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Spotlight on Severus Snape and Molly Weasley

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Professor Snape
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Spotlight on Severus Snape and Molly Weasley

I have frequently been asked why, I, Severus Snape, would choose to run for Minister of Magic. In this thread, I hope to answer that question by giving the readers a glimpse of what my excellent running mate, Molly Weasley, and I hope to achieve for the Wizarding World.

In the coming week, we will offer a variety of posts that we hope the electorate will find informative. Thank you for your attention.
We offer our thanks to those who took the time to vote for myself and Mrs. Weasley. We appreciate the time and thought you have given to these important decisions. Furthermore, we wish to thank the moderating team, who have offered us this opportunity to increase your knowledge of the Snape/Weasley team.

Severus Snape Speech

Molly Weasley Speech

Severus Snape answers at the Prophet Debates.

Molly Weasley answers at the Prophet Debates.

Severus Snape answers questions relevant to his campaign in the Editorial thread.

Molly Weasley answers questions relevant to the campaign in the Editorial thread.

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Re: Spotlight on Severus Snape and Molly Weasley

A Hogwarts Interview With the Candidates

Recently, representatives of the Snape/Weasley campaign committee met with Professor Snape and Mrs. Molly Weasley. A record of the meeting, held in the Headmistress’s office at Hogwarts, follows.

MM: Good afternoon, ladies. I am Professor McGonagall, and I’m delighted to open my office to your group. Mrs. Weasley will be here shortly.

SL: Thank you, Professor. I am Sly Lady, and my colleagues are Boushh, Zgirnius, Vampiricduck, Snapegirl and IchLiebeGeorge. We represent a sizable body of dedicated campaigners who are even now working on the CoS spotlight thread. We wish to coordinate our efforts with the candidates; to be sure we represent their opinions accurately.

MM: Welcome to all of you. *shakes hands all around* Please make yourselves comfortable while we await Mrs. Weasley. Severus was happy to receive your owl. I have arranged tea here by Severus’s portrait. Please be seated.

SS: Good day, ladies. It is a pleasure to meet you face to face. Please give my congratulations to our campaign staff for a hard-fought poll. I am sure the spotlight thread will be a credit to their hard work.

The door opened.

MW: Hello! I’m sorry to be running late. Dear Percy invited me for lunch, to advise me on campaign tactics. *sighs* I’m afraid Cornelius Fudge formed his political expertise, Severus. He means well, but has much to learn about open government.

SS: There will always be dunderheads second-guessing, and sometimes they are one’s children! We Ministry outsiders will simply have to muddle through. Sit down and have some tea.

MW: Ah, Severus! I appreciate your support.

ILG: You two seem very comfortable as running mates. There was some talk about how you wouldn’t work well together, being so different.

SS: Mrs. Weasley is more capable than most Ministry officials. I trust her integrity and her competence. And when none but Dumbledore trusted me, she was still respectful and courteous with me. I cannot forget that.

ILG: Mrs. Weasley, how did you deal with your children’s complaints about Professor Snape when he was their teacher? His reputation was fearsome and it is known that Gryffindors frequently resented him.

MW: My children were, erm, a high-spirited bunch, and not all of them were academically inclined. But I insisted that they show respect to all of their teachers. A lack of respect for others is the root of many evils in our world.

A brief, thoughtful silence ensued.

SL: I feel odd having this lovely tea, when you’re not able to partake, Professor. I know that you no longer eat, but it still feels rather rude.

SS: It’s nothing to be concerned about. And being a Headmaster portrait has advantages. I am not bound by the limitations of the corporeal world, yet I’m free to go from one portrait to another. I need no sleep and have no distractions from attempting to solve the problems set before me.

B: What problems are your highest priorities if you win the election?

SS: The overarching goal is to promote inclusion in our society along with respect for the diversity of magical beings. The need to ensure our children are safe and well cared for is foremost. For too long we have neglected the welfare of children in Wizarding society and the consequences were severe.

MW: We know that even Voldemort was a neglected child. Perhaps some people are beyond help, but many people who turned to Dark magic did so because they suffered physically or emotionally. My “Jumper For Every Child” program is designed to improve the welfare of our children.

A new voice from the wall distracted them and they all turned to face a cynical-looking, green robed wizard.

PNB: Such namby-pamby sentiments. And how did this band of Muggles gain entry to Hogwarts, Headmistress?

MM: Phineas Nigellus Black! Behave yourself. These guests are here at my behest. And perhaps they have a question or two for you.

ZG: Good day, Professor Black. I’m Zara Girnius, and I wonder what your first reaction was to the hiring of Professor Snape by Albus Dumbledore.

PNB: Ah, well…to be honest, I was underwhelmed. I accepted the evaluation of his prodigious Potions skills provided by Professors Dumbledore and Slughorn, but I felt he was too young for the distinguished position of Head of Slytherin.

ZG: And did your view change, Professor?

