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Feb 15

Sorry about the last entry. James was trying to put a spell on his sister’s quill, and he accidentally hit mine instead. So he claims.

Hogsmeade was today. It wasn’t as bad as I had dreaded. That’s good, of course.

Alice and Frank were a rather cute couple. They are, of course, anyway, but they were enjoying themselves at Three Broomsticks when I saw them.

Lize and Sirius were rather dangerous. They ran from one place to another with such energy it was amazing. They spent a good deal examining some sort of thing in Zonkos. They wouldn’t tell me what it was for, but I’ve decided that I really would rather not know. It’s probably safer.

Joan and Remus were another interesting couple. Joan usually glowers at anyone who goes within six feet of her, and Remus is kind to everyone. They were an odd couple, but I think they enjoyed themselves nicely. They spent most of their time wandering aimlessly, talking about general things.

Peter was with his Hufflepuff girl. Neither of them really spoke, both of them slightly red, and wishing they were somewhere else, but as they day went on, they relaxed and began to talk and make some progress.

I ran from couple to couple, talking to anyone I saw, enjoying my day, and getting a new quill since no one can figure out the counter-curse for the jinx that git put on my other one. This one’s very nice, and holds more ink than the other.

The git spent a good deal of time with his sister and best-friend, but they teasingly informed him to go away.

I talked to Hagrid, too. He’s really good to talk to, and he is extremely nice. We wandered from subject to subject until he had to go give a bottle of flesh-eating slug repellent to Professor Sprout.

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Feb 25

Nothing has really been going on.

That's a very weird statement, but it's true. Everything's been quiet around here, for Hogwarts. No odd happenings with the professors, no major pranks, no one has gotten into much trouble. Nothing.The person hasn't asked me out more or less than usual, the professors haven't piled us with homework. Liza and Sirius haven't chased each other across the Common Room any more than usual... they did it once since I last wrote, but that was because Sirius poured all of her ink onto her. Idiot.

Joan hasn't said anything about anything. In fact, right now, she's glowering into the fire. Everything must be normal with her.

Alice is talking to Frank during the pretense of studying.

Eliza is folding a piece of parchment into a strange figure.

Remus is helping Peter write and essay. He looks slightly annoyed, he's had to spell Imperious five times for him already.

Sirius and James are crowded around a piece of parchment pointing at something on it and laughing.

Everything's normal. And boring.

10 minutes later

Still normal and boring.

5 minutes later

Normal and boring

15 minutes later

Guess what?

Normal and boring.

2 minutes later

Except.... Professor McGonagall just came in. She's rather pale. She spots me in the corner and comes over here.

"Lily, Professor Dumbledore needs to speak with you."

Not normal. Not boring.


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Feb 27

I can't say for sure if what has happened in the last few days is real, but assuming this isn't a dream, a horrible one at that, and I haven't lost all bits of sanity I once possessed, I'll try to tell this the best I can. I remember it well, despite how much I'd rather forget.

Professor McGonagall led me from the room amid the stares of the other Gryffindors. James and Sirius's eyes grew large as we walked by, and Joan was startled. Liza, Alice, Frank, Peter, and Remus all looked worried.

We didn't speak the entire walk down the corridors to Dumbledore's office, but paintings looked up as we past, and a few murmurs past through from them.

We stopped by the statue of a gargoyle.

"Chocolate Frogs," Professor McGonagol said sternly, and a spiraling starcase became visible.

We went up it, and stopped at a door. Professor McGonagall knocked on it, and it opened. Inside was Professor Dumbledore, sitting behind a desk.

"Yes, come in, Miss Evans."

I came in.

He sighed deeply, "You are no doubt wondering why I've summoned you up here."

I nodded.

"Sit down, Lily."

I sat, fear mounting.

"The truth is, a few muggle families were attacked where you live."

I sat, waiting.

"Among those killed were Alfred and Rose Evans, your parents."

I sat, staring at him. Lies... it had to be, or maybe I was dreaming.

"Your sister, Petunia, was away when this happened. She is alive and safe."

I nodded, slowly, before finding my voice, "Who killed them?" My voice was tight, and it sounded like it belonged to someone else.

"Death Eaters, I'm afraid. We're sending you to your home for a week. You'll attend the funeral and have time to mourn. We'll bring you back in a week's time, Lily. You'll be safe, I promise you on this. We'll have people stationed nearby in case of complications."

I nodded, slowly.

Dumbledore looked tired, "Lily, I'm very sorry for you loss."

I nodded, once again.

"House elves will get your belongings."

I nodded.

I can't write any more, Petunia just came up. She's furious looking, as she has been for the past few days. We'll be having breakfast. I'm not hungry.


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Feb 27, after breakfast

That was a rather uncomfortable event. My Aunt Cecelia kept fussing over me, telling me what a poor thing I was, and how sad she was. We haven't received the autopsy results yet, but I know what they'll say. They couldn't find anything. Most likely. The only plus I can see with everyone feeling sorry for me is that they'll let me alone to go up here and write.

