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Snape's Happy Ending

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Snape's Happy Ending

Well here goes for my first Harry Potter fanfic.

DIsclaimer: Most of the characters are J.K. Rowling's, but I've thrown in 1 or 2 or my own.

Setting: Post Half Blood Prince, assuming that Snape is loyal to Dumbledore and that Dumbledore's death was the worst case scenario that unfortunately came to pass.

Warning: This might be a bit long. I do go on a bit!

Chapter 1: The Edge

"Please Severus" Snape watched the old man slide down the wall. How could he ask me to do this! Feeling as if he was going to be violently

sick he raised his wand. "Avada Kedavra!" There was a blinding flash and a piercing scream. Then suddenly it was dark. Severus Snape

lay in the dark panting, his nightshirt damp with sweat, shaking uncontrolably, as he realised it was his own voice that had screamed.

Even in sleep there was no relief. He got unsteadily to his feet and went across to a row of potions lined up neatly on the floor. Silently

lighting his wand, he picked up one of the bottles and with a shaking hand took a long drink. Dreamless sleep. How he longed for dreamless

sleep. He pushed his hair out of his face, feeling the tears on his cheeks. He wiped them away quickly, and sat back own on the bed.

The last months had been some of the worst of his life. It was bad enough trying to cope with the loss of the one person who had ever

trusted him, ever shown any faith in him, but that it had been by his own hand! How could he live with himself? And then of course the

entire wizarding world was after him. So far he'd managed to stay hidden. He'd also stayed away from the other death eaters.

Voldemort had been pleased with him - of course he'd been punished for his disobedience, but there was no mistaking the air of triumph

that now hung around the Dark Lord. So he'd been excused from other death eater activities, and allowed to go into hiding. No one

doubted him; no one suggested he had divided loyalties now; no one thought he'd avoided the dirty jobs any more. He shuddered and by

a tremendous act of will stopped himself from vomitting up the potion he had just drank. The shack swam before his eyes. Sleep at last.

When Snape awoke the light was starting to fade. He got up stiffly and stretched, trying to ignore the aching hunger that wracked his body

and the doubts that wracked his mind. If it was up to him, if it was just about him he'd have already given up. Living was just agony and he

didn't want it any more. But he had to live. He had to hang on. Take care of Draco and Narcissa; Search for the horcruxes. Protect

Potter. Potter! A surge of emotion filled him. Anger, hatred, frustration, and with it a vague feeling of admiration and respect, which

only increased his frustration. Why couldn't he hate the boy in peace? Peace. He'd never had any peace. He dressed swiftly, his wand by

his side on the bed. A noise downstairs caught his attention. He listened carefully, straining his ears. Something was coming up the stairs.

He picked up wand, his eyes fixed on the door, holding his breath. A cat walked haughtily into the room and he sighed, put down his wand,

and struggled to swallow the lump that had just formed in his throat. The cat jumped on to the bed and a familiar voice said

"Severus you look terrible!" Professor Mcgonagall looked truly appalled at what she saw. Her eyes had become shiney with unshed tears and

she blinked rapidly.

'Oh God don't cry Minerva', Snape thought 'please!'

as he struggled again with the lump in his throat. His stomach rumbled loudly, and she pursed her lips and looked at him a little


"Have you been looking after yourself Severus?" he didn't think she expected an answer. Without a word she waved her wand and produced

a table, a plate of food and a goblet. Snape hesitated for only a second, then tucked in. It tasted fantastic.

"What do you think Dumbledore would say if he saw you like this?" He froze. That was low. He slowly resumed chewing and swallowed.

"Well, we'll never know will we," he said trying to keep his voice level and even.

"For goodness sake Severus stop it! You had no choice! Dumbledore laid it all out very plainly." She paused for a moment apparently

struggling to maintain her composure. "You did a very brave thing Severus." Snape stared at the floor examining cat paw prints.

in the dust, his jaw clenched very tight.

"Your new patronus gave me quite a turn," McGonagall went on. Snape couldn't speak. He wished she would change the subject. His

throat was constricting painfully from the effort of holding back the tidal wave of emotion that threatened to crash over him and the

only way he could stop it was to think of something else. A tricky potion; the draught of peace was very fiddly - shredded camomille

leaves, added to an infusion of Lavender flowers boiled rapidly over a high flame for 2 minutes. Extinguish flame amd allow to cool for one

minute before adding powdered bluebird feathers. stir anti-clockwise 7 times......Snape breathed steadily, as the tightness in his throat

relaxed. Minerva sniffed and when she spoke again her voice was business-like.

"How are the Malfoys?" Snape paused swallowing hard before he dared answer.

"Narcissa" he sighed and shook his head and resumed eating "Narcissa is.. very weak! She's terrified of what Draco will be asked to do

next. The Ministry are after them and she seems incapable of surviving without all the comforts of home!Draco ... Draco is at least

listening to me now. The Dark Lord punished him... very severely... he... it affected him badly. He's used to being priveleged and ...

he's not used to being punished." Minerva nodded.

"What about Hogwarts?" Snape asked suddenly. "Has the security been increased again?"

"Yes. The ministry has provided six aurors to patrol the school and grounds as well as guard trolls at strategic positions."

Snape sneered .

"And of course we have our own additional security," Minerva finished.

"What of Potter? Is it true that he's back at Hogwarts?"

"Yes," Minerva replied. "But not as a full time student. He is studying Defence against the dark arts and also charms at NEWT level - I

think we have Miss Granger to thank for that."

"Who is teaching defence against the dark arts?"

"Anna Hartley." Snape frowned he knew the name, and his mind ran through his mental database of students. Ah yes Anna Hartley!

"She got exceeds expectations in her Potions NEWT - and Outstanding in Defence against the dark arts if I remember correctly"

"You do Severus - she was head girl as well" Severus nodded as he cleared his plate.

"As I remember she never stopped talking..... and she smiled too much" A muscle in Mcgonagall's cheek jumped

"And who's teaching transfiguration?" he asked picking up the goblet.

"Nicodemus Baddesley."

Snape choked.

"Does he still have the tail?"

"No," replied Minerva her lips twitching. "But I am still teaching the NEWT students"

Snape refrained from commenting.

"Potter...." Mcgonagall started tentatively, "Potter is spending a lot of time working on somethng that Albus left him." Snape nodded.

"You know what this is then?" Minerva asked

"Yes - in fact" - he took a roll of parchment out of his robes and handed to her. It was covered in small cramped writing.

"One moment" he took the parchment back off McGonagall and tapped it with his wand. The writing transformed into Dumbledore's

loopy hand.

"There - if he saw my writing he'd put it straight in the fire"

"Well you can't really blame him Severus - not after what he witnessed on the tower."

"Whereas before that I was his favourite teacher," Snape snapped back.

"You could have made more of an effort, Severus!"

"He had enough people falling over themselves to pamper him Minerva."

"Honestly! You and he are so alike." Snape choked and almost spat out a mouthful of wine.

"That boy is nothing like me!" Snape said through gritted teeth. Minerva maintained a dignified silence before replying.

"If you say so Severus."

"Well, see that Potter gets that. It's important information" Minerva nodded and stowed the parchment in her own robes.

"With Dumbledore gone it is extremely likely that the Dark Lord will try to take the school," Snape said getting to his feet and lighting a row

of candles with a wave of his wand.

"Yes it had crossed my mind," Minerva answered dryly.

"And the Ministry - what do they say about that?"

Mcgonagall snorted indignantly "They are determined to believe that there security is impenetrable!"

"Fools!" Snape spat. "They are still more concerned with how things appear, than how they actually are. I think we have some time though.

With Dumbledore gone he does not seem to regard Hogwarts as a priority. He seems to think he can simply stroll up the drive whenever he

pleases." Minerva pressed her lips together indignantly.

"At the moment he is more concerned with the Ministry."

"That's fortunate for us!" Minerva said. Snape paced up and down, trying to find the words to voice his concern.

"Then, there's Bellatrix Lestrange" he said, and turned towards Mcgonagall. "She's completely insane!"

"I think we've been aware of that for some time, Severus," she said drily.

"She's desperate! Desperate to regain her place as The Dark Lord's most trusted servant. She will stop at nothing." Professor McGonagall's

face paled.

"Even killing you?" She asked tentatively. Snape sneered.

"Oh I'm sure she wants to, but she knows that would not please the dark lord. But she's planning something. Then there are the rumours

among the death eaters - rumours of experiments."

"What kind of experiments," Minerva asked her eyes wide and fearful. Snape shook his head.

"I've heard whispers of Dark creatures and transfiguration - I'm not sure I can begin to imagine what they are doing."

He sat down next to McGonagall.

"What news of the order?" He asked

"Well we have a new leader," she replied. Snape nodded; he knew he couldn't be told who "And several new recruits."

She paused for a moment giving him a furtive look.

"Do you need anything Severus?"

"No" he said quickly, he could look after himself. But then there was.... maybe he could.

"Actually - I need somewhere to store my books." McGonagalls eyebrows shot up.

"Your books?" she asked faintly, looking totally bewildered as to how he could be thinking of books at a time like this.

"Yes. I managed to remove them before the ministry arrived at Spinner's End. Some of them are very rare, and rather delicate, and they

need the right environment."

"Of course I'll look after them Severus." Snape got the feeling she was trying not to smile.

"They may prove useful to Potter, or at least to Miss Granger, which is the same thing. They're in the trunks downstairs. It might be best

if you came back another evening."

"How long are you staying here?" she asked.

"I'm leaving tonight - I can't risk being in one place too long. I've been using polyjuice potion when I travel. It removes a lot of the risk."

Minerva nodded her eyes shining again.

"Take care of yourself Severus. We need you."

Snape froze. He knew it was true, but to hear it. They needed him, that was what kept him going.

"Thank you Minerva" McGonagall frowned.

"What for?"

"For believeing in me." he said looking at the floor. Minerva sniffed loudly

"After everything you've done for us Severus, of course I believe in you." She stood up. "I must get back to the school"

Snape nodded."I will contact you in the usual way."

Minerva stood up, transforming back into the cat as she did so. Snape watched her go, sure that she had no idea that she had probably

just saved his sanity.

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Even if everyone hates him for it, that's the sacrifice he's making. He's not being the hero. He's being something more.

He's a silent guardian, a watchful protector. A dark knight.

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My Fanfic - Snape's Happy Ending

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Re: Snape's Happy Ending

Okay sorry for the wait - here's part 2. Alas no Severus but I will try and get the next one out ASAP with lots of juicy Sev in!

Chapter 2: The new DADA teacher

Professor Hartley took the notes from her bag and laid them out on the desk. She looked around at

the classroom and shuddered. It still gave her the creeps to think that just a few months ago Professor Snape

had been teaching in this very room. She still couldn't quite take it in; Dumbledore had trusted him; he had

worked at the school for sixteen years; he had taught countless students including herself, but ultimately it

seemed the lure of the Dark Arts had been too strong. But how could he do it? How could he have betrayed

the man who had always stood by him. She felt nauseous thinking about it. How could you ever hope to

understand the actions of a man capable of such a betrayal. She remembered Professor Snape from her time as

a student at Hogwarts, he was very hard to forget. She had been terrified of him in first year and scarcely

less afraid of him in seventh year. Now it seemed there was good reason to fear Professor Snape.

She had tried to impress her own personality on the classroom, to banish all memory of the previous

defence against the dark arts teacher, but the shadow of what had happened still hung over the whole castle.

But she wouldn't give in to it. There were still many who were faithful to Dumbledore and what he had stood

for, and they would go on fighting. Anna smiled as she thought of the Weasley twins' joke shop. That was one

way to do it; refuse to give in to the fear and gloom, for that was a powerful weapon that Voldemort wielded

so effectively.

There was a loud meiowing and an ugly black cat sauntered into the room and sprang lightly up onto

the desk. With his ragged ears and scarred face he was a living reminder to Anna of the resilience of the spirit.

He had been close to death when she had found him, and she had nursed him back to health. She never knew

how he had got his injuries but she suspected it was at human hands because he had fought her every step of

the way.

Anna was brought out of her reverie by the loud chatter of the first years as they filed in and took

their seats, some of them staring at the cat sitting on her desk. She closed the door and turned to look at

their expectant faces.

"My name's professor Hartley. I'm your defence against the Dark Arts teacher. This" she said pointing to the

cat, "is Brandon. I'm afraid he has to come to all my classes; if I leave him in my office he makes the most

awful noise. He's not very friendly, so I wouldn't try to stroke him. He's very quick with his claws."

There was a knock at the door and it opened to admit a skinny youth with untidy black hair.

"Ah! my assistant for today" Anna said relieved that Harry had remembered. It had taken a considerable amount

of bribery to get Harry to agree to this, and he had driven a very hard bargain: fifty points for Gryffindor.

The first years were all starring at Harry. A few - obviously muggle-borns were merely curious, but most were

wide-eyed and open-mouthed as they nudged their neighbours and whispered. Harry didn't look at them. Anna

knew he hated the staring, but frankly she thought this was probably the best way to deal with it.

She had been rather disappointed when she had first met Harry. She knew it was ridiculous, but she

had looked at this thin teenager and thought that this couldn't possibly be Harry Potter, whose daring deeds

were already the stuff of legend. She had expected someone taller, with broader shoulders and a confident,

heroic air. But when she thought about it, she much preferred the unassuming young man before her to the

precocious hero of her imagination.

"Now do any of you know who this is?" Harry glared at her and she struggled to keep a straight face. Most of

the class had their hands raised.

"Yes?" she asked a dark haired boy with huge brown eyes.

"Harry Potter" he said excitedly.

"And how do so many of you come to know Mr Potter?"

The hands shot into the air again, and Anna picked out a small girl with blonde pigtails.

"He's famous" she answered shrilly "he's the Chosen One!"

"And how can you all be so sure that this IS Harry Potter?" The hands went up again, and Anna pointed out a

plump brown haired girl with freckles.

"Because of his scar!" she said standing up and pointing at Harry. Anna turned to Harry who by now was

looking mutinous

"And who gave you that scar Harry?" Although she had addressed Harry several hands had shot up into the air.

"Voldemort" Harry said through gritted teeth. There was a collective gasp, several girls screamed and one boy

jumped so violently he fell off his chair.

"Who?" Anna asked again.

"Voldemort" Harry said more loudly. The class gasped again.

"Voldemort" Anna repeated, the first years were looking at each other nervously.

"He is a very powerful Dark Wizard, and we are right to be afraid of what he and his death eaters may do, but

we should not be afraid to say his name, for that cannot harm us. He was once a pupil at this school, like each

of you."

She looked around the class into their horror struck faces as they gasped again. The idea of

Voldemort having once been a school boy seemed to be preposterous to them. Harry was looking at her with a

slightly stunned expression on his face. "He would have the whole wizarding world under the heel of his

tyranny, and by refusing to utter his name we are only contributing to his reign of terror. If we are to resist him

and fight back then we must start by refusing to be cowed by the mere mention of his name. So class, repeat

after me - Voldemort!" A few of the class - most notably those who had not known who Harry was, uttered the

name, but it was barely audible.

"Come on, you can do better than that! Aren't some of you supposed to be Gryffindors?" Anna encouraged


"Voldemort" they said a little more strongly.

At the end of the class the first years filed out chattering excitedly. Anna turned to Harry

"I'm sorry to put you through that Harry"

"That's okay" Harry said with a shrug "That was a good lesson!"

"Thank you" Anna said feeling intensely relieved and rather pleased with herself. Harry was the star pupil at

defence against the dark arts, and two years ago had actually taught some of the other pupils practical

defensive magic, so Anna valued his assesment. Harry seemed to be lingering and she got the impression he

wanted to ask her something.

