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Hermione & Neville 2008: Commitment, Competence, Compassion

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Old October 24th, 2008, 1:52 am
Hermione Granger
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Hermione & Neville 2008: Commitment, Competence, Compassion

What a few weeks we've had since Minister Shacklebolt announced his resignation and an election to appoint his successor!

We'd like to thank everyone in this forum for a vigorous debate.

During this campaign we have listened, learned and refined our policies to make the wizarding UK an even better place.

We have also tried to give you an idea of who we are, not just as candidates and politicians, but as the individuals you are likely to meet: We hope that we managed to give you more than just the usual election material - speeches, banners, videos, Q&As and so forth.

But all we have said and done is informed by a number of central ideals that we both share. In this thread we'd like to give you an overview of our main ideas and goals. If you want to read further, please follow the links in each post: there is much more to look at, if you'd like to see more details.

Please have a look round - and if you have any more questions or comments, please feel free to visit our campaign thread.

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Old October 24th, 2008, 1:58 am
Neville Longbottom
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Re: Hermione & Neville 2008: Commitment, Competence, Compassion

Hermione and Neville on Campaign 2008

Map of candidates' visits

One of the most pleasant tasks of the past week has been our effort to visit many different parts of Britain and Ireland and to meet as many witches and wizards as possible.

After all, our world is a small one, and we tried our best to learn more about this amazingly diverse country, and to hear your opinions.

Read a few campaign reports:
Candidates' reports from campaign stops:
Hermione in Abbotsbury - Neville in Oxford - Hermione in Newtown-super-Puddlemere and Neville's follow-up visit - Neville on the isle of Mull

Campaign reports by Den Muggle:
Neville visits a broom factory - Hermione in St Mungo's

some more location pictures:    

campaign bus in Liverpool

picture taken by Neville: flying into Belfast

isle of Mull


Neville's trip to Machester

As joint Ministers, we shall continue to be accessible. We won't just sit in our offices in London, but we'll do our best to visit all parts of the Britai and Ireland on a regular basis. We are not thinking of special 'ministerial events', but a chance to meet people in small groups to have a proper conversation.

We'll make sure that you'll find it easy to approach us in person whenever you feel the need to do so. In a world the size of a small muggle town (in terms of population) you simply have the right to personal access to your government.

Old October 24th, 2008, 1:59 am
Hermione Granger
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Re: Hermione & Neville 2008: Commitment, Competence, Compassion

Hermione Granger on Neville Longbottom

Neville has shown his bravery, courage and fortitude before. He’s shown his intelligence and resourcefulness. But during this campaign, he’s shown depths I’ve never seen before.

Neville deeply values all beings and tries to help everyone. As a professor at Hogwarts, he’s shown his commitment to education. During this campaign, however, I’ve seen his commitment to his own education, to learning how to help others, how to start and to further programs the wizarding world has lacked and needed…sometimes without even knowing it. He has learned and taught us more about plants and the environment.

He has learned of new ways of learning and how to found—and fund—a new type of educational opportunity for the wizarding world at large. He has learned how to work with the international wizarding community and get them to come together for a common goal…even including the British muggle Prime Minister. He has listened to many new ideas and learned how to encourage people to think and learn from their own prejudices…and often, overcome them! Neville has taught all of us on the campaign team never to give up, never to give in to negative feelings or responses, and never to stop trying to change our world for the betterment of everyone whenever and wherever possible. And among all the invaluable things I’ve learned during this campaigning is how large Neville’s squeeing fangirl base is…and why!

Neville, I want to close by saying it has been a true honor campaigning with you and I’m glad we will continue to work together on the Tyneham project (and others, I’m sure). Whether we win or lose this election, I will still feel I have won a great deal in this opportunity to work so closely and learn so much from you.

snake slayer artwork by frandarts

Old October 24th, 2008, 2:00 am
Neville Longbottom
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Re: Hermione & Neville 2008: Commitment, Competence, Compassion

Neville Longbottom on Hermione Granger Weasley:

Well, we’ve been on the trail together for several weeks and I’ve learned even more about my co-candidate than I ever thought possible…even after knowing her for all these years.

