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Warning System for CoS Forums

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Old July 10th, 2004, 6:34 pm
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Warning System for CoS Forums

cos forums warning system

The Warning System has been updated on CoS Forums. It now encompasses a more rigid level of behaviour management.

Previously if you obtained three warning points you were only banned from the DoIMC. This has proved useful but as more and more discipline problems occur in the Hogwarts area of the site, the time has come to change the methods of warnings so we can enforce compliance with our warnings.

Well now staff now have the ability to ban members from the main discussion forums in Hogwarts as well as the DoIMC and Spirit Division forums. These bannings can be made at any stage of the warning process, regardless of whether it's one point or four. Five points remains a full forum ban.

Here is how the new system will work:
  • Member breaks the rules
  • - Member is warned, 1 point added to profile. 30 day review begins

    Staff informed of warning
  • - - Member breaks rules before 30 day review has concluded
  • - - - Member warned again, 1 point added to profile (2 points accumulated), 30 day review begins again.

    Staff updated
  • - - - - Member passes 30 day period without a warning, 1 point removed from profile (1 point remaining).

    Staff updated
...and so on.

Forum Bannings

NEW - If member obtained warning from a bad post in Hogwarts, DoIMC or Spirit Division they can be banned from those areas for up to 30 days. Though it is important to note that a forum ban may not last as long as the warning point. It will be down to the moderator to decide the duration of time that the member is denied access. It may well be only 5 days, but your 30-day warning point WILL remain in place.

The warning system incoroporates everything from violations of our signature content policy to any of our zero tolerance violations. Of course, there will still be instant bannings for serious offences and we will penalise you with 2 points for 'Above the threshold' offences as listed below and a 60 day review:
  • Abuse towards staff
  • Abuse towards members
  • Offensive signatures
  • Love Thread offense
  • DoIMC offense
  • Repeated off topic behaviour
  • Promoting illegal practises such as downloading music/movies or taking drugs.
  • Spam/Troll (although normally they will be removed from the site instantly)
  • Posting overly violent and sexually explicit fan fiction
For the above offenses, 1 point will be removed every 30 days.

For Hogsmeade members, please refer to the Hogsmeade Suspension Policy for further information on how this effects you.

  • New Warning System uses penalty points.
  • 1 point per warning, 2 points for greater offenses added to profile
  • 30 days to lose point, extended if further warnings received.
  • 5 points accumulated results in automatic banning.
  • Instant bannings still in place for serious offenses.
  • Forum bannings from Hogwarts, DoIMC or Spirit Division.
  • Hogsmeade members lose Hogsmeade access for 90 days upon receiving 3 penalty points

Thank you

The CoS Forums Staff

Last Update: Oct 27 2006

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