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Chapter Seventeen

Elizabeth leaned forward, propping her elbows on the table, and putting her head on her chest height fists as she listened.

“Lord Voldemort,” there were collective flinches across the room, “has grown increasingly active. There were the attacks in a muggle neighborhood in Bristol, and there have been some suspicious accidents in Belgium.”

The head master straightened his spectacles and went on, “But I have reason to believe he is growing interested in a few wizards and witches whose background is unknown to him. I do not think he’s use to have powerful wizards popping up out of no where.”

Remus stepped gently on Elizabeth’s foot, and they exchanged anxious glances.

“As in who?” asked Tonks, her expression startled, “Who’s come that doesn’t have a known background?”

“A few witches and wizards. Four, actually. Two witches and two wizards have shown up in the past two months.”

“What do you know of them, Dumbledore?” asked Emmeline Vance from Eliza’s left.

“All four seem to have extensive Defense Against the Dark Arts training. The two wizards seem to be brothers,” Dumbledore looked around the group, meeting their eyes. When he met Eliza’s eyes, she felt her stomach plummet. She was one of the witches, she knew, but she could feel from his gaze that Voldemort was most interested in an unknown professor at Hogwarts.

A wizard from the shadows asked, “What of the witches, eh, Dumbledore?”

“They know each other, I’m sure. I have a suspicion on who each of them are, but only that. They would be interesting additions to our war.”

Eliza furrowed her brow. Who was the other? Who could it be? It had to be someone she knew, from Albus’s tone, but who? It couldn’t be Alice, she was in St. Mungo’s, nor any one who had been in her year, all were dead or alive and known. Those to whom she was closest to were unreachable, dead or mad, except Remus, but he was male, and sitting right next to her. He was known too.

Snape spoke up from across the table from Elizabeth, “The wizards, they are brothers you say? Do you know who they are?”

Professor Dumbledore shook his head, “I believe they are foreign, but untraceable. They may have had contact with one of the witches for quite a time.”

Dumbledore shook his head, “I think we need to move on to different matters. Professor Snape, do we have any new information?”

“I’ve discovered that the Dark Lord will be doing random attacks on muggles for the next couple of weeks. Then, I believe he will attack the wizarding world in various places. I do not think he himself will be at these attacks. He prefers to let others do his work.”

There were a few other small matters that were quickly taken care of afterwards. When the meeting ended, Eliza approached Dumbledore and whispered, “Who?”

Dumbledore met her eyes, “You will know soon. Be patient.”

Remus, who had followed her, laughed at this.

Elizabeth gave Remus a tight hug, whispered her parting words of, “Be safe,” and followed Minerva out of the room. He watched her as she left, she could tell. She told Tonks goodbye, who was energetically talking to Eliza about quidditch. How the subject came up, Eliza wasn’t to know.

When Elizabeth the professors got to Hogwarts, they bade each other good-night and separated for their chambers.

As Eliza climbed the staircases, she thought over the day. She paused on a landing to stare out the window out onto the grounds. A last quarter moon shone brightly over the dark grounds. The lake shone and appeared to be glass. The Forest was shadowed and gloomy.

As she gazed, she remembered the woman who had tutored Eliza on her mind. She had been elderly even then, but sharp and full of energy. She was long dead now, but then she had briskly told Eliza one night, “With your talent, your dreams are your own, but you can bring guests into them, to watch with you. Those who come uninvited will see it from your point of view. When you are called by name, they will hear there own. When you see your image, they will see theirs, ect.

Remembering that, Eliza let out a sigh, and a know in her chest loosened. She longed for her own bed, so ran up the rest of the stairs and down the corridors, ignoring the complaining portraits.

When she reached her chambers, she was out of breath. She put on her nightgown and slid under her covers. She stared at the ceiling, daydreaming, until at last, sleep claimed her.

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A/N: Sorry for the wait. What with spring auditions, tryouts, and everything else, I didn't get the time, but here it is!

Chapter Eighteen

On Thursday evening, Elizabeth found herself climbing the steps to Professor Dumbledore’s office fifteen minutes early, as planned. She was anxious about the Occlumency lesson, for more reasons than one.

Dumbledore was at his desk, going through a stack of parchment, looking slightly worried. It suddenly struck Eliza how old he looked and how weary. Dumbledore had always been old, but except on very few occasions he never looked it. Now, maybe it was the light, but Eliza began to doubt it, he did look much older, and more tired.

“Good evening, dear professor,” Albus said as he looked up.

“Good evening, sir,” Elizabeth looked around the room. She had seen it plenty of times, but she never tired of seeing the whirling instruments and the portraits of sleeping old headmasters and headmistresses.

“How’s your day been?”

“Well, I suppose.”

“I hear you didn’t make a student cry today, Elizabeth. Quite and accomplishment on your part,” he said, his eyes twinkling.

“Not today sir,” then, “Sir, have you spoken with the three?”

Dumbledore smiled faintly at her sudden energy, “I have made contact with them. The foreigners will be coming on Saturday, and the witch will becoming next Thursday. Forgive me, but it was the soonest available time for her. Would you give Harry the lesson that night in your office?”

Elizabeth bit her lip and nodded, playing with a lock of her rather messy black hair.

“Thank you, and-” but he was cut off by a hesitant knocking on the wooden door.

“Come in,” Dumbledore called.

Eliza gripped her wand that was in her sleeve, but when the door opened to reveal the expected teenager, her grip relaxed, and her hand left her sleeve, empty.

“Good evening Harry,” Dumbledore said.

Elizabeth smiled and nodded to him from her place by the headmaster’s desk.

Harry nodded and looked around the room at the instruments, the pheonix, and the portraits.

“Have a seat,” Dumbledore instructed. When the boy took his seat, he continued, “Professor Snape wasn’t very precise when he told me how far he’d gone with you. I’d like to go over a few basics with you, just so I can understand how far you’re at, the same with Professor Smythe.”

Harry looked up at Elizabeth, his eyes uncertain. Elizabeth read this expression quite easily. He wasn’t sure about her.

“Harry, would you clear your mind?”

Harry uncertainly obliged, Elizabeth couldn’t quite meet his eyes to tell, but it seemed he was struggling. She looked at Dumbledore who was looking slightly uncertain.

“Harry.” The word was simple, quiet, but effective, Harry broke his concentration and looked at Professor Dumbledore.

“I see that clearing your mind wasn’t taught to you fully, and as that is the foundation that defending your mind is built upon, we have our beginning place to start,” commented Dumbledore thoughtfully.

Harry nodded anxiously. Dumbledore turned to Elizabeth and said calmly, “Professor?”

Elizabeth felt her energy flow around the inside of her as she answered, “Sir.”

Dumbledore nodded and turned to Harry, “If you will, Harry, Professor Smythe can see how you clear your mind, and how long it takes you. Once you’ve done that, she will try to bring out memories, and test you. She’ll do it with more and more energy each time, to work on your defense against this. Eventually she’ll do this to you before you’ve cleared your mind, and do it regularly. She’d have to enter your mind for this. Will that be fine?”

Harry nodded, looking as if he wasn’t sure if he could refuse if he wanted to.

Elizabeth sat down on the floor, cross legged. She motioned for him to sit opposite her. He complied, pale.

“Meet Professor Smythe’s eyes.”

Eliza cleared her mind, feeling rather young, she met the boys eyes, and entered, carefully making sure not to bring any memories out of him or herself as she did this.

Harry struggled to clear his mind as she sat, patient, in his mind. Once the stray memories had been shoved out of the way, she attacked. Easily, she pulled out a memory from far back. Harry was sitting in an office, being yelled at by a muggle man, his headmaster from his primary school, no doubt. Next, Harry was standing alone in a large room, being watched by two equal groups of children. A muggle woman with a whistle, waved him into one group. He was running down the street, being followed by large children. He was.... Eliza was working slowly, giving Harry enough time to try to block it. She slowed down a little, and gave him more time. He could block that. She sped up, little by little. Trying him, and testing, going further and further back...

Elizabeth broke out of Harry’s mind, and the bond that kept the minds in each other.

Dumbledore looked at her expectantly, and she nodded.

“Given practice and proper training, you should be able to block your mind sufficiently quite soon,” she began, “However, Dumbledore wishes that you be trained beyond that. The point he wishes to reach can be fulfilled by the end of the year, given your cooperation.”

Harry nodded.

Eliza smiled gently at him, “Good. You know how useful this can be, how vital it may become.”

Harry looked uncomfortable and he looked around again.

Dumbledore smiled his approval, than said, “That might be all today. In the future, it won’t just be Professor Smythe doing this, but myself, also.”

Elizabeth stood up and said, “Work on clearing your mind. Especially at night, when you’re less likely to be interrupted.”

Harry nodded and answered, “Yes, ma’am.”

Dumbledore added, “Next week, you’ll just be working with Professor Smythe. Meet her in her office this same time and day next week.”

Harry nodded, “Yes sir. Goodnight,” and he hurried from the room.

Elizabeth ran her fingers together, “My, he’s quiet.”

Dumbledore looked thoughtful, “Perhaps it’s because of the end of last term. I told him of the prophecy, and there was Sirius’s death.”

Elizabeth nodded, “Goodnight, sir. See you in the morning.”

“You, too, Professor.”

Eliza made her way out of the office and into the corridor, and yawned, then ran towards her own office, cheerfully, past staring students.

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Chapter Nineteen, Part One

The next morning, Dumbledore cheerfully said to the staff, “There will be a staff meeting tonight, after dinner! Don’t be late” before tucking into a bowl of porridge. Elizabeth felt that he was being overenthusiastic, as usual, but it seemed almost assuring, familiar. Familiar in a sense she hadn’t felt for a very long time.

Thus, the staff room was filled with about fifteen occupants. Elizabeth sat on a couch, next to Professor Sinistra and Professor Sprout. Strange, she notice, the three of them were in alphabetical order, Sinistra, Smythe, Sprout. She laughed softly at that.

Professor Dumbledore beamed at them all, before saying, “I think we can safely begin. The next Hogsmeade weekend will be scheduled for November 3. Are there any issues that need to be dealt with?”

Professor Sinistra smiled slightly as the professors exchanged glances. She spoke up saying, “I did have a Gryffindor first year become hysterical the other day.”

Professor Snape shot a look at her before asking shrewdly, “You mean that Florence girl?”

She nodded, and Elizabeth followed suit, “She started crying in my class.”

There were a few murmurs of agreement from the others in the staff.

Dumbledore looked thoughtful, “I believe she comes from a family who were attacked by deatheaters this summer. This may be way. If she doesn’t settle soon, then we may have to act. Anything else?”

Professor McGonagol looked up, “You remember the owl from the minister an hour ago?”

Dumbledore’s face became slightly shadowed, “Oh yes. Elizabeth? Apparently the minister isn’t going to let go of his interrogating of the staff here. As you are new, I think there will be a ministry official to see your teach techniques and get some background information from you.”

Elizabeth felt her stomach lurch slightly. Great. Exactly what she needed. A ministry official getting into her business.

Dumbledore shot her a warning look, as if saying be careful.

Elizabeth looked down into her lap. Oi.

Nothing happened for the following week, and she found herself sitting in her office on the floor across from Harry. He was clearing his mind faster than before. Elizabeth had a haunting feeling that the reason it hadn’t been mastered by him with Snape was his grudge for Snape and Snape’s grudge for him.

Elizabeth nodded, “You may use your wand for this. Keep in mind that by the end of the year. I will expect you to be able to do this with out it.”

“Don’t you need yours, Professor?”

“No, I won’t. Professor Snape needed his, because despite his abilities in Occlumency, his ability to actually get into the mind and pull up memories is less accomplished. He can tell when one is lying, but he needs the actual spell to do this. Mind, he’s actually far more accomplished in legimens and occlumens than many, and in a good many of things as well.”

They worked on it. Little by little, Harry was improving. Until Elizabeth hit on the memory of the Department of Ministries. Harry grew weak in that memory, and she heard him moan, at the same time hearing Remus’s voice say, “It’s too late Harry...”

Elizabeth pulled out, pain sliding through her. Remus’s voice... she had read his letters, the ones he had sent shortly after many horrible things, but to hear his voice in that time... was worse.

She blinked and then looked at the matter at hand, “Harry,” she said sternly and gently at the same time, “you need to control your emotions. A memory this painful, is simply a weapon against you. You need to keep from these being a weakness. Let’s continue.”

Harry raised his wand, back to a ready position. Then, a voice came from the door.

“Well, this is interesting,” the voice said softly.

Elizabeth spun around. Standing in the doorway was a black clad figure, a slight smile playing on the figure’s face.

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Chapter Nineteen: Part Two
“Excuse me?” Elizabeth asked, her heart hammering.

The figure entered the room, pushing back a black hood, “You heard me, Lize.”

Curling red hair spilled down a woman’s shoulders. Her eyes were amused, in an unnerving way, “Of course, I heard from my meeting with Professor Dumbledore, there was a certain Professor Elizabeth Smythe I might be interested in meeting. I believe he was correct.”

Elizabeth noticed Harry watching the woman warily. The woman looked casually over towards him, a fleeting glance at him, before turning back to Eliza.

“Was he?” Eliza asked, her heart hammering.

“Of course. Lize.”

“I see. Joan.”

Joan’s smile widened. She stepped forward, hugging Eliza tightly.

“I haven’t seen you in forever! How long has it been? Fifteen years?”

“Around there. Joan, could you hold on, I have a lesson.”

Joan nodded toward Harry, “Dumbledore said you should be done by now.”

Eliza checked her watch. It was true.

“Harry, keep working on clearing your mind.”

Harry nodded, watching Joan warily.

“You don’t trust me, do you?” she asked.

Harry looked slightly startled, “I.... I....”

“It doesn’t matter. Your father didn’t at first. Not that I blame him. Your mother did, quicker.”

Harry stared, “You knew them?”