I knew her pretty well before all this started, of course, but this campaign has given us a chance to talk about things we had never spoken of before, things near and dear to our hearts but things that don’t come up in everyday conversation.

I’ve always known Hermione was passionate about equality for all magical beings, but I’ve learned that it is not just equality in the legal sense that she meant. She wants equality of respect and dignity, overall treatment (including legal recourse, access to medical and educational resources, and socially), and freedom of choice. She has shown me that so many of the things I, as a pure blooded wizard, have always taken for granted, are precious gifts to be treasured and shared with mixed blood, muggle-borns, and other beings.

She also wants to increase international cooperation. It’s a small world and what we do affects others and what they do affects us. Hermione can find common ground and ways to work together where everyone wins. The university/research center we are working on is only the beginning of that.

I respected and admired her greatly before this campaign started, and those feelings have only grown. She’s shown how persistent she is in the face of intense opposition, how passionate she is about her beliefs, how hard she is willing to work to help people, and most importantly, how important people—muggles, wizards and other magical beings—are to her. That wasn’t unexpected, of course. But the thing I learned that surprised me the most: what a great dancer Hermione is!


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Hermione Granger
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Re: Hermione & Neville 2008: Commitment, Competence, Compassion

Education is important to us.

We all deserve the best possible magical education.

Education should accompany us, formally or informally, throughout our lives. This is why we are commited to offering wizards educational facilities for children who have not yet reached Hogwarts age.

Primary Education
  • We support education of magical children of all backgrounds at primary age (WizKIDS charity)
  • We aim to help all children of witches and wizards gain access to muggle primary education.

We have set up a charity to offer these opportunities to magical children of all backgrounds:

Click on the logo to find out more

We are both actively involved in fundraising for this charity.

... much of our work during the last few weeks was to spread awareness of WizKIDS.

... we have both given presentations...

... and some media interviews....

And this is Neville's first Diagon Alley harvest auction which was a great success!

Old October 24th, 2008, 2:01 am
Neville Longbottom
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Re: Hermione & Neville 2008: Commitment, Competence, Compassion

Secondary Education:
Hogwarts educates almost all Wizards and Witches of the UK and Ireland.

Most people in the UK do not have a choice to send their children elsewhere.

Therefore, we have to ensure that Hogwarts is the best possible magical school for all our children. In fact, our School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is exellent, and has an international repputation. The only thing we need to do is to make sure that it continues to pursue its high standards, and that it continues to have the trust of pupils, parents and the wider population.

Our Ideas for Hogwarts
  • House unity
  • independent quality control of teachers/courses
  • a modern education
  • work placements for pupils
  • integration of children of different backgrounds
  • involve parents and pupils in running the school
  • select school governors (experts, parents, concerned citizens) to advise the headmaster.
Hogwarts belongs to all of us!

We shall take steps to end all Ministry interference in the running of Hogwarts.

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Old October 24th, 2008, 11:36 pm
Hermione Granger
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Re: Hermione & Neville 2008: Commitment, Competence, Compassion

Higher Education

For many Hogwarts offers an education that will give them life skills and everything they need for a productive professional life.

However, we have to recognise that some high flyers could achieve so much more if they could stay in education after doing their NEWTs. We need highly qualified experts to advance magical techniques and knowledge.

We have therefore initiated a completely new programme to found the first ever Wizarding Higher Education and Resarch Institution:

Tyneham University

Tyneham is a deserted village on a UK army base. We have obtained permission to rebuild the village, officially as a tourist attraction, which will restore its original 19th century state (no electricity).

The project will go hand in hand with the preservation and restoration of a uniquely unspoiled landscape.

We have made great progress in bringing an international research centre and university to the UK. The Ministry under Minister Shacklebolt has begun negotiations with other states, and a large number of nations have decided to participate in our project, contributing funds and claiming university places in return.

Follow the development of the project here:

At this stage work is progressing extremely well, and we'd expect to be able to open the whole site soon and start university business with the academic year 2009/10.