"Ron told me you used to work with dragons in Romania with his brother Charlie." Anna smiled

"Not exactly. I was researching the uses of dragon's blood in healing potions. The dragon reserve provided us

with samples."

"Oh" Harry said looking slightly disappointed.

"Not quite as daring or glamourous as working at the reserve, although sometimes we did assist with getting

the samples." Anna smiled at Harry "I think you can imagine how difficult that is!" Harry smiled and nodded. "Of

course you know what dragons are like - especially Hungarian Horntails."

"Yeah " Harry said frowning slightly "But how exactly do you get a blood sample - I mean their skin is so thick"

"Well you have to have a well stunned dragon to start with, then you have to go for one of the places where

the skin isn't so thick like the mouth."

"The mouth!" Harry repeated

"Yeah like I said - you need to have the dragon well stunned."

"So what were you researching about the use of dragon's blood in potions?"

"The effectiveness of the blood of different breeds in certain potions. Fascinating work. It was amazing the

difference the breed made to some of the potions." She finished packing her notes away and picked up her


"So were you at school with Charlie then?" Harry asked

"Mmm" Anna nodded " though he was a couple of years below me - I was in the same year as Bill. In fact he

was head boy when I was head girl."

"You were head girl!"

"Yes - and I hear your good friends with the current head girl - Hermione Granger"

"Yeah - but the head boy's in Hufflepuff." Harry said this as if it were inexucsable. Anna could feel her irritation


"And what's wrong with that?" she said keeping her voice light

"Well -" Harry started his tone scathing, then he stopped abruptly and went rather red. "You were in Hufflepuff

weren't you?" He said with an embarrassed smile. Anna felt her irritation evaporate.

"Yes and I'm very proud of it too. So many people think that just because Hufflepuffs aren't ambitious, or super

brainy or courageous, they aren't as good as students in other houses. Loyalty, friendship and hardwork are, to

Hufflepuffs, far more important. But then from what I've heard they're important to you too." Harry flushed

slightly and smiled. Anna considered him for a minute, the more she got to know Harry the more she liked him.

He was so normal, and yet so extraordinary.

"Harry, have you ever considered restarting the DA?"

"Oh" he said looking surprised "Well we only did that because we weren't learning proper Defence Against the

Dark Arts."

"Well I think it would be good for morale, you know, give a feeling of unity and that we were doing something

against Voldemort. And I think it would be a really nice way to remember Professor Dumbledore - didn't DA

stand for Dumbledore's army?"

Harry looked at his feet, he seemed to be struggling with himself,

"Yeah" he said looking up at her "yeah - you're right. Maybe we should start it again."

" You could use this classroom if you like. I could make sure you have all the equipment you need."

Harry nodded

"That would be... "

"Harry where have you been?"

A tearful Hermione Granger was standing at the door with Ron Weasley and an equally tearful Ginny Weasley.

"What? " Harry said quickly moving to the door "What's happened?"

"It's Fleur" Hermione said "she's been kidnapped by Death eaters."

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Even if everyone hates him for it, that's the sacrifice he's making. He's not being the hero. He's being something more.

He's a silent guardian, a watchful protector. A dark knight.

Pottermore name: FlightMoonstone199

On CoS I'm in On Pottermore I'm in Maple and Unicorn, Thirteen and Three Quarter inches, Pliant

My Fanfic - Snape's Happy Ending

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Re: Snape's Happy Ending

Disclaimer: Opinions and attitudes expressed in this fanfic are not necessarily those of the author.

This installment is in 3 parts. I hope you enjoy it!

Chapter 3: The women in Snape's life

Severus Snape followed the fat, puffing wizard down the steps, their footsteps echoing in the cold, damp atmosphere. He steeled himself

for what he would find at the bottom; knowing Bulstrode it would not be pleasant. The air smelled damp and musty and the sudden chill bit

through his robes. Snape looked carefully around the dimly-lit cellar taking it all in. There were no windows and only the one door, and he

could hear the sound of rats scuffling in the shadows. In the centre of the room, bound tightly to a chair sat Fleur Weasley. She was

very pale and alarmingly thin, her hair was dirty and her face grubby and tear-stained.

The arms of her robes had been ripped and were damp and sticky, while her arms underneath shone red with blood. She was shivering

uncontrollably, her eyes frightened, but her head was held high. Snape had to admire her courage; she wasn't just a pretty face. No,

Severus thought looking at her magnificent profile she was beautiful; he had to help her; had to prove he was worthy to be in the same

room as her. He stepped forward into the light. Fleur's face contorted with rage.

"You!" She screeched.

Severus jumped back, suddenly aware of the cold, damp cellar again.

"You were a teacher at 'Ogwarts! You traitor!"she spat at him

"Are you progressing Bulstrode?" Snape asked the man holding the burning torch, whose eyes darted to Fleur who was now ranting in


"Well...." he hesitated,

"She's been here for nearly a month! It does not do to keep the Dark Lord waiting" Snape said silkily "I would not incur his

wrath if I were you."

"Well it's alright for you Snape, ain't it" he turned to Fleur "WILL YOU SHUT UP!" he yelled at her. "Bad enough when she yells in

English, but when she starts with the Frog talk!" he rolled his eyes.

Shape looked at Fleur who was still shaking, though now it seemed to be more from rage than from fear or cold.

A germ of an idea formed in his mind.

"Je Suis .... ami" he said falteringly, wishing he'd listened more carefully to the Beauxbatons students when they had stayed at


"Je suis ....er.......secours .........er ....toi"

"Didn't know you spoke French Snape"

"Just a few words I picked up" Snape said not taking his eyes off Fleur who was frowning at him.

"What did you say to 'er then?"

"I just said 'Be quiet or we'll hurt you'" Snape lied still not taking his eyes off Fleur, hoping against hope that his pathetic attempt to

speak French had been good enough. She really was beautiful, he found himself thinking. NO! Control yourself Severus! He moved

forward and crouched in front of her, putting a hand on her shoulder and looking into her face.

"Comprende?" he said. Had she understood that he wanted to help her? She was still glaring at him. Then suddenly her head

jerked forward and Snape heard a crunch and felt blinding pain as her forhead made contact with his nose. Severus fell backwards,

one hand on the damp floor the other clutched to his nose, which was now pouring with blood. Bulstrode roared with laughter.

"Episkey" Snape muttered pointing his wand at his nose, then got to his feet

"We'll see if the Dark Lord is amused by your lack of progress" he said coldly. Bulstrode stopped laughing abruptly.

"She's cold - put a cloak on her. You don't want her to die of hypothermia before you've finished with her." And with that Snape swept

back up the steps.

There was a faint popping sound and the cloaked figure hurried up the hill, pausing briefly to wave his wand, apparently

at an invisible barrier, then moved forward again before turning and waving his wand again. Severus could feel the polyjuice potion

wearing off. His robes which had been tight were now hanging loosely from his shoulders, and were almost dragging on the ground.

He could see his large, tanned and hairy hands, shrinking and paling in the moonlight. He reached the shack, and with another wave

of his wand opened the boarded front door. There was a certain irony to him using the shrieking shack and it amused him to think that

Potter, who was out for his blood, was asleep at Hogwarts less than a mile away. He re-boarded the door then turned; his mouth fell

open. The old shack was clean and tidy, the torn and broken furniture replaced with a table and chair and a comfy looking sofa. He

hurried up the stairs, hoping the change had extended to the bedroom, and was not disappointed. The bed had been made up with crisp

clean linen, and at the sight of it Severus' shoulders sagged with exhaustion. At that moment he could not imagine anything could

possibly look better than that bed, but he had to stay awake just a little longer. He went into the bathroom; it was spotless. He turned

the hot tap - and there was running hot water. After the day he'd had a hot bath would be wonderful.

"Minerva, you are an angel!" he said aloud.

"Thank you, Severus!" Snape jumped and turned in one terrified movement. Professor McGonagall looked as stern as ever.

"What on earth has happened to your face?" She asked looking very concerned. Severus peered into the bathroom mirror.

"Ah!" he said turning his head to examine his nose which was now crooked, and the skin around his eyes which was rapidly turning purple.

"That was Fleur Weasley," he said.

"She's alive, she's all right!" Minerva said clutching her hand to her heart.

"Yes, she fine. I tried to tell her I wanted to help her but my French was rather inadequate. She still has plenty of fight in her. Despite

being tied down she managed to do this." he said pointing at his face, then he pulled a pot from his robes and started applying cream

to his bruised face.

"Severus - that's a Weasley product!" Minerva said aghast.

"Yes - it's very good" he said casually as he applied it carefully to his nose. "Best thing for bruising I've ever come across. Those boys

are exceptionally bright - could have achieved outstanding in there potions NEWT if they'd ever bothered to apply themselves.

Unfortunately they lack the academic temperament." Minerva was staring at him with her mouth open.

"You mean you actually like them?"

"Of course I don't like them Minerva." He screwed the top back on his jar and stowed it in a pocket. "They choose to waste their

talents by using them in the pursuit of anarchy. Shall we go downstairs?"

They settled themselves onto the sofa and Minerva, with a wave of her wand produced tea and hot buttered crumpets. Severus smiled

inwardly. She knew they were his favourite.

"So Fleur's safe?"

"Yes for now. I will find a way to free her without arousing suspicion."

"Be careful Severus!" Snape nodded, his mouth full of crumpet. "What do they want with her?" McGonagall asked shaking her head.

"I'm not sure at the moment, but they've been taking her blood." Minerva gasped "I think it is because she's part Veela" Snape went on.

"But Veela blood doesn't have any special properties - does it Severus?"

"Not that I am aware of," Snape said wiping butter from his chin, he sighed heavily: he wished he knew more.

"The Dark Lord has not confided this particular plan to me. I think it is being driven by Bellatrix and I think the Dark Lord is enjoying

watching her trying to redeem herself in his eyes. I know he has no plans for an outright attack on Hogwarts. He still fears what the

prophecy may have foretold. But I don't think Bella will rest until she has delivered Potter to him. He continues to concentrate on the

Ministry and he is making alarming progress Minerva."

"Yes, another two aurors were killed this week, and our spies in the ministry seem to think that several key department heads are

under the Imperius curse. Apparently Scrimgeour has implemented a top secret plan to have himself and other top minstry officials tested

for signs of the Imperius curse at least once a week."

"His only sensible contribution to the fight and it has to be kept secret!" Snape said scornfully. "I saw Potter's interview in the Daily

Prophet," he sneered

"The minister was furious!"

"I bet he was.!"

"You know he was harassing Potter to show support for the ministry last year."

"I didn't actually" Snape could not hide his scorn "Well, well, well, - and as the Prophet isn't carrying headlines telling us how Potter

backs the minister I assume Potter refused to be associated with the ministry. The boy is starting to show some sense."

"He has always had more sense than you would ever give him credit for Severus" Minerva said a little testily "and he is now an

adult wizard."

Snape knew this but somehow hearing it jolted him. Potter was no longer a child. He was an adult wizard, an adult wizard with the

fate of the wizarding world resting on his shoulders. Severus felt a sudden rush of emotion - fear, but also to his surprise sympathy for

this wizard who was barely a man who had to carry such a burden. If he suceeded he would be honoured above all others of this

generation of wizards. No one would hear about the hundreds who had worked to teach him, protect him, feed him information. A knot of

resentment formed in his stomach.

"Well if the minister isn't careful the wizarding world will be demanding that he backs Potter." He popped tha last piece of crumpet

in to his mouth as Minerva poured the tea. He chewed in silence for a few minutes, He couldn't help but be worried - the defeat of

Voldemort was apparently dependent on Potter, a hotheaded seventeen year old of barely-above-average talent. It seemed impossible.

But Dumbledore had never given up hope, and like a chess grand master had carefully manoeuvred his pieces into position. While much

rested on Potter's shoulders, an equal amount rested on his. He rummaged through the pockets in his robes, and found the piece of

parchment he was looking for.

"For Potter?" Minerva asked.

"No, Miss Granger - a reading list. The books are all in my collection" Minerva took the parchment and glanced at the titles on the list.

Her eyes narrowed and her lips thinned.

"Surely you can't mean her to read these Severus? These books are ..." She shook her head groping for words "well they're about

some of the darkest magic known to wizard kind."

"Minerva, we are fighting the darkest wizard ever known to wizarding kind"

"But -" Minerva had gone very pale.

"And Potter and his friends are right in the middle of that fight."

"What is it about, Severus? What is it that Dumbledore gave Potter to do?"

"I can't tell you, Minerva." McGonagall drew herself up in her chair.

"Severus, I am his head mistress, and a prominent member of the Order of the Phoenix."

"I know Minerva, but I can't tell you. Dumbledore was quite explicit. Just as you are the only one to know my true allegiance, and

cannot tell me who is now leading the Order, so I cannot tell you what Potter and his friends are doing. All I can say is that I am

uniquely positioned to assist them, and while we're on the subject" he searched through his pockets again.

"Here" he passed Minerva a gold chain with a heavy gold locket suspended from it. "If you could pass that to Potter."

Minerva examined the locket, noticing the crack down the front which disguised the fine engraving. Minerva frowned and looked at him.

"Is this Slytherin's locket?" she asked, looking totally bewildered.

"Yes. Potter will understand." She nodded. He recognised that look. She was worried; very worried.

"Minerva I assure that should it prove necessary ... if circumstances are such that it would be prudent ... I will tell you."

"I know Severus." and she gave him a quick smile and stood up.

"I must get back. Take care Severus."

"I always do." his mind drifting to a hot bath and a warm bed.

Severus walked swiftly along the street in the gathering darkness. He felt clean and refreshed having slept for over 12 hours.

He rarely slept well these days, having to move around at night he had to sleep during the day and he lived in fear of giving himself

away by calling out in his sleep. Mercifully the nightmares had subsided. His relentless occlumency had paid off; all emotion now resided

behind a ruthless determination to follow Dumbledore's plans and advice as closely as he could. It had been a huge relief to get a

good night's sleep; Narcissa was becoming increasingly difficult to handle and so it was with some trepidation that he approached the

house. The door opened before he had a chance to knock.

"Severus! Where have you been?" Narcissa was wide-eyed and jumpy, and his heart sank. He found her nervousness sapped his

energy and he was starting to resent the amount of time he had to spend calming her.

"I have had things to attend to" he said brusquely, and quickly stepped into the hallway, closing the front door behind him.

She looked pale and had dark circles around her eyes.

"Draco's been having nightmares again. I gave him some of the potion you left." Snape nodded curtly and went into the lounge. He would

have been surprised if Draco wasn't having nightmares after what he had suffered. The Dark Lord had punished him severely for his

failure to kill Dumbledore. Severus had spoken for him, had probably saved his life, but Draco's screams had rung in his head for a

long time afterwards. Narcissa had been forced to watch as not only the Dark Lord but also her own sister had punished her son, using

the Cruciatus curse until he had vomitted repeatedly and had screamed himself hoarse. It had all but broken Draco. That was how

the Dark Lord liked his followers: with no will of their own.

"Did you take some of the potion?" he asked picking up the empty bottle as Narcissa came into the room. She started guiltily, her eyes

filling with tears. He felt himself relent a little - she had suffered a lot too. "It's all right Narcissa. If you need some then I will leave

more in future."

Narcissa blinked and swallowed.

"You're late," she said her voice shaking slightly. "I was worried about you. I thought perhaps the ministry ..." her voice trailed off.

"I can take care of myself, Narcissa."

