it,” Remus said while pulling out a scroll of parchment. “It sounded pretty great.”

“Yeah, I was so excited to make the team,” Elizabeth said, smiling. “Where were you?” she added, realizing he wasn’t there.

“I was actually researching some stuff for our next prank.”

“I didn’t know you actually got into their pranks,” Elizabeth said, shocked.

“Only the part they’re too lazy to do, look up the ingredients to the potion,” Remus said, laughing. Elizabeth looked at him closely as he did. She realized that he was handsome, very handsome - he had sandy brown hair, a brown mixed with specs of gold, distinctive chocolate brown eyes, and a charming face. But it was hidden behind a veil of sorrow covering his face. He also had deep circles under his eyes and several cuts on his face. Overall, he just seemed tired.

I wonder what he’s been through… Elizabeth thought.

“What’s the potion for?” she finally said aloud.

“I can’t say,” he said mysteriously. “But you’ll find out soon enough.”

“So you fancy James,” Remus said, still looking at his paper, scribbling away with his quill.

Elizabeth dropped her quill, stunned. “Wha – what makes you say that,” she stammered.

“It’s not exactly a secret, Elizabeth. Mind you, he doesn’t seem to know… James never really was the brightest when it came to spotting something like a girl fancying him. He’s only ever fancied other girls. Or, one other girl.”

Elizabeth sighed. Lily. Of course James would fancy the girl who didn’t like him back. If James liked her, she would’ve taken the opportunity to be with him immediately.

Seeing the look on Elizabeth’s face, Remus became alarmed. “I’m sorry, I didn’t meant to… I didn’t… I just… Sorry,” he finished lamely. Elizabeth grinned.

“It’s all right, it’s nothing,” she said. “And I don’t fancy him,” she said, glaring at him.

“Of course not. And you joined the Quidditch team because you didn’t fancy him.” He glanced at his watch, rolled up his paper and started packing his bags.

“Sorry – I promised to meet up with James and Sirius before. I’ll talk to you later, though. Bye, Elizabeth,” he said grabbing his bag, smiling, and hurrying away.

“I joined the Quidditch team because – well, there were other reasons, just - you better not say a word to James!” Elizabeth hissed to him.

“What’s there to say?” Remus said, turning and leaving.

Elizabeth had a feeling that she could trust Remus. He wasn’t the type to blab other people’s secrets about. He seemed like a nice guy.

“I guess we’ll just have to see,” she said. Not feeling like finishing her last essay and deciding to put it off until tomorrow, Elizabeth went off to find Lily. She’d probably have something to make her feel better about being stupidly obvious with her feelings for James. Maybe she had some extra chocolate.

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** Gym = Gymnastics


"The eyes are the window to the soul."

James was happier than he had been in a while. He laughed constantly when he was talking to her and he was always drawn into the conversation by her charming smile and her eyes glittering gold, they were unlike anything James had ever seen. ~STOP AND STARE

Stop and Stare by me & MissProngs & Feedback ~ * ~ The Last Horcrux (Completed!) & feedback ~ * ~ Lovestruck & feedback

'Sirius Black is sexy, right?' Of course she was right. The best-looking, most rebellious, most dangerous of the four marauders.

I love Harry Potter and Twilight. It can happen without a war.

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Re: Stop and Stare


Jade sat under a tree near the lake, attempting to finish her homework. It was a beautiful, sunny Friday afternoon, perfect for studying outside. But it was impossible. Sirius, acting extremely flirtatious, was sitting nearby, a girl in his lap. She kept giggling stupidly at everything he said. He tickled the girl and she flipped her blonde hair back, laughed hysterically, as though it was the funniest thing in the world. Jade rolled her eyes. For some reason, the girl was bothering her more than necessary. It’s just all of that stupid laughter, she though scornfully.

She was about to leave when a familiar face arrived. “All right, Jade?” Lily asked, sitting by her side.

“Just leaving,” Jade said, closing her book and picking up her bag. The girl in Sirius’s lap laughed obnoxiously again, and Jade glared at her. Lily turned to see what she was looking at.

“I hate the way he treats girls,” Lily said, a disdainful expression on her face. “I wish he would grow up and just get in a relationship with a girl instead of flirting with all of them. They deserve more respect than that. Well, they shouldn’t be begging for his attention either.”

“I really don’t care,” Jade said coldly, standing up.

“Did he say something to you?” Lily asked kindly, ignoring Jade’s attitude and walking towards the castle with her.

“He’s just annoying. I can’t get any work done when he’s around. But I can deal with it,” she added quickly, trying to get their conversation topic away from him.

“Maybe you’re annoyed because you have feelings for him, just a little?” Lily suggested.

“Yeah, and you get annoyed at James because you have feelings for him!” Jade fired back.

“No need to be so angry!” Lily said, taken aback.

“Sorry,” Jade said moodily. “It’s not exactly my happiest hour.”

“Hide me,” Lily said, suddenly.

“What?” Jade said, confused.

“Just hide me!” Lily said, a panicky look in her eyes.

“Evans! Oi, EVANS!” came a voice from the trail back from the Quidditch pitch. Jade turned around to see an excited James waving wildly in their direction. Some of the other Quidditch players were laughing at James’s attempts.

James ran up to them. “Hey, Evans! Why didn’t you answer? You were making me look stupid!”

“No need for me to do that, I think you’ve already got it covered,” Lily muttered.

“Evans, you know you love the dim-witted men,” James replied slyly.

“Just as much as I love sticking needles in my eyes,” Lily said.

“Well, you must really like that sort of pain, then,” James said, smiling at Lily once more.

He just won’t give up? Jade thought, amused. He’s so determined to get her to like him. She sighed. Lily was pretty lucky to have James, who loved her and refused to take no as an answer. Jade’s gaze focused on Sirius and the girl with him.

“Siriussss!” the girl said, toying with his hair, “come to Hogsmeade with me!” Jade noticed Sirius loosened his hold around the girl’s waist, pushing her away.

“Um, sorry dear, I can’t,” Sirius said, a slightly worried expression in his grey eyes. He looked almost frightened at the prospect of having to commit to the girl later. Jade watched as he slowly backed away from the girl whose lip was now trembling.

“Don’t bother catching up,” Sirius said, and with a fleeting look, left.

As Sirius ran away from the girl, who had now broken down into sobs on the ground, Jade realized what his problem was. Sirius just couldn’t commit to a girl, any girl.