Joan nodded, “Of course. If I hadn’t, I would never have left the country for these years. Had I not, I doubt I would still be alive.”

Eliza smiled at that, “That’s true.”

Harry looked as if he wanted to ask much more, but wasn’t sure what to ask. Joan looked at him steadily.

Harry looked toward the door almost longingly, before saying, “Goodbye,” rather hurriedly. Once he was answered, he walked out of the room. As soon as he was out, running footsteps echoed down the hall.

Liza glanced at Joan, who was watching after him rather fondly, “Nice boy, isn’t he? Bit quiet, though. Shame,” she turned to Liza, “So. Apparently you aren’t dead or some mad deatheater as I’ve heard.”

Eliza blinked, “I haven’t heard that.”

Joan smiled, “Oh, you wouldn’t have, but after you disappeared, people began saying that. James, Sirius, Remus, Alice, Frank, and Lily all wouldn’t tell where you were at. I had a feeling they knew. Peter didn’t seem to know, either. Apparently we were the only ones in the dark, eh?”

Eliza studied the stone floor, “Yes. James thought it was best if a minimum of people knew where I went.”

Joan snorted, “He called,” she paused to count on her fingers, “Seven, including you, minimal?”
Liza nodded, “Yes, I suppose he did. But, it was James who sent me away, and Lily’s his wife. Sirius and Remus found out the day before, and we had to have somewhere for me to disappear from. Somewhere a bit less obvious than their home. That’s where Alice and Frank came in. I made them not tell Pettigrew, you know how I disliked him.”

Joan nodded, “I noticed. I left soon after Sirius was convicted. Lily and James were gone, Sirius some mass murderer, I thought. I made Alice watch over Remus for me, and I left. The echo of war, ended at such a cost as this. Too many memories of yesterday. I just... left.

“I ran away from my identity, making up my own, changing places, names, and jobs often. More than once I spent a couple months in woods, keeping my changing of people from being obvious,” she rubbed her head.

“I started to see the Dark beginning to grow and pull back together. I saw signs of it years ago. Last year, I expected. I had to bide my time. I guess I waited to long. Sirius died, and I still had no clue of where you were at. So, I came back. Dumbledore found me out after a couple months. I think he wasn’t positive of who I am at first, but now he’s sure.”

She looked rather tired, before looking up, “Have you told Harry who you are?”

Elizabeth smiled ironically, “Have you?”

Joan looked amused, “No. I haven’t. Of course, now I can’t feel guilty for not. I don’t plan to for a while.”

Eliza laughed, “Oh, I’ll tell him soon enough. I’m just waiting for the right time.”

“But will you see it when you do?”

Liza flashed an arrogant smile, “Of course!”

Joan raised an eye brow calmly, “Well, Professor, you are aware that you never act like that. Only your brother did.”

Liza shrugged, “I am.”

Joan considered her for a moment, “You’re acting a lot different. More calm, more... “ she shook her head.

Elizabeth looked up, “That’s what living like this has done to me. I can’t act as I would, because, well, I’d be found out to easily. It’s hard, but the second I can, I’ll act normal. For me, I mean.”

Joan nodded, then stood, “I have to go. I’ll see you at the next Order meeting. I’m back in it now. Good night.”

Elizabeth nodded, and brought her to the door, “See you, then.”

Joan covered her head with her hood. Her face in shadows, her body but a mass of black, she nodded.

Elizabeth watched her go. Some things never change, and I’m glad that’s one.

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Chapter Twenty : Part One

Friday went well. Elizabeth only had 4th and 5th year Hufflepuffs, 2nd year Ravenclaws and 1st year Slytherins. She had two full hours of nothing. Well, she actually had to plan the next lessons, and correct a few papers, but those were done after an hour.

Dinner was a quiet event. Professor Sinistra fell asleep in her pie, and Professor Snape hardly had anything to eat at all. Dumbledore was thoughtfully silent, and Professors McGonagol, Sprout, and Flitwick were just staring into the mass of students. The only thing that really happened was that Eliza accidently knocked over Snape’s goblet when reaching for the bread.

On Saturday, there was an Order meeting. Elizabeth got there a half hour early, and wandered around the house, in one room, there was a tapestry with the title The Ancient and Most Noble House of Black . Elizabeth rolled her eyes when she read that, and went to the next room. In one room, there was a muttering house-elf, in another, a hippogriff, eying her. Elizabeth backed out of that room quickly. On the way back down, she found Remus heading down also.

“Hello, Liza,” he said, tiredly.

No wonder he’s tired, it was full moon two days ago. she thought.

“You’re here early,” he commented when they reached the kitchen.

“Of course I am. I have all of my plans set, and the papers graded. Of course, I didn’t have any papers to grade, not yet,” she added.

He nodded, as he made a cup of tea, “Want one?” he asked, looking up.

She shook her head, “Not really, thanks.”

A slight smile flicked across his face, “I hear you have an... examination coming up.”

Eliza made a face, “The interfering little...”

Remus cleared his throat, “Make sure you don’t let anything slip. I’m sure they’re curious as to who you are, just don’t make them more so.”

“I’ll try, but really, hiding is not my favorite way to live.”

“I don’t imagine it is,” he commented, mildly, “I’m surprised you lasted this long. Sirius was only in hiding for two years, and he was cracking. You’ve been at it for over fifteen years, and you seem fine.”

“Well, Sirius is one person, I’m another,” Eliza pointed out.

“True, but your characters are similar.”

Eliza raised an eyebrow, “Yes of course,” she said sarcastically.

Remus grinned, “It’s not an insult, you know.”

“Sure, but it’s not a compliment, either.”

Remus laughed at that, “Think what you may.”

They sat down at the table.

“Of course,” Remus added, “you’ve always had a worse temper than him.”

Eliza rolled her eyes, “It’s in my blood, idiot.”

“Of course it is, James was frightening when he was in a temper, and Harry could bring a house down around your ears,” he said calmly.

“That would be interesting,” she said mildly.

“For you, maybe. You always handled Snape better than Sirius,” he commented.

Eliza rolled her eyes, again, “Of course, but that was due to a few... odd circumstances.”

Remus smiled reminiscently, “Well, that it was.”

Eliza traced the wood grain with her fingers, “I worked with Harry on his occlumency Thursday.”

Remus looked up from his tea he was studying, “Really? How did it go?”

“Interesting, I guess. He’s improving, already.”

Remus nodded, “That’s good.”

“It is. I dug into a few memories. I came across the one from the Department of Mysteries.”

Remus went back to studying his tea, “Oh.”

Elizabeth nodded, “Yes. It was only part of it, the one with Sirius’s death in it.”

Remus nodded, staring at his tea.

Elizabeth found her voice again, “It was horrible.”

Remus nodded, then asked, his voice wavering, “Did you see the part when he ran after Bellatrix?”

She looked up startled, “He didn’t.”

Remus nodded, “He took me by surprise, I had though he wasn’t going to go running, so I loosened my grip, then he saw her, and chased her to the fountain.”

Elizabeth shuddered, “Not good.”

Remus nodded, “Not at all. I couldn’t follow him, I had to help round up the deatheaters.”

Elizabeth squeezed his arm in silent remorse.

The door burst open, and in came Tonks, singing some nonsense, “Da da, dee, da, doooooo!”

She spotted Eliza and Remus, then said, “My, we’re all sad looking aren’t we?”

Elizabeth smiled, and said, “Oh, I suppose.”

The door opened again, and in came Joan. Remus looked up, then stood, followed by Eliza.

“Joan!” he hugged her.

“Remus!” she laughed, hugging him back.

She turned and hugged Eliza, “Lize!”

Liza laughed and said, “Joan!”

The rest of the order filed in, and the meeting began.

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Chapter Twenty: Part Two

The Order kept shooting Joan suspicious glances during most of the meeting, before Dumbledore cleared his throat, and spoke:

“I see you have all noticed the new comer,” he gestured to her, “She is one of the witches I told you about. Her name is Joan,” he nodded to her, and she stood, looked around at them all, her hair glowing in the dim light, her face shadowed.

“Does she have a last name?” asked Tonks, curiously.

Joan calmly raised an eyebrow, and Dumbledore answered, “She does, but that’s not to be revealed. She’s one of the people Voldemort wants to know more about, thus she is important for us to keep away from him.”

Joan smiled and whispered in Elizabeth’s ear, “Wow, I feel special.” The women exchanged looks and continued to listen.

Dumbledore changed his business, “At our next meeting, we’ll have to place some of us who have the time to be stationed at various places in Hogsmeade.”

Tonks smiled, and asked, “Including that one coffee shop? If you ask me, after last time, I don’t think that we’ll need anyone there. Harry looked glad to get out.”

Dumbledore said, “We’ll need someone stationed along that street, just in case, but we’ll discuss this next week. Anything else?”

There were general murmurs of declining. The meeting came to the end, and one by one,the members slowly trickled out until Remus, Elizabeth, and Joan were alone sitting at the table in the semidarkness.

Remus smiled at her, “It’s good to have you back.”

Joan looked around the room, before smiling at him and answering quietly, “It’s good to be back.”

There was a rather companionable silence for a little while before Joan whispered, “I would have come back, really I would have. Earlier I mean, but I couldn’t get myself to. I’d be half way through writing a letter to you, Remus, but then I’d burn it, just because I had written I was coming home. I couldn’t convince myself to. When I found out Sirius was innocent, but on the run, I nearly came back, but I convinced myself that I wouldn’t be able to see him. When he was stationed here, I decided he was going to be angry with my abandoning him, but when I convinced myself to come back, I found out he died the night before.” She stared at the table.

Remus watched her, as Eliza hugged her old school friend, and said, “No, no, I feel the same way. Don’t worry. There isn’t anything we can do about it now, so don’t cry. He wouldn’t want you to, I know,” soothingly.

Joan shuddered, than sat up, her eyes cold again, an expression on her face she only used when she was trying not to express any emotion for fear of breaking down or losing her composure. She looked up at Elizabeth and Remus, her face rather expressionless and pale, then spoke to Eliza.

“Have you been to see Alice yet?” she asked, softly.

Eliza shook her head, “No, not yet. I haven’t been able to, and seeing Alice and Frank like that is bound to be terrible.”

Joan nodded and answered, “I left right before that attack on them. I told Alice to look after Remus and left. When I found out, I couldn’t leave already, so we sent letters back and forth for a long time. He never did tell me where you are, or if you were alive, or anything.”

Remus nodded, confirming what she said, watching Elizabeth who kept her expression guarded, “So, did you think I was dead, or were you jumping to the favorite conclusion of most, I was a traitor death-eater along with my old friend, Sirius Black, out to get everyone else?” Her voice sounded tight.

Joan looked at her an nodded, “Yes, I did,” she said, “I didn’t think you were dead, Remus would have told me. I had trouble believing the death-eater story, so it was easy not to believe it now.”

“But you believed Sirius to be the murdering traitor everyone thought him?” Her voice rose angrily.

“Liza! Lize! What could I believe. I saw it from the corner. Sirius just started laughing, and it all seemed... true. It didn’t make sense, and it was difficult to believe, but that was the only possibility. I.... it....What else could I do?” Her voice sounded desperate.

Eliza’s eyes hardened and she opened her mouth to speak, but Remus placed a hand on her arm and said firmly, “It’s in the past. We must put all of this behind us. Everything. I know that’s hard, it is, but we have to stick together. Especially you two. Voldemort wants to discover who you are and destroy you. Listen, Joan, Liza: Calm down. Please.”

Remus’s face was hidden in the shadows, but his eyes glowed from where he was. Eliza and Joan exchanged glances and whispered their apologies, not meeting each others eyes, but watching Remus.

Remus sighed and put his hand on the back of his neck. “I think we have to catch up with each other. It’s been too long, there’s so much that’s happened, and we can’t tear each other up because of things not that went on that we haven’t gotten over. I’m not planning on tearing up anyone, it’s wrong time of the month,” he smiled slightly, “But, you two could end up killing each other with your tempers. I know, they’re terrible. So calm down, listen, and sit. We have to tell everything that went on here. We can’t leave anything that’s important undiscussed, because I’m not living with you two at each other’s throats because of it, Okay?”

Joan looked amused, “Aw, Remie’s taking charge,” she said.

A/N: The next part should be coming soon. After this week, the updates will be slowing back down again, as school will be starting back up, so don't get used to this everyother day thing, I'm just making up for other times when there are only a couple updates a month, but I'll try to do it at least once a week. *crosses fingers for luck*

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Chapter Twenty One

Joan looked amused, “Aw, Remie’s taking charge,” she said.

Remus gave her a look, and Liza and Joan giggled like two teenagers. Remus gave up and laughed along too, sitting down.

“Well, then. Where should we begin?” asked Remus, “About when you left?”

“I already told her that,” Eliza pointed out.

Remus shrugged, “So? We can go over it again, just to be sure.”

Elizabeth sighed and nodded, “Okay then. Why don’t you begin?”

“Why don’t you?”

“Okay, fine. Well, you remember the run-ins I had with those death-eaters? Well, when James and Lily found out that Voldemort was after him, James wouldn’t let me just sit around while all of this was going on. So, he decided to send me away.”

Remus motioned for her to go on.

“Anyway, Lily pointed out that they didn’t have a floo network when they were in hiding, so they sent me through Alice and Frank’s.”

“Weren’t they also in hiding?” asked Joan slowly.

“Yes, but they hadn’t become disconnected yet. There was less urgency for them than James and Lily. So, we planned on going there, but Remus and Sirius found out and demanded to come, so they did. I made sure that Peter didn’t come. He was the last person I would want to have had at my departure. You know how I despised him.”

Remus sadly smiled, “It’s a shame none of us shared that intuition of yours, Iza. Shameful how we didn’t believe you.”

“Well, I didn’t want to leave, but James insisted. I wasn’t exactly happy about that, but I made sure I didn’t leave with bad feelings between us. Who knew when I’d see him again, if ever. I didn’t want either of us to left with that. So I left. I worked for their Ministry of Magic for a year.”