"Of course," she gave him a weak smile. "You've taken care of all of us." Suddenly she threw herself at him, her arms were around his

neck her head pressed to his chest. "Oh Severus, I don't know what we'd do without you," and she pressed her lips to his. He felt as if

his blood was freezing. He pulled away and took hold of her wrists firmly.

"Narcissa sit down," he said forcing his voice to stay calm, to hide his rising panic. He steered her into a chair, " I know you are grateful,

but this is quite unnecessary. Everything I have done, I have done out of friendship for Lucius."

"But Lucius isn't here," she said desperately clutching at the front of his robes, "and he can't protect us. He does not have the

favour of the Dark Lord as you do Severus!"

And I thought she wanted me for my body - Snape thought sardonically.

"Lucius is still your husband Narcissa and Draco's father. I will look after you and protect Draco, but I will not share your bed. It is

demeaning to us both." he added haughtily. Narcissa hung her head, her face pink.

"Now go to bed and get some sleep" he ordered and wordlessly Narcissa left the room.

Severus let out a long sigh of relief. He had not seen that coming! The whole thing had shaken him. Narcissa's desperation,

her lack of loyalty and his own revulsion. Narcissa was a beautiful woman - surely he should have felt something? Or maybe he

had shut down his feelings for so long he couldn't feel anything anymore. No - that wasn't true. Not a day went by that he didn't

feel grief, regret loss, emptiness, anger, frustration. No he could feel all right, sometimes too much. So why had Narcissa's kiss left him

cold? Not that he wasn't relieved that it had. He could do without THAT kind of complication in his life just now - but surely as a

man he should have felt something. As far as women were concerned his life had been singularly uncomplicated for years. He stopped

himself short. Why was he wasting time and energy thinking about this? Narcissa wasn't his type; that was an end to it! Someone cleared

their throat. Severus started.

Draco had come in while he'd been lost in thought.

"Thanks!" he mumbled.

"What?" Snape was completely confused

"Mother" Draco said sullenly

"She didn't mean it." Severus said quickly "She's just alone and afraid"

"She's got me" Draco said petulantly.

"Yes, Draco, but you've not been in a position to offer her support, and of course she misses your father terribly."

Draco gave a derisive snort.

"Come on Draco, think about it! Your mother is a very attractive woman. If she wished to have an affair, do you honestly think she

would go for me?" Draco thought for a moment, his expession lightening as he surveyed his former teacher.

"Yeah I suppose she gets lonely sometimes and living in these muggle houses .." he looked around him in disgust.

"Well exactly" Snape said quickly, trying hard not to feel annoyed that Draco had so readily believed that his mother would never have

considered having an affair with him. "A word of advice Draco - don't ever try to understand women - not even the greatest wizards

have ever attempted to solve that great mystery!"

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Even if everyone hates him for it, that's the sacrifice he's making. He's not being the hero. He's being something more.

He's a silent guardian, a watchful protector. A dark knight.

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My Fanfic - Snape's Happy Ending

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Re: Snape's Happy Ending

Here's part 4. There is a bit with Snape in near the end! Hope you enjoy it!

Anna stood back and admired the effect. Yes, the fireplace definitely looked better now it was larger. She looked around the spare classroom which now bore an uncanny resemblance to the Three Broomsticks. Behind the bar two house elves were levitating crates of Butterbeer into a neat stack. The one with the maroon jumper, socks and odd little hat must be Dobby, the house elf Harry Potter had freed from the Malfoys. Anna could hear him reprimanding the other house elf.
"No Winky! You should not be taking the butterbeers. They is for the students!" Anna saw the sad little elf return the bottle to it's crate, wondering why this particular elf looked so unhappy. She turned her attention back to the makeshift pub and viewed it critically. It wouldn't be the same as going into Hogsmeade but at least it was something. Now if only she could get the windows right. She waved her wand at the windows and they shrank a little a lowered themselves in the wall. That looked a bit better, and satisfied at last she left the room and hurried along the corridor to the other classroom they were using. She stopped at the door and gasped. It was amazing!
"Filius, this is marvellous!" she said breathlessly. Professor Flitwick beamed excitedly at her. The classroom was now divided into numerous little niches each with a table and two chairs. Numerous pot plants - no doubt provided by Professor Sprout, shielded the tables from each other to give a little privacy. The windows had red curtains drawn across them and red candles hovered over the tables so the room was bathed in a soft glow. At the far end of the room was a counter behind which a house elf was bustling around with tea pots, coffee pots and cups and saucers. Two more house elves were putting white table cloths on the tables, then adding bowls of sugar in the middle.
"You know I think it's even better than Madame Puddifoot's" Anna said looking around her, though to be honest her memories of Madame Puddifoot's were a little sketchy, as she'd only been there twice.
"Thank you!" Squeaked Professor Flitwick "Such a good idea of yours Anna. The older students do get very restless without their Hogsmeade weekends."
"Yes," Anna replied "I remember how much I used to look forward to them. It's all very well allowing parents to visit on Saturdays, but sometimes the students want to be able to relax without adults breathing down their necks." Professor Flitwick chuckled,
"And of course, there are those who wish to make romantic assignations." he said with a wink.
Anna grinned "We mustn't stand in the way of young love."she said "Who knows what lengths they might go to, especially couples who are in different houses. Without the Hogsmeade weekends they have so little time together."
"Precisely!" Professor Flitwick squeaked. "And we also mustn't deny them their other little treats. Did many students take up your kind offer of going to Honeydukes for them?"
"Yes, I've got the order forms here" Anna said, holding up a large pile of parchment she was carrying.
"Excellent! We wouldn't want them to go sneaking down a certain secret passage." and he tapped the side of his nose and winked at Anna, who was completely bemused. She had of course heard about Hogwarts many secret passages, but had never discovered yet alone used any of them. Her heart sank. Quite obviously there were students who would have known exactly what Flitwick was talking about, and she felt ashamed of her own ignorance, knowing she would have to go and ask Professor McGonagall about it, just in case any of the students decided to use the secret passage of which she knew nothing.
"Honeydukes will be delighted," she said forcing a smile. "They must loose so much money when the students aren't allowed to go into Hogsmeade."
"I'll come with you if you don't mind Anna. I've run out of sugar mice, and I've heard that Honeydukes are now stocking the new range of Weasley sweets" Anna suppressed a grin. It was well known that Professor Flitwick was one of Honeydukes best customers.
"This is wonderful!" said Professor McGonagall from the door. She had enthusiatically welcomed the idea of providing this distraction for the students and had come to admire their wand work.
"I'm sure the students will appreciate your efforts, Anna, it really is most considerate of you to go to all this trouble." she said giving her a small smile.
"Well, I've had a lot of help, Minerva."
"It's a long time since we've had to cancel all Hogsmeade Weekends."Minerva shook her head and Anna watched her walk briskly away.
It was no wonder that she looked so tired these days Anna thought. Running the school had become an almost impossible job what with parents sending owls every day, pupils being withdrawn or sent home because a family member had been hurt or killed. Some families had gone so far as to move to Hogsmeade to be near to their children rather than withdraw them from the school. Afterall they didn't seem to be any safer at home, but families wanted to stay close at times like this.
"Professor"Anna started as Hermione Granger popped up from behind the counter. "Shall I put the Daily Prophets on the tables?"
"Well, it might be better to leave them on the counter, so people can help themselves if they want one."
"Oh"Hermione said looking slightly dismayed. She had insisted on helping the house elves prepare the classrooms and was now clutching a small wad of leaflets. She hesitated for a moment then with a determined air, started putting the leaflets out on the tables. Anna went to a table and picked one up and read it. "Please be generous with your tips, the house elves receive no wages" Anna grinned - she had heard about Miss Grangers misguided attitude towards house elves. They may sometimes be mistreated but they lived to serve, and Anna thought that Hermione would do better to direct her campaign towards ending the general acceptance of abuse of house elves, rather than trying to free them or get them wages. The house elves were eyeing Hermione suspiciously, then with a loud crack two of them disappeared. Anna went to the counter where the one remaining house elf was watching Hermoine.
"Have you nearly finished there Ozzy?" she asked the house elf.
"Yes Professor Hartley, Miss. All the cups and saucers is ready Professor!" the house elf replied siddling around the counter.
"Jolly good!" Anna said running her eyes over the counter. She caught site of the front page of the Daily Prophet "Giants attack in Wales" the headline ran. Anna shuddered. She had read the story over breakfast that morning. Three people had been killed including a muggle and a whole village had been reduced to rubble. Of course the minstry was now busy modifying the memories of all the muggle witnesses so they believed the damage and deaths were due to a freak tornado. Anna unfolded the newspaper and began to re-read the article just as Ron Weasley wandered into the classroom
"There you are!" he said. Hermione looked up and smiled
"Did Quidditch practice finish early?" Hermione asked brightly
"No, you've been here for hours." Out of the corner of her eye Anna saw him pick up a leaflet "and they are NOT going to like this!" he said waving the leaflet in front of her face. She snatched it off him going pink.
"Just leave them, Ron!" Forgetting the article, Anna noticed Ron grinning as behind Hermione, Ozzy the house elf was surrepticiously removing the leaflets from the tables.
"Anyway, what was that you were saying this morning about having found out something about the -"
"Sshhh" Hermione put her hand up to silence him. "It's just that I've discovered something about Hepzibah Smith in the library." "Well what?" he asked impatiently. Hermione looked around and Anna pretended to be engrossed in the Daily Prophet.
"She's related to Zacharias Smith"
"WHAT!" Ron yelled causing everybody to look up, and Hermione to sshh him again.
"She was his great-aunt."
"Blimey! Have you told Harry?" She shook her head.
"The thing is Smith's parents are coming up to the school today, you know, to visit. I thought I might try to have a word with them about the - you-know-what"
"Oh! Right!" said Ron his expression becoming sullen "so our afternoon together ..."
"We'll still spend the afternoon together Ron - it's just I'll need some time to speak to the Smiths - you can come with me if you like."Anna got the feeling that Hermione was hoping that Ron wouldn't want to join her.
"You must be joking - I'd rather do my potions essay! Are you coming?" Hermione looked at her leaflets, apparently torn between her dedication to house elf rights and her boyfriend, then she placed the remainder of the pile on the counter, took Ron's outstretched hand and left the room with him. Not for the first time Anna wondered exactly what Potter and his friends were up to. Professor McGonagall had told all the teachers who were members of the Order of the Phoenix, that before he had died Dumbledore had given Harry Potter a specific task. Only Harry and his friends knew what the task was, but Order members were always ready to give them their help and advice. Anna refolded the newspaper and as she put it back into the pile Ginny Weasley rushed into the room
"Have you seen Ron and Hermione?" she asked breathlessly
"They were here just a minute ago - I'm surprised you didn't pass them on the way." Ginny rolled her eyes
"They're probably snogging behind some tapestry then!" Anna grinned
"What's wrong?"
"Nothing's wrong - it's Fleur she's okay - she escaped from the death eaters - they've taken her to St. Mungo's." And with that Ginny had raced off again. Anna smiled; it made a change to get some good news.

Severus Snape knelt before Lord Voldemort, his hooked nose touching the floor, his lank hair falling down covering his face. All thought was banished from his mind; there would be time for thought later. Next to him he could feel Bulstrode trembling. They both knew what was coming.
"You have failed me!" The high cold voice rang out, and Severus knew that the Dark Lord's wand was lowering until it pointed at Bulstrode, then silently delivered unbearable pain. Bulstrode fell sideways away from Snape, sprawling on the floor screaming until Severus thought he would never hear properly again. At last the Dark Lord raised his wand. The silence was broken only by Bulstrode gasping for breath.
"How could you allow this to happen?"
"She must have had help my Lord" Bulstrode wheezed. The wand was lowered again, and Bulstrode screamed louder. Severus knew that in a moment it would be his turn. He may be hailed as the Dark Lord's most faithful servant but that didn't make him exempt from the punishment that came to all death eaters who failed, by even the slightest degree to follow the Dark Lord's orders to the letter. In fact his position made punishment more likely; the Dark Lord would not allow him to get above himself. The wand lifted again and Bulstrode retched violently, but Severus dared not move.
"Severus, did I not ask you to check Bulstrode's work?"
"Yes my Lord."
"And yet the girl escaped?"
"I am sorry my Lord! I have failed you." Severus steeled himself for what he knew was coming. The wand lowered and the pain seered through his body as if a thousand white hot knives were tearing at his flesh, while his bones were on fire. Nothing existed except pain. He could barely suck breath into his body. "The end will come" he told himself over and over, and as always, just as he thought death would be preferable to this, it stopped, and he found himself sprawled and panting on the floor.
"You have a daughter do you not Bulstrode?"
"Y-y-yes my Lord."
"Perhaps she would be a more capable servant?" Severus heard Bulstrode gulp
"Sh-she's only 17 my Lord" Voldemort laughed his cold mirthless laugh
"Age is no indication of ability or usefulness, Bulstrode. She is the same age as the Potter boy." This time the curse hit Bulstrode without warning. He screamed again, writhing on the floor. All Severus could feel was relief that it wasn't him.
"Maybe you would be a little more vigilant in future if it were your daughter who would pay the price for your incompetence." Bulstrode looked up - the fool! Severus thought keep your head down.
"N-n-not my little Milly?" Bulstrode said piteously. Even in this situation Severus found this slightly ridiculous - there was nothing 'little' about Millicent Bulstrode! The cruciatus curse hit Bulstrode as Severus knew it would. It went on this time, on and on - until Severus thought that surely the man couldn't survive. But finally the wand was raised, and Bulstrode was left twitching and retching on the floor.
"Leave us now, Severus!"
"Thank you my Lord!" he gasped as he got shakily to his feet without raising his eyes from the floor, and bent double in dutiful sub-servience backed to the door. He opened it and stepped out closing the door behind him, leaning on it in sheer relief. Bulstrode he knew would be there for some time

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Even if everyone hates him for it, that's the sacrifice he's making. He's not being the hero. He's being something more.

He's a silent guardian, a watchful protector. A dark knight.

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My Fanfic - Snape's Happy Ending

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Re: Snape's Happy Ending

I've decided to split episode 5 into 2 parts as it's rather long. Here's the first part; I should be posting the second part later today, or at the very latest tomorrow.

The second scene of this installment is dedicated to allegro - because there had to be at least one kiss!

Chapter 5: Desperate times and Desperate measures

Bulstrode had been very twitchy since his interview with the Dark Lord. Snape had seen it before many times - he'd experienced it himself occasionally too, and he knew that this was when death eaters were at their most vulnerable - and their most dangerous. He was pathetically easy to follow and not for the first time Severus lamented that the apprehension of death eaters was in the hands of the dunderheads at the ministry. Still, the incompetence of the ministry made his life a lot easier. From the shadows of the hedge Severus watched Bulstrode cross the narrow lane; he knew where Bulstrode was going, knew who had set up home in the little cottage at the end of the lane having killed the muggle owner. The garden gate squeaked as Bulstode slipped through it, then, looking nervously around him he tapped gently at the door. It was answered immediately by a hooded figure and closed behind him quickly. Snape silently approached the house, stretching his long legs as he stepped over the tell-tale gate. Pressing himself against the brick work, he edged around the house, crawling under windows until he found the one he was looking for, with light spilling out and voices coming from within. He settled himself as comfortably as he could under the window and from his pocket he took an extendable ear he had confiscated from one of the Weasley twins. Sticking one end in his ear, he put the other end up to the window and watched it wiggle into a gap between the mullioned windows and the frame. The voices came through surprisingly loudly.
"....punished more severely, I wouldn't be surprised if Snape helped the half-breed escape to discredit you!" Snape shuddered. Bellatrix Lestrange was a formidable and dangerous enemy. As an evil genius she was second only to the Dark Lord himself, and Snape knew he could not afford to underestimate her.
"You think Snape would do that?" Bulstrode sounded incredulous.
"Snape will do anything to improve his standing with the Dark Lord and make the rest of us look like fools. But I'm going to show him who is really the Dark Lord's most faithful servant. I am going to deliver Potter to him - and you, Bulstrode, are going to help me!"
"Bella - I don't think" his voice trailed off
"Consider Cuthbert!" Snape had to bite his lip to stop himself s******ing. Cuthbert!
"If we suceed, we shall be the ones standing next to the Dark Lord just as he is about to seize power. And Snape" she sneered "Snape will be nothing compared to us." In the silence that followed Snape was sure he could actually hear Bulstrode thinking.
"What is it you want me to do?"
"Your daughter is at Hogwarts - you must send her a package."
"But all the owls are being searched." Bulstrode said sounding rather desperate. "And do we have to involve Millicent?" Bella gave an impatient sigh.
"The object will be carefully disguised; it won't be discovered. And, I believe, your daughter is already involved." The tone of Bella's voice was deeply unpleasant, and Snape's insides writhed with disgust.
"I need to think about it." Bulstrode said
"Well, don't take too long, or I'll offer this opportunity to someone else."
Snape heard them leave the room and flattened himself against the wall. The front door opened and closed, the gate squeaked, and Severus heard Bulstrode's footsteps receeeding down the lane.

