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Ever So Tempted

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Ever So Tempted

A/N: okay, after much debate. I've decided to post this story on this site. It's something I've been working on for awhile, and I'm currently ahead of schedule with it at this point, which is different for me. But anyway, BIG THANKS goes out to Bogart, who has been so kind to beta the story for me. I wouldn't have gotten as much as done as I did without here.

DISCLAIMER: I don't own the Harry Potter world, JKR does!

Summary: In short, Theodore Nott's daughter has transferred to Hogwarts for her Sixth year of Magical study and her life is changed when she's sorted into Gryffindor.

Ever So Tempted
Chapter One : Changes Are Never Fun

In between her two parents, Juliette Nott stood and stared up at the train. Her hands rested on the leather strap of her book bag while her hip cocked to the side in a dramatic fashion. She stood and tilted her head to the side, her brown curls slowly falling over her blue eyes. “You’re going to enjoy it.” her mother, Gabrielle Nott, declared to fill the silence.

“I always enjoyed my years at the school.” Her father, Theodore, added.

Juliette glanced between them and sighed, “If you say so, but I still don’t understand why I can’t finish my last two years of schooling at Beaubatons.”

“We’ve explained this you multiple times,” her father continued with a long and drawn out sigh.

“I know, I know, Closer to family. I’m not going to meet a good English boy-” Juliette muttered.

“Well, I don’t know about boy part.” Her father growled softly.

Juliette rolled her eyes, but didn’t respond. She knew deep down her father decided to transfer her to Hogwarts because he couldn’t stand her boyfriend, Michael Devereaux. He just didn’t realize that absence will make their love stronger and their love will grow stronger. “Malfoy.” Her father yelled forcing Juliette to jump and run into her mother, whose arms reached out and caught her. Juliette and her mother followed her father’s gaze to fall on a family of blond. And Juliette raised an eyebrow. Theodore ushered his family forward and extended his hand to the older of the two blond men. Juliette couldn’t help but to notice the small fact that his hairline was receding and that the man did his best to hide it. “It’s nice to see you again, Draco.” Her father said as he gave the man a rough shake of his hand. “You know my wife, Gabrielle, and my daughter, Juliette.”

Juliette gave an awkward wave while her mother smiled politely. “Nice to see you too, Theo. You remember, my wife, Astoria, and my son, Scorpius.” Draco replied as he clapped his son on his back. Juliette couldn’t help but to cringe at his name, she certainly hoped the poor boy wasn’t effected by the possible teasing that would come from a name like that.

Juliette’s bright blue eyes fell on the young man before her. He was certainly a younger version of Draco and lucky for him, he had full thick blond hair and a small smirk very present on his face. “I thought Juliette attended Beaubatons, like her mother had.” Astoria Malfoy stated curiously.

“We thought it was best to have go to Hogwarts instead,” Theodore explained and Juliette winced.

“Well, why doesn’t Scorpius show her around?” Astoria suggested. “It’s always hard to be a new student all alone.”

Theodore looked down at Juliette expectedly and she stepped forward, “If Monsieur doesn’t mind.” She said as she gave a coy smile.

Scorpius’ smirk grew, “I don’t mind.”

Juliette turned and gave each of her parents a kiss on the cheek, “Goodbye.” She whispered softly. “See you over the holidays.” She glanced at Scorpius while she picked up her trunk and waited patiently. He signaled for her to follow and she gave her parents once last look before walking behind him. He walked on to the train, set down his trunk to reach behind and grab hers and help her on the train.

“What do you in that thing?” Scorpius asked in a jokingly manner as he handed back her things.

“Nothing but the essentials.”

“Do your essentials include bricks?” He asked.

“Better to hit you over the head with,” Juliette countered. “But no, clothes, make up, school supplies, shoes and stuff like that.”

Scorpius nodded, completely amused, as he walked down the corridor he glanced into the compartments. Juliette struggled to keep up, now realize that he was right, her trunk was far too heavy. “Find a place to sit yet?” She asked hopefully. “My arm is going dead.”

He laughed, “Regretting those essentials?” He questioned before opening a compartment door. “But yes, here’s an empty one. The cool people will have to come to us, I guess.” He walked inside and Juliette followed suit. He lifted his trunk to the cabinet above their heads and did the same with her trunk. Once their things were properly situated, he fell down on one of the seats and extended himself over the others near him. Juliette eyed him carefully before she sat down across from him and smoothed out her maroon camisole and black sweater. She leaned back and turned her gaze to the window. The train was still stationed and the other students were hurrying to say goodbye to their families. “So excited for this term?” Scorpius asked as he rested his head against the palms of his hands and closed his eyes.

Juliette wrinkled her nose and made a small grumbling noise.

He smirked, “That happy?”

“I don’t have any friends here.” She said bluntly.

“Eh, with your looks, I’m sure you’ll have friends in no time,” He replied. “I’m not annoyed with you yet, so you can always count me as one.”

“Oh, well, thank you,” She sighed and shook her head. “My boyfriend is not at this school.”

“Awe,” He laughed. “You’re not single.”

Juliette frowned and stared at the gold band that wrapped around her thumb. This was going to be a tough year without Michael. She was going to miss out on his laugh, his ability to make her laugh and more importantly, his support. The boy made her feel special and without him near she felt herself sparkling less.

“Bugger.” Scorpius declared under his breath, but she caught it as he sat upright and started to fix his already well made hair. She turned towards the compartment door, to see what was happening to make his so nervous all of the sudden, and walking past was a small, slender ginger haired girl whose smile seemed to light up the whole train. And that smile seemed to be permanent, like nothing could make her unhappy. It seemed that the sight of her alone made Scorpius restless and it brought a goofy grin to his face. Juliette didn’t know how handle this sort of change, especially when she didn’t know the young Malfoy very well.

“Do you like her?” Juliette questioned as she looked back at him.

“No, a Malfoy doesn’t like a Weasley.” He quickly replied. Far too quickly in Juliette’s opinion.

“That’s not what I asked,” She said simply as she stood up and opened the compartment door. Ignoring Scorpius’ hushed protests, she reached over and tapped the girl on the shoulder. The girl, in turn, looked at Juliette and her smile turned into a questioning one. “Do you have a place to sit? Because we have room in our compartment, and I’m new and I’m in need of new friends.” Juliette explained in a polite, persuasive manner.

The girl looked into the compartment and her smile dimmed slightly at the Scorpius nervously chewing his thumb nail. But Juliette could see the same thing in her eyes that was very evident in Scorpius’. “Are you sure both of you want me to sit with you?”

“Oh, don’t worry about him,” Juliette laughed. “He’ll be civil. He’s just a little nervous. He likes you, you know.” Juliette could hear Scorpius mutter a series of curses that she would dare not repeat, but her smile didn’t falter.

She watched as the girl’s face lit up slightly, “Okay.” She said. “I’m Rose Weasley, by the way. And just a warning, my family might crash with us. They’re attempt to protect me from him.”

“Il est agréable de vous rencontrer, Rose. I’m Juliette.” She replied as she opened the compartment door wider. “And I’m not worried about your family. Protective relatives are my specialty.”

Rose laughed as she stepped into the compartment and gave Scorpius an awkward smile. He returned it and stood up to help her with her trunk. It was a good start in Juliette’s opinion. A great story to tell the grandchildren someday, she thought to herself as she resumed her seat by the window. Rose sat beside her while Scorpius returned to his seat in a rather stiff position. Awkward silence filled the space and Juliette shifted uncomfortably. “Let’s play the question game.” She declared loudly. Rose and Scorpius looked at her in confusion. “It’s a game where one of us asks a question and the others have to answer truthfully.”

“How do we know others are being honest?”

Juliette looked over at Scorpius and answered, “Guess you have to trust us then. It’s just a way for use to get to know one another. But nothing too personal, we don’t want people running out of here crying.” She explained as the train started to move away from the platform.

“I don’t cry.” Scorpius scoffed and looked out the window. “I’m a man.”

“A real man cries and doesn’t care what others think.” Rose retorted quickly.

Juliette giggled and Scorpius’ nose wrinkled. “Okay, favorite Quidditch team?”

“Irish all the way!” Rose and Scorpius said in unison and looked at each other, shocked.

“hou la,” Juliette laughed. The compartment door flung open and the heads of two boys stuck inside. Juliette’s mouth fell open at the older of the two. She was taken back by the intense color of green that his eyes were. It didn’t help that his jet black hair messily fell around his chiseled face in a handsome fashion. There were no boys like this back in France and Juliette started to feel the heat rise to her cheeks.

“Rose? What are you doing here?” The younger one asked, bringing Juliette’s attention back to what was happening before her and away from the boy. She watched as Scorpius’ fist clenched and she jumped up almost instantly. She stood before the boys and crossed her arms over her chest in a defiant manner.

“May I ask why do you want to know?” She declared as she struggled to keep in one language that they would understand.

“Her cousins.” The younger one replied timidly and he had a confused look upon his face.

“Well,” Juliette sighed. “You have two choices, cousins of Rose. You can be nice and civil and join us and play. Or you can keep walking.”

“And whose going to make us?” The older challenged as he stepped towards her. She felt her head get clouded and she almost forgot what she was doing as she inhaled his rather strong scent of pine and fresh air.

Her eyes slowly fluttered upward and she kept her stance, “Juliette Nott, that’s who.” She said rather confidently and lifted her chin to emphasize her point.

“James, Albus, please.” Rose declared as she stood up next to Juliette. “If Scorpius and I can get along, you can get along with him as well.” She said in a matter of fact sort of tone which made Juliette smile. “Now, please show me that you know your manners and introduce yourselves to my new friend, Juliette.” Juliette’s heart swelled at the word friend and she gave Rose a thankful smile.

The boys sighed and Scorpius slowly un-tensed. “Name’s James. James Potter.” The older one said as he extended his hand towards Juliette. She looked up at his lopsided and slightly smug smirk, before her gaze fell to the rest of him. She could tell he was athletic by his strong build. His t-shirt hung loosely around his frame and made her slightly curious about what was under it. But she shook those thoughts out of her head and shook his hand.

“And I’m Albus Potter.” The younger one declared and he took a seat next to Scorpius. Whether Albus ignored it or just didn’t notice but Scorpius glared at him as he bounced slightly on his seat.

“Nice to meet you Albus, James.” She replied and fell onto her original seat. “Now back to the game.”

“What game?” James asked as he sat down beside her, taking up Rose’s seat, and his knee lightly brushed against Juliette’s leg. She ignored the shivers that the action caused and avoided looking back at him.

Juliette carefully scooted closer to the window to give herself more room, and he too scooted closer to her, obvious to what she did. “We’re asking each other questions and we all have to answer honestly.” Rose explained. “Juliette thought of it. I guess for her to get to know everyone.”

“Clever.” Albus smiled.

“Thanks.” Juliette replied. “Well, I asked the first question, Rose should go next.”

Rose smiled and started to twirl the end of her red hair between her thumb and index finger as she thought about it. “Favorite book?” Juliette watched as the room filled with silence, as if no one wanted to answer the question. “Awe, come on you guys.” Rose sighed. “I know you guys read.”

“Not as much-” James started.

“The Prince by Niccolo Machiavelli.” Juliette interrupted, all eyes on her. “And yes, I do realize that it’s a muggle book but it has some interesting ideas and a good read.” She explained quickly.

“I think,” Rose breathed. “Juliette is my new best friend.”


The train ride was filled with laughter and more people gathering into the compartment. She encountered more people she had ever had before and their names she couldn’t remember. At one point, Juliette had ended up on James’ lap. She hoped he didn’t get any ideas because of it, even though she was. But according to his little sister, Lily, he was a bit of a player so she made a mental note that she shouldn’t get too involved with him. Michael was still her boyfriend and the love of her life, and she shouldn’t allowed another boy to touch her like he was.

She stepped off the train, wearing her new uniform and robes, and she sighed. She was suppose to follow along with the first years and with them she was to head to be sorted. The whole experience sounded nerve wracking and what was worst, most of the first years barely reached her waist, which meant she stuck out like a sore thumb.

The ride across the lake was… long and she sat beside a blond, chubby girl who couldn’t stop talking about her chocolate frog card collections. They reached the castle, and like the other students, Juliette stared up in awe of everything. The stone walls, corridors and the moving paintings were indescribably beautiful. Everything before her was magical and warm. The students walked into the great hall and all eyes were on her. A knot formed in her stomach and her gaze fell to the ground. Slowly, one bye one, Professor Longbottom called off the names alphabetically.

“Nott, Juliette.” He declared and Juliette paled.

She walked toward the stool and carefully sat down. She smoothed out her pleated skirt and the old hat was placed on top of her head. ‘It’s been awhile since I’ve had a Nott to be sorted.’ A voice rand through her thoughts and forced Juliette to wince. ‘Now with your bloodline, I would placed you in the Slytherin house,’ It continued. ‘But there is something different about you.’

Is that bad, She thought and frowned.

‘You have to figure that out,’ “GRYFFINDOR!” The hat yelled and it made her jump. She sat their in disbelief. Wasn’t she suppose to be in Slytherin? What would her father think? The hat was lifted off her head and she looked to the Gryffindor table who was cheering and whistling for her. With a weak smile, she slipped off the stool and walked towards the table. She sat down in between Lily and Rose, across from James.