Part of the Tyneham Campus

We hope for a great boost for the local economy, a wide range of jobs for support staff, and great opportunities for young people and highly qualified researchers alike.

Tyneham main entrance

We expect that Tyneham will give the UK a real edge in magical research and development. The University's work will inform teaching at Hogwarts as well as various branches of wizarding business.

In collaboration with other countries, Tyneham will also implement research programmes on issues that are pressing concerns for us all, for example health matters and environmental issues.

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Old October 24th, 2008, 11:36 pm
Neville Longbottom
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Re: Hermione & Neville 2008: Commitment, Competence, Compassion

Ideals and Principles: A New Style of Leadership

In my opening speech I said quite a bit about my reasons to stand for this post, and together with Hermione's statement we set out our main goals for our time in office. These main ideas have not changed, but during the campaign, particularly in discussion with many wizards and witches all around the country, we have had a chance to develop them further. These past weeks have helped us to combine our goals and favourite causes into a coherent whole - a programme which we believe to be the best we can offer all witches and wizards in Britain and Ireland.

How will we run the Ministry?

In this thread you'll find an overview of those of our plans which we want to define our campaign, namely education, muggle relations, magical creature rights, health care and the environment.

But of course, there is more. Anyone standing for a post such as Minister of Magic has to consider what their style of leadership will be, and here are our answers to this particular question:
  • A joint candidacy - Very early on, Hermone and I realized that we had similar views on many important issues. We felt we would compliment each other and be able to do a better job together than either of us could do alone. Neither of us felt we were the stronger candidate, so instead of choosing one to lead and the other to follow, we decided to go a slightly different route and stand as co-Ministers. Together we stand for firm leadership, but also for a collegial attitude which prefers to solve problems by negotiation rather than by confrontation.
  • Regional Concerns - In these recent weeks we were impressed with the many local wizarding communities in Britain and Ireland we were privileged to meet. In so many places a few families, sometimes whole communities, have developed a distinct sense of regional identity. We are committed to listen to regional concerns, and to consider different identities and points of view. We propose to introduce a Department of Regions, which will be particularly concerned with specific regional issues, traditions, language, magical practice and needs, especially those of the distinct nations of Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Cornwall and the Isle of Man.
  • Accessibility - As Ministers we plan to continue visiting as many places as possible. No-one should have the sense that the government is a matter of other people far away in London. We will work hard to be available to all of you, and to find out about your local concerns.
  • Openness and Transparency - We will run our government with an openness never before seen. We will be accountable to the people for the things we do and we will show clearly what we are doing and why. We will make sure our government benefits all people, not just a select few.
  • Security - The community's safety has to remain a crucial concern of the Ministry. We are not in the business of fear-mongering, but we have first-hand experience of fighting the Dark Arts, and we will remain alert to activities related to the Dark Arts or Death Eater traditions. Many say that the danger is over, but this remains a priority because no rights or privileges matter much if you are dead or enslaved. We’ll fight dark arts and threats to the best of our abilities.
  • Civil Liberties - In the past the Ministry used anti-Dark-Arts activities as an excuse to reduce the rights of law-abiding citizens. This must not happen again. We propose that the Wizengamot monitor all anti-Dark-Arts activities, with the power to intervene if the main principles of civil liberty are in danger. We are committed to prevent the imprisonment for more than two days of anyone who has not been charged with a crime (Habeas Corpus). We fully support Minister Shacklebolt's decision to withdraw all Dementors from guarding Azkaban or individual prisoners in other locations.
  • International Co-operation - We believe in close co-operation with other nations, offering all interested members of the international community the opportunity to work together to solve many pressing problems: environmental issues, muggle wars, freedom and reform so all nations and all people can prosper if they are willing to play by the rules and work hard.

These main principles will guide our style of leadership. Minister Shacklebolt has made invaluable progress, and if we are elected we shall continue his reforms: under Granger & Longbottom, you'd see an even more accountable Ministry, a Ministry focused on serving the community, and ready to engage in open debate.