Anyway, back to what happened:

I was given a small suitcase containing my muggle clothes and a few keepsakes. Dumbledore smiled at me as he handed me portkey. He told me that it would transport me to where he had told Aunt Cecelia to meet me at. She was to meet me in a half hour, but since I was using the portkey, she wouldn't see me arriving in such a way. It would probably give her a heart attack. Professor McGonagol would accompany me and hand me over to my aunt.

She wore a muggle dress, looking very uncomfortable. I changed out of my robes into simple dark muggle clothes.

We sat on a bench at the train station, watching the muggles walk by. They had lives of their own. Well, have. No one glanced at the woman and girl suddenly appearing in a corner just off of a platform.

Aunt Cecelia showed up, Petunia trailing after her, pale. Professor McGonagol stood up, and greeted her. As aunt and professor talked, Petunia came to me, and sat beside me.

"You know what happened?" Petunia asked carefully.

"The headmaster told me. It's awful."

"That's all you can say? Lily! Our parents are dead, and all you can say is, 'it's awful'!"

"It is Petunia. I can't believe it."

"I can't either."

I was afraid my sister would be angry at me for what the Death Eaters did, but she seemed to not be taking it out on me. Yet.

The ride home was slightly uncomfortable. When we got to Aunt Cecelia's house, she began to fuss over both of us. It was disgusting. All I wanted to do was go to bed, and wake up to find this all a dream, and she was to busy fussing to notice we were both irritated with her.

"Poor Dears!!! You're Aunt Cecelia will take care of you, not to worry."

I hate it. People have been doing this to me ever since. It's disgusting. Don't they know I just want to be left alone?

When we reached the room we were sharing, Petunia turned to me, "That's your bed," she said, pointing.




"It was wizards who killed them."

"I know."

"Lily! You're learning to be a witch! Some of your kind killed my parents! Do you know how that feels? They're dead! They can't come back! Unless, can you bring them back?"

I looked up at her. She was dead serious.

"I can't, Petunia. It's impossible. And if it weren't, I'm not nearly powerful enough."

"Magic! You have it! It you aren't learning to do anything of worth, what are you doing there? You're a witch!"

" 'The bonds of death are some of the strongest. Attempts to break them have been done by the most powerful, but all of the wizards nearly lost their magic, their lives, of actually did. The closest to breaking them is to have a shadow of the victim still walk the earth as a personage referred to as a ghost. Nonmagic people cannot become these. They reside with the magic peoples that choose a full death rather than to become a ghost.' I can't do it, Petunia. I wish I could, but I can't. We'll see them when we die."

"You can too! You have magic! You said yourself, magic makes impossible things happen! You've petted unicorns, and flown on a broom! You've made potions and cast spells! Are you telling me it's all pointless???"

"Petunia! I can't do this! Magic isn't pointless. It's-"

"Then you must use it to torture people! To kill them and trap their souls! You're all freaks! I can't believe your my sister! In fact, you're not! You're just some demon! Stay away from me!"

She ran out of the room.

I stood, stunned. She hadn't just.... but she had. My own sister, calling me a demon and refusing to go near me. Now, with all of this happening. Of all times!

I laid down and cried myself to sleep without changing.

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Feb 28

On the 26, nothing much happened. Petunia avoided me, and spent all of her time with that boyfriend of hers, Vernon. I don't really like him. He doesn't seem to have much of a personality or anything. Then again, maybe I've been spending to much time with Sirius, James, and Liza, all of which have far too much of a personality.

Earlier today, (it's night here, and Petunia's to busy talking on the phone to a certain person I've mentioned) we got the autopsy results. As I predicted, they couldn't find anything wrong. Petunia threw her cup of orange juice at me and ran out the door. Aunt Cecelia just stared after her before turning to me to ask what was wrong. I left the room in a hurry.

The funeral is tomorrow, and I honestly can't wait to get back to Hogwarts. I'm tired of having my sister act like I'm a deadly plague, and people fussing over me. I'd like the potions master to sneer at my attempts at potion making, to have trouble finding a book in the Library I need for an essay due the next day, to have Slytherins throw hexes at me when my back is turned.... I even miss having James stalking me! I'm a pathetic case.

Of course, I'm hoping no one will fuss over me there, but no one can fuss like dear Aunt Cecelia.

"Did you eat enough, sweetie? I think you need to have some more toast."

"Poor child, you don't have enough proper clothes. Only three outfits? Oh, dear."

"How much you've grown! It's amazing, considering your sister says your school is completely awful. You don't have to go back there."

"The poor little girl, her parents dead and no one to take care of her but me."

Yes, I feel horrible, but having some one fussing like that can only make things worse! It's so annoying, and she does it even more to me than to Petunia. But then, Petunia can escape from it by going out with her boyfriend. (Aunt Cecelia continues to call him "that dear boy". )

Petunia just hung up and turned out the light very pointedly. I was about to get out my wand for light, but I realized Petunia would freak, and I was outside of Hogwarts. I have to finish by the dim moonlight. After all, it is only a cresent.