Joan snorted in surprise, almost choking.

Elizabeth continued doggedly, ignoring Joan’s reaction, “I worked as an Auror there. I’d had the training here, so I passed all of the tests. No one knew exactly who I was, I went by a different name. I can’t remember to well what it was. I think it was Johnson or Johannson, or something similar. Everyone wrote me. When everything happened... well, Remus, maybe you should tell this part.”

Remus nodded, his brow creasing as he thought. The dim light made the lines in his face seem deeper and his face more shadowed. Then he took a deep breath and began, “I sent letters to Liza explaining things as they happened. When I sent the letter after Lily and James’s death... Actually, it was the one after that, I was to shocked on the first one. In that first letter, I expressed that I couldn’t believe that Sirius had backstabber us and proved to be a deatheater. I couldn’t believe that he’d betray Lily and James. I couldn’t believe that he’d place his own godson into the hands of his sworn enemy. I couldn’t believe it, but I did, and I was furious.

“The reply to that letter was.... explosive. Not literally, Joan, but it left me about as surprised as it would have if it had been. Eliza’s letter was quite angry, and to my surprise, it was angry at me. She obviously didn’t believe what was apparently the truth, pushed in her face.

“The letter was just plain parchment, it wasn’t a howler. Liza couldn’t exactly send one due to the circumstances, but the letter was expressive enough. She was stubbornly defending him, and scolding me for believing otherwise.

“She was angry at me for believing that he would turn on his friends, the closest thing to be his family, his values, and destroy it all for power. She said that he wouldn’t have done it, that he’d rather have died.”

He rubbed his forehead, tiredly,“I had thought that before this happened, before this changed my mind. I shouldn’t have changed my mind, but you remember how it was, Joan.”

Joan nodded, pushing a single curl from her pale forehead.

“After several letters, we stopped arguing about it. We had decided to agree that we could both disagree about this even though we were sure we were right and the other was wrong. So, we sent letters, replaying events and asking advice. Sometimes it was just remembering. In the past few years, we had to revert to code, but we’d used codes so often in our school days, that that seemed as natural as writing it out in plain English. When I finally realized that Sirius was indeed innocent, I sent Eliza a letter, an apology. She thankfully excepted it. At the end of the year after I taught, Sirius and I moved into the place where he grew up, his parents house, due to Voldemort’s rebirth and the reorganization of the Order. Sirius started to write Eliza, also. That’s her story. Do you need mine?”

Joan considered for a moment, “Well, what don’t we know?”

“Not much. I told you both most of it in my letters,” Remus replied.

Joan bit her lip, “Then, I suppose we don’t need it. Mine is next, I suppose, isn’t it?”

Eliza nodded, watching her friend carefully.

Joan closed her eyes for a long moment, then took a breath. She let it out, and began to speak:

“After, or nearly after, everything happened, I left. I couldn’t stand it anymore, and I needed out. I made sure Alice would keep an eye on Remus while I was gone, we didn’t need him doing anything rash, and he seemed rather shocked. So, I went. I worked for different places, under different identities, leaving the second I began to be examined or I was placed under spotlight. I suppose I became paranoid, but that’s to be expected, I imagine. If I was mentioned in an article in the newspaper, I was gone the next day, in the dead of night.”

Her eyes had a nearly glazed look. It was apparent she wasn’t seeing the dim, dingy room, nor her friend’s faces, but the places she had been. and the lives she had led.

“I wrote to Remus and Alice and Frank. Well, Ali and Frank before they were attacked at least. Yes, I did believe the rumors about you, Lize, but forgive me. I believe them about Sirius, also. There were a few about me floating around, but the ones about you were more than mine, and Sirius’s were so plentiful, it seemed to be fact. I hadn’t a clue that you were actually doing the exact same thing as I. I never thought of it, either. Except, sometimes, I would pass someone in the street who reminded me strongly of you. Once I visited a school, and I thought one of the professors had a similar face to yours, and in a joke shop, I was struck by the shop-keeper’s frame.”

Joan smiled, and Eliza stared at her.

“Of course, I see the possibility now that it was you, but then, they were just jolts of the past I was trying to escape. After the.... thing after I left, I couldn’t convince myself to come back. At first, it was because Harry wasn’t going to be in our world yet. When it was time, I was in a job that I was comfortable in. When I fled from that, Sirius was on the loose. I didn’t want to be anywhere near him, as I thought him to be a backstabber. When it was discovered he was innocent, I believed he’d be angry at me. When Voldemort returned, I didn’t want to go near where he was. When Sirius died...”

There was silence before Joan whispered, “I saw I should have come.”

For several minutes, no one spoke. Elizabeth’s watch ticked, and she discovered how very old she was feeling. It was as though she had aged twenty years in twenty minutes. Remus’s chin was in a hand, and he was studying the wood grain on the table. Joan was regaining her composure, the composure she rarely lost.

Finally, Elizabeth whispered, “It’s late.”

Remus stood up, nodding, “So it is. Eliza, you best head to the school. You’ll need to be awake for... Monday. Remember when you’re examined: don’t lose your temper, although I’m sure you will; don’t frighten them, although I’m sure you will; keep focused, although I’m sure you won’t. Good-night.”

Joan smiled weakly at Remus’s speech and stood. She stepped forward and hugged Liza hard, who returned it. Joan turned to Remus and hugged him hard, also. Remus returned it, then turned to Eliza and hugged her before kissing her lightly on the top of the head.

Their farewells were bid, as Remus led them to the fireplace. Joan disappeared with a whoosh. Eliza smiled at Remus and stepped into the fire. Remus swung out of sight.

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Chapter Twenty-Two

Liza yawned as she entered the Great Hall the next morning. A little over half the school was in there, but as it was Sunday, a vast majority were not. As she headed to the staff table, she noticed the looks on the other staff’s faces. Most were frowning, looking solemn, but Dumbledore, McGonagol, and Snape looked amused.

“What’s going on?” she asked as she slid into the seat beside Professor Sinistra.

“A new Death-Eater on the loose, aparently,” she said, setting down the paper.

“Really?” asked Eliza interestedly, “Hmm... can I see?”

“Go right ahead,” she answered.

“If you dare,” Severus said darkly.

Eliza stared at him in surprise before reaching for the face-down paper. She flipped it right-side up and stared.

There was a large photograph of a witch about twenty years old. She had messy black hair, and glaring hazel eyes hidden behind glasses. Her expression was level and cold. She barely moved on the paper. Swallowing, Eliza looked at the headline and article:

Elizabeth Potter: Death-Eater on the Run

Elizabeth Potter has been discovered to be among us once more.
After she disappeared fifteen years ago under suspicious circumstances,
she appears to be among us once again.

She was been close friends with Sirius Black. She helped him and
He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named plot her brother’s, sister-in-law’s,
and nephew’s deaths. She’s been close to several dangerous beasts,
including a giant, and a werewolf, who is supposedly her husband.

She was put on trial as a young adult for a series of charges for
behavior and lack of courtesy. As well, Potter was a known enemy
of the hero Peter Pettigrew.

Indeed, as a teen she was an interest to the Death-Eaters and
He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. She has been a Death-Eater since
a rather young age, about 15 or 16.

Elizabeth Potter is extremely dangerous. She has a talent for the
control of minds and dreams. She is quite definitely in You-Know-Who’s
inner circle.

Potter has been gone, but has apparently returned, heralding the
rising of her master.

Eliza stared at the article in her hands, “Wow,” she whispered.

Her colleague nodded, “I know. It’s rather frightening isn’t it?”

Eliza shook her head, “It’s not that, but,” she turned to include Snape, “It rather sounds like the paper’s trying to convince us on how horrible she is. I mean, it’s all straight forward. Too straightforward.”

Snape nodded, “It does seem like that, but Dumbledore thinks the Ministry believes all of this. There are her trial records, of course.”

Professor Sinistra whispered, “What were the trials on?”

Snape smiled thinly, “Nothing major. Nothing that is very horrible. Just a few mistakes she made landed the wrong way with the ministry.”

Sinistra stared in bewilderment, “Like what?”

Snape scowled, “She was a rather close friend with Black, she was friendly with werewolves and other creatures of the like... Besides, she was outspoken against several things dealing with the ministry.”

“Oh. That must account for the ‘lack of courtesy’? Am I right.”

“Pretty much. She also stood up for some accused Death-Eaters. That rather marked her in an unsubtle way.

Elizabeth sat silent, staring at the paper. She felt horrible. Of course, she had been in hiding for fifteen years now, and was used to hearing things about herself and her friends.... but to see it in print was... worse. But of course there might be hope: Maybe it wouldn’t be taken very seriously. After all, the past year did show that the paper lied several times and didn’t print the important things such as Voldemort had returned as powerful as ever.

She gazed out to the students who were eating. She saw a few students crowded over a paper, but most of the students were giggling, so there was a rather high chance they were looking at the fourth page It had something about a muggle telling the police that his neighbors were wizards. Apparently the muggle had been sent to an insane..... something.

‘They would be laughing at that, wouldn’t they? Of course, it’s not that funny, but I guess to them it is... especially as there’s a picture of the muggle running around screaming....’ Elizabeth thought tiredly.

She gazed around some more and her eyes fell on Harry, Ron, and Hermione. Ron and Hermione were reading the paper, and Harry was slightly pale and had a peculiar look on his face.

A/N: I’m sorry for such a long wait! I’ve been busy with the spring things that go on as well as a rather strange way of spring cleaning...


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Chapter Twenty-Three
Ministry Official Part One

Professor Smythe was uneasy. There was only fifteen minutes before her first class of the week. Normally, that wouldn’t be a time nerves kicked in, but today, what with the ministry official coming, the nerves were going full blast.

Elizabeth slowly sipped from her shaking mug of hot cocoa. That wasn’t on the table everyday, but Elizabeth supposed the elves were giving the staff table two steaming pots of it to sustain the defense professor. Minerva glanced at her colleague and smiled reassuringly at her.

“You’ll be fine, Elizabeth. Honestly, the only thing I’d be worried for right now is the one that will be examining you. Poor man won’t know what hit him.”

“Man is it?” Elizabeth asked anxiously.

“Yes, don’t you remember from the note? Anton Lamberg,” she looked thoughtful, “Of course, it just goes to show you. I was always surprised he knew what end of the wand to hold.”

Eliza stared, “Professor?”

Minerva sighed, “Yes, he was a bit of a fool, but I suppose that was too harsh. If given specific instructions, he could do nearly anything. That always concerned me.”

Elizabeth stared into her mug. The cocoa was rich and creamy, and it calmed her enough to think straight. Eliza’s memory soared away from her present conversation to a few years previous.

She was standing behind the counter, looking over the shop full of fireworks, Dungbombs, trick sweets, and other supplies needed by practical jokers.

She picked up a wet-start firecracker and licked her finger. She touched an end of the firework lightly and released it. It sizzled and popped as it danced across the room trailing gold and green sparks. As “Isabella” watched it’s progress, it flitted across the window. Her stomach flipped. Staring in the window was a pale, pointed face, topped with white-blonde hair.

“Isabella” dropped her gaze to the money box before her. She placed a hand on it, and glanced back to the door where the manager’s office was. His fiery hair seemed to burn as he spoke to the fire, sounding faintly annoyed.

“We don’t have the order in, Gustav. No, I’m sorry, we don’t...”

A bell tinkled, and “Isabella” looked up to the door. Lucius Malfoy stumbled past the sparking bit of the room, swaying.

“Where is this place?” He slurred imperiously.

“Lotches & Snorts, sir,” she said, toning her voice up a note.

“No, the village,” Lucius slurred, blood shot eyes on hers.


He swore, “This not Britain?” His imperious voice was thick.

“No, sir, it isn’t.”

“Thloo powder.” It wasn’t a question.

“On the mantle. Only take enough for this trip. A pinch, sir.”

He made his way slowly to the grate. A pinch, a murmur, a whoosh, and he was gone. “Isabella” collapsed against the wall in relief, nerves still jangling.

Elizabeth stood in the corridor next to the one leading to her classroom. The less time she spent with someone of the ministry, the better. She watched as her students flowed past the portraits, and waited.

Finally, it was a minute until class began. Reluctantly, she wove her way between some statues and entered her room. It was tense in there, and a few students were craning their necks to view the ministry official.

Anton Lamberg was a short man with dull brown hair, and bored gray eyes. His face was slightly pale, and his lips were pursed, as if he were tasting a lemon. It seemed to be a permanent expression. In one hand, he held a falcon feather of a quill, positioned for notes on his piece of marked parchment.

Elizabeth coughed, and said calmly, “Good morning, class.”

There were murmurs of good morning, and Elizabeth took a deep breath.

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Chapter Twenty-Three
Ministry Official- Part Two

“Today, we’re going to review about dement-” She was abruptly cut off.

“Excuse me, Professor Smythe?”

“Yes?” Elizabeth felt her temper begin to burn.

“Did you receive the letter about your examination?”

“As I haven’t questioned your presence as you are not on the attendance sheet, you should assume that I did. Now I need some facts about dementors.”

Hermione Granger’s hand popped up. Blessing her student at this moment, “Hermione?”

“Dementors are tall and wear cloaks. Their faces are hidden, and are only shown when the dementor is abou-”

She, too, was cut off.

“Professor Smythe, this is your first year teaching is it not?” Anton asked.

“Raise your hand, and I will call on you. Miss Granger, kindly continue.”

Looking startled, she obeyed, “Their faces are only shown when the dementor is about to Kiss someone, or, in other words, is about to suck out a persons soul through their mouth.”

Shudders went through the class room.

“Correct, five points to Gryffindor. Any more? Yes, Mr. Lamberg?”

“Will you answer my previous question?”

“Will you wait a few more minutes? Then, I will gladly answer that and others,” he opened his mouth to argue, “But remember, raise your hand.” Elizabeth smiled sweetly.