Well he can just stay in bad relationships for the rest of his life and go through girlfriends treating them like dirt, flirting with all of them, I don’t care, Jade thought contemptuously. I swear I could never date a guy like that, a womanizer.

And with that she tuned back into James and Lily’s conversation. Or rather, Lily yelling at James about something.

“What do you mean, you’ve named our babies?!”

~ * ~

Elizabeth collapsed on the huge couch in front of the blazing fireplace of the Gryffindor common room, completely exhausted. James had worked them tirelessly so that they had nailed every tactic down to beat the Slytherins. She had just showered in the locker room, fresh in her pajama pants and tee shirt, her curly short blonde hair wet. Her exhaustion elevated when she remembered making a complete fool out of herself in front of James at the end of Quidditch practice. She had seen him waving frantically in her direction, smiling, so she waved back. But she turned around to realize that James had been waving at Lily, who had come to talk to Jade, who was sitting under a tree near the Quidditch pitch. To increase her embarrassment, James had turned around to see whom Elizabeth was waving at, and after seeing no one, gave her a questioning look. She stuttered something similar to “there was a fly” and walked away, feeling very stupid.

She sighed, letting the sleep wash over her. She closed her eyes for a brief moment, only to open them and find a pair of brown ones staring back at her.

“Tired?” Remus asked, sitting on the couch next to her head.

“Exhausted,” Elizabeth said, sitting up. She stared at the fireplace. The two sat in comfortable silence for a moment.

“I made a complete idiot of myself today,” she said quietly.

“What happened?” Remus asked, looking to her.

Elizabeth told the story again, feeling foolish when describing her actions. Remus smiled and almost laughed but Elizabeth gave him a death glare.

“It’s not funny!” she said. He grinned.

“But it is,” he said, a twinkle of amusement in his eyes. “Why can’t you accept that and move on?”

“Because,” Elizabeth said, leaning against the red armrest of the sofa, “he’s James. I like him so much that he now has a talent for making me feel miserable and stupid without knowing it. Every time he’s with Lily, I know he won’t ever like me, and every time I do something that I think will get his attention, I know that he’ll always like her and I just look desperate,” she admitted bitterly.

“That’s not true. You aren’t desperate, Elizabeth,” Remus said, strongly. “I know what desperation is, and you are far from it. As for James… I don’t know if he’ll ever like you,” Remus said truthfully. “He’s just about in love with Lily. But if she continues to deny him like this, then maybe he’ll change his mind. I’m not saying he will.”

Elizabeth’s eyes darkened to a royal purple. “Why can’t I just like someone else? Why can’t I change my mind?” She felt so frustrated with herself. She just wanted to move on from James, who didn’t love her, or like her romantically. He didn’t want her – he wanted Lily. So why did she remain stuck on him? She let her head sit on the arm rest, her legs comfortably crossed on the couch in front of Remus. He didn’t seem to mind.

“You’ve liked him for so long, I’m guessing it’s impossible right now,” Remus said. “James has the same feelings towards Lily, except he doesn’t seem to mind working tirelessly to gain her affection, no matter how fruitless the efforts seem. She doesn’t seem to particularly care for anyone either.” He said his last words with tightened lips and a stony expression.

“Did you like Lily?” Elizabeth asked softly.

“She used to be my best friend, and I was hers, apart from Snape,” Remus said, not answering the question. “Besides, James called her; he’s been devoted since the day they met.”

Elizabeth was now less frustrated with herself, and her eyes melt back to pale blue. Remus was good at calming people down.

Remus’s brow furrowed. “Did your eyes change color?” he asked incredulously.

Elizabeth explained the nature of her eyes. Remus was fascinated.

“So can you tell which colors go with which emotion?” he asked.

“Yeah, I have a pretty good idea. But I don’t like telling people; it makes me too easy to read if you know what each color means,” she said, a sly grin on her lips.

Elizabeth was soaking in the warmth of the fire, feeling very comfortable on the mushy couch.

“You said you know what desperation is… what was that about?” Elizabeth asked suddenly, a sparkle lit in her eyes.

Remus blushed furiously, his whole face turning red. “I… might have… this girl… she… Valentine’s Day…” he muttered quickly under his breath, avoiding her gaze.

“Spill Remus!” Elizabeth said excitedly.

“Just don’t tell, Sirius will torture me forever!” Remus said furiously, glancing around the room many times before beginning the story.

“It was Valentine’s Day of my first year at Hogwarts, and I had a huge crush on Amelia Renaud, that pretty girl in Hufflepuff. I would do anything she asked me to do, all the time. I practically bowed down at her feet. She was so pretty, so… I… well…” Remus paused to glance around the room again. Elizabeth impatiently gestured for him to go on.

“I sent her this singing candy gram. It told her how beautiful she was every five minutes, and how much I liked her and have always liked her. And, well, being an idiotic first year, I forgot to sign it secret admirer. She found out who it was when the gram sang my name at the end, and I nearly died of embarrassment. Luckily, she was just as embarrassed as I was, and she told no one about it. But now she always gives me funny looks in the hall whenever I’m around her.” Elizabeth burst into a fit of giggles.

“And here I thought you were the smart one in the group, the one who thinks before he acts,” Elizabeth teased.

“Well, I guess I had to learn,” Remus said, grinning.

They continued to talk until Elizabeth was too tired to carry on. They said their good byes, and as she went up to her bed, she felt immensely happy that she had talked to Remus. He had calmed her down so much, and her depressed feelings towards James were now lowered dramatically. She had to talk to Remus more often.

~ * ~

Lily waited impatiently in front of the portrait hole for James, who was supposed to be there for Head duties. They normally helped the prefects scour the halls for troublemakers on weekdays. James was particularly helpful, being the biggest troublemaker in Hogwarts, he knew all the hiding places to check. And he hadn’t been particularly bad about asking her out so constantly, only when the opportunity arose in the conversation. He even took her orders without question. But he had a knack for being late constantly because of Quidditch practice and the homework that he procrastinated.

She sighed and took a seat against the wall. She had been waiting for half an hour. James should have come by then.

“Waiting for James again?” asked a voice from the hall. Lily looked up to see Ben Thomas looking at her with a knowing expression. The look annoyed her. She hated it when James’s tardiness reflected badly on her.

“He always does this,” she said, avoiding his gaze. “It’s not like it’s new.”

