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Do you think Voldemort knows that Snape is a spy?

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Old June 22nd, 2004, 7:23 pm
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I dont think LV knows or else, something would happen to Snape already. I dont know why hes mean to Hermione. I think hes mean to everybody in Gryfindore.

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Old June 22nd, 2004, 9:25 pm
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There are two possibilites in which LV could know Snape was a spy for Dumbledore, and Snape could spy on DEs and still be around

1) Snape is playing a double agent, Voldemort thinks Snape feeds false info to Dumbledore, while really Snape is spying on the Order for LV, but its really the other way around

2) Spies...hmmm...they don't always let you know they're there...do they?


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Old June 22nd, 2004, 9:37 pm
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I think that since Snape is such an expert legilimens and occlumens, that Dumbledore has Snape continually existing and probing in Voldemorts mind. This would be a huge sacrafice on Snape's part. I'm sure that once Snape got in there undetected, that he couldn't leave without Voldemort knowing. That would explain Snape's odd behaviour all the time and constant distractedness(at least i seem to think that his mind is in one place and his thoughts in another). It would also explain why Dumbledore has Snape give Harry occlumency lessons, he might have thought that if Harry's mind and Voldemort's mind melded together(which i believe the lessons are intended to keep Voldemort from taking Harry's over), that Snape would discover this and the Order could act.

Bottom line, I beleive Snape to be spying on Voldemort in his mind. That is why Dumbledore seems to be almost a step ahead/par with Voldemort.

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Old June 22nd, 2004, 9:38 pm
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is it only me that has thought the voldy must know snapes a spy becasue when he was possesing quirall snape spoke to him about getting ur prioates right and stuff and being loaly to dd or have i got the wrong end of the stick ?

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Old June 22nd, 2004, 9:41 pm
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I dont think Voldemort knows about Snape, not yet. If he does find out Snape will die. Which will suck.

I think Harry will also take NEWT Potions no matter what.

Old June 22nd, 2004, 9:46 pm
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Originally Posted by Tonks08
I searched for this, but i didn't find anything...

So anyways, Does Voldemort know?

We already know that Snape is a spy from the Ootp, but how long do you think his spying would last? And if Voldie finds out do you think he'll kill Snape, so then Harry might beable to take N.E.W.T potions if he gets a new Professor.

Doesn't he want to kill Snape anyway? It's not like if he weren't a spy he'd be off the hook. He still batrayed Voldemort.

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Old June 22nd, 2004, 10:36 pm
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Either Voldermort know's Snape is a spy, or Snape had a really good cover up story. Remember in PS/SS. Voldemort must have known that Snape was working against him. But I am still not sure where Snape's loyalty is.

Old June 23rd, 2004, 1:10 am
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Do we really know if Voldemort was in Quirrell's turban at all times. The figure floating in the Forbidden Forest was not really a human shape, so Voldemort might have been able to leave Quirell for periods of time. If Snape could sense this, he could time is conversation to be when Voldemort was not in Quirrell's turban. Far fetched - yes, but it's another idea...

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Old June 23rd, 2004, 1:17 am
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I would assume that Voldemort knows because of Wormtail. As scabbers, he could very well have heard a lot of times that Dumbledore trusts Snape and all. Yes, i think Voldemort knows and YES, i think Voldemort or a death eater will end up killing Snape. He will probably die in a heroic way and we will all forgive him for being so nasty to Harry.
As for how is he spying right now, i think hes taking info from another death eater, probably Nott.

Old June 27th, 2004, 11:34 am
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Snape will probably be DADA in book 7, and he is definately a goner. He will die heroically saving Harry. Voldemort has to know from several sources that Snape is a spy. Voldemort may be using him to misinform the Order.

Old June 27th, 2004, 11:52 am
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I think he does in Goblet he, Voldemort says, "One, too cowardly to return...he will pay. One, who i believe has left me forever...he will be killed, of course...and one, who remains my most faithful servant, and who has reentered my service." page 651, american. Karkaoff is the coward, Moody/Crouch Jr was the faithful servant. So Snape must be the one that he had left Voldemort forever.

Old June 27th, 2004, 12:34 pm
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I think that snape is a double agent. He can't possibly the one that has left voldemort forever - it just wouldn't work out.

Old June 27th, 2004, 12:39 pm
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Well the Death Eaters that didnt show up to kill Harry were in Azkaban, or dead. The three empty spaces that he says were in my previous post. Moody/crouch was at hogwarts, Karkoff ran away so he is the coward. Snape can only fit in the one that would says he believes he has left me.