“Does any one have anything more? Harry?”

“They feed on the good emotions people have. They are... were the guards to Azkaban. They can be repelled by a patronus.”

“Excellent! Five more points to Gryffindor. Now, what do you know about patroni? Yes, Mr. Macmillan?”

“They are the opposite of dementors. They are of a good force, of hope and happiness.”

“Good! Five points to Hufflepuff! Now, who here can produce one, not a corpeal, but at least a mist.”

Everyone who had been in Dumbledore’s Army raised their hands.

“Who can produce a corpeal?”

Nearly all the DA raised their hands.

“Wonderful. We’ll work on them next week. Next Monday, you have an essay due.”

There were groans from the class. Elizabeth smiled before continuing.

“Yes, I know. Horrible, isn’t it? It must be ten inches and about how to produce a patronus. I suggest you begin working, unless anyone has any questions.”

None came, so Elizabeth sat down on her desk and raised an eyebrow at Mr. Lamberg.

“Now for my questions. This is your first year of teaching, is it not?”

Aware her students were listening, she smiled slightly, “No, it isn’t. It’s my first year at Hogwarts, yes, but I worked at a smaller school for five years.”

“I see... where was that?”

“How am I to know? It was Unplottable.”

“Fine, then. Are you aware that the last living Smythe died a few years ago?”

“I was told that by one of my students. Your point?” she glanced over the class room. Hurriedly, students stuck their heads back in their books, or pretended to right several lines. Some didn’t have ink on their quills, and some of the quills didn’t touch the parchment.

“It simply was a comment.”

“Truly? If you ask me, it sounded a bit like a question,” she said, meeting Harry’s eyes as she continued her look over the class. He gave her a small smile that she returned.

“Do you know about the whereabouts of Malfoy?”

“No, I do not.”

Draco looked up at that.



It went on for a while....


Harry’s head shot up, his eyes livid. Elizabeth wasn’t much happier.

“He’s dead,” she spat, pain flooding her.


Nobody in the class room was bothering to pretend to be doing their work.

“Potter?” Elizabeth echoed.

“Elizabeth Potter.”

“Oh, she’s a Death Eater?”

“Yes, as a matter of fact she is.”

“And you have proof?” she raised an eyebrow, trying to stay calm, but her hands rolled up into fists never-the-less.

“Excuse me?”

Her better judgment was flying through the window, her temper was building, as was the pressure against whatever lid was pressed down to keep it under control. The lid burst open.

“Well, of course the ministry doesn’t need proof. They twist up truths to make them lives and feed it to the press. They make Death Eaters out of good people, and murderers out of heroes. They claim the truth is some boy’s plea for attention, and some old man senility. They only think for the good of themselves. The good of the people? Why should they care?”

Silence. A heavy silence. Silence. Silence pressing on everyone’s ears. Silence. The silence of the shock of a professor’s rant. The bell rang. No one moved.

“I see,” Anton said, making a flourish on his piece of parchment.

Elizabeth’s stomach hit the floor, and the students began to file out. Harry stood for a moment, seeming reluctant to leave. He met her eyes, questioning, and she nodded to the door. He left, and nerves jangling, she raised her eyebrows at the man before her.

He went back to his desk and sat down in it. Students flowed into the room.

Elizabeth sat back down on the desk. She didn’t remember standing up, but now, all she could think was, “This is going to be a long week.”

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Chapter Twenty-Four
Discussions and Potions

And that it was. In her class with the first year Gryffindors, Anton caused the little girl to cry again. How, Elizabeth wasn’t sure. All she knew was that it gave her another excuse to shout at him, this time about how he should not upset her students.

At lunch, Elizabeth took the opportunity to vent her frustration on Snape. Prank after prank was cast onto him until he said, “If you want to kill me, why don’t you do it straight out?”

Professor Sinistra just laughed and said, “I doubt it’s you she wants to see die, rather that ministry official. I’ve heard you gave him a talking to in your sixth year class and another one in your first year Gryffindor class. Hopefully you won’t lose your job. Not that I think you will,” she added hastily as Elizabeth glowered at her.

“He’s a brainless git,” Elizabeth stated calmly, sipping more hot cocoa. She seemed to be depending on it for life support or something, today.

“That he is,” Severus said softly, “But is your blood chocolate yet? That has to be your fifth cup this meal. Not to mention your eight during breakfast.”

Elizabeth raised an eyebrow at him, and calmly knocked a bowl of whipped cream into his lap after adding a liberal amount to her cup.

“You were always rather immature for your age,” Snape said as he pulled his wand out to clean up the mess.

“Rather,” she sipped from her mug.

Professor Sinistra watched in astonishment. No doubt she had never seen professor behaving that way, and she had never seen Snape take something similar so calmly, specifically as it had been done literally.

She decided to leave. She still had thirty minutes until her Seventh year NEWTs class, but she wanted to walk and try to collect her scattered nerves. Getting up, she left the hall, pushing through a side door, she wandered aimlessly down the corridor.

Halfway down, she heard footsteps echoing from behind her. Turning, she saw a figure with billowing robes, bat-like. She sighed and leaned against the wall, waiting.

“I need to talk to you,” Professor Severus Snape said silkily

Elizabeth resumed walking with her unaccustomed companion, “Fine. What about?”

“Do you honestly want to lose your job?”

She turned and stared at him in surprise, “Of course not! Why would I?”

He answered, “You have to tread carefully around the ministry. Especially now. It’s rather unstable, at the moment.”

“And that’s unusual?”

He looked at her, waiting.

“Fine. What else do you need to say?”

“Just be wary. The wrong information in the wrong hands, even if it’s false, or just assumed, could lead to danger. Not only for you, but for a good deal of the people with in these walls.”

Elizabeth rubbed her head, “I know that, but-”

“Don’t lose your temper. If anything, don’t. If you lose your temper once more, you may lose your job. You have to stay here, I’ve been told, due to the doings of your-” Elizabeth coughed pointedly “-and the ministry will be suspicious if you remain here after being fired.”

“Thanks, but I’m aware of that.”

“Then do that. Ignore them, do something, but don’t lose your temper,” he brushed a greasy lock of hair from his sallow face and grimaced. He reached into her pocket, and handed her a vial, “Drink that.”

She stared at the bottle, “What is it?”

“It’s a potion that will make you stoic. You won’t have your temper to deal with, anything that would make you sad wouldn’t and so on.”

Elizabeth swished the bottle around. The glass was green, but as far as she could tell, the contents were white. It was thick and had some globs in it, “When do I drink it.”

“A mouthful before each class should suffice. Any more than that, and you won’t be able to feel anything. You won’t acknowledge anything around you, and you’ll be in a dream state for half the day.”

Elizabeth nodded, “What would it react negatively to?”

Snape met her eyes, “Doxy droppings, ferret saliva, and merpeople hair.”

Elizabeth stared, “And how was that discovered?”

Snape smiled grimly, “In all honesty Smythe, you don’t want to know.”

“I figured I wouldn’t. What are the side effects?”

“Questioning every bit about it, aren’t you? You’ll have a headache after it wears off, and trouble walking for a half hour after ingesting it.”

“Not as bad as some of the other potions you’ve given me. How long does it last for?”

“It’s in full power for an hour and a half and it’s completely worn off after two hours. Give or take, so you best take it on the hour.”

“Thank you for this,” she wiggled the bottle.

“You’ll need it, and I don’t want you fired,” his voice was low.

“Really? I thought you’d avoid working with me until it was a life or death situation.”

“I would, but if you’re fired, Dumbledore will make me help teach the id-” he stared down at his knee in surprise as it buckled. Elizabeth calmly pulled her foot back in to underneath her robes, “I mean, the boy Occlumency.”

Elizabeth nodded, and the pair turned their separate ways. Eliza noticed at the end of the hall, a red-haired girl pulling herself quickly into that shadows. Pretending not to notice her, Elizabeth swept past the suit of armor the girl was behind.


“Professor Smythe is rather.... odd, isn’t she?” Hermione asked.

“What I don’t get is why she’d trust Snape of all people. Is she in the mood for a good slow death?” Ron asked.

It was after dinner that day. Elizabeth was sorting through the books in the old defense corner of the library. None of it was deemed dangerous, and it kept her completely hidden from anyone’s view that didn’t go into the invisibility section.

“She seemed to trust him. She said something about the potions he’s given her before,” Ginny said slowly.

“She trusts Snape?” Harry asked, looking surprised.

That had been the first time he’d spoken in the entire conversation. Neville, who was also with them, hadn’t spoken at all.

“Well, she doesn’t seem to like him very much, and I’d say the same’s for him.”

“Where do you suppose she’s from?” asked Neville, suddenly.

Everyone looked at him.

“I mean, she said that she used to work at a school earlier, and Hogwarts is the only school in Britain. She’s definitely British, if you ask me.”

Harry looked up, “She’s friends with Lupin.”

Hermione stared at him, “How do you know that?”

“The day we left Grimmauld’s Place, she was talking to him. They knew each other, that was obvious. They were acting like old friends.”

Hermione nodded, “And she did start to lose her temper when that man accused Sirius of being a Death Eater. Maybe she knew him as well.”

Harry bit his lip and looked down.

Ginny looked interested, “Is there anyway to find out if she went to school with them?”

Hermione jumped up, “Yes, there is! There’s a section with the school records in it over by the histories.”

Quickly, Elizabeth checked to make sure she wouldn’t be seen. It was fine.

As Hermione came back, she sorted through a thick book that appeared to be falling apart. It wasn’t put together very well.

“Hm.... does anyone know how old Lupin is?”

Everyone but Neville shrugged, who looked up, “Gran told me that he went to school with my parents, he was a little older. Maybe... thirty six?”

Elizabeth looked up. That was very accurate. In fact, it was exact.

Hermione flipped through the book, and nodded, “Here’s his years list.... there isn’t a Smythe. I’ll try younger... she’s not here... but, Neville, your parents were just a year younger... they must have known Elizabeth Potter. She was in the same house and year... No, she’s not younger than him; she’s not on any of these class lists. I’ll try older.... she’s not here!” She snapped the book shut.

Everyone exchanged looks. Elizabeth flipped through ‘Defense from Death.’ The whole book was too old to be of any use. It was completely illegible, and what was legible was foolish.

“Then how does he know her? Harry, was she on the Order picture Moody past around last year? I didn’t get to see it.”

Harry furrowed his brow, “He didn’t mention her.”

Elizabeth finally found a useful book. Despite how much she wanted to, she decided not to spy any longer. She went up to Madam Pince and showed her the book, “Can I take this out?”

The students spun around, she glanced at them and smiled at them.

As she checked out the book, they watched her. She turned around, and suddenly someone was speaking to her. Hermione.

“Professor Smythe?”

“Yes, Hermione?”

“I was wondering, how do you know Professor Lupin?”

“I went to school with them,” she said simply.

“You’re not on the class list, though,” Hermione said, in surprise.

“Yes, I am. I was in Gryffindor. I wasn’t in the same year as him,” and with that, she turned around. Give them something to chew on. After all, she wasn’t going to tell Harry who she was until he’d figured out it for himself. It’d be much better that way. She wouldn’t have to prove it to him at all. In the mean time, small hints would suffice.

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Chapter Twenty five

That night, Elizabeth fell asleep rather early. At first, the dreams were what a couple people in Hogwarts were doing, nothing out of the ordinary.

Eliza stepped through the mist into a new dream. She stood in a cold, stone room, watching as a tall thin man sat on a tall backed chair before a groveling lump on the floor.

“What have you learned?” came an icy voice.

Elizabeth shivered as the presence of a person came near her. They were obviously dreaming this, too. She was familiar with the presence, but it took her a few moments to realize. Harry.

“Master...please...” whined the lump.

“Wormtail! I have stationed you in Hogwarts. You’re ability to transform is the only reason I gave you this privilege. Do not disappoint me. What have you learned?”

“A bit, master,” Pettigrew said, breathless, “The woman, this Professor Smythe.... she is familiar with Snape.”

“Familiar with that traitor... go on.”

“She’s training the Potter boy in Occlumency.”

“Is she now?”

“Yes, sir. She’s using a different way than Snape. It’s a far more subtle way, I can’t quite tell what it is. I believe she just uses her mind for that.”

“There is only one living being that can do that... hmmm.... she might be... but, then how....”

“My Lord?”

“Continue, filth. This needs some thinking over.”

“She has been been.... secretive, with her identity.”

“Secretive???! Wormtail! It’s your job to find out secrets. Are you so incompetent I must send you to help Lucius with the Dementors?”

“No... No, my lord,” stammered Pettigrew.

“What else have you learned?”

“The Stanson woman has returned. Joan Stanson.”

“Has she? Well, that is some news. When she heard that Black was innocent, I had thought she would have returned then. What else?”

“She, too, is familiar with Smythe. She’s also spoken to Potter.”

“Is that all? My other spies stationed at Hogwarts are not nearly so uninformative.”

“My Lord, I...”

“I tire of your lack of intelligence, Wormtail. Crucio!”

Screams pounded Elizabeth’s head as pain shot through her. She fell out of the dream and into consciousness.

Elizabeth sat bolt upright. Her head ached, and her arms throbbed. She stumbled out of bed putting on her robe and pulling her hair into a bun to keep it a bit neat. She had to keep up her disguise even now.

Dashing out the door, she realized exactly who the trespasser in her dream earlier had been. Harry.

Down the corridors she ran, all the way to the entrance to the headmaster's office. She quickly gave the password and ran up the moving staircase. Into Dumbledore's office she sped.

Dumbledore was examining a silver object in his hand as Elizabeth slowed to a stop. He smiled and looked up, “Yes, Elizabeth?”

“Albus, Voldemort has spies in Hogwarts,” she said calmly.

Dumbledore sighed and set down the object, “I’m not too surprised about that.”

“Pettigrew is among them.”

“Not to surprising with his ability to become a rat is it? Of course-” he was cut off as the door burst open. Harry ran in.