“Yeah, I’ve noticed you sitting there a lot,” Ben said, sliding down beside her. He looked directly into her green eyes, his blue eyes unwavering. She tensed. He was very handsome, one of the most handsome boys in their year apart from James, Sirius, and Remus. His rough features, tan skin and brown hair distinguished him from the other boys in her year. And the fact he was in Hufflepuff probably was a reason Lily never really saw him.

But as he stared at her, she scooted away, attempting to do so inconspicuously. She knew Ben’s reputation, as what one would say a “flighty” guy. He was with one girl one minute, and another the next. With all girls, he refused to commit. Lily remembered when Alice was infatuated with him in their fourth year… he dated her for one day, then left her for another girl he had been having an affair with. It had been a one-day relationship, and he had an affair with another girl! Lily had loathed him from that moment forward.

Ben laughed. “What do I have, a disease or something?”

Lily blushed. “Nothing, it’s just, I… am… claustrophobic?” She couldn't make any decent conversation with him. She felt so unsure around him, and she hated feeling unsure.

“Oh, all right,” Ben said, apparently not believing her. There was an awkward, momentary silence.

“You know, I’ve never actually had a decent conversation with you, Lily,” Ben said, scooting dangerously near to her side.

“I guess not,” Lily said, her red hair falling Not that I ever wanted to… she thought to herself. Ben brushed the hair out of her eyes. His touch caused her to chill. No! He did not give me chills! she thought to herself furiously. Yet her body was frozen, unable to move away from the awful situation she put herself in.


Lily looked up to see who the soft voice belonged to and saw James, hurt. She pushed Ben’s hand away.

“Potter, you’re late,” she said, relieved for an excuse to get away from Ben. He continued to stare at her and glare at Ben every few moments. It was just like what happened in those predictable romantic movies Tunie used to make her watch. The man the heroine really loved would walk in at the wrong moment, seeing the forced, horrible situation that the heroine didn’t want to be in with the other man. Lily hated that scene in every movie. Experiencing it didn’t improve her feelings about it. Even though I don’t love James, Lily told herself, somewhat methodically.

“No, continue if you want. Don’t let me get in the way,” James said in a cold, disappointed tone.

“James, you don’t understand,” Lily whispered. “I swear, if anything, I’m glad to get away.” Ben didn’t hear, but obviously seeing the damage done, walked away from the scene, smiling.

“See you around, Lily,” Ben said, casting one of his charming smiles at her.

“Evans, you know he’s bad news,” James started, but Lily cut him off.

“Potter, I know what I’m doing! You don’t have to constantly try and take care of me,” Lily said. “And anyways, I don’t like him. I know what he’s like. See, I know what I’m doing.”

“You looked incredibly vulnerable from where I was looking, Lily,” James said, somewhat hurt but firmly believing in what he was saying.

“No, I can – “ Lily started, but before she finished, a thought crossed her mind. “Why do I have to explain myself to you? I owe you nothing,” she spat.

“As the man who loves you and is very protective over your well- being, I think you owe me the truth about how you feel towards that… Thomas. I don’t want him to hurt you,” James stated.

Lily blushed again, flustered at the comment. The idea of him loving her and being jealous and protective about her was very… consoling. James didn’t usually have this effect on her, so what had changed?

“I can take care of myself, Potter,” Lily said, looking everywhere but his keen, hazel eyes. “Now, you take that hall while I go down towards the Great Hall.”

James started walking away, his shoulders slumped, when Lily called out, “I don’t like him, James. I absolutely detest his guts.” James turned around, grinning broadly. He had much more of a spring in his step afterwards.

Lily sighed, a happier sigh than her earlier one. The warm feeling James gave her was new. Why was she feeling like this? She didn’t want to feel like this. She hated feeling like this. She wanted to go back to hating James, like she was supposed to. She missed the way things were before she started enjoying James’s attention for her. She felt more vulnerable liking him than she did around Ben. She just wanted things back to the way they were before.

I’m sure these feelings will go away, Lily thought, trying to reassure herself.I don’t even like Potter. It’s just this crazy feeling that I get when he’s around… that feeling will go away. Not that I like him. It’s just an odd feeling. I don’t have feelings for him. Not at all.

Lily is in denial! Talk about it on the feedback thread!! Sorry I haven't posted in two months!


"The eyes are the window to the soul."

James was happier than he had been in a while. He laughed constantly when he was talking to her and he was always drawn into the conversation by her charming smile and her eyes glittering gold, they were unlike anything James had ever seen. ~STOP AND STARE

Stop and Stare by me & MissProngs & Feedback ~ * ~ The Last Horcrux (Completed!) & feedback ~ * ~ Lovestruck & feedback

'Sirius Black is sexy, right?' Of course she was right. The best-looking, most rebellious, most dangerous of the four marauders.

I love Harry Potter and Twilight. It can happen without a war.

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Re: Stop and Stare


The loud cheers at the Quidditch match were deafening. Lily was sitting front row, one of the 7th year privileges she gladly accepted. She loved watching Quidditch matches, even though she was terrible at the sport. She used to go to see Alice, but since Alice was no longer on the team, she came to see Elizabeth.

And possibly James? a voice in the back of her head asked her. She looked towards James, passing the Quaffle with Elizabeth and Anna.

Don’t think about him! she told herself firmly.

Elizabeth looked determined to do well. She had been nervous and jittery all throughout breakfast, especially since they were playing Slytherin, but Lily knew she would do fine.

“The Quaffle is released!” echoed Sirius from the commentator’s stand. “Here comes Potter, amazing Chaser, my best friend, you know – “

“Sirius...” McGonagall shouted, warningly.

“Right, sorry Professor, on to Madison, Flint tries to intercept – unsuccessful, the loser,” (McGonagall sighed), “Madison passes it to Summers, who shoots, and… SCORES! 10 points to Gryffindor!”

The match continued like this. James made tons of shots, and every one went in. Elizabeth and Anna were playing amazingly as well. Lily and Jade cheered for Elizabeth as loudly as possible. After Sirius’s comment, Flint began to play quite dirty, giving Anna a good bruise and almost knocking Elizabeth off her broom.