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March 1

The funeral was horrible.

Petunia hung on to Vernon's hand the entire time, her face buried into the side of her arm. Once she motioned to him at me as if to say, "And where's yours?"

People I vaguely remember, if I do at all, would come up and say, "Oh Lily! Look how much you've grown! Poor child, I'm so sorry about you're parents. They were wonderful people."

Those was usually some of the best conversations I had. Well, almost. One man, my father's cousin, came up and talked to me for a while. He was actually pleasant to talk to. He didn't act as melodramatic as nearly everyone else, including his wife. I can't remember all he said.

The closing of the caskets was the worst experience I ever want to have.

Mum didn't look like herself at all. She was expressionless, and.... blank. Her mouth looked rather stern, but nothing else held any mimicry of life. Mum is....was... a laughing woman, always smiling. She was never still, and went from one thing to another, always with a soft song coming from her lips, working to make the sun shine brighter.

Dad was a quiet man, always with a thoughtful smile on his face, and a kind word to say. He moved slowly, and was always calm, but he had a life about him that was rather unmistakeable. He looked cold and austere...and dead.

They both took on my parents general appearance, but they were just shells, skins of my parents. I couldn't stop trembling the entire funeral. The service itself was.... unreal. I was in a dream state, the state I seem to have been taking a permanent residence in.

After the funeral, sobbing people left. I found a witch standing beside me. I vaguelly recognise her from Hogsmeade, or something.

"Lily? Yes, I thought so. Professor McGonagall be taking you back to Hogwarts in two days. Okay?"

"Actually," I began, my voice unsteady, "Could I go back now? Please?"

She shook her head, "No, I'm sorry, you can't. She might be able to get you back tomorrow night. I'm sure Dumbledore won't mind terribly. I'll ask. Hold on a moment."

She hurried off.

I said goodbye to several more people before the woman showed up again.

"Professor McGonagall will get you from your house tomorrow at six, okay? Dumbledore said you can leave then. Goodbye."

With a crack, she was gone.

Petunia still won't talk to me, despite how much I beg her to talk to me. I've left her alone, I've bribed, I've begged.... She's too stubborn. There isn't anything I can do. I hate it.

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March 2

I am finally back! Joy!

Petunia ignored me the whole day, as usual. Aunt Cecelia seemed surprised when I informed her I was going back to Hogwarts tonight.

“Already, dear? How awful! Couldn’t I write a note or something? Anything to keep you here, sweets.”

“Sorry, Aunt Cecelia, but no. I have to go back, don’t want to get to far behind, do I?”

After a while, she finally gave in.

“Very well, but you must come back sometime, if only for a short while, promise?”

I promised.

Professor McGonagoll came for me. She conversed shortly with Aunt Cecelia, giving her condolences. She nodded to the glaring Petunia, and led me out the door. We walked down the road, and when we reached the corner, Professor McGonagoll slipped a portkey to me, and we arrived at Dumbledore’s office.

When I was dismissed from there, I walked back up to the Gryffindor Tower with the new password, “Cassiopeia.” When I reached the Common Room, hardly anyone I knew was in there, except for James. Groaning, I went up to my dormitory. It was empty. I went down to Lize and Alice’s dormitory, but the two other girls, Jen and Dari were in there, giggling.

I went back up to my dormitory and slowly unpacked, hoping they’d arrive shortly. After I unpacked, I sat on my four poster bed for a couple minutes. That wouldn’t do; I’d spent too long alone to just sit on my bed staring into space.

Reluctantly, I went down to the Common Room. James was still the only one in there. He was looking bored, and rather impatient. He noticed me approaching, and gave me a nod and a grin. I sat down in a chair near him, and tucked my legs under me.

“Hello, Evans!” He said with a grin.

I raised an eyebrow at him, wanting to retort, but all I said was, “Hello, James.”

He blinked at his first name. “How are you?” he started, realizing what he had said before hastily continuing, “I mean, other than the obvious.”

I smiled sadly at him, “I’m glad to be back, that’s for sure.”

“Oh,” he nodded, “Well, erm, how’s your family?”

“Let’s see... my aunt, Cecelia, is a fright, my sister, Petunia, thinks that what happened to Mum and Dad is my fault, and that if it isn’t, I should be able to bring them back to life.”

James stared, “I’m sorry.”

“Where is everyone?”

“Well, Alice and Frank went to go study in the Library. They dragged Lize with them. Sirius tagged along. Remus and Peter went, too, because Peter doesn’t understand something about Potions, I forget what. Joan.... I can't remember where she went, but she's not here.”

“Why aren’t you with them?”

“Well, I’m supposed to be in detention.” He grinned.

“Why aren’t you?”

“I was, but Peeves caused a ruckus in the hall, so Filch sent me down here. I’m not to leave until he comes back for me,” he laughed, “But, of course, the second I have a reason too, I will.”