During this campaign we have made a start on a number of projects, and we shall remain committed to supporting many of these whether we win this election or not. We have already made great strides on our university/research center in Tyneham and are getting our WizKIDS charity off the ground in fine form, but with your help, we can do much more.

In a position of authority, we would have greater access to resources and be able to command more respect on the international stage to accomplish our goals than we would have as average citizens. We will listen to you and give your concerns and ideas voices that the entire world will hear. We’ll work hard to give everyone opportunities they need and deserve. And if you elect us, we promise above all to be there for you.

Thank you!

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Old October 24th, 2008, 11:37 pm
Hermione Granger
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Re: Hermione & Neville 2008: Commitment, Competence, Compassion

Neville has stated many of our crucial aims: these are the main reasons that made us both decide to stand for this election. Rather than repeat what he has said, I will merely second his statement and say that I hope you will give our team a chance to serve the wizarding world even more than we have been during our careers so far.

We have learned so much on the trail and heard so many great ideas and pressing needs from so many of you.

If elected,
I vow that our administration will be
the most transparent, honest and accessible administration
in the history of the office.
With your help, I hope it will also be most productive.
You can help us change the world and make it a better place for everyone.

Let me remind you of our Spotlight thread, where we addressed many of the issues that we find particularly important.

Also feel free to examine our campaign thread (the fun stuff beyond organizational posts starts around here) and our posts in the editorial page of the Daily Prophet. And don’t be shy about asking any questions or for any clarifications in our thread. Our team and/or candidates will be happy to reply to any concerns you may have. Thank you for considering us for such an important position.

Old October 24th, 2008, 11:37 pm
Neville Longbottom
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Re: Hermione & Neville 2008: Commitment, Competence, Compassion

Our Plans for Healthcare

I wanted to take some time to explain a bit more about our plans for healthcare. As I mentioned briefly before, we would like to extend available healthcare to more than just St. Mungo’s. We’d like to open up a network of clinics in different parts of UK so magical beings don’t have to go all the way to London for treatment. Remember that humans travel easily - but not all magical creatures are happy to leave their homes.

We are planning to expand the help offered at these clinics beyond human wizards and witches.
  • We would like it to treat other beings besides witches and wizards. We would offer healthcare and assistance to giants, goblins, house elves, centaurs, and all other magical creatures who would like to use the wizarding health service.
  • We plan to help lycanthropes to obtain Wolfsbane potion as we work toward a cure. We could offer a safe place for all suffering from this condition where they could come every full moon without fear of hurting themselves or anyone else. And treatment would be available the next few days as they recover.
  • Vampires would also be welcome to come and get the potions that help control their cravings for blood—either in the form of the blood-flavored lollipops, or other forms that they may desire.

We’d like to expand the offerings at these clinics would be to add assistance beyond medical care.

The health service should offer counselling and advice to help individuals who suffer from ongoing conditions (lycanthropy, etc) to manage their condition and to integrate fully into society.

We also aim to work for the prevention and early diagnosis of diseases.

This will fit in well with our research facilities at Tyneham. For example, medical research that seeks to find a cure for lycanthropy would obviously dovetail well with this network. Also, new inventions of all types could be marketed to witches and wizards around the world, with the sale of some of these items going to help fund the project and continue to allow us to help more beings and continue with the education and research.

We realize that this is a very ambitious project, but we don’t back away from a good idea just because it is large or difficult. We feel this is a great need, and we are standing for office just for the purpose of filling those needs. We know we represent a great change from the way many things have been done in the past, but if you put Hermione and me in the Ministry as co-Ministers, we will work to the best of our abilities to help improve your lives and those of everyone we touch.

Hermione's visit at St Mungo's... and some indication that I am rather keen to get involved in herbological research (in case you were ever in any doubt about this )

Old October 25th, 2008, 2:23 am
Hermione Granger
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Re: Hermione & Neville 2008: Commitment, Competence, Compassion

Improving Wizard-Muggle Relations

As a muggleborn myself this topic is very close to my heart. Ever since I went to Hogwarts I have been taking a keen interest in both worlds. I believe that for a long time, wizards have missed the great opportunities which could be gained from a better knowledge of the muggle world.