“Hey, why do you look so sad?” James asked. “You’re in the coolest house there is.”

“Yeah,” Juliette sighed. “I just hope my father doesn’t disown me because of it."


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Re: Ever So Tempted

A/N: here's the next chapter, hope you guys like it Again, thank you Bogart for Beta-ing this for me !

Ever So Tempted
Chapter Two: A Brand New Routine

Dear Father,

I know this news will come as a shock and a disappointed for you, but there was nothing I could do. The stupid hat made up its mind before I could change it. Sadly, I was sorted into Gryffindor. Please don’t be made at me, Papa, but you’ve always said that red was a pretty color on me. Send my love to mother.

Sincerely, your daughter

Dear Michael,

I miss you so much!
Please write me and tell me everything about this quarter. I hate that we’re apart. That we had to be forced apart. I love you

Forever yours,

Juliette stared at the two owls before she tied the letters to each of the owls. She shivered as the wind rushed through the Owlery. She watched as the birds flew off. She took a deep breath; all her hopes went with them. She hoped her father wouldn’t be angry with her and she hoped her boyfriend still loved her as much as she did him. She hoped that he still thought of her as much as she thought of him. The brunette gave a soft sigh and left the Owlery as quietly as she came.

The Great Hall was loud and filled with happy faces. She placed a smile on her face and she made her way towards the Gryffindor table. She fell into a seat next to Rose and picked up a piece of toast. “Hey, not so sad faced anymore?” James asked as he sat down next to her.

“Yeah, better.” Juliette replied.

“I’m sure your father won’t disown you.” Rose said in a hopeful voice, she looked up from her Daily Prophet.

Juliette’s smile only weakened for a moment before she stuffed her mouth with the toast. Professor Longbottom stood before them and handed off their schedules for the year. Juliette looked down at hers, examining each of her NEWT level courses. Before she could see all of them, James snatched it out of her hand and started to compare the two. She took it back and glared, “Ever heard of asking?”

“No, what’s that?” James replied sarcastically.

She rolled her eyes and turned back to Rose. “Excited for the OWLs?

“No,” Rose replied as she stood up and placed her book bag on her shoulder. “I got to go to my first block, potions. Talk to you both later.”

Juliette and James watched her leave before looking at each other. “Well, seeing as we have a free period before Defense against the Dark Arts, do you want a small tour so you can get your bearings?” He asked.

She looked up at him for a moment before she nodded slowly. He stood up and held out his hand as he waited. With a small laugh, she quickly finished off her toast and took his hand. He lifted her up to her feet with no effort at all and tucked her hand into his arm and led her out of the Great Hall, taking a left. Juliette watched in amazement as he pointed out every alcove, every turn, and every little secret that Hogwarts possessed. It seemed that James knew everything. She watched him carefully as he talked about his life at the school. She has half the experience he had. Not even half the joy. Her brow wrinkled at the thought. He looked down at her and a curious expression came to his face, “So what do you think?” He asked as he sat down at the steps of the Entrance Hall.

She slowly walked down below him before she sat down and smoothed out her black sweater and skirt. “Everything is so… different.” She explained with a small shrug.

“You don’t have anything like this in Paris?”

She laughed, “Paris is far different then here.”

“But are you ready to call this home?”

She thought for a moment, “I guess I have to.”

James lightly poked her, “Not the answer I wanted to hear.”

She smacked his hand away, “Don’t.”

“Don’t what?” He poked her again.

“That!” She said as she jumped up quickly. “It tickles.”

She slowly realized that what she had said was a mistake as his smirk grew. He stood up and slowly started to walk towards her. From head to toe, James Potter looked like a predator about to attack his prey. His whole aura made her melt and she had to put all her concentration into walking backwards, skipping a couple steps down gracefully. “Please don’t-” She whispered but gasped as James’ arms reached for her and pinned her against him. She burst into a fit of giggles and she wiggled against him to try to escape. But he held her strong and soon enough, he twirled her around, laughing as well. Thankfully, he stopped his tickle torture and kept his hands on the middle of her back. “Sorry, had to.” He explained as his laughter diminished.

“Yeah, had to, right.” She said sarcastically as she looked up at his emerald green eyes. She smiled at their color. It amused her that even his vibrant gaze was a mischievous one.

But she shouldn’t be in his arms, not like this. So she took a step back and blushed. “James, I have a boyfriend.”

“I know, Rose told me.” James laughed. “Or was it Lily?”

Her mouth fell open, “You knew?”

“Yes I did,” James replied. “But thank you for telling me. Means you’re not the kind of girl that leads a boy on.”

She rolled her eyes, “Whatever, we better get going. If we don’t want to be late for our first period.”


Even though James was kind enough to show her around, finding her way through the school’s corridors was pretty hard. When she was with James, the halls were empty and her concentration was on how nicely his hair had fallen over his eyes. That was certainly distracting. Juliette looked down at her schedule once more and bit her lower lip. She would hate to late for another class, she already had her first detention and she didn’t want another one. “Do my eyes deceive me or does fair Juliette seem lost?” Scorpius chuckled as he wrapped his arm around her shoulder and smirked down at her. “Where do you need to be?”

“Muggle studies.”

He laughed, “Are you trying to give your father more of a heart attack.”

A guilty look came over her blue eyes. “It’s for international relations, it’s required.” She explained.

He laughed more and nodded slowly, “No I get it. Trust me I get it. I just hope your father does.”

“Mother helps me convince him.”

“Sounds like my family life.”

Juliette’s nose wrinkled as she started to laugh, “Well, do you know where the class room is?”

Scorpius nodded, “Yeah, I do. And I did promise my mother that I would help you out.” He gave her shoulder a squeeze and turned her in the opposite direction that she was face. Her mouth made an "o" shape and she became more confused.

“This is rather frustrating.” She muttered and she stuffed her schedule deep within her book bag.

“Don’t worry; you’ll get use to it.” His arm moved away from her shoulder and slipped his hand into hers. He gently pulled through the crowd of other students and made his way down the staircase. “Has your father sent you a howler yet?”

Juliette paled, “You don’t think he would do you?”

Scorpius glanced behind him and looked at her. He shrugged, “Different parents do different things. From what I can see, you’re daddy’s little girl. You can do no wrong. So I wouldn’t worry about it.”

“Easier said then done.”

They stood before the classroom; he turned to face her and placed his hands on her shoulders. “Ju-Ju bean, don’t stress over it. You should be enjoying your first day and the fact that no one has teased you, or made you feel bad about being in Gryffindor. Even better, Peeves hasn’t targeted you with bubble gum bubbles. Consider yourself lucky and have fun.”

“Did you just call me Ju-Ju Bean?” She questioned her eyes narrowing up at him.

He smirked, “I think it fits.”

She rolled her eyes, and pulled out of his hands. She gave him a wave of her hand and stepped inside the classroom. She looked around at the classroom and debated where she wanted to sit. She didn’t want to sit too far back, her eye sight wasn’t as good as it should be and she had forgotten to bring her glasses back in her dormitory, but she also didn’t want to sit too close out of fear of what the other students might think. She knew that she subjected herself to what others think, but she couldn’t help. She grew up in a home that was so revolved around how others perceived them, and then she spent most of her life in the school that judged you solely based on your appearance. It was hard not to break that habit. “Good Afternoon!” A woman declared as she skipped into the room.

Juliette turned and raised a brow towards the woman who she figured was her professor. But this woman wasn’t like any normal professor; she wore a bright pink floral blouse and a clashing purple and blue striped skirt. She wore a pair of bright red, fake leather, pointed toe flats that clicked loudly around the stone. Her auburn hair was pulled into two pig tails and Juliette couldn’t stop her mouth falling open. How anyone could step out of their bedroom looking like that was beyond her. “Afternoon.” She whispered as she slipped into a seat in the third row.

“You’re the transfer student, am I right?” The professor asked.

“And you’re the Muggles studies professor, right?” Juliette smiled as she pulled out her text book.

The woman smiled, “Professor Beaumont, thank you very much.”

The students slowly filtered in and to Juliette’s surprise, James fell into the seat next to her. “You have this class?” She questioned and earned a small smirk from the messy haired boy.

“Yeah, it’s one of my favorites, next to DADA of course.”

“So you’re taking this for fun?”

“Yeah,” James answered. “Aren’t you?”

Juliette stared at him for a moment before turning forward. The answer she wanted to say was yes, but the voice in the back of her head, her father’s voice, told her not to. That she was only fooling herself.

A/N: okay, well there's the second chapter. I have the link to the feedback thread in my signature. please, please, please use it. I have the third chapter completed on my laptop, so it will be up in the next couple of days!


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Re: Ever So Tempted

A/N: here's the next chapter, I hope you guys enjoy it.

Ever So Tempted
Chapter Three: Flirtations and Broomsticks

Two weeks had passed and there was no word from Michael. Her father had replied and he seemed fine with everything, but Juliette could never tell through a letter. She would have to find out when she went home for Christmas. She was currently more stressed out by the fact that Michael had not written back. Her other friends in Paris took the time to pen letters to her, but why couldn’t he? It affected her deeply.

She stared down at her bowl of corn chowder and slowly stirred it. She didn’t look up when Albus sat down across from her. He gave a deep sigh and he too started to stare at the food before him. Juliette glanced up and frowned. “What’s wrong?”

Albus looked at her and shrugged, “Nothing.”


He frowned and looked away, “Really, its nothing.”

“Albus is in love!” Hugo Weasley, a Gryffindor third year, declared as he pulled himself into a seat next to his cousin. Juliette looked surprised and she noticed out of the corner of her eye a girl with untamable curly blond hair and blue framed glasses look up from her book with a hopeful expression. Albus took no notice as he glared at his cousin.

“No, I’m not.”

“You’re a horrible liar,” Juliette retorted. “Who is the lucky girl?”

Albus looked down at his pork chops and mashed potatoes. “Raelene De Morgan.”

Juliette choked and Hugo shook his head. The blond girl looked back down at her book, disappointed. Juliette knew very little of Raelene, but from what she could tell there was not much to the girl. Just big hair and short skirts. Not someone Juliette would pick for Albus. He deserved someone better, but she wouldn’t say anything against Albus and his feelings. “Oh? Well why haven’t you asked her out?”

“She doesn’t like me.”

“She has a thing for Quidditch players,” Hugo explained. “She likes James.”

Juliette scowled at that little fact, feeling a wave of jealousy wash over her at the thought of that girl on James’ arms. “Well, why can’t you be a Quidditch player?” She asked.

“I’m not good.”

“Oh, I don’t believe that,” Juliette shook her head. “Practice makes perfect. I’ll help you become the best player this castle has ever known.”

Albus’ expression lightened, “Really?”

“Can you help me?” Hugo asked hopefully.

“When you want to impress a girl, look me up.” Juliette said as she took a bite of her chowder.

“Um, Albus.” The blond girl quietly chirped as she gave an awkward wave. “We have Prefect duty tonight. Don’t forget that.” She whispered softly.

Albus gave her a polite smile, “Yeah, Bridget, I remember. I always love our alone time together.” He said with a small wink.

The girl, Bridget, smiled and nodded as she returned back to her book. Juliette eyed her for a moment and cocked her head to the side. The girl was rather pretty if you looked past the bush of blond hair, the glasses and the book she hid under. She seemed much more Albus’ type, someone he would have fun with and enjoy being around. With a sigh, Juliette looked back at Albus and wondered why he didn’t like Bridget. Boys, they were confusing specimen indeed.


Juliette walked onto the Quidditch pitch and looked around. Her brown curls were piled on top of her head in a messy bun. She wore a simple pair of black leggings, a black tank top, a teal hoodie and a pair of sneakers. She carefully pulled her broom and Quidditch gear case onto the grass and let out a tired breath. She should have told Albus to meet her in the common room instead of on the pitch. She could have made him carried the gear. She stuck her hands on her hips and frowned. Where was that boy anyway?

“Hey!” Albus called and waved.

“You’re late.” She said flatly.

“No, I’m not,” He countered, “You’re just early.”

Juliette’s eyes narrowed and she shook her head, “Rule number one, don’t disagree with your instructor or captain.”

Albus sighed, “You sound like James.”

Juliette smiled softly, “Okay well, let’s start. By the looks of you, you’re a seeker.”

“Are you sure?” Albus asked as he scratched his head carefully. “My dad was a seeker.”

She nodded rapidly, “You’re small enough, in a good way, and I’m thinking you got the sight for it. But let’s see how you fly first.”

Albus nodded as he picked up his broom and she followed suit. They kicked off the ground and Juliette instantly lost herself in the rush. It had been awhile since she had flown and she hated that she had neglected her firebolt. She flipped into a dive and raced towards the ground. She pulled up, the blades of grass grazing against her sneakers, and she looked up to see Albus race around the pitch. He was fast, but not well practiced as she watched him slip every now and then. But that could be easily fine tuned. She placed her thumb and index finger into her mouth and whistled loudly to get his attention. He turned to look at her before he landed beside her. “How did I do, Coach?”