As if to give him a reason, Remus burst in to the Common Room. James sat up, interested.

“Hi, Lily. Hello, Prongs.”

“Yes, Moony?”

“Eliza and Padfoot just let off a bag of Dungbombs. Madam Pince is beside herself,” he smiled, "I think they're in for detention until May."

James stood up and stretched, “Well, if my sister needs me, I guess I’ll try to go get her out of trouble. See you, Moony. Goodbye, Lily.”

We both said bye to him, before Remus turned to me, “He’s calling you Lily, now?”

I shrugged, “Apparently.”

Remus nodded, "I thought you weren't coming back until tomorrow."

"I wasn't, but home was horrible, so I managed to get here now, instead of later."

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March 2, Near Midnight

I couldn't sleep, so I came back down to the common room to write this.

Remus nodded, "Well, we're glad to have you back, or at least I am. You should have seen the girls. Liza was freaking out, and Alice was about to cry. Even Joan broke her iciness. James moped around, but you know him. Sirius was startled too."

I smiled at him, "I'm glad for the concern, but I'll make it."

Remus nodded, "As for the chaos that goes on around here, you've missed some. Eliza 'accidentally' poured her goblet of iced water down the back of Snape's robes. He hexed Sirius until there was broccoli coming out of his ears. James jumped on Snape. Sirius, James, and Snape ended up in detention. The professor that gave it to them didn't notice Liza. You know how everyone but McGonagall and probably Dumbledore thinks that everything Liza does is actually James's doing. It seems none of them noticed that everything doubled when she arrived."

I laughed, "What about today's incident?"

"It was Eliza and Sirius. What do you think? He brought the Dungbombs, she found them, and they set them off. If James arrives at the right time, and says the right thing, he'll end up in detention with the rest of them."

"It's almost as if he wants detention."

Remus glanced up from the book in his hands.

"Never mind, I know he wants it, he's a Potter. They seem to enjoy detention."

"They do. I'm wondering if their kids will be like that, too."

"Who's to say?"

"That's true."

Peter, Alice, and Frank chose that moment to come in. Alice gasped and ran, throwing her arms around me. We started laughing, collapsing on a muddle. Alice let go of me and started howling.

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A/N: Sorry, I got interrupted in what I was doing, so I'll continue.

Frank raised an eyebrow at us laughing and exchanged looks with Remus before sitting down. Peter yawned, and announced he was going to bed.

"Welcome back," Frank said with mock seriousness.

"Thank you, good sir," I teased.

He grinned at me, but didn't say anything. The portrait banged open, and we could here the fat lady complaining. James, Sirius, and Liza stepped in. James was on the verge of laughing, and Sirius and Liza had innocent looks on their faces.

Remus looked up from Alice, who was still rolling on the floor, giggling. "What happened?" he asked.

James joined Alice on the floor, both involved in the same activity, while Sirius grinned at Liza. She sighed, before saying, "Well, James and Sirius have detention with Madam Pince, cleaning out the Library for a week. I have one day. She thinks it was James who did it, but I'm so closely related to him I would have gotten detention if I'd have been talking to her at the desk when it happened."

She finally noticed me, and gave a short shriek, hugging me tightly, "Welcome back!" she said jovially, "Welcome back!"

Alice sat up, breathless, and I grinned at Liza. I felt better than I had in a week.

It's a little after midnight now, and I'm starting to feel tired. I'll attempt sleep once more.

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March 4

I slept better last night. Joan and I were sitting on our beds after dinner, talking. Joan was brushing her hair, and I was trying to solve a puzzle I'd found under Joan's bed.

Diana and Shannon came in, giggling. They're the other girls in our dormitory. They sat on their beds and began to chat with us. They don't normally do that, but last night, they did.

"That Sirius Black is too cute, isn't he?"

I stared at her. Yes, it was a common comment from many of the girls, but something about the way Diana was acting made me wary.

Joan seemed to have read my mind. Calmly, casually, she asked, "What do you mean?"

Shannon giggled, "Oh, I don't know, but do you think that that Eliza girl's going to keep him? I mean, they went to Hogsmeade together didn't they? Are they going steady, or what?"

Joan and I exchanged looks.

"Why do you want to know?" I asked with a giggle.

Dianna shrugged, "Oh, you know. I was just wondering."

Joan set her brush down, and stood up, "I'll go ask him."

Dianna blinked, "You don't have to, I was just wondering."

"No, no, it's fine," she said soothingly.

Her face instantly crackled into ice. She cooly walked to the door, opened it, and nodded to us before heading down.

Shannon began unbraiding her hair. "What was that about?"

I smiled, "Oh, you know, she's just asking. She's not afraid of Sirius."

Diana nodded, "Of course not? Why would she?" She began to untie her shoes. She sat them neatly by her bed.

They began talking about how Sirius and James had detention from that prank in the library. It was obvious they didn't know what had really come about that night.

"Now they have detention for two weeks," Shannon finished.

"One week," I corrected automatically.

"What?" Diana asked.