After all, we wizards and witches represent a tiny minority among millions of muggles. On crowded islands like the British Isles, muggles cannot but take over more and more space, transform the world around us, and, inevitably, also have an impact on our lives.

We need to engage with the muggle world, both by helping muggles overcome great problems such as environmental destruction and by making use of the many muggle inventions which often complement magic and represent great benefits.

Here is more on our ideas about wizard-muggle relations

Some main points:
  • Get to know muggles - All wizards should get a better chance to learn about muggles. After all, we live among them, and it should not be too hard to understand them better! WizKIDS offers a number of initiatives to introduce wizard children to the muggle world. We should generally encourage more contacts between magical families and muggle borns. Muggle Studies at Hogwarts should be regarded as a core subject for all those without preious experience of the muggle world.
  • Give wizards access to muggle technology - Neville and I, as well as some of our friends and family, have been enjoying the use of the muggle internet for a while, and we find it extremely useful. We propose to offer an introduction to muggle technologies, especially computers, to wizards of all ages.
  • Make use of muggle research - Muggles have achieved much in many fields of science and scholarship. The magical community can learn a lot from their insights. Our plans for Tyneham University include a programme to allow wizard researchers to spend time at muggle universities to experience muggle scholarhip and to complement magical expertise with muggle knowledge.
  • Learn from muggles about Rights and Liberties - during my school days, when the Ministry was becoming increasingly authoritarian, I was certainly more alert to the impending danger than many of my contemporaries. The reason was that I was judging politics by muggle standards, where basic rights (e.g. habeas corpus), individual liberty, scrutiny of government and legislators, independent law courts, and an accountable executive are taken for granted. It is clear that not all muggle states fully adhere to these standards, but muggles certainly seem to have a better understanding of good governance. Neville and I aspire to make the Ministry adhere to the best of these standards. We are also planning an information campaign: all wizards should understand what they should be able to expect, so that they hold the administration to account if it does not behave appropriately.
  • Fight prejudice against muggle borns - I have had much of experience of the prejudice muggleborns are often faced with - not just when I had to go on the run to escape from Voldemort's regime of terror, but also much more recently. Muggle-borns are usually fully committed to the wizarding world, in spite of such experiences, but we should not have to put up with abuse and discrimination. In fact, we could give the wizarding world so much: muggle borns are at home in both cultures and could contribute a lot to helping the wizarding world find more comfortable modes of co-existence with the muggles around us.
  • Help squibs to integrate in the muggle world - Squibs are a scandalously forgotten minority among us, and I believe that we have neglected their needs for far too long. They are often deprived of any chance to get an education - by the time their Hogwarts letter fails to arrive, many have missed out on a muggle education. As a consequence, they are condemned to lead lives on the margins of both worlds. With WizKIDS we have created new opportunities for squibs to enter into muggle primary education, which will open the muggle world to them. This means that squibs will have many more opportunities to make more of their lives.

We are commited to the Statute of Secrecy.

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Neville Longbottom
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Re: Hermione & Neville 2008: Commitment, Competence, Compassion

Wizards and the Environment

Hogwarts's new Baobab tree and me

The environment should be of real concern for us all. Muggles are now having such an impact on the world and its ecosystem that the impact of human activitiy is probably already irreversible.

As a herbologist I have been travelling in many areas of the world, and I have seen many of these problems at first hand.

We wizards must not stand by and watch. We need to get involved.

We wizards must co-operate with muggles to contribute to possible solutions.

We wizards must engage in research to contribute magical means of saving the environment

Our work to improve muggle-wizard relations and our efforts to enhance magical research (Tyneham University and Research Institute) are crucial to help us deliver new environmental policies.

Old October 25th, 2008, 2:26 am
Hermione Granger
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Re: Hermione & Neville 2008: Commitment, Competence, Compassion

More Rights for Magical Creatures

image credit

As most of you will know, I have been passionate about the rights of our fellow magical cretures since Neville and I were at school.