“Pretty good,” she replied. “Let’s see how you do with the snitch.”

She kicked open her case and pulled the tiny golden ball and let it rest in the palm of her hand. It levitated out of her hand and stayed there for a moment before disappearing off. “Good Luck.”

Albus smirked, a smirk that she had come to realize that it belonged to all the Potter children, and he kicked off the ground once more, flying off. Juliette watched in disbelief as he snatched the snitch out of the air and landed beside her, dropping it into her hand. “My, my, my, guess I was right then.”

“Guess like father, like son.”

Juliette smiled and released the snitch again. “Let’s see how well you do with the bludgers and someone chasing after you.” She knelt down and unlocked each bludgers one by one and watched as they flew into the air rather violently.

Albus gulped and groaned at the sight of them but nodded. He flew into the air at a rapid speed. Juliette wrinkled her nose as she flew after him. She gained speed as she lowered herself closer to the broom and her eyes were focused on him. A bludgers zoomed past her ear, causing her to jerk to the side and ringing noise suddenly appeared in her ear. She cursed as she pulled her broom back and avoided crashing into the wall. She spied Albus diving, the snitch fleeing ahead of him. She urged her broom towards them until she was neck and neck with Albus. She lightly shoved him with her elbow before she reached forward to the snitch. Albus pulled up and for a moment she focus, and when she finally did pull up, her leg collided with the ground and she fell off her broom, stumbling into the ground. She coughed and choked, slightly frustrated with herself. Albus landed and ran towards her. “Are you okay? Merlin’s beard, James is going to kill me.” He muttered as he scratched his head nervously.

“I’m fine, just a little bruised and scratched.”

“You sure,” Albus questioned. “No broken limbs?”

Juliette stood up and brushed off her leggings, she frowned at the hole that was torn into the knee of her black pants. “Well, did I tell you to stop? Go find the snitch.”

“Oh,” Albus laughed. “I already got it.”

Juliette’s mouth fell open and she looked down at his hand to see the ball inside it. “You caught it BEFORE seeing if I was alright?”


“Don’t be, you’re brilliant.”

Albus smiled.

“Now let’s try to get these bludgers back in the case.” She said as she looked up at the sky.

They did manage to get the bludgers but not after earning themselves a few more bruises. They walked back to the Gryffindor common room, this time Albus carried the gear. She stumbled through the portrait hole after giving the password with him behind her and was greeted by a loud chorus of cheers. She looked up to see Rose, Lily, James and Hugo sitting by the fire waving them over. Albus started too walk over, but stopped when Juliette started to move towards the girl’s dormitory. “Aren’t you going to join us?” He asked.

“I need a shower,” She explained. “I’m covered with dirt and grass.”

“I think you’re perfect just the way you are.” Albus winked.

“Whatever, I’ll join you in a bit.”

She made her way the stairs and past a few girls as she walked to the sixth year girls dormitory. She grabbed her towel from her trunk and slipped inside the bathroom. Her reflection in the mirror made her jump. Her hair was matted and knotted with leaves and grass sticking out of it. She had a large dirt patch on her cheek with a matching cut on her lip. “Dangerous game, Quidditch is.” She muttered before she stepped into the shower.

Juliette walked down from the dormitories wearing a dark gray oversize sweater that hung over her figure nicely with a pair of torn up skinny jeans, a deep red lace camisole and a pair of black leather flats. Her damp curls were pulled into a loosely weaved braid that hung over her right shoulder while a few strands came over her blue eyes. She skipped over to the fireplace to see Rose and Lily were playing a game of exploding snap, Lily was losing and the annoyance was evident on her face, while Hugo and Albus were engaged in a rather rough pillow fight. A pair of hands lightly gripped her waist and pulled her down to the couch until she was lying on top of James. Her back was pressed into his stomach and chest. He snuggled into her as if she was a stuffed bear and she laughed. “Mmm, cinnamon and vanilla, you smell like a cookie.” James said into her ear as his arms locked around her stomach. There was no escape, not that Juliette wanted too, she was quite comfortable.

Lily eyed them, “James, you’re lucky that your date to Hogsmeade is in a different house or she would have a fit at the sight of you two.”

James stuck out his tongue out at his sister, “You’re just jealous that Juliette prefers to snuggle with me and not you.” He retorted as he pulled Juliette closer. “We’re just friends.”

“Yes, just friends.” Juliette added before grumbling under her breath. “If only my boyfriend would write back.” She didn’t mean to say it out loud and she was unsure if anyone heard it, especially James. If he did, he didn’t make any sign of it.

“How did you like your first week?” Rose asked as she looked up at Juliette before winning another point in the game. Lily muttered in resentment.

Juliette shrugged, “It was okay. Got lost one too many times, which led to my detention with Slughorn.”

“You’ll get use to it,” Hugo declared as he ducked Albus’ attack.

“I thought my little tour helped.” James asked defensively.

“You probably showed her all the escape routes.” Rose said with a shrug.

“I did not!’

Juliette patted James’ arms in a comforting manner. “My sense of direction isn’t the best.” He nodded and snuggled closer. Juliette laughed softly as she rolled her eyes. “Guess whose going to be Gryffindor’s new seeker.” She declared and Albus blushed.

James looked confused, “Who?”

“Your brother, of course.”

James looked up at Albus, who looked away. “I thought you didn’t like Quidditch.”

“Yeah, well, I thought I would give it a try.” Albus explained. “And Juliette said she would help me get ready for try outs.”

“You’re trying out for the Quidditch team?” A voice behind James and Juliette asked rather politely. Everyone looked up to see Raelene De Morgan standing there in a dress that was far too small for her. But Juliette guessed that was the point.

“Um, yeah, as seeker.” Albus explained his voice becoming an octave higher as he got more nervous.

Raelene smiled, “Well, I’ll come to try outs to cheer you on.” And with that, she turned gracefully and left the group.

James laughed, “Little Al is growing up and catching all the pretty girls’ eye. Well, all except for Juliette.”

Albus blushed and shook his head, “You’re all confident now, but wait till Juliette escapes your death lock, you know she’ll choose me over you.”

James growled protectively as he held her tighter. “You’re saying that out of jealousy. She loves me, not you.”

“Are all your siblings jealous of you, James?” Juliette asked as she started to squirm in James’ arms.

Lily set down her cards and looked over at Albus as Hugo nailed him across the head. “You know, I don’t see what you see in Raelene.”

Albus fell into the armchair, while Hugo started to lie across the floor. “Have you had a good look at her?” Hugo questioned as her turned his pale blue gaze towards Lily.

“So you like her because she’s pretty?” Bridget whispered softly as she walked up to the group, her arms filled with her school books. “Unless you see something in her that clearly others do not.” She continued. Juliette could hear that hurt and sadness in the girl’s words and her heart ached as she watched Bridget’s eyes begin to water.

Albus frowned, “I expect to find out more when I get to know her, hopefully at this next Hogsmeade trip.”

Bridget let out an uneven breath, “But we always go to the first Hogsmeade trip together. It’s tradition.”

“Oh I know, but I was planning on asking Raelene. If she says no-”

“No,” Bridget snapped as her fingers ran through her curls out of frustration. “I am not a second choice. If she tells you no, enjoy going to Hogsmeade by yourself.” She turned away and ran up to the girls’ dormitory.

“You’re a right foul git, Albus Severus Potter.” Lily growled and not in a joking manner. Her voice was loud enough for the whole common room to hear. She stood up and with a dramatic toss of her red hair, Lily chased after Bridget.

“What’s got her knickers in a knot?” Albus snapped he was obviously very annoyed with his little sister’s outburst and her use of his full name.

Juliette frowned and looked away while James simply rolled his eyes. “You’re daft as a post, Al, that’s her problem.”

A/N: so I hope you guys liked the chapter, the fourth one will be up soon. Please leave feedback and tell me what you think!


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Re: Ever So Tempted

A/N: so here's the fourth chapter. I've edited this one, but I'm pretty sure there are some errors. The Beta one will be put in place soon, I just thought I would give you guys a new chapter.

Ever So Tempted
Chapter Four: The Warm Taste of Butterbeer

The whole castle was excited for the Hogsmeade trip, well everyone in third year and higher were excited. Juliette had never been there, like all the third years, and was rather curious at what was about to happen. She dressed rather simply, a pair of skinny jeans, her band ‘Something Wicked’ white t-shirt, her dark blue hoodie and pair of white flats. She wore her hair down seeing as she didn’t really want to do anything else with it. Like the other students, Juliette made her way down the cobblestone pathway her eyes alight with excitement. Before her was the small magical town and Hogwarts student rushing between shops.

She checked her watch and she cursed softly. She was late; her father was going to furious. After asking another student where the Three Broomsticks was, she made her way quickly to the pub. Instantly, she was greeted by warmth and the sense of welcome. It made her smile as she scanned the faces in the small crowd. Her blue eyes fell on James and his date, Noelle Burke, a Ravenclaw sixth year. He looked like he was having fun so she quickly looked away until she spied her parents sitting in the corner. Her smile grew and she rushed towards them to be wrapped up in her father’s arms. He wasn’t furious, he wasn’t angry. He was just happy to see her. She pulled out of his arms and smile at her mother before she took a seat across from her parents, her back turned to James and Noelle so she didn’t have to watch them. She folded her hands over the table and smiled as a glass of butterbeer was presented before her. She carefully grasped the warm mug and took a sip. The warm, golden liquid rolled down her throat and her whole body lost its entire previous chill. Gabrielle smiled; her fingers absentmindedly twirled the ends of her blond hair. “You know, your father took me here for our first date.” She said softly.

Juliette’s nose wrinkled, “Don’t tell me this is the table you sat at and snogged.” She grumbled.

“As a matter of face, this is that very table.” Her father replied sarcastically, but Juliette had a feeling that he was telling the truth. “But at least we were more discreet than them.”

As she turned around, she soon regretted it. There, right across the pub, was James practically sucking the face off of the Ravenclaw. She felt her stomach churn and she quickly glanced away to keep the contents of her stomach in her stomach. No, she wasn’t jealous. There was no way she was jealous of that little-

“Sorry to interrupt,” Scorpius voice pulled her out of her dark thoughts and forced her to look up at the young blond. “But I was told to meet the young Miss Nott here.” He explained as the Malfoy smirk appeared on his face.

Theodore and Gabrielle’s expressions lit up and Juliette knew what they were thinking, but she wasn’t in the mood to tell them any different. She stood up and hugged him graciously. His arms wrapped around her for a moment as if to sense that she needed a friend’s comfort before they both turned back to Mr. and Mrs. Nott. “Scorpius, you’re not interrupting let me get you a butterbeer before you whisk my daughter away.” Theodore offered.

Juliette blushed, but she took back her seat with Scorpius beside her. “Sure, who would I be if I turned down a free butterbeer?” Scorpius replied.

“An idiot,” Juliette said playfully as she lifted her drink to her lips.

“Says the girl who still hasn’t told her boyfriend back in Paris that you love me instead.” He countered ever so quickly as he raised his glass, once delivered, in a salute fashion.

Her nose wrinkled, “He hasn’t returned my first letter. I can’t write I love you in one letter and then I love another in the next. That’s cruel.”

“Ha! I knew you loved me.”

“I thought I told you that.”

“It’s nice to hear it every second of every day.”

Theodore watched them banter back and forth before sighing to his wife, “They’re just doing this for my benefit, aren’t they?”

“Yes, you and Draco need to stop this fantasy of your children joining in holy matrimony.” Gabrielle replied as she kissed him on the cheek affectionately.

“But it’s a good fantasy.”

“Yes it is,” Gabrielle said. “But a happy daughter is a better reality.”

He nodded in agreement before loudly clearing his throat bringing the two teenagers out of their bickering, Juliette and Scorpius had reached the point of what their wedding colors were going to be. “Well Juliette, your mother and I must go. We have to meet up with grandmother for tea. Joy.” Theodore sighed. He really didn’t want to spend time with his mother-in-law.

“If your father behaves, he’ll get a good snog later.” Her mother joked as she took her husband's hand and led him out of the pub.

Scorpius and Juliette watched as they left and, for a moment, sat in silence before Scorpius started to laugh. “Merlin, it would be wicked to have them as parent-in-laws.” He stated through his chuckles.

“If only we had romantic feelings for each other.” Juliette sighed dramatically. She finished off her butterbeer and couldn’t help but to look over at James and his date. They were still kissing.

“Other then that, we’re set.” Scorpius said as he stood up. “Come on, Rose wants your help. She ambushed me before I got here.”

Juliette looked confused for a second before she stood up as well and stuck her hands in her pockets. “Well then, take me to her, my good sir.”

“With pleasure, milady.” Scorpius extended his arm and Juliette accepted it, and the pair skipped out of the pub to the clothing shop where Rose was currently pacing. The red head jumped at the sound of the bell as they entered and a smile spread across her face. “There you are, took you long enough.” The Weasley girl declared as she pulled them both into a hug.

“What do you need help with?” Juliette asked as she took a step away. Scorpius remained with his arm locked around Rose’s waist. It puzzled Juliette so much that they wanted to keep their relationship a secret from their parents, but it was their business, not hers.