"They have detention for one week. They told me."

"They talked to you? Or should I say, you talked to them? I thought you wouldn't talk to James!" Shannon asked.

I shrugged.

They exchanged knowing looks.

"Where's Joan?" asked Diana.

As if that was her cue, Joan came in, her face flushed. She sat on her bed and began brushing her hair furiously.

"Well?" asked Shannon.

"What?" Joan asked.

"Is he going out with Eliza still?"

Joan blushed even more, "Um... no, he isn't."

"Oh." Shannon and Diana both exchanged looks.

"We're going to go talk to my sister," Diana said cheerfully. The left the room.

I turned to look at Joan. I had never seen her like this.

She looked at me helplessly, before staring at the brush in confusion.

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March 5

Sirius and Joan have been acting... odd. At least since then. From what Alice has told us, this is how it came about:

Joan came down stairs, icy and acting the way she does often.

“Some of the girls in our dorm want to know if you and Liza are going steady.”

“Why do they want to know?”

“How am I to know? Are you?”

“What if I am?”

Joan just raised an eyebrow at him, “Are you?”

“No, I’m not.”

“Why not?” she seemed generally curious.

“Lizzie’s more my sister than she would be my girlfriend. Besides, she’d probably hang me by my pinkies above the lake if I wanted to go steady with her and she found out.”

Joan laughed, “I can easily see her doing that.”

“So can I. Are you going steady with Remus?”

“Remus? Me? Not in the least. He’s a good friend, but I don’t want him for a boyfriend.”

“Would you go with me to Hogsmeade? On the next Hogsmeade weekend?” Sirius seemed flustered.

Joan stared at him, “You mean, on a date?”

“Yes, I mean on a date. Will you?” Sirius answered.

“I... yes, I will,” Joan said, backing away, “Good-bye,” and she ran upstairs. She paused half-way up to regain her composure before entering our dormitory.

Alice was completely amused by that. She wouldn’t stop laughing when she was telling us. Liza and Remus were discussing that over lunch after James took Sirius to do something and Alice and Frank took Joan to the library for some help. They found it rather entertaining. I can’t say I blame them!

It’s good to be back at Hogwarts. Everything here is so familiar. The routine is easy, and the people here I’ve lived with for years. It’s always interesting, and besides, my friends help me keep my mind off what I need too.

I just have to read some things and practice a couple spells for my homework. It’s not too bad, considering I know those spells pretty well, and the reading is already done. I just reviewed over it all.

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March 7

Joan’s finally starting to act a little normal. She’s not as flustered around Sirius as she was a couple days ago. I didn’t realize he was acting similarly (but less obviously) as Joan until he finally began to relax.

Quidditch is back on. Liza, James, and Frank, along with four others disappear every night again, just to come back red faced and cold, with grins on their faces.

They just got back from one. Liza changed and hurried back down. She’s yawning and her eyes are puffy with tiredness. Her nose is red. All of that is giving the impression that she just got done crying.

Frank just ran down. He has a pile of books in his arms that he just slammed down in front of Liza.

Alice raised an eyebrow at them, “Starting all of that now? You two should have started that hours ago, like me,” she teases them.

Frank yawns in an over-exaggerated way, while Liza sets her jaw and begins to attempt at writing her essay. Frank begins to do the same. Neither seem to have much luck. They write a couple words, look at something in their books, then make it disappear with a wave of their wands.

“I hate O.W.L.s,” confides Liza to the world. She’s scowling, and has only managed to write one sentence to keep. There’s ink on her nose, and she hasn’t noticed yet. Alice points to something and whispers.

Eliza nods, and begins writing down things, using the book, finding answers. She’s nearly done after fifteen minutes.

Frank missed it all. He looks up, and sees Eliza done, and drying of the ink on her papers. He groans. Alice flips his book to the page after the one he was staring at. His eyes widen, and he begins writing, quickly.

Sirius and James just let off about twelve hundred fireworks. They’re pretty nice ones, I’ll admit. Very bright. One just flew through the window... right around the tower.

Sirius and James leap up, and run towards the window. Sticking his head out, Sirius cranes over to see if he can see where it went. They both jump away from the window as if stung, and run up the stairs to their dormitory. The door slams.

A few minutes later, Filch comes bursting in the common room. He’s mad. He looks around the common room.

I think he just gave a third year detention. He (the third year) doesn’t look too happy...

A/N: The next update will be coming on Saturday!

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March 10

There seems to be another war in Hogwarts at the moment between the James and Snape. Since James is in it, so is Eliza, Remus, Sirius, and Peter. Since Eliza’s in it, so is Alice, Frank, Joan, and I, but we’re not in the thick of it.

As for what the action has been:

Snape and James had an unauthorized duel in the Charms corridor yesterday.

Eliza and Sirius cursed Snape with a hex I’ve never seen before, but it made Snape’s hair glow different colors.

Snape in turn kidnapped Eliza and held her hostage in an empty classroom directly above the Defense Against the Dark Arts room.

