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Seeing Other People

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Seeing Other People

This is my first fic so be gentle with me!

This documents all of Rose's Hogwart's years, though it will mainly focus on her later ones. It's a sort of love story between her and Scorpius, and I promise that it will get very tangled, involve a lot of unrequited feelings and pain, and threaten to tear Rose's life and family apart.

Disclaimer: I am not JK Rowling and have nothing to do with her or Warner Bros. This is just for fun.


The first years, around 40 of them, stood in a snaking line outside the doors to Hogwarts Castle. They waited in the dark under the watchful eye of Hagrid, who hung close to a pair of children near the front of the line. The girl of the pair had curly, auburn hair that was tied back into a neat plait. Her face was scattered with freckles and though she could not be called plain, neither was she especially pretty. She was a thoroughly acceptable-looking girl. The boy was slightly smaller than his cousin, with messy black hair and bright green almond-shaped eyes.

'Jus' like yer dad, you are,' said Hagrid to the boy, 'Feels like yesterday I was standin' 'ere with 'im, an' yer Mum 'n' Dad too, Rose.'

The children grinned up at the great man, having not seen him since he joined the Potters' and Weasleys' for a big Christmas Dinner that their Grandma Weasley had attempted the previous year. The half-giant beamed back, his dark eyes sparkling with joy.

Before long, an elderly, stout woman in mustard yellow robes emerged from behind the enormous doors. She smiled warmly at the long line.

'Welcome, first-years, to Hogwarts. I am Professor Sprout, Deputy Headmistress and Head of Hufflepuff house. You are about to enter the Entrance Hall of the castle. I will escort you directly through and bring you into the Great Hall, where you will be sorted into your houses.'

Albus and Rose exchanged a nervous smile, and Hagrid patted Albus on the shoulder causing him to nearly fall over. 'Follow me,' Professor Sprout requested and the line stumbled after her through the castle doors.

The Entrance Hall was huge, with a great marble floor and stone walls. The children looked around in wonder at their new home, brimming with colour: portraits, suits of armour, tapestries… Directly in front of them were the Oak Doors that the children knew led to the Great Hall. A flutter of nervous excitement washed over the crowd.

As they approached, an inscription covering both of the doors came into view. It was a long list of names. Reading through them, Rose caught a few that she recognised: Fred Weasley… Remus Lupin… Nymphadora Lupin. Above the list, carved in even larger writing read: IN HONOUR OF THE 58 LIVES THAT WERE SADLY LOST IN THE BATTLE OF HOGWARTS 02 – 05 – 98 MAY THEY REST IN PEACE. Upon seeing this, many of the first years turned to look at Albus, and the young wizard shrunk closer to Rose, bewildered and slightly frightened.

They had reached the doors and Professor Sprout was pushing them open. Rose's heart was thundering in her chest. She saw Albus look to her for reassurance of his own nerves, though she failed to do this, too lost in her own concerns.

The first thing that came into view was the ceiling; a perfect night sky. She had seen the night filled with stars a thousand times from her bedroom window, but that sight would never be as beautiful as that ceiling, hanging clear and enchanting above her head as she stepped through the doors. The next sight was less pleasing. She looked down to see hundreds of faces turned towards her and her companions. Some were laughing, others clearly commenting on how 'cute' they were and others with dark, angry eyes that bored into hers.

The first-years shuffled up the aisle between what appeared to be the Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff tables, coming to a rest before the staff table. Rose eyed the limp, battered hat that she knew would soon to an extent decide her entire life at Hogwarts warily. She did not possess the terror of entering a house other than Gryffindor to the same level as Albus, but she was still nervous, still wanting to keep in line with the rest of her family. It would be a lie to say that she fitted in perfectly with them. Her cousins, aunts, uncles and even grandparents always seemed so sure of themselves, so confident in their words and actions, in their identities and content with them. Rose didn't feel that quite so much. She often didn't know what to say, while others talked so freely; or shied away from the large, loud, happy gatherings in favour of a book that would take her to a quieter world filled with people with doubts and flaws and insecurities, which she had always thought the rest of her family seemed to lack in comparison to her. All this meant to Rose, at this moment, was that she desperately wished that her sorting would not be another reason for her to be set apart from the rest of her family.

'The Sorting will now begin,' Professor Sprout announced as silence fell.

The hat stirred and yawned groggily as if waking up. There was a pause and then it began:

'A thousand years I've seen a lot,
Wars, from old to new,
I've watched the world from a-top my stool,
And sorted a millennium through,'

'And here I am a-top my stool,
To sort you all this night,
Place me upon your little heads,
And I'll read you, if I might,'

'Serpent, Eagle, Badger or Lion,
I'm the one to say,
Cunning, witty, hard-working, brave,
I'll tell you what's your way,'

'Never fear, I do not bite,
I'm here judge your mind,
And whichever house you end up in,
A family you'll find.'

There was a polite applause from staff and students. Professor Sprout stood again with a scroll of the first-years' names. Rose's heart sped up again.

'ABERCROMBIE, RHYS,' Sprout read.

A dark-haired boy near the front of the group stepped forward, visibly shaking. He tripped slightly and there were a few stilted giggles around the hall, only making the boy more nervous. When seated, Sprout raised the hat to his head. It had scarcely sat there a second when the cry came of, 'HUFFLEPUFF!' and thus the boy skipped over to the yellow-bannered table smiling.

Rose watched as student after student went up to receive their allocation. There, so far, had only been one Gryffindor sorted: a minute girl called Jessica Creevey. Rose grew more and more nervous and wished desperately to have been born with a surname that was nearer the front of the alphabet than 'Weasley'.


The white-blond boy that her father had pointed out on Platform 9 ¾ stepped out from the crowd. His composure was betrayed by a clear fear that shimmered in his eyes. The hat was placed on his head and stayed there. Half a minute had passed before the hat cried 'SLYTHERIN!' Scorpius appeared somewhat displeased, and walked to join the emerald table. He was quickly joined by 'NOTT, ANWEN' and 'OLDRIDGE, CYRIL'

It was next the turn of 'POTTER, ALBUS', and this was the sorting that seemed to gather the attention of the entire hall, even the teachers leaned forward in interest. Sprout lowered the hat onto Albus' jet-black hair, and after several moments the shout of 'GRYFFINDOR!' came. His face lit up and there was a large cheer from the Gryffindor table. She watched as he sat down with Fred, Louis and James, with Victoire and Dominique clapping on the other side of the table. Rose felt a thrill of jealousy.

Rose's instinct was to be relieved for Albus, and happy that he had got his wish to become a Gryffindor. In many ways she did feel that. However, she couldn't help but feel a nagging disappointment. If Albus had been sorted elsewhere, she would not be the only non-Gryffindor if her sorting had gone a similar way.

After 'WALKER, VICTORIA' became a Hufflepuff, 'WEASLEY, ROSE,' was finally called. She stepped towards the hat shakily and sat down. She felt its weight on her head as Sprout lowered it only her curly hair.

'5th Weasley I've had in near as many years,' it whispered, and she jumped slightly, 'Hmm… let's see… I remember sorting your father; he was easy, typical Weasley, pure Gryffindor. Your mother was more difficult… very clever, that thirst for knowledge almost made her a Ravenclaw. I can see it in you, that want for learning. You wish to understand, to grow, to improve. It is your greatest aim. It was this fiery spirit I detected in your mother that tipped her into Gryffindor, but I do not find that in you. Not to say you cannot be as great, you truly can, but perhaps in-'

'RAVENCLAW!' the hat declared out loud and Rose's heart sank. She slipped from the stool and towards to blue table that had broken into applause. She didn't care for the applause. A backward glance showed her the encouraging smile of Victoire, with that golden lion emblazoned on her chest that Rose now so longed for. All her cousins would be together, the only people she knew it this enormous place, apart from her. She was unworthy.

Rose crept to the back of the Ravenclaw table and wished not to be seen, should anyone spot the tears that threatened to form in her blue eyes.

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'You're too old to be so shy'

~Rose and Scorpius' story about love~

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Re: Seeing Other People

Here's an update. I hope someone's reading this - if you are please feed back even if it is only a little message. Enjoy!


The night had been spent in lonely restlessness. The excitement that she had felt about her arrival at Hogwarts had dissipated. She had not gone to breakfast, unwilling to face her joyful and oh-so-together cousins and friends, and now found herself on her way to her first lesson, trailing after the other Ravenclaws and Slytherins that made up her class.

Rose stepped into the Potions classroom for the first time on 2nd September 2017. What struck her first was the darkness of it; for a moment she could scarcely make out the instructions already written out on the great chalkboard at the front of the room. She scuttled in with the rest of her class, none of whom she had yet built up the courage to talk to, for she had been too busy lamenting her new house to really think about socialising. Walking in, she peered with interest at the various vials and jars filled with all manner or obscure and sometimes grotesque-looking artefacts lining walls of the room. Those who had already formed tentative friendships grouped together when they took to their tables, and Rose, left standing alone, took the last available seat between a Ravenclaw and a blond-haired Slytherin.

They waited in nervous silence, listening to the footsteps that signalled the approach of the Potions Master. He entered. Professor Goldstein was tall and thin, with messy brown hair and bright, piercing blue eyes. He was younger than Rose had been expecting, maybe in his early 30s, and though he did not smile there was a calmness to his gaze that inspired confidence.

"Welcome to your first lesson at Hogwarts,' he said in a soft voice. 'I am Professor Goldstein, Potions Master and Head of Ravenclaw House. If Potions is a study of anything, it is of the human mind. It's an insight into the power that the natural resources on earth can have over man, or woman. This is why potions are important, and why I hope you will enjoy my lessons. Seeing as its your first day I'm sure you're all rearing to get involved in your first taste of practical magic, so I thought we should go straight into concocting a basic potion.'

By this point, Rose had decided that she liked Goldstein; he seemed genial and made the prospect of Potions, a subject that her father had long informed her would be dull and unpleasant, sound genuinely fascinating. She felt slightly cheered.

'We will start,' he continued, 'with the Forgetfulness Potion. When brewed correctly, it will cause the drinker to experience temporary short term memory loss, most commonly losing their entire memory of the past two minutes repeatedly for an hour, though stronger variants can have more permanent effects. I have laid out your ingredients on your desk and written the instructions on the board. See how far you can get on your own and ask me for any help required. You have 50 minutes.'

Rose set to work presently, pouring a mix of sliced caterpillars and daisy roots into her cauldron as instructed. Goldstein circled the classroom, occasionally peeking at a cauldron or stopping to offer assistance. It was not long before a small Slytherin's cauldron had started squirting up blobs of thick blue liquid that splashed all down his robes, much to the amusement of the rest of the class. The Ravenclaw beside Rose did not have much more success, his cauldron soon overflowing and spreading a deep purple gunk all over the table. When Goldstein came to correct the spillage, he stopped at the cauldron of the blond Slytherin and murmured 'Very good indeed, Mr Malfoy is it?' The blond boy nodded and blushed slightly. 'You too, Miss Weasley,' he added, and Rose turned crimson.

Rose had not properly looked at the blond boy next to her up to this point, but now realised that she recognised him. It was Scorpius Malfoy. After her father's jokes about him on Platform 9 ¾ the previous day, Rose began to wonder what it was her parents could have against the boy.

She longed to ask Scorpius if he was familiar with her family, for she knew little about her parents' lives outside of her upbringing. She and her cousins had been made vaguely aware that their parents had played a role in the Second War, but it had never been clear exactly what they did and what importance it was of, though they had occasionally had inklings that her parents may be downplaying the significance, such as when she caught glimpses of her Uncle Harry being mentioned in the Daily Prophet, or when people looked and pointed when she was out with her family. She had hoped that her introduction to Hogwarts would answer a lot of the questions she had about her parents' pasts, and here, in the form of Scorpius Malfoy, she saw an opportunity for information that had previously been denied her.

'S-Scorpius Malfoy?' she asked. The blond boy nodded, scarcely looking up from his cauldron. 'Erm… this is probably odd, but I think our parents know each other, or something?' He finally removed his eyes from his work and shrugged his shoulders.

'Probably, everyone knows your lot, don't they? I suppose something must have gone on, but my father doesn't like to talk about your family much, or the War,' his tone was not rude, precisely, but there was a slight coldness to it. It made Rose feel stupid and brazen for starting the conversation, though Rose felt a spark of excitement at the prospect of a person outside of her own family knowing her confusion.

'Was your dad important to the War too then?' His features darkened slightly and he shrugged again.

'Look, I already told you, he doesn't talk about it. How am I supposed to know what happened? You don't; why should I?' He snapped and turned back to his potion without another word. Rose was torn between being offended and confused, and settled somewhere between. She too turned back to her work and the pair did not exchange a word for the rest of the lesson.

Soon Goldstein called the lesson to a halt, summarised that their work had largely been a success and dismissed them. Upon this dismissal, Scorpius left the classroom hastily, making sure not to catch Rose's eye. She resolved that her father probably had good reason to be far from fond of the Malfoys. With this, she set off to Charms, again alone, refusing to give the boy another thought.

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'You're too old to be so shy'

~Rose and Scorpius' story about love~

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Re: Seeing Other People

Ok, this is the chapter where Rose and Scorpius begin to bond - so please read I hope someone's enjoying this

Chapter 3 - The First Friend

Evening was turning to night as Rose sat in the Ravenclaw common room. Despite her initial hesitance about her housing, she had come to adore this room. Under the the midnight blue ceiling that was strewn with stars she felt peaceful as her fingers traced the pages of the newly published A Wizarding History of The Second War. Since her arrival at Hogwarts, Rose had been seeking to fully uncover the extent of her parents' involvement in the history of the War. It seemed important to her, more important than to her cousins at least, to understand the reason for the stares and whispers, the reason why her Uncle so often appeared in the Daily Prophet.

She wondered why her parents had not fully explained. Through her childhood, the most her parents had told her was that before she was born there was a terrible war, which her Uncle Fred and Teddy's parents had died in, and that they had helped defeat the Wizard responsible. It all sounded so grand and heroic, and made Rose feel all the worse in knowing that she would never be capable of such bravery and greatness. In the book that now lay in her hands, the total truth was gradually being revealed. With every page, the burden of living up to the heroisms of parents grew heavier on her shoulders.

So, they had not merely been a part of the resistance: they had been its figureheads. Uncle Harry had personally killed Voldemort, and her parents had been his closest friends, scouring the Wizarding World for clues, destroying horcruxes, willing to fight to the death for their friends.

