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Only Family

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Re: Only Family

Chapter Forty-One Part Two

Eliza slipped into the library during lunch the next day. She nodded to Madam Pince who scowled in return and nodded.

She wandered between the rows of books, which towered above her, making her like an ant beside a human. A very small ant, and perhaps a Hagrid sized human.

“Why weren’t you at lunch?” A girl’s voice whispered behind the bookcase.

Eliza paused, touching the spine of a crumbling book titled, “The History of Unicorn Hair in Potions.”

“Wasn’t hungry,” a young male voice grunted, and the sound of pages of a book being flipped ensued.

“Harry! You said that at breakfast this morning and dinner last night! And lunch, come to think of it...” the girl pleaded. It was Hermione.

“Are you ill or something?” another girls voice asked, in a no-nonsense tone. Ginny.

“It’s just not like you to not eat for 24 hours,” Hermione said, disapproving.

“I’m not hungry! I’ve told you that too many times!” he hissed.

Eliza could almost sense the girls’ exchange of looks.

Eliza turned away from the bookcase she was pressed against. Too obvious if one of them decided to come around. She pulled a book with the title “Common Owl Maladies.” She flipped it open.

“What are you reading?” Hermione asked, distinctly casual.

“Nothing,” he muttered.

“No, not nothing...” the sound of a book being snatched from the table, with a rustle of pages...

“A Multiple Biography of Aurors: Those Who Disappeared in 1980 and 1981.”

Eliza nearly dropped her book, What? Who would write a book like that? Or a better question, who else disappeared?

As names began to tick through her head, she realized, yes, there was a story behind the amount of names. Ten Aurors disappeared that year.

“You’re reading about your aunt?” Ginny asked quietly.

“ ‘Known for her seer-like intuition and pockets full of bizarre weapons, Elizabeth Potter was among the last of the Aurors to disappear without a trace, disappearing only days before the triumph of her nephew, The Boy Who Lived..’ Where did you find this?” Hermione asked.

“It was stuck in back of a shelf over by the biography’s,” Harry muttered, “Are you done with that now? I wasn’t reading it because I didn’t wish to.”

“Well, is there anything in there that we don’t know?” Hermione asked, slightly testy.

“I’m not sure. Well, the book says that she was a very skilled Occlumens and Legimens...”

Hermione was quiet for a second, “Harry, are we even sure she isn’t dead?” She asked softly.

“I think so,” he said quietly, “I think Dumbledore would have said something by now. Or McGonagall... someone. Lupin, maybe,” Eliza waited for him to say more, but he never did.

“Do you think she’s in hiding then?”

“Yes, in hiding, in disguise....”

Ginny broke in, “Like as someone we know?”

“I don’t know... possibly.”

“We never know, she could be Snape or something. Maybe she got cursed, or just became really ugly, and that’s why she never came forward. That would explain why Snape’s always in a bad mood. If she came forward... can you imagine Snape in a dress?”

Harry and Hermione laughed, “Remember our third year?” Harry asked, “I think we could... Thanks Ginny, but I don’t think so.”

Ginny laughed softly, “I don’t either, but you needed something to make you smile. You look like death warmed over.”

“But, honestly Harry, what’s wrong?” Hermione questioned, anxiously.

“Nothing, okay?”

“Harry, you went running out of Smythe’s class. That’s not normal behavior for you? And she didn’t even blink. Harry, what’s going on?”

“Nothing. I just didn’t feel well, that’s all. Besides, Smythe’s a weird enough professor... do you honestly expect normal behavior from her?”

“Oh, never mind. Don’t get so worked up about it. Besides, we have Potions in ten minutes. We’d better get going if we expect not to be late.”

Eliza jumped, realizing that if they came around to shelf, she’d be in plain view, and hustled towards a different book shelf, one consisting of spell books for defense.

The following days went by rather quickly. Students were beginning to get restless, waiting for Christmas, which was only a few weeks away, to come.

Thursday night arrived with a howl of wind and a good blizzard underway. Once her last class was finished, she summoned a house elf, and asked for a very small snack to be sent up to her room during dinner.

She corrected papers after building up a large fire in her fireplace, with a huge mug of cocoa, and her stew in its large bowl. House elves decided a very small snack would consist of a good size meal, whereas a good size meal would have been more than even Hagrid could eat.

A small owl, tapped on her window. Eliza got up, shuffled across the stone floor, and opened the window. With a blast of bitter cold air and snow, the owl came tumbling in, landing directly on top of one of the student desks.

Laughing quietly, she picked up the owl and untied the letter. She looked carefully at the unfamiliar handwriting on the scroll, which clearly read “Eliza.” She broke the simple wax seal and unrolled the small scroll.

Dear Eliza,

I hope this finds you well. Christmas is coming up, and I was hoping that you would join us for the holidays. We’ll be staying with mutual friends, and I’ve been asked to make sure this invitation is extended to you, to stay with us for the holidays. I do hope you’ll come and join us, considering what little family you have in the area, and it would simply not do for you to be alone for the season. I do not believe saying no is optional, but if you absolutely must refuse, please notify us immediately. If we do not hear from you, we will assume you will be joining us.

Hoping to see you soon,
Molly Weasley

Eliza stared at the scroll, a slight smile growing on her lips. Christmas? With mutual friends... that would have to be Order Headquarters. She rolled up the scroll, smiling. No was not an option? Well, then it would be easier to go. Christmas with Joan and Remus... when was the last time she had that? Yes, she would go. If not, Remus might have to-

Knocking interrupted her thoughts. Eliza immediately stowed the scroll in her pocket, as she checked her wand.