Remus rescued her from that, and left Snape unconscious in the corridor. covered in black boils.

That’s just what happened since yesterday. Remus just marched in with Lize about a quarter of an hour ago.

James and Sirius are getting agitated. Their tempers are beginning to seethe. They’ve never been too fond of Snape to begin with, and they’ve got something I’d call hatred between them. Something’s going to happen. Soon.

Eliza’s slightly angry, but she’s more shaky at the moment from being held hostage for a couple hours.

Remus is anxious, but he jokes that unless that something’s done soon, he might not get blame for it what with full moon rolling around.

Peter seems more worried about his charms homework than anything else at the moment.

Joan’s as unreadable as ever, and her face is basically a sheet of ice, so I think she’s a bit worried.

Alice and Frank are making sure Eliza’s okay. She’s insisting she is, but they don’t believe her. Frank just announced she doesn’t have any broken bones. Eliza just kicked him. Alice says her reflexes are good, too.

As for me? Well, I’ll see what happens, and hope it’s not too explosive.

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March 15

I have a vague idea on what’s going on right now, but I don’t know for sure, so I won’t write it down, but I’ll write what’s going on.

The tension’s been mounting even higher since I last wrote. All of the boys have been in the Hospital wing at least twice with rather bizare injuries, including and especially Snape. Eliza’s been in there three times, and she’s not the only one.

Remus is gone, as tonight’s full moon. Just after dinner, Snape sneered, passing us (we’ve been in a tightly-knit group ever since Snape started hexing any stragglers. He hit me with a full body bind last night and stuck me in the broom closet. Filch found me about four hours later.) “Where’s Lupin? Don’t tell me his mother’s sick again,” he snickered.

Sirius grabbed Snape’s arm and whispered furiously to him, his wand gripped in his hand. He dropped Snape’s arm, and wiped his hand on his robes. When we walked away, Snape began to head out to the grounds.

“What was that?” I asked.

“Nothing,” he said, “I’m going to go down to Hagrid’s for a bit.” He left.

Back in the Tower, five minutes later, James was fiddling with a piece of creased parchment. Suddenly he stared at it, going pale. Eliza was working reading through her charms homework. Peter had just fallen asleep. James leaped to his feet, shoving the parchment at Eliza, running up the stairs to the dormitory.

Eliza picked it up and looked at it. For a moment, she was confused, but then she went pale, too. She stood up just as James dashed down the steps, a silvery cloak in his hands.

“James,” she began, “Is he...”

“I think so. I’m going to try and stop him, and no, Lize, you can’t come with.”

“James,” she began.

“No, stay here,” he turned to me and Frank, “You two make sure she does, okay?”

He ran out of the Common Room. Frank, Alice, and I exchanged confused looks. Eliza began to pavr, parchment gripped in her fist.

About ten minutes later, Sirius came in, his hands in his pockets, strolling in nonchalantly. Eliza’s eyes widened at the sight of him. At first I thought she was going to run over and tell him something, but too my surprise, and his as well, she ran over and slapped him.

“You idiot! How could you do that! Don’t you know what this means? I can’t believe you!” she was about to go on, but Sirius stopped her.

“What are you talking about Lize? What have I done?” he looked worried.

“You told Snape! You idiot! You told him to go somewhere, and he went!”

Sirius looked slightly uncomfortable, changing subjects hastily, he asked, “Where’s James?”

“He went after him! He went to stop him! You’d better hope nothing happens to him or Snape!”

He blinked, “Why are you so worried about Snivelly?”

“It’s not so much Snape, but didn’t you stop to think? Of course not! What will happen to Remus if Snape dies? What happens if he lives, but spreads the secret? What if James dies? What if Remus get’s imprisioned for this? It’s all your fault. Do you think all’s going to be well, and there won’t be a problem in the world?”

Sirius was pale, “I-I...”

Eliza continued on this vein for a while, her anger burning. Her last words were soft, and cold.

“My brother’s out there, you know, and if something happens to him, or something happens to Remus, I swear-”

The portrait burst open. Professor McGonagol stood there, her face pale and furious, her voice shaking with cold fury, “Sirius Black. Get out here. Now.”

Sirius looked at Eliza, desperate. She lifted her hands and backed away, as if to tell him that she wasn’t planning on forgiving him any time soon.

Eliza’s just been pacing the last while, her anxiety peaked.

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Later That Night

I've decided that I actually do know what's going on. Apparantly Sirius sent Snape down to where ever Remus is taken on full moon... no wonder Lize was upset... It's rather surprising of Sirius, but I'm guessing it's a lapse of judgement, and then a stubborness that has him. Lize's still angry, and... I think I'm babbling....

After a couple hours of trying to calm down Elize, a rather tired looking James came in. Eliza launched herself at her brother. Once she was satisfied he was okay, she demanded to know what happened.

Apparently Snape saw Remus, but James got Snape out before too much damage was inflicted. Professor McGonagall saw James and Snape as soon as they were out and caught them. Snape babbled about Sirius.