PNB: Rather quickly, yes. I was impressed with his command of his classroom, a feat he managed despite his youth. But most decisive was, of course, when I realized the true reasons Albus had hired the young man. No better demonstration of Slytherin cunning can be imagined, than the deadly game Professor Snape played for so many years!

ZG: I hope you won’t take offense at this next question. Professor Snape in one year erased your position as the least popular Headmaster of Hogwarts. How do you feel about losing this distinction?

PNB: I’ve forgiven him, in the decade since his death.

The group laughed.

ZG: Speaking of that decade…you and the other Headmasters and Headmistresses have been sharing this office with Professor Snape for a good nine years. It has been suggested that he is unpleasant and not able to work well with others. Has this been your experience of him?

PNB: Certainly not! Professor Snape is always correct in his speech. When Professor McGonagall requires our expertise, he is prompt and efficient, and offers his views courteously and firmly.

ZG: What is your opinion of the Snape/Weasley candidacy?

PNB: I have not made up my mind, there are worthy candidates and good ideas in several of the teams. But I am certain Professor Snape will be a credit to Slytherin House if he is elected.

ZG: Thank you for your time, Professor Black!

Phineas Nigellus settled back in his chair and began to snore ostentatiously.

SG: Professor Snape, I wonder what you would say to those people who still question your motives both for working with the Order and running for Minister.

SS: In my earlier years, I might have said that they are dunderheads, unworthy of my attention. I was perhaps a trifle testy at times. *here his black eyes gleamed briefly with humor* But there will always be people who question my motives. Having worked as a spy for so many years, I believe I played my role almost too well. I wish that people would examine the issues in this campaign and choose based on what is best for our society. All that Molly and I can do is offer our ideas and answer questions as they arise. The decision is in the hands of voters, as it should be.

Albus Dumbledore stirs in his portrait, his blue eyes twinkling with amusement.

AD: Well said, Severus. *yawns and stretches*

SS: Thank you, Albus. Have you anything else to say to my campaign representatives?

AD: Simply that you are a deeply honorable wizard, and I believe the Wizarding world would be fortunate to have such a clever and honest Minister of Magic. I trusted few people in my life, but from that first day that you came to me and offered your assistance, I trusted you implicitly.

Molly wiped a tear surreptitiously here, and a sad, nostalgic silence fell over the group.

SL: On a lighter note, Professor, as a Headmaster portrait, do you continue to be plagued by fangirls? I know that during your life it was a problem, but I hope that your portrait existence is somewhat more peaceful.

SS: *snorts* One would imagine that a magical portrait, confined to exist upon a wall, would be free from such irritations. Minerva has kindly placed wards here that block all but the most persistent pests. But there is one young lady who sends weekly Valentines, which are promptly returned, of course. *pauses thoughtfully* Still, I suppose fangirls do vote… Not that I would encourage them for this reason…

Several campaigners eyed each other nervously, but Sly Lady cleared her throat firmly, recalling their attention.

SL: I have one last question, Professor Snape. One that I know is on the minds of everyone who knows the story of your life. How do you feel about running for Minister against Harry Potter, given your mutual history?

The portrait wizard smirked approvingly.

SS: Not many people would dare to ask that question, which goes to the root of my entire relationship with Potter. Very good, Madam.

Sly Lady blushed.

SL: But you didn’t answer the question. In fact, in a truly Slytherin tactic, you flattered me in order to distract me. Very good, Professor. Now, about Harry Potter?

SS: Yes, well… Potter. I admit that I misjudged him when he was a student. In fact, he was an unfortunate example of a magical child who was neglected and abused, although I had no idea then.

Dumbledore squirmed slightly in his portrait and closed his eyes tight.

SS: I regret our misunderstandings and I honor his sacrifice on behalf of our world. He is a strong, compassionate wizard. He does still lack the experience of Molly and myself. He is a father of young children, too, while I am unencumbered by familial ties, and Molly's familial responsibilities are less pressing now that her children have long since made lives of their own. His time will come, undoubtedly.

MM: I never thought I would see the day you would praise Harry Potter, Severus, although it took many years passing, and your own death, to bring you to this point.

Professor Snape flushed slightly and glared at the Headmistress.

SS: We have all made mistakes, Minerva, and I have learned to own mine.

V: Will there be a problem creating magical portraits in the offices necessary for you to perform the job of Minister, Professor?

SS: There is already a portrait of me just off the Ministry Atrium. I anticipate no trouble in creating another, if necessary.

MM: It’s located in the Hall of Heroes, so Severus already visits the Ministry occasionally. Our Hogwarts portrait subjects are well known in the public buildings of our society.

V: Very good. As usual, we’ll send the materials we assemble to you, Professor, as well as to Mrs. Weasley. We appreciate the way your comments and concerns are sent back so promptly. We should return to campaign headquarters now, however. The deadline for our spotlight submissions is imminent. Thank you for your time.

SS: You are all most welcome. Certainly no candidates have a finer team than we do. We’ll be in touch with you soon.


