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Spinner's End #5 - Homorphus Hopes

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Old January 26th, 2006, 6:40 pm
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Spinner's End #5 - Homorphus Hopes

Discussion for Spinner's End #5 - Homorphus Hopes by Lady Lupin.

(Old discussion of this article can be found HERE.)


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Old January 28th, 2006, 5:05 pm
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Re: Spinner's End #5 - Homorphus Hopes

That is a very well thought out editorial about Lupin, I too have a soft spot for him. He has in so many ways been through the mill (as you say) and yet he seems to have a real strength in character.

The passage you quote from CoS I too have wondered about this! Is there actually a cure? However unless the poor witch or warlock who performed the charm has their memory restored I doubt we'll see it.

Lupin is a true example that we can all live with our 'monsters' if we accept them and who we are, however Fenir is a true evil, even the Death Eaters are sickened by him!

And there we have it...my opinion!
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Old February 15th, 2006, 7:00 pm
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Re: Spinner's End #5 - Homorphus Hopes

Very interesting article. I have been enjoying the new Spinner's End section. I have been wondering about Wormtail's debt. I know when Voldemort gave Wormtail his new hand, I thought ... hmmm... will this be Lupin's downfall? But JKR has said in one of her interviews that Wormtail won't be using his new hand to kill Lupin... but what about Fenrir Greyback? Could this be his solution to the life debt? JKR didn't say that Wormtail wouldn't be using it on anybody else....

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Old April 8th, 2006, 8:05 pm
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Re: Spinner's End #5 - Homorphus Hopes

You are probably all gonna hate me for saying this but... If their was a curse to cure werewolvebites, wouldn't they be using it on everyone? After all, Lockharts books were bestsellers, almost anyone in the wizarding world would have read about the curse... How come in OotP, Arthur Weasley says theres no cure for werewolvebites, at least three years after Lockharts books would have been published...

Maybe the Homorphus Charm only works for one full moon at a time. Maybe you have to perform it every full moon after the werewolve would have transformed, which would make it extremely dangerous.

Or maybe... Lockhart just invented it. Killing a werewolve might not have sounded extraordinary enough for him, or to cruel for his female readers, while that might have been what the albanian guy did...

I too really like Remus Lupin and I would really want for him to get better eventually, definetely now he's got himself a girl... But I doubt the Homorphus Charm is any good...

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Old April 18th, 2006, 1:29 pm
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Re: Spinner's End #5 - Homorphus Hopes

Originally Posted by CrazyMissSarah
I would like to point out that an almost identical editorial was written on this subject. Though since it was written nearly a year previous to this one you may not have noticed it, but considering your biography says you read a lot of mugglenet editorials and such, I might've presumed you yourself have read it. Though yours is longer, it is basically the same concept.

Lily Evans and the Homophus Charm by Sarah Lou
How can you compare a one page "editorial" to an in-depth study of 3 full pages. There are a lot of themes that are "commented" on. Consider all the RAB and Horcrux editorials that have basically said the same thing, but put it in a different (?) context. This is only one of two on this subject and was written after the further information gathered from HBP, especially on the attitude/character of Greyback, and why there would be even more use for such a charm.

I think it was very well written and I had read the previous one. There is nothing wrong with updating a previous subject and this author has written some very strong editorials, most of which I heartily agree. Did you go through the editorial thread and read the original responses from before she received her own editorial column? They are most illuminating, and therefore should be read. This editorial thread is only from the time they combined all the editorials into one place, and does not include the previous threads. Enjoy your reading.

ETA: You will find the original thread on page 3 of the General Editorials.

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Old April 25th, 2006, 3:02 pm
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Re: Spinner's End #5 - Homorphus Hopes

i too love remus
you articles are always so well written
a real joy to read

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Old July 15th, 2006, 8:26 pm
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Re: Spinner's End #5 - Homorphus Hopes

I wondered about that spell too - I mean, obviously someone used it, but then why isn't it always used after someone is bitten? You'd think they'd teach Healers how to do it... Anyway, I too am a big Lupin fan, and I hope he and Tonks survive Book 7. Though I worry about him - my friend and I suspected he'd die in HBP, since he's one of the few adults left in Harry's life.

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Old August 13th, 2006, 7:44 pm
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Re: Spinner's End #5 - Homorphus Hopes

Lots of people loving Lupin here! Have to join you in discussing my favourite character:
I have to say I was assuming Lockhart did just make Homorphus business up, and didn't think about it much further. The people who say there's no cure tend to be a bit more trustworthy than Lockhart. But, also, in a lot of werewolf myths and such, if you kill it, it turns back, so the spell might well just kill the werewolf.
Obviously, loving Lupin, it would be awesome if there was some sort of cure for him, but I kind of doubt it will happen.
Fingers crossed he survives book seven, though I do agree he's one of the most likely candidates to die, but I so hope he doesn't. If he does I will cry. And I didn't cry for Sirius or Dumbledore (not quite).

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Old August 23rd, 2006, 3:52 am
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Re: Spinner's End #5 - Homorphus Hopes

oooh this is a very good editorial! like all of your's I've read yet...
I'm a huge Remus fan too.. He's almost everything I've ever wanted to be!
I couldn't bare it if he'd die! He has to live! But as many people here above have said, many people in the HP books have said there aren't any cures for werewolf bites. But.. maybe they don't know to much about it.. and even if Lockharts books where bestsellers mainly witches that were only thinking about how brave and hansom he was ever read them.
My guess is that you have to do the Hormphus charm when it is the full moon. And so, almost nobody atempts it. Therefore few know about it.

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Old March 12th, 2007, 9:40 pm
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Re: Spinner's End #5 - Homorphus Hopes

Thanks for the article. You've helped me feel better about myself.

There have been a lot of things going wrong for me for a while, particularly finances and health.

At times I feel worthless because I am unable to control these things.

But now that I think about it, you and Dumbledore are right. It's your choices that define you.

I chose the same path as Lupin when faced with adversity. It isn't easy. I have retained my dignity and integrity as much as possible in the face of criticism for not being able to make the world suit me and the people around me.

I could have made much worse choices.

More than that, there are heros of Lupin's caliber all around you if you just keep your eyes open.

Try to be nice to them.

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Old June 19th, 2007, 4:10 pm
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Re: Spinner's End #5 - Homorphus Hopes

Hi! Let me say that was a wonderful piece. It was what I had always felt about Lupin but hadn't found the exact words to put it in. Lupin is the only character in Harry Potter series that this teenage girl had a crush on(I am no teenager anymore, but would still be willing to throw myself at him, well now Tonks has that privilege, but you get the point). I think it is because I saw a bit of myself in him so anyone sticking up for him is like sticking up for a part of me. Thanks for writing it
I had never put much value to any of what Gilderoy kept saying but after this article, I am beginning to hope that maybe just maybe... If anyone deserves it its him, I just hope Greyback keeps his paws off him!

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