“Professor, there are spies at Hogwarts!” He looked up and stared at Professor Smythe, obviously surprised to see her there in her nightgown.

Dumbledore nodded thoughtfully, “Elizabeth, was there a... connection?”

Harry looked positively puzzled.

“Not to me, sir.”

“But to Voldemort?”

“Yes, but it was weak.”

Dumbledore frowned, “And that means for Harry, what exactly?”

“He’s about as far along with his Occlumency as to be expected. The fact he woke up is surprising in itself, but the fact he remembered and thought on it enough to come tell you is rather astounding.”

“Were you aware he was there?”

All this talking about him as if he wasn’t there seemed to be making Harry rather uncomfortable. He shifted on his feet.

“Yes sir, I was.”

“Did Voldemort notice?”

“He was a bit to preoccupied. Besides, the connection was so weak, he’d have to have been feeling for it with out any distractions to find it.”

“Sir?” Harry spoke up, suddenly.

Dumbledore blinked, and looked at Harry, “Elizabeth, could you kindly go wake up Professor Snape? We’ll need him to figure out some things. Besides, you’ll be able to get there quicker than even the portraits.”

Indignant murmurs went through the office.

“Yes, headmaster,” Elizabeth answered obediently, leaving the room.

Elizabeth dashed down the staircase, down the hall. She tapped on the portrait of a young woman in her garden, picking flowers.

“Yes, professor?” the woman asked in surprise, “No one has spoken to me for years, not since the last of the trouble makers from twenty years ago graduated. Not even the most recent pair spoke to me, as I had been sure they would have.”

“I’m sorry about that Ella, but can you let me through? I need to head down.”

“Let you through? No one has used this passage for years. How are you aware of it? And how do you know my name?”

“How do you think? Let me th-”

“Just let her through, Ella,” mumbled an old man in the painting above her.

“Fine, I will, but you’d better speak to me again before you leave for good.”

“I will. Thank you.”

She hurried down the hall. Ella had always been rather.... odd. She was disgruntled at being the painting to hide a little known passage way rather than a passage that was used daily. Of course, if she had it that way, she would always complain about never being left alone.

Eliza unlatched the trap door, and gripped onto the pole that was the only way to go down rather than free falling. She slid down the pole, her hands getting hotter by the second. The second she could hardly stand it any more, she hit the stone floor. She poked the bottom brick at the corner three times. It snored, but then shifted, bring the rest of the wall with it.

She slipped through the gap. In the dungeon behind the wall, it smelled of potion making; there was the smell of smoke, and vinegar.

She crossed the dungeon and tapped on a door. No answer. She rapped on the door harder. Still no answer. She knocked several more times, her knuckles getting sore. She kicked the door hard, and it groaned as if threatening to fall over. Finally, Elizabeth heard some movement. She tapped thrice more, and the door opened.

“What do you want?” Snape asked, sounding tired. He wore a faded dressing gown, pajamas, slippers, and a scowl.

“Dumbledore needs to speak with you.”

“Now? At this time of night?”

“Yes, now.”

“If this is a hoax, P... You’d better-”

“It’s not a hoax, you idiot, so come on.”

Rubbing her raw knuckles, she led the way down the passage, glowering back occasionally.

“Where are we going?” Snape asked, for once sounding confused.

“To the headmasters office. Now shut up.” She was annoyed. It had taken far too long to get him to the door, now he was dragging along like he had all night to get up there.

“Grab this bar, here,” she took his hands and placed them on a slightly indented part of the bar, “hold on tight, I’m not coming back for you if you fall.”

His hands tensed. She gripped the bar slightly above his hands, and murmured, “Horse feathers.” Their hands moved steadily up the bar. It was impossible to tell whether the whole bar was moving, or just their hands. James had tried to figure it out once, but doing so he had fallen off and gotten a concussion. He’d been in the hospital wing for a week. Finally, the bar stopped, and Eliza stepped onto the platform. She made sure that Snape got through before pushing the portrait forward.

“You are back!” Ella said, feigning excitement.

“Yes, I am,” she watched in amusement as Snape stared at the portrait.

“Now, talk to me.”

“Not now. I never said tonight. Later, Ella,” she turned and went down the corridor, Snape at her heels.

“Where was that passage you led me down? How did you find it? Did you know it’s impossible for us to be here after just doing that?”

She spun on her heel to face Snape. Annoyance had changed to temper, and her temper was reaching a peak, “How did you think I found it, Snivellus? After what my history here is? After my friends’ history? What do you think?”

Snape’s eyes narrowed. He had tried to stay calm. He owed it to her not to retaliate, but this was enough. Then there was the point of their old rivalry. He opened his mouth to speak, but Eliza spun around once again. She walked quickly up to the entrance of the headmasters office. She muttered the password and stalked up the moving stairs, Snape sweeping up behind her.

Snape swept past her when they reached the door, going through the door. He obviously didn’t see Harry, but didn’t even glance at him.

“Headmaster, of all people, why did you have to send such an insufferable witch to get me?”

Harry blinked and turned to look at his Defense professor as she gripped the door frame, wishing it was the Potions Master’s neck.

Dumbledore looked from Elizabeth to Severus. Miss Potter to Mr. Snape.

“I had thought you two had gotten over your old differences,” he said quietly, “Or I had hoped.”

Elizabeth laughed softly, “Us, headmaster? He and I? As what we are? Especially you should have known better.”

“Any way, has Elizabeth informed you about the situation we’re in?”

“No, she hasn’t. I believe that information simply bounced off her thick skull.”

Eliza bristled at that. Her wand was rather close in reach... she should just-

“Severus, I do not want the news that you’ve hung her out the North Tower by her hair again. As well, I do not want the news that Elizabeth has tied you up and hung you from the ceiling of the Slytherin common room while she plays Greensleeves on the flute.”

Harry stared between Snape and Elizabeth while the latter rolled her eyes.

“Headmaster, I haven’t done that since my second year, and she did hers a week later,” Snape argued.

“I’m well aware of that, but I’m sure the student population here would be rather amused to find out that two of there professors had detention with Argus for brawling.”

“Sir, the spies?” Elizabeth asked quickly.

“Yes, Severus, there are spies at Hogwarts.”

He leaned forward, but as he did so, someone caught his eye, “Potter! What is he doing up at this time! Headmaster, you cannot allow one student to break the rules, and one to not! He should have detention! Twice over!”

Elizabeth rolled her eyes again, “Severus, can’t you keep your mind on one thing at a time. If Harry’s here, in Dumbledore’s office, he has to be here for a reason.”

Snape ignored her, turning to the headmaster.

Albus nodded, “It’s best if he goes to bed now. Quite scowling, Severus. We have more to do tonight than to punish a student. Elizabeth, could you take Harry up to Gryffindor Tower? It’s not safe for anyone to be in the corridors alone now.”

She stood up, raising an eyebrow, “I suppose I’m the errand girl, aren’t I? Just as well, I suppose. I’m useless for everything else, aren’t I Severus?”

Dumbledore regarded her calmly, “But, we’ll need you back here when you’re done. I’m afraid that given the time, we won’t go to the Order, but I’ll contact whoever is at headquarters now, and tell them we need them here. The ministry isn’t watching the Floo Network nearly as closely any longer, and we have to stay here just in case.”

“Do you want me to wake up Minerva, or get Hagrid?”

“No, Minerva’s doing Order business, and no one should be crossing the grounds at this time of night. Especially you.”

Elizabeth nodded, and beckoned to Harry. He stood and followed her out the door.

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Chapter Twenty Six

“Professor?” Harry asked the moment they were in the corridor, “Did Snape really hang you out the window by your hair?”

“Professor Snape, Harry, and yes, he did.”

Harry blinked, and he grinned, “Why did he?”

“He... erm.... he was rather angry at your father, and hung me out the window to get him back,” she laughed lightly, “Of course, the next day he had mushrooms coming out his ears. Idiot.”

Harry looked at her, “But why’d he pick you? Why not someone else?” Suspicion lined his voice.

“I really don’t know. Of course, it’s probably because I didn’t know who Professor Snape was yet, and he thought I was easy meat. Not to mention, he knew I knew your father quite well.”

“Oh. How did you know him?’

Elizabeth bit her lip, “I’d met him a few times, that’s all.”

“Did you know Elizabeth Potter?”

Elizabeth looked at him. They had stopped walking. His face was lit up from the window nearby.

“Yes. I did.”

Harry nodded slowly, “And?”

“And what? She was an interesting person to know. Far too much like her brother in some ways, but completely different in others, I’ve heard. I can’t really say much, though. It’s not really my place, or rather, I’ve a biased opinion. You might want to try asking Remus. He knew her well.”

“Is she married to him?”

“You read the article, didn’t you? Well, no, she isn’t. She’s never been married, but there’s quite a bit of proof against that. All of it is false , though. There are some pictures, even. Of course, those were really taken of her, at real events, but they aren’t what they appear to be,” Eliza gave a short laugh.

Harry was quiet.

They reached the portrait of the Fat Lady.

“Clear your mind, Harry. Or try to at least.”

“Yes, Professor.”


Harry nodded as he gave the Fat Lady the password.

“Goodnight,” he climbed in and the portrait swung shut.

“Well?” the Fat Lady demanded, “Anything else?”

“No, thank you, ma’am.”

Elizabeth slid back into the now slightly full office. Kingsley stood in the corner, alert. Tonks was sitting on a chair, yawning. Dumbledore was behind his desk. Snape was sitting in a chair near the desk, his face unreadable. Remus was sitting near Tonks and an empty chair, his face serious. Elizabeth sat down in the empty chair and grinned at him. His face relaxed into a smile before he turned his attention to Dumbledore.

“ Elizabeth, is Harry back in to the Gryffindor Tower?”

Elizabeth nodded.

“Good. Now that Elizabeth’s here, we can begin. There’s a lot the Order needs to discuss as a whole, so I won’t go over all that until Saturday. Now, onto business. We have discovered that there are spies in Hogwarts.”

The others all nodded, serious.

“We know that Peter Pettigrew is among the spies. Other than that, I’m not sure. We all have to keep an eye and an ear out to see if we can’t find any others. I’ll alert all of the Order members stationed here at Hogwarts. They will have to be the most wary. You who aren’t will have to be doing your best out on the streets to see if there is anything you can learn.

“Kingsley and Tonks, you will need to be alert at the ministry. Find out all you can. There is possibility that the spies will be careless. It’s not likely, but we can hope, can’t we?”

They nodded.

“Remus, I want you to get anything you can from the streets. Enlist Mundungus. He’ll be helpful in that area. I also want everyone to report to you what they’ve learned. That is, except for the ones here. They’ll report to me.

“Even if you doubt the information you collect, turn it in anyway. False information with the truth mixed in is better than a small portion of information without anything we can work with. Any questions?”

A cat mewed.

Dumbledore turned to the source of the noise, “Oh, Elizabeth, your kitten.”

“My what?” Eliza was puzzled for a moment before realising, “Oh, my kitten. Well, let’s see... then.”

“Her,” Dumbledore bent and lifted up a kitten.

Elizabeth hastened forward, and took her. She was a small bundle of striped gray fluff. Green eyes stared at her. She stroked the kitten gently, and she purred.

The members there gave a general laugh before turning back to topic.

“I have a question,” Tonks stated, “How did you discover that? Did you catch Pettigrew, or what?”

“Unfortunately, Tonks, no. Harry came forward with it from dreaming it, and Professor Smythe confirmed it.”

Tonks nodded.

“Well, if that’s it, Dumbledore, then I suggest we go get some sleep. It’s two in the morning, and I’m tired.”

“Easy for you to say, Kingsley. You at least got some sleep. I haven’t had a wink. Mad-eye’s still asleep. He hexed Remus when he tried to wake him up.”

Remus laughed, “And I still have the marks from it,” he pushed up his sleeve with a welted hand to show welts up his arms.

Eliza sighed, “Come here, Remus.” She took his arm and tapped it with her wand, murmuring. The welts faded, and she did the same to the other arm.

“Thank you, Liza. Tonks, I don’t know what you’re talking about. I haven’t had a bit of sleep, either, and I’m not tired in the least bit.”

“Well, you’ve taken to being nocturnal,” she retorted, tucking a gold lock behind her ear.

Snape stood up. He nodded to Dumbledore and swept out silently. Everyone else stood, and Dumbledore shook hands all around. Liza shook hands with Kingsley and hugged Tonks and Remus. Tonks patted the kitten on the top of the head and laughed. Remus stroked her quietly while Tonks left. Kingsley followed her shortly.

“ ‘Night,” Elizabeth whispered as she took her kitten back.

“Goodnight,” Remus answered.

Elizabeth went down the spiraling steps for the upteenth time that night. She was tired, and wanted to go to bed more than anything at the moment. She stumbled back into her chambers. She sat the kitten on the floor. She promptly began exploring, poking her paw into the nooks and crannies of beneath the desk.

Elizabeth began preparing the kitten’s things, including food and water. The kitten went straight for the water before exploring her bed, and scratching at it. She immediately leapt onto a bookshelf and knocked a pile of books over. Laughing, Elizabeth picked it up.

“Mischief, aren’t you?”

The kitten purred.

Eliza blew out the light, and fell asleep with out bothering to get beneath her covers.

Upon waking up the next day, Elizabeth groaned. She hadn’t had much sleep the night before, and yesterday had been long. Besides, that was only Monday.

She got up, got dressed, and tucked the vial into her pocket. Her wand went up her sleeve. She fed the kitten, who purred the entire time she was eating.

Breakfast was difficult. The food was good, and the hot cocoa was excellent, but she could hardly keep her eyes open. Looking at the Gryffindor Table, she noticed that she wasn’t the only one. Harry appeared to be nodding off. Hermione and Ron had to keep waking him up, and weren’t doing a very good job of it.