Here the interview ended and the campaigners departed the office. As the sound of their voices died away down the corridor, Molly Weasley smirked at Professor Snape.

“Which one of them sends the Valentines?” she asked.

Though he frowned, the portrait wizard’s lips twitched slightly.

“Molly Weasley! As though those clever, worthy women would behave so childishly. They are sensible people,” he snapped.

“Well, none of them seemed fangirlish,” she conceded. “I must admit that I’m curious about who keeps sending them. Some are very pretty, you know.”

His eyes narrowed as he glared at her, which only made her chuckle.

“I believe we have a strong chance to win this election, if this group is representative of our team. Are you prepared?”

“Definitely,” she said stoutly. “But I must leave. Let me know if you need me before tomorrow.”

“Farewell, Molly,” he said politely, nodding.

Once Minerva was alone with the portraits, she chuckled. “Really, Severus! Valentines? Fangirls? You never mentioned any of this during your life. What hidden depths you had, my friend. And all these women…”

“Are my campaign team,” he said frigidly. “Merlin, Minerva, you cannot be so sexist as to imagine that all of these mature, intelligent females are infatuated with me. Is it so difficult to believe they are supporting the candidate they feel will perform best as Minister?”

“I can’t resist teasing you,” she said. “Although I do wonder about the Valentines…”

He smirked at her and said, “Oh, I do know who sends the Valentines…”


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Re: Spotlight on Severus Snape and Molly Weasley

While researching the life of Severus Snape for the Minister of Magic campaign, I came across a fascinating collection of historical artwork deep in the archives of the Headmaster Historical Society.

Various artists were given special permission to visit memories left behind in Dumbledore's Pensieve after his death, while other works were created based on interviews and memoirs of those who knew Severus Snape in life.

Together these masterpieces form a unique visual biography giving us sharp insight into the experiences of a great man.


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Molly Weasley
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Re: Spotlight on Severus Snape and Molly Weasley

Ten years ago, I would not have guessed that I would someday be running for public office! Yet I recognized the days I was living through that May were something special. They were events of great historical significance, to be remembered with joy for our victory, and solemnity for all those we lost. I kept the newspapers which recorded those events to share with my grandchildren in the future. Now, it seems appropriate to share this article with you, the voters, as well.

Daily Prophet Article, Page 1:    


Daily Prophet Article, Page 2:    


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Re: Spotlight on Severus Snape and Molly Weasley

The documentation of Professor Snape's year as Headmaster in the historical works of J. K Rowling is rather limited. In the course of the campaign I have had access to many of the principals - the portraits of Professors Dumbledore and Snape, Professor McGonagall, and Mr. Argus Filch, among others who were around at that time. What follows is my attempt to synthesize information from these sources to present an as yet untold story - that of Professor Snape's return to Hogwarts as its Headmaster.


   A podcast of the story may be found here:

Text Version:    

Return to Hogwarts

As the crushing sensation of Apparition ceased abruptly, Severus Snape found himself on the road, not far from the great, wrought-iron gates of Hogwarts School. A brief memory of his last passage of the gates returned to him, pursued by Hagrid’s hippogriff, Potter beside himself with hatred, and accusations of murder.

They waited for him, that hatred and those accusations, inside the castle, he reflected darkly. Ruthlessly he shoved the thought aside and approached the entrance. He knew he needed them, and he would find, must find, a way to use them despite their hatred of him.

The tall pillars, topped by statues of winged boars, flanked the gates as they always had, and Snape saw that the chains, installed as security precautions in the previous year, still bound them shut. Drawing his wand, he tapped the padlock once, nonverbally casting the secret incantation the previous Headmaster had entrusted to him. In response to his spell, the chains snaked backwards and the gate swung slowly open.

There was no further need, now, for these precautions, Snape reflected. The enemy was about to enter the school, victorious, with the authority of the Ministry at its back. With a flick of his wand, he Vanished the chains, then muttered a series of incantations that lifted the remaining Anti-Intruder jinxes. It would’ve had to be done at some point, he rationalized. But he knew, also, that he could have delegated the task to anyone, and left it for later. The truth was that he dreaded what awaited him, and would gladly have found yet another reason to delay stepping through those gates and taking possession of his new authority.

He faced the now open gates, knowing that it was too late for hesitation and regrets. For a moment, his right hand sought the reassurance of the torn bit of paper he carried inside his robes, over his heart. Then, squaring his shoulders, he strode through the gate.

The grounds, brightly lit by the early morning sunshine, were deserted. It was one reason he had picked that time to arrive. Hagrid would still be safely in bed. Were he to encounter Hagrid before cooler heads had time to speak with him, Snape did not doubt he would find himself forced first to defend himself, and then, at the very least, to sack him. If he was to have any hope of keeping his commitment to Dumbledore, he needed all of the current teachers to stay, for as long as he could arrange to keep them there.