Old June 27th, 2004, 5:09 pm
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I'm pretty sure that Voldie meant Snape as the one who had left him forever, however I also feel that this is nowhere near as clean cutas we would like to believe. If we hark back to the fourth book, we distinctly see dear old Sevvie leaving Potter's bedside and going somewhere, I reckon there's a reasonable chance that he'd have gone on to the graveyard and fed Voldie some sort of story saying that he had been uable to leave due to something or other. Snape is an excellent Legilimens so he may well have got away with this lie (especially if VOldie doesn't know of SNape's unusual talent)

I have to ask a question though....if Voldemort did know that Snape wasn't loyal to him and was feeding secrets to the Order, why hasn't he killed him sooner??? Surely allowing SNape to live is only going to be dangerous and damaging to the rise of the Dark Order???

Unless of course we've got SNape completely wrong, and it's actually Dumbledore that he's spying on...I don't believe this to be true but it's surely a possibility that we cannot rule out!!

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Old June 27th, 2004, 6:12 pm
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Snape is capable of lying to Voldemort, one of the few wizards who can actually. He told us as such in Order of the Phoenix. I believe Voldemort knows that Snape is a "spy", but there are lies one could tell even in that event that would create a believable scenario.

For instance, Snape would obviously tell Voldemort that his loyalties are to the Dark Lord and his cause. He acts "the double agent", pretending to spy on the Dark Lord while feeding bad information to Dumbledore and good information to Voldemort. He has Dumbledore's trust, which is something Voldemort would love to have as a weapon.

But I do think Voldemort knows Snape is not trustworthy. I doubt he trusts any of his Death Eaters, as they are not the sort of people who remain any more loyal than they need to be.

Old June 28th, 2004, 1:56 am
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In GoF, Voldemort stated that 'And here we have six missing Death Eaters ... three dead in my service. One, too cowardly to return (KARKAROFF) ... he will pay. One, who I believe has left me for ever ... he will be killed, of course ... and one, who remains my most faithful servant, and who has already re-entered my service. (CROUCH, JR.)' The one who Voldemort believes to have left him forever, I believe to be Snape. Voldemort knows that he left, but Snape could come up with a very good excuse, and we know he's doing SOMETHING from his reports of risking his life and stuff in OotP. So yes, I do think Voldemort knows Severus to be a spy.

Old June 28th, 2004, 2:00 am
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See I've never been positive that Karkaroff was the one he was referring too as the one too cowardly to return.

Karkaroff betrayed several Death Eaters to keep himself out of prison. He ran when the Dark Mark burned on his arm. You could construe this as cowardice, but it is also clear that he has no intention of returning to Voldemort's side ever again. In other words, leaving him forever.

If we assume that Crouch Jr was in contact with Voldemort throughout the 4th novel, he would inform the dark lord about Snape's presence at the school. Perhaps Voldemort was referring to Snape as the cowardly one, afraid to vanish under Dumbledore's nose when the mark burned at the end of the third task?

Old June 28th, 2004, 2:21 am
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it's possible...

i don't think that snape is working for voldemort and OoTP because there have been several occasions where snape helped harry (like in OoTP when Harry yells to him that Sirius is in the Department of Mysteries).

i mean wouldn't there be a few more clues leaning towards him still being bad? i think he just hates harry because of the stuff stemming from when harry's father, etc. tormented him when they were younger. people can hold grudges like that for a long time. dumbledore also trust snape quite a bit and i think snape would be to afraid of him too try anything sneaky.

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Old June 28th, 2004, 2:33 am
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I think Voldemort thinks he's his spy. He probably thinks that he is the one to have a spy, and not the Order. That explains why he hasn't killed Snape yet. I don't believe in the polyjuice theory. If he was "Crouch, Jr", he would be in the DoM and how would he teach in Hogwarts? Voldemort's most faithful servant would certainly stay all the time with his master, wouldn't he?

Old June 28th, 2004, 6:14 am
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I don't care how good a legilimens Snape is, or how quiet Dumbledore might have been in court when prooving that Snape wasn't a real Death Eater, Voldemort knows, he has to. People would have wondered, and some how or other when Dumbledore was giving evidence on Snapes behalf, the informattion would have leaked out and we know that Voldemort has got spies in the ministry. I do believe that Snape may be doing something else for the order, who knows, maybe he takes polyjuice potion to look like another old death eater, but I do not think that he is currently spying as himself.

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