Rose felt pride undeniably, but it was restrained by the knowledge that she had let them down. She had not shown their courage, she had been a Ravenclaw.

There was a knock from down the spiral stairs. Rose thought it bizarre; no one ever used the eagle knocker for knocking to get in. Had someone been unable to solve the riddle? She supposed this must be it. Then another first-year, whose name she remembered was Violet Boot, came up the stairs.

'Erm – You're Rose Weasley, right?' she asked and Rose nodded, 'there's someone for you outside the tower.'

'Oh, right – thanks,' Rose said, intrigued as to who would want to see her. Upon opening to door, and to her further confusion, she found Scorpius Malfoy.

'Hi…' she said, awkwardly.

'I know this is weird, but I wanted to apologise for having a go at you in Potions the other day. I know it wasn't your fault but it's just – I don't really like to talk about my father, especially not in terms of that War. But when I had a go at you – I don't know – I just don't want you to think I'm as bad as him. Sorry.' The words rushed from his mouth in one go and he was clearly embarrassed. He shuffled on the spot and his pale cheeks flushed rose for a moment.

'No, it's fine. Really. It's no big deal. It's just that I'm only just figuring out what happened then – and that it's a bigger part of my family's lives than they let on,' she sighed slightly. 'So I just thought you might know a bit more than me.'

'Yeah, I probably do. There's a classroom down the corridor – I know we shouldn't be out this late but if you me to tell you a bit more about it – as a kind of apology.'

'Yeah, sure,' she replied, though she felt a faint fear at getting into trouble so soon into her induction. Supressing this, Rose followed Scorpius down the corridor. Perhaps she had been too harsh in her initial judgement of him, for his apology had been profuse and seemingly genuine. She was also intrigued as to what he had to tell her, and she looked forward to the prospect of finding out the back story to the animosity between her family and his.

He opened a door to an empty classroom and she stepped through, perching herself on one of the chairs. Scorpius sat down opposite her and turned to her.

'I guess you want to know what happened between my parents and yours?' he asked, and she nodded. 'Basically, my father was in the same year as your parents and Hogwarts. Only, he didn't get on too well with your parents or your Uncle Harry. My father, he's one of those people who believe that Pure-Bloods are better and all that stuff. He's not that into it anymore, but I know he was then. Obviously, with your mother being muggle born they were always getting into arguments with each other.

'It got a bit more serious when my father joined the Death Eaters. From what I've heard he wasn't as into it as he made out, but he was trying to get his family back in favour with Voldemort and sort of ended up forced into it. So now my father and your lot were on opposite sides and the war was getting more and more serious.'

Rose listened with interest as Scorpius went on to tell her how his father had tried to hand over her Uncle Harry to Voldemort during the Battle of Hogwarts, and how his friends had tried to kill her mother. She listened in stunned silence, for she had been expecting a tale of petty High School rivalry.

'But one thing my father did tell me, albeit grudgingly, was that your parents and Harry saved his life a few times, and that he regrets a lot that happened. Personally, that's not really been enough for me. I can tell part of him still believes all the blood purity stuff, but he doesn't seem sorry enough for it to be true. He's hardly completely reformed.

'I confronted him about it all when I was 9. I was in Diagon Alley shopping with my mother and some people came up, calling me a son of a Death Eater and hurling abuse at my mother. I didn't know what was going on, so I asked him when I got home. He told me everything, but he's never mentioned it since. I know I'm not perfect, but he was a monster, and even now he's a cruel coward. I thought if I was sorted into another house I could prove I'm not like him. But I wasn't, so I guess I'm just like him at heart.'

Rose watched Scorpius look to the floor and recognised his own disappointment and frustration with himself in her own life.

'My worries are quite the opposite. My family are this big bunch of lion-hearted Gryffindors, and what am I? I'm not brave, I'm not daring, I'd just hide behind a book. I'm too scared to reply to their letters; they say they're proud of me but they're lying. I'm a disappointment.'

Scorpius looked at her and smiled tentatively. 'I'm sure you're not. They probably are proud of you. Your family sound like decent people, unlike mine. I guess it's nice to have someone kind of know how I feel though.'

'Yeah, I guess so.' She returned the slight smile.

They sat there for a while longer, talking about their fears and worries, their opposing upbringings and their longing to escape the weight of expectation placed on them by the pasts of their families. Returning to the Ravenclaw common room at an obscenely late time, Rose realised that she had made her first friend.

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'You're too old to be so shy'

~Rose and Scorpius' story about love~
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Re: Seeing Other People

Chapter 4 - 5 Years Time

Rose's eyes opened to see the sun pouring through her window. She smiled to herself and for a moment felt entirely calm. Sitting up, she surveyed the dormitory to see that the other girls were mostly ready, though Tiffany Davies was still faintly snoring.

'5 weeks and counting until our OWLs start!' declared Violet Boot, 'anyone freaking out yet?'

'Taking it in my stride,' replied Felicity Clearwater, who was sitting on the end of her bed brushing her hair, 'I mean, I know I'm not going to do terribly, so what's the worry?'

Violet rolled her eyes and Rose supressed a laugh. When robed and ready for the day, Rose and Violet headed down the spiral staircase and out of the Ravenclaw Tower.

'How are things going with Fred?' Rose asked, smiling.

Violet blushed. 'Quite well, I like to think. This weekend he's taking me to lunch in Hogsmeade.'

'Shall I start shopping for some new dress robes for the wedding then, cousin?' Rose asked, giggling.

'Oh, stop it!' Said Violet, though she smiled, 'I just mean that things seem to be going well, and he's sweet. But more importantly, what about you and Scorpius? Have YOU set a date yet?'

It was now Rose's turn to blush. 'Now, seriously, Violet, I've told you a million times we're just fr-'

'Yeah, yeah! You clearly haven't noticed the way he stares at you across the class in charms, like a lovesick puppy – it's adorable.'

Rose laughed. 'No, we both like things as they are. We're great friends and we don't want to ruin it, not that either of us have ever even considered each other like that at all.'

'Well, I wouldn't blame you. He's pretty hot, even though he is a Malfoy. When you do finally get together, I bagsy telling James – his face will be hilarious! You know he hates Scorpius and he's almost as protective over you as he is of Lily.'

The girls were now walking through the doors to the Great Hall. Looking to the Gryffindor table, Fred, who was sitting with his usual gang of Louis, James, Francesca Longbottom (seated on James' lap) and Tommy McDonald, beckoned them over.

James, Fred and Tommy were already wearing their Quidditch kit ready for the morning's match against Slytherin. Fred was the Gryffindor seeker and James and Tommy were the beaters. Of her cousins, all of whom were currently at Hogwarts (spare Victoire and Dominique who had already graduated) it was only those two who had made their house teams. Although James often said that Lily and Roxy could give them a run for their money as beaters if they bothered to turn up at trials next year.

Violet sat next to Fred, who placed his arm around her waist and kissed her cheek, and Rose placed herself next to Tommy, on the edge of the group.

'Where's Scorpy-face, bottled it before the match?' James asked Rose, for Scorpius was a chaser on the Slytherin team.

'Play nice,' Frankie warned him and playfully slapped his arm.

'I don't know, probably just getting ready.' Rose replied, although she had been internally wondering this since they entered the hall.

At this moment Lily, red-haired and at 13 already beautiful, came and sat opposite Rose. She was red from laughing.

'Just saw Albus try and take package of Weasley's Wizarding Wheezes goods off some seventh years. They just laughed and ignored him. Brilliant,' she grinned.

'We should stop him. That's damaging Dad's business!' Fred said, smiling.

'Good thing no one listens to him then,' replied James and they all laughed.

With this, Lily skipped off to join a group of her third-year friends at the other end of the table. Rose continued scanning the hall, and allowed herself to smile as she saw Scorpius walk into the Great Hall wearing his emerald green Quidditch kit. He was accompanied by Anwen Nott, a tall, pretty, dark-haired girl who at this moment was clearly engaging Scorpius in deep conversation. Rose's smile wavered. Without a word to the group, Rose stood and strode over to Scorpius, standing at an angle that clearly prevented the continuation of conversation between Anwen and he.

'Where've you been?' She asked, smiling as Anwen walked away.

'Oh, just gearing myself up for the match. I'm pretty nervous actually. James can be a brutal beater,' Scorpius replied.

'He's soft really; wouldn't hurt a fly. You don't need to worry.' Scorpius raised a disbelieving eyebrow.

Rose led Scorpius to the Ravenclaw table where they sat down to eat. Scorpius scarcely touched his plate, which he insisted was down to nerves for the match.

'You'll do brilliant today,' Rose reassured him, 'I've seen you play loads, and you're great. You really have nothing to be nervous about.' He smiled half-heartedly.

When breakfast had finished, Scorpius rose to join the rest of the Slytherin Quidditch team.

'I can come with you, if you want?' Rose offered. Scorpius smiled.

'Na, it's ok. You'd be the only one there so early. See you after the match,' with that he turned and left. Rose sunk back to her seat.

'Oh, ok. Good luck,' she murmured feebly.

Rose did not wish to return to the loud laughter of her Gryffindor friends and tried to think of alternate ways to kill time before heading down to the Quidditch Pitch. As she did so often, Rose ended up at a table in the empty library, her eyes rolling over pages of her Transfiguration textbook without really reading it. Her thoughts lay elsewhere, out in the grounds on the Quidditch pitch, where Scorpius would now be practising.

She didn't fancy him. It was just Violet putting silly ideas in her head. He was the first best friend she'd had and still was. He, above anyone else, had been there for her when she was lonely or sad or worried. It was perfectly reasonable that she would have a strong emotional bond with him. But that bond never crossed into romance. Never.

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'You're too old to be so shy'

~Rose and Scorpius' story about love~

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Re: Seeing Other People

Chapter 5 - The Match

Rose and Violet stood towards the back of the Ravenclaw stand, watching jets of red and emerald fly through the air before them.
‘I never get used to watching Quidditch,’ shouted Violet over the roar of the crowd. ‘I’ve never had a clue what’s going on!’
Rose had to admit to herself that though she was able to comprehend the basic rules, her grasp of the game was not absolute.
’10 POINTS TO GRYFFINDOR!’ bellowed the commentator and the whole crowd, spare the Slytherin stand bellowed. She obediently clapped along with Violet. Rose searched the whizzing forms for Scorpius but couldn’t find him. She caught sight of Fred hovering high above the clamour, presumably seeking out the snitch.

‘AND MALFOY HAS TAKEN THE QUAFFLE!’ came the commentators cry and Rose’s eyes snapped back to the game beneath. She saw his soaring through the air, ahead of the other green blurs, with the great, red ball tucked under his arm. She held her breath as he approached the hoops and the Gryffindor keeper squared up to him. Scorpius took aim, but then-


Rose watched in horror as Scorpius plunged to the ground and landed in a heap on the dirt.

‘Ooo,’ echoed the crowd, but their attention was soon averted back to the game, while Rose watched a levitating stretcher take Scorpius off the pitch. Making sure not to be seen by Violet, she ducked behind a group of seventh-years and ran from the stands.
Worries flicked through her head. He hadn’t stirred when he was on the ground. Had he awoken yet? Would he awake soon, or at all? She hadn’t seen where the bludger had hit him, it had all gone too fast. What if it was his head? And then there was a flash of rage. James. James had always hated Scorpius with no other reason than for who Scorpius’ father happened to be; the snide remarks in corridors and jokes at his expense, all undeserved and purposeless. And he’d taken the first chance that he’d had to do some damage. She would not let him get away with this lightly.

She was entering the castle now, and quickly ran up the staircases to the hospital wing. She arrived and Scorpius was already laid out on a bed, his head bandaged. Her heart jumped in her chest. She tiptoed towards the bed.

‘W-will he be ok?’ she asked Madam Pomfrey, and her voice shook slightly.

‘Oh, yes. He’ll be fine when he wakes up. Shouldn’t be long,’ replied the elderly witch and then bustled back to her office.
Rose perched herself on the edge of the bed and looked down at Scorpius; his pale flesh, his glimmering white-blond hair, his calm and unknowing expression. She let her hand move nearer to where his lay motionless. Her fingertips prickled as they touched his gentle skin, but then Rose shook her head, slipped off the bed and walked slowly out of the hospital wing.

Looking out of a window in the corridor, she saw the stands were now empty and the last stragglers were now returning to the castle. Listening, she heard the classrooms buzzing with life and footsteps echoing everywhere. She walked on quickly, still filled with worry, anger and now confusion. What on earth had possessed her to want to hold his hand?

She set off up the stairs to the Ravenclaw tower, hoping that Violet could distract her with light conversation. Then, out of the corner of her eye, she saw gold and scarlet. She turned to see the Gryffindor Quidditch team heading to their tower, accompanied by a large group of congratulators. Then she saw James grinning.

‘James, what the hell were you playing at?’ she called, and the tall, black-haired boy looked bewildered.

‘What are you on about?’ he asked. Some were turning to look now; Rose saw Lily give her an incredulous look.

‘You aimed that bludger at Scorpius because you wanted to hurt him!’ she snapped, and a few of the crowd giggled.

‘God, Rose, calm down! It’s the game – he was going to score so I stopped him. Why do you care so much anyway?’ Rose blushed slightly, but remained firm.

‘Don’t try and turn this on me. You’ve always hated him – just for being a Slytherin and a Malfoy. You’re so proud to be Harry Potter’s son but you’re full of hate and prejudice.’ James’ eyes flashed. Albus looked very confused and Violet concerned. Even Hugo, small, red-haired and innocent in his second year, eyed her with scorn.

‘Yeah I don’t like him very much; I’m not going to lie,’ James retaliated. ‘He’s smug and proud and you seem to forget that his family are DEATH EATERS! His dad would’ve happily handed mine over to Voldemort during the War and you expect me to be pally with him? And another reason, he’s turning you into this. This isn’t like you – you sound crazy. Look around you!’

Rose did, and saw Gryffindor eyes looking back, hostile and mocking. James turned, ascending the staircase and the others followed. Two girls remained. Lily stepped forward.

‘You need to sort this out Rose, seriously. I’ve seen Scorpius around and spoken to him a few times. He’s a decent guy – and this isn’t him doing this, it’s YOU. Your head seems all over the place at the moment.’ Lily half-smiled, that perfect, beautiful smile that charmed like Rose’s never could. With a flick of her vivid red hair she too was gone.