Indeed, no one stirred as he neared Hagrid’s hut. It had been repaired after the fire his fellow Death Eaters has set, back in June, he could see. The new timbers and slats had not yet weathered to match the portions of the cabin that had remained intact. He passed by it and soon approached the great wooden doors of the castle itself.

Snape opened the doors to find Argus Filch sweeping the wide marble staircase across the Entrance Hall. Filch looked up, and the broom he had been holding clattered down the stairs.

“Good morning, Mr. Filch,” Snape said calmly, while crossing the Entrance Hall.

“P-professor Snape?” Filch stammered fearfully.

“It seems you have heard the tale some are passing around, that I murdered the previous Headmaster,” Snape said, stepping over the fallen broom and onto the first stair. “Rumors can be so unreliable, Mr. Filch.”

Filch peered at him suspiciously. Mrs. Norris, who had run to her owner after being startled by the broom’s fall, twined herself around his legs, apparently infected by his doubts.

“Indeed, far from lending any credence to such stories, the Ministry and Board of Governors have appointed me Headmaster in Dumbledore’s place,” he added as he walked up to the caretaker, producing his letter of appointment, properly signed and sealed, for Filch’s inspection.

Filch straightened, and a fawning smile crossed his lips.

“I am pleased to hear it, sir,” he said.

“Thank you, Mr. Filch,” Snape replied. “Could you oblige me with a small favor?”

“Certainly, Headmaster,” Filch replied.

“I would like to speak to Professor McGonagall. Could you ask her to stop by my office directly after breakfast?”

“Certainly, Professor, I will tell her,” Filch replied.

“Thank you, Mr. Filch,” Snape said. Filch headed down to get his broom and Snape headed up to the Headmaster’s office. His office now, he reminded himself.

The stone gargoyle stood as it always had, in front of the hidden entrance to the office.

“Toffee éclairs,” he said to it, and it moved aside, revealing the spiral staircase that led to the office door. He would attend to the selection of a more suitable password, more palatable to his newest colleagues, after his talk with Minerva.

Snape stepped onto the bottom stair and it rose, taking him up to the familiar wooden door and bronze doorknocker. He placed his hand on the knob and turned it. As the door opened and he passed through it, a familiar voice greeted him.

“Severus!” it said, and he looked up at the newest, gold-framed portrait, which hung on the wall behind the massive desk.

Albus Dumbledore was beaming down at him.

“Dumbledore,” Snape said.

“I hear you are confirmed in your new post,” the portrait said. “Excellent work, Severus!”

Naturally, he would know immediately. Some of the office’s denizens had portraits at the Ministry.

“I am,” Snape confirmed curtly.

“So you played your part well, during the raid?” Dumbledore asked.

He was reminded of Dumbledore’s words at their previous meeting. If you are forced to take part in the raid, be sure to act your part convincingly…. At least this time Albus had not asked him to kill anyone….

“I cut off the ear of George Weasley, I am told,” Snape said. With a shrug of his shoulders, he added, “Apparently, that was sufficiently convincing.”

Dumbledore’s blue eyes regarded him intently. Snape looked back, his expression unreadable. He had given the old man what he wanted, if only by accident. If Dumbledore wanted a further explanation, he could ask for it.

“And the Carrows?” Dumbledore asked, returning to the matter at hand.

“As we expected,” Snape replied.

“What of the other teachers?” Dumbledore asked, a note of concern creeping into his voice.

“The Dark Lord agreed with me that wholesale replacement of the staff would needlessly disrupt the magical education of our students. He has accepted my assurances that I can keep any troublemakers in line,” Snape explained.

“Well done!” Dumbledore exclaimed. “But…can you? If I can help-”

“I expect Professor McGonagall here shortly,” Snape interrupted. “I believe that interview will proceed more smoothly if you are absent.”

“As you wish, Severus,” Dumbledore agreed. “Until later, then.”

“Good day,” Snape said, just as the figure of Dumbledore disappeared out of the side of his portrait.

Snape stepped around the massive desk, pulled out the chair, and sat down in it for the first time. The surface of the desk was empty, except for a silver ink pot and quill. Snape laid his wand down beside it and leaned back in the chair for a moment, his eyes closed. One last time, he ran over what he planned to say. It was quite simple, really. As to his fears – if he could stand to watch the naked desperation in Charity Burbage’s face in the moments before she died, surely the hate and contempt he was sure to see in Minerva’s eyes would not prove too much. The stakes were too high.

Thus resolved, Snape summoned a House Elf and arranged delivery of some tea and toast. He was still drinking the tea when he head a firm knock on the office door.

Glancing at his watch, he realized it must be Professor McGonagall, punctual as always. Setting his teacup down on the tray, he rose and walked to the door. McGonagall stood beyond, her back ramrod-straight, her expression disapproving.

“Murderer!” she exclaimed, her voice heavy with disgust.

With a slightly mocking smile and courteous nod of his head, swept his arm to indicate his guest should step inside.

“Minerva!” he said. “Do come in.”

She regarded him through her glasses for a moment, and her blue eyes flashed.