Fleur Weasley's safe return to the bosom of her family gave everybody a lift. Professor Slughorn decided to honour the occasion by throwing one of his exclusive parties, to which members of the Slug club could bring guests. Anna had barely exchanged two words with Professor Slughorn, so she was very surprised to receive an invitation. However it soon became clear that the invitation had been prompted by Professor McGonagall, who was concerned not only with ensuring that the students were properly chaperoned, but with the safety of Harry Potter and his friends, who had also been invited. All food and drinks to be served at the party were rigorously tested by the house elves, and Filch was to be found at the entrance to Professor Slughorn's rooms, eagerly checking everybody with his secrecy sensor. The room quickly became very crowded, so Anna had to position herself by the door to ensure she didn't miss the arrival of Harry and his friends. At last they came, Ron and Hermione, closely followed by Harry and Ginny with Neville Longbottom and Luna Lovegood bringing up the rear. Neville and Luna would never have been invited by Slughorn, and Anna was touched by the loyalty that Harry and Ginny showed their less popular friends.
As expected Slughorn made a beeline for Harry and the Weasleys.
"Harry m'boy, good to see you!" He waggled a fat finger at Harry "I've been missing you in my potions class, Harry" he said jovially "Talent like yours doesn't come along every day."
The fixed smile on Harry's face said it all. "And here we have the lovely Miss Weasley! Like father like son, eh Harry?" he said with a wink. Anna could see Harry's jaw tighten. "It seems the Potter men like their redheads, and like them to be jolly talented witches to boot!" he gave a hearty laugh which nobody else joined in with. "Ah yes" Horace went on remeniscently
"Wonderful girl your mother. Very like Miss Weasley here. Yes, very popular; James, your father, only had eyes for her, but he had to join the queue like all the others! She wasn't one to be impressed by James' high jinks, oh no! I remember one Christmas - she must have been in her sixth year - it was the talk of Hogwarts - who was Lily Evans going to invite to my Christmas party - I think one of the seventh years was even running a book on it! Of course no one would have guessed ..." Slughorn stopped talking abruptly and smiled broadly at Harry.
"You haven't got a drink, Harry! What would you like? Mead? Butterbeer?"
"So who did she invite?" Ginny Weasley asked pointedly looking straight at Slughorn
"Ah well, not sure I can er .." Slughorn blustered. Harry was frowning
"Who did she invite?!"His voice was hard and uncompromising.
"Well it was typical of Lily .." Slughorn was looking distinctly uncomfortable
"Who was it?" Harry asked through gritted teeth
"Severus Snape."Slughorn said rather sadly "But that was just like Lily. Always prepared to give people a chance."
"Snape!" Harry spat, his hands were balled into fists "She asked Snape? And he went with her?"
"Oh yes! Of course he did!" Slughorn said in some surprise
"But Snape hated my Mum!"
"Where on earth did you get that idea, Harry? No, no. Severus was as besotted with Lily as anyone. Sat next to each other in potions. Yes, two of the brightest students I ever had and they were in the same class. Funny how it goes, isn't it."
"I can hardly breathe for laughing!" Harry said bitterly. Ginny, white-faced, enclosed one of Harry's hands in both of hers.
"Now Harry, nobody could have known then that Severus would turn to the Dark side. Indeed we were all taken in." Harry was shaking his head.
"My Mum went out with Snape!" People were starting to look around to see what was causing the commotion.
"No, no, Harry. It was just a few kisses under the mistletoe at a Christmas party."
"Just a few ... You mean he was slobbering all over her!" Harry couldn't keep the revulsion from his voice.
"Harry, Harry I know you must be upset" Slughorn said in what he obviously thought was a soothing voice, "but you really musn't take it to heart. Lily was such a kind girl, no doubt she took pity on Severus." But Harry was already walking away from him to join Ron and Hermione. Anna watched, and judging by their expressions, Harry was telling them what he had just found out. She moved closer. Poor Harry ! To find out that your mother had once gone to a party with Severus Snape.
"Are you okay Harry?" she asked. He looked at her his eyes full of pain. "C'mon " she said moving away from the crowd into a corner
"I heard what Professor Slughorn said. It must have come as a bit of a shock." He grimaced,
"Don't think about it, Harry. It's not a big deal! So your Mum kissed Snape, so what? I've kissed some really gross guys in my time! From what I've heard your Mum was a good person - like Dumbledore. They both wanted to see the good in people - they both wanted to believe that Snape was a good person too."
"Yeah and look were it got them. He killed them - he killed them both!"
"So you would be happier if they had been different?" Harry's eyes met hers, and she knew he understood.
"No. I wouldn't want them any different, but why did she ask Snape of all people?" He looked so miserable, her heart ached for him.
"Well," Anna replied with a sigh, "we'll never know the answer to that." Harry was looking across at Ron and Hermione, who seemed to be having rather an animated discussion.
"Maybe .. " his eyes unfocused, he'd obviously thought of something. He turned back to Anna "Maybe she did it to annoy my Dad - you know, go with a boy he really hated to wind him up."
"You think she'd do that?" Anna asked sceptically. Harry shrugged.
"Well it's the sort of thing girls do," he said looking at Hermione. Anna laughed loudly,
"I'll have to take your word for that!" Ginny was casting them anxious looks.
"Forget about Snape -go and enjoy yourself with Ginny!" Harry gave a mirthless laugh
"I promised myself I wouldn't be involved with her, not while ... " he stopped unable to continue.
"Harry, none of us know what tomorrow may bring, if you want my advice you'd enjoy yourselves now, while you have a chance. "
"But Voldemort - he could use her to get to me."
"None of us is safe, Harry. As long as Voldemort's out there, we're all in danger. And besides if you were going out together last year, then Snape may well have already told Voldemort that she's your girlfriend." Harry looked at her, his eyes full of fear.
"At least tell her how much you care about her. If you don't and something happened ..." Harry was looking intently at Ginny, then he nodded
"Thanks" he said and went over to join Ginny. She watched him enfold her in his arms and whisper in her ear, then as they kissed each other, Anna looked away smiling, yet she had a lump in her throat. No one had ever looked at her the way Harry looked at Ginny.

Well what d'ya think? Should the death eaters have killed Fleur? SHould Bulstrode have turned to Bella? Should Snape have kissed Lily under the mistletoe? Let me know by leaving your comments here


Even if everyone hates him for it, that's the sacrifice he's making. He's not being the hero. He's being something more.

He's a silent guardian, a watchful protector. A dark knight.

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My Fanfic - Snape's Happy Ending

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Re: Snape's Happy Ending

My chapter numbers are totally meaningless! It is simply the amount I set myself to do in a week, and sometimes they turn out a bit longer than I anticipated!

Chapter 5 (cont)

Severus paced up and down the downstairs room of the shrieking shack. His patronus had returned to him. Minerva must be away. He stopped pacing and rubbed his forhead with his fingers as if he could massage an idea out of his brain. He was so desperately low on ingredients. Could he risk going up to the school? He had, of course, mastered the animagus transformation, but he hated being in animal form. He much preferred using polyjuice potion, but unless he replenished his stores he'd have no choice. Minerva didn't understand at all. She'd never had any problems with being a cat, but then she didn't have to contend with echo-location. If he spent too long as a bat he became extremely disorientated when he returned to human form and usually ended up with a splitting headache. But neither polyjuice potion nor animagus transformation nor a disillusionment charm would hide him from Potter and his wretched map.
And then there was the package that Bulstrode was sending his daughter. He had to tell Minerva as quickly as possible, but even then he was probably too late. There was every chance that the whatever-it-was had already arrived at Hogwarts, and unless the usual security had picked it up, Bella's plan could already be in operation. It was no good, he'd have to risk it. He lifted the trap door and hurried down the rough steps. The tunnel was longer than he remembered; it seemed to go on forever, but finally he reached the end, and with a heavy sigh transformed into a bat. He flew up past the whomping willow which seemed to barely notice his prescence, then rose up and over the great hall and down into the courtyard. It took him a while to find an open window and he settled on the sill for a moment before crawling inside. He glided onto the floor and had regained human form in a matter of seconds, steadying himself against the wall as the giddiness subsided. He was in a charms classroom. As long as he didn't run into Peeves he would be fine, but it would probably be better to perform a disillusionment charm on himself, just in case. He silently opened the door and slipped into the corridor, the castle was eerily quiet, and he strained his ears for the faintest sound, as he set off to the dungeons. It was as he was coming through a tapestry near the top of the marble staircase that he saw her. A female figure striding purposefully along the corridor. He hastily slipped back behind the tapestry and flattened himself against the wall on the other side, listening to the footsteps coming closer. The footsteps stoppped, and Snape was sure he could hear a loud mewing. Oh God! he hadn't thought of that! Mrs. Norris would be sure to recognise his scent. He held his breath.
"Yes, I think I saw something too, Brandon." a woman's voice was saying, and the next second the tapestry had been pulled back and a woman appeared holding her lighted wand aloft so it illumniated the staircase in front of them. Snape dared not breath. As she looked intently around a cat came silently past her and turned it's eyes towards Snape. It mewed loudly at him and Snape glared at it willing it to shut up. Just as Snape thought that discovery was inevitable, the sound of hurried footsteps came from behind them. The woman retreated back throught the Tapestry.
"Who's there?" She called loudly, "I'll stun you!" The footsteps stopped, and the cat gave Snape one last look before slinking away after it's owner. Snape breathed again. Obviously he wasn't the only person abroad in the castle tonight.
"Miss Bulstrode! What are you doing out of bed?" Snape's heart leapt into his throat. It couldn't be a coincidence.
"That's thirty points from Slytherin," Snape's lip curled before he remembered that he was no longer head of Slytherin house.
"and detention. I'll be seeing Professor Slughorn about this in the morning. Now come on back to the dungeons quickly before I make it fifty points from Slytherin."
"Like I care about the stupid house cup!" he heard Miss Bulstrode say, as she was escorted away.
He waited until the footsteps had died away then slipped out from behind the tapestry. If he was quick he should be able to get down to the storeroom in the dungeon before the teacher, presumably Professor Hartley, started on her way back from the Slytherin dungeon. He hurried as quietly as he could down the marble staircase, and as he turned towards the stairs to the
dungeon he saw her. It couldn't be Professor Hartley back already - no it was ... it was ... Lily? It couldn't be. But there she was. Oh Lily! Every bit as beautiful as he remembered. She was smiling, Severus took a step towards her, his head reeling, his heart pounding.
"Lily!" he said it aloud this time, but he didn't care. He felt slightly drunk. He could see her lips speaking his name, but no sound came from them. He took another step towards her, but she was moving backwards away from him.
"Lily!"he said, desperation welling up inside him, "Lily please!" but even as he said it he knew she would never be his, knew that she was unreachable, unobtainable. There was no hope. His life was pointless.
"Mum?" the young man's voice seemed to be coming from a great distance. "YOU!"the voice bellowed. Severus felt as though he was being woken after a deep sleep. He looked for Lily - she was there - but what was happening to her? She was changing. Her hair becoming brighter, she was shrinking slightly, her eyes changing to brown, her face... No, it was no longer her face. It was the face of Ginny Weasley, and she was looking at Harry Potter. Snape blinked stupidly. How the hell did he get here? What on earth was he doing? And where had Potter come from? He raised his wand expecting Potter to strike, but Potter was staring fixedly at Ginny Weasley, his eyes strangely blank.
"Ginny!" he whispered "It's no good!" For a moment Snape thought that the strain had finally proved to much for him, but then the pieces clicked into place. Bulstrode, Veela blood, delivering Potter to the Dark Lord. He raised his wand
"Stupefy!" The spell hit the rather limp looking Potter squarely in the chest, and he crumpled onto the floor. Ginny Weasley turned and started to change again. He knew he had to get away before it entranced him again. With no other option available to him he transformed and took to the rafters. It was lucky he did.He heard footsteps running from the dungeons, professor
Hartley had no doubt heard the commotion, but it was Millicent Bulstrode who came running up the staircase. Snape watched her cautiously aproach the - whatever it was that had now taken on the form of Lily Evans, and look derisively at Harry lying on the floor.
"Your mother, Potter!" she sneered. She hurried to the broom cupboard and pulled out a heavy wooden chest and flung it open.
"Inclusio!" she shouted. Silver light shot out of the end of her wand and encased Lily. Screwing up her face in concentration Millicent forced the now blurring form of Lily into the chest and slammed the lid shut. Panting, she sat on the chest, then looked up at the sound of approaching footsteps. Someone was coming up the front steps. Millicent swore loudly and started to heave the chest back into the cupboard, then climbed in with it and pulled the door shut just as the great oak front doors swung open.
"Good gracious!" cried Minerva McGonagall and hurried over to the unconscious form of Harry.
"Enervate!" she said pointing her wand at his chest. Harry opened his eyes
"Snape!" he said sitting up.
"Potter, what happened? Are you all right"
"Professor, it was Snape he was here!"
"You saw him?" Professor Mcgonagall asked.
"Yes! And my Mum was here too, but she changed into Ginny."
"I see, Potter." She sighed heavily. "I think you've been sleep walking."
"No, Professor - I saw Snape on the map in the charms corridor. Look!" Harry held out the marauders map.
"Look! It says Severus Snape there!" he pointed at the map, and sure enough there was a dot labelled Severus Snape in the middle of the hallway.
"Well as you can see Potter, Severus Snape is not here. I think that perhaps your map maybe faulty."
"No! The map is fine. Snape's here, right now."
"All right, Potter. I think you need to get back to bed."
"But Snape is here!" Harry was shouting now.
"I will have the aurors search this area thoroughly." But Potter looked unconvinced.
"Harry, I take the security of the school very seriously. You have my word that I will take the appropriate steps to ensure that the defences of the castle have not been breached, but you must return to Gryffindor Tower. Quickly now, Potter!" And grasping his elbow she accompanied him up the marble staircase.