After lagging as much as possible, Eliza headed slowly down to her classroom, talking detours and such. Just outside the door, she pulled the vial from her pocket and took a mouthful of the potion. As she headed into the room, all she could tell was that the potion tasted like a very strong soap.

Nothing happened at first, but half-way to her desk, the tiredness in her was unnoticeable, she could feel little, but didn’t feel numb. As the sensation spread through her body, the sounds of the class seemed to fade. She could still hear it the same, but the noise seemed to gentle. The colors in the room faded softly, and Eliza felt like she was sitting in a thick fog.

Teaching her lesson was rather strange, too. She couldn’t tell if her voice was too soft or too loud, but she was trying to keep her voice and speed normal. It was complicated as nothing seemed to work properly. She couldn’t move quickly, and she had a feeling that she should make them do homework. She’d save anything interesting for next week when she wasn’t in a cloud and when the ministry official wasn’t breathing down her neck.

When Anton’s questioning came, she calmly answered, half the time not knowing what she was saying. She was probably babbling, but she heard herself giggle, and made a mental note to stuff Snape’s head down the nearest anything she could find next time she saw him. Of course, that thought was slightly dreamy as well.

Time with the third year Gryffindors was similar. They all stared at her the entire time, and she had a feeling half of them were about to doze off. She told them to read on a select number of dark creatures and be ready to answer questions next week.

The questioning was similar, except much shorter. Anton seemed like he was beginning to think this was how she normally was, but got up on the wrong side of the bed the day before, or something. Half-way through the class, her head began to ache, and the mist began to clear, so she quickly excused herself and took some more potion.

This time around, she got used to the feeling of it. She had taken a slightly smaller mouthful this time, and was more aware of what was going on.

She taught the fifth year gryffindors a few spells. They were simple and small, but when they looked about to comment, she nodded to the back, and they nodded.

Questioning was longer this time, asking what background she had with the Dark Arts.

“What NEWTs did you take?” he asked making notes.

“Defense Against the Dark Arts, Potions, Charms, Transfiguration, Herbology, and Care of Magical Creatures.”

“What further training do you have?”

Eliza bit her lip for a second, inclined to lie, but finally she answered, “I’ve passed and gone through Auror training.”

She could feel Ginny’s eyes on her. Eliza glanced at her, and she buried herself in her notes, peeking over at times.

“What did you teach at the other school?”

“Defensive Skills and Charms. That’s what they called Defense Against the Dark Arts.”

“How much other experience do you have?”

“I was in quite a few of the battles last time,” she shrugged, “What more do you want?”

Anton was watching her carefully, as if she were a dog known to bite, and he wasn’t sure if she was about to or not.

The bell ring, and the class filed out. Anton stood and nodded to her before following the students out the door.

Standing up, she headed out to lunch.

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Chapter Twenty Seven
By the time Eliza was down to the Great Hall, her head was throbbing. Walking up to the Staff Table was a challenge, what with the floor spinning. She sank into her chair with a moan. She was shaking. Snape took a glance at her before pouring her a goblet of water and handing it to her.

Gratefully, she drank from it, watching Snape scoop some of the stew onto her plate.

“Eat,” he ordered, pushing it towards her.

She sucked down her water, raising an eyebrow at him.

“If you don’t, you’ll end up fainting in class. It’ll help the headache, trust me.”

She nodded, and put down her empty goblet. Snape filled it up, before turning to Professor Sinistra.

“Help her,” he ordered before standing up.

The two women watched him go.

“What’s going on with him?” asked Sinistra, taking a bite of bread.

Eliza shrugged, watching him brush past Hermione and Ginny who had been talking to some one at the Ravenclaw table.

“You must have kept your temper today, I didn’t really hear anything about it, and you know Hogwarts, something interesting happens, and everyone knows, including student locked in a closet, and sometimes, he’s the first to know.”

“I haven’t heard that phrase for years,” Eliza said, relieved her headache was receding.

“It’s not said very much anymore,” the other woman said lightly, “Besides, you haven’t been back here in a long time, so you wouldn’t have.”

“At the school I used to teach, they always said, ‘If less than a hundred people know, it’s a well kept secret. If two hundred people know, it’s a secret. If the whole school knows, it’s rather unknown.’”

They both smiled at that.

Saturday evening found Eliza stumbling into the kitchen at 13 Grimmauld Place.

She sat down tiredly beside Remus. He looked up from his sheaf of papers and smiled at her.

“How’s your week been?” he asked, quietly.

“Awful,” she said lightly, “Yours?”

“Busy, to say the least. Some muggle jumped on my last night. Dung got him off and in the ditch. He shouldn’t really remember anything. There wasn’t much to remember, for him.”

Eliza nodded.

“We don’t have any cocoa here, but I think you’ll want water.”

Eliza looked up, raising an eyebrow.

“You don’t want tea, do you?”

Eliza laughed and shook her head, “Not really.”

He got up to go get two glasses. Elizabeth picked up the sheaf he’d been sorting through. They were obviously the reports that Dumbledore had asked for. Elizabeth herself hadn’t found anything newsworthy and told Dumbledore that.

“Just keep looking. Search in your dreams. You may come across something the rest of us can’t.”

She set down the papers, and buried her head in her arms. She was barely aware when Remus set down the glass beside her.

“Is that Professor Smythe?” asked a soft voice.

“Yes, it is, but don’t wake her. She’s better off asleep. She gave Sirius a scar once when he tried to wake her.”

“That’s because he was trying to tickle me in order to wake me up,” answered Liza as she sat up, “If you don’t do that, you’re usually safe. Unless I’m woke up at wand point. Then I’m not so happy.”

Remus smiled at that, and Harry raised his glass to his mouth.

“Usually, you say,” teased Remus.

Eliza shrugged, “I can’t make any promises, of course.”

Remus nodded, “Harry arrived right after you dropped off. I put your glass down, and he was in the fireplace.”

“When was that?” she asked, giving Harry a kind smile. He looked rather startled that she wasn’t scolding him for having come here, as if it wasn’t her that told him to come.

Remus checked his watch, “Oh, five minutes ago. He still hasn’t told me why he came.”

“Oh, I wanted to ask you about.... about Elizabeth Potter,” Remus gave Eliza a glance.

“I told him to ask you,” Eliza said calmly, “Do you two want me to leave?”

Remus glanced at Harry. Realizing they were waiting for his answer, shook his head, “You can stay.”

Remus took a drink of his water before asking, “What do you want to know?”

“Well, she’s my aunt, isn’t she?”

“Yes, she is. She’s your father’s younger sister. His only sister, at that.”

“What was she like?” Harry was gripping this table in front of him, his knuckles white.

“She was quite a bit like your father. She caused quite a few pranks, despite hardly anyone blamed them on her. She came up with quite a few ideas that we stole. She didn’t ask for as much attention as her brother did, and in turn, didn’t get it. She was the Seeker for the Quidditch team.”

Eliza nodded.

“She’s not really a death eater, is she?” It was more of a statement than a question.

“No, she wasn’t. She’s probably the last person that would become a Death Eater.”

Harry nodded. He didn’t say anything further.

After exchanging looks with Eliza, he said, “I haven’t seen her for ages. I thought I caught a glimpse of her in August, but I may have been mistaken,” he said honestly.

Eliza stared at him. He wasn’t lying, she could tell by the look on his face, but what was he going on about. Then she realized what he was doing. He was planning on using a discreet form of symbolism that had been perfected in the days the mauraders reigned the school.

“I haven’t seen her since she left,” Eliza commented.

“It may be a while until we meet her again,” Remus said, “Until she comes out of hiding.”

Harry hadn’t said anything at his Occlumency lesson. He had been preoccupied about something. Dumbledore had been at this lesson, and hadn’t gotten much more out of him than direct answers.

She had a feeling it had been his Potions lesson earlier that day. Snape had informed him he was just like his father, a pig and an idiot, as well as saying a few other things. Eliza hadn’t managed to get the rest out of either of them. He was quiet still.

Finally, he broke the silence, “Professor Smythe?”


“Er... you said the other night that you knew my father before school, or something like that. How?”

Eliza fell silent, trying to figure out her answer, “His father and my mother grew up together. They were very good friends. My father and his mother got along pretty well, too. His parents did a bit of raising me, while mine did some raising of him. I doubt either parents really succeeded in raising us, but what could we do? We were difficult children, I think. All of us.”

Harry nodded.

Tonks chose that moment to waltz in.

“Wotcher, Harry, Eliza, Harry!”

“Hello Tonks,” they chorused.

“How’s your kitten?” she asked.

Eliza laughed, “Oh, she’s just fine. She managed to trap herself underneath my bed with a pile of books. How she did that remains a mystery.”

“What are you naming her?” Remus questioned.

“Mischief. It fits her.”

“The meeting is starting in ten minutes,” Tonks said.

Harry stood up hurriedly, “I think I have to go.”

Eliza stood up, “I’ll go with you. I forgot to get something.”

Elizabeth got Harry safely out to the Defense Against the Dark Arts corridor. She grabbed a sheaf papers from her desk.

Mischief tried to climb onto Elizabeth’s shoulder, but she sat the kitten on her bed, with an order to look for rodents. The kitten just purred.

When she made it back to Headquarters, Joan and Remus were sitting with a space saved for her between. Tonks was opposite them, and Mundungus was beside her, smelling of stale drink.

When she sat down, Dumbledore began the meeting. He asked for any business, and Arthur Weasley immediately took it up.

“This Elizabeth Potter, is she truly a Death Eater, or is this rubbish? I’m more inclined to believe the latter, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.”

There was a general murmur of assent, and Dumbledore calmly answered, “I know the woman quite well. Considering what type of a person she was, and the proof against her, she’s no more a Death Eater than Sirius Black was. I have a good idea where she is at the moment, and I can tell you that she will reveal herself when she deems it necessary.”

Tonks winked at her. She shrugged.

Arthur nodded.

“Excuse me, but how do we know for sure she isn’t a Death Eater? What proof do we have?”

Joan turned to the woman, and coolly said, “What proof do we have you aren’t a Death Eater? What proof do you have that she is? We don’t have proof, we have to trust Dumbledore. Is there a problem with that?”

The woman flushed, “Well, no, of course not. I was just saying... I mean.”

Kingsley interrupted, “Albus, do we know when we will make contact with those foreign brothers?”

“I’ve made contact with them. They will visit me next Thursday. That means, Eliza, you’ll have to work with Harry alone that day again.”

Eliza nodded.

“I hope they will help us. They’re young but well trained. They would make excellent additions to the Order.”

Dumbledore explained about the spy problem, and collected the reports from Remus. Several members were assigned work in various places, including Hogsmeade and the Hogwarts grounds.

The meeting adjourned shortly after that. Joan and Eliza sat watching the members file out.

“That article was awful, wasn’t it?” asked Joan.

“Rather, but I’ll live.”

“I couldn’t help but laugh at some parts. To some, I suppose you sound frightening, but to those that knew Sirius was innocent, you sounded like a rather wonderful person,” she laughed.

Eliza shrugged, “I suppose. I’m dead tired, so good night.”

Joan gave her a quick hug, “To you too. Stay safe.”

Eliza nodded. She went to say goodbye to some of the members of the Order before taking Floo Powder back to her office. She changed and collapsed on her bed. She was asleep as her head hit her pillow.

A/N: I was going to split this up into two parts, but I couldn't find a good enough breaking point, and no, I didn’t add anything because of what a someone said. You know who you are. I had that part planned out for a while.

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Chapter Twenty-Eight

Monday was there before she knew it. She sat eating breakfast with Professor Sinistra, not drowning herself in the hot cocoa for the first time in a week.

“Ready for an unsupervised week of teaching?” teased her colleague.

“More than ready,” Eliza answered fervently.

“I can’t say I blame you. When Umbridge was the one on me, I was freaked out. Of course, there’s not much in my line that you can teach in a way the ministry finds dangerous, but with them, there’s always a chance. It’s not like yours where the ministry is convinced you’re training an army.”

Eliza laughed, “If I were training an army, then they should be scared, but I’d be more worried for my army than I would for them.”

She joined in the laughing, “I would be worried. Poor kids. Under a commander like you, they should all scatter and flee.”

Breakfast continued with that tone. When it was done, Eliza headed down with a lighter heart than she had had for a long time. The weather was good, a little cool, but it was good late September weather.

She started her class by telling them to get out their Patronus essays. They obliged, but suddenly the grounds seemed appealing. Too appealing.

“Everyone, put your essays away. Get packed up, but keep your wands out.”

A murmur of interest went through the room. The students all obeyed, some hastily, some more relaxed.

“Now, everyone has to stay together. If anyone wanders away from the group, it’s detention. I know that sounds harsh, but I’m serious about this. Bring your bags and follow me.”

She led the group of teenagers down the stone corridor. Light poured out of the windows, and the portraits wandered from frame to frame, calling out greetings to the group. Eliza returned them, as did a few of her students.

She led her class out the large oak doors out into the outside. Leading them, she found a nice secluded, level place. It was large enough for her students to sit down and for her to do what she needed to do.

“Today, we’re going to work on the art of dueling. How many of you have participated in a mock duel?”

All hands were raised.

“Good. I’m aware a few of you have also participated in real ones, and I heard about the dueling club in your second year. I hope I’m more able to teach you to duel than that, but it might not happen that way. I need you to split up into two equal groups. One group, sit lined up up front from here to here, the other ones, on this other side,” she indicated what she meant with her hands and pointing, “Good. The spot in the middle, here will be used as the dueling bounds. Everyone, put your bags behind you, you can get them after this.”

The students obeyed surprisingly well. Some seemed excited, others just interested. Malfoy was acting bored as usual. He was the first of his group. The first of the group was none other than Mr. Potter. With a sigh, she gave her next orders:

“The first of both groups would be Mr. Malfoy and Mr. Potter. Come here, bring your wands, both of you. The rules of our dueling are these: No illegal or dark curses; wands only, no physical contact, that includes throwing things, or spitting; no animals, this isn’t a petting zoo; keep a civil tongue; no hanging each other from the air or anything; when one person kneels down, places his wand in front of him, and holds up his hands, stop using your magic. That’s the sign for a forfeit. If you curse them after it’s obvious you’ve seen them do that, then you’ll have detention for two nights. When I blow my whistle, stop what you’re doing.”

