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Hey, everyone! Some of you may know that I like to participate in the Roleplay forums. Well, here is my first fanfic, which I decided to write because of my interest in Dobby (as you can see by my sig). It is very short, and will be in Dobby's point of view. Enjoy.


Dobby hated working for the Malfoy's. They were terrible masters, even if Dobby was too afraid to admit it. Dark Wizards…It sent a shiver down his spine whenever he thought about it.

"Dobby!" Lucius Malfoy had shouted. "Dobby! Didn't I tell you to wash Draco's robes last week?"

"Yes, Mr Malfoy, sir. Dobby is very sorry sir…" Dobby had stuttered, knowing that he had to punish himself afterwards…

Dobby preferred working for Professor Dumbledore. He was a very kind, generous man, and Dobby was grateful that Professor Dumbledore hired Dobby. Life at Hogwarts had its up's and down's, but it was much better compared to life at the Malfoy's.

"Good evening, Dobby." Professor Dumbledore had smiled, as Dobby entered his office. "I hear you would like a job here at Hogwarts?"

"Yes, Professor Dumbledore, sir. Dobby would be very grateful, sir…" So Professor Dumbledore had politely offered him the job…

Then there was Aberforth. Good ol' Aberforth. Dobby liked Aberforth, much more than either the Malfoy's, or Professor Dumbledore. He wasn't a master to Dobby, not at all. He was Dobby's acquaintance, almost like a friend.

"Now, then, Dobby." Aberforth had told him. "You're a good elf, you know that? Much better than your usual elves, mind you."

"Thankyou, Aberforth, sir." Dobby smiled, swelling with gratitude…

But none of them, none of them, were like Harry Potter. Dobby would do anything for Harry Potter, as the latter had done so much for Dobby. He had freed him from his masters; the Malfoy's. He had visited Dobby during his time at Hogwarts, while he was working for Professor Dumbledore. So Dobby had been there for Harry Potter, just as a good elf would have done. But most of all, Harry Potter wasn't Dobby's master, or an acquaintance. He was a friend.



"Dobby has no master. Dobby is a free elf and Dobby has come to save Harry Potter and his friends!"

Proud Hufflepuff

Friend -- For the Greater Good

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