“Snape,” she finally forced out the greeting, and stepped inside.

Severus shut the door behind her and turned back to his guest. Her eyes, she saw, had been drawn to the empty portrait that hung over his desk.

“I’m afraid Albus will not be joining us today,” Snape commented, in response to her unspoken question. He swept around the massive desk, his black robe billowing behind him, and faced her from behind it. “Please, won’t you have a seat?”

He could see in her eyes that she considered refusing, and her lips parted, then snapped shut firmly. She sat down in the visitor’s chair, and Severus seated himself as well.

“You want my resignation, I am sure,” McGonagall said in a clipped voice. “You have it. I have nothing further to say to you.”

“You have served the school long and ably as Deputy Headmistress and Head of Gryffindor,” Snape said. “I thought to offer you the possibility to continue.”

She glared back at him.

“Along with the Headship, the Da-… the Ministry has given me considerably leeway in staffing the school to meet its new objectives,” he stated. “I have the authority to retain you, if we reach an understanding.”

“New objectives?” McGonagall asked, not entirely managing to conceal her indignation. “It shames me to know that you even considered making me such an offer,” she continued, her voice rising.

“You know what they say, everyone has her price,” Snape replied with a sneer.

“And this,” she waved her arm about heatedly, indicating the room in which they sat, “this was yours! Albus took you in and gave you a new start in life, and you repaid his trust by killing him!”

Words truer than she knew, Snape reflected. And it was his duty to make sure that she remained in ignorance of the truth she had just spoken….

“I do hope that is not your final word,” Snape replied calmly, leaning back in his chair. “Madam Lestrange has expressed some interest in the position herself. While the … Ministry appreciates her enthusiasm, frankly I do not believe she has the temperament to make a good administrator.”

“Bellatrix Lestrange?! She can’t – you wouldn’t – she was not even a Gryffindor!” McGonagall protested, shock and anger rendering her, for the moment, incoherent.

“True, I would have to bend the rules to put her in charge of Gryffindor House,” Snape said with a shrug. “But I am afraid you leave me no other choice. Perhaps it is better than way. She was certainly looking forward to a reunion with certain of your students…you are saving me the trouble of talking her out of it.”

The blood had drained out of Minerva’s face as he spoke.

“Please … perhaps … I spoke too hastily,” she said pleadingly. “I will do it, on one condition.”

Just as he had known – for her students, she would swallow her pride. Snape raised an eyebrow and looked at her mockingly.

“You are in no position to dictate terms, Minerva,” he replied coldly.

“As Head of Gryffindor, I would retain the power to discipline the students in my House?” she asked.

“So long as you keep your Gryffindor brats out of my hair, assuredly,” he said. “That’s no condition, that’s my pleasure.”

“I will do it,” she said. He fixed her with a cold stare. “Headmaster,” she spat out.

“Thank you, Minerva. I am glad to see we that understand one another. Well, as you have seen reason, I have a few organizational matters for you to attend to before the start of term.”

“Yes?” she asked.

“First, Muggle Studies. I regret to inform you that Professor Burbage has resigned.”

“Resigned?!” Minerva exclaimed. “Charity?”

“Quite irrevocably, I fear,” Snape said coldly. “You will arrange for her belongings to be returned to her next of kin-”

McGonagall gasped and covered her mouth with a hand.

“-so that the new Muggle Studies professor may occupy her quarters,” Snape finished.

“He Who Must Not be Named will permit Muggle Studies to be taught?” McGonagall asked, surprised.

“The Ministry has decided on a change of focus, naturally. I have retained Alecto Carrow to teach the class,” Snape explained.

Minerva shot daggers out of her eyes, but kept silent.

“We are also short an instructor for Dark Arts. Amycus Carrow will be taking over for me in that capacity,” Snape added. “I expect them both shortly before the Welcoming Feast on Sunday.”

“Will that be all?” she asked.

“If you would be so good as to let Professors Sprout, Slughorn, and Flitwick know that I am extending them the same offer as I have extended to you, I would appreciate it,” Snape said.

“Not willing to face Filius, are you? A curse in the back is more your style!” Minerva spat out.

“I would not expect a Gryffindor to recognize good tactics when she sees them,” Snape replied calmly.

“Tactics? A pretty word for treason and cowardice!” she exclaimed.

“You’ve had enough time to get used to the new reality, I think, Professor,” Snape said flatly. “Our new teachers are likely to misunderstand a bit of sparring between old colleagues. It will cease, now.”

Minerva fell silent, and took a couple of deep breaths

“What will you be telling them?” she asked in a moment.

“The truth, naturally. I made a threat, and you caved in to it. Just a matter of knowing the right lever,” Snape replied sardonically.

“I see,” she said coldly, her eyes burning in the frozen mask that was her face. “Will that be all, then, Headmaster?”

“For now, Professor McGonagall,” he answered.

She rose and left without another word.