Thus the deputy headmistress bursting into the common room a few hours prior to now.

James has been awarded, and a letter sent home to his parents saying how he saved a student's life. Sirius has detention with Filch for practically ever and a trial at the ministry.

When Sirius came in, Eliza didn't say a word to him. Sirius gave us all defiant looks and went up stairs, James watching him with an odd look on his face.

"I can't believe it," James admitted, "I can't believe he'd actually do that to anyone. Even if it was Sniv..." he glanced at me, "Er... Snape."

Liza nodded in agreement, pulling her knees to herself.

Alice spoke up suddenly, "Remus is a werewolf, isn't he?"

James nodded, and Eliza stared at her knees, her face pale.

Alice nodded, "I thought so. It's a shame, isn't it?"

James face became guarded, "What do you mean?" he asked slowly.

"It's just that he has to keep it secret because of the fears of the public," Alice said simply.

James relaxed visibly, "Yes, it is."

We sat silently for a while. Finally James stood up, "Goodnight," he said before going.

The rest of us scattered after a while.

Joan sat down on the rug in our dorm. She hadn't said anything all night, "I can't believe it either," she whispered.

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March 18

When Remus got back, he was pale and tired. We were sitting in the common room, bored. Sirius was in detention. No one had spoken to him since that night. Eliza was checking her essay, muttering. James was staring into the fire, his glasses reflecting the flames. Alice was quizzing Frank on History of Magic, and Peter was reading his homework for Transfiguration.

He came in, walking slowly, no one really noticing he had joined us. He sank into an empty chair, and the creak of the wood floor caught out attention. Everyone froze, staring at him. Eliza leapt up, and hugged him, much to his surprise. Alice and Frank exchanged looks, and James gave him a shadow of a grin.

“What happened?” I heard Remus whisper, “You never came...” his voice was soft, and I could hardly make it out.

“Do you remember... anything odd?”

There was silence before Remus whispered, “Someone human... then someone else... I seem to remember, but I’m not sure. A close call, I remember. Do you know who it was?”

“The first one was Snape. The second one was me, pulling him out.”

There was a clunk. Remus had dropped whatever he was holding, “Not Snape?”

“Yes, Snape.”

“But how?”

“Sirius told him how to get through the willow.”

I snuck a glance at Remus. His mouth was open, and a desperate disbelieving look was on his face. I looked over at Liza who was nodding, her face still full of anger.

“No, I couldn’t believe... not Sirius? Where is he now?”

“Detention. He got into a lot of trouble for it, and Liza flipped out at him, I heard.”

Liza blushed.

The past couple of days have been... interesting, to say the least. Liza and Joan had a row in the middle of the sixth year girl’s dormitory. Joan’s been rather edgy about everything going on with Sirius, and just cracked. Joan was blaming Lize for Sirius’s behavior.

He won’t talk to anyone, or even look at them. He’s going through a stage of shame, which is really strange for him. He’s been especially weird with James, Eliza, and Remus. Remus and Joan have been trying to get him to talk, but he won’t take the bate. Joan spent all of yesterday pleading with him to talk to her, but he wouldn’t.

Eliza’s been waiting for him to finally come and talk to her, and she’s being rather patient about it.

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March 21

Finally, after loads of pleading, Remus got Sirius to talk to him. I’m not sure who was more relieved, Remus, or the rest of us listening to Remus trying to talk to Sirius.

After a bit of talking, Remus forgave Sirius readily. Sirius seemed surprised. I can’t really say I blame him. It would have taken me a while longer. James forgave Sirius too, and after a while longer, Eliza reluctantly began to talk to Sirius.

Joan’s fully relieved, which is always good. She’s been half-mad the past three days because of Sirius’s behavior.

It sounds good, but we’re all walking on eggshells. No one is acting normal with Sirius, and he isn’t with anyone else. We’re talking, but still rather politely. There’s a definite stiffness in the air. I can tell, it will take a little bit to clear up.

Even though Eliza talks to Sirius, she’s very cool about it. Of course, I have a strong feeling that she hasn’t forgiven him, not in the least bit. She’s just been ignoring him mostly, but she’ll answer him if he asks her a direct question, or if she’s sent by someone to tell him something. She’s also been as abrupt as I’ve ever seen her.

The ministry has yet to suggest some punishment for Sirius. He’s not looking forward to that, but it’s needed since he’s guilty of... of something... I’m not precisely sure what that is.

Due to everything going on, the Mauraders haven’t been performing any pranks lately. People who don’t know what’s going on are rather uneasy. I’m sure they’re thinking it’s too quiet and that this is just the calm before the storm. In my opinion, a good prank is probably something we need to clear the ‘stiffness’. As a prefect, I shouldn’t think that, but it’s inevitable.

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A/N: I'm sorry to say this, but from now until the beginning of November, updates will be very few. I'm sorry, but there's not any time until then.

March 27

I would suppose I spoke too soon if I hadn’t been wishing for it as much as I was.