"For goodness sake Severus will you sit down!" Snape threw Minerva a dark look, but ceased pacing the room and sat down in the chair in front of her desk.
"What on earth possessed you to come up to the school? You know about Potter's map." Her lips were so thin they were barely visible, and her eyes were blazing behind her spectacles.
"It was just as well I did!" Snape stood up again. "If I hadn't been here ..."
"What exactly!" Minerva was standing as well now. "Potter was on the floor, so whatever Millicent Bulstrode had planned, it did not involve harming him. Hopefully I'll be able to convince him that he dreamt the whole thing! He was babbling on about his mother and Ginny Weasley. What ever she did to him it must have affected his brain. I'll get Poppy to check him over in the morning."
"It must have been a trial run" Snape said as much to himself as to McGonagall.
"A trial run of what?" Minerva asked in exasperation.
"There was something in the hall - a shapeshifter, probably of boggart derivation, but also with attributes of Veela and dementors. Miss Bulstrode`returned it to a chest which she hid in the broom cupboard."
"Why didn't you tell me this before?"Minerva asked sharply
"I'm telling you now." he said quietly through gritted teeth. "Miss Bulstrode was also hiding in the cupboard when you came in. This is part of Bellatrix's plan." Minerva paled
"Bellatrix's ...." Snape started to pace up and down again a deep frown on his face.
"Miss Bulstrode didn't see me. I think she should remain unaware that anyone else saw the thing she released in the hall. I don't think she intended it for Potter tonight. I suspect she was trying it out on the Defence against the Dark Arts teacher."
"Professor Hartley?"
"Yes - but I think she took Miss Bulstrode by surprise. Professor Hartley apprehended Miss Bulstrode in the hall and escorted her back to the dungeons. I think Miss Bulstrode must have stunned her."
"What does this thing do Severus? Why did Potter say he saw his mother and Ginny Weasley?"
"The shapeshifter takes on the form of someone you care about." Minerva nodded, Severus stared at the carpet glad that Minerva didn't probe any deeper. His mouth had gone very dry.
"It seems to put you in some sort of trance, and makes you loose all hope." Minerva looked sharply at him.
"You experienced this Severus?"
"Yes." he said without meeting her eyes.
"How did you overcome it?"Minerva asked quickly
"Potter arrived and disturbed it, confused it."
"So it changed shape and you came out of the trance?"
"Yes. Potter was shouting at me as well. Then he became entranced by it. I stunned him." Minerva frowned
"So Potter arrived while you were in it's power?" She was piecing it together.
"Yes." He couldn't look at her. He didn't want to be here. He didn't want her to know. It was too private. Too painful. The memory was pure and unsullied as Lily had been. He couldn't bear for it to be contaminated by becoming known. True, Dumbledore had known, but Dumbledore was different. He understood without pity. He wouldn't be able to bear Minerva's pity.
"And that was when he saw his mother?" Minerva said more slowly, her words were heavy with meaning. He couldn't speak, but then he knew he didn't have too. His silence spoke louder than his words.
"Of course." Minerva's voice was barely more than a whisper. When she spoke again her voice was brisk "Severus I need you to write down everything you can tell me about this ... this ...shapeshifter now before you go. I will forward it to the order. I suggest you get some rest at the shack. I will meet you there tonight. Now I must go and attend to Professor Hartley. I will return shortly" She turned and left the office, Severus sighed heavily. He felt strangely relieved as if a weight had been lifted from him. He allowed his thought to stray to Lily, as if testing himself, probing an old wound to see if it had healed. It still hurt; perhaps it would always hurt. Perhaps he bore a scar, not visible on his forehead like Potter's, but hidden on his heart. But
like Potter's scar it connected him to the Dark Lord, and he knew as he had always known, that until the Dark Lord was vanquished, until Lily's death was avenged, until his own mistake had been compensated for, there could be no healing.

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Even if everyone hates him for it, that's the sacrifice he's making. He's not being the hero. He's being something more.

He's a silent guardian, a watchful protector. A dark knight.

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My Fanfic - Snape's Happy Ending

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Re: Snape's Happy Ending

Oakily-doakily! Next installment - hope you like it!

Chapter 6 -has been re-writted see below!


Even if everyone hates him for it, that's the sacrifice he's making. He's not being the hero. He's being something more.

He's a silent guardian, a watchful protector. A dark knight.

Pottermore name: FlightMoonstone199

On CoS I'm in On Pottermore I'm in Maple and Unicorn, Thirteen and Three Quarter inches, Pliant

My Fanfic - Snape's Happy Ending

Avatar by Ben when he was 5- he's now 13!

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Re: Snape's Happy Ending

Sorry to disappoint you if you were hoping for a new installment - I decided to re-write chapter 6.

So here it is the new improved Chapter 6!

The news that Harrry Potter had been sleep walking and claimed to have seen his mother and Severus Snape quickly spread around the castle. It surprised Anna how unfazed Harry was by the whispering and pointing. The Slytherins, of course, were the worst offenders openly ridiculing Harry, which Anna found particularly frustrating. It had taken a lot of persuasion to get Harry to allow Slytherins to join the DA - not that many wanted to have anything to do with Harry's club, and since Gryffindor had trounced Slytherin two hundred and ten to twenty in the first quidditch match of the season, the rivalry between the two houses had got considerably worse. Harry suffered even more jibes when it came out that he was not to be punished for being out of the common room so late because he had special permission to use the library after hours.
Anna knew there was more to the incident in the entrance hall than any of them had been told. Professor McGonagall had overruled Professor Slughorn, who had wanted to expel Millicent Bulstrode or at least suspend her for a few weeks. As it was, Professor Slughorn was keeping a close eye on her. Fortunately she didn't take Defence against the dark arts so Anna didn't
see her in class, but if they met in the corridor Miss Bulstrode would glare at her.
Minerva had been kind enough to explain that something serious had indeed happened that night in the entrance hall, but the fewer people that knew about it, the better. She had told Anna that Miss Bulstrode's father was a death eater and that her prescence in the hall was no coincidence, but for Miss Bulstrodes safety and that of her family she must remain at Hogwarts. In the mean time the aurors doubled their security patrols.
Anna knew that Harry had not been convinced by Minerva's insistance that he had been dreaming and had taken to badgering Anna after every defence against the dark arts class, so she was not surprised when he came to her office on Saturday morning. He had a determined look on his face and Anna knew she wouldn't be able to fob him off.
"Come in Harry" she said with a heavy sigh, holding the door wide open, then closing it behind him. "Take a seat," she said indicating one of the squashy chairs by the fire. Harry looked around him, taking in the pictures of dragons on the walls, the vast collection of tatty, leather-bound books filling numerous bookcases, the row of odd-shaped, coloured bottles on a high
shelf and Brandon sitting serenely on her desk. There was a tapping at the window and Anna opened it to admit her barn owl who looked rather damp. She took the letter from it's leg and put it on her desk while the owl settled on her shoulder.
"Would you like some tea, Harry?" she asked
"Er ... yeah okay " he said. A scuffling sound in the corner caught Harry's attention and he swung around to see two bats scrabbling along the rafter.
"I'm looking after them for Hagrid" she explained as she conjured up a teapot "Fang wouldn't leave them alone, but they should be ready to release again tomorrow." Harry shifted in his seat then looking up at Anna, his bright green eyes full of frustration he said,
"Look, I know I wasn't sleep walking the other night no matter what Professor McGonagall says. I know what I saw - I just wish someone would tell me what happened!"
"Harry" she said smiling sympathetically"I can't tell you anything more about what happened that night. The truth is that I don't know anymore about it than you, but even if I did, I couldn't tell you - surely you know that?"
"Yeah I know" he said slowly, taking a biscuit from the plate she offered him. He sighed heavily "It's just that I know I saw Snape on the map."
"Professor McGonagall's told me about your map - it was good of you to hand it over to Tonks."
"Well I didn't really have much choice!"
"It's in the right hands, Harry. If Snape gets in again, we'll be able to catch him. I just don't see how he could have got in at all."
"Perhaps he had help from Millicent Bulstrode"
"Or" she said suddenly struck by an idea, "maybe it was Snape, not Millicent who stunned me - whizzing up a polyjuice potion would be childsplay for him."
"No" Harry said quickly "They were both on the map. And I don't understand why I saw my mother and why she turned into Ginny - it was really weird."
"Coming from you, that really is saying something!" Harry grinned. " I'm sorry Harry, but really, we've just got to trust Professor McGonagall." Harry munched his biscuit thoughtfully, as Anna poured the tea, then handed Harry his mug. There was a knock at the door
"Come in" Anna called and Ernie Macmillan came in, his Headboy badge gleaming on his chest and a beaming smile on his face.
"Hello Professor!" he said excitedly, then his eyes fell on Harry sipping his hot tea and his face fell "Oh!" he said
"What was it you wanted Ernie?"
"Er ... just to return that copy of "Today's Healer" you lent me Professor."
"Ah thank you" she said taking the magazine."Was it helpful?"
"Yes very" Ernie said rather breathlessly.
"Good, glad to be of help" Anna smiled broadly. Ernie eyed Harry as he reluctantly shuffled to the door
"Er ... bye then" he said and went out slowly closing the door behind him. Harry tried to hide his grin behind his mug.
"Not a word, Potter!" Anna said supressing her own grin.
"The thing is Harry I'm just as curious about what it is you've been up to. This big secret task that you and Mr Weasley and Miss Granger have been working so hard on. But I know you can't tell me about that. Professor McGonagall, against her own better judgement, has been good enough not to harass you about it. She trusted Dumbledore absolutely and she is putting
her trust in you, Harry. I think in return we should trust her and the other members of the order to deal with incident in the entrance hall."
"You're in the order, professor?" Harry asked sitting forward in his chair and slopping tea down his jumper.
"Yes. Charlie Weasley recruited me. He suggested I might try for a job here. Goodness knows Minerva had terrible trouble recruiting teachers."
"Professor" Harry said edgily "I think you ought to know - the defence against the dark arts job - it's jinxed. Nobody ever lasts more than a year."
"Yes I've heard that rumour too."
"It's not a rumour - it really is cursed, Dumbledore told me. Voldemort applied for the job once and when Dumbledore refused to give it to him he jinxed it."
"Oh" said Anna looking for any sign from Harry to say that he was joking, but he looked completely earnest. "Well I'd better be careful then." The owl left her shoulder and landed expectantly on the window sill. Anna went to the window and let him out.
"So are you planning any more night time trips to the library?" Anna asked coming back to sit opposite Harry by the fire
"Yeah,"Harry said wearily
"I suppose you spend a lot of your time in the restricted section."
"At the moment I'm spending more time in the history section!"
"Sounds fascinating!" Anna said with a wry smile. "If there's any way I can help, you just have to ask. Is it going all right though? - I mean, are you making progress?"
"Well, yes," Harry said warily "And ... well"
"What Harry?" Anna asked. He looked into his almost empty mug of tea.
"We've had help from someone. Someone who sends letters through Professor McGonagall."
"Probably a member of the order." Anna said lightly
"Yeah - I suppose it's the whole secrecy thing. I just wish I knew who it was because well ..." Anna waited patiently for Harry to find the words "whoever it is they know what it is we're doing. In fact they seem to know more than we do!"

Two nights later Anna found herself back on night duty. Tonks was in charge of security that night, and Anna met up with her near the top of the marble staircase.
"Wotcher Anna! It's a bit nippy tonight!" Tonks said as Anna drew her cloak around her."Proudfoot and Savage are patrolling the grounds. Dawlish has just gone up to the astronomy tower and Filch is patrolling the dungeons."As she spoke Tonks pointed out labelled dots on a large scruffy piece of parchment. Anna's mouth fell open as she looked at the dots.
"That's us!" she said pointing at two dots labelled "Anna Hartley" and "Nymphadora Tonks".
"It's even got Mrs Norris on here!" she added in astonishment
"Amazing isn't it!" Tonks said "Makes this job a lot easier I can tell you. Harry's still in the library"Tonks said pointing to his dot "So we'll have to keep an eye on him. I'm just on my way up to report to Minerva; she's not been the same since Snape got in the school."
"You really think he got in then?" Anna asked
"Nothing he did would surprise me any more!"
"But what do you think he was trying to do?" Anna asked in concern. Tonks shrugged
"Dunno" she said "but I don't think it was a coincidence that Harry was on the floor. He's always had it in for Harry."Tonks looked uncharacteristically fierce.
"Anyway" she said handing the map to Anna "I'll head up to Minerva's office, and then work my way down from the seventh floor. If you could patrol the ground floor, then work your way back up again. Oh and keep an eye on Harry."
Anna stood for a moment engrossed in the map, watching the dot labelled "Nymphadora Tonks" moving up the staircase on the map to the second floor where, Anna noticed Peeves was rattling suits of armour in the charms corridor. She looked at the dot labelled "Harry Potter" in the library - he had moved and was, it seemed, returning books to the book shelves. It looked like he would soon be returning to Gryffindor tower. As she watched she saw a dot labelled "Hedwig" briefly join Harry in the library, then fly off to the owlery.
Anna went quickly down the marble staircase and started her patrol of the ground floor, checking every so often on the map to make sure she knew where Harry was. She was at the far end of the ground floor when Potter finally left the library. Anna checked her watch; it was nearly one o'clock. She stiffled a yawn and resumed her patrol, keeping half an eye on Harry's dot on the map. It reached the entrance hall and Anna watched, expecting it to go up the marble staircase, but in the hall it stopped, then went to the front doors and paused for a moment. Anna felt very uneasy. Harry should be going up the marble staircase. She started to retrace her steps towards the entrance hall, both eyes now watching the map. When Harry's dot appeared to move through the front doors and into the grounds, she broke into a run and pulled out her wand. She reached the desserted entrance hall out of breath and panting, her heart thumping from the running - but also from fear. A wave of her wand sent her silver patronus up the marble staircase and she was about to set off after Harry when from behind her Anna heard a rasping wheezing noise. She turned, and saw a figure emerge from the stair case to the dungeons. It was Filch purple in the face, dripping with sweat and gasping for breath.
"Professor!" he wheezed at Anna "It's professor Slughorn! In the dungeons! Someone's attacked him!" Anna's mind froze for a moment. The dungeons! It couldn't be a coincidence. Anna unfolded the map looking for the Slytherin common room and dormitories. She checked the dots frantically but Millicent Bulstrode's was definitely missing. It seemed even more urgent now that she go after Harry. She searched for him quickly on the map - there he was heading towards the lake where Milicent was waiting for him. She could feel the anger welling up inside her - how could he be so stupid! She looked again at the map and saw that Dawlish was now on the second floor. Sending a second Patronus up the marble staircase, she turned to Filch who was mopping his face with a handkerchief.
"Listen! Harry Potter's just gone out into the grounds to meet Millicent Bulstrode. Tonks and Professor McGonagall are on their way to help me. Wait here and Dawlish should be here any moment to help you with Professor Slughorn." Filch nodded, his jowls quivering.
Anna pushed the enormous front doors open; there was no sign of Harry. She headed towards the lake where she could see an odd glow, running as fast as she could towards it, her wand in one hand, the map flapping about in the other. The moon was almost full - Anna could see the pale light reflected in the glassy black surface of the lake. She should be able to see Harry by
now, but he was nowhere in sight. Then as she watched a figure she knew must be Harry, materialised apparently out of thin air. Of course, his invisibilty cloak! She'd forgotten about that. There was vague movement in the darkness near him. She could see two shapes one was definitely Harry and the other - the other was much to small for Millicent Bulstrode. Anna slowed and checked the map again. Millicent was behind the beech tree, so who was Harry talking to? There was no one else on the map. Anna ran forward trying to make out the figures in the darkness. It looked like Ginny Weasley - but why wasn't she showing on the map? As Anna watched, to her horror Millicent Bulstrode appeared from behind the tree and raised her wand.
"HARRY!" Anna called as she ran, but Harry just stood there Then there was a flash of red light and Harry collapsed on the floor.
"NO!" Anna screamed. Millicent turned and Anna had to duck as a jet of red light shot past her, but in ducking she tripped and fell, skidding along on the wet grass. Anna got to her hands and knees winded, her breath rasping in and out of her lungs, but she had to get up. She staggered to her feet and watched as Millicent Bulstrode animated Harry's limp form to float in front
of her towards the drive. In horror Anna realised that they were heading for the gates and knew with a chilling certainty that someone would be waiting there. As if to confirm her worst fears there was a sudden flash of light from the direction of the gates. She had to stop them! Breaking into a run again Anna tore after them, but Millicent had a head start on Anna and she wasn't
already winded. Another flash of light from the gates spurred Anna on, so even though Millicent kept firing spells at her, as the gates came into view she had gained on them. The gates had been blasted open and just beyond them, silhouetted ominously in the moonlight were two hooded figures. One of the figures raised their wand firing a curse at Anna, and she had to side
step and duck a jet of purple light. Gasping for breath, her legs shaking, Anna heard footsteps running behind her. She turned and to her immense relief saw McGonagall and Tonks wands out, running down the drive towards her. Tonks was running fast, well ahead of the headmistress and with renewed energy Anna aimed a stuning curse at the figures by the gate. They ducked out of sight, but quickly reappeared, then a jet of red light came from no where and one of the figures crumpled.
"Dad!" Millicent called and abandoning Harry ran to the gate.
"Get Potter you fool!" the other figure called firing a jinx at her feet. Millicent squealled and turned back to Potter.
"Impedimenta!" Anna yelled and Millicent was frozen to the spot. The figure at the gate gave an anguished scream and tried to pass through the gates, but an invisible barrier stopped her. Anna raised her wand to fire a spell at the figure, but something hit her hard in the chest. Pain ripped through her body and the world went black.