“Bridget needs a new look,” Rose explained as she walked away from Scorpius, who pouted in response, and looked back to the dressing room. “I have no idea what I’m doing; I’ve never given a make over before. Lily was supposed to do it but she got detention.”

“For pranking Slytherins.”

“I said I was sorry,” Rose retorted softly, giving Scorpius a stubborn glare. “Anyway, I thought you could help, seeing as you always look nice and present yourself well.”

“Just face it,” Bridget declared, interrupting Rose. She made her way out of the dressing room and walked towards the group. “I’m a lost cause. Let Albus have his fun with her.”

“No!” Juliette finally said rather sternly, her voice loud enough to earn herself scared expressions from the other three. “I will hear no such thing. Bridget, you’re beautiful just the way you are. You’re beautiful inside out and we have to make Albus see that.”

“How?” Bridget questioned doubtfully.

Juliette stepped forward and removed the glasses from the girl’s face. She tapped them with her wand and transformed them into a pair of contacts. When Bridget gave a look of fear, Juliette smiled. “With determination, intelligence and a little make up.”


Juliette checked her watched and sighed. If Bridget didn’t hurry up, they were going to be late for the first Dueling meeting. Juliette did not want to miss that. She heard the fifth years’ dormitory door open and closed and the blond girl descended down the stairs with ease. Juliette smiled with as she looked at Bridget. The most important rule that Juliette followed by was always be comfortable. If a girl wasn’t comfortable, they didn’t feel pretty. She applied that rule with her little project with Bridget. Everything they had bought at Hogsmeade were things that Bridget could wear and not feel like a fool.

This evening’s attire was absolutely delightful, and Juliette was proud to say that Bridget picked out herself. The violet tunic flowed nicely and the jeans she wore were the right size, not too big. But Bridget’s hair was Juliette’s pride and joy. It was groomed and fell into soft golden ringlets, the different shades of blond sparkle in the light. Bridget smiled, and not out of shyness, but one of confidence and pride in herself.

Juliette took a deep bow, “Do I have the pleasure of escorting you to the Great Hall where your prince will die of shock?” She asked as she straightened back up, her brown hair flipping behind her.

“Yes, please.”

The two girls linked arms and rushed out of the common room. Their pace slowed as they got closers to the hall. “Do you want to go together or do want to make your grand entrance by yourself?” Juliette asked.

“By myself.”

Juliette looked at her in surprise, but nodded nonetheless. “Enjoy and flaunt the attention. Shoulders back please.” She said finally before she skipped on ahead. She dashed down the main stairs and leaped excitedly to where her friends were waiting. James’ arms reached out and caught her before she could stumble into a fall and she gave him a thankful smile.

Albus looked around, worried. “Where’s Bridget? She said she was coming. She’s not still made at me, is she?” He asked rather quickly.

“Mad?” Rose replied as she looked back at Juliette.

“No!” The two girls giggled in unison while Juliette walked towards the young Potter boy. She took his chin and directed his gaze towards the staircase. “But I can’t say she’s still the old Bridget.” She whispered into his ear before she let go of his chin. Albus stared, like everyone else, as Bridget slowly walked towards them. Juliette watched with a victorious smirk whole Albus’ gaze roamed up and down Bridget’s figure. If Juliette didn’t know any better, she would have smacked him for being a pervert. James wrapped his arm around her shoulders and started to pull her away from the scene, she pouted.

“Come on, you know Albus is going to screw up some how. It’s better to leave while it’s still happy.” He explained as he tapped her on the tip of her nose.

Juliette sighed but found herself forced out of James’ arms as Noelle leapt into them, planting little kisses all over his face. Lily took Juliette’s hand protectively. “Come on; let’s get a good spot in the front row.” She whispered into Juliette’s ear. Juliette nodded in agreement and allowed the little red head to lead her way.

The students piled in and sat on the ground as they waited for the meeting to start. Upon the dueling stage, Professor Collins, this year’s new Defense against the Dark Arts professor, walked over and faced the students. “As you can see, Headmistress McGonagal has approved a dueling club. I have explained the rules within each of your defense classes. Now each of you will be paired based off by the year you’re in. Since there are an uneven number of sixth and seventh year, you’ll be mixed up together. The same for fourth and fifth years.” He explained as he looked sternly at each student before him. “Have fun, the pair teams are on the chalk board.”

Juliette smiled as she stood up and looked over on the large chalk board that hung on the right wall. Her smile fell as she realized that she was paired up with Noelle. Rose stood beside her and gave a small laugh, “You’re lucky, Lily has been dying to curse her face off.”

“She’s really not that bad. Just touchy feely.” Juliette defended with a small shrug.

“Seriously? She’s just too much public display of affection, and James let’s her because he can’t have you.” Rose continued.

Juliette frowned, “We’re just friends.”

“Uh huh, keep telling yourself that,” Rose winked as she turned and walked over to Scorpius, who was her first partner of the evening.

Juliette sighed and turned away to see both James and Noelle walking towards her. “Have fun you too, I’m just over there if you need me.” He laughed before giving Noelle a kiss on the forehead. Juliette forced a smile and glanced away for a moment.

Noelle coughed and glared, “Are you ready? Or do you want to forfeit.” She asked in a tone that made Juliette’s eyes narrowed.

“I’m ready.” Juliette simply said as she stood before the girl. They were about the same height, but most definitely not the same girl. Juliette looked her over, noticing her flaws that she knew Noelle tried to hide from the world. Her hair was damaged, her French manicured nails were chewed on, and she wore far too much make up to hide the areas of acne that affected her face. Juliette rolled her eyes before turning from the girl and started to make her ten paces.

Christopher Wood, the seventh year Ravenclaw who was assigned to be their referee, stood in the middle of the two. “Fair fight, on the count of three.” He ordered as he looked expectantly at the two girls.

Juliette nodded and pulled out her ten and half inch holly with Chimaeras’ scale wand out of her brown leather, knee high boots where it was hidden. She looked at Noelle with an amused expression. She may be a Ravenclaw and she may know all the spells, but she definitely didn’t know how to use them in a fight. That came with experience, and that was what Juliette had.

“One,” Christopher declared loudly so he could be heard over the other spells that were being shouted off by the third years.

Juliette took her stand, but kept her wand by her side while Noelle had hers pointed directly at Juliette’s heart.


Juliette ran her tongue over her lip as she eyed Noelle for a second. She looked for weaknesses, any advantages that would help her win. Then she saw it, Noelle’s left ankle quivered. It was a sign of lack of balance.


Noelle step forward and waved her wand. Juliette eyes went wide as she saw a stream of red jet out of the girl’s wand. She whipped her wand out in front of her, Protego, she thought and the stunning spell bounced off her protection shield. Juliette snarled softly, knowing that nonverbal weren’t suppose to be used but if the Ravenclaw wanted to play unfair, and Christopher wasn’t going to call it, Juliette was going to do the same.

Averte Statura, Juliette stepped forward and waved her wand over her head. Noelle screamed as she went flying backwards and landed on her back. But Juliette wasn’t finished. She charged towards her, Noelle sat up and yelled, “Stupefy!”

Juliette flipped into the air, using her wand to lift her a little higher before she thrust her wand in front of her, she realized it was theatrical but that was the point. It earned her the attention of the whole room. “Engorgio!” Too her delight she watched as Noelle’s whole body started to swell. “Is that the only spell you know? I thought you were a Ravenclaw.” Juliette taunted as she stepped back.

A few giggles erupted from fifth year Hufflepuffs, and Noelle growled in frustration. She wobbled to her feet and removed the swelling spell from herself. She flicked her wand, “Petrif-”

“Expelliarmus!” Juliette hissed under her breath before Noelle could get the full spell out. Noelle’s wand jerked out of her hand and Juliette caught it with ease. “I win.” She declared with a smile and a small applause from the small people who were watching.

Noelle cried out in frustration and stamped her foot, “James!” James looked over at her; he had already finished his duel and won, and gave her a ‘what?’ look. “Augh!” She barked and stood before her friends who obediently started to comfort her.

“Obviously a sore loser.” Lily giggled in Juliette’s ear.

“Obviously,” Juliette laughed.

The small tournaments continued and the numbers slowly started to get smaller. Juliette watched as the younger students duel upon the stage until a winner was announced. Professor Collins walked up on stage and clapped. “Okay, well it’s now the time you all been waiting for. The sixth and seventh year final two go head and head for the win. Let’s see what these NEWT level students have to bring.” He laughed. “Miss Nott, Mr. Potter, come up on the stage.”

Juliette’s mouth fell open as she glanced over at James. He looked back at her with a smirk. She shook her head and with the help of a couple of Gryffindor boys, she walked on stage and faced James. “Ready to lose, Nott?” He questioned as he gave her a wink.

“Arrogance will get you nowhere, James,” Juliette sighed as she shook her head. “It only makes me work that much harder to knock you on your butt. And even then, that wouldn’t be too hard.”

“Alright, alright, enough bickering. These students didn’t wait all this time for verbal fighting.” Professor Collins interrupted as he stood in the middle of them. “Take ten paces back, if you please.”

Juliette bowed to James, who returned it, and started to back up ten steps. This time, she took a strong, wide stance and her wand out in front of her. James did the same, though he held his wand over his head. The professor looked at them approvingly, “Since you are practicing nonverbal in your class, I’m going to allow the no nonverbal rule to be lifted.” He added and earned a nod from each of the duelers. “One.”

Juliette took in a deep breath, before letting it grow fast. Her adrenaline started to pump through her veins and ring into her ears. She allowed her fingers to feel her wand, to allow its natural magical surge through her as her blue eyes to focus solely on James. He did the same, but was slightly taken aback by the fact that her sparkling eyes were starting to darken.

“Two.” The professor said calmly before smiling. “Three.”

James whirled forward, fast and lethal, as he gave his wand a sharp flick. A large invisible force sent her back. She gritted her teeth and dug the heels of her shoes into the stage and quickly came to a stop. She whipped her wand out in front of her, stupefy, and a jet of red light burst out of wand and sailed directly at James. And while he was distracted with that, Juliette tumbled forward, slamming her wand into the stage and a stream of fire rushed towards James.

His emerald eyes grew wide and a jet of water flew out of his wand, extinguishing the flames. Through the smoke, Juliette rushed him. Protego, she thought as she grew closer to help block whatever hexes he could send her way. But he did the same as well, and then they were both sent flying backwards by their deflected spells. Juliette landed kneeling down, panting as she looked up at James. So far they were equally matched and each student in the club was on their toes to see what was going to happen next.

“What Potter, is that all you got?” She asked in a mocking tone.

“Hey, I’m the son of the chosen one.” He retorted, though she could see him smiling.

“Oh?” She countered. “Then what happened? Obviously the apple falls far from the tree.”

He glared, and this time rushed at her. She narrowed her eyes and flicked her wand to send another stunning spell to him. He deflected it and kept charging. She cursed under her breath and started to back up. She felt the end of stage beneath her foot and she swallowed. Not thinking of what she was doing or where she was doing it. But she turned away from James and did and aerial cartwheel off the edge of the stage, and landed on the floor where students had cleared away. She backed up, eying James as he came towards her. She wanted him to jump off stage and when he did, she got the lights and left everything completely black. The other students gasped in surprise. She cast the supersensory spell open herself and blinked as her eyes were able to focus in the dark and listened for James’ breathing and footsteps.

She found him, still by the stage as he tried to figure out the noise around him, and she quietly made her way towards him. Slowly she placed her wand at his neck and whispered, “Lumos.” The tip of her wand exploded with light and James stumbled back in surprised. He blinked and soon enough Professor Collins brought the lights back to the Great Hall.

“I have to call a draw, because it seems that these two will be at this all night,” He declared. “And I did promise the heads of your houses that I would have you all back by curfew. Thank you, Mr. Potter, Miss Nott.”

Juliette frowned and slowly lowered her wand. She was having fun, and was slightly disappointed that they had to stop. “Where did you learn how to do all that? Don’t tell me Beaubatons teaches that kind of defensive skill.” James asked as he walked back towards her.

“My father,” She explained. “He didn’t want to put his daughter out in the world completely defenseless. We have duels together once a week during the summers.”

James nodded, “We have to have a rematch. See which one of us would win.” He said with a smirk.

“That would be me,” Juliette retorted and turned away from him to leave him with that.

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Re: Ever So Tempted

A/N: so thank you for the feedback, you guys. Means a lot. Here's the next chapter, I hope you guys like it.

Ever So Tempted
Chapter Five: Dancing with Fire

Juliette was frustrated. No, she was angry. It had been over a month and a half since she sent that letter to Michael, and there still was no word from him. What did she do to be ignored like this? Michael was never the kind of boy to be completely dedicated to his school work to the point where he wouldn’t remember to write. He had written all the other times they were apart, why would he forget now? It hurt worst was she had to watch everyone else have fun with their significant others. Even James, who seemed have become closer to Noelle then ever. Never before had Juliette felt so alone, so abandoned. She thought Michael loved her, now she was forced to question it. This was no longer paranoia, it was fear. The fear of losing the one person who had always stood by her was far greater then she thought she could bear. She was losing her support system, her security system. And what made her sick was the thought that was constantly plaguing her mind was the thought that Michael was being distracted by another girl and simply leading her on.

