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Zero Tolerance Policy

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Old January 22nd, 2004, 12:31 am
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Zero Tolerance Policy

zero tolerance policy

The following will carry an instant warning and two penalty points added to your profile:
  • Members caught arguing when they know they shouldn't, will be warned. Please remember you have a 'Report this post to a Moderator' function in each post. Use that to report bad posts.
  • Off-topic behavior is not appreciated, especially when we have the Private Messaging system, which can be used by all for talking. Other than that, gather into a IM chat room, but don't allow yourselves to get caught up in blantant off-topic behavior.
  • Talking openly about downloading movies and music from the internet is not permitted. From this point forth, anyone who talks about such actions bar the thread in the Department of International Magical Cooperation will be sent a warning.
  • Bad thread starters are becoming more common and it's not always new members. Some are regular members who start new threads of a pointless nature. Again, people who do this will be warned.
  • Hate induced threads bashing a real person are not appreciated. Examples of such posts/threads are ones that involve political leaders, critics of Harry Potter or religious people. There are ways and means of being critical without being hateful.
  • Spam... Post count boosters... Annoying people. If you're sole goal on CoS Forums is to boost your post count, then be warned -- it doesn't impress us and won't get you into Hogsmeade. It may even get you banned.
    - Profile Spamming. Leaving messages in peoples profiles advertising your fan fiction/art or a debate thread could result in a warning if the member complains to staff about it.
    - Spam Owls. Owling people with links to threads or websites will again not be tolerated if a complaint is made to us.
  • Signatures. People who refuse to edit their signatures themselves, will find it done for them and they will be warned.
  • Diagon Alley, The Burrow and Talon & Tea Leaves: As far as the staff are concerned, these are G-rated areas. Members who post there are mainly young people. Please don't degrade the area by starting pointless threads especially ones with a sexual tone to them.
Penalty Points Policy:
  • Member violates zero tolerance policy
  • - Member warned, 2 points added to profile, 60 day review
    Staff informed
  • - - Member continues to break rules before 60 day review is over
  • - - - Further warning(s), further points added
    Staff updated

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