She made sure her class understood.

“Now, the proper way to do a duel is to bow to your opponent, wait for the count down from three, then begin your spells. When the whistle is blown, you freeze. Don’t lower your wands unless you’re told to. When the duel is pronounced over, put your wands away and bow to each other. Understood?”

The class nodded.

“Good. Bow, both of you. Three. Two. One.”

Harry used the disarming charm.

Malfoy hissed, “Protego!”, before shattering his own shield with the stunning curse.

Harry dropped and rolled, before hitting Malfoy with another curse.

It went on and on. The spells grew steadily more advanced. Eliza was rather impressed. Harry was good for his age, and Malfoy was an interesting match to his skills. The hatred between them made the air seem static. The class was staring, some more awed than others.

After a few more minutes, she stopped them, and told them to head to the end of the line. Next was Miss Granger against Mr. Nott. They, too, were matched for skill.

They went after each other, using similar spells to Draco and Harry’s. Neither had hatred for each other, just dislike. It went on, and finally, Eliza stopped them. She sent them to the opposite lines they had come from, unlike the earlier pair.

Soon groups began to cheer for one or the other of the duelers. They all varied in skill, and it soon became obvious who the top duelers in the class were: Hermione, Harry, Nott, Malfoy, and to several’s surprised, Neville.

Neville stepped up against Harry on a different time around. Both of them grinned at each other, bowing. When they began, Eliza noticed the differences in their skills. Both of them were excellent and similar in skill, but it was apparent Neville had to try harder than Harry did. Their duel wasn’t necessarily a fight the way Harry’s first one had been, but rather a challenge for them. Eliza stopped them.

No one gave up to anyone, except when Hermione went against Harry on the next time around. They both seemed similar in skill, and at first it seemed it would stay that way, but amidst the gasps of some, the pair of them had spells flying quickly. After a little while, Hermione grinned at Harry, before forfeiting.

Harry stared at her before putting away his wand and pulling her up. They separated into their other lines.

After that, there were a few more forfeits, and everyone seemed worn out. Eliza called an end to the dueling. She led them up to the school before dismissing them.

She had similar class periods with the fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh years. She did hands-on projects with the first, second, and third years dealing with some Dark Creatures, much to their delight. The days went on like this, and Eliza began to relax into the swing of things. She had taught before, and the similarities with this and the other school were rather unnerving, but it was comfortable and familiar, at least.

A/N: I'll be posting this once a week on Saturdays. It might slow down again in the fall, but I'm trying to hoard as many updates as I can so that I will be able to post more often as my writing time will drop considerably.

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Chapter Twenty Nine- Part One

This week went by much quicker.

“I’ve heard some very good things about your class,” commented Professor Sinistra.

“Really? That’s a surprise considering I sent two boys to the hospital wing, covered in boils an hour ago.”

“That must mean that you’re doing a good job. Last year, no one got sent out with any injuries... well, not until the Weasley twins started handing out those sweets of theirs.”

Eliza grinned at her, “Well, that hasn’t happened to me yet, and hopefully it won’t come to that.”

Her colleague laughed, “Hopefully not.”

Thursday night found Eliza and Harry sitting on the floor, staring at each other. They had gone through the exercise of clearing their minds, and calming themselves. With a clear, calm mind, Eliza slid into Harry’s mind and began pulling out memories.

A young Harry, standing on a roof, looking scared.... Harry being chased down the street by a group of large boys...... Harry staring at Peter Pettigrew, revulsion obvious on his face.... a house-elf bowing to him.... James hanging Snape upside down in front of the lake.... Eliza did a double take, and her defenses slid from her grasp.

Trees whizzed by as she ran, panicked through the Forbidden Forest before colliding into someone.... Frank handing her a tiny bundle of blankets, showing her the infant inside of them.... A baby boy with a tuft of black hair crawling into her lap, cooing... She and Sirius were walking through Zonkos, hand in hand... A young woman, bound, her gag slid off, raised her eyebrows at a cloaked young man with greasy black hair who had his wand pointing at her..... Voldemort’s face peering out of the darkness, hissing, ‘join me, and-’ Eliza finally found her defenses, cleared her mind, and pulled away.

Harry’s eyes snapped open. He blinked in the light until his eyes adjusted.

Eliza swallowed, took a deep breath, and nodded, “That was.... excellent, Mr. Potter. Very excellent. You still need to close your mind quicker, but that was an improvement from last time.”

Harry nodded. He was watching his professor curiously.

Eliza stood up, and walked over to her desk. She took a candle from the inside of a drawer, and lit it. A soft glow emanated from the candle.

She set it a foot in front of Harry, before sitting on the other side of it. Harry met her eyes over it, his glasses glinting in the light, his expression questioning.

“This is an exercise I learned. I want to teach it to you now, because you’re at the point in your learning that you need to master this. Not to mention, you have your father’s temper, so it’s imperative that you learn some form of this.”

Harry blinked at her mention of his father before he nodded.

“Some muggles know of this exercise, or of a similar kind. They write down things that they don’t like or are mad about, and throw it away, or burn it. This is more subtle. It involves the mind, and is a good way to clear it. Now, how do you feel right now?”

“Erm.... confused.”

Eliza laughed, “Burn it. Give your confusion away. We don’t want it, and it’s hampering us.”

Harry shot her a questioning look.

“Just try it. It doesn’t matter if you don’t understand it all, and the confusion is keeping us from accepting it. Burn it.”

She slipped into his mind, and guided him through it the best she could. She couldn’t do it for him, but she could make him more familiar with the process.

“How do you feel now?”

“Unsure,” came the reply.

“Burn it.”

She guided him, and they repeated it. They repeated it again and again, until Harry was silent.

She leaned over and blew out the candle, she stood, and took it to her desk, leaving him sitting on the floor, still. Walking back, she touched him on the shoulder, before pulling him to his feet. He blinked from his reverie, his face still emotionless.

“Time’s up, apparently. Clear your mind before you go to bed, or do this exercise. Good job, and good night,” she smiled at him, and he grinned back before heading out the door.

A/N: If I'm lucky, we'll have an update next Saturday, but I'm not making any promises. I haven't had time to write, and I won't at all next week, but if I can write Saturday night next week, I'll put the next updated up!

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Chapter Twenty Nine-Part Two

Eliza corrected some essays, and went through her lesson plans. Tomorrow was short, she had two class periods free for her planning for the next week.

Mischief leaped upon her bookshelve, walking up and over boxes, and past worn Defense Against the Dark Arts books. From her position in the office, Liza could only see the tail of the kitten as she stalked imaginary mice through the books. At least, she hoped they were imaginary.

A timid knock came at the door. Eliza pulled herself up, checked to make sure her wand was in reach, and openned the door.

Hermione and Ginny stood outside. Hermione was chewing her lip, and Ginny was pulling a lock of hair, twisting it.

“Well, what can I do for you?” Eliza asked in surprise.

“We wanted to talk to you,” Ginny said, slowly.

Hermione was busy looking around the office, but she paused long enough to nod. Eliza openned the door the rest of the way, and drew up some chairs from thin air for them.

Sitting down herself, Eliza studied them. Hermione had quit chewing her lip, and had tucked her legs beneath her. Ginny was now looking around the office, her hands away from her hair.

The room was neat enough, the bookshelf lined with boxes and books, a couple of stacks of books from the library near her desk. The room was vacant of personal belonging to describe who she was, purposefully. If one looked in the boxes, one could find letters and photographs, which would immediately reveal Eliza’s identity. Of course, they were charmed with a spell to keep out anyone with bad intentions.

“What is it you wanted to talk to me about?”

Hermione and Ginny exchanged looks, before Hermione started, “Professor, you see, we were wond-”

A quick tap came to the door. Hermione started, and turned in her chair to look to the door.

“Who is it?” Elizabeth called.

“Me,” came the muffled reply.

Eliza raised an eyebrow at the door, before standing to open it, her hand by her pocket in case she had to pull her wand out. She peaked out the door before openning it.

There stood a tall, burly young man with dusty blond hair and gray eyes. His face was golden brown, and lightly freckled.

“Professor S-Smythe?” he asked, sounding out the word slowly as if it was unfamiliar.

Eliza crossed her arms and inspected him, “You’ve grown, John. Quite a bit. Come in,” she motioned him into the room.

The young man looked around the room, taking in everything from the kitten to the two girls sitting down. He cleared his throat,“Please, Professor, I’m not John. He’s dead. Its Jacob.”

Without turning around, she rolled her eyes, drawing up a chair for him too. She sat down, facing him, and said matter-of-factly, “If you were Jacob, you wouldn’t have knocked, but you’d come bursting in here, chatting about something before you were even in the door.”

Hermione and Ginny glanced at each other for a moment before smiling sightly.

John or Jacob, whoever he was flushed and said, “You see, Professor, he...”

“Did Dumbledore have you stick with that story, or is that something the two of you decided on?”

“Um, actually, it was Headmaster Rogers....”

Eliza laughed, “He would think that was a good cover, wouldn’t he? It’s actually okay for him, but...” she broke off, shaking her head, “Where’s your brother?”

“He’s in Fitch’s office... wait, no, that’s not his name. What is it again?”

“It’s Filch,” Hermione said quickly.

John nodded, “Yes, that’s it. Filch. Jacob stepped on his cat’s tail. I never saw anyone that upset over a bruised tail. By the way, who are these two ladies?” He grinned at the girls.

“This is Hermione Granger, and this is Ginny Weasley. Ginny, Hermione, this is John Dawson. He was a student of mine a few years ago.”

They exchanged their greetings, and Eliza sighed, “Knowing your brother, Filch will have quite a bit of trouble letting him go with our forcing him into detention despite the fact he’s of age.”

John grinned, “Of course he will, but I’m sure Jacob will enjoy annoying him.”

“He should keep a low profile. Once your excepted as a threat, you’ll be added to the list of the most wanted dead with the Death Eaters and Voldemort.”

John’s smile faded at that, “Are you on it, Professor?”

Eliza smile humorlessly, “Of course. I’m in the top ten.”

John winced, and Ginny and Hermione exchanged glances.

Eliza bit her lip, “John, do you know where you two will be staying?”

“Actually, yes. Someone named Remus Lupin will come and take us to Order Headquarters. He should be here soon.”

“I’m sure you will like him. He’ll be a good person or you to meet. Now, if you’ll excuse us, John, Ginny and Hermione need to talk to me about something.”

“Actually, Professor, we can talk to you later. It would be best if we got to our dormitories now. Goodnight.” Both girls left hurriedly.

“I have a feeling they were spying on you,” John said calmly.

Eliza laughed, “So do I, but that’s fine. Let them.”

“If only you were so understanding when you were my teacher.”

“Circumstances change, John. You’ll realize that.”

“I know, Professor. I think I’ll go rescue my dear older brother now,” John laughed, wickedly.

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Chapter Twenty-Nine: Part Three

Joan and Remus were sitting at the kitchen table when she walked in, pouring over a piece of parchment. They both looked up when she sat down.

Joan whispered a greeting, and Remus smiled.

“What are you looking at?” Eliza asked.

“It’s a list of possible spies,” Remus said heavily, “All of the Order got one, and we’re supposed to keep an eye on these people.”

Eliza raised an eyebrow, “I don’t remember getting anything,” she said dryly.

“I suppose you wouldn’t have,” he admitted. At Eliza’s look, he hurried on, “I mean, you’re supposed to be lying low, you aren’t supposed to attract any attention. Especially with the spies.”

Eliza scowled, “And for that reason I should be treated as if I can’t handle knowing the same thing the rest of the order knows?”

Joan touched her arm, “You have to stay safe. I know you don’t like it, but you’ve been in hiding long enough that a few more months of lying low shouldn’t harm you.”

Eliza sighed in defeat, “Fine, I see that point, but I can’t say I’m happy about it.”

Suddenly the door burst in, and two young men with very similar appearances came in, one appearing to be excited, and the other calmly strolling in.

“Professor!” Jacob said cheerfully, hugging the person he was addressing.

Eliza laughed, “Hello, Jacob.”

He grinned, “I haven’t seen you in forever! I mean, after you disappeared, nearly everyone thought you were dead, and then here we are, sent to fight in this war, then summoned by one of the greatest sorcerers living, and then here we find our professor! It’s a surprised I didn’t expect!” He spoke quite quickly, not pausing for breath.

John smiled, “Honestly Jacob, jump on her, why don’t you?”

Compared to his brother, John was calm, quiet, and easy mannered.

A voice floated into the room through the open door, “Where did those two go?”

Both boys jumped. They nodded in parting and ran out the door.

Eliza watched them go, her head beginning to ache and her smile sad.

“What is it?” asked Remus, turning to her.

Joan started, and looked at both of them before smiling at her surprise.

“Oh, I don’t know,” Liza answered slowly, “I guess it’s just that, well, the two of them... I taught them for five years. From when they were eleven until when they were sixteen. Nine years ago. They had struck me as very clever and quite brave. And a bit reckless, I guess. I knew it would just be a few years before they became... involved in this. I mean, they were safe from this where they lived, they’d only heard the rumors of war.

“But, they were so fascinated with it. I accidentally let things slip, and they soon realized I had actually been in the war. I don’t know... I’d hoped it wouldn’t come to them actually being here, but it didn’t really work out that way, did it?”

Remus sighed, “I guess that’s what we get for being involved in this. It’s a shame they got caught up with this, but I talked with both of them. They have good heads on their shoulders, Lize. Don’t worry too much about them.”

Eliza admitted, “Well, I can’t say I’m not glad to see them. They’ve both grown up quite a bit, that’s apparant.” She bit her lip, as the headache slowly filled her head.