The interview had gone exactly as he had planned. A resounding success. He drew the torn photograph out and looked at it for a moment, a single tear running down his face, before tucking it away carefully in its place.

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All was well.

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Re: Spotlight on Severus Snape and Molly Weasley

This is posted on the behalf of vampiricduck:

As a representative of the Severus Snape/ Molly Weasley campaign, I have no need to say that I was utterly delighted to be invited to the Burrow last weekend for a quick chat with Molly Weasley about her life, her family, and the campaign trail so far.

I arrived in the evening as the Sun was setting quietly and I was welcomed by many members of the Weasley family- I could see Percy talking to and laughing with George, who was patiently attempting to perfect a new trick of his for Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes. I was later asked to be a part of an experiment, but politely declined, as stories of Puking Pastilles and You No Poo came to mind...

Mrs Weasley threw open the door and ran into the yard to see me. She welcomed me with a warm hug and a wide smile.

V: Hello Mrs Weasley, I’m vampiricduck, and I’m delighted to meet you after being a part of your campaign!

MW: Hello dear! I’m very pleased that you’ve come to call. It’s lovely to be able to sit down and take a rest for a few minutes to chat about the campaign. Do pass on my thanks to the team, won’t you?

V: Of course I will, as soon as I return. I know that everyone is only too happy to help.

All of a sudden, a broomstick came flying around the front of the house, a young, squealing and red haired boy gripping it as tightly as possible as peals of laughter echoed across the lawn. I looked over as the last of the sunlight faded from the sky to see Harry Potter watching his son’s first attempts to fly. He waved at me and I waved back, giggling at the young boy desperately (but jovially!) yelling “Daddy! Daddy!!!” as he took his first steps towards being a new Quidditch star.

MW: I do so love seeing the youngsters in the house and garden again. It makes my day when my family come for a visit!

I was pleasantly surprised upon setting foot in the Burrow. It was warm, homely and tidy. The chairs were pleasantly arranged around the sitting room and a small fire burned in the hearth. I felt instantly at home and very welcomed as I caught sight of Ginny Weasley talking with her brothers at the kitchen table.

V: Mrs Weasley, your home is gorgeous! If I could get my house to look this wonderfully warm, I would be a happy woman!

MW: Thank you! I’ve spent a lot of time making sure it looks nice and of course, having the family and the children over all the time means that things get a little mental every now and again, but I just love the noise and the happiness. It’s been ten years, and finally I feel happy and free- peace is restored, and this house is no different in that respect!

I took my seat near Mrs Weasley by the fire, and something instantly caught my eye. A pair of knitting needles perched in mid air was knitting what appeared to be a sleeve in thick maroon coloured wool.

V: Mrs Weasley, that looks like the sleeve of a jumper, am I right?

MW: Yes indeed. It was a plan I and Severus came up with some time ago. We decided that each child deserves to feel warm and protected in our world, and so we plan to introduce a programme to provide a jumper for every child. The idea is that we’ll set up a charity of mothers like me to provide jumpers for poor wizard children to assure them that they too are special, loved and entirely welcomed by our society.

V: It sounds like a fantastic idea, Mrs Weasley, and I know it will be very well accepted by the public. I know that you and the Professor are interested in making sure each child feels equal and one of the ways of doing this involves a Wizarding Exchange Programme. Where did that come from?

MW: Well, I was talking to Severus over the weeks and I mentioned how I always thought it was hugely beneficial that Hermione and Harry spent so much time with my family. It always made them feel welcome and accepted and I did so love seeing them adjust to a new world. He suggested that if that were to happen on a wider basis, it would help integration and offer a very equal experience to all students. We talked over the idea for some days, and I thought that perhaps if Wizarding children got to spend more time with Muggle families, this too would be hugely beneficial to all involved. I do think it’s a nice idea, and it certainly will help us all to comprehend a lot more about both worlds and how they relate.

V: Wow, that really shows quite a lot of teamwork between you and Professor Snape! Everyone on the team thinks this is a particularly wonderful idea, and it’s certainly going to garner a lot of support.

Mrs Weasley smiled at me happily and I honestly felt very reassured of her prowess and capabilities. I couldn’t help but feel exceedingly content in The Burrow, and I was sorry to have to leave. Once again, on my way out, she hugged me warmly and wished me a good day. James was beginning to tire and was falling asleep on his mother’s lap in a chair, and Harry was talking to George of old times- I think I heard a mention of "Skiving Snackboxes.."

MW: Thank you for coming dear, it’s nice to have a fireside chat every now and again- I do hope this isn’t the last time we’ll speak.

V: As do I Mrs Weasley. It was a pleasure to spend some time here.
Mrs Weasley smiled at me broadly and sighed gently as a Gnome ran past the bush on her left and dived into a hole.

MW: Arthur is going to have to de gnome the garden again...

As I laughed and climbed onto my bike to head back to Headquarters, I asked Mrs Weasley just one more question before saying goodbye.

V: Mrs Weasley, do you ever have any doubts about this decision you took to run with Professor Snape?