Violet, remaining, moved forward to hug her but Rose shrugged her off and set off for the library. She knew they were right. She was falling apart and she didn’t even know why. She sunk into a chair, hidden behind rows of bookcases, and remembered the time she last felt this confusion, this pain, this exclusion. It was in the Ravenclaw dormitory 5 years previously that Rose had lain in bed, sleepless all night, her eyes failing to keep in the tears, her mind troubled by the thought of her cousins and friends sleeping happily together in a room of red while she was blue. She was more alone now than she had been then; more alone now than ever before. The feelings in her that were growing and threatened to be revealed would only set her further apart.
She turned back to her History of Magic textbook and tried to think of it no more.

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'You're too old to be so shy'

~Rose and Scorpius' story about love~

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Re: Seeing Other People

Chapter 6 - The Dark Mark

The next morning Rose’s shame had led her to hide again in the library away from the eyes of the Gryffindor table, away from Violet’s concerned questions, and away from perfect Lily’s advice. She had slept poorly, sneaking up to the Tower when everyone else was in bed and rising before they had awoken. Now the sun streamed through the windows and hurt the eyes that were red from crying. She tried to read but the words did not go in; they could no longer distract her. Instead she laid her head on the table, closed her eyes tight and tried desperately to think of nothing. She failed, but this time managed to supress the tears. Her cousins all hated her now, thought she was mad. Scorpius would hear about it and think the same; be embarrassed to be her friend. That she knew.

Then she heard footsteps behind her and the seat beside her was drawn and on it he sat. She turned her head weakly to see Scorpius, sitting there glimmering and glorious in the morning light, with a small plaster on his forehead the only sign of injury. He smiled at her, and she bowed her head again.

‘Rose, what’s wrong?’ he asked

‘Oh Scorpius, why are you even here? You must think I’m an idiot,’ tears threatened to form in her eyes again.

‘What are you talking about? I heard that you came to see me at the hospital wing.’ Rose tried not to blush at the memory. ‘It was nice of you to think of me,’ he said, slightly shakily and perhaps a tad embarrassed.

‘Why wouldn’t I? Sometimes it feels like you’re the only one who doesn’t have it in for me,’ she sighed.

‘Rose, you’re straying into self-pity. That won’t help,’ he said, and his voice was strong but not harsh. ‘I don’t know what you’re so down about but just forget about it – being like this won’t do you any good,’ he raised her chin with his index finger. ‘Chin up, Weasley.’

She laughed and smiled, before seriousness resumed in her blue eyes. ‘Thank you, Scorpius.’

‘Anytime,’ he said and winked.

‘Don’t do that,’ she laughed, ‘You’re terrible at winking; you look ridiculous.’

‘Not as ridiculous as you after crying,’ he teased and her cheeks turned rose. He hugged her tight and she closed her eyes as her chin rested on his shoulder. ‘It’ll be alright, yeah?’

‘Yeah,’ she agreed, and they looked at each other for a moment. ‘What’s that on your arm?’ she asked, noticing a dark line going down his left forearm.

‘Nothing,’ he said, trying to look genial while obviously uneasy, and shook the sleeve to cover his arm.

‘It’s not nothing!’ she said, and pulled back the sleeve to reveal an image in black ink of a skull with a snake protruding from its mouth. Rose gasped. ‘Scorpius, what is that doing there? The dark mark!’

His pale cheeks when red slightly and he frowned. ‘Look, it’s nothing. A few people just drew it on, thought it was funny, I guess.’

‘And you went along with it? Do you think it’s funny?’ she demanded, standing.

He pulled her back down to her chair and lowered his voice to a whisper. ‘Of course I don’t! Just like everyone else are you? Think I’m taking after father?’

‘You’ve got the dark mark on your arm!’

‘Keep it down!’ he warned. ‘They used petrificus totalus – I couldn’t stop them doing it. They wanted to remind me that I’m nothing but a Death Eater’s son. But then again, I should be used to it by now, shouldn’t I? Even you thought it for a second.’

‘No I didn’t,’ she protested, ‘I just freaked out. I’m sorry; you know that I know you’re not like that. You know I-’ she stopped and blushed, ‘that you’re my best friend.’

‘I know. I just hate it, y’know? It’s constant,’ he sighed and sat back in his chair.

‘Who did it anyway? You need to tell a teacher about this. It’s totally unacceptable. They’ve got away with calling you names for years but this is too far, Scorpius.’

‘No, I don’t need anyone to look after me, Rose, just leave it,’ she drew away again, wounded, ‘Sorry; I’m just stressed. And it was that McLaggen kid again, Callum isn’t it? The Seventh Year?’

‘McLaggen? He’s a nasty piece of work from what I gather,’ she said, ‘even James and all the Gryffindors can’t stand him. If you insist on not telling anyone then fine, but seriously Scorpius, this is bad. Give me your arm.’ Without reluctance, for he trusted her magical competence thoroughly, he held out his arm to her.

‘Scourgify,’ she muttered, tapping his arm with her wand, and the ink was siphoned off, leaving it clear.

‘Thanks Rose,’ he said, pulling his sleeve back over his arm.

‘Anytime,’ she smiled and he returned it. There was a moment of quiet and that incredible urge to hold Scorpius’ hand seized her again. Before she could even think of putting his into action, Scorpius stood up.

‘To breakfast!’ he declared, ‘you need feeding up, and so do I after yesterday.’

‘The Great Hall,’ she sighed, ‘Really?’ Her thoughts were filled with a hostile Gryffindors and a patronising Lily.

‘Yep, c’mon,’ and when she hesitated he grabbed her hand and pulled her up. She felt a thrill run through her and he pulled her from the library and down to the Great Hall. Scorpius dropped her hand as they approached the oak doors and Rose drew back slightly, unwilling to expose herself to the opinions of those within. Scorpius rolled his eyes and nodded towards the doors and she reluctantly followed.

The hall was fairly empty, but she caught sight instantly of James’ messy black hair and soon saw that it was surrounded in the red heads of Fred, Lily and Hugo, and the blonde of Louis. Lily looked up and their eyes met across the hall. She leaned over the table to the others and indicated Rose to them. James’ head turned and Rose quickly followed Scorpius in the other direction to the Slytherin table, though she was sure she saw James’ roll his eyes.

‘How’s the head?’ Rose asked as they sat down and Scorpius began scooping breakfast onto his plate.

‘Alright, I think. I’ve just got a bit of a bump. Did you write to tell your folks about the 100% you got in the Charms mock?’ he smiled.

I mentioned it, she smiled back, ‘Dad was over the moon; he always get excited when I do well in tests. Have you heard from yours lately?’ Scorpius’ face darkened and he broke eye contact.

‘No.’ Rose knew that was the extent of conversation on his family.

Rose looked at him, happily tucking into his food and envied his apparent peace of mind. How could he so easily accept the trials of his life, the stress of the OWL exams, his strained relationship with his father, the cruelty of his peers and their widespread and open hostility towards him? How did he cope with this when Rose couldn’t even cope with her growing feelings for him and a few disagreements with her cousins?

She sighed and turned back to her omelette, before feeling a tap on her shoulder. She looked round to see Hugo standing there, his red hair level to her head as she sat. His large brown eyes looked to her with concern and Rose felt her insides twist.

‘Lily told me about you and James having a row.’

‘Did she?’ said Rose and felt a squirm of annoyance.

‘Yeah, are you ok? What’s going on? Are you friends again now?’ the questions rushed from his mouth quickly. Rose turned her back to him.

‘Hugo, go away, will you? I’m fine. Don’t you have some second years to play flying Ford Anglia cars with?’

Rose only caught a glimpse of Hugo’s hurt expression as he turned back towards the Gryffindor table, and she only felt a small rush of guilt, which was dwarfed by the despairing knowledge that she was floating away from her family, and fast.

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~Rose and Scorpius' story about love~

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Re: Seeing Other People

Chapter 7 - Anwen Nott

After Hugo’s departure, Rose looked back to Scorpius. During the time of her brief conversation with Hugo, Anwen Nott had slithered up to Scorpius and now sat beside him. That Anwen was pretty Rose could not deny. She was tall, willowy and thin, with a neat black bob and wide brown eyes. Presently, her long lashes flickered in the flattering light and she twisted a strand of her ebony hair through her index and middle finger while she leant towards Scorpius. Rose’s eyes flashed.

‘Your parents are coming over for dinner this Easter, will you be there?’ she asked softly. Scorpius did not look at her but smiled.

‘I do apologise but I won’t be able to make it, regretfully.’ Anwen’s expression turned stony for a moment, but then resumed its flirtatious smile.

‘Whyever not?’ she inquired, leaning towards him. Scorpius turned to her and paused for a moment.

‘Because, my dear friend, Rose has already invited me to her house on the same day!’ Rose looked at him suspiciously; this was news to her.

‘Oh,’ said Anwen, pushing her lips together bitterly, ‘Another time then.’ And with a scolding look to Rose, Anwen went further down the table to join Algernon Goyle and Cyril Oldridge. Rose turned back to Scorpius.

‘Are you actually coming round mine?’ she asked, trying to hide her hope.

‘Have to now,’ he smiled back and she supressed her grin. ‘I mean, it’s not Anwen’s fault.’ Rose’s heart sunk slightly. ‘I just can’t stand the whole stuffy old family dinner. They bore me to death. No idea how she puts up with it.’

Though Rose was slightly disappointed that his decline of Anwen’s invitation was not out of dislike for her, but for their parents, the rest of breakfast progressed in amicable conversation and Rose felt relatively carefree, her familial woes forgotten at Scorpius’ word. As Rose finished her food, a high pitched shriek told her that it was the time of the owls. There were few this morning, but amongst them Rose caught sight of her Northern Hawk Owl, Athena. Athena swooped through the air and flew along the Slytherin table, perching next to Rose and dropping a letter on her empty plate.

‘Thanks, Athena,’ said Rose, gently stroking the owl’s head. She then turned to her letter and instantly recognised her mother’s neat handwriting. She tore it open.

Dear Rose,

I know how much you must be stressing about your exams now so I thought I’d drop you a word of encouragement! Your father and I both know you have nothing to worry about; you’re a brilliant, intelligent girl and all we want is for you to try your best and you’ll succeed. Don’t let the work get on top of you.
There are a few bits of news from here:
I’ve just been made Head of the Department of Law Enforcement. I heard back yesterday and can’t wait to get stuck into work, although there looks like there’s so much to do. It should keep me on my toes while you and Hugo are away.
Far more importantly, Teddy and Victoire are engaged! Harry told me they’re planning a summer wedding and really want to push the boat out, at least if Fleur has her way. It must be so exciting for them – and to think we thought it was all over when she got the job in France. Hopefully Teddy will be far better behaved than your father was at our wedding and not make a fool of himself on the dance floor after a few too many fire whiskeys.

Enjoy the last week of term and we can’t wait to have you back for Easter. Give Hugo my love.

Lots of love,


Here her father’s not so neat handwriting had made an addition:

P.S. Don’t listen to your mother – I was on my best behaviour that night. And don’t worry if you mess up a few subjects; your mum was pants at Divination! Love from, Dad.

The letter filled Rose with a soothing feeling that warmed her heart and brought a smile to her face. She did miss her parents when she was at Hogwarts. Then a shadow fell over her. What would they make of how brutal she’d been to Hugo or James or even Violet? She could barely think of it without being swallowed again by guilt. Her good humour was now thoroughly ruined.

‘Nice letter?’ asked Scorpius from across the table, and Rose snapped back to reality.

‘Oh, yeah,’ she said, ‘just mum asking how I’m doing.’ Scorpius smiled at her but it could not shake the weight of shame at Rose’s core. She felt sick with herself. She threw a backward glance to the Gryffindor table and saw Hugo was gone. James and Frankie sat entwined, whilst Lily and Roxanne giggled together. She envied them again, how faultless they seemed to be. How lovely their every move was. Even quiet Albus was apparently delightfully carefree as he chatted to Jason McLaggen (Callum’s far gentler brother) and Jessica Creevey. She wasn’t one of them at all. She hadn’t been for a long time now. Her behaviour towards James had merely cemented it. And she couldn’t really be Scorpius’ either. She knew it in the way he was, in everything about him, that he didn’t want her. He couldn’t want her.

She looked back to him and saw that he had vacated his seat. She searched along the table and then caught sight of him at the other end. Talking to her. Anwen Nott smiled as Rose could not, walked with a grace Rose could never match, seduced with a single look as Rose would never be able to. All Rose could do was sit there hopelessly and watch as she won him; watch as he smiled at her; watch as she brushed his arm as she laughed at his jokes.

She had to get out of here.

Without a word to anyone, Rose stole from the Great Hall and began the walk down to the Potions classroom, her first lesson of the day. She walked with speed and her eyes, filling with tears, earned her curious stares from those she walked past. She clasped her textbook to her chest as if it were the only certain thing in the world. As she neared the classroom and the air grew colder and the walls grew danker Rose felt more at home, away from smug joy and light and cheerfulness. She was in the dungeons now, and turned off the main corridor and into a dark corner-space where she could sit in silence for a while. She allowed the tears to run down her face, though she forbade herself from making a sound lest she attract attention. There she remained for a while, letting her sadness ebb away with the tears until she was left with the resolved comfort of having cried all there was to cry.
Her mood and despair had far from improved, but now she felt a kind of closure, which was only shattered with the coming of voices down the corridor.

‘I hope Rose is alright,’ she heard Anwen say, faking concern. Rose felt an anger in the pit of her stomach.

‘She’ll be fine. Probably just going to check that Athena got back to the owlery fine,’ Scorpius responded.

‘I hope so,’ said Anwen.

Rose peered round her corner, but remained in the shadows enough to not be seen. Anwen and Scorpius had passed her hiding place come to a halt outside the Potions classroom. He leant against the wall and she faced him, cornering her prey, as Rose saw it.

‘It’s lovely how you worry about her,’ said Anwen, ‘it’s so considerate of you.’ Rose saw her take a step towards him as Rose’s insides squirmed. Scorpius merely stared ahead, not quite focusing on Anwen, but neither looking away. ‘You’re so kind, Scorpius. No one seems to give you credit for it, with all that silly Death Eater bullying,’ she moved closer again. Her nose and his were a few inches apart. ‘I’ve always known how wonderful you are, Scorpius.’

She neared her face to his and Rose could bear to watch no longer. In terrible silence Rose glided up the stairs and away, not looking back for an instant to see the horror that had unravelled.