Anna scored a goal. “130 to 60, Gryffindor in the lead,” Sirius said smugly. Madeline threw the ball to James, and at that moment, Avery pulled out his Beater’s bat and slammed it at the bludger, hitting it to Madeline. She was caught off guard, and attempted to dive out of the way, but the bludger had already reached its target. It slammed against her chest, causing her to fall backwards, hitting her head against the goal hoop. There was a collective gasp from the crowd, especially the Gryffindors. Her broom spiraled down to the ground.

Lily looked to her side to see Jade’s mouth agape. “Is she all right?” Mary Macdonald said from the other side of Lily, worried. She was Alenna’s good friend. After Avery dangled Mary upside over the edge of the Astronomy Tower the previous year, ready to drop her, she already despised him. It was only due to the swift action of Remus, who had been patrolling, that her death was prevented. Avery harming her friend probably gave her even more of a reason to resent him.

“I hope she is,” Lily said, watching as they floated Madeline onto a floating cot, siphoning the blood from her head away.

“I can’t believe they didn’t call that a foul,” Jade said angrily. The game had continued, Elizabeth holding the Quaffle.

She was heading towards the goal, followed closely by Flint, when Lily noticed Flint reaching out and grabbing Elizabeth’s foot. Elizabeth swerved when Flint let go, spinning around but holding to the Quaffle tightly. Flint was coming back, but Elizabeth swiftly jumped up and stood on her broom. Lily’s eyes widened in shock and immediate fear for her friend. But Elizabeth seemed to know what she was doing, flying forward slightly and eyeing one goal post particularly. The Keeper for the other team noticed, flying to guard the post, but leaving the hoop next to Elizabeth wide open. She scored.

There was a loud cheering from the Gryffindors, but gasps from others. Madeline had just thrown herself forward like a javelin towards the Ravenclaw stands. They screamed and moved as she dived through, followed closely by the Slytherin Seeker, Regalus Black.

“And Frey’s spotted it! Come on, Alenna, you can get it!” Sirius shouted from the stands, rooting for his team and against his brother. The two Seekers disappeared for a moment behind the crowd. Lily held her breath, watching closely.

Alenna flew from the stands, the most triumphant grin on her face. The Gryffindor stands roared.

“Gryffindor WINS!” Sirius shouted, jumping up and down in joy.

Lily’s eyes roved the stadium for Elizabeth, to see how she reacted, and her jaw dropped. Elizabeth was still standing on her broom. And Flint, angry that his team had just lost, had just come up behind her to grab her foot.

“ELIZABETH, WATCH OUT!” Lily and Jade said at the exact same moment at the top of their lungs. Elizabeth had noticed before their shouts, and as Flint reached for her foot, she jumped backwards through the air, her body twisting not once, but twice, and her broom sliding right below her feet neatly, allowing the perfect landing.

Lily had just realized that her hands had been gnawing into the edge of her face as she watched. Jade had been gripping her own hair, ready to rip it out. But as Elizabeth landed, they both cheered at the top of their voices.

And they hadn’t been the only ones who had noticed this stunt. Most of the Hufflepuffs and Ravenclaws were hooting as well. Elizabeth had grabbed her broom and zoomed towards the ground, where she got off as quickly as possible.

James was in utter shock. That had been the craziest first Quidditch match he had ever known. As Elizabeth hopped off her broom, James was the first to rush over to her.

“Summers, you all right? Injured or anything?” he said, spinning her around, looking for injuries, worried and frantic. She looked calm for someone who had just pulled something like that - a double back tuck! Maybe she was traumatized.

“I’m fine, Potter. I told you I did gymnastics,” she said, grinning, backing away.

“That was… that was incredible,” James said, running his hand through his hair. “The way you – then, when you landed, and then –“

But Lily and Jade interrupted their conversation by tackling Elizabeth with a hug.

“You were great out there!” Lily said.

“I swear, I’m going to KILL Flint the next time I see him!” Jade said threateningly. Elizabeth laughed.

“No harm done, forget it. I’m so excited that we won!” Elizabeth laughed and skipped off.

Remus clapped his friend on the back. “Nice game, James.” James’s eyes wandered the crowd.

“Yeah, it was a brilliant first game,” James said, grinning.

“So, how about a celebration?” Sirius said, jumping in front of them, Peter skulking closely behind. “I’m sure if we begged the house elves, we could get some Firewhisky…”

Remus rolled his eyes. “I’m in, but how about no Firewhisky?”

“Sounds like a party, my dear chap,” James said, grabbing his friend around the shoulder. “But can we get back soon? I still have patrol with Lily.”

His friends sighed, and laughed.

~ * ~

Lily slammed her book shut and sighed. She couldn’t focus on Charms at all. But she knew she had to; Monday’s test was going to be extremely difficult. She decided to put it aside and study later, but only study till midnight. She wanted to get a good night’s sleep so she wouldn’t be irritable or forgetful the next day while taking the test.

She stood up from her chair by the fire and stretched. Time for patrol. With James.

My night couldn’t get any better, she thought sarcastically.

Lily stepped outside the portrait hole and waited for James. He said he’d be out right after dinner, which had just ended.

“I’m here,” James said, running towards here and skidding to a stop beside her. James looked forward to patrol every day, it being the only time he got to spend alone with Lily.

“Ok, Potter, you take the North Tower and the dungeons, and I’ll go towards the Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff common rooms.” She stifled a yawn.

“Come on, Evans, let’s take the night off,” James said, persuasively. “You’re tired, and I don’t want to patrol corridors. I doubt there will be anything major going on tonight.” Lily examined him closely. He looked hopeful at the idea that they would get a break from patrol.

“All right,” she said wearily. “I guess I’ll go study for – “

“Oh, no you’re not,” James said, grabbing her wrist as she turned to make her way towards the portrait hole. “We’re going somewhere.” He grinned the crooked smile that always stunned her for at least a minute.

“But the test is – “

But she was cut off before she could finish; James pulled the invisibility cloak out from his pocket and threw it over her head. She opened her mouth to protest, but James put his hand over it.

“Just come with me,” he said. She sighed and stopped objecting and relaxed. James held her wrist and pulled her along.

It’s not as though I have a choice, Lily thought, sighing. James was holding her wrist too tightly for her to go anywhere. They crept quietly through the silent halls of Hogwarts, making their way through the side door (which Filch had notoriously forgotten to lock, something he constantly seemed to do). The grounds were extremely quiet, all except for the humming that seemed to be coming from the Black Lake.

“What’s that?” Lily murmured quietly as James let go of her hand. The warmth from his touch was gone.