Snape had always kept a careful watch on Bellatrix, his life depended on it. But now - now it was not just his life that was threatened. He could tell that her plan was being put into action; he could feel the anticipation in the air, he could almost smell the adrenalin and he certainly recognised that manic gleam in Bella's eye. That her plan concerned Harry Potter was not in doubt. He had talked it through with Minerva, how to keep Harry safe without endangering Millicent Bulstrode, or indeed arousing the suspicions of the other death eaters. They walked a knife edge, but Snape knew that this was merely a distraction compared to the plans of the Dark Lord. As much as he wanted to stop Bella, he could not risk his position as a loyal death eater.
He knew Bella was heading to Hogsmeade and he arrived there disguised with the help of polyjuice potion, as a random wizard whose unkempt hair had been easy to collect. As a rule he preferred to know who he was impersonating with polyjuice potion, but desperate times called for desperate measures. Bella was hardly less wanted by the ministry than himself so he was confident she would not be arriving before sunset. With only enough polyjuice potion for two hours he sincerely hoped she would arrive sooner rather than later. He waited, watching the road to Hogwarts, getting cold in the November chill despite his thick cloak, and with only five minutes left, he saw her appear. He expected her to set off towards Hogwarts immediately, but she waited until, after a few minutes another figure appeared some fifty yards away. Severus could feel the polyjuice potion starting to wear off. It was an uncomfortable if not painful sensation, but it didn't bother him. He watched the two figures until they were out of sight then reluctantly he transformed into a bat and swooped after them.
They walked in silence Bella striding purposefully along, Bulstrode puffing beside her. He was taller than her and more than twice as wide. They stopped at the gates, the winged boars looking strangely grotesque in the moolight. Bulstrode looked anxiously through the gates while Bella paced up and down in front of them.
"She should be here by now!" she hissed rounding on Bulstrode. "She better not have messed this up!"
"She won't! She's as keen as anyone to get one over on Potter! There!" He pointed up the drive. Bella took out her wand . Snape retreated into the shadows and silently transformed back into human form, pulling his hood up to cover most of his face. He drew his own wand and watched as Bella with infinite care ran her wand over the gates.
"Okay. Stand back, Bulstrode!" he lumbered out of the way and Bella stepped back and blasted the gates. The spell rebounded and Bella had to dive quickly to the ground to avoid it. The gates were bent and twisted, but still just about standing.
"REDUCTO!" Bella screamed at them and though the spell again rebounded this time the gates were ripped off their hinges. Snape couldn't see up the drive so he strained his ears to listen, trying to gauge what was happening. Snape was certain that Potter's impulsiveness and curiostiy would play into Millicent Bulstrode's devious hands, especially if she managed to retrieve the chest containing the shapeshifter which had been secured in Slughorn's office.
"Quickly!" Bella was calling to someone and then she fired a curse and a jet of purple light shot up the drive. Snape was about to step forward, when the two figures suddenly jumped back behind the pillars. He flattened himself against the wall and when they stepped forward again, so did he silently stunning Bulstrode who crumpled. A voice yelled
"Dad!"but Bella didn't notice; she was looking up the drive screaming,
"Get Potter you fool!"and jabbing her wand in the air as if prodding someone into action. There was a squeal, then another voice yelled
"Impedimenta!" and Bella gave an outraged cry and tried to pass through the gates, but they repelled her. She raised her wand and to Snape's horror a jet of orange light shot out of it.
"YES!" she said triumphantly "Accio Harry Potter!" She ducked a jet of red light and shot one back, just as Snape sent his own jet of red light into Bella's back. She fell limply to the floor. He stepped over her and looked up the drive. A bizarre sight met his eyes. Harry Potter was suspended in mid air apparently unconscious, Millicent Bulstrode was still struggling against the
impendiment jinx, while two figures were lying on the ground and Minerva McGonagall was hurrying down the drive.
"The gates!" he called urgently to her and she flicked her wand, removing the magical obstruction, and he ran to meet her. Severus examined Potter - just stunned he thought with a surge of relief. He glanced at Millicent Bulstrode who was now swearing profusely at him.
"You'll need to modify Miss Bulstrode's memory," he said to Minerva who was crouched over Tonks. Snape went to the other figure who was lying on her front and turning her over shone the light of his wand on her. His breath caught in his throat. He had never seen anything like it before. Her skin was strangely motled, purple and black blotches appearing on her face and hands
"Minerva, I need light!"he said urgently. McGonagall obliged standing over him bathing the two figures in light.
"Is Nymphadora all right?" he asked feeling around Professor Hartley's throat and behind her ears.
"Just stunned"McGonagall said breathlessly.
"This lady however is not! What ever Bella hit her with it was dark - and probably deadly."
"Severus she's not -"
"No" He put an ear to her chest. "There's hope" He ran his wand up and down her body chanting the incantation. It had to work! He checked her pulse and her eyes, but the whites of her eyes were clouding with a thick black liquid.
"Good God, what has Bella done?" he said appalled. He picked up Anna's lifeless body. He could hear Fang barking and knew that it would not be long before Hagrid arrived on the scene.
"I've got to get her to the shrieking shack. I've got my kit there!" and he hurried towards the gates so he could apparate. He just hoped he would be in time.
"Can you save her Severus?" Minerva called after him
"I don't know" he said and looking up, his eyes met Minerva's, just for a moment, then he apparated.

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Even if everyone hates him for it, that's the sacrifice he's making. He's not being the hero. He's being something more.

He's a silent guardian, a watchful protector. A dark knight.

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My Fanfic - Snape's Happy Ending

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Re: Snape's Happy Ending

So here is the next chapter (sorry forgot the number for a minute then) Sorry for the wait! Hope you like it!

Chapter 7: The Healer

Severus Snape sat in his chair watching his patient as he had watched her for hours that had stretched into days. He had brought her to the shack barely alive, the dark curse spreading rapidly, poisoning her blood, inflaming her nervous system and flooding her body with toxins. The stench was foul, but he barely noticed as he struggled to keep her alive. Repeating every healing incantation he knew, forcing potion after potion down her throat. The physical effects of the curse were horrifying; her body was swollen and distorted, then shrunken and withered, tense and rigid, then limp like a rag doll. There had been convulsions, her body writhing and jerking while black foam spewed from her mouth. By dawn he had halted the curse's progress, but he couldn't rest. Her condition was still desperate and he had to find a way to reverse the damage. So he worked on through the day, setting up his cauldron in the room, his books hanging open in mid-air so he could refer to them as he worked, collecting and analysing the thick black bile that the patient had vommited up, and dictating his results to a quill that recorded his every word. Minerva had joined him in the evening, but there had been no time to talk; leaving Miss Hartley's immediate care to her, he had worked on through a second night, perfecting his potion until just before dawn, exhausted, Minerva had insisted he sleep for a few hours. When the shack was once again bathed in daylight he was back at the Anna's bedside. And so it went on for countless days. Checking the patient, referring to his books, brewing potions that took too long, far too long to prepare. Each evening Minerva would come and almost too tired to speak he would give her instructions, then fall onto the bed in the other bedroom that Minerva had added to the shack. Before dawn he would resume his vigil by Miss Hartley's bed, aware that Minerva had cleaned the room, bathed the patient and left food for him.

Anna's dreams were troubled with dark clouds that engulfed her. Thick, all encompassing blackness that seemed to absorb her very being. She tried to resist, tried to fight, tried not to loose herself in the dark, but it pressed around her blocking everything out, so she could not see where she ended and the darkness began. Yet she wouldn't let it take her, she held on, clutching at her very essence until at last the blackness faded, and she slept on, in a deep dreamless sleep.

Snape would not have recognised Anna Hartley now as the enthusiastic student he had taught all those years ago. He found it hard to reconcile the irritating Hufflepuff prefect with the woman lying before him on the bed. He remembered her as a plump girl with a chubby face and long honey blonde plaits . She was bright and he would have enjoyed teaching her if she hadn't constantly asked questions. Quid nunc he had privately christened her, and now it seemed the nickname mocked him. What now? Now she was fighting for her life. The black and purple blotches had faded, leaving a deathly palor. Her body was cold, yet bathed in sweat and the curse had left her unnaturally thin. But she was alive and Snape poured himself into his work. He couldn't let her die. Not when he could save her if he worked hard enough, if he kept watch, if he made no mistakes. Her life could be saved and he had to save it. He had to. Because he'd seen too much death. Seen too many people die because of his mistakes. His mistakes! He'd always been punished so hard for his mistakes. He sometimes wondered if he'd been cursed as a child. Cursed so his mistakes resulted in pain and death. Other people made mistakes, other people spent their lives making mistakes, yet they were not made to suffer as he did.

Anna felt so tired, too tired to open her eyes. And her body felt so heavy, as if her limbs were made of lead. The bed was so comfortable. Wasn't she supposed to be on duty? She opened her eyes fighting off sleep. The sunlight blinded her. She blinked rapidly. Blimey I've really overslept! Why didn't someone wake me. She tried to move her head, but she just couldn't. Was she still dreaming? She looked up at the ceiling - a strange grey ceiling, with peeling paint. She tried to remember where she was, but she didn't recognise the room. She tried to speak, and it was only then that she realised how thirsty she was. A low moan escaped her and in an instant a figure appeared over her, feeling her neck, listening to her heart and then holding a goblet of water to her lips and lifting her head so she could drink. The cool water slipped down her parched and aching throat.
"Don't try to speak" a soft low voice said. She focused on the face over hers and gasped in horror.
"I'm not going to hurt you." he said. She licked her lips
"What do you want?" she whispered
"For you to rest," he said. She couldn't think; her head ached too much. He lifted her head and held another goblet to her lips, she drank the hot, sweet liquid and fell back into a deep sleep.

Anna awoke feeling as if she had been rung out like an old rag. It was too much effort to move. She had only once before felt even remotely this bad and that was when she'd had some dodgey chicken from a muggle takeaway. She had that same empty feeling inside as if someone had disinfected her digestive system. She also had a thumping headache and an oddly numb feeling in her limbs. She coughed and immediately regretted it as her stomach muscles screammed at her. Someone came over to the bed. Anna looked up into the anxious face of Minerva McGonagall.
"Anna!" She said and the look on her face was enough to tell Anna that she was lucky to be alive. Minerva held a goblet of water to her lips and helped her to drink.
"What happened? Where am I?" Anna said, fear and dread rising in her as she struggled to remember.
"It's all right your safe." Safe?
"I've had such strange dreams - I saw Snape"
"That's right! Severus has been looking after you."
"Don't worry about it now Anna. You need to rest."
"I don't understand! Where am I?" she tried to throw off the bedclothes but she had no strength. Minerva sat down on the bed and put her hands gently on Anna's shoulders
"Anna listen to me. It's all right. Severus does not work for V-Voldemort."
"He killed Dumbledore. Harry saw it."
"Yes - he killed Albus - as Albus had asked him to do if such circumstances arose. Please don't worry. Rest Now"
"Harry - what about Harry?"
"Harry is fine as are everyone else. It's all taken care of." There was a quick step outside the room and Severus Snape came in. Anna shrank back against the pillows. He looked more frightening than she remembered; pale and gaunt, his eyes sunken and dark ringed.
"How is she?" he asked anxiously
"See for yourself Severus,"Minerva said rising and moving back, so Snape could come forward to the bed. Anna shrank back further her eyes wide and dilated.
"There's no need to be alarmed" he said, but Anna was trembling. The pale, long-fingered hands that felt her throat were surprisingly warm. They moved firmly and gently, and as a healer Anna knew he was feeling the lymph nodes in her neck. He nodded as if satisfied and felt her pulse.
"Good" he said more to himself than anyone else. Then to Anna's surprise he sat on the edge of the bed, slid an arm underneath her shoulders and lifted her into a sitting position. Minerva passed him a goblet and he put it to her mouth. The potion was warm and rather thick. When she had drained the goblet he gently laid her back down and stood up. Her head didn't seem to ache quite as much, but she felt as if she'd been punched and kicked all over.
"I'd better be going" Minerva said
"Please! Don't leave me with ... " Anna began anxiously. Snape's eyes glittered, and his lip curled.
"Severus saved your life Anna - he's hardly going to do away with you now. I'll be back later." She watched Minerva leave, then her eyes fell nervously on Snape, who seemed to be rather amused at her discomfort.
"Where am I?"
"It's probably best you don't know just yet."
"Why am I not in St. Mungo's?"
"Because you would have died before you got there, and as talented and professional as the healers at St.Mungo's are, they would not have known where to start."
"But you did?"Anna said sceptically
"Yes." he paused "I have extensive knowledge of the dark arts"
"So I've heard!" Snape raised an eyebrow.
"Lucky for you that I do Miss Hartley. The curse Bellatrix Lestrange used on you was new and very dangerous. If I had not been present you would certainly be dead. No more questions now. You should rest." Anna felt too weak and intimidated to argue. She closed her eyes and drifted off into strange dark dreams.

Severus Snape sat at the writing desk he had conjured up. The room was dark save for the light from the candles floating above the desk. He bent over the parchment, his quill scratching away, recording the potions administered, the charms performed and the patients progress. Her recovery had been better than he could ever have hoped for. She had regained consciousness and could talk coherently, dispelling his deeply held fear that for all his work, the curse had robbed her of her sanity. Anna stirred and Snape's quill stopped abruptly, frozen above the parchment as he watched and listened. She cried out and he laid his quill down on the desk next to his ink pot frowning. It was only to be expected he thought, still he had hoped ... she had shown such strength in fighting the curse. She muttered incoherently her head rolling from side to side. Sighing he got up and went to the bed, and taking out his wand he sat down next to her. He began to softly chant the incantation, his wand tracing patterns in the air over her face until she became quiet and still. He watched for a moment then returned to his desk and resumed writing.