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~Rose and Scorpius' story about love~
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Re: Seeing Other People

Chapter 8 - Back to the Start

She ran, as she always did, to the library. She crouched over a book at a table as always. As she scanned the pages of her book she realised that she hadn’t read properly in a long time. For her, reading had recently only been a distraction from her sadness, and the words never really went in. They did not now. All she could see was Anwen’s face nearing Scorpius’. That image tore at her insides and evoked a fury that she had not known before. But most of all it stung, deep in her chest. She allowed herself to gasp as tears cascaded down her cheeks. Anwen and Scorpius were probably together now, so they’d hang out all the time. He wouldn’t need Rose anymore. Her cousins all hated her so now she was alone. Forever. Or at least the forever that is visible to a heartbroken 16 year old girl.

She stood to return her book to the shelf, giving up on her attempt to read. However, the space left by the sizeable book on the shelf allowed her to peek through to the other side, and see James sitting at a table, his head despairingly in his hands. She couldn’t decide what was more bizarre: to see James anything other than buoyant and cocky, or to see him in the library. Though embarrassed with her display on their previous meeting, her cousinly affection led her round the shelf and to stand nervously beside where he sat.

‘James?’ she said quietly and he did not look up. ‘Are you ok?’ Without a word or even a look he pushed his chair back and walked away. ‘I’m sorry, James, don’t go.’ He turned round and glared.

‘No, I’m not ok. I’ve just had a row with Frankie. Pretty bad one actually. Not that you care, too wrapped up in all your little issues aren’t you?’ He tried to walk away again but she protested.

‘It’s not like that – it’s just hard-‘

‘No it’s not! What you never seemed to understand is that no one ever pushed you away. When you were sorted into Ravenclaw it didn’t matter to us – we were all proud of you. Albus still hung around with you as normal, Fred and I still teased you as normal, but you were so convinced that you were an outsider that you made yourself one.

‘We were all so close before, but now apart from a quick hello when you don’t have Scorpius to talk to your just cut yourself off. You barely even acknowledge Hugo, your own brother.’

She bowed her head under his stern gaze. ‘I know James, I was just scared.’

‘You’re always scared. You never used to be like this. And the worst bit is that I don’t even know whether this is the real you or not. Is all your paranoia and self-pity making you like this, or have you just grown up and this is who you are now? I really hope that’s not the case.’ He sighed and his anger eased, now an expression more like resolute disappointment overcame him. Rose felt sick.

‘It was just seeing you all together – happy and laughing all the time. I was jealous.’

‘Then you should have joined in. We missed you. Houses mean a lot less than you think, Rose. It’s just where you sleep. You believe all that school nonsense about your house being your family way too easily. We’re your family, Rose. You shouldn’t have let anything change that.’

Rose nodded and tried to supress the tears in her eyes. James pulled her into a hug. She tucked her head over his shoulder and allowed a tear or two free.

His voice was quieter now, and gentle. ‘You’re like a little sister to me, Rose,’ he said, ‘and I’m worried about you. Maybe talk to Albus, you two used to be best mates. I know he’s missed you.’ He released her and Rose wiped her eyes.

‘I’ve missed him too – and all of you. Maybe we should have a kind of family party over Easter. We haven’t had one in a while.’

James smiled down at her. ‘Knowing Grandma Weasley it’s already planned.’ He patted her curly auburn hair and turned to leave. ‘Thanks for cheering me up a bit.’

‘You too,’ she answered, ‘bye, James.’

He left and she sat for a moment where he had. She felt calmer now, and more ready to mend her waning relationship with her family than ever. James’ forgiveness had given her what she needed. Though her memories of Scorpius and Anwen stung her chest, there was hope now.

She glanced to the clock on the wall and saw that she had nearly missed an entire lesson. Rose felt a small thrill of nerves at the punishment that might await her. Her next lesson was Herbology with Professor Longbottom, or Neville as she knew him outside school. Though Professor Sprout remained Deputy Head and Head of Hufflepuff, her advanced years had led her to giving up the actual teaching for 10 years now to focus on her responsibilities and Head of House and Deputy. This allowed Neville to take the position of Herbology teacher.

Rose set off for the greenhouses presently. Seeing as the Ravenclaws shared this lesson with the Gryffindors, she could think of no better opportunity to renew her friendship with Albus. The sun was pouring over the grounds and the scenery was one of bright colour. She felt refreshed and contented. Looking over to Hagrid’s house, she saw the gamekeeper’s private collection of Augurey’s flying around near-by trees in their slow, regretful way. But then, in this brilliant sunlight even their dull, greenish-black feathers looked an enthralling glitter of colour.

Approaching the greenhouse Rose saw that she was not quite late for the lesson, with stragglers still behind her. She entered quietly and took a place next to Albus and Jason, smiling tentatively at the former. He returned it heartily, though his surprise was evident. Neville stood at the front of the class chatting enthusiastically to the small Jessica Creevey, who appeared genuinely interested in the properties of a Fanged Geranium. Rose turned again to Albus and saw him vaguely jabbing at the root of his geranium with his wand, attempting half-heartedly to placate it.

‘Sorry if I haven’t spoken much for a while,’ she said. He looked to her and she saw no malice in his emerald eyes.

‘It’s fine Rose. I know you’ve had a lot on, but it’s good to have you back.’ His smile was warm and pure.

‘It’s no excuse, Al. I’ve missed hanging out with you,’ perhaps she had not noticed quite how much she truly had until the words had left her mouth.

‘I’ve missed it too. Actually, me and Lily were going to go and see Hagrid after lessons. Do you want to come along?’ She gratefully accepted his invitation.

Inside her she felt the echoes of bygone years, when she and Albus had whiled away their childhood summers at the Burrow, or the beaches around Tinworth, where Rose lived. The lesson passed quickly and painlessly, with Rose managing to keep her Geranium under control with relative ease, though Albus got a few stings and Jason McLaggen ended up with a swollen hand. Jessica Creevey had excelled the others, with her Geranium flopped over calmly as if sleeping. Neville announced the end of the class and smiled at Albus and Rose as they walked past. She and Albus talked animatedly as they walked slowly towards the castle, reminiscing about their shared childhoods and discussing their approaching OWLs. At this moment in time, Rose felt incredibly happy as she watched the sun illuminate the Black Lake and the students walking carelessly about over the soft, bright grass.

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'You're too old to be so shy'

~Rose and Scorpius' story about love~

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Re: Seeing Other People

Btw James and Frankie's relationship will be the main feature of my next fic! I'll start work on that when this is completed. Expect this to be quite a long one - maybe 30 chapters?

Chapter 9 - Their End

It was lunchtime now, and Rose had come to sit under a large beech tree with Albus, Jason, Lily, Roxanne and Violet. Lily, Violet and Roxanne enthusiastically discussed the latter’s crush on Tommy McDonald as they watched the group of Tommy, James, Fred and Louis sit down by the lake not far from them.

‘You know he’s going out with Aoife Finnegan,’ Violet reminded her. Roxanne looked appalled.

‘Aoife? The Sixth Year? She looks boring; he could do so much better.’

‘She’s quite pretty,’ said Lily, smiling, ‘You only don’t like her because of Tommy. Talk of the Devil, here come the fan girls now.’

Rose couldn’t help but laugh at Lily’s observation as a group of four girls approached the boys by the lake. Lauren McLaggen, Jason and Callum’s horrifyingly popular sister and Louis’ girlfriend led the group, followed by the aforementioned Aoife and the slightly quieter but undeniably attractive Ella Doherty. Frankie Longbottom lagged behind them, her usual confidence clearly hindered, and her eyes looked red from crying.

‘What do you reckon is wrong with Frankie?’ asked Violet, peering curiously.

Here Rose entered the conversation. ‘When I spoke to James earlier he said they’d had a row. It must be a big deal, he seemed really upset.’

‘That’s odd,’ said Lily, ‘They were all over each other this morning. It was disgusting.’

‘I hope they don’t split up,’ sighed Roxanne, ‘Maybe Neville will stop coming to Grandma’s parties because it will be too awkward for Frankie and James. Neville’s a laugh.’

‘You’re getting ahead of yourself,’ said Lily, ‘They’re made for each other. Plus, they’ve been together forever. It’ll be fine.’

Rose scarcely believed this, for Lily had a history of being a romantic idealist. At the age of 10 Lily had cried when Teddy and Victoire split up after she was offered a position at the French Ministry; she had similarly squealed with joy upon discovering James’ and Frankie’s relationship, expressing her wish for Neville and his three daughters to be official parts of the family.

She adored the idle chattering of the girls and the calm, carefree, glorious spring weather. She listened to the music of their conversation as it took up the topic of the two groups they watched being the coolest kids in Hogwarts, and whether their own popularity would ever reach such heights in their later years at school. The words were so irrelevant, so silly, and this is why Rose loved them. She loved to hear Albus and Jason discuss what to write for their Potions essay, and to watch James and Fred bent over the Marauder’s Map, planning their next escapade while the former clearly tried to ignore the beautiful, tearful girl that sat near him, being gently comforted by Ella.

Rose heard footsteps behind her and looked round to see Scorpius approaching. Rose could see no Anwen in sight. Lily and Violet also looked round, drawn away from Roxanne’s gossiping by his arrival. He stopped in front of Rose, his expression critical. She looked up at him blankly.

‘Where’ve you been? Why weren’t you in Potions?’ he asked, evidently annoyed to find her lounging so happily while he had worried.

‘What do you care?’ snapped Rose and looked to the ground.

‘Sorry, I think I’m missing something. What exactly have I done?’

‘Like you don’t know!’ she laughed derisively and Scorpius looked bewildered, ‘Just go, Scorpius. I don’t want you here.’ Rose didn’t know whether she meant it. All she knew was that being near him caused too much pain and her fury was yet to be soothed.

‘Alright, I will then. But I don’t know what you’re talking about; this isn’t fair.’ With that he turned on his heel, his black robe slicing through the air, and headed back to the castle. She watched him go coldly, her heart silently aching.

‘What happened? Are you ok?’ asked Violet, spinning around to face Rose.

‘It’s complicated, don’t worry,’ she muttered.

‘That was out of order. He really didn’t seem to know what he’s done,’ protested Lily, ever the champion of goodwill. ‘I’m going to see if he’s ok.’

Rose did not argue back. Lily set of the castle too.

‘Sure you don’t want to talk about it?’ asked Violet


‘Suit yourself.’

Violet turned back to her conversation with Roxanne. Rose looked away and watched the red head follow the blond as they vanished through the castle doors in quick succession. It was now Albus who directed his conversation to Rose.

‘Don’t worry about Scorpius,’ he said, ‘He always seemed a bit dodgy.’

Rose smiled weakly and he smiled back.

‘Never trust a Malfoy,’ joked Jason from beside Albus. Rose’s eyes flashed.

‘Your brother thinks that too, doesn’t he?’ her tone was cutting and harsh. Jason drew back, offended.

‘I was joking, Rose. You don’t have to tell me my brother’s a nasty piece of work.’ Jason snapped and turned back to his half-finished essay.

Albus looked at Rose sadly, deploring her constant need to attack. Rose bowed her head and was irritated with herself. She could tell she’d ruined another reconciliation, first with Lily and Violet and now with Albus, and doubted whether she ever would be able to get on in peaceful harmony with them as they seemed to do amongst each other. She knew then that she had spent too long lonely, too long ready to hate anyone who wasn’t Scorpius. She wished only to retreat to the library, where over the years she had so often found comfort in the gentle, easy conversation of Scorpius, and now she would find only further misery and loneliness.

Looking over at the group by the lake, she caught James’ eye and he gave her an encouraging smile. No, she couldn’t go to the library. She couldn’t cut herself off all over again.

‘Sorry, Jason,’ she said quietly, ‘Just been a bit stressed.’ Jason looked somewhat surprised and Albus pleased.

‘No worries,’ Jason said.

‘Are we still fine to see Hagrid tonight?’ asked Rose.

Albus smiled, ‘yeah, don’t see why not. Meet in the Entrance Hall at 4?’


Her disagreements with Lily, Violet and James had proved that rebuilding her relationships would not be easy, but there was hope. Tiny flickers of hope in James’ smile and Albus’ invitation. She would work at it, she resolved, at least while this inspiration lasted. And as for Scorpius, she would have to block him from her mind. She couldn’t watch him go about Hogwarts with Anwen, she knew she wouldn’t be able to stand it. She couldn’t share him with her of all people. Rose also knew that soon it wouldn’t be sharing anyway, soon enough Anwen could take him completely and he would lose all interest in her whatsoever. It was easier to spare herself this by ending their friendship now, even though it stung and would do, she knew, for a long while yet.

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'You're too old to be so shy'

~Rose and Scorpius' story about love~

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Re: Seeing Other People


'You're too old to be so shy'

~Rose and Scorpius' story about love~

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Re: Seeing Other People

Please remember to feedback I'd love to hear what you think.

Chapter 10 - The Augurey

After a seemingly never-ending Divination lesson, Rose made her way through the ancient corridors to the Entrance Hall. Upon her arrival, Albus turned and grinned, while Lily’s attempt at a smile was far more subdued. Rose felt the awkward air but remained unapologetic for her conduct towards Scorpius, though she had some sympathy for Albus who, stood between them, seemed helpless to uncomfortable nature of the scene.

‘How was Divination?’ he asked to break the silence.

‘As good as it can be,’ replied Rose, ‘which is pretty torturous.’ Albus smiled again and Lily did not.

The trio continued in silence out of the castle and into the grounds that were still lit by a pleasant sunlight. There was total peace in the gently swaying grass and the distant waters of the Black Lake. Rose watched the daisies dipping their heads in and out of the green ocean, and the clouds observed the scene in their urbane manner. There was quiet but for the gentle breeze to the ear.

‘Scorpius is really cut up, you know,’ came Lily’s voice to break the peace.

‘He’ll live,’ said Rose, looking forward and away.

‘I don’t even get what he’s done wrong – and nor does he.’

‘Well you wouldn’t know because it’s got nothing to do with you.’ Rose turned to face Lily now. Lily looked straight back.

‘I’m being there for him seeing as you obviously aren’t.’ Lily flicked her vibrant hair from her eye in irritation and glared at Rose.

‘He doesn’t need you – he’s got Anwen!’ Rose’s voice shook slightly upon saying the name out loud. She had a wild look in her pale eyes that could only be attributed to the uncontrollable agony of love. Lily rolled her eyes and smirked slightly.

‘What are you on about now?’

‘Anwen Nott. I saw him snogging her this morning.’

Rose would not allow herself to cry thus pushed back the lump in her throat. Lily looked at her and then laughed openly. Albus turned to look at his sister in shock.