James grinned excitedly. “Sometimes there’s a mermaid or two that surface during the night,” he explained. “They’ll sing the most beautiful songs.”

“Wow!” Lily said, watching the sleek green figure surface from the water. Her hair was matted around her shoulders and there was a keen look in her expression as she stared up towards the sky, floating on her back. She sang a low melody, so soft yet so intricate that Lily’s mouth only hung open in awe.

“It’s a love song,” James whispered to her ear. They both sat down on the soft green grass.

Lily was surprised to realize that he was right. It sounded exactly like a love song, only with much more of a sad undercurrent.

James leaned back against the rock Lily was leaning on. Lily tensed, looking back up at the castle.

“Relax, Evans. No one’s going to catch us out here,” James said, staring at the mermaid, who had reached a high point in her song.

Lily closed her eyes and let the song flow through her, helping her relax. She laid more comfortably against the grass, enjoying the moment.

~ * ~

Lily’s eyes fluttered open. She glanced at her surroundings: the moon illuminated the sky, three quarters full and reflecting against the smooth black lake. James was lying against a rock next to her, his eyes shut and black hair casually tossed to a side. His hand was lovingly placed over Lily’s arm. She moved it away quickly.

“James!” Lily said, suddenly wide awake. She prodded him sharply in the arm.

“Ow. What?” James murmured, his eyes opening sleepily. He suddenly darted up.

“What time is it?!”

James checked his watch. “Oh no…” Lily read the time. 1:30 AM.

She looked at him furiously. “I was supposed to study for my Charms test!”

“Sorry, Evans, I fell asleep – “ James began, apologetically.

“That’s no excuse! What if I fail this test? How would you feel then, knowing its’ your fault?” Lily said, her eyes narrowing.

“I swear, Lily, you’re amazing at Charms, and at everything. You’re overreacting. You’ll be fine,” James said to her calmingly.

Lily ignored it. “If you had been just brilliant enough to stay awake then we might not be in this predicament. But as usual, when is Potter ever brilliant, except in his mind? I knew I shouldn’t have let you do this!” Lily said, standing up and stormed off irritably. She felt a deep sense of sorrow in her heart, knowing that she most definitely hurt James’ feelings. But the feeling that she had when James was so near to her, the feeling that made her skin tingle and her heart stop, that feeling wasn’t supposed to be there. She hated Potter, and that was the way it was supposed to be. She should have put up a better struggle. She would have, on normal standards, because not putting up a struggle and just letting him take her away from her Head Girl duties would have been the equivalence of going on a date with him. She rationalized that she was caught up in the moment and that was why she had let him persuade her. It was stupid, and she refused to slip out of control like that again. She hurried off towards the castle, thoughts running amuck in her mind.

James felt a sharp blow at him from Lily’s last words. She was right; he had been an idiot. All of it was his fault. And now she hated him because of his stupid actions. Why had he pulled such a risky stunt (on Lily’s standards)?

He slapped himself mentally. Stupid. It was stupid to do it, and he was stupid to make those mistakes. She might have begun to like him and he had ruined it. He always seemed to that.

Lily would never love him. She hated him. And no matter what he seemed to do, he always messed things up between them. It was his fault they would never be together.

And James accepted that, walking back to his room, ego deflated, dejected, and his happiness gone.

Reactions? Please post on the feedback thread! Sorry I haven't posted in a while, and this one isn't even that long...


"The eyes are the window to the soul."

James was happier than he had been in a while. He laughed constantly when he was talking to her and he was always drawn into the conversation by her charming smile and her eyes glittering gold, they were unlike anything James had ever seen. ~STOP AND STARE

Stop and Stare by me & MissProngs & Feedback ~ * ~ The Last Horcrux (Completed!) & feedback ~ * ~ Lovestruck & feedback

'Sirius Black is sexy, right?' Of course she was right. The best-looking, most rebellious, most dangerous of the four marauders.

I love Harry Potter and Twilight. It can happen without a war.

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Re: Stop and Stare


“This town is colder now, I think it's sick of us
It's time to make our move, I'm shakin off the rust
I've got my heart set on anywhere but here
I'm staring down myself, counting up the years
Steady hands, just take the wheel...
And every glance is killing me
Time to make one last appeal... for the life I lead”

October was a blur for James. All he seemed to do was eat, do schoolwork, Quidditch, and sleep. Everyone noticed that there was something wrong with him, especially his friends.

“Come on, mate, Halloween is in two days, don’t you want to pull something on the first years?” Sirius said, watching his friend’s reaction. This Sunday was Halloween, and there was to be a fantastic party: trick-or-treating through the teacher’s classrooms (the teachers that wished to participate, meaning Snape was definitely not doing it) and a haunted house down in the dungeons. This also meant that the teachers would be so distracted by watching the students that they wouldn’t notice the Marauders pulling a huge prank.

And all James did was shrug his shoulders, shoving his hands in his pockets.

“You guys plan something, I’ll go along with it,” he said, sitting down at the table in the common room and pulling out his Charms essay from his bookbag.

“Prongs, it’s been a month since that incident with Lily,” Remus said, gently, sitting down next to James. “You should move on. She’s probably already forgiven you.”

“You weren’t there,” James said plainly, avoiding Remus’s eyes. “She meant every word of it. And she’s right. I’ve been an idiot. I messed up every opportunity that she gives me to make a good impression.”

“Well, she’s just in denial,” Peter said quietly from the corner. “I’m just saying, Lily just isn’t used to the idea of having feelings for you.”

“That’d be a good theory if she had feelings for me, but she doesn’t,” James stated, picking up his books. “I’m going to the library to finish my work. Really, I don’t want to talk about this anymore. It’s not bothering me.”

But as James slumped off to the library, the rest of the Marauders knew it was bothering him a great deal.

~ * ~

James dropped his books on the table and pulled out his Charms essay. He had begun his work and wouldn’t have noticed the small person at the end of the table if he hadn’t suddenly noticed a trail of ink flowing down the table. He looked towards the direction it was coming from and saw Elizabeth, face in her hands, asleep. Her hand must have knocked over the ink.

James siphoned the ink up with his wand. He then looked at Elizabeth, peacefully sleeping in the most angelic manner, even with her messy hair, sweat pants and tee shirt. He didn’t want to wake her, but he knew their awful librarian would kick them out if he didn’t.

“Summers, wake up,” he said, prodding her. She frowned, her eyebrows narrowing, and turned her head, falling back asleep.