MW: Never. I have no doubts whatsoever. I know we can achieve great things for the Wizarding World. I’m proud to run with him, because we want to make the world a better one for a new generation. We both share this aim, because neither of us wishes to return to the bad days. You know, I sometimes see Teddy around here and I wish Remus and Tonks were alive to see the smile on his face. I remember when none of us ever smiled, I resented it and so did Severus. Ours was an unhappy time, as I’m sure you recall. Though things have gotten better, it’s our promise that the future will be brighter still. It’s our hope that Teddy and indeed, all children, will be happy for the times to come...

Mrs Weasley drifted off and smiled at me, a genuine and open smile. I felt quite tearful leaving the Burrow, but now I know for sure, Severus Snape and Molly Weasley will do us all proud if they are elected. Mrs Weasley has no doubts, and neither have I.

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Re: Spotlight on Severus Snape and Molly Weasley

Since the Battle of Hogwarts, people in the Wizarding World have been fascinated by the role which Molly Weasley played in vanquishing evil, and she has become a symbol of the protective power of parenthood. In order for the public to know her better, she has generously shared with her Campaign members various family photographs and artwork, as well as a graphic depiction of her famous duel with Bellatrix Lestrange (minus one line of dialogue that might not be family-friendly, yet which Molly insists is an exact expression of her feelings towards Ms. Lestrange at the time of her death).


"It may have escaped your notice, but life isn't fair."
~ Severus Snape, OotP movie

Severus Snape ~ Bloomsbury Books Favorite HP Character

Severmore ~ NEW Harry Potter Network ~ LJ Dungeon

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Re: Spotlight on Severus Snape and Molly Weasley

What are fellow characters saying about Severus Snape and Molly Weasley? Open the box below, to discover, what their thoughts and opinions are.



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Re: Spotlight on Severus Snape and Molly Weasley

Filch on Snape

Interview with Argus Filch, retired caretaker of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. We found Mr. Filch in his retirement home, The Abraxas Malfoy Home for the Decrepit Cantankerous. It must be noted that Mr. Lucius Malfoy generously founded this establishment on the former site of the Dumbledore estate in beautiful Godric’s Hollow.

SL: Mr. Filch, you worked at Hogwarts for many years during Headmaster Snape’s tenure as a teacher. He has been described as harsh and cruel to children. Do you agree with this characterization?

AF: Far too soft, if you ask me. Sure, he could talk tough and he handed out more detentions than most. Took the curfew more serious than most of those teachers. A good thing, too, or there’d have been rioting in that school. But he was no more use than Dumbledore at establishing real discipline.

SL: But he threatened to use Neville Longbottom’s toad for potion ingredients. And he made students cry. He took points. What about that?

AF: Did anyone ever look at things from the caretaker’s point of view? Who had to make sure that castle was clean and safe, ready for their precious classes? Those Potions classes were a disaster. Melted cauldrons, explosions, injured students puking up all the way to the hospital wing. Snape was keeping the little fools safe from their own ignorance. If one or two cried to Mummy that he hurt their little feelings, I welcomed it. Keeping discipline, that’s what matters.

SL: When he became Headmaster…

AF: He was useless! Those Carrows weren’t afraid to discipline the brats! Snape talked tough, but too many times I saw him take the rule-breakers away and there were no tears or bandages when he was finished with ‘em! He spent too much time up there in his office, yakking with that Dumbledore’s portrait. Made him soft, if you ask me.

SL: Were you surprised when it turned out he had been working for the Order of the Phoenix as a spy for all those years?

AF: Not as surprised as most, I’d say. I knew, you see, he was softer than he made out to be. Like the way he treated that Potter. That was a laugh. That kid got on his last nerve with his disrespect and his rule breaking. But he chased after the brat like a nanny, never let any real harm come to him. And Snape was mad about Dumbledore, like he was his old dad, or something. Would do anything for him. So no, I wasn’t real surprised. And in the end, what did all those sacrifices get him? Dead.

SL: That seems a harsh judgment, Mr. Filch. Headmaster Snape made great sacrifices and saved many lives. He asked nothing for himself, did he? Without his work, Voldemort would not have been defeated and you would likely not be sitting here in the sunshine here today.

AF: Too bloody bright here. And the only reason you’re here is because the fellow is running for Minister of Magic, even though he’s a Headmaster portrait on the wall. No one appreciates me…

SL: Do you think Headmaster Snape would be a good Minister?

AF: Soft, like the rest of them. No one cares for discipline any more. But he keeps his word; I’ll say that for him. And those portraits, the Headmaster ones, they pretend they’re sleeping, but they never really do. Not when something’s going on. Constant vigilance, as that Moody used to say. Maybe Snape would be a good one after all.

SL: Thank you very much for your time, Mr. Filch.