The Order filled the room, and the meeting began. After the opening buisness, and a few other details were cleared up, Dumbledore introduced Jacob and John.

“You remember the foreign brothers I spoke of a few weeks ago? They have been found fit to join us. This is Jacob, please stand,” he obligued, “And this is his brother, John.” John stood as well. They nodded, went pink, and quickly sat back down.

Next, the members gave a report about what they had learned. It wasn’t much, and was quite obvious that they were scraping at the bottom of an empty pot for something to say. A few, however, had some more interesting things to say. After much talk, it was concluded that the spies were near discovery on something, or that something was going to happen, and it wasn’t necessarily good.

When she got back to Hogwarts, she found Peeves wrecking havoc in her classroom. She chased him out. He bounced out, singing a crude song and throwing Ink Pellets at passing students.

She cleaned up the classroom, cursing Peeves, erasing the words on the board, setting desks rightside up, rescuing a Red Cap from the chandelier, and clearing up the ink splattered on the window frame. When she was done, she was tired and hungry.

After getting food from the kitchens, she sat on her bed, stroking Mischief. Slowly, she drifted off and fell asleep.

A/N: Sorry for how late this update was, and sorry for how short it is. The one on Saturday will be much longer, and yes, it will be coming on Saturday. Trust me, it’s written!

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Chapter Thirty- Part One

October seemed to fall out of the sky with a plop and the crunch of first frost. The first years were finally discovering how to navigate their ways through the castle with more ease, and Eliza was finally accustomed to the familiarity of Hogwarts.

The first full week of October dawned cold and clear. Eliza sat by her fireplace, wrapped in her quilt. The past week had been surprisingly easy, and had passed by quickly. She couldn’t help but feel grateful for all of the teachers piling on homework.

The certain students trying to figure out who she was had been in the library all week, but all they had been looking up was just bits they needed for their assignments. Eliza contributed to the load, yes, but she wasn’t giving out nearly as much as McGonagall and Snape were.

She finally shook herself out of her reverie and ran around, pulling on her robes. She attempted to master her hair, and some how managed to succeed. Into a tight braid it went, and out the door she hurried.

When she arrived in the Great Hall, she sat down beside Sinistra and Snoops empty seat. Pouring herself a cup of cocoa, she asked, “Where’s the sourpuss?”

Sinistra smiled and shrugged, “I don’t know. I haven’t seen him since yesterday. I’m sure he’ll turn up sooner or later.”

Eliza nodded as she spooned into her porridge. She hadn’t seen him since then either, but she remember him leaving quite early from dinner, saying he had business to attend to. Perhaps he was doing something for the Order. She pursed her lips, and kept eating. All she could do for the Order was train Harry and stay out of trouble.

Suddenly she was uneasy. She set down her spoon, and shut her eyes tightly. Something was happening. Cautiously she sent out her awareness. Whatever was happening, it was quite far from here... but it concerned people under Hogwart’s protection. She pulled herself back in, and checked to make sure her mind was blocked.

She felt a hand on her arm, “Are you all right,” asked her colleague, her face worried, “You look rather pale.”

“I’m fine,” she assured her friend. Immediately she turned to look toward Harry. He was staring at the table, pale, rubbing his forehead.

Eliza fought to ignore the sensation in her stomach that told her it was trying to turn out it’s contents. She swallowed repeatedly, sipped some water, taking deep breaths through her nose, her mouth clamped shut.

The feeling stayed with her for the rest of the meal. Along with it, anxiety grew. What ever was happening, it wasn’t good. Harry seemed to agree.

“He’s happy about something. I think he learned something he wanted to know, and it’s good news,” he said as Eliza passed him.

Hermione grew pale, “But Harry, you should be learning how to block these things out!”

“He can’t,” Eliza said.

Hermione blinked and looked up, “Why not? I mean, this has to do with his connection with Voldemort, doesn’t it? Shouldn’t he be learning to block it out?”

“He is, to a point, but he’s inherited talents that make it so that he could feel this without the connection between him and the Dark Lord.”

Hermione scrutinized her at her way of naming Voldemort. Harry blinked. Eliza sighed.

“I only put it that way because Ron looks...” like he’s about to wet himself, she thought, “like he’s rather uncomfortable with his name,” she finished.

Hermione gave Ron an exasperated, but fond look. Eliza smiled and excused herself.

Her first class of the day was the Sixth Year Newts as it was Monday. They were practicing and, for some, learning how to create one. She had the ones who had corpeal patroni working with those who didn’t. The nearest group was Hermione, Ron, Harry, and Neville with Hermione and Harry working with Ron and Neville, who had patroni, but not corpeal.

Part way through the double hour, the door opened, and a man slipped in. Snape. His usually sleek robes were dirty and wrinkled, as if he’d slept in them, and he was covered with a fine layer of dust.

Eliza blinked, and looked him over, “Well, you’re a sight,” she informed him, raising an eyebrow.

Snape just glowered at her, and quickly whispered to her, “He knows.”

Eliza clenched her fists, her fingers twined into her robes, “Really?” she asked steadily, not bothering to ask who ‘he’ was or what he knew, “How so?”

“A certain rodent squealed, apparently your cat needs more practice,” Snape said coolly.

“Thank you for informing me,” she said calmly.

“There’s an emergency meeting tomorrow night. Dumbledore will want to speak with you tonight, though,” he breathed in her ear.

Eliza nodded. He straightened, turned around, and slid out.

Hermione, Ron, Harry, and Neville watched him go before turning towards Elizabeth in confusion. It was apparent they hadn’t understood a word exchanged and Eliza wasn’t about to enlighten them.

As the bell chimed seven that evening, Liza pushed open the door with the Griffin brass knocker open. Inside Dumbledore sat at his desk, shuffling through papers. Snape leaning against the wall on one side, looking bored. McGonagall sat, her arms crossed, her lips thin with worry. Hagrid stood, looking awkward inside, and too large to be allowed.

“Eliza, come in,” said Dumbledore tiredly.

Minerva nodded to Liza in greeting. Hagrid winked, and Severus just watched her. She sat in an armchair near Dumbledore’s desk, nervously. She wasn’t sure how she’d really made it through the day. It had been years since she’d been in this position. Voldemort knew exactly who she was and where she was. It was generally believed that he was still after her, even if she had dropped on the list for her nephew to take her spot.

“I’ve called an Order meeting for tomorrow night. We’ll need to deal with this immediately. We as well need go over what’s happened separately and as soon as possible. I couldn’t very well call a quick meeting any other time than now, as people would wonder if we weren’t at certain places at certain times. Severus, could you tell us what we’ve learned?” Dumbledore nodded to Severus.

Apparently Voldemort had found out from a series of spies who Eliza was. He hadn’t been informed her name or anything, but several clues as to who she was appeared, such as her manner, her speech, and her talents. They were small things that Eliza had kept cover on for all of these years, but had burst through in this recent relocation to Hogwarts.

Voldemort’s planning something was something implied by Snape. He seemed to be sure that he wasn’t going to do something that would be obvious. There was something about keeping her hidden from the ministry and the rest of Hogwarts for his own purposes.

When he was finished, Dumbledore took the floor again.

“I’m afraid that we can’t reveal who Eliza is to anyone. We’re telling the Order, yes, but no word goes to any of the students. Especially Harry.”

“Why ‘especially Harry?’” Eliza asked, startled.

“Voldemort will use him to get to you, or you to get to him. Letting Harry know at this point of time is just like placing a weapon into Voldemort’s hands. That’s exactly what we don’t want to happen,” was the reply.

“What if he finds out on his own?” Eliza asked slowly.

“If he finds out now, come to me as soon as you know. We’ll try to figure out something, but I’d prefer not to have to.”

Eliza nodded.

“Good, now I need you all to be wary. Eliza, don’t wander by yourself. Keep near as many people as possible. You all should help with that. Eliza, I’ll work with Harry for Occlumency on Thursday on my own.”

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Chapter Thirty- part Two

Eliza found herself being led to the Staff Room by Professor McGonagall.

“He said you aren’t to go off by yourself, so you’re not going off by yourself. You’re staying in the Staff Room with me,” she said sharply when Eliza tried to go to her office.

Eliza sighed, but submitted. She’d much rather not have a battle of wills with Minerva in the middle of the second floor corridor. Too much attention would be drawn, and she’d prefer to stay in shadow, especially with everything that was going on.

Professor Sinistra came wandering in a bit later. She and Eliza played a game of wizards chess while Minerva corrected her essays and Professor Vector read over her charts, marking them occasionally.

An hour later, Eliza beat her colleague with a grin. The woman who lost, threw up her hands, and laughing began to correct papers. She didn’t have as many as some of the other professors. It had been an entertaining match, due to a few bizarre comments between chessman, and the poor playing ability displayed by both opponents.

After a little while longer, Professor Smythe was taken to her study by Professor McGonagall.

“Have a good night,” Minerva said kindly, bidding her farewell.

“Likewise,” Eliza answered.

The next day was torturous. Liza was becoming increasingly paranoid about being watched, and found herself looking over her shoulder every few moments. Chiding herself, she tried to calm down by remembering that nothing like she feared would be tried under Dumbledore’s nose, but she was beginning to doubt that.

She got a few strange looks from students as they noticed that their professor was unusually quite and drawn. She took her lessons as planned and watched them as they handled what they needed to with little difficulty. The fifth years were working on dueling, while the younger classes covered various Dark Creatures. She enjoyed the class well enough, but she felt captive.

She was awarded worried glances by her friend, who noticed the changes in her behaviour easily.

“You’re sure you’re fine?” asked Professor Sinistra anxiously, “You don’t look well at all. You haven’t since yesterday.”

“I’m fine,” Eliza assured her, “Honestly, I’ll be fine.”

After dinner, Eliza wandered around her office, unable to settle to planning her lessons, straightening her bookshelves, or anything else. The stone room seemed confining, and never before did Eliza fully realize how much she was held to Hogwarts by her brother’s charm. The long to run was over powered by the nausea that came along with the thought of having to leave. She was limited to Hogwarts, the village, and bits of London. Anything else was as unreachable as the distant stars.

Finally, Eliza took a handful of Floo Powder and threw it into the fire with much more force then needed. The flames immediately roared from the red coals they had been into emerald green flames that reached the mantle.

She gave the name of where she was going, and stepped into the flames.

Shaking the ash from her robes, she stepped out into the dimly lit kitchen. John and Jacob sat at the table, playing wizards chess, talking to Remus, who was looking over a peice of parchment.

They looked up as Eliza smiled sheepishly at her earliness.

Jacob gave a huge grin, and loudly hailed her arrival. John gave a smaller grin, and nodded. Remus laughed.

“You’re early. Again,” he teased gently.

Eliza shrugged, feeling her face burn.

Remus blinked, and raised an eyebrow, “What’s going on?” he asked, curious.

“About what?” she asked, innocently.

“The emergency meeting for one, and you’re acting odd, for another,” Remus frowned thoughtfully.

“It boils down to the same thing,” Eliza said carefully, “You have to wait and see.”

An hour and a half later, the room held a large amount of chattering people. Many of them were introducing themselves to John and Jacob, who were grinning and talking cheefully. John had beat his brother spectacularly at chess, and Jacob was slightly put out, so their manners were about the same. That would be potentially confusing if Jacob hadn’t quickly returned to his normal manner.

When Dumbledore called to order, the room fell silent, and a hidden tension filled the air. Eliza twined her fingers into her robes, the material straining against her twisting.

“I suppose,” Dumbledore said quietly, “many of you are wondering exactly why I called a meeting for today.”

A murmur of assent filled the air.

“That is because one of our members has been discovered to be someone that Lord Voldemort would dearly love to get a hold of.”

Everyone exchanged concerned looks. Eliza’s fingers twisted on the cloth harder. The snap of a thread was audible. Remus glanced at her lap and gently disengaged her fingers from the cloth. She gripped onto his hand instead, grateful.

“You remember our discussion about Elizabeth Potter? I said she would reveal herself when we found it necessary. As Voldemort has learned who this woman is pretending to be, it is necessary to inform you. Elizabeth Potter has taken on the guise of Eliza Smythe. If any of you would remember, Elizabeth was never referred to as Elizabeth, but rather Eliza. I selected her surname to be Smythe as that was her mother’s maiden name and would be easy enough to remember.”

Eliza was fully aware of the stares she was received. She felt her face grow red, and studied the table in front of her.

“She’s been in hiding for fifteen years since her brother sent her away for her safety with a charm to keep her away until Voldemort was dead, James sent for her to return, or if neither of those had happened for five years, Eliza would have to set conditions for which she would return to Hogwarts for a year before she was free to go as she pleased. The conditions she gave were fulfilled, and here she sits.”

“What were the conditions?” asked John faintly, surprised evidenton his face.

“I would have trouble getting defense against the dark arts teachers for years. Remus would teach, Alastor would teach, and a ministry official would teach when I hadn’t anyother choices. She would come the following year.”

Silence reigned for a few minutes. Then, “I knew there was something funny about that woman,” muttered the woman who had shown dislike for Eliza the first day she had been at a meeting.

Eliza rolled her eyes, and exchanged looks with Joan.

After the meeting, John and Jacob came up to her, sitting across from her and Remus, Remus still gripping her hands.

“We never knew,” said John softly.

“I couldn’t tell you, could I? Accused of being a Death Eater? On the run? That’s not exactly the type of person people want teaching their kids, is it? Besides, our ministry was after me, any actual Death Eaters that caught wind of where I was... I’d be dead or in prison. It’s a fact of life I’ve learned to deal with. I worked in a joke shop after I taught you, then I lived as a muggle for a few years, changing my identity each time.”

Jacob grinned, “We knew there was something strange about you. Now we know,” he laughed, “I wonder what’s up with the headmaster, then.”

Eliza laughed, “I doubt we want to know,” she said, rolling her eyes.

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