“Elizabeth, wake up!” James said, whispering loudly into her ear. Her hands suddenly flew in the air, slapping James in the face.

“Wha – what happened? James?” she said, turning her head. He was rubbing the side of his face, which was blood red. “Oh, God, did I do that to you?! I’m so sorry!”

She rushed to his side and moved his hand from his face. He winced. “Come on, stop being so prissy,” she said, examining the bruise. “Let’s go get some ice, shall we?”

They walked to the hospital wing together, talking. James felt comfortable talking with Elizabeth. The conversation never felt forced, as it did when other girls wanted to talk to him. Except for Lily, James thought sadly.

“Are you all right?” Elizabeth asked, looking at him with concern.

“You slapped me pretty hard, for a girl” James said, grinning, avoiding another painful discussion about Lily.

Elizabeth saw right through this. “But you look so sad. You’ve been so down for a while. Why?” James was quiet for a moment, and Elizabeth suddenly blushed. “I’m sorry, that was prying, I shouldn’t have asked.” She stared at the ground and wished she could disappear off the face of the planet.

“It’s all right,” James said, trying to make the moment less awkward. “I dunno, I just don’t want to talk about it anymore.”

Elizabeth could feel him pulling away from her. “It’s all right. Look, we’re at the hospital wing.”

James got an ice pack and a potion that would reduce swelling and redness. Elizabeth and him walked back to the library, forgetting the endnote on their last conversation. She had come up with some random and hilarious pranks to pull on Halloween, that Saturday.

They finished their work and Elizabeth promised James that she’d get back to him on how it was possible to drop balloons filled with paint onto the first years. James was happier than he had been in a while. He laughed constantly when he was talking to her and he was always drawn into the conversation by her charming smile and her eyes – glittering gold, they were unlike anything James had ever seen.

He smiled all the way to his dormitory, where he began changing into his night clothes.

“What put you in such a good mood?” Remus asked, pulling off his socks while sitting on his bed.

“Just been talking to Summers,” James said, stretching. “She really cheered me up. And I’ve got some new ideas on how we should prank the first years.”

“That’s great,” Remus said, a chill tone in his words.

“By the way, where’s Padfoot and Wormtail?” James asked, turning off the lights.

“I dunno, I think Sirius said said something about getting some chocolate cake and Peter went too. They took the map,” Remus yawned, pulling the curtains around his bed. “Night, James.” He rolled over, staring at the ceiling. He thought about all the times he had been talking to Elizabeth over the past month, remembering her laugh, her witty jokes, and the fun they had together. He had a slight feeling of unfriendliness towards James for intruding on this, but he shook it off. All they did was talk, he thought to himself. Why am I making such a big deal out of that? He shrugged off his hostile feelings and closed his eyes.

~ * ~

October had been, what Lily had told herself, the most peaceful month she had since James had begun to like her. There had been no more bothersome questions, no more of James flirting with her every chance he got, and no more of James doing anything out of line. Her grades were amazing, and she couldn’t have looked better. It was utterly perfect.

Then why do I feel so miserable? Lily thought, sighing as she threw the fabric for her Halloween costume aside. She racked her brain, searching for a logical explanation for her misery.

It’s because of the way I yelled at him, after we were at the lake, Lily thought. I was yelling, and I should have told it to him more gently. I definitely over exaggerated a bit. I know, I’ll apologize to him tomorrow at the party. If it isn’t too late, and I know it isn’t. She grinned. Knowing that she would make things better, Lily felt her misery slide away, and she pulled out her costume again, sewing on the ears.

Tomorrow, I’ll make things right. She smiled.

~ * ~

Lily and her friends were excitedly preparing for the party that evening. It was part of the fun that they all dress in fun Halloween outfits. Lily was excited to show the others her costume, which she had been keeping a surprise. But she also wanted to do everyone’s hair that evening, so she saved her costume for last.

Alice looked adorable, putting on her pixie wings over her green tutu on one end of the room. Lily fixed it to where Alice’s brown hair was curly and hung loosely around her face. Jade was dressing as an Arabian princess, wearing a loose, sheer pink jumpsuit with a crystal tiara. Lily told her to leave her hair down, black and wavy, flowing half way down her torso.

Elizabeth looked absolutely stunning, wearing a shiny blue top that cut off as an empire waist, allowing her to show off her stomach. She had a floor length green skirt, made of flowing silk. Her blonde hair was let loose, and Lily was inserting it with blue pins. Elizabeth was a siren, and a beautiful one at that. Her eyes were a creamy hazel to match her excitement.

Lily finally got to her costume. She put on an orange leotard with black sequined tiger stripes. She finished off the costume with black tights, tiger ears, and an adorable tail. She let her hair hang long and wavy, admiring her costume in the mirror. She felt extremely happy. She turned and all the girls burst out with compliments for each other.

“You are the cutest pixie, Alice – “

“God, Lily, you have to be the sexiest tigress I’ve ever seen! – “

“Good grief, Jade, you are one jaw-dropping gorgeous princess – “

“Wow, you look so skinny, Elizabeth!” Elizabeth giggled as Alice poked her in the stomach.

Elizabeth glanced at the time. “Oooh, let’s hurry, I want to be the first to the haunted house!” The girls hurried down the stairs to find the Marauders crowding around a box. The room vaguely smelled of paint.

Sirius was the first to hear the girls coming down the stairs, and he prevented his jaw from dropping at the last moment. He elbowed his friends who turned away from their project.

“Well, may I escort you lovely ladies down to the haunted house?” Sirius said, standing next to them in a flash, giving them a charming smile.

“Why, of course you may,” Elizabeth beamed, holding Sirius around the waist and laughing at his costume of a black dog. “Lead the way.”

“We’ll meet up right before eleven for the show,” Sirius repeated, winking at the Marauders before he left. Peter stared after, googly eyed.

“Why does he always get all the girls?” Peter whined.

Lily wanted to stay back and grab a word with James, but he was soon back to work on the prank, a little more angrily then he should have. James, of course, had first noticed the beautiful and stunning Lily, dressed as a tigress. But the real reason James was upset was because he didn’t like the way Sirius had slid his arm around Elizabeth’s waist. This random emotion for Elizabeth was making him question his sanity; Elizabeth was his friend, a member of the Quidditch team… also a very pretty girl, with the most charming personality…

No! James told himself. You’ve already been rejected by one girl, let’s not even try for two!