She chewed nervously on her nail as she sat in the library with Bridget, who was buried in her homework. Things with her and Albus had gotten awkward, so Bridget did what she knew well and hid behind a book.

Bridget soon looked up from her work and eyed Juliette. “Everything okay?”

“Not really.”

“Do you want to talk about it?”

“Not really.”

“Okay,” Bridget sighed. “But I’m sure everything works out in the end.”

Juliette stood up, “I need to send off a letter, I’ll meet you at the try outs.” She explained before she rushed out of the library. She stormed up the steps of the Owlery, pulling out a piece of parchment and her quill as she did so and whistled down her owl. She scribbled down a letter, not caring if she sounded desperate; she needed to know what was going on. She was tired of being left in the dark.

Dear Anni,

I know it’s been awhile since we’ve talked but I’m going crazy over here. You’re the only on I can trust. Why isn’t Michael talking to me? Is he upset with something I said or did? Please help me. I’m tired of this pain.


She tied the letter to her owl’s leg and watched it fly away. Her arms wrapped around herself and she took one deep, calming breath. She knew Anni will tell her the truth. She turned away and carefully stepped down the slender stairwell of the Owlery tower and made her way to the pitch. It the distance, she could see fellow Gryffindors flying and practicing while they waited for the try outs to start. Slowly, she walked up the bleachers, skipping one with each stride, until she sat in between Lily and Bridget.

She watched James fly into the middle of the pitch and ushered all the other players gathered around him. She could see Albus nervously standing there on the outskirts of the group. “Is Al okay?” Juliette asked quietly as she cracked her knuckles, a nervous habit. “Maybe we should have practiced yesterday. I should’ve put aside my homework.”

“You know he would never have allowed you to do that.” Bridget replied. “He’ll do fine. Better then fine.”

James blew the whistle and started the try outs with the chasers. They cheered as Rose scored goal after goal and seized the quaffle from her opponent. Next up were the keepers. Hugo flew to the goal posts; a confident smirk was on his face. He was the youngest trying out for the position and was obviously not affected by it. The girls screamed with joy as he stopped each ball that sailed towards him. The beaters were next and more then once did Juliette, Bridget and Lily had to duck as an ill aimed bludgers throttled their way.

Finally, it was the seekers turn, Albus was competing again a sixth year that Juliette could never remember the name of. They watched as the two stared down each other before kicking off the ground and flew into the air. James blew the whistle and released the snitch into the air. Silence fell over the pitch as everyone waited for one of the two to make a move. Juliette held her breath and she tightly gripped each hand of Bridget and Lily. “Come on, Albus, you can do this.” She whispered under her breath with her blue gaze fixed on the Potter boy.

Then Albus dove at a breakneck speed, racing to the ground, his hand outstretched before him. Juliette leaned forward and watched as the other player flew after Albus. They were neck and neck, but the other player was too slow as Albus pulled up, cheering. “He caught it!” Bridget screamed as she started to jump up and down. Juliette and Lily soon joined her as they clapped.

Albus landed on the ground with a pleased smile and was greeted by the rest of the team with welcome. Juliette lightly tugged on Bridget’s hand as she led both her and Lily from the stands down to the pitch. But she felt Bridget’s hand pulled out of hers and she turned to look at her questioningly. Bridget was going before Juliette could get an answer and she slowly turned back to see Raelene in Albus’ arms giving him a kiss of congratulations. Juliette sighed before slowly walking over to James. “Looks like the captain has his work cut out for him.” She commented as she lightly elbowed him.

He smiled, “Think we’re going to have a dream team this year. The cup’s ours this year.”

She nodded, “Can’t wait to see it.”

“Spelling of a dream team, why didn’t you try out?” James questioned. “I heard Scorpius say something that the Slytherins would be screwed if you joined the team.”

Juliette laughed, “I’m quite the quidditch player, but I didn’t want to play this year. I need to put school work first.”


She rolled her eyes, “No, I just didn’t want to be the reason Albus didn’t get on the team. He wanted it more then I did.”

James looked over to his little brother, who seemed to be enjoying his new found attention. “Do you think you can help the team anyway? Help me come up with plays and figure out everyone’s strengths and weaknesses?”

Juliette looked up at him for a moment; she bit the inner part of her cheek before she nodded. “Sure. It’ll be a good distraction, so long as it doesn’t interfere with my school work.”

James looked down at her with a raised eyebrow, his emerald eyes had caught her off guard once more and she ignored the flutter her heart made. “Why would you need a distraction?” He asked.

Juliette looked away and before she would realize what was happening. She felt the burning sensation of tears as they filled her eyes and soaked her eyelashes. “Turns out, I don’t have the world’s best boyfriend and if feels like my world is crumbling because of it.” She stammered out and she soon regretted it. The words that she said out loud made a new cut on her heart and it made the whole situation seem far too real. “I have to go.” She whispered before she pulled her hood over her head and rushed out of the pitch. Her pace quickened as she heard James call after her.

Her tears started to fall and blurred her vision as she grew closer to the castle. Her foot slipped on the front step and she fell hard on the stone floor, scraping her knee. She struggled as she tried to stand back up but her body gave out on her and she fell back down.

“Juliette?” James voice whispered as she felt him kneel down next to her and lightly placed his hand on her back to get her attention.

She couldn’t and wouldn’t allow herself to look at him. Her pride wouldn’t allow it. She was a mess and vulnerable, she hated it.

“Juliette,” James whispered once more before he lightly pulled her into a comforting embrace. There, she felt her defenses weakening and her whole body shook she cried into his shoulder. “It’s going to be okay. It’s going to be okay.” He repeated over and over as he stroked her soft brown hair.

“How do you know?” She mumbled against him, she was slowly starting to calm down.

“Because I’m an awesome seer.”

She laughed and he smirked victoriously.

“But seriously, everything will work out for the best. You’ll see.” James explained as he lifted her chin and looked down at her water stained cheeks. “Because you have me and so many other friends here to help pick you back up whenever you’re knocked down by jerks. We still never abandon you, I will never abandon you.”

Juliette examined his face, before she slowly nodded. “Do you think you could help me up now before the others come? I really don’t want them to see me like this.”

He gave a swift nod before he locked one arm around her small waist and lifted her off the ground with ease. She then started to wipe her eyes and cheeks and quickly get rid of any evidence that she had been crying. “How do I look?” She asked, her hands brushing off the back of her jeans.

“Perfect.” He whispered softly before suddenly Lily jumped on his back and ordered him to give her a piggyback ride to the common room, leaving Juliette to watch there confused and unsure what he truly meant.


Juliette walked through the corridors and walkways of Hogwarts with a brisk pace with a smile on her face. It was Halloween and the whole castle was excited for the day’s activities. The Gryffindor House had a costume party planned in the common room and Juliette couldn’t wait to put on her costume. She stepped into the courtyard and looked around to see Rose and Bridget sitting beneath a grand oak. Bridget was fiddling around with a guitar while Rose was reading a book. Juliette walked over to them and sat down carefully to make sure her black pencil skirt didn’t ride up too high. That day, she really didn’t want to wear her school uniform, she wasn’t in the mood for it. So she wore something that was within the school dress code but it seemed it gained her more attention from the boys. She ignored them.

Juliette leaned over and lifted Rose’s book so she could read the cover title. “You’re a Jane Austen fan?” She questioned and Rose blushed.

“It’s a hard read,” Rose explained. “And I’m a hopeless romantic.”

“That explains why she’s living her own version of Romeo and Juliet.” Bridget said her finger strumming out a simple scale.

Rose glared, “That’s Shakespeare not Austen.”

“I know,” The blond replied. “But it’s the love story that best fits yours.”

Rose sighed, “I plan on easing Dad into the news over the holidays.”

“Don’t do it on Christmas,” Juliette giggled. “Might ruin the festivities. According to James, you guys have massive amounts of fun and food.”

Rose shrugged, “What are you doing on Christmas?” What’s the Nott family tradition?”

“Well,” Juliette picked up an orange gold leaf and turned it between her fingers. “This will be my first Christmas home in a long time. When I attended Beaubatons, I just stayed at school for the holidays. One of the reasons why my dad he had me transfer here.”

“Are you excited?”

“A little. I’ll be attending that masquerade the ministry is throwing on Christmas Eve.” Juliette added with an excited smile. “Mother has already sent over the sketches she made of what she’s designing for my dress. It should be fun.”

“Oh, my family will be there as well,” Rose smiled. “Bridget’s coming since she spends every break with our family. She’s been practically adopted by Uncle Harry and Aunt Ginny.”

Bridget blushed, “Only because my father travels a lot for his muggle business. We haven’t had a family Christmas since my mum died. But I don’t have anything for the masquerade since I didn’t know I was going.”

“Don’t worry,” Rose grinned and winked at Juliette. “We’ll make you a fairy tale princess yet.”

They giggled softly until a rather tall silhouette came over them and forced the three girls to look up. Standing before them was Heath Finnigan, Juliette had recognized him as one of the beaters who had tried out and he smiled awkwardly down at them. “Hey Bridget.”

Rose and Juliette’s eyes brows rose in amusement as they turned to look at Bridget. She looked surprised and her cheeks reddened. “Hey, Heath, what’s up? Did you need help with your potions homework again?”

Heath laughed before clearing his throat, “No not this time. I was just wondering…” His voice slowly started too trailed off.

“Yes?” Bridget whispered.

“I saw you playing your guitar and was wondering if you wanted to play with me and my band sometime.” He explained as he struggled to gain his confidence back. “Like, maybe tonight? We’re providing the music for the party… It could be fun.”

Bridget worked down at the instrument in her hands before she returned her gaze back to Heath. Rose lightly nudged her and Bridget nodded slowly. “I would like that.” Her voice was so soft that Juliette was rather surprised that Heath had heard her.

“Great!” He replied. “See you tonight.”

“See you,” Bridget watched him leave in disbelief. “What just happened?” She asked as she looked that the girls next to her.

“I believe you were just asked out by a really cute boy.” Juliette responded as she clapped happily.

“But it wasn’t Albus.”

Rose shrugged, “It’s his lost, no offense to my cousin.”

“Come on,” Juliette blurted out. She stood up and held out her hands to both girls. “Let’s go get ready for this party. Because it’s going to be a little more exciting.”

“What about the feast?” Bridget added in an unsure tone.

Rose linked her arms with Bridget’s, “It can do without us. Anyway, people are going to leave early, so we won’t miss much.”

“But I’m hungry,” Bridget continued.

“James is going to find a way to bring food and butterbeer to the party,” Rose explained. “Come on, don’t you trust us?”

Bridget looked between the two before she allowed them to lead back the Gryffindor tower. Juliette slipped away from the two other girls and walked into her dormitory. She picked her costume up from her bed and looked at it for a moment. A smile formed on her face as her fingers ran over the soft, cool fabric before her. She walked into the bathroom and changed into the costume. With a flick of her wand, the laces of her corset tightened and she turned too looked at her reflection. Her hair was hanging around her shoulders in soft tendrils and her pale complexion was rather plain. She bit her lower lip before she waved her wand. Out of her make up bag, flew her blush, eye shadow and applicators. Soon enough, her face was freshly made up with a smoky shade of blue along her eyes. She could hear the beat of the music and she grabbed her silver woven head band and placed on it on the top of her head.

She twirled and gracefully made her way down to the common room. Before her was her fellow housemates dressed up in colorful costumes and happily chatting with one another. By the fireplace, she saw Heath and Bridget standing over both tuning up their guitars while two other boys played a simple melody. Juliette smiled as she looked over what Bridget wore. The silver sequin top and the hint of red lowlights in Bridget’s hair was a nice touch.

“What are you suppose to be?” James questioned. He offered her a butterbeer and she accepted it happily.

“Christine Daae,” She answered. She laughed as a confused expression washed over his face. “From the Phantom of the Opera.”

“A muggle play?”

“It’s also a book,” She added as she walked around him and made her way further into the room. “What are you?” She asked as she eyed his pirate like coat.

James looked down and shrugged, “Grabbed what I could find. I didn’t put much decision into it. I spent most of my time grabbing stuff to feed all these people.”

“How nice of you.”

“I know right,” James smirked.

Rose suddenly appeared before them, in her green fairy dress and her red hair curly and sparkly, “James I hope you don’t mind, I’m stealing Jewels away from you.” She declared and grabbed Juliette’s hand. She pulled Juliette away from James and immense the dancing Gryffindors.

After several songs, Juliette pulled away from her friends and made her way towards on of the windows. She sat down on the mantel, smoothing out her skirt as she stared out of on the night sky. It was a clear night, and the flickering lights of the stars were visible. It made her smile. But that smile faltered for a moment when she heard a small clicking noise. Outside the window was her owl, a letter in her mouth, waiting to be let in the castle. Juliette opened the window quickly and the bird flew in and dropped the letter on her lap before heading off to its perch at the Owlery. Juliette stared down at the parchment paper for a moment before she slowly picked it up. Her finger broke the red wax seal and she unfolded it. She swallowed and read:

To find the answer you want, the honest one, you have to find it yourself. You won’t believe it until you do…

Before her were Anni’s cryptic words that made Juliette more worried then self assured. She scrunched up the letter into a tight ball and held it in her fist, frustrated. Why can’t things just be easy? For once, she wanted the answer to be clear and straight forward. Not foggy and troublesome.