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Molly Weasley
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Re: Spotlight on Severus Snape and Molly Weasley

Severus and I have tried to communicate during our campaign the many ideas we have for bringing a brighter future to the Wizarding World. Accomplishing them is a task that will require us to give our best, but we will need also to enlist the minds, hearts, and help of the Wizard community to get things done! To this end, we are in communication with representatives of constituencies we hope to include in the process. I'm gratified that our ideas are meeting with acceptance and enthusiasm, and I would like to share with you, the voters, the responses we are getting. To this end, I present a letter from a dear friend who is greatly missed.

Owl from Remus Lupin:    


Originally Posted by Professor Lupin
Dear Molly,

What a pleasure it is to hear from you. I can always count on you to tell us how our son, Teddy, is doing. My hope is that he has a more peaceful world to grow up in than Tonks and I did. I am not surprised that you are planning to run for office as Deputy Minister. You are a determined person and will work hard to achieve your goals.

I would like to comment on these parts of your letter:
Severus and I each feel that all children need to be integrated more in the wizarding world, to avoid feelings of isolation at a young age.

To this end, Severus himself suggests programs to more fully introduce Muggle-raised children into Wizard society, as well as opening Hogwarts to all students affected by Lycanthropy. In aid of this, he also presses to provide Wolfsbane Potion to all those who wish to receive it. No child will be forgotten in the Snape/Molly administration, Remus. That’s a promise.
I am gratified to see that Severus wants to improve life for the children that feel isolated. It isn’t easy being different from others . Muggle raised children need someone to tell them why they can do things that others can’t do. Their parents cannot explain what they don’t understand. A program to make sure that these children are contacted early in their lives is one that I would support.

Wolfsbane Potion made my life bearable. I was grateful to Severus for providing it during my year of teaching at Hogwarts. Every werewolf who wants to take the potion should have access to it. Severus knew how important it was to me and took great care in preparing it. I am sure that he would take great care with this program, too.

I wish you the best of luck with your campaign. Say hello to Arthur and all the members of your impressive family for us. Would you please give Teddy a hug and tell him it is from us.

Your friend,

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Professor Snape
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Re: Spotlight on Severus Snape and Molly Weasley

As part of the outreach to the community which my able running mate Mrs. Weasley described, I contacted my esteemed former colleague, Headmistress Minerva McGonagall of Hogwarts School. She is widely respected for her dedication to the children of the Wizard World, her expertise on educational issues, and her efforts to further the ideals of equality and tolerance for which many of us fought in the Voldemort Wars. I am pleased to share her views on my platform as they relate to the intregration of Muggle-raised children into Wizarding society, and on education issues more broadly.

Owl from Professor McGonagall:    

Originally Posted by Professor McGonagall
Dear Severus,

First of all, I would like to take a moment to congratulate you for your recent win in the latest Exit Poll; you and Molly have worked hard, and I truly believe you deserve your moment in the spotlight.

I've been reading about your platform; your plans and ideas, and I find them very interesting. I particularly approve of your plans to integrate muggle-born children to the wizarding society in a more comprehensive way; this was one of Albus' ambitions, so I'm glad to see you decided to work on that.
I also enjoyed your ideas in regards to Hogwarts and the education system in general; I'm sure that, if elected, you and Molly will do everything you can to enhance our students' experiences and possibilities.

I am deeply interested in many aspects of your proposed platform, so I will be following the elections closely and, when the times comes, I'll consider you as a worthy candidate to give my vote to.

Thank you for taking some time to inform you about some aspects of your campaign; I know you must be extremely busy right now.

Best of luck to you and Molly,

Minerva McGonagall

These are endorsements from members of the public who are currently not involved in any campaign teams. Click below to read why uncommited, neutral voters picked Snape/Weasley in the last exit poll.

Endorsements from independent Snape/Weasley voters:    



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Re: Spotlight on Severus Snape and Molly Weasley

Promotional Highlights
from the Snape/Weasley Campaign

Banners By WimbleMimble:    




Banners by Boushh:    


Official Campaign Banner ~ Most Professional



Banners by TheHollow:    




Banner by Et_Tu_Severus:    




Banner by Colonel Fubster:    




Banner by Morgan Emerald:    




Banner by IchLiebeGeorge:    




Banners by Cathy Weasley:    




Banners by SIP:    



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Re: Spotlight on Severus Snape and Molly Weasley

Once again my Campaign Staff, Molly, and I would like to personally thank the Chamber of Secrets Moderators who allowed these weekly Spotlights, the members who voted for us, and all those who have wished us well.

I hope that this occasion has provided you with further details of both Molly's and my life experiences, knowledge, and goals. We believe our personal attributes and proposed policies, combined with our vision for the future, will make us the best team to represent and help the public.

As always Molly and I appreciate your continued interest and are happy to answer any future questions about the campaign or our policies.

Now it is time for me to bid you good day and express the hope that whatever the outcome of these elections, we can all look forward to a brighter future.

~ Professor Severus Snape

Severus Snape/Molly Weasley Campaign Advertisement
by boushh.

(Right-Click and Save the Following Links)

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