Elizabeth, Lily and Alice had excitedly entered the haunted house, or haunted corridor, with Frank, Remus, and many other excited students in costumes.

Sirius had sat against a wall, running a hand through his shaggy black hair. Jade took up the courage to sit by him, wanting to sit there, yet dreading her decision to do so at the same time. He tensed beside her.

“Are you all right?” she said, looking at him slowly. He seemed to be upset about something, but just as soon as Jade had noticed, the look was replaced by one more flirty.

“Just couldn’t wait to sit beside me, could you?” he said, grinning. But Jade could feel pain radiating from him. Something had happened.

“Really, tell me what’s wrong,” she said, trying to penetrate the wall he was building between them.

“It’s nothing, just forget it,” Sirius said, backing farther away the closer she tried to get to him. He finally stood up, saying, “I’m going down to the Great Hall.” Jade cursed herself for even thinking that Sirius was able to do anything except flirting with girls and stood up, escaping the long line of students that wanted to get into the haunted corridor.

~ * ~

“That gave me the bloody creeps! I was scared out of my wits!” Elizabeth told Lily later on that evening. They were all gathered in the Great Hall for snacks and talk later. It was around 10:30, and the party was over in an hour because there were classes the next day.

“And I didn’t have Frank by my side with his hands all over me like someone else here did,” Elizabeth said, grinning at the blushing Alice.

“Oh, come on, I’d say you clutching Remus’s arm was pretty much the same…” Alice said, but Lily’s mind wandered.

They were laughing and having a great time. The students were outnumbering the teachers by a huge amount; the room was chaos.

They’re probably awaiting a Marauder prank, Lily thought to herself. The thought made her glance around the room, eyes searching for James. He was standing near the punchbowl, several girls surrounding him and Sirius. James was dressed completely in white, with antlers, and he was a… he was… what was he? Lily was puzzled.

Lily looked closer at Sirius and frowned. The liquid in his cup was a reddish, fizzy liquid, not unlike Firewhisky. And he was freely handing it out to the girls and their friends. James still looked depressed, not his usual arrogant self, and didn’t even notice this. She was about to have a say in it when Jade stormed past her and began to yell.

~ * ~

“Black, I will not allow you to distribute Firewhisky to all of these younger girls!” Jade exclaimed.

October had been a very trying month for Jade. Sirius would casually flirt with her like he did with other girls, but received nothing in return, deeply aggravating him. This only caused him to have more interest in her. He would follow her around sometimes, annoy her with random questions about her life, and constantly imply that they should have sex. It was hell, and Sirius had achieved his goal: Jade was always thinking about him. Wanting to seriously hurt him. And now he was trying to give Firewhisky to all these fourth year girls.

The other girls around Sirius looked at Jade with distaste and wandered away from him. His eyes were droopy and his black hair was very disheveled. Jade rolled her eyes, scrunched up her nose in disgust, and began to walk away when Sirius grabbed her arm.

“You look very very pretty tonight, Snow,” Sirius said, winking. Her heart fluttered.

Oh, God, even while he’s drunk he can be charming! she thought to herself, releasing herself from his grip.

“Go steal some tonic from one of the empty Potions classroom,” Jade said, sighing. “It’s orange, in a small bottle, it’ll help with – “

But Sirius was unaware of what Jade was saying by now. He was just staring at her absentmindedly, twirling a strand of her long hair on his finger.

“Your hair smells like pineapples,” he said, his face dangerously close to hers. She moved backwards, her heart pounding and her brain yelling at her to move closer again.

Am I drunk too? Is that why I feel like I like him so much?, she asked herself, dragging him out of the Great Hall and down to an empty Potions classroom a floor beneath everyone else.

“Come on now, let’s get you sober… if you look bad, it’ll look bad for James,” Jade said, trying to logically explain the sudden urge she had to take care of Sirius. She forced him to stand properly near the door while she examined the shelf against the wall for the orange tonic she had once seen a rather drunken Divination teacher take. She found it, but when she turned around, Sirius had moved.

“Why don’t you like me?” Sirius said, standing inches away from her, his arms locking her against the cabinet.

“You upset that one girl doesn’t like you, even though you have countless other bimbos that would gladly give you all their attention?” Jade snapped. She tried to move, but Sirius wouldn’t budge.

“But I don’t want their attention, I want yours, Jade,” Sirius said, gazing meaningfully into her eyes. She looked closely at his face for the first time. He had rugged, masculine features that made all the girls swoon, but what caught Jade’s notice were his eyes: grey, almost unfeeling, except Jade could see sadness hidden deep within.

Sirius suddenly sat on the ground in front of her, his face in his hands. He looked completely distraught, a total mess.

“Black,” Jade said, tentatively. She put her arm forward and put it on his. “What’s wrong?”

She wanted him to open up to her, to show some real feelings that didn’t involve him being a flirty git. She wanted to be the one he confided to, the one that he talked to when something went wrong. She wanted to at least see that he was capable of some true emotion. But just as it seemed he would open up, he surprised her.

Without warning, Sirius leaned forward, sending an immediate shock up her spine. Her whole body was frozen against the cabinet of potions. She closed her eyes, waiting, but his lips missed hers, going a little farther back, and she felt his warm breath tickle the side of her neck as he whispered:

“I knew you really liked me.”

She unfroze and felt every part of her body fill with rage. “Bloody hell, Sirius! You don’t mess around with a girl like that! Don’t try and provoke feelings in me if I don’t really want to like you!”

“Ah, but see, you do have feelings for me, but you just wish you didn’t,” Sirius said, grinning.

“Of course I like you! Doesn’t every girl?” Jade felt the words tumble out of her mouth, not sure she realized what she was saying, “But I, unlike them, are smart enough to see that you are a worthless case, unfit to be a part of any relationship, incapable of any emotion, and you can’t commit,” she ranted. “Why you continue to bother me with your annoying presence really makes no sense when – “

Sirius had put his arm around her, pulled her close to him and gently pressed his lips against hers. Jade felt every molecule in her being pause. He was, of course, very good at kissing: his lips were warm and molded perfectly against hers. She was putting her arms around his shoulders when she suddenly realized what she was doing. She immediately changed gears and pushed him off her.

“Black, you’re drunk!” she sputtered, trying to cover up her elevated heart rate.