“Hey,” James smiled. He stood before her, his hands buried into the pockets of his jeans. “Do you want to dance?”

Juliette bit her lower lip and looked down at the letter in her hand. She set it down and slowly slipped off the mantel. “Sure, I would love too.” She replied softly and gave him a weak smile.

He turned and carefully reached out for her hand, leading her towards where the others were. The music had slowed down into a soft melody, and James lightly pulled her towards him. His arms wrapped loosely around her waist and hers around his neck. They swayed to the beat and she couldn’t help it as her smile grew. She rested her head against his shoulder and closed her eyes, enjoying the moment and listening to the song that Heath sang.

“So maybe it’s true, that I can’t live without you.
Well maybe two is better than one
But there’s so much time, to figure out the rest of my life
And you’ve already got me coming undone
And I’m thinking that two is better than one…”

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Re: Ever So Tempted

A/N: okay, here's the next post. I hope you guys like it. :]

Ever So Tempted
Chapter Six: Seeing the Truth

The first snow had graced the grounds of Hogwarts and it caused quite a stir. Snow balls and snowmen appeared all around. It was rather distracting for the most part, and the Professors of the school struggled to keep the attention of their students. Juliette walked from the greenhouses, snuggled in her black wool cloak and her scarlet scarf. She walked by herself, she wasn’t in the mood with dealing with anyone. She wasn’t in the mood with putting a smile on her face when she really wasn’t happy. Anni’s words were still fresh in her mind. What she hated most was the vagueness of those words. She had no idea what her friend meant by them. It could be good… or bad. And the thought of the bad was the thing that was plaguing her mind.

She stepped through the entrance way and slowly looked up to see James waiting for her, his cloak lightly dusted with melting snow. She frowned. “I can’t really talk, James. I need to get to the library for this Herbology assignment that Professor Longbottom has assigned.”

She quickly walked around him but he grabbed her arm and she glared up at him. “Hey, Rose told me about what you’re going through.”

Juliette seethed, “And what exactly am I going through?”

“Michael is ignoring you? That you’re not getting the answers you want to hear from him.” He whispered softly. She felt herself crumbling against his intense green gaze. “What would you say if I can get you what you want?”

“James!” Noelle declared her already annoyingly high voice reached a volume that could break anyone’s eardrums. “What are you doing here, with her?” She questioned as she pushed Juliette out of his grasp.

“I was talking to her,” He growled softly “Am I not allowed to talk to my friends anymore?”

“When they look like her, no.”

“Noelle,” James sighed. “I’m not in the mood for this. I’ll catch up with you later, okay?”

Noelle scowled before she twirled and stormed away. Juliette watched her leave with a scornful expression, “Why does she hate me?” She asked with a snarl. She slowly turned back to James. “Now what were you saying?”

“I can sneak you out of Hogwarts and onto Beaubatons during prank week.”

“What’s prank week?”

“Never mind about that, it’s just a week we use as an excuse to do things and not get detention,” James explained quickly. “Do you want to or not.”

Juliette frowned softly, “Are you sure that we won’t get into trouble?”

James smirked, “We won’t get into trouble, and I’m good at this kind of things. Don’t worry about it, I got it all worked out.”

With a sigh, Juliette slowly nodded and gave him a weak smile. “Okay, if you promise we won’t get into the trouble then sure, I would really like that.” She whispered softly before she started to walk backwards. She turned swiftly and headed towards the library. James watched her with his arms crossed over his chest. He held a small smirk upon his face before he slowly started to make his way towards the Astronomy tower.

Admittedly, James wasn’t helping Juliette out of the kindness of his heart. He had other reasons. He wanted… well; he had no idea what he wanted. The idea that Michael was hurting Juliette was enough to make his blood boil. He couldn’t stand seeing her so upset over a guy he had never laid his eyes on. “James!” brought the boy out of his musing and forced him to turn and to look at his girlfriend storming towards him. He sighed.

“Hey, Elley-bean, what’s up?”

“Don’t Elley-bean me,” Noelle hissed. “I can’t believe you just blew me off for her.”

He sighed, “I didn’t blow you off. Juliette is going through a rough time right now; I was just trying to help.”

“Does she really need your help?” Noelle questioned. “Doesn’t she have other friends who can help her out? Why do you have too?”

“Because I’m the only who can right now,” James quickly explained. “Noelle, please, we’re just friends, there’s no reason why you should be jealous.”

James watched as the Ravenclaw slowly take a deep breath and give him a look that told him that she really didn’t believe him. But she nodded and slowly gave him a light kiss on his cheek. She turned away from him, after giving him a small wave, and made her way towards her next class. He shook his head and slowly turned to see a rather tall, slightly lanky boy stand before him. James raised a brow at Matthias Longbottom, who seemed to have a rather amused look upon his face. “She doesn’t seem to trust you, mate.”

James rolled his eyes and brushed past his fellow Gryffindor, “What’s up Matt.”

Matthias followed behind him, his long legs helped him keep up with his friend rather easily, and readjusted his book bag on his shoulder. “Nothing much, just watching you and your girlfriend.” He explained.

“So you enjoy stalking me now?” James asked his voice filled with laughter.

“Yes, yes I do.” his friend replied. “Because the chance of watching you make an arse of yourself is always enjoyable.”

“How did I make an arse of myself this time?” James asked as he stepped into the Astronomy class and slumped into his usual seat in the third row. Matthias sat beside him.

Matthias slowly leaned back, his head resting against the palms of his hand. “You’re dating Noelle when you like Juliette. You’re going to help Ju-Ju to find out whether or not her French boyfriend is a jerk. What happens if or when he turns out to be the perfect boyfriend? What are you going to do?”

James’ amusement fell, but he just shrugged, “I don’t know. But Juliette needs to know the truth. Whatever the truth actually is, she deserves to know. I don’t like seeing her like this.”

“Well that’s nice of you,” Matthias declared. “But you seriously can’t do this all by yourself. Prank week or not. That map or the cloak isn’t going to be enough.” James gave him a glare, but Matthias shrugged it off. He knew that James didn’t like talking about the map or the cloak in a public place like a classroom where anyone could walk in or overhear. But the room was empty, so Matthias continued. “Let me help.”

James raised a brow, “You want to help?”

“Yeah, if that French prat turns out to be a complete ****, I would be more then happy to help you kicking his bony little arse for you.”

“What if it turns out he’s stronger then us?”

“Then we run like hell.”


Juliette sat quietly on the couch of the Gryffindor common room, she stared down at her Defense homework not exactly sure what was before her. Not that she truly cared; her focus wasn’t on the proper use of the spell. A small tap fell on her shoulder and she turned to see both James and Matthias standing before her dressed completely in black. Matthias stood with a big bundle of something that Juliette couldn’t tell what it was. Confused, Juliette closed her book and slowly stood up. “What are you doing? Trying to win a James Bond look a like?”

Matthias smirked, “Nice muggle reference.”

“Thank you.”

“Okay,” James declared as he rolled his bright green eyes. “Come on, we have to move fast if this is going to work.”

“What’s going to work?” Juliette questioned as she crossed her arms over her chest.

“We’re going to France… Remember?”

“You were serious?”

“Very serious,” James and Matthias replied.

Juliette frowned and tossed her book back to the couch, “We will get in trouble, if not here most definitely there.”

Matthias shook his head, his brown curls bouncing around, “I do believe this girl is doubting our skills of stealth and breaking the rules.” He stated as he shifted the bundle in his arms. “But we really got to go; my dad will be making his rounds soon. So convince her we have everything under control.” He gave Juliette a wink before he turned around and made his way towards the portrait hole.

Juliette looked up at James with an unsure frown. As much as she wanted to go but she was scared of finding out the truth. She stared into his deep eyes and took a deep, slow breath. “Okay, let’s go.”

James smiled and lightly took her hand. He led her out of the common room and before Juliette knew it, Matthias covered them all under a cloak. “What are you doing?” Juliette hissed softly. Matthias flinched under her gaze.

“It’s called an invisibility cloak, now shush or we will get caught.” James explained as he guided the others down a corridor. Juliette fell silent and tried to map out where they were going. But she was unfamiliar with Hogwarts at night, everything looked different and the shadows that were cast by the candle light made things looked more… frightening.

Soon before them was a statue of a one eyed witch by what Juliette guessed as the Defense against the Dark Arts classroom. Matthias reached out and tapped his wand against the hump of the statue, and whispered, “Dissendium.” Juliette’s mouth fell open as the hump opened to reveal a hidden passageway. “Ladies’ first.” Matthias muttered softly and he lightly pushed her forward. She stumbled inside with James after her while Matthias closed the passage.

“Just keep moving forward, we should be reaching the basement of Honeydukes soon.”

“The basement of Honeydukes? And how do you expect us not to get caught?” Juliette questioned, frustration was very evident in her voice.

“Because we’re going to apparate out of there before anyone is going to get suspicious.” Matthias voice explained from behind her.

“I can’t apparate.”

“James and I can,” Matthias added with a sigh. “We’re lucky that Aunt Hermione was awesome enough to take us to Paris, but we need you to help us access Beaubatons. Stop asking questions, just go with it. It’s what I do when James comes up with these schemes.”

Juliette frowned but followed his instructions. Her frown increased when she could have sworn she heard James chuckle. But they walked in silence for almost ten minutes before James cleared his throat. “We’re off school grounds now, we can apparate. Juliette it’s going to be a tight squeeze and well, not fun.” He explained softly as she felt his hand grasp hers.

She took a deep breath and nodded, “Okay.”

“Voir-vous dans les rues de Paris!” Matthias laughed before they heard a pop and he was gone.

“He speaks French?” Juliette gasped but James left her question unanswered and she was suddenly pushed against him and was sucked up an invisible and rather tight tube. The feeling went away and Juliette stumbled away from the Potter boy gasping for breath as her stomach heaved violently. She felt a comforting hand placed on her back and she looked up at James’ concerned stare. “I’m okay,” She whispered before she slowly stood up.

“Okay, well this next part is all yours Ju-Ju.” Matthias declared. Juliette turned to glare at him while he bounced on the balls of his feet.

“Beaubatons, like Hogwarts is hard to find. Its location is not clearly marked,” Juliette sighed as she stood straight. “And since I’m no longer a student, I wouldn’t be able to access it. How much research did you do before you planned this out?”

Matthias glared at James who held up his hands in surrender, “Hey, I don’t do research. I thought since Matt said he would help, he would do the homework.” James flinched as Matthias punched him in the arm/

Juliette growled in frustration and her head fell, “Great.”

“You’re lucky I foresaw this or you all would be out of luck.” Juliette’s head shot back up quickly and whipped around to see a rather tiny girl with honey gold hair and shocking silver eyes. Juliette smiled and rushed towards the young girl.

“Anni!” She declared with excitement as her arms wrapped around the girl’s small frame. James and Matthias looked at each other in confusion before Juliette stepped away and shook her head. “James, Matt. I would like you to meet my good and very wise friend, Antoinette Jean Beaumont.”

“How did she know that we would be here?” Matt questioned as he eyed Antoinette slowly but surely.

The young woman simply crossed her arms over her chest, “Keep your eyes in your sockets, you pervert.” She growled softly, her accent growing thicker the more irritated she became. Juliette quickly placed her hand on Antoinette’s shoulder in a calming manner. She knew that once Anni got angry, once she allowed her emotions take control, Anni was a powerful witch that no one would want her wand pointed at them. “And to answer your question, like I said I foresaw it.”

“Foresaw it?” James asked dumbly.

Juliette sighed, “She’s a seer, Beauxbatons pride and joy. Now come on, she’s our way into the white castle.” Antoinette carefully linked her arm with Juliette’s and she turned them back down the street she came from. James raked his fingers through his messy black hair and he and Matthias quickly followed behind, both unsure if they should believe Juliette. Neither James nor Matt was very good at Divination.

They turned down a small aisle and Antoinette’s wand tapped the brick wall before them and swiftly a doorway appeared before them. “You know, why can’t these schools have a normal way to get on campus?” Matthias thought out loud as he carefully and cautiously followed the two girls into the very thing walkway.

“Where would the fun be in that?” James replied from behind his friend.

Juliette smiled softly while she walked warily behind Antoinette, being sure that she didn’t step on Antoinette’s Achilles’ heel. “It’s so that muggles don’t stumble across the schools. We do not want them to discover magic.” Antoinette explained softly.

“Salem’s Witch Trials all over again.” Juliette added.

“You’ve been studying your history of magic,” James smirked.

“Unlike you James,” Juliette retorted, “I care about the grades I receive.”

“The girl has spunk.” Matthias interjected.

Antoinette loudly cleared her throat before she pushed open a heavy pearl white stone door, “Welcome too Beauxbatons Academy of Magic.” She declared her soft voice filled with vibrant giggles. “Juliette you should head towards the Chambers of the Headmasters and Headmistresses portraits. You know that’s where Michael likes to consort.”