‘Lily, Rose is-‘

‘Oh, calm down, Al. Scorpius told me what happened. She tried it on with him and he pushed her away. And is that really why you’re not talking to him? I knew you were into him but god!’ Lily looked at Rose in amused disbelief.

‘He’s not going out with Anwen?’ muttered Rose.

‘You think he’d go out with Anwen? That stuck up cow? Are you sure we’re talking about the same Scorpius?’

Rose felt the relief mix with a sharp twang of pain in her chest. ‘Yes, Lily, that’s what I thought. I know him. He’s my best friend, and that’s what I thought.’

‘Maybe you should start acting like his best friend then,’ Lily suggested in a light but perhaps patronising tone. Rose shook her head and gave Lily a filthy look.

‘DON’T tell me how I should act towards Scorpius. Will you butt out for god’s sake? You don’t even know him.’

‘Don’t I? Because to be honest, Rose, I seem to have been there for him a bit more than you lately.’ Lily was no longer openly angry, but it only served to make her more irritating in Rose’s eyes; the false concern; the condescension under the guise of advice.

‘I’ve had enough of this. I’m going.’ Rose snapped.

‘What? Why? Just chill,’ protested Lily, but Rose ignored her. She turned to Albus and addressed him.

‘I’m sorry; we’ll do this some other time. Say hi to Hagrid for me.’ Albus nodded solemnly and as Rose walked away she could hear Albus voicing his disapproval at Lily’s handling of the situation, though he admitted that it was Rose’s fault before she was out of earshot.

She didn’t know whether to feel jubilation or disappointment. Rose doubted she could truthfully tell herself that she’d tried her best to be nice to Lily. Perhaps it was only Albus’ uncommon kindness that prevented him from outright loathing Rose too. She did miss her and Lily’s days of friendship, but perhaps they were too different now for the wounds of time to heal. Perhaps Lily was just too popular and confident now to look upon the girl who she once idolised (as children do to elder ones) with anything but distaste. But even as she thought it Rose knew this was a harsh judgement on Lily’s character. She knew Lily could be kind and gentle in everything from Rose’s memories of a little girl crying because she feared her almost-brother heartbroken to her concern for Scorpius now. Lily was caring and at times vulnerable, but also passionate and fierce, more so than Rose knew how to relate too.

Rose allowed her mind to drift to other worries and wondered whether she should seek Scorpius out immediately and apologise for her actions. Then she checked the idea; no, for then he would know that his almost-kiss with Anwen had caused her fury. He could not be allowed to know that. Then what was she to do? What explanation could she give for her sudden change of behaviour? She didn’t want to lie; but neither did she want to tell the truth. But her mind was weary and her emotions exhausted. Scorpius was best avoided for tonight, she concluded, perhaps the morning would bring clarity. And, of course, Rose had a gargantuan Herbology essay to complete by the morning. With everything else going on, she could at times forget her coming OWLs, and the work that she was neglecting due to her tumultuous mind.

Rose decided to return to the Ravenclaw common room and set to work. Perhaps she would meet Violet there and offer her an apology, which might put her in more optimistic spirits. The scene was still so beautiful as she approached the castle, and the wail of Hagrid’s Augurey echoed from the distance.

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'You're too old to be so shy'

~Rose and Scorpius' story about love~
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Re: Seeing Other People

Just double posted the last chapter - how do I delete a post? Sorry! New chapter coming up soon.

'You're too old to be so shy'

~Rose and Scorpius' story about love~
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Re: Seeing Other People

Chapter 11 - The Library

It rained from the moment Rose opened her eyes. The storm had brewed during the night and now was at its worst. She sat up in bed, to see the other girls asleep spare Violet, who was perched on the windowsill gazing out into the rain. Rose had not got to apologise last night, for Violet had not returned to the Common Room by the time Rose had retired to bed.

'Sorry for being so snappy yesterday,' Rose said, and Violet turned round. Her smile was small.

'It's not just yesterday though, is it? You've been doing this a lot lately,' she replied, her voice still, as ever, gentle.

'I know. I don't know what's wrong with me,' Rose hung her head. Violet slipped from the windowsill and sat next to Rose on the bed, putting her arm around her.

'Everyone's really stressed at the moment, and I know you must be too with all this Scorpius stuff.'

'What Scorpius-?'

'Oh, Rose,' sighed Violet, 'you don't have to pretend anymore. I know how you feel about him; virtually everyone does now apart from him.'

Rose rested her head on Violet's shoulder and let out a muffled sob.

'I'm a mess and everyone hates me,' she choked.

'No one hates you,' said Violet, hugging her closer, 'you just need to get stuff sorted out with Scorpius. Go and talk to him today. You don't have to tell him – but maybe you should just try and get back to how things were.'

'But how can I after what I've done? And I don't want to go back to that and neglect my cousins and you and everyone else.' Rose sunk into Violet's straight, dark hair.

'It doesn't have to be one or the other, Rose,' said Violet, 'You can have us all, you know, you just need to balance it a bit more.' Rose emerged from Violet's arms, tear-stained but half-smiling.

'I really will this time. I really will.'

Rose did indeed feel a kind of epiphany. When she had focused on building bridges with her cousins she had neglected Scorpius, and when she had focused on her friendship with him she had committed the converse. She needed Violet, perhaps until this moment she had not realised quite how much.

At breakfast she did not see Scorpius, and Rose did not have the heart to ask Anwen if she knew where he was. Instead she followed Violet quietly to the Gryffindor table. James, Tommy, Louis and Fred were there and Frankie's absence was noticeable. Roxanne was sat next to Tommy, evidently making an effort to start conversation with him, though his eyes were trained on Aoife over at the other end of the Gryffindor table with Ella and Lauren. Violet sat down on the other side of Roxanne, as far from Fred as possible. It was only then that Rose recalled Violet's hesitance in discussing Fred yesterday and felt guilty for not paying any attention to it back in the dormitory. Rose watched as Violet made pains to talk to Roxanne and show Fred no attention, though his dark eyes glanced at her every now and then. It seemed everyone was in romantic trouble at the moment.

Rose kept turning to glance at the doors in the hope that Scorpius would appear, but he never did. Lily's arrival led to minor distraction. To her great surprise, Lily perched herself next to Rose with a friendly 'hi.' Rose turned to her, taken aback, and returned the greeting.

'I was probably harsh with you yesterday, sorry,' said Lily, in her smooth but powerful voice. Rose paused for a moment, unsure of what to say.

'It's fine. It was my fault.' Rose looked at Lily and saw her full, pink lips smile. Rose's smile was poorer.

'I heard that Grandma's having a get together next week. Sounds quite big, are you coming?' Lily's voice was again warm and true. She dwelt on arguments far less than Rose, who still felt unsure and looked at the rosy-cheeked, fiery-haired girl with trepidation.

'Yes, I'm coming. I haven't spoken to mum and dad or Hugo about it though, but I presume they'll be there.'

'Yeah, I hope Scorpius is ok facing the family,' Lily laughed and Rose's face fell.


'Scorpius is coming,' said Lily.

'Why? What? Since when?' Rose's cheeks were flushed.

'Well, you invited him over yours next week, yes?' Rose had forgotten about that, but nodded accordingly. 'Then Grandma said she could only have it on Thursday, and I was speaking to Scorpius earlier and that's the same day as Anwen's dinner party that he's avoiding. So he's coming.'

'You were speaking to Scorpius earlier?' this thought had absorbed the shock that in one week Scorpius Malfoy would be meeting nearly the entire Weasley family.

'Just saw him in a corridor. I think he was going to the library,' she said. Rose instantly stood from the bench and with a quick 'thank you' and 'bye' set off to the library. As she left the Great Hall she saw a blob of red hair turn a corner and bump into her. She looked down to see Hugo. He eyed her coldly and she remembered their last interaction with a blush of shame.

'Hi, Hugo,' she said. He did not reply, but continued to stare. Rose remembered where she was heading and her heart was split. Talk to Hugo, or find Scorpius? She already knew what her choice was before the dilemma even formed in her mind. 'I-I'm sorry, Hugo, really. But I have to go.' As she turned, she saw him roll his eyes and turn back into the Hall. Apart from a small echo of sadness, Rose gave Hugo no other thought as she ascended the stairs and headed down a corridor. Scorpius alone occupied her mind. What would she say? Rose still hadn't thought through an excuse for her behaviour. She couldn't even bring herself to think it through. She just wanted to see him again. After thinking that he and Anwen were together, the thought of it being just the two of them again awoke a warmth in her chest that made everything else other than his presence, whether it be scolding or affectionate, crucial.

She came to the library door and took a deep breath before going in. She surveyed it and did not instantly see him, having to walk through a few rows of bookshelves to see the boy with shimmering hair hunched over the table, his head in his hands.

'Scorpius?' she said quietly, and he raised his head. His face was pale and his gaze dulled, though she could have sworn that his lip twitched to almost a smile upon seeing her. Then his expression resumed stillness and sadness pervaded his features.

'You can't keep doing this, Rose,' came his equally hushed reply. Pain rippled in her throat as she took the chair beside him.

'I know.' She placed her hand on his arm before thinking about it. He did not see her blush.

'I never know what's going on. One moment you seem to only want to hang out with me, and then you're gone,' he hung his head again and she felt her breath begin to catch and her vision obscured.

'I'm so sorry,' she allowed her head to fall to his shoulder.

He said nothing but she didn't expect him to. She closed her eyes and felt his soft robe against her face. From beneath it the warmth of his skin soothed her. Silence took hold. She allowed herself to be lost in the feeling of that single moment. The morning sun tumbled through the window and illuminated her eyelids. There was warmth and calm and the breeze of his breath on her wild hair.

Then the door creaked open and it was over. She raised her head from his shoulder and Scorpius shifted uncomfortably as a pair of chattering fourth years walked over to the nearest shelf. The silence was still there, but it was harsh and their eyes did not meet. Rose felt stupid for thinking he could like her back and cringed at the thought of how awkward he must have felt as she rested on him. She glanced at him and saw that he was looking at the table. This silence was intolerable.

'Yeah, erm- sorry again,' Rose said, stumbling through the sentence, 'Just had a rough time lately, you know?' He looked at her, his face stony.

'Why won't you tell me the real reason? Just say it.' His gaze held hers and her lips shivered on the edge of speech. She broke his gaze and muttered 'it's nothing' under her breath.

'You're coming to Grandma's next week?' she asked, and his eyes looked sad again.

'Apparently,' he said reluctantly. 'I mean, Lily said it would be fine. But I dunno-'

'Yes, it would be fine,' said Rose quickly, and there was a hint of a smile in his pale features again. 'Might be a bit scary though. Some of them are quite loud, mostly Lily and James, to be honest. But me and you can escape-' she paused, worried about the possible implication of her words. 'I mean I'm quite quiet then too, so we can just keep to ourselves.' He seemed amused at all of her jabbering, and she smiled slightly. He smiled back.

'C'mon,' he said, 'we better get to Potions now. Doubt Goldstein's forgiven you for bunking yesterday.'

They stood and wandered off to Potions in amiable conversation, though in Rose's heart lurked a quiet pain for what had been so close to being said, and what had been so close to being done.

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'You're too old to be so shy'

~Rose and Scorpius' story about love~
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Re: Seeing Other People

First look at 41 year-old Hermione here - enjoy!

Chapter 12 - Grove Cottage

Her room had walls of sky blue. Several bookshelves lined the walls, some leather-bound and some sparkling in their newness. Beside a plain, single bed with blank white coverings, the only furniture was a small, pine desk and matching chair. The desk housed a few notebooks, several quills and copy of Advanced Potions Making: with alterations by Severus Snape, which she was reading early in preparation for next year. On the wall, framed, was a photograph of her family – parents, herself and brother – taken around the time of her starting Hogwarts. A small girl with curly auburn hair that took over her appearance stared out. Her smile was pure and true, her mother's hand resting on her shoulder. She shared her father's pale blue eyes, while the smaller still boy beside her had ones of deepest chocolate, like their mother.

Currently, a far larger Rose was sat in the middle of the floor, tapping her fingers against the wooden boards. She was waiting anxiously for 3 o'clock to come, when Scorpius would arrive via the Floo Network. The Easter holidays prior to this had been spent uneventfully. While her brother had been out visiting his friends, Rose had largely remained at home, reading and staying quietly in her room. She had written one letter to Scorpius, and he had replied. The correspondence had gone like this:

Dear Scorpius,

I hope you're enjoying the break and everything's fine at home. Take the Floo Network to my house at 3 o'clock on Thursday. Say "Grove Cottage, Tinworth" and you should be fine. I'll be waiting for you, and we'll head off to the Burrow about an hour later.

I promise you, my lot aren't that bad. Most of them are really nice, actually. And you'll get to meet my Uncle Harry – he's probably the nicest of them all, and not too loud.

Can't wait to see you,


Two days later the reply had come:

Dear Rose,

Thanks for the address and stuff, should be fine. It's a tad nerve-wracking but I'm sure it will be a laugh – and pretty cool to meet the great Harry Potter (Dad would kill me if he saw that).

Things are ok here. Haven't seen Dad much, not sure where he is. But Mum's been hanging around a lot and is being alright. They know I'm coming over on Thursday and Mum's fine with it but Dad's a bit dodgy obviously. You should've seen his face when I told him! But stuff him; he can't do anything.

Can't wait to see you too – it's been so boring here,


The reply had made Rose grin and wonder about the truth in his words that he couldn't wait to see her. She thought about it again now and smiled. Looking over to her desk, she saw an old, brown box tucked under it. Ever since the summer following her first year she had kept Scorpius' letters stashed away in there. And in that box, pristine on the top of the pile, lay the letter she was remembering so fondly now. Resolving that time went more slowly when waiting for it to pass, Rose descended the stairs.

The Weasley's home was a bizarre mix of clutter and quaint order, instilled by her parents' conflicting attitudes to housework. In one room shelves upon shelves of random objects could be seen piled, amongst them Chudley Cannon badges and an old Fanged Frisbee; while in another an oak table was neatly laid, with several shelves dotted around the room holding alphabetically ordered books or a vase of flowers. Rose walked through down the corridor, painted sky blue with family pictures hung here and there. The sun was bright through the windows and the house had an aura of pleasant calm; the only noise being the rustle of her mother's papers from the living room.

It was to there that Rose now ventured. This room was almost overwhelmingly cosy, with the walls of deep burgundy and heavy curtains obscuring the penetrating sunlight. Her mother sat on a large, brown armchair, her hair tied back as she made notes on the book that was levitating in front of her.