“It doesn’t matter, I would’ve done the same thing without the Firewhisky,” he said, wobbling sideways.

More rage began to bubble to the Jade’s surface again. “You just can’t stop bothering me! What am I, some sort of toy to you? You think you can mess around with me because I like you? Then you’ll just walk away, never talking to me again. Because why am I worth talking to anymore if I like you, and goggle at you like every other one of those bimbos that you ignore?”

“But Snow, you’re different! – “ Sirius began, but Jade cut him off.

“Oh, come off it. I’m not any different from those other girls you were trying to give Firewhisky to,” she said angrily, storming out of the room and finding her way back to the common room.

“You’re NOTHING like them, those girls are worthless! – “ he sighed, realizing that nothing he said mattered. She had already made up her mind about who she thought he was. And she was right, he didn’t open up to her. He didn’t like to tell girls about his personal life or about his family problems. He couldn’t open up and trust just anyone.

But, then again, Jade Snow definitely wasn’t just anyone.

~ * ~

Lily decided she could slip by and apologize quickly to James. As she walked over, she heard someone else talking to him.

“… yeah, because you’re just so amazing on a broom.” There was a familiar, catchy laugh. It was Elizabeth.

“Just so you know, I could beat you any day in a race,” James said, his voice challenging.

“I’ll hold you to your word then,” Elizabeth said, her eyes sparkling gold as she smiled.

“Potter, can I have a word?” Lily found herself saying, interrupting their conversation. Elizabeth looked at her questioningly, and she made a hand motion that she’d tell her later. The room was so loud and crowded that Lily pulled James out into the quiet, dimly lit halls. It was almost 11, meaning most of the students were in the Great Hall and done with their trick-or-treating, leaving the halls empty.

Lily felt James tense beside her. A sudden icy rift seemed to be between them that Lily had never noticed before.

“I’m sorry for overreacting at the lake,” Lily started, staring at the ground, finding herself unable to look him in the eyes. “That was stupid, and there was no need to yell at you like that. I guess I was just trying to make my point clear.”

“Yeah, and point received,” James said coldly. “I get it. You seriously don’t like me and you never will. I guess I’ve just been kidding myself into thinking that somehow, you’d eventually come around.” His voice sounded so hurt near the end, and he just looked so broken. Lily put a hand on his shoulder. He looked up, hazel eyes meeting green.

“James, I – “ the words were forming on Lily’s lips, but there was a sudden yell of outrage to their right.

~ * ~

Elizabeth had stood casually at the entrance to the corridor Lily and James had walked into. She leaned against the wall, stretching. An arm suddenly wrapped itself around her waist.

“Hey, Elizabeth,” Ben Thomas whispered in her ear. She pulled away, looking at his face. His cheeks were blotchy pink and he couldn’t seem to hold himself together properly.

“Been drinking Sirius’s Firewhisky?” Elizabeth asked coldly, a hint of red anger entering her eyes.

“Why did I ever dump you, Elizabeth? You’re so pretty,” he said, holding both her arms tightly.

“Let go,” she said, her heart thumping like mad. He grinned and caressed her cheek.

“Let GO!” she yelled, hoping Lily and James would hear down the corridor. Where are the effing teachers!? she thought wildly. Ben just gripped her arms tighter, pulled her closer and kissed her cheek.

That was the last straw. Elizabeth was not going to wait for someone who may or may not have heard her to come and rescue her from being taken advantage of. Just as James rounded the corner of the corridor, Elizabeth wrenched her arms free and punched Ben in the face, her face full of fury and her eyes blood red. He fell to the ground, and Elizabeth was able to pull the wand out from the hidden pocked of her skirt and point it at him. His nose was bleeding and he was laughing, rolling sideways on the floor.

“Episkey,” James muttered from beside Elizabeth. “Tergeo.” Ben’s face was cleaned up.

“Wish you’d left his nose broken,” Elizabeth said, frowning. James laughed. Lily nearly knocked Elizabeth over with a hug.

“That was amazing! I don’t think any guy will ever want to come near you again,” Lily said, laughing.

“Let’s hope at least one nicer one does!” Elizabeth said, slightly worried.

“Don’t worry, I think you’ll be fine,” James said, grinning, impressed (once again) by Elizabeth Summers. She’s full of surprises.

The Marauders ended the night with a bang – just as the first years exited the Great Hall around 11:15, a shower of paint filled balloons fell all over them. Peter had distracted the teachers by causing a huge shelf of books to collapse in the library. The paint idea, borrowed from Elizabeth, was changed so that the paint wouldn’t come out of the first years’ hair for two days. The teachers were horrified at the mess it had made and demanded to know who was responsible. The Marauders didn’t take claim for the prank until later, in the common room, when McGonagall wasn’t there to apprehend them.

“You’re so lucky you weren’t there to see, but Nancy thought it’d be funny to float Alice in the air because she was dressed as a pixie,” Frank said, sitting by her on the couch, trying to talk over the chatter of the loud common room.

“Is she all right?” Elizabeth asked, alarmed.

“Yeah, some girl with really blonde hair jinxed her from behind,” Frank said. “Then Dumbledore got her down and gave Nancy detention. I couldn’t tell who the blonde was, though.”

Elizabeth grinned. Nacissa.

Frank soon headed off to bed. Alice talked to her afterwards, telling her about how all the Firewhisky had been confiscated from the fourth year girls and they were facing a pending suspension. She went to bed soon too, and the crowd in the common room slowly disappeared, leaving only one other person besides Elizabeth, the one person she had been waiting for to talk to.

“Are you all right?” Remus asked, his brown, caring eyes roving Elizabeth for injuries. “James told me what happened.”

“Yeah, I’m fine,” Elizabeth said. “I like your costume. Are you a dog?”

“Werewolf,” he said, sitting on the couch beside her, squishing the brown tail on his completely brown outfit. “And I’m glad you’re okay, because I’d have no one to talk to if you were in the hospital wing.”

“Oh yeah? What about James, Peter, and Sirius?” Elizabeth asked, grinning.

“If I told them the stuff I told you, they’d probably call me sensitive,” Remus said, truthfully. Elizabeth laughed.

“I don’t think that’s such a bad quality, Remus,” she said, standing up to go to bed. As she reached the top of the staircase, Remus called out to her.

“By the way, you look beautiful,” he said softly. She blushed and thanked him, hurrying off to bed. How sweet of him, she thought.

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