“It’s open,” she called.

Harry was standing at the door, looking slightly nervous, but very determined.

Feedback is much appreciated!

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Re: Only Family

Please post Feedback

Chapter Forty-One Part Two

Harry stood stock still, looking at her.

Eliza took a sip of the stew sitting in front of her before fishing out chunk of beef with her spoon. Before putting it in her mouth, she gave him a sharp glance.

“Come in, Mr. Potter,” she said, managing to speak normally despite the constriction of her chest.

He strode in, and stopped at her desk, an odd expression on his face.

Eliza ripped off a bit of bread from the small loaf provided her and dipped it in the stew. She consumed it, then gestured, “Please, sit. How may I help you this chilly evening?” The attempt to act normal fluttered in the wind. Fluttered? No, it was blowing away, despite how much she tried to cling to it.

Harry glanced at the chair she gestured at and chose to ignore it.

“Who are you?” his voice was hoarse, and his gaze sharp. His hand was near one of his pockets, where Eliza assumed his wand was.

She sighed, “Who do you think I am?” She asked, keeping her voice steady. She marked a paper on the side of her desk and flipped it over.

Harry blinked, then his eyes narrowed slightly, “Are you Elizabeth Potter?” He asked, sharply.

“Yes, I am,” she was gazing at the next essay.

The tip of Harry’s wand entered her view. It was never safe to have an angry Potter stick their wand in your face. “What?” his voice was quiet and semi-deadly.

“Yes,” she repeated, “I am,” she looked away from the essay and met his eyes.

And saw complete shock and disbelief fill them.

“You’re a liar,” he was shaking.

Eliza gave him a sad smile, “I fear I am not. What reason would I have to lie to you about this? It would be a good way to get killed.”

“You’re not my aunt,” he was decisive, but his voice was shaking, and he was deathly pale.

Something in Eliza crumpled and curled up into a tight ball.

“You couldn’t be. You’re just an.... an impostor!!!! I trusted you, and it just turns out that your an impostor! Or worse, a Death Eater.”

He glowered at her before turning around and running out the door.

Eliza stared at him before reaching out and touching the trail of thought he’d carelessly let glide behind him. He was going to try and contact Remus.

Reaching her mantel, she scooped up some Floo Powder, threw it into the fire as she stuck her head into the fire, “12 Grimmauld’s place.”

Her head spun and twirled and flipped threw the fiery grate. Finally, it came to a halt, and she could clearly see the dining room. Which was empty.

“REMUS!!!!” she shouted into the silence.

Immediately, footsteps came into the room, and Remus entered, looking pale and thin, as usual.

“Eliza! What-”

“Harry’ll be here in a bit. He insists I’m an impostor,” she said with as much calmness as she could muster.

Remus blinked and nodded, “He found out?”


“And he didn’t take it too well, apparently.”

“No. But he’ll be coming here soon. Just try and calm him down. And don’t tell him I was here.”

“Don’t worry about that. Did you get Molly’s owl? I told her just to wait until the weekend, but she insisted....”

“Yes, I got it.”


Eliza smiled at the frown on his face, “I’ll come if Dumbledore can spare me.”

“I’m sure-” he was cut off by the sound of someone stumbling out of a fire, at least, that’s what Eliza assumed it was, correctly.

A deep voice called from the other room, “Remus! The Potter boy’s here to see you!”

“Just a moment!” he called, then glanced down at Eliza, who nodded and extracted her head from the fire.

She sat down on the cold stone floor of her classroom. She sighed and leaned against the equally cold stone wall. Then something rubbed against her side. Eliza jumped, then looked down and laughed, “Mischief,” she rubbed the top of the kittens head. She purred.

“He didn’t take it too well, did he?” she asked, stroking the kitten’s gray fur.

Mischief’s tail swished, and she watched her reproachfully.

“Don’t look at me like that,” Eliza teased, “Yes, I know it’s my fault.”

“Some say the first sign of insanity is talking to yourself. In my opinion, it is speaking to animals who have no chance of replying,” came a voice from the doorway.

Eliza looked up, and saw her sallow colleague, “Good evening, Severus.”

“Evening, Eliza,” he replied curtly, before giving her a slightly odd look, “is there any reason you are seated on the floor?”

“Back problems,” Eliza replied.

“Charming as ever, aren’t you? On to other matters, however, are you aware that a young student, by the name of Harry Potter has left the premises of this school?”

Eliza gave him a dull look, “And are you surprised he has? I should think this is a common occurrence, considering his... lineage of troublemakers.”

“Going to the headquarters of an organization that shouldn’t be named?”

“Maybe he had to talk to someone.”

“Did you encourage this, Eliza?” his voice was sharp, and Eliza merely looked at him.

“Eliza? Did you?”

“Why would I encourage him to leave? As a member of staff, or as a worried... professor?”


“He found out. And he then he doesn’t believe me. He went to talk to Remus about it.”

“Potters. All of them so-”

“Do you really want to finish that?”

“Perhaps not. I will be resuming my patrol. If I catch him, I’ll punish him, but if I see no sign, I will let it pass.”

Eliza blinked in surprise, “Thank you, Severus.”

Without a word, he left.

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