Hermione Weasley was past 40 now and the years had not tamed her bushy brown hair. She wore a large red jumper and jeans, still preferring to wear muggle clothes at home for the sense of familiarity. She was a sort of pretty, though perhaps her features lacked the beauty of some, and merely were adequate, fitting together harmoniously but without the power to astound. Her gentle, chocolate brown eyes, now lined with the beginnings of crow's feet, rolled over the words before her. Her had always thought of Hermione as beautiful and strong, and still did.

Rose stepped quietly into the room and sat on the arm of her mother's chair. Hermione looked up at her daughter and smiled, then stroked the curly auburn hair.

'Where's Hugo?' asked Rose.

'He's gone to the park with Jacob, the muggle from across the road.'

'Ok, good,' she said, and received a 'be nice to your brother' look from Hermione's stern eyes. 'I just don't want him being in the way when Scorpius gets here.'

'Are you alright, Rose?'

'Yes,' she replied but sighed, 'Just bored waiting.'

'You remind me of how I used to be waiting for your father's letters in the summer, worrying whether my last one had been too long and annoying,' said Hermione and smiled. Rose bowed her head slightly and pulled away from her mother's hand on her hair.

'We're not together, though,' she replied, her voice weighted by regret.

'Neither were we.' And with another smile Hermione collected her papers and walked from the room, her book floating after her. Rose slipped into the chair that her mother had sat in and watched stared at nothing in particular. She glanced at a clock on the wall and found the time to be quarter to 3. Her lip curled to a small smile. Not long now.

She looked at the fire place before her and visualised the sudden roar of flame that would signal his arrival. She imagined the tall, thin figure stepping from it, his grey eyes meeting hers with a true smile. Her thoughts slid further into day dream and she tried to recall the feel of his hand in hers, of her cheek rested against his shirt, and then imagined his lips on hers, his hands in her hair and at her waist… But she snapped back to reality and the fireplace was empty. Then the pain came again, that constant pain of knowing it was just a dream and in all likelihood would remain so forever. But there was always that hope, that flicker of candlelight in an otherwise dark, cold house. Enough light for her to see possibility and cling to it, even if it burnt her.

Rose stood and turned to the mirror on the other side of the room. It was full-body and ornate, with patterned gold around the outside – an heirloom following the death of Great-Great-Aunt Muriel.

Rose observed her blue robes. Were they boring? She'd chosen them over the red. Perhaps the red would have been better. Then she looked at the hair. It was fairly wild, as always. Perhaps she should have asked her mum to perform a straightening charm. Then she looked at her face. It was similar to her mother's, with the same acceptable features and slightly square face, though her eyes were a very pale blue, just like her father's. She was pale and freckles littered her face; freckles that she hated, though her mum had always told her that they were beautiful.

She decided that her appearance was much as it always was, and there was little she could do about it now. She would never be pretty enough to deserve Scorpius, the ice-haired Adonis whose rose lips she longed for.

The fire roared behind her.

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'You're too old to be so shy'

~Rose and Scorpius' story about love~
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Re: Seeing Other People

Chapter 13 - The Bedroom

He stepped out from the flames as glorious as she had imagined him. And as she had dreamed, the smile came, pearly and true. He was dressed in smart black robes with his hair neatly parted. It was odd for Rose to see, for Scorpius was always far scruffier at school. He walked quickly towards her and wrapped her in his arms; Rose melted into them with a blush. Never would he understand what these moments meant to her. When they pulled apart she smiled up at his ivory face and he returned it.

‘You have no idea how glad I am to be here!’ he declared, holding her shoulders and she revelled in his gentle grip. He released her and she almost felt a tad dizzy. ‘Father hasn’t spoken to me all day because I’ve come here – which is a good thing really. And I managed to completely avoid Anwen.’ Rose was cheered to hear the final addition.

It was only now that Scorpius seemed to become aware of his surroundings and surveyed the warmly-coloured room. ‘Nice place,’ he smiled, ‘very you - especially all the books.’ He walked around the edge of the room, running his fingers along the spines of the leather-bound volumes.

‘I don’t even read that much,’ she argued.

‘More than me.’

At this point the door opened and Hermione poked her head round.

‘I thought I heard you arrive,’ she stepped into the room and smiled at Scorpius, who seemed pleased, if somewhat surprised, by this reaction.

‘Hello, Mrs Weasley.’

‘I’ll leave you two to it,’ she said, ‘just call me if you want anything.’ With this, Hermione left the room and her footsteps vanished down the corridor.

Rose and Scorpius stood in silence for a moment. They smiled warmly at each other but total harmony was marred by a slightly uncomfortable tension in the air. Looking at his pink lips, Rose recalled how she had imagined there touch and felt her cheeks grow slightly warm. He looked back and Rose wondered what his own thoughts on her were.

‘Are you going to show me around then?’ he asked playfully.

‘Oh, yes, of course,’ she said, roused from her thoughts. ‘This is the living room, as you probably guessed.'

‘I like it,’ he said, ‘it looks warm – all the rooms at the Manor are monochrome.’

She led him out of the room and down the corridor. She noticed how he looked around with a kind of wonder, apparently adoring all the details from the miniscule people in the family photos as they giggled and smiled, to the old, battered Chudley Cannon figurines that whizzed through the sky around their box. He showed similar interest in the open and breezy, forest green dining room; the small but homely kitchen and the small grove that lay in the garden, with its blooming apple trees and old rope swing that hung by a pond, little flashes of gold indicating the life beneath. They went up the stairs, with more family photos lining the wall. Rose looked over her shoulder to see Scorpius paused at one that was solely of her. Taken only months previously, the Rose of the picture was reluctant to smile, glancing from side to side almost nervously, before her gaze paused on him and radiated a silent sadness. Rose wondered whether Scorpius could see the sorrow in those shimmering eyes of blue.

‘C’mon, she said quietly. He nodded and smiled, then followed her up the rest of the staircase. The next door they came to was one of bare wood. Engraved in it was ‘ROSE’ in delicate calligraphy, along with the predictable depiction of the flower besides the writing. She opened the door, and Scorpius peered around to see the blue room fully.

‘It’s quite plain,’ he said, ‘but I love it. It’s pretty.’ Rose didn’t really know what he was talking about, though she agreed that plain was certainly the fair description. Scorpius walked into the room and spun round, apparently revelling in his surroundings. Rose followed him and shut the door behind her. ‘Rose, I love it here. It’s so beautiful! I probably sound crazy but I’m so used to being locked up in my horrible old place. This is full of colour and light – and happiness!’ Rose couldn’t decide whether to be amused by his enthusiasm or to just enjoy watching him twirl in the beautiful amber light that tore through her curtains and drenched him.

‘I’m glad you like it,’ she said, and sat on her bed. He spun to look at her and grinned.

‘When I get home I’m redecorating my bedroom – something more like this. My parents won’t like it so I’ll have to do it the muggle way, but it’ll be fun. You could always help me?’ He suggested, tilting his head.

‘At your house? Meet your family?’ Rose felt a mix of excitement at the invitation and terror at the prospect of meeting the Malfoys.

‘If you wanted,’ his voice was weak and, though she may have imagined it, nervous.

‘Yes, I want.’ She smiled and he bounced slightly on the spot, almost bouncing to sit next to her on the bed. She looked straight at his face, close now, and felt again the waves of that overwhelming urge to touch him and have him closer still. ‘I’m so glad things are back to normal. I’ve missed you so much.’ He looked at her intently.

‘I’ve missed you too.’ The urge was almost overpowering. She felt her chin begin to tilt towards him but stopped herself before it was noticeable. He stroked her arm and held her towards him in an almost-hug. ‘I don’t think I’ve ever been as close to anyone as I am to you.’

She couldn’t help but allow a gasp to escape her at the words and tried to blink back the tears that now prickled at her eyes. She rested her head on his shoulder and he wrapped his arm around her. They heard the door open and close downstairs and the distant murmur of conversation, but they ignored it. He turned his face so that he could see her as she leant on him. Her eyes flicked to his and he raised his hand to her cheek. The sun glittered behind him and gave him a halo of golden light. She could feel his breath on her cheek, warm and comforting. She drew nearer now, no longer disguising her intention.

‘ROSE!’ her father bellowed from downstairs. They jumped apart, startled. ‘GET DOWN HERE!’ Without a moment to process what had happened, or regret that it had not been fulfilled, Rose stood up and headed downstairs and Scorpius followed her. They did not exchange a word.

Arriving at the landing, she saw her father standing at the door in his work robes. Ron Weasley’s red hair was receding a little now, but his face retained its youth in its habitual playful chirpiness, which had now been replaced by flustered anger.

‘What were you doing up there?’ he demanded and Rose squirmed with embarrassment. Ron’s accusing eyes did not look at her, but firmly at Scorpius.

‘I was showing him around.’ Rose made her annoyance clear in her voice.

‘Oh, Ron, stop overreacting!’ said her mother, walking in from the kitchen.

‘I’m not overreacting, Hermione. But Rose is 16, far too young to have a boy in her bedroom!’

Rose met Scorpius’ eye and found that he was as red as her.

‘Oh, stop it,’ said Hermione, ‘You and Lavender Brown were all over each other at her age.’

‘That’s not the point – I was far more mature.’

Rose indicated the living room to Scorpius and the pair sloped off quietly, allowing her parents to bicker in peace. They came to a rest on the sofa and there was a moment of silence as they both acknowledged the awkwardness instilled by her father’s interruption and subsequent suspicions.

‘Sorry about that,’ she muttered quietly.

‘No worries,’ he said, the blush fading from his cheek.

Rose knew that they would not resume where they had broken off. Even if it were not for the presence of her parents metres away, the air had changed and the moment in which they had lost themselves was now definitively over. Rose thought regretfully whether such an opportunity would ever re-emerge.

Hermione stuck her bushy head around the door. ‘We better get ready to go now.’ Ron followed her in, not meeting Scorpius’ eye and the newly-arrived Hugo trailed behind him. It was Hermione who first went into the fireplace, taking a handful of powder and saying ‘THE BURROW’ clearly. A green flame immersed her and then she was gone. Hugo went next, before Ron followed quickly.

‘Is it the Burrow?’ Scorpius asked, stepping into the fireplace. Rose nodded and soon Scorpius had vanished into the flames. For a moment Rose stood in the empty room and felt the butterflies fluttering away in her stomach – they had not stopped since Scorpius had arrived – and took a deep breath. She too stepped in, declared ‘THE BURROW’ and vanished.

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'You're too old to be so shy'

~Rose and Scorpius' story about love~
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Re: Seeing Other People

Chapter 14 - The Burrow

With a thud, her feet landed on hard ground and the rush of soot into her mouth made her cough. Straightening up, Rose opened her eyes to see the living room of the Burrow: warm, cluttered and homely. She stepped from the fireplace and smiled at Scorpius, who was looking considerably more nervous now; then to her mother, who gave her a smile. Hugo had already ran off out into the garden to join everyone else when Grandma and Grandad came through the door. Grandma was clutching a tray full of sausage rolls when she ran forward to kiss Ron and Hermione’s cheeks.

‘Hello, my dears!’ she said with delight, before turning her warm embrace to Rose. Grandad followed her, grinning at and greeting them one by one.

‘This is Scorpius Malfoy, who Ron told you about,’ announced Hermione and there was a moment’s pause. Rose saw her grandparents exchange a look before Grandad stepped forward.

‘Good to meet you, my boy,’ he said, and shook Scorpius’ hand.

‘Any friend of Rose’s is a friend of ours,’ said Grandma, smiling and holding out the tray of sausage rolls, which Scorpius politely declined. ‘The others are all out in the garden – there’s quite a few! Even Charlie’s visiting from Romania. Percy and Audrey are coming later and Neville said he’ll pop by with Frankie and Alice; Luna and Rolf might bring the twins over.’

Rose looked to Scorpius and saw the joy in his eyes at the kindness of her grandparents greeting. As they filed out into the garden, she could have sworn that she saw her mother mouth ‘thanks’ to Mr Weasley, who then nodded with a little smile.

As expected, the garden was buzzing with Weasley life. In the paddock, James, Fred, Louis, Roxanne and Lily could be seen attempting a miniature Quidditch game. They were watched by George, Angelina, Bill and Charlie, and Rose heard a laughing George shout, ‘That was pants, Fred! I’ve seen Ron keep better.’ Ron must have heard this, for he turned a shade redder.

Across the garden, Teddy and Victoire were floating around, chatting happily to everyone and showing off Victoire’s small but intricate silver ring. Teddy was tall now at the age of 24, with his wavy turquoise hair falling into his pale blue eyes. He walked with his arm wrapped around the slender, beautiful Victoire’s waist. She was not quite 22 and her shimmering, blonde hair fell past her shoulders. Her skin was pale, though housed the occasional light freckle, and her eyes were large and deeply blue.

Hugo had run off to watch the Quidditch match and Rose saw her mother’s dark eyes scanning the garden, until she found who she was looking for with a smile of satisfaction. ‘There they are,’ she said happily to Ron and the couple wandered towards a bench where 3 people were sat. Rose followed and Scorpius did the same, though they hung back behind her parents.

‘Harry,’ said Hermione and hugged the black-haired, bespectacled man tightly. At the same time Ginny and Ron exchanged a warm smile and a cheek kiss.

‘That raid today was a waste of time,’ said Ron to Harry, ‘just some kids mucking around with a few nasty hexes they heard at school.’

‘At least I won’t have to do a full report on it,’ He smiled, and the 4 sunk back onto the bench and launched into conversation.

Albus stood next to his parents and smiled to both Rose and Scorpius.

‘Nice Easter?’ he asked.

‘Yes, I’d say so. A bit uneventful,’ Rose replied.

‘Shall we go and watch the Quidditch?’ Albus suggested, ‘I don’t know how they’re managing it with only 5 players.’

‘Scorpius could join in,’ said Rose, turning to him. ‘You’re a great chaser at school.’

‘I dunno,’ he said quietly. ‘I don’t want to get in their way or anything…’

‘No,’ interjected Albus, ‘it’s a good idea. At least it will even things up a bit.’

Scorpius smiled and followed the pair over to the paddock. Upon seeing Rose and Albus, the observing Charlie turned and gave them a large hug. ‘God, you two are massive - proper grown ups now!’

Rose had not seen her Uncle Charlie for several years and indeed missed him. In her childhood he had always been an idolised figure, with his dangerous job and adventures with dragons in far off lands. Now, looking through her almost-adult eyes, he was a short, stout man, a lot like any other, and Rose could not defeat the feeling that his pursuit of danger and adventure was childish and silly, and his life incomplete. She pushed the thought from her mind and looked up to her cousins whizzing through the air.