It wasn’t what I had hoped for, but it’s probably as close as we were going to get, so it’s fine with me. I mean, it wasn’t actually the “Marauders”, as they call themselves, but Liza.

She has detention with Mr. Filch until quite possibly the end of forever, but Eliza’s quite cheerful concidering. I suppose it has something to do with being a Potter. Insane, all of them I’ve met. Well, that’s only two, but that’s enough for me for now.

She took Filch’s cat and stuck her in a suit of armor. Eliza got scratched up by doing that, but I doubt she even noticed. I can’t exactly say I blame her as what she did next was something I’ve often thought she’d try to do to Snape.

After she had the cat in the armor, she put a box of Dr.... something’s fireworks in the armor, right along with the cat. She poked her wand at it, and ran to the nearest cupboard.

And if the wasn’t one of the loudest sounds I’ve heard in a long time (I happened to be walking by, but noticed what was going on and ran for it). Classroom doors burst open, and dozens of people stuck their heads out to watch the shaking armor spit out sparks.

With in seconds, Filch arrived, shrieking about how someone had attempted to murder his cat.

I’m not exactly sure how Liza got caught, because she was laughing too hard to understand when she told her tale. James looked impressed. I suppose that sort of thing is a mark of honor to him.

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A/N: I'm baaaack!!!!

April 2

April fools day is a day for fools.

Yesterday was, needless to say, interesting.

It all began at breakfast. I dropped a cornflake in my goblet. Not a big deal. It was early. At early times I tend to not pay attention to detail. Shame.

I reach into my goblet, not noticing the four boys who are staring at me. I fish around and find the peice of cereal. I begin to draw my hand out, and pain shoots through my pinkie.

Startled, I try to pull out my hand, but it's stuck. With a hiss, I examine the goblet. I let out a low hiss and look up at the s******ing boys to my right.

Joan looks questioningly at my face, "Lily, why you washing your hand in the orange juice?"

"It's stuck."

Joan raises an eyebrow, "Lily your hand's not that big! Here, let me see," she reaches for my hand.

I shake my head and pull the goblet away, "Joan, no, it's gnawing on my pinkie!"

"It's what?"

"You heard me, it's gnawing on my finger."

"Here, let me see if freezing the goblet will help!"


But it was too late. She hit the goblet just fine, but it also made my hand immobile...

"Did it work?"

"Yes, my hand is frozen nicely, thank you," I snap.

"Well, you don't need to get snippy, I was just trying to help," she says calmly.

"Sorry, it's just..."

"Yes, I know, your hand's stuck in the goblet," she finishes hurriedly, standing up, "Come on, let's get you to Pomfrey before you lose your hand."

As we hurry out of the Great Hall, I note that several other students are rubbing their slightly red noses, and examining their goblets...

I roll my eyes as the goblet takes a firmer hold on my pinkie.

"Happy, Potter?" I snap as I walk into the empty common room. The goblet was removed, and my pinkie healed, but I can't help but stay in a sour mood.

The common room is empty except for us, him browsing through a quidditch book, and me slamming my books on the table.

"What do you mean?" he asks innocently.

"What do I mean? What about those goblets you switched in the Great Hall? One of them was working on biting my hand off!"

"You shouldn't put your hand in your glass. It's unsanitary."

"I'm surprised you even no what that word means, Potter! You hardly pay attention to anything but yourself and Quidditch and pranks and-" I brake off as he stands up.

"And what Evans? What else do I pay attention too? Or better yet, what don't I?" He advances slowly.

"You..." my mouth goes dry and my head spins. I swallow, watching him... "I...."

My heart thuds and I meet his eyes... his hazel eyes...

I spin around and run up to my dormitory...

Sitting on my bed now, I wonder why I reacted so oddly...

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April 4

Sirius left this morning for his trial. Everyone's anxious, especially some certain fifth and sixth years in the Gryffindor Common Room.

Joan's been pacing for a while, unable to settle to anything.

Remus is sitting in the corner reading a book, but his eyes are hardly moving, and when they are, they're not focused on the book.

James went to bed an hour and a half ago, fifteen minutes after dinner.

Peter is doodling on a scrap peice of parchment, his face white.

Eliza disappeared five minutes before her brother went up to bed.

Alice and Frank are sitting in the corner, staring at the fire.

I've just been going from one thing to another, unable to settle on anything. Sirius may deserve punishment, but everyone's worried as to what it is. The punishments ttempted murder can ranged from anything to Azkaban...

James muttered today about how it usually depends on how much gold the judges get on how the trail goes.

I didn't really believe him at first, but Eliza nodded in agreement.

"Our uncle was sent to Azkaban for a year in a half because his neighbor gave someone in the ministry a couple hundred Galleons. They made up a case against him... What was in James? He was breeding Dragons?"

James nodded,"That was it... the court didn't bother to mention that Uncle Timothy's terrified of them."

Snape doesn't seem to come from a rich family, and Sirius wouldn't bribe anyone, but that doesn't really make us feel much better.

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