Anna awoke to the sound of hushed voices. Snape and Mcgonagall were standing at the foot of her bed talking intently. Snape noticed that her eyes were open and broke off mid sentence to check her.
"How are you feeling?" he asked rather anxiously, checking her pulse and feeling her forehead.
"A bit better." She said perturbed by his anxiety. He looked at her intensely making Anna feel extremely uneasy.
"You have had disturbing dreams?" Anna wasn't sure whether it was a statement or a question.
"Yes." she said beginning to feel alarmed.
"Severus" Minerva said, gently sitting down on the other side of the bed.
"What is it?" Anna asked "Why do you look so worried?"
"You were hit with a very dark curse Miss Hartley; I believe it has left a ... shadow. Hopefully it will pass, with time and the correct treatment." Anna nodded slightly
"I see" she said as indeed she did. She knew what dark curses could do; she knew that they could infect the mind with shapeless fears and dark memories.
"You're in good hands" Minerva said. Anna could not deny it. She was loathe to admit it but Professor Snape knew what he was doing.
"Do you remember what happened to you?" Snape asked watching her eyes carefully. It was very unnerving.
"Um ..." she closed her eyes trying to remember "Harry - Millicent Bulstrode she ... she stunned him. There were death eaters waiting at the gate!"
"Yes," said Snape "Bellatrix Lestrange and Cuthbert Bulstrode were arrested by Proudfoot."
"The Auror?" Anna asked
"Yes" Snape hissed.
"If you remember Anna," Minerva said kindly "he was patrolling the grounds that night. He arrived with Hagrid shortly after Severus left with you. I only just had time to perform the memory modification on Millicent"
"You modified Millicent's memory?"
"Naturally" Snape said silkily "It would not do for it to become common knowledge that I had thwarted the plans of two death eaters and saved the life of the Defence against the Dark arts teacher at Hogwarts. It might appear that I am not as faithful to the Dark Lord, as is generally believed. Fortunately Millicent Bulstrode along with her father and Bellatrix Lestrange are now in Azkaban."
"Millicent's in Azkaban? How can that be fortunate?" Anna asked fiercly.
"Because she cannot be interrogated by the Dark Lord, who would easily recognise a modified memory and would undoubtedly ensure he discovered what was being concealed."
"But Azkaban - she's just a school girl!"
"Yes" said Minerva "but she is an adult wizard and will be punished as such - and after what she did to poor Horace, I must -"
"Professor Slughorn?" Anna interrupted remembering Filch telling her that Slughorn had been attacked "Is he all right? What did she do to him?"
"He's fully recovered now, but ... well ... she stunned him and then ... well she gave him walrus tusks!" Anna stifled a giggle and looked away, her eyes meeting Snapes who also seemed to be struggling to keep a straight face. Anna shook with suppressed giggles.
"Honestly Anna! It's not funny!" but Minerva's lips were twitching.
"But what on earth possessed Harry to go and meet Millicent in the grounds?"Anna asked. Snape snorted derisively, and Minerva gave him a quelling look.
"He received a note which he believed to be from Ginny Weasley - the handwriting had been bewitched to look like hers. The note said that she had discovered that I was witholding important information about the incident in the entrance hall and that they must meet outside for fear of being overheard."
"I saw Hedwig bring him the note in the library when I was looking at the map."
"Harry is mortified he was so easily fooled - he blames himself."
"As he should!" Snape said vehemently
"But I saw him with Ginny by the lake - it was weird because she wasn't showing on the map." Even as Anna said the words they rang a bell in her mind.
"But ... this is the second time that Ginny Weasley has been seen without her showing on the map. Have those brothers of hers found some way to fool it?"
"If only it were that simple!" Minerva said with a sigh "On both occasions Anna, Ginny Weasley did not leave Gryffindor tower. It was not Ginny Weasley you saw by the lake, but a shapeshifting creature that entrances its' victim rendering them powerless. That was why they abducted Fleur Weasley - even though she is only part Veela she has their hypnotic power."
"They used her blood to create this ... thing," Snape added, a look of extreme repugnance on his face.
"You see it takes on the form of the person you most love."
"But how did it get into the school?" Anna asked appalled.
" Millicent Bulstrode was sent a double encasement chest: open it normally to reveal the contents, but a special enchantment opens a second chest - one that is otherwise invisible along with the contents. It was too sophisticated a concealment for our security measures to have picked up."
"You knew of this; you knew the night I was stunned by Millicent?"
"Yes. But we could not let Millicent believe that we suspected anything. If there was any indication that she had revealed the contents before it was time, she would have been in grave danger." Anna tried to digest this information. "We confiscated the chest, but gave Millicent the impression that we had no idea what it was or what it contained."
"And that was why Harry saw his mother and Ginny Weasley before, without them showing on the map. Has he been told about this?"
"Yes, Harry knows what happened. Besides, Proudfoot saw the creature, so the ministry were informed. Fortunately the Daily Prophet hasn't got wind of it."
"Did you manage to ...er get rid of it?"
"Well thanks to Severus, we knew how to contain the creature." Anna's eyes flashed to Snape
"So you were at the school that night!"
"Yes" Snape said curling his lip "and thanks to your feline friend you came very close to apprehending me."
"Brandon! The tapestry!" Anna turned back to McGonagall "How is Brandon?"
"Pining for you. I'll bring him to you later."
"Oh thank you Minerva!" with a rush of gratitude "How are things at the school now?"
"Well, we are now subject to a ministry enquiry. Fortunately no students were injured, but " Minerva sighed heavily "more children have been taken home by their parents. The students were all very upset by your disappearance"
"But they know I'm all right now!" Minerva and Snape exchanged glances
"At the moment you are officially 'missing' - the ministry think you were abducted by death eaters," Minerva said
"Whereas the death eaters" continued Snape "believe you to be permanently incapacitated in St. Mungo's, and that the ministry are suppressing that information."
"Your sudden appearance would pose a lot of questions, Anna, particularly among the death eaters. The ministry would insist on interviewing you. It would put Severus in the most terrible danger." Anna looked from Minerva to Snape and back again. She tried to sit up, but Snape sat down on the bed next to her and pushed her down firmly.
"Do not try to exert yourself Miss Hartley" he said impatiently
"But what about my family? What have they been told?"Anna asked her eyes looking forlornly up into his. His hands drew back from her shoulders, and he looked away. Anna turned to Minerva.
"They, like the ministry, believe you to be in the hands of the death eaters." she said slowly
"But you've got to tell them I'm all right!" Anna said desperately.
"Anna - I know this is hard for you to understand, but for the sake of the order .."
"No, I see" she said in a small voice, sinking back on the pillows. As a member of the order she knew she would be called on to make sacrifices, and compared to most others this was nothing, but she still couldn't bear to think of her family sick with worry "I understand Minerva. Was anybody else hurt - Tonks?"
"No. No lasting damage. Although Savage had been on the end of a rather badly performed imperius curse - it took us a while to work out what was wrong with him becasue he was saying everything backwards. Once we realised, Poppy was able to put him right in an instant."
"Who is teaching Defence against the Dark arts now then?" Anna asked
"Alastor Moody has stepped in"
"Oh" said Anna feeling a little disappointed that she was so easily replaced "well, what is there for me to do?"
"Nothing for the present." Snape said "As a healer I am sure you are aware of the seriousness of your condition. The road to recovery will be long and uncomfortable. For the time being you will remain here. When you are well enough to be moved, then we shall consider the options." She looked doubtfully at Snape. The thought of having to remain in this rather ramshackle room "for the time being" with Snape, of all people, filled Anna with such dread that she was sure it would hinder her recovery. Yes, it seemed the road to recovery would be very long and very uncomfortable.

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Even if everyone hates him for it, that's the sacrifice he's making. He's not being the hero. He's being something more.

He's a silent guardian, a watchful protector. A dark knight.

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My Fanfic - Snape's Happy Ending

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Re: Snape's Happy Ending

Sorry for the slight delay - I'm a bit busy at the moment - the kids are off school!

Chapter 8: Questions, questions

The following day Minerva returned accompanied by Brandon, who was looking nearly as thin and unwell as his mistress.
"He hasn't eaten since you left the school" Minerva explained. "Ginny Weasley tried very hard to comfort him and was scratched rather badly for her trouble. The only way I could get him to come with me was to transform."
Brandon meanwhile had leapt onto the bed and settled himself onto a pillow by Anna's head, and was purring loudly. Snape was eyeing the animal with distinct animosity,
"I don't believe that a sick room is an appropriate place for pets." he said slowly. Anna, who was now scratching behind the ecstatic Brandon's ears turned and glared at him.
"Don't be ridiculous! Patients heal more quickly when allowed contact with their pets. They have a calming and mood enhancing effect that promotes healing and general well-being." Snape's eyes narrowed and he moved towards the bed. Brandon hissed and swiped at him with his claws just missing Snape's hand.
"Well, you could try to get him to leave Severus," Minerva said dryly "but quite frankly I don't think thats a battle you are going to win."
Over the next few days Anna became stronger so she could sit up on her own, supported by a huge pile of pillows. She was still having to take countless potions at regular intervals, some she recognised as standard healing potions while others seemed to be Snape's own concoctions. He was sterner and more taciturn than ever which was undoubtedly due to him receiving several nasty scratches on his hand from Brandon. He had of course healed them instantly but it did little to endear the cat to him. Snape however seemed more concerned with Anna's lack of appetite, something she herself found more worrying than she cared to admit. She had always enjoyed her food and frequently lamented the size of her hips, but at
the moment the very thought of food made her feel nauseous. Despite her assurances that she really didn't want anything to eat Snape brought her a small bowl of clear chicken broth.
"Really I'm not hungry at all" she insisted.
"That is to be expected, but if you are to continue to recover you must eat."
"No really I couldn't"
"Miss Hartley- your condition is very serious"
"I know! I am a trained healer you know!"
"Then you should understand the need to build up your strength ."
"Well yes..." she said defensively "but it doesn't help to have you hovering over me looking anxious."
"Well as a trained healer, what do you suggest I do?" he asked waspishly
"Well you could try smiling in a reassuring way." she said looking up at Snape's sour face "then again I think you might injure yourself." A flicker of amusement flashed in his eyes. Anna stared. Was she mistaken? No his face had relaxed very slightly she was sure. He sat on the edge of the bed and tucked a napkin into her nightgown under her chin then with the bowl hovering between them he carefully spooned the soup into her mouth.
"It's very good" she said partly to hide her embarrassment
"Minerva had the house elves make it for you" he said spooning more soup into her mouth. Anna swallowed,
"Thank her for me please, and if you could also thank her for bringing my trunk and things here."
"Yes - could you concentrate on eating, Miss Hartley "
"Um.. please call me Anna. Miss Hartley sounds so formal." He inclined his head slightly in acknowledgement.
"As you wish, Anna." he said rather awkwardly and inserted the spoon rather roughly into her mouth. She waited for him to say how he would prefer to be addressed but he remained silent watching her eat.
"Um... so what should I call you then - Professor ... Sir ... Fuhrer?" again there was a glimmer of amusement.
"Severus ... just Severus." he said, his eyes droppping to his hands. He continued feeding her in silence and Anna reflected that she stood a better chance of having a conversation with Brandon than with Snape. She had so many questions, but Snape had consistently refused to answer her claiming she was too weak and needed to rest. She felt decidedly uncomfortable in his prescence - she couldn't forget that this was the man that had killed Albus Dumbledore. Snape spooned the last of the soup into her mouth
and she wiped her lips on the napkin and handed it to him.
"How do you feel now?" he asked. Anna's stomach felt as if she had just eaten a seven course meal.
"Um ... full, very full. My stomach hurts." Snape looked at her with narrowed eyes then flicked his wand so the bowl spoon and napkin disappeared.
"So - are you going to tell me what this place is?" She asked looking around the room, but not really expecting an answer. He continued to look at her appraisingly for a moment before replying
"The shrieking shack"
"What! That's absurd! Anyway it's haunted? If this is the shrieking shack where are the ghosts?"
"The shrieking shack has never been haunted"
"Of course it has! Everyone knows it's haunted"
"That was merely a rumour created to cover it's real pupose."
"What as a hide out for death eaters?" she asked sceptically. He surveyed her for a moment his eyes hard and cold.
"No, as a hideout for a werewolf."
"You are aquainted with Remus Lupin I believe?"
"Yes, I know he's a werewolf"
"Well this is where he spent the full moon when he was a pupil at Hogwarts." Anna gasped and put her hand to her mouth.
"I had no idea that he had been a werewolf for so long. The poor man!" Snape's eyes glittered
"Yes his condition has had rather a bad affect on his ability to earn a living." There was no mistaking the malice in Snape's voice.
"That's not what I meant!" Anna said fiercely "And you know it!" she added shocked."How can you be so cruel as to mock him? He has struggled admirably against not only his condition but prejudice like yours! I don't blame the werewolves for siding with Voldemort when the ministry makes life so hard for them, but Remus is risking life and limb to try to persuade them that following Voldemort isn't the answer."
"You have such a fondness for animals!"
"And you seem to hate everybody and everything!" He stared hard at her his eyes boring into her,
"Yet Miss Hartley despite my apparent hatred of all things you are alive. Your gratitude is overwhelming."
Anna flushed to the roots of her hair
"I didn't mean ..." she stammered "I am grateful, really I am, it's just ... I just don't get you! You killed Dumbledore for heavens sake! Why save my life?"
"Because I can!" he said without looking at her.
"So why did you kill Dumbledore?" she was determined to get an answer out of him. He raised his eyes to her face.
"It's a long story"
"I'm not going anywhere," Anna said her eyes meeting his, then without warning she threw up all over the front of his robes. Snape frowned
"It would appear that you still have a problem with your stomach." he said calmly and cleaned himself with a quick wave of his wand, then handed her a handkerchief on which she wiped her mouth.
"I'm sorry" she said her face red with mortification as she took a goblet of water from him.
"There is no need to apologise, - unless you deliberately vomited over me." Anna smiled weakly. "I'm sure you would not be alone in wishing to do so." Anna couldn't help herself, she giggled, then clutched her stomach
"Don't - it hurts." He poured out a gobletful of a milky blue potion and handed to her.
"Dyspepsic potion?"
"Precisely" he said then sighed heavily "Your digestive system has obviously been more seriously damaged than I originally thought."
"I have some of my books in my trunk. They might help" Snape nodded
"Then I shall go and study them, while you rest." and he swept from the room.

Severus Snape paced up and down his arms folded, deep in thought - he must have missed something. Upstairs Anna was asleep, her recovery now hampered by her inability to keep any food down. He had studied her books over and over, researching the effect of dark curses on digestion, but it wasn't a subject that was extensively studied. While she wasn't eating he could give her certain potions - strengthing solution, restorative draught, energising elixir- they would keep her alive, but she needed to eat and he needed to find out why she couldn't. He sat down on the sofa holding his head in his hands. An idea sprang into his head - no - it was too simple! But then it was worth a try. Sometimes the simple and obvious answer was the right one.