To be honest, I approached the subject with compassion and commitment, but I would have done well to acquire more knowledge and wisdom before turning to action.

Since then, I have learned a lot, and my time in the Magical Creature Liaison Department (as I have been calling it ever since I started to work there) gave me the opportunity to speak to many different magical beings, beasts and spirits.

This experience taught me that we will have to proceed with determination, but that we also need to allow ample time for negotiation and conversation.

Essentially, our policy can be summarised thus:
  • We are committed to give equal rights to all sentient magical beings, beasts and spirits resident in Britain and Ireland and the adjacent seas.

  • 'Equal rights' have to be defined according to the needs, abilities and wishes of different species.

  • We are committed to negotiating with all sentient magical creatures to develop an appropriate settlement.

  • The safety of all sentient creatures, magical or non-magical, human, humanoid or non-human, is a priority. Settlements with all creatures who might be a danger to others have to be negotiated accordingly.

  • We are committed to securing appropriate habitats for all magical beings native to the territory under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Magic of Britain and Ireland.

  • We plan to introduce an arbitration service which will help to resolve disputes between different species, be it humans and magical creatures, or different magical creatures. The arbitrators could, for example, deal with issues of ownership of goblin made objects, centaur territory, giant damage to property, house elf dismissal, pollution of merfolk habitat, werewolf discrimination, etc.

  • We are committed to offer information about contacts with other magical being to all sentient inhabitants of Britain, Ireland and the adjacent seas.

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Re: Hermione & Neville 2008: Commitment, Competence, Compassion

Candidate Interviews

In the last few weeks, our candidates have given numerous interviews, and reporters have also interrogated their relatives and friends. We have done our best to present some of these interviews to you, to give you a better insight into our candidates' opinions, attitudes and plans.

The candidates answer official questions
"We see this as a chance to show the wizarding world more clearly what they will be getting if they choose our team as co-Ministers"

Get to know Hermione...

Neville speaks about herbology - and the campaign....

What others say about our candidates:

Mrs. Augusta Longbottom remembers....
"I was determined to make him and everyone else see that he was a hero, too."

Mr and Mrs. Granger speak about their daughter....
"She is intelligent, hard-working, strong, compassionate and takes good care of her teeth. She will do her very best and I don’t think either world could ask for a better leader."

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Hermione Granger
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Re: Hermione & Neville 2008: Commitment, Competence, Compassion

I hope you have seen that we are taking our campaign and our ideas for the Wizarding World very seriously.

But now and then we also had a lot of fun during this campaign - perhaps you had to be there to find it as hilarious as we did at the time - but here are a few of those ideas....

You may have seen this already:

But of course, while Neville has the Sorting Hat, some people thought that they'd like to remember my fabulous beaded bag, too.....

Not sure whether handbagging at dawn will be on my mind - I think not. But of course, in the UK there is a bit of a tradition of that ... not necessarily a tradition I'd like to honour.....

And here is our most prominent endorsement:

One of the high points of the campaign was the birthday party the campaign organised for me together with Ron - a huge surprise for me, and quite an event for all of us.

dance video

At the time we were in the process of making our election video, and then this masterpiece appeared on the internet!

I guess it must have been early in the morning when this was shot..... and if you haven't seen it, I'd say it's probably NOT worth watching!

At the same time, some friends in the States organised a pretty extravagant campaign stunt, too!

alternative election video

Watch this!
No muggles were made aware of the wizarding world during the making of this video

Who knows - perhaps we'll get votes we never bargained for?

And finally - trust our campaign team to come up with the perfect magical funding source!

What can I say? The last few weeks have been a lot of work - but we have had a lot of fun!

Thanks to our campaign team for their hard work and good cheer.

I hope our thread has been informative and also a little bit entertaining.

artwork by Sheena Kristen


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Old October 25th, 2008, 4:33 am
Neville Longbottom
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Re: Hermione & Neville 2008: Commitment, Competence, Compassion

Thanks for reading our thread!

We both hope that we have given you a clear idea of what we stand for, and how we intend to carry out our duties as joint ministers.


Please consider giving us your vote!

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