Juliette frowned, “Why would he-”

“I cannot tell you what I know,” Antoinette snapped. She gave her friend a stern look. “You did read my response to your letter.”

Juliette slowly nodded, “okay, take James and Matt to the conservatory. I’ll meet you there.”

James took a step towards her, “Are you sure you want to go alone?”

“She has too,” Antoinette replied with a shake of her head.

“It’s okay,” Juliette whispered. “You’ve been a great friend, but I can go the rest of the way on my own. I have too.”

James nodded as he watched her turn and left him. He glanced behind him and looked at his friend and Antoinette. “How about that conservatory?” He smiled softly and it grew when Antoinette smiled as well.

“It’s rather pretty; I think you guys will like it.”

“How are we not going to get caught?” Matthias sighed, “Isn’t there faculty not going to like the fact that you’re out of bed?”

“Our curfew is later then yours. Some of our classes required the moonlight and moon phases.” Antoinette explained. Her arms linked each of theirs and carefully led down a passage opposite of Juliette’s.

Juliette stood there watching that passage until she could no longer hear their laughter or their voices. She released a slow and unsteady breath before she pulled out her wand. “Lumos.” The tip of her wand glowed in a bright white light and she walked slowly towards a familiar place. The Chambers of the portraits of the deceased head administrators of the school was a place that Michael and she often visited during the school year. But she didn’t understand why Michael would be there. He said it was their special place but she soon found out that it wasn’t so special. She stopped at the entrance of the chamber, her mouth had fallen open but she surprised to see her boyfriend in a passionate embrace of another girl. But what actually surprised her was who the girl actually was. Camille Beaulieu was one red head that Juliette could not stand.

Loudly, Juliette cleared her throat and crossed her arms over her chest, “I guess it’s obvious that you’ve been too busy to write.”

Michael and Camille broke apart and the golden boy that Juliette thought she loved looked shocked at the fact that she now stood before him. “Juliette, mon amour!” He declared as he stepped towards her but he was sent flying back and slammed hard against the wall behind him. Several portraits fell and Camille quickly backed away in a small attempt to dodge them.

“Stay, you arrogant cochon,” Juliette hissed as her wand pointed directly at Camille’s smug face.

“Juliette, please let me explain.” Michael gasped as he struggled to stand again. But Juliette’s wand flicked back towards him and floated in the air for a moment before he slammed hard against the stone floor.

“Save it, for someone who cares.” Juliette hissed and with that, she turned and ran from the room. Her pace quickened when she heard Michael call her and she couldn’t stop the tears from falling from her blue eyes.

She burst through the glass French doors of the conservatory and gasped for air. “Can we leave now?” She cried, not even trying to hide the fact that she was crying. It was no use.

The blue glow butterflies that were flying around Matthias head stopped flying and James’ smile fell. Juliette couldn’t meet Antoinette’s knowing gaze as James walked towards her and pulled her into a tight hug. “Let’s get you home.” He whispered softly into her ear and he guided her out of the room, Antoinette and Matthias followed behind.

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Re: Ever So Tempted

A/N: So here's the next chapter, I'm not so sure about this one. It's filler for me and I really had no muse for it. I hope you guys can't tell, but anyway, here it is. I hope you guys like it.

Ever So Tempted
Chapter Seven: For Good

The Hogsmeade train station was covered in a blanket of white snow and Juliette sat upon her trunk as she waited, like every other student who was going home for the holidays, for the Hogwarts Express. Her very swollen blue eyes stared down the track and she watched patiently for the train to appear around the bend. All she wanted was to go home to her parents and just heal from the heartache that plagued her. She couldn’t stop tracing the finger that once held Michael’s promise ring. She had thrown in off the Astronomy tower as soon as she, James and Matthias returned from their trip. Her finger felt so empty and barren to the point that she couldn’t help but to wish for the ring back and the feeling that had came with it.

Juliette was well aware that she was being watched by the clan of Gryffindors. They had been doing do for a week now but none of them seemed brave enough to talk to her. Of course whenever they tried, she growled and snapped responses. Truthfully, she was isolating herself and at this point, she really didn’t care. But her surprise, Scorpius set down his trunk and like her, he sat upon it. “Bonjour,” he said happily and Juliette grumbled a reply. Scorpius laughed, “Juliette please try to remember that I’m no the prick who broke your heart.”

She flinched, “I know.”

“Then stop treating me and everyone else like we killed your cat,” he said in a cold and stern tone that made Juliette’s lower lip quiver. He saw that and he quickly wrapped his arm around her shoulder. “I’m sorry, I don’t mean to be mean.”

Unwillingly, Juliette smiled. Scorpius always seemed to make her laugh, no matter how miserable was. He simply brought a grin to her face. “It’s okay. I’ve been rather awful lately. I really need to snap out of it.”

“Awful? I don’t think that’s the right word to describe how you have been,” Scorpius chuckled until Juliette glared. “I mean, you’ve been a little ray of sunshine like you always are.”

“No I haven’t, but thanks for lying.”

“No problem, I was simply saving my arse,” Scorpius chortled. “Here comes the train.”

“Finally,” Juliette sighed as she carefully stood up. The bright red engine pulled before them and Juliette closed her eyes for a moment. It was only a few more hours until she was in the safety of her home. She could hide away and wallow in peace. She stepped on the train, heaving her trunk behind her with Scorpius close behind. They made their way down the corridor until she pushed her way into an empty compartment. Scorpius lifted their trunks up and over their heads until they were secure on the shelves. Juliette fell into the seat by the window and yawned. The palms of her hands roughly rubbed her eyes, “Ready for the holidays?” She asked. She blinked at him.

Scorpius grunted, “Am I ready to deal with my father and his nonsense? No. Am I ready for my mom’s Christmas pudding? Yes.”

“Christmas pudding? That does sound good.”

“And my mum makes the best.”

Juliette smiled, “Planning on telling your dad about Rose?”

“Can I come over if he blows up?”

“Of course,” Juliette replied. “But I can’t promise we will have pudding though.”

Scorpius smirked before he leaned back in his seat and crossed on leg over the other. “I’ll survive.”

Juliette nodded and allowed her eyes to slowly flutter close. A little nap would make the ride seem to go faster, and faster was what she wanted. But her eyes shot open when the compartment door shot open and fireworks blew up over their heads. Both Juliette and Scorpius ducked in surprise. Through the thin veil of smoke, James and Albus stepped inside the compartment, laughing. “Feeling any better?” James asked. He fell into the seat next to Juliette.

“Well now I’m a little worried that my hair might by on fire.” She replied sarcastically.

“Nope you’re good.”

Juliette wrinkled her nose at James before she slowly crossed her arms over her chest. “Where are the girls?”

“Rose has prefect duty and Lily is with a guy that I don’t know and I’m struggling to find a reason not to punch his lights out.” James explained with a shrug.

“How about detention the very day we get back from break?” Albus suggested. “Bridget is hanging out with Heath.” He added bitterly as he sat down next to Scorpius. The two boys made sure there was a good amount of distance between them.

“Detention is no big deal.”

“Of course you would say that, James.” Juliette added. She slowly lowered herself into her seat, getting more comfortable. Juliette couldn’t help but to smile out of amusement. “You enjoy detention.”

“Why would you say that,” James retorted. “I like doing stuff that usually lands me in detention, not actually getting detention.”

“Oh, so the detention is just a prize in the end?” Juliette quickly added before she snuggled into her cloak. “Now let me sleep, please.” She concluded. Her eyes closed once more and this time no one bothered her.


Slowly, Juliette stepped off the train and looked around the platform for her parents. Only just a few feet away, there they were standing waiting for her with smiling faces. She gave them a weak before it faltered as she walked towards them slowly. Gabrielle frowned and quickly pulled her daughter into a tight hug while Theodore took a hold of Juliette’s trunk. “What happened?” He grumbled softly. “Last time I saw you, you were happy. Did something happen at the school?” He asked as he sent an angry stare towards James and Albus who had just stepped off the train. Scorpius soon followed.

“It’s not their fault,” Juliette snapped. She hit her father on his forearm as hard as she could while still in her mother’s comforting embrace. “Michael wasn’t who I thought he was. You’ll be happy to hear that we are no longer together.” She mumbled out. New tears formed in her eyes and she gave a frustrated growl at the feel of them. Her mother only held her tighter.

Theodore’s expression turned stonier, the Potter boys, and Scorpius all shrank under his hard gaze. If they didn’t know any better they would have thought the man was ready to kill. “Come on, let’s get her home Gabrielle.” He muttered softly. “Scorpius, your father had asked me to pick you up, come on.”

Scorpius nodded quickly, and made his way towards the Nott family as fast as he could. He figured that this wasn’t a time to delay. “Thanks Mr. Nott.” He muttered.

“You can stay for dinner if you want, Scorpius,” Gabrielle quickly added. It seemed that her husband had forgotten his manners. “We’re having Jewels’ favorite.”

Juliette lifted her head, “Spaghetti in meat sauce?” She asked in surprise, her smile growing.

Her mother nodded slowly, “I actually got your father in the kitchen with me. He made the salad.”

Juliette looked to her father, who ran his hand through his dark hair uncomfortably. Her smile grew even more and she officially was glad to be home. “Well let’s get going, I can’t believe I missed the chance of my father cooking. Scorpius you should stay for dinner.”

“I was planning on it,” Scorpius replied. He was rather amused by the whole situation.

Theodore nodded, “Let’s go then.” He muttered as he turned and led the way through the barrier and into Kings Cross Station. Juliette and Scorpius waved goodbye to James and Albus, who stared slightly bewildered, and quickly followed behind Mr. Nott. He unlocked the trunk of his muggle car, and Juliette smirked at the fact that he didn’t struggle with it like the last time they had came to this station. He lifted her trunk into the back compartment of the car, and then Scorpius’ as well. The whole lot got into the car, and soon, Theodore pulled out of the lot and made his way home.

Gabrielle turned on the radio and quickly skimmed through the stations, “Muggles don’t have any good music.” She muttered under her breath after she shot off the machine. Theodore chuckled lightly before he pulled on a familiar London street. Juliette pressed her forehead against the cool window of the car and watched as the city’s homes passed her by. Her father pulled into the drive and she quickly stepped out. The small two stories home looked small to a muggles’ eyes, but as she pushed through the front door, the entry way expanded before her eyes. The Nott family manor was home and felt warm and welcoming.

“Welcome home,” Gabrielle smiled as she placed her cloak on the hanger. Juliette nodded and slowly made her way up the grand staircase. She pushed her way into her room and she slowly let out a relieved sigh. Her pale yellow walls and her grand French doors that led to her balcony lay before her. The brunette fell on her bed and curled into the white puff coverlet. She took in the fresh lavender smell and looked up at the sound of Scorpius’ laughter. She lifted her head to watch as the young boy stepped further into her room. “Man, my father likes to brag about our home. But I think this place can give the manor a run for its money.”

“Well we don’t have peacocks.”

Scorpius snorted, “That is true.”

She rested back on her bed and Scorpius fell beside her, “My father is going to kill you if he finds you here.”

“Tell Rose how much I care if he does.” He muttered as he closed his eyes.

“You should.”

“I do all the time,” Scorpius sighed, “Well, as much as I can at the risk of being teased by my friends.”

“Those darn Slytherins.”



Things just happen; Juliette never had planned any of it. She found it quite interesting how it happens, but she found herself alone in her home curled up next to the fire and looking down at the notes and homework she was trying to sift through before the winter break came to an end. Like many times before, she had declined the invitation to the Weasley home. All she wanted was to heal and keep to herself. Her friends didn’t deserve to see her unhappy. They didn’t need to suffer along with her. They had nothing to do with it, it was all her. She rested her head on the edge of the Italian couch and stared into the fire. Her thoughts had wondered back to Michael, like they always did when she was alone, and all she could do was wonder what had happened. How could someone do what Michael did? How could a person care for another then just stop?

The golden flames almost instantly turned emerald and soon enough, James Potter stepped out of them and looked down at her. His hands rubbed the soot off his cloak and she was greeted by his mischievous laughter. “You decided to stay home to do homework instead of going through Rose’s sleepover spectacular?” He asked as he walked towards her and undid the clasp to his cloak.

Juliette jumped up, surprised that he was even here, “I have a lot to get done!” She defended. She placed her hands on her hips defiantly and looked up into his green eyes. “What are you doing here? I don’t remember extending an invitation.”

Without hesitation, James fell onto the couch and combed his fingers through his hair. “Well I knew that your parents would be at the ministry gala thing that my parents are attending, and since Rose said that you said no to the sleepover I figured that you were here all alone. I thought that you shouldn’t be all by yourself.”

“What if I want to be?”

“Really?” James questioned. His soft, aggressive tone in his voice made her heart skip for a moment. “You really want to be all by yourself, after having the guy you loved treat you like you were common trash?”

His words came at her like a splash of cold water and all she could do was glare at the boy before her. “What do you know? I highly doubt you’ve been treated like this. Why do you care?”

“Because you’re my friend.”

His answer was so simple and so honest that Juliette regretted her harsh tone. But still, James was here unannounced and uninvited. “Why are you here?”