It would appear that seekers and beaters were eliminated, and their miniature match was a case of 3 chasers against 2. James, Fred and Louis against Roxanne and Lily. Currently, Lily had just snatched the Quaffle from her elder brother and was tearing through the air towards the goal posts. She was visibly faster than the others, though riding an old Firebolt compared to James’ Stormstrike. She dodged them with ease and threw the Quaffle clear of Louis to score a fine goal. The score was now 40 – 10 to Lily and Roxanne, despite their being a player down and 3 years their opponents’ junior.

‘Very poor indeed,’ chuckled George and Fred scowled from above.

‘Let’s see you do better then!’ called the son with a lopsided smile. And a grin burst forth from George at the challenge.

‘Bring it, young ‘un. Your generation against our learned, if slightly old and tubby one. Whose in?’
Charlie was without hesitation, for he had been a fine seeker in his Hogwarts days. Angelina agreed and Albus had returned with Harry, Ginny and Ron, though Ron was somewhat more reluctant than the others.

‘I dunno,’ he said, ‘I was pretty pants at Hogwarts.’

‘Don’t be stupid,’ said Hermione encouragingly, ‘Weasley is our king – remember?’

‘You’re still one short though,’ pointed out Rose, and they all turned to Hermione.

‘No, not in a million years. I’ve only ever touched a broom if forced and I don’t plan to again.’

‘Bill?’ asked Ginny, but he shook his head. Despite his advancing years, Bill Weasley had never given up on his ponytail, though it was thinner and greying now.

‘Far too old,’ he said with a laugh.

They were stumped for a moment. The younger team now consisted of the 5 already playing and Teddy, who had been the Hufflepuff keeper in his school days, though his general clumsiness had not made him one of the best.

‘There’s one place left, Scorpius,’ said Rose, but he seemed to shrink away a little in embarrassment, before glancing to James for approval. He nodded and Scorpius smiled thankfully. ‘They like you,’ said Rose quietly in his ear.

At that moment, there was a crack and the group turned around. There stood Neville, with the beautiful Frankie by his side, and the small Alice behind.

‘Left Imelda with Hannah,’ he said, explaining the absence of his youngest daughter. They looked at him with a spark or idea in their eyes and he shyed away. ‘What is it?’ he asked.

‘Neville, my friend,’ said Harry, coming forward and placing a hand on Neville’s shoulder. ‘We’re a player short and thought that now might be a good time for you to try your hand at Quidditch. No time like the present.’

There was a sort of terror in Neville’s expression. ‘No way, Harry. I haven’t been on a broom since I was 11 and that was a disaster.’

‘C’mon, mate,’ said Ron, ‘do it for us.’

Neville paused and looked at Ginny pleadingly. She merely smiled and handed him a Nimbus 2001.

‘If I die,’ said Neville to Harry, ‘it’s all your fault.’

Rose looked back to Scorpius and saw him standing with James and Lily discussing who should play where. The 3 looked at ease with each other, and Rose for a moment wondered why either of them had ever felt nervous about Scorpius coming along. He and Lily joked easily and even James now showed no obvious apprehension.

‘Who’s seeking for the kids?’ asked Ron, and Lily stepped forward. Fred had been willing to relinquish his usual position in order for young Lily to show off her instinctive skill.

‘Well, it’s got to be Harry or Ginny for us then,’ said Charlie, ‘Parent versus Child – this will be interesting.’

‘Harry,’ said Ginny, ‘you haven’t played for years. Let’s see if you’ve lost your magic.’

‘Yeah,’ agreed Ron, ‘plus, Ginny used to be professional, so Harry’s a bit fairer.’

Harry exchanged an amused look with his 13-year-old daughter. ‘Scared?’ she asked.

‘A little,’ he winked and they both mounted their brooms. Lily’s launch into the air was quick and graceful; she got higher and corkscrewed across the paddock.

‘Be careful!’ called Harry, who wobbled slightly upon first taking to the air, but was soon flying as smoothly as ever.

On the ground, Rose turned to Scorpius and grinned. ‘Good luck,’ she said.

‘I’ll need it,’ he returned as he too glided into the air.

They were almost all in position now. Teddy and Ron took to their goal post, where both hovered somewhat uncertainly. James was barging into his father’s side before the match had even started, earning him a sharp look from his mother who bobbed behind them.

It was only Neville stood on the ground now. He mounted the Nimbus tentatively with a look of sheer fear. His feet pushed off and he wobbled into the air, rising slowly and rocking from side to side. Eventually he reached the height of the others, but not before he had slipped and hung onto his broom upside down, with Ginny having to pull him the right way up.

Scorpius, in the air, had lost all his former timidity and was zooming around with Lily, the wind blowing his pale hair into a cloud around his head. Rose watched him from the ground with an absent-minded smile and thought he flew with a grace she could not find in the others.

‘Youngsters ready?’ asked Bill, and Lily nodded gleefully. ‘Old folks ready?’ and Harry responded with a nod. ‘Then let the game BEGIN!’

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'You're too old to be so shy'

~Rose and Scorpius' story about love~
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Re: Seeing Other People

I know a few people were hoping for a Quidditch match so I'm sorry - but I thought this worked better for the plot and I'm not too happy with the way I write more action-based scenes with lots of characters. So, for the story, I think this works best.

Chapter 15 - The Night

As the sun cast a dark orange glow over the house, a number of the party retreated inside. Albus remain on the doorstep, watching the small Scamander twins – recently turned 6 – making daisy petals spin around their heads. Quiet was the overwhelming noise of the garden, though tired, evening chatter floated over from the table where Bill, Charlie and George sat with their wives. A group of boys – James, Louis, Fred and the small Hugo tagging along – were still persistent in their flying as they glided through the cool air as if they would not stop unless wrenched from their brooms, or perhaps until adulthood stole them entirely.

Teddy and Victoire were cuddled on a rocking chair overlooking it all, with a blanket covering their entwined bodies. Her head fell lazily back onto his shoulder and his pale hand ran over her sparkling hair. To Albus they looked as though they could have been together a lifetime, with a cool understanding surrounding them and the need for words long perished.

Rose and Scorpius passed Albus on their way into the house. He had watched them wander in the sunset and had caught the looks thrown when the other’s eyes were averted. They did not have the harmony of Teddy and Victoire. While the latter possessed the calming knowledge that all was said and affirmed, there was a tension between Rose and Scorpius built up of all the words that need voicing but as yet had not been.

Rose walked ahead of Scorpius as they headed towards the living room. ‘You were great,’ Rose said to him, ‘I knew you’d win.’

‘Thanks,’ he smiled gratefully. ‘But it was down to Lily really – she was amazing. She snatched the snitch from right under Harry’s nose.’

They entered the living room. Ginny sat curled up on a large armchair with her daughter at her feet, her flaming hair against her mother’s legs. Grandad was asleep in the opposing armchair and Dominique and Luna sat in two wooden chairs they had conjured.

Luna’s wide, sparkling eyes were as filled with wonder as ever, and her dirty blonde hair as long and scraggly. The only sign of ageing was the slight lines on her face. She wore robes of lime green and had a necklace with some sort of mushroom hung from the end.

Next to her was Dominique, who looked a lot like her elder sister, Victoire, facially. The only noticeable differences were that Dominique had a few more freckles and her blue eyes were a paler silvery-blue than the deeply coloured ones of Victoire. Her hair was shorter too, in a neat blonde bob lining her jaw and while her sister wore silk robes of lilac, Dominique preferred a muggle jumper and jeans. She also possessed a beauty that warranted much attention, perhaps more as hers lacked the intimidating nature of Victoire’s. She had eschewed all male interest, however, and had openly entered relationships with several girls since her Hogwarts days. Rose watched Dominique for a moment, liking the way the crackling fire lit her smooth, clear skin and brought orange flecks to her pale eyes.

Harry, Ron and Hermione sat together on a heavily-cushioned sofa. The fingers of Ron and Hermione were locked in a manner that perfectly showed love that had not faded. Were Albus present, he would have noticed the extension of this old love to Harry. It was clear to someone who saw as Albus did that the three had been irrevocably bound many years before.

‘I’m surprised Frankie turned up,’ said Lily with a hint of bitterness, indicating that Frankie had fallen in her estimations since apparently breaking her eldest brother’s heart.

‘Neville said she took a lot of persuading,’ said Ginny, ‘I still don’t understand what happened.’

‘She probably cheated on him or something,’ speculated Lily and Harry shook his head.

‘We know Frankie; she’s a nice girl,’ he said and there were nods of agreement, though Lily looked unsure.

‘I’m pretty sure it’s nothing like that,’ said Dominique’s soft, musical voice, though her eyes betrayed knowledge of exactly what it was.

‘IT’s pointless gossiping about it anyway,’ continued Harry, ‘they’re kids – they’ll work it out.’

‘Yeah,’ agreed Ron, ‘remember when you set a flock of birds on me?’ Hermione smiled at the memory.

‘You deserved it,’ she laughed.

‘I didn’t.’

‘You did,’ Harry and Ginny said at the same time, before all four of them laughed.

‘My mum told me that when she first got with my Father, she transfigured him into a rat during a fight,’ laughed Scorpius.

Ron burst into a chuckle. ‘No offence but Draco Malfoy as a rat is pretty classic.’

‘Although he’s probably more accustomed to being a ferret,’ said Harry and they all laughed again.

Scorpius smiled and Rose knew he felt the joy of acceptance. The group, old and young, talked and reminisced for hours over butterbeer and firewhisky. It was only Rose who did not speak, sitting in a corner as she always did, silent sipping her firewhisky. A quiet sadness weighed down on her, knowing that Scorpius seemed already to fit in more easily with her family than she did.

No one noticed when she slipped from the room and into the next. In the quiet room, her room, as it now felt, she sat in front of a fireplace that had no flame and stared. Her head spun slightly and it scared her a little, so she gulped down the rest of her firewhisky with speed. Night had fallen completely now and she looked down to see her hands illuminated to a whitish blue.

She listened and his voice floated in from the other room in its confident, conversational manner. She heard laugh and response and the kind of warm hum that comes when confident people meet and talk.

She closed her eyes and felt the room spinning under her feet. Images from the day flashed before her eyes. Albus on the step with the twins… Scorpius’ face approaching hers… Her father’s flustered anger as they came downstairs… Dominique’s tuneful laugh… Her mother’s knowing smile… Lily’s glorious, shimmering hair against Ginny’s legs… The orange glow of the sun on the pond… Teddy launching the Quaffle past her dad and into the hoop, turquoise hair twirling around his face… Then Scorpius’ hard, steel glare, nearer than ever before.

‘Rose?’ came the only voice she wished to hear. She turned to the door and he stood there. He too was pale and blue in the moonlight. Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy took a place next to Rose, in the dark of the extinguished fireplace, and did not say anything.

‘I think I’m a bit drunk,’ she said with a giggle and, noticing the slight slur in her voice, realised that she had not spoken in hours. Scorpius smirked.

‘I think you might be too.’ They sat in silence again, though she rested her head on his shoulder. He allowed it to stay there. ‘I like your family,’ he continued.

‘I know. You seem to get on with them a damn sight better than I do.’ He shook his head and her position on his shoulder stopped her from seeing him roll his eyes.

‘Rose, you’re allowed to be shy. They don’t love you any less because of it.’

‘Says you.’

‘Yes, says me,’ he laughed and shrugged her off. She looked for a moment as if she might cry, so he squeezed her hand to show he had been joking. Her smile returned and she swayed slightly.

‘Can we go home now?’ she said quietly, looking at him in a way that would be fierce if her eyes weren’t glazed over. His breath halted slightly as he looked back, then he smiled.

‘You need to get to bed. I’ll go and get your parents, then I’ll go home,’ he said, standing up to fetch them.

‘No,’ she protested and he paused, ‘they’re enjoying themselves. Let’s just go back to mine. We could hang out for a bit then you can take the Floo Network home.’ He looked at her for a moment.

‘Yeah, I’ll come with you to make sure you’re ok. But it’s late; you need some sleep and I told my mother I’d be back by now.’ But it seemed that Rose had only ‘yeah’, for she stood up quickly in her glee and almost toppled over. He grabbed her arm and she laughed, leaning against him.

She righted herself and stepped into the fireplace, taking a handful of powder from the pot at its side.

‘GROVE COTTAGE,’ she said, managing not to slur and vanished in the bright flames.

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'You're too old to be so shy'

~Rose and Scorpius' story about love~

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Re: Seeing Other People

Chapter 16 - The Phantom

Rose tottered into the dark living room and waited for her eyes to adjust, tripping over the leg of a table on her way. It was cooler here than it had been at the Burrow, and she felt goosebumps ripple on her skin. A moment later the fire roared again and Scorpius stepped out. She felt the familiar rush that she always did when he entered a room. Her heart thundered with anticipation. To be with him – alone, truly alone – was what she had been waiting for all night. Now he stood before her, though she could only make out his silhouette in the dark. Even that was strong and flawless. Underage and thus unable to use marriage, he took a match from the mantelpiece and lit several candles. This gave the room a dark glow that lit his pale face from beneath and made his eyes sparkle. He then approached Rose with a smile.

'I should go, now that you're back fine.'

'Stay a little longer,' she said with a wonky smile and sat back on the sofa. He sat next to her and watched her face as she leant back, yawned and closed her eyes. The tiredness overtook her now, wrapping her in its warm blanket of calm, and before she was aware of it she was floating away.

'You're tired,' he said quietly and she shook her head in protest, and with visible effort opened her eyes and straightened up. They looked at each other in silence. Her intoxication and the general looseness granted by dull lighting and night time allowed the elongated stare to lack all awkwardness. She watched his chest rise and fall at a slow, gentle pace. She extended a pale hand to his face and giggled drunkenly. 'You really need to sleep,' he said, and his voice was as smooth as the trickle of water to her ear. Rose shook her head and it continued to wobble as she bit in her lip. For a moment Scorpius looked as though he might laugh, not knowing whether this was her drunken attempt at seduction. She wrapped her other hand around his neck and the rise and fall of his chest sped up again.

With inhibitions almost gone, Rose was left overwhelmed by the long-felt need to touch him and now had the ability to put this freely into action. He looked more beautiful than she had ever seen him; his skin softer, his eyes brighter, his lips rosier.

