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Albus Potter and the Resurection Stone

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Old February 17th, 2011, 10:12 pm
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Albus Potter and the Resurection Stone

I'm not sure how long this will be but it will be about Albus' first year at hogwarts. Pleas leave feedback.

Chapter 1: A New Year

Albus opened the glass door to the compartment on the end and quietly slid into a seat followed by his cousin Rose. Across from them sat a boy who appeared to be about their age and very absorbed in his pet rat to the point that he had not noticed their arrival. Albus did not mind this, in fact he was rather pleased because he knew that the faster it was out that the great Harry Potter's son was at Hogwarts the faster he would lose his own personal peace.

He was completely immersed in his own thoughts when his thought bubble was shattered.
"Hello I'm Rose and this is Al. We're first years are you?" Rose kindly said to the boy in the corner. This was the first time that the boy had looked up from his rat so that they could see his face. He was a short, stocky boy with a thick layer of dark brown matted hair across his scalp.

"I'm Nigel, Nigel Plunk. I'm a first year too." Then he added, "You two look alike, are you related?"

Rose responded, "actually we're cousins but we are very close and see each other often." Her eyes then trailed to a small silvery trinket that Nigel was fidgeting with and she asked, "I don't mean to be rude but what exactly is that?"

"Oh that," Nigel said with an ear to ear smile across his face, "that is an apparro. My dad made it, you see he's an inventor so he invents all sorts of magical objects. I believe this is supposed to be able to let you apparate when you are inside Hogwarts. he gave it to me as a send off gift. What do your parents do?"

Albus was filled with dread as soon as he heard this even though he knew that it would come up sooner or later but before he had time to think of a response, Rose jumped in, "well our dad's are aurors-"

"So your dad's work for 'Arry Potter. Did you know that his second kid is coming to Hogwarts this year?" Nigel interrupted.

"Actually I did know that because Harry Potter is Al's dad and my uncle," Rose responded.

"Merlin's beard! Why didn't you tell me sooner!? That also means that you are the daughter of Ron and Hermione! You guys are going to be like celebrities at Hogwarts!" Nigel practically shouted, "nice to meat you guys, really its an honor."

"Its nothing, really its not," said Albus for the first time.

Before Nigel could respond there was a sharp knock on the door and then it opened revealing a boy with blond combed back hair and a cocky expression on his face who said, "I was told by the conductor to tell everyone that you best get your robes on because we'll be arriving any moment know," and with that the boy left to go on to the next compartment.

"You guys go on," said Albus, "I'll catch up in a couple minutes." Rose and Nigel did what he told them to do and left to go change. meanwhile Albus couldn't help but gaze over the scenery imagining all the adventures that his father had encountered here at Hogwarts and how he could possibly live up to the expectations.

The lone Potter child to inherit his grandmother's eyes was now lost in his own world of excitement and despair.

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Re: Albus Potter and the Resurection Stone

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