James sighed and leaned forward, his elbows lightly rested against the thigh of his legs. She watched as the fabric of his dark gray sweater slowly stretch over his arm muscle and she swallowed hard. “Noelle and I had another fight. I just wanted to get out and I figured you would too.” He explained his intense stare meeting hers.

She glanced away, “Well, all I’m doing homework, I doubt you want to watch me do that.”

“Put it away and come with me to the Leaky Cauldron,” James replied rather quickly. “Let’s see if we can convince Tom to give us some firewhiskey or something. Or we could walk around Diagon Alley and get some last minute Christmas shopping done.”

Juliette looked at him for a moment before she slowly nodded, “Let me change into some normal clothes. I don’t want to go to Diagon Alley in my pajamas.” She indicated to the very large sweatshirt and black leggings that she wore before she knelt down carefully and started to clean up her mess. With all her things in one stack on her arm, she rushed out of the family room and up the stairs. “Ten minutes top.” She called before she slammed her bedroom door shut behind her.

James gave a long and loud sigh as he looked around the room before him. The only light was the roaring fire in the hearth of the chimney, so everything seemed far more dramatic then it was. He stood up and made his way across the room to pick up a small silver picture frame. He smiled as he looked up a five year old version of Juliette with two curly pig tails and a frog in her hands. She had a happy and wide smile upon her face and he couldn’t help but to wish to see that smile on her face again. He heard a small cough and he turned around to see Juliette standing before him, looking as pretty as ever. She wore a bright green t-shirt underneath a gray cardigan with a pair of dark denim skinny jeans neatly tucked into a pair of gray leather knee high boots. Her hair fell out of a white knitted beret and her bright blue eyes looked up at him as she smiled unsurely. In her arms was her black wool cloak, James stepped forward and took it out of her hands. “Do I look alright?” Juliette asked as she watched him place it on her shoulders.

“You always look alright,” James laughed. He grabbed his cloak and placed it upon his own shoulders.

“Just alright.”

James looked at her as if she was joking, “Ju-ju, you’re the prettiest girl in all of England. But please don’t tell Noelle I said that, because I’m already in deep trouble with her.”

“Why don’t you go and talk to her,” Juliette quietly suggested. “I really don’t have to go Diagon Alley.”

“She threw a curling iron at my head,” He sighed. “I don’t want to talk with her when she’s going to get mad because I choose my family over her. I’m not going to back down this time. Come on.”

James reached the Chimney and grabbed a handful of floo powder from the bowl that was sitting on the mantle. He tossed it in, the flames erupting green and he stepped inside. “Diagon Alley.” He disappeared and Juliette took a deep breath.

She grabbed her own handle of the powder and tossed it in. With her eyes shut, she stepped inside and yelled, “Diagon Alley,” and went hurtling through the floo network. Chimney after chimney zoomed by until she abruptly stopped at the fireplace of the Leaky Cauldron. James’ hand reached out and she took it gratefully. Her head was still spinning, but she managed to walk out and onto the main floor of the pub. “The wizardry world has the oddest ways of traveling.” She muttered as she wiped her shoulders to get rid of the soot.

“Do they need to work on making something far more user friendly?” James asked with a laugh.

Juliette frowned but followed him to the back alley. She watched him as he tapped his wand against the back wall until it slowly moved into the entrance to Diagon Alley. Before them was the busy little town, adults and children alike rushing around to finish their shopping. Juliette smiled softly, now glad that James had dragged her along.

“Where too first Ms. Nott?” James asked formally. He bowed dramatically.

She laughed and shook his head, “I need to find something for Rose, but I have no idea what to get her.”

“Jewelry? Girls like friendship bracelets right?”

Juliette looked up at James, “Is that what she wants?”

“I have no idea,” He replied. “Isn’t that what girls give each other. That and perfume and other good smelling stuff.”

Juliette sighed, he was no help. “Come on; let’s get going before all the stores close.” She quickly pushed her way through the crowd. She looked up at the names of the shops and had no idea where to go first.

“Hey Nott!” Juliette turned to see who called her, or who called her last name and she was greeted by a large snowball hitting dead center of her face. Her mouth fell open, and she wiped as much of the cold frozen water off her nose. When she looked up she found James leaning against one the buildings, laughing far harder then he should.

“You threw that?” She growled as she slowly grabbed a bit of snow.

“Maybe.” James answered through his chuckles.

She walked towards him, slow and lethal, before she stood before him. She slammed the snow in her hand into the side of his face and smirked as he stared down at him. “And maybe I didn’t do that.” She slowly started to back up as he walked towards her.

“You shouldn’t have done that.” He said simply a ball of snow already in his hands.

“Oh yeah,” She counted, “I think I had every right.”

But before she could react, James stormed towards her. His right arm locked around her waist and pressed her against him while his other hand lightly shoved the snowball into the top of her head. The snow slowly dripping down and the tips of her hair becoming very wet and plastered themselves to her face. She laughed and wiggled, trying her best to get out of James’ grasp but it was no use. He held her tight.

“James?” A soft voice whispered and the two turned to look and see Noelle standing there, looking rather hurt.

They jumped apart, and Juliette stood awkwardly as she watched as the two before her stared at each other. A fight was about to ensue and all Juliette was thinking about was how angry she was that Noelle was interrupting her fun and alone time with James. She was reminded once more, that she can’t always get what she wanted.

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Re: Ever So Tempted

A/N: so i'm sorry for not posting, life's been a little hectic lately. hopefully after this week, posts will come more frequently. but anyway, here's the next post.

Ever So Tempted
Chapter Eight: A Beautiful Nightmare

Deprived of physical sensation or the ability to move. That was the very definition of being numb and it also was what Juliette Nott was going through at this particular moment. She watched as James and Noelle argued before her, if you could call it arguing. It was more like Noelle yelling and James apologizing. Every time he said I'm sorry it was another cut that was placed on Juliette's heart. The sad thing was she knew she shouldn't feel this. She knew that James had a girlfriend and she wasn't her. She had to glance away when the two finally made up. They finalized it with a kiss. She couldn't bring herself to watch that. "I really should go, have fun you two," Juliette whispered and she turned away to quickly rush back to the Leaky Cauldron. She heard James call her name but that only made her run faster.

She stepped out of the Nott family fireplace with tears in her eyes only to be instantly pulled into a warm embrace, her senses were greeted by the familiar smell of strawberries. "Anni? What are you doing here?" Juliette declared as she turned her gaze away from Antoinette's honey brown hair to see Antoinette's older brother, Nicolas, standing there beside their bags.

"I know you were going to need me," Antoinette took a step back and smiled. "And anyway, Nicolas had an internship with your father so I thought I could tag along."

Juliette frowned and ran her hand through her brown hair, "It's hard being friends with a seer, you know that?"

"Try being her brother."

Juliette shook her head at the smirk that appeared on Nicolas' ruggedly handsome face. She had enough with confident, no, arrogant boys for one day. "My parents are not going to like unexpected visitors." Juliette sighed as she looked back to her friend.

Antoinette simply smiled, "I already wrote to your mother, she has our rooms ready."

Juliette fell down on the couch, her fingers quickly worked to remove her cloak, "Of course."

Antoinette and Nicolas sat down beside her, "You really shouldn't let that girl get to you." Antoinette sighed as she looked down at her well groomed nails.

"It's not her!" Juliette snapped. "It's him. I let myself... I let myself think there's more when there's just friendship. I'm the foolish idiot."

"It's bit the time to close your heart."

"You should talk."

Juliette cringed as the words came tumbling out of her mouth. She watched as a hurt expression spread across her best friend's face and she soon regretted speaking without thinking. Nicolas cleared his throat, "Before a cat fight ensues, Anni is right, closing off your heart is never a good idea. But Antoinette you of all people should know that things always work out the way they're suppose too, especially when it comes to love." The girls looked to the young man next to them in surprise. It wasn't like Nicolas to speak wisely, let alone intelligently. "Hey, I grew up over last summer, did you?" He stood a grabbed his duffel bag. "Where's the bed I'm sleeping in?"

"Guy get's a girlfriend and he thinks he knows everything," Antoinette grumbled as she stood up and grabbed her bag as well.

With a deep breath, Juliette stood and wrapped her arm around Antoinette's shoulder. "Come on, let's find where my mother has placed you."

The next morning, Juliette found herself deep within her thick bed covers, staring up at the ceiling. Today was Christmas Eve and also the day of the Ministry's masquerade. Her dress and its soft black satin hung on the door of her wardrobe, ready to be worn. But she wasn't sure if she had even want to go. She didn't want to face James again, not when she was feeling so unsure of herself and what she was feeling. Her heart couldn't handle it anymore.

Her door sprung open and Juliette looked to see Lily and Rose walk into her room. She frowned and ducked under the covers. "What are you doing here?" She asked her voice muffled by the fabric over her head.

Rose and Lily fell on top of her, "What happened last night? James came home with a sad puppy face." Lily explained as she pulled the covers off of Juliette's head. "All I got our of him was that you two went to Diagon Alley and it ended badly."

"I shouldn't have gone with him."

"Why?" Rose questioned.

"Because he's with Noelle," Juliette sighed.

Lily groaned, "She's a piece of work. She came over for breakfast. We just left."

"James doesn't love her," Rose said simply as if she was stating an obvious fact.

"He has to love her to put up with her antics." Juliette retorted and buried herself further under her covers.

"He thinks you're still unavailable. He doesn't realize that you love him too." Rose sighed.

"I do not love James," Juliette growled. "We're just friends."

"Friends who want to snog each other," Lily added with a giggle.

"Stop lying," Antoinette declared as she walked into Juliette's room.

Juliette glared at all of them, "Why is everyone so concerned about my love life?"

"Because everything with Bridget and Albus seem okay, so we've moved on to you," Lily explained. "Also because it involves my oldest brother."

"My cousin," Rose added.

"And my best friend," Antoinette concluded.

Juliette sat up and stared at the three girls as if they all were insane, "I just got out of a dramatic situation and I don't want to enter another."

Antoinette took a step forward, "But we have a plan."

"Well stop it," Juliette ordered as she stood out of bed and grabbed her robe. She stormed out of her room only to run into the chest of James. She stumbled back to see his awkward smile. "What are you doing here, James?"

"Came to check on you and see if you wanted to hang out."

"What about your girlfriend?"

James frowned, "Since when have you cared about Noelle?"

"Since last night when she called me a home-wrecker," Juliette glared as she stormed past him and made her way down the main stair. But James chased after her.

"She was mad I couldn't stop her from saying those things."

"You didn't even correct her."

"I was too busy yelling at her. She insulted me too."

She reached the bottom step and twirled around swiftly, forcing James to jump back. "What am I to you?" Because it seems I'm just the girl you come to when things in your relationship gets rocky."

"You know that's not true. You're my friend, one of my closest." He sighed.

"Is there something wrong here?" Theodore's voice broke through the tension and made everyone to look over at him. Mr. Nott stood with his arms crossed and he held a rather intimidating aura.

Juliette shook her head, "Nothing father, James was just leaving."

James glared down at her for a moment, in that moment that Juliette could bring herself to look back at him, before he growled softly. He stepped around Juliette and stormed towards the grand front door. He stopped and turned to look at Juliette, "By the way, just so everyone knows," His gaze moved away from Juliette to look at his sister and cousin. "I broke up with Noelle this morning, so you guys can stop complaining." He left it at that as he opened the door and slammed it behind him.

Juliette stood there, staring at the door as if she had expected him to come walking back through but he didn't. James never did what she expected. Antoinette stepped behind her and placed a comforting hand on her back. "Come on, trust me, everything is going to be okay."

Juliette turned and shook her head, "Antoinette please, just leave it alone. This is not a fairy tale, its reality. And it's turning out to be a nightmare." She turned away and rushed past her father. "I'm not going to the ball tonight."


Juliette sat on her terrace snuggled deep with her warm fleece blanket with a warm cup of hot chocolate in her hands. She looked out at the white covered ground of her childhood home. The night sky was clear and still while the air was cool and crisp. She turned when she heard a knock and saw Nicolas standing there, "Your parents left, they wanted me to tell you that they say goodnight." He explained as he fell onto the seat next to hers.

"How did mum look?"

"Gorgeous, I don't know how your father got her to marry him," Nicolas replied.

"Charm, wit, and sincerity."

"I have all that," Nicolas smirked.

Juliette smiled, "That's why you have a girlfriend."

"Yeah, I'm awesome."

"You're a dork."

"Yeah well, you're an idiot for letting Michael's antics and your serious issues get to you and forcing yourself to miss a pretty fun party." Nicolas countered.

She wrinkled her nose and glared, "I really don't want to go."

"Yes you do."

"How do you know?"

"I know you like I know my sister," Nicolas sighed. "And you want to go to that Christmas ball so you can convince that James kid that you're the one for him before he decides to go back to his ex."

"I'm not a rebound."

"By the way he was looking at you," Nicolas retorted. "You'll never be a rebound. Come on Cinderella, time to get your real prince charming."

Juliette glanced away, unsure. She didn't know if she had enough courage. She was a Gryffindor without a brave heart.

"Come on, you have nothing to lose," Nicolas added.

"Except my heart."

A/N gonna end it there. Please give feedback!


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