'Stay with me tonight,' she said very gently, and he paused. He could hear her voice strain to be appealing. Strain for the same relaxed musicality of Dominique's or Lily's or Anwen's – but she failed. Her voice did not rise and fall, it did not lure him in and promise him eternal love with every syllable. It was the voice of a friend – a pretty and loyal one, but indefinably one of a friend.

His lips trembled on the edge of speech as she brought his face nearer to hers. Rose knew that this was a moment of monumental importance, the moment she had been waiting for for so long, and though she felt her thundering heart and the whip of butterflies in her stomach, she somehow felt apart from it all – as if she were watching a scene from a dream. But she moved ever closer to him, growing warmer with the glow that seemed to radiate from his proximity.

'Not like this,' he said suddenly, pulling away from her and standing up. The illusion was broken again. Her face fell blank, then was overcome with great sadness. He winced. 'You're drunk, Rose. I don't know whether you mean this or not. You just need some sleep.' Her lower lip trembled as if she might cry, but then her expression changed and her eyes narrowed. For a moment he was hit by her ferocious beauty: her wild hair, now free and out of place; her strong, forceful jaw; her face and neck strewn with delicate freckles; and her pale eyes, now glittering with tears of resentment.

Rose stood and wobbled on the spot. He went to hold her up but she shrugged him off. The look she shot him was one of venom.

'Like I care,' she said quickly, though her voice still wobbled with emotion. 'I never even liked you anyway.' Her words were mixed and slurred, but still had the same impact as they hit his ears. He took a step back and looked at her mournfully. 'I was only joking about trying to kiss you!' she snapped, entirely falsely, though he thought she may be truthful, with the insecurity that is natural when romantic feelings go undeclared. He looked as if he were going to speak, but then it seemed to dawn on him that he could say nothing true of any consequence, so he shut his mouth. Her cheeks were red with a mixture of alcohol and humiliation. He thought it strange that he should only notice quite how beautiful she was now. 'You can go,' she said coldly and turned away from him. The room seemed darker to him when she turned away.

Scorpius too felt like he was only watching the scene and was powerless to change it. She walked away and he was a phantom, intruding on her private anguish. He said nothing as she stormed from the room and up the stairs, slurring under her breath and wobbling as she walked. Then he was very much alone, so much that the room itself seemed to reject him. He stood there for a moment as the candles began to burn out and he was left in total darkness. Scorpius cast a last desolate look at the point on the stairs where she had vanished, and then he left.

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'You're too old to be so shy'

~Rose and Scorpius' story about love~
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Re: Seeing Other People

Chapter 17 - Malfoy Manor

The morning came with grey skies. They cast cold, harsh light over Scorpius' colourless but ornate bedroom. His eyes, coloured like the sky, opened reluctantly and he did not move for several minutes. It was after those few minutes that he remembered the events of the night before, and it was if a weight crashed onto his chest. Anyone else would have known she was joking, and so did Scorpius really, but there was still that niggling doubt, that insecurity.

His bedroom was vast. The walls were all purest white, as if they had been enchanted to glow as bright as a Unicorn's coat. At the foot of his four-poster bed was a great fireplace, with a prominent M carved into the mantelpiece. In contrast to Rose's home, the only family picture to be found was a large portrait hung over the fireplace.

It showed a tall man, almost handsome, perhaps, were it not for his sour expression and rather pointed face. He was pallid and thin, with white-blond hair brushed back from his rather lined face for someone who was not yet 30. His hand stroked the shoulder of a statuesque woman of notable beauty. Her silky dark hair rolled down the back of her elegant grey robes. Her eyes were clear and blue, and they stared out of the portrait with a kind of ferocity, or glanced down at the toddler on her lap with a gentle but protective gaze. It was a reserved child, not laughing or gurgling, but looking out just like his mother, the only movement being the occasional blink. The child was Scorpius, already resembling his father at such a young age with his shock of pale hair and steely grey eyes. His only noticeable inheritance from his mother were a nose and mouth that, when mixed with his father's eyes and pointed face, made him incredibly good-looking. Over the years his attractiveness had merely grown until he was the handsome young man sprawled on his luxurious bed.

In truth, were it not for the wide distaste for his family name in the Wizarding world, Scorpius Malfoy could have had anything he wanted, and indeed anyone. Had his name been anything other, perhaps the girls of all other houses spare his own would have flocked around him instead of the likes of Albus and James. That he was better looking could not be denied, and some might say he was equally pure of heart, if not more so than the loutish James, but he had a cold edge that set him apart and made him distant. The insecurity that now came with being a Malfoy, coupled with his air of hauteur, made him quite remote and in that first year at Hogwarts had led to a tentative friendship with that Ravenclaw – bright and unsure and quietly pretty – Rose Weasley.

Or perhaps it was something else that made him not as appealing as the warm Gryffindors under their scarlet banner. Perhaps it was the cold in the heart of one brought up in a big, empty house. Malfoy Manor was an awfully large place for 5 people, and the Malfoy parents had never quite had enough warmth and love to fill it. Certainly, his grandparents scarcely helped, spending most of their days sitting quietly together and scarcely exchanging a word. Draco and Astoria loved their son, true, but they didn't like his charming confidence and compassionate nature. They didn't like that he was not like them – that he had joined the rest of the world looking down on their pale, broken sort of bigotry.

'Scorpius?' said a firm voice from outside the bedroom and he dragged himself to a sitting position.


The door creaked open. Draco entered, tall and thin, with hollow cheeks, pointed, harsh features and pale as the moon. He ebony robes were neat and his light, receding hair combed back from his lined face.

'You ought to be up by now. It's nearly midday.' His voice was measured but noticeably cold.

'Give me a break. I didn't get in until 1,' retorted Scorpius, dropping back onto his bed.

'And that is no one's fault but your own.'

'It was worth it,' the boy sneered. 'I met Harry Potter - great bloke, actually, really lovely man. So were Mr and Mrs Weasley – Rose's parents, but you know that of course.' Something in Draco's face twitched uncomfortably. 'Not people you'd really want to hand over to Voldemort, y'know?'

'You'd dare talk to me like that?' There was warning in his voice but Scorpius did not take heed.

'Oh, I really would. And I didn't know you used to be a ferret!'

'Shut your mouth, boy,' he breathed. 'You know nothing about what went on then, alright? And I don't need you getting all righteous about it because of that stupid little crush of yours.'

Scorpius looked at him. Their identical grey eyes bore into each other. 'I don't care what you want. And don't you ever call her stupid. I have a lot more love and respect for Rose than I ever will for you.'

For a moment Draco looked less furious, and perhaps there was a hint of resigned disappointment in those scarcely readable eyes.

'Those Potters and Weasleys,' he spat finally, 'you think they'll ever care about you? They're too good for you, boy. They will chew you up and spit you out.' With that he slammed the door shut and Scorpius was again left sprawled on the bed. He was in silence of a moment, shaking with fury.

'LYING *******!' he screamed finally, thumping his fists against the mattress, but apparently his father did not hear. Scorpius' breath shook for a few minutes as the rage ebbed from his body and he returned to calm.

The last night's events still weighed heavily on his mind, and his father's scorn just pushed his despair to further depths. The Manor around him felt a great prison.

Forcing himself from bed, Scorpius sat down at his large white desk, laden with quill and parchment. Without a pause of thought, he quickly scribbled down these words:


I'm so sorry about what happened last night. I thought you wouldn't know what you really wanted in that state and felt I was taking advantage – plus, your dad would have murdered me if he came back. But seriously, we should talk about everything. It feels like we need to.

Then he paused in his writing and put his head in his hands. For several minutes he remained there in silence, feeling thoroughly dreadful. When he raised his eyes, he took the parchment into his hands and tore it in two. He stopped again, stroking his jawline with the end of the quill, then wrote again, but more slowly:

Dear Lily,

I hope you enjoyed last night. I did.

I'm really worried about stuff with Rose and didn't know who else to talk to. You were a great help at school so I thought you might have an idea what to do.

He went on to explain the events of the previous day, before signing off:

Please reply ASAP. Thanks so much,


He stared at the note for a few minutes before deciding it would do. It was true that at school Lily had indeed helped. She had comforted him when Rose had inexplicably cut him off, and since then their friendship seemed to have blossomed to the point where she was a ready consultant on all things female.

He did like Lily, though he often noted that she lacked the depth and intelligence of Rose. Yes, Lily could look very pretty on a broomstick, but he couldn't imagine being able to spend hours discussing the more interesting aspects of potion-making or Arithmancy as he did with Rose. And she may be incredibly thoughtful whilst retaining cheer and joy, but the never-ending joy occasionally grated on Scorpius just as it did on Rose. How on earth could individuals as lonely and bewildered as themselves find harmony with someone as brazen and complete as Lily? So while she may have lacked the significance of Rose, to Scorpius Lily was a sharp and dependable friend, ready with careless wit and well-intentioned advice whenever it was needed.

Scorpius took the note and gave it to Cronus, his ageing barn owl. The bird's eyes looked up at Scorpius with what looked like annoyance, before it spread its wings and swooped from his bedroom window.

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'You're too old to be so shy'

~Rose and Scorpius' story about love~
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Re: Seeing Other People

Chapter 18 - Perfect Lily

This bedroom was as far from Scorpius Malfoy's as possible. The walls were painted vibrant purple and immersed in Permanent-Sticking posters of her mother's successor as the Holyhead Harpies' seeker, Jade Scratchbert and her favourite band, The Centaurs. Her bed was raised off the ground, with drawers under it functioning as a wardrobe, and because of this she could sit for long hours on warm afternoons such as this and watch over the village of Upper Flagley, with its winding country roads and endless expanses of green.

It was to this activity that Lily Potter dedicated herself at present. She had been driven from the living room by James' insistence on listening to the commentary on the Puddlemere United vs Tutshill Tornadoes match in which she had no interest. Albus too had sought the sanctuary of his bedroom to revise for his OWLs; but with no exams of much consequence to work for, and no Harpies game for another week, here Lily sat.

Her own mind had been rather calm of late. The rush of warm weather from winter to spring had brought with it a lightness to life full of the promise of long, warm evenings.

She noticed the speck on the horizon almost as soon as it had come into view. The pink sky was fading to evening when a black dot appeared over the hill by the church. It got larger until she could make out wings, and then a small envelope in its beak. It was an owl, she observed and supposed that it was for one of her parents. But when it came over the bridge over the brook that ran across the landscape, she recognised it as a fine barn owl by the name of Cronus. He swooped elegantly through the window and dropped the letter on her lap before coming to a rest on the edge of her bed. He inclined his head to her hand and she stroked it softly.

Lily ripped open the letter in urgency, for Scorpius had not written to her before. She read it slowly, her large, brown eyes absorbing every word. Having finished, she muttered 'reply ASAP' under her breath before a smile lit her face.

'C'mon Cronus,' she addressed the owl with a smirk, 'we can do better than that.'

Lily left the room and ran downstairs, with Cronus fluttering after her. Most of the walls of this house were vibrantly painted and it sung of life and brightness. She halted as she reached the living room to see only James present, still curled up in a large armchair listening to the radio.

'Where're you going?' he asked lazily, his hand running through his messy dark hair.

'Out,' she said and picked up a handful of Floo Powder. She beckoned to Cronus and he came to a rest on her shoulder.

'What's with the owl?' James asked, now looking perplexed. But she had been immersed in flames before she could reply.

She spun into Scorpius' bedroom with her hair wild around her head and looking somewhat ruffled. The first thing she noticed was the grandness of the bedroom, and mouth 'wow' and she craned her neck to take in every detail. The next thing she noticed was Scorpius, who had been sat on his bed reading, jumping up with an expression of bewilderment. Cronus instantly flapped from Lily's shoulder to his perch on the desk.

'What are you-?'

'Well you said reply ASAP. I thought this was the quickest way.' Her smile was filled with daring and sureness, such that Scorpius had never seen in a human face before. It made him sure too.

She walked to the bed with a vivacity that was almost a skip and sat beside him with the lightness of an angel. He thought it odd to see that the bed sank to accommodate her weight, for she seemed so unreal to have appeared as such. It came to mind that perhaps it was her spirit that bent the bed's will, rather than her body. Never was there a girl that showed one so violently the furious passion of living in the way she walked, the flick of her hair, and that confident smile that knew the nature of reality and was satisfied by it.

Perhaps here it would do to remind the reader that this is a story of perspectives. I do try my best to withhold my own views on these people, and rather merely transmit the way they are seen by the person's consciousness that I presently inhabit. Perhaps you have already guessed why Rose sees Lily as the perfect being, and maybe one day you will understand Scorpius too.

Lily is not perfect. Lily knows this very well.

'She hates me, Kid,' he said sadly, sinking back against the wall. She leant back with him, her jean-clad legs lain out along the bed and crossed.

'Na, she doesn't. She's embarrassed. And don't call me kid.' His head sunk into his long, pale hands.

'I'm an idiot.'

'Debatable,' she muttered with a momentary expression of contemplation. 'But you love her. So you're an idiot in love. That's more permissible.'

'Love? I like her, just in a lovey way.'

She watched him and he really did look desperate. His brow had curled into a set look helplessness and guilt. He was still wearing the clothes he had worn at the Burrow, and they looked slept-in with their creases.

'Scorpius,' she said more gently, placing her hand on his shoulder. He noticed that her nails were painted canary yellow. 'You really don't need to worry. She'll calm down.'

'You don't know that,' he sighed.

'Yes, I do! I've known her since I was born. Rose is useless at grudges, especially with you.' At those words Scorpius' head jerked sideways to look at her.

'What do you mean, 'especially with me'?'

Lily smiled.

'That would be telling.'

'Lily,' he warned, his face darkening. 'Don't mess about, this is life and death.'

'Life and death?' she laughed.

'Well, not life and death, but pretty much the same thing. Please, Lils.'

She looked at him, her eyes narrowed slightly. His, far lighter than hers, pleaded desperately.

'Talk to her, Scorpius. Please.' She stood up and left his line of vision, for his eyes remained frozen where hers had been. 'It will be fine. It will. Bye.'

His reply was weak. Still did he not look when the fire roared and she was gone. He allowed his body to slip down until he lay limply. Light was fading quickly and made him more pallid than he had been before. She had failed him, his one true ally in this battle for his Rose. She had not granted him the perfect and fool-proof solution he had expected of her.

Talk to her.

No, he thought defiantly. He would not risk seeing those scolding eyes again. Not again.

Feedback: http://www.cosforums.com/showthread.php?t=128293

'You're too old to be so shy'

~Rose and Scorpius' story about love~
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