Anna had been awake for a while when she heard Snape come in. She was surprised to find that she was actually looking forward to his prescence, no matter how grumpy he was because at least he was human company - well almost she thought grinning to herself. She wondered where he went when he left the shack, but she knew it was pointless to ask. He came into the room and sat on the edge of the bed and took a bar of chocolate out of his pocket. Chocolate! Of course she should have thought of it herself - it's
healing powers with dark curses were only now becoming fully understood.
"Eat this" he said tearing off the wrapper and breaking off several squares. He held them out to her an anxious look on his face. Anna giggled
"You've brought me chocolate! How romantic" she said Snape's eyes narrowed
"Just eat it" he hissed through gritted teeth. Pressing her lips together to force back the laughter, she took the chocolate and put it in her mouth.
"I wouldn't sit to close if I were you." she said to Snape who was watching her very closely.
"You feel sick?" he asked anxiously
"Not yet, but well ... for heavens sake will you stop looking at me like that!"
"Like what?"
"Like you expect me to grow an extra head or something!"
"That would certainly be a most unexpected development." he said re-wrapping the rest of the chocolate. Anna laughed and clutched her stomach. Snape moved back, away from her, but still watched her carefully.
"We'll start with just two squares every half hour. If you can keep that down then we'll increase the quantity." he continued to watch her making Anna feel extremely uncomfortable.
"Do you have to sit there staring at me? Can't you read a book or something?"
"Of course if that is what you would prefer." Without another glance at her he pulled back a chair and conjured a book, and settled down to read. Anna was once again left feeling as if she were the most ungrateful wretch in the world.

Snape was immensely relieved that he had at last found something that Anna could keep down. His preoccupation with his patient had meant that he had neglected his other duties. He had only had time to make a very few brief visits to the Malfoys over the past weeks. However this had meant that Draco was now taking on more responsibility for himself and his mother, and Snape wondered how much of this was due to the alarm Draco felt at the possibilty of his mother taking up with another man in his father's abscence. He had also lost track of the death eaters, a situation which he knew he would have to rectify quickly; whether they knew it or not the order were depending on him and the information he could provide.
Anna's insatiable curiosity had not abated since she had left Hogwarts and now she was eating again he was eager to spend more time away from the shack. The curse may well have not robbed her of her sanity, but Severus was beginning to think that she was going to rob him of his if he had to put up with the constant barrage of questions for much longer. So he was feeling particularly peevish when he went into Anna's room the next day. Having examined her quickly he measured out the three potions that she needed to take immediately.
"Severus" she said suddenly. It sounded most odd hearing her call him by his first name. "Um.... I just wanted to say thank you for saving my life." She looked up at him and for the first time he noticed her eyes. They were a deep dark indigo blue, and they held such an expression of earnest gratitude that Snape was completely at a loss as to what to say.
"You're welcome" he muttered, busying himself with the potions. He handed her the first one and she wrinkled her nose.
"This stuff is disgusting" she said and drank it down quickly with a shudder. He passed her the second goblet without looking at her. It steamed vigorously and she took a little longer to drink it before he could finally hand her the last goblet. He made sure she had everything she needed then retreated downstairs to escape a distinctly uncomfortable situation. In some ways he had preferred it when she had been unconscious.
The morning passed quickly - too quickly, so before he had a chance to finish his notes and research, it was time for Anna's next dose of potions, and with a heavy heart he returned to her room.
"Are you avoiding me?" she asked with disarming directness.
"Whatever gives you that idea?" he said not looking at her.
"because ... well ... you just seem to want to get out of here as fast as you can."
"I'm a very busy man."
"Yes. I'm sorry. It's just that I'm bored to tears and I think I'm going to go mad without anyone to talk to." So you'd rather drive me mad Snape thought
"You still haven't answered any of my questions."
"As I recall yesterday I informed you that this is in fact the shrieking shack." Anna sighed heavily
"You know what I mean - about Dumbledore. Why did you kill him?"
"Miss Hartley-" Snape began
"Anna" she corrected him
"Anna, it is very complicated"
"Well I'm sure my brain can cope."
"Perhaps I do not wish to tell you!" he said icily
"And perhaps I'm feeling just a little bit uncomfortable being stuck in here with only a murderer for company!" Anna said becoming agitated "How do I know that you haven't imperiused Minerva? How do I know that your not at this very moment putting some dark plan into action. How do I know that you're not really working for Voldemort?" Snape winced as she said his name. He had tried to control the involuntary shudder that the mention of the Dark Lord's name induced but there was something so blase about the way Anna Hartley said it.
"Don't you like me saying Voldemort?" she asked in an accusing tone "Why's that then? The name can't hurt you." Snape felt hot anger boiling up inside him. How dare she! The silly, ignorant girl! How dare she say these things to him! She had never even faced the Dark Lord, yet alone witnessed his wrath. He clamped his jaws together to stop himself from shouting at her and forced his voice to remain quiet and even.
"You have no idea what the Dark Lord is capable of!"
"We all know what he's capable of!" She said fiercely
"No - you - DON'T!" He said his voice rising with each word as he strode to the bed so he stood over her ominously ."You" he sneered "you have no comprehension of the evil he is capable of. If you had watched men weeping as their wives are mutilated in front of them; children imperiused to kill their own families; parents begging for lives of their children, who are being torured in front of them..." he broke off he had said too much. Anna had gone very pale, her skin appeared almost transluscent. "I should not have said those things" he said turning away "You are not strong enough"
"I .. I'm alright" she said in a quiet voice "I'm sorry" He turned back to her - she was looking up at him with huge fearful blue eyes. Eyes that remined him of someone - he couldn't think who but then it came to him - it was Dumbledore! His eyes had been pale blue, Anna's were so dark they were almost black, yet there was something in her steadfast gaze that reminded him painfully of the old man. He looked away.
"Anna" he resumed unable to meet her eyes "You are still very weak and must rest." As he spoke he picked up a large potion bottle from beside the bed. It wasn't quite time for her sleeping draught, but if it kept her quiet ... He poured out a goblet full and sat on the bed, handing her the goblet. She meekly took a few sips.
"Drink it all" he ordered curtly as her eyelids began to droop. She blinked and sleepily drained the goblet. He watched her as she settled down to sleep then left the room.

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Even if everyone hates him for it, that's the sacrifice he's making. He's not being the hero. He's being something more.

He's a silent guardian, a watchful protector. A dark knight.

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Re: Snape's Happy Ending

OKay here's a short installment!

Chapter 9: Answers

Anna's health continued to improve. She was now eating three light meals a day and had started to regain weight and recover some of the colour in her cheeks. Snape brought her the previous days Daily Prophet each day, so Anna could at least keep up with the news, though some of it was so woefully far fetched or inaccurate she wondered how they dared to call it a news paper.
"A speculation paper would be more accurate" she told Snape looking at the newspaper he had just handed to her.
"I see you made the front page again" she said grinning and turning the paper round so that he could see his own glowering photograph if he bothered to look. Her face fell and she turned it back round again as he continued to ignore it.
"No - it's not the most flattering picture in the world" she said re-examining the front page.
"I think you would be hard pressed to find a flattering photograph of me - and they certainly wouldn't print on the front of the Prophet if you did."
"You're probably right " Anna said hoping it was the right answer and that he wouldn't take offence, as she opened the paper and disappeared behind it.
"Oh they've released Stan Shunpike at last - you know the conductor on the knight bus. I suppose having captured Bellatrix Lestrange and Cuthbert Bulstrode they can afford to let him go, without it looking like they're not getting anywhere."
"Yes." Snape said absently as he measured out her potions. She closed the paper and put it down on the bed to read later when she was alone, but for now she would try to engage Severus in conversation. Since he had lost his temper with her he had become more withdrawn than ever, and Anna had been very careful not to provoke him again. His frostiness was so marked that Anna was sure the temperature dropped by a few degrees everytime he came into the room, like when a cloud passes in front of the sun. Snape's outburst had certainly given her plenty to think about. As a spy Snape had cleary had to witness horrific scenes of brutality and torture, powerless to help the victims, and forced to hide his revulsion. She looked at him with a renewed respect. How could someone do that and remain sane? She looked up into his dour face - No wonder - she thought when such horrors lurked in his memory. And then she had come along with her stupid questions and her "the name can't hurt you" - It was now quite obvioius that the mention of that name hurt Severus Snape a lot.
"Are you still having those dark dreams?" Snape's voice roused her from her thoughts
"Well - sort of- they're not as bad and they're less frequent now." Snape nodded
"Good," he said "And now breakfast." he flicked his wand and a tray appeared on the chest by the window. He carried it carefully to the bed and placed it on her lap.
"Is your appetite improving?"
"A bit" she said. At least she no longer felt nauseous all the time.
"Orange juice, toast, a boiled egg, and tea" he recited
"And no doubt you're going to stand over me and make sure I eat it all"
"I will sit if you prefer." he said drawing back a chair
"Look Severus I'm sorry I hassled you about - well about your loyalties and why you killed Dumbledore."
He raised an eyebrow
"I would have been surprised had you not questioned me given the circumstances" he said in a measured tone "and as I recall your curiousity has always been insatiable" Anna could feel her face burning.
"However I have considered the matter and, as you know that I am still working for the order, I think there could be little harm in telling you the full story behind Dumbledore's death. But only if you eat your breakfast." Anna realised that she was staring at him with her mouth open, feeling her face redden again she closed her mouth and turned her attention to her breakfast.
He sighed heavily
"It started with Lucius Malfoy"
"You're friends with him aren't you?"
"- but he's in Azkaban now"
"Yes - May I continue?" he asked waspishly
"Sorry" Anna said quickly, pouring herself a cup of tea "D'you want some tea?" she asked
"No thank you" he said through gritted teeth." Lucius Malfoy failed the Dark Lord quite spectacularly by getting himself and ten other death eaters captured. This was in addition to previously destroying an item of great value to the Dark Lord."
"Ooooh what?" Anna asked excitedly. Snape glared at her.
"I would get on much faster without interruptions"
"Sorry - carry on"
"To punish him, his son Draco was recruited as a death eater and given the task of killing Dumbledore."
Anna choked on her tea, but dared not say anything.
"Yes - his mother was distraught and came with her sister to see me - her sister being the same witch who cursed you."
"Bellatrix Lestrange?" Snape inclined his head.
"Bellatrix was not convinced of my loyalty to the Dark Lord. I had answers to all her doubts, but she remained suspicious. Narcissa Malfoy begged me to help Draco - I agreed" Snape broke off, his finger tracing the line of his mouth
"I agreed to make the unbreakable vow to watch over and protect Draco and if it seemed he would fail to do the task for him. Your breakfast Anna." She came to herself realising that once again she was staring at him with her mouth open. She picked up a piece of toast and bit into it.
"I told Dumbledore of the vow - but omitted to tell him that I was bound to do Draco's task, because I had absolutely no intention of doing it."
"But that would have meant - "
"Yes!" Snape's eyes glittered "Unfortunately Dumbledore found out about the third clause. And - as I had anticipated he insisted that THAT could not come to pass. He formulated a plan in which Draco and his mother would go into hiding while everyone believed them to be dead. But Dumbledore was insistent that should his plan fail - should it become a choice between his life, and mine and Draco's, I would have to kill him. You see if Dumbledore remained alive, then Draco would certainly have been murdered by the Dark Lord. He knew what he was asking of me - he knew that I would rather die, and I know it troubled him to ask, but his supreme tactical mind could not deny that his death at my hand would not only save my life and Draco's but remove at a stroke all doubts of my loyalties." There was a look of extreme revulsion on his face. The silence was absolute as Anna tried to take in what he had told her. She looked at him - a man so sickened with himself, so agonised to be in his own skin.
"The curse - h-how could ..."
"My curse didn't kill him - the fall killed him. I couldn't even give him a quick and painless death." Anna had never known his voice hold such venom, his eyes were cold and empty windows to a desolate soul.
She wanted to go to him, to put her arms around him, to offer some shred of comfort to such utter despair, but she knew he would push her away. His pride would not allow such weakness. No wonder he hadn't wanted to speak of it! And all this time she had been nagging him with her questions. He looked up at her, his composure restored, as she wiped the tears from her cheeks. A look of panic flickered in his eyes.
"Make sure you eat all your breakfast," he said curtly and getting up quickly, he swept from the room.

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Even if everyone hates him for it, that's the sacrifice he's making. He's not being the hero. He's being something more.

He's a silent guardian, a watchful protector. A dark knight.

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My Fanfic - Snape's Happy Ending

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Re: Snape's Happy Ending

A great big THANK YOU to everyone who has left comments on my feedback thread!

Chapter 10:Baths and showers

Snape had thought he would regret telling Anna the truth about the events that fateful night on the astronomy tower. Her tears had startled him, alarmed him even, it had been an unexpected response. But it surprised him how relieved he felt. The time spent in her company was far less irksome now. Indeed he couldn't quite believe how much he appreciated having someone else believe in him. Especially someone like Anna - what on earth did he mean by that someone like Anna? What did he think Anna was "like"?
Only that she was so well ... un-Slytherin like. There was an honesty about her, she was so guileless. She was like a summers afternoon after a morning spent in the dungeons, when the sun shone so brightly that it hurt his eyes so he would close them and enjoy the sensation of the suns warmth on his face, while knowing that soon he would become too hot and welcome the coolness of the dungeons again. He knew it was weak and felt ashamed of his own weakness, but without Dumbledore he found it hard to be strong. Yet somehow Anna had been like balm on his anguished soul. Minerva had helped him, strengthened his resolve and brought him back from the brink if despair, but Anna had soothed him, and for that he was grateful. He felt guilty about his previous outburst now; her curiosity was only natural afterall, and as she had pointed out she had no reason to trust him. She had a warmth and generosity that he knew he completely lacked. She seemed so untouched by Voldemort's evil, and he knew with a touch of sadness that she would not long remain so. Good grief! what was happeneing to him! He'd been stuck
too long in the shrieking shack with only a sentimental ex-student for company! If he carried on like this the Dark Lord would annihilate him at their next meeting!
She said a sleepy good morning as he went into her room.
"Any chance of me being allowed to have a bath today Severus, pleeease?"
"We'll see" he said as he began measuring out her potions
"Which means no"
"Which means we'll see!"he said without looking at her.
It had been three days since he had allowed her to get up to use the bathroom, releasing her from the indignity of having to use bedpans. Now she was going to nag him until he let her have a bath.
"Come on Severus please! Magical cleaning just isn't the same as a nice hot bath." While he fully intended to let her bathe that day he thought perhaps he would string her along a bit more.
"First your potions" She drank them down quickly.
"Go on, Severus, let me have a bath. I desperately need to wash my hair. Look at it" she said holding up a handful of golden locks "it's so greasy." she stopped abruptly and let her hair fall from her fingers, her face going very red. He frowned - why on earth should she be embarrassed that her hair needed washing? Frankly he could see nothing wrong with it. With a flick of his wand he produced the breakfast tray.
"Oooh scrambled eggs, bacon and grilled tomatoes," she enthused perking up again "Mmm, all my favourites." He watched her tuck in with some satisfaction.
"Good - you're still appallingly thin." he said as he spoke he looked at her appraising - she was certainly starting to gain wait. He'd never understand why women were so obsessed with being thin, why they thought that looking like a bowtruckle in robes was attractive he'd never know.
"I don't see any reason why you can't have a bath before lunch." he said at last.
"Oh Severus I could kiss you!" she said spilling her tea on the sheets. Snape found himself momentarily unable to breathe. His shock and horror must have shown on his face because she grinned at him.
"Don't worry! I'm not going to!" she said.

As darkness had fallen he had ventured out again. The Malfoys had moved on and he had to keep track of what Draco was up to and make sure he was not falling under the influence of any of the more nefarious death eaters. Since Draco had begun to pull himself together, so Narcissa too had regained some of her composure. Snape was encouraged to find that Narcissa was actually pleased that her sister was back in Azkaban.
"After what she did to Draco!" Narcissa said with a fierce look in her eyes.
"She serves only the Dark Lord." Snape said watching her reaction carefully.
"She puts him before her own family" Narcissa spat
"That is the way of death eaters." he replied
"Well it was not Lucius' way." Snape's face remained impassive but he knew that Narcissa had no idea of half of the things Lucius had got up to as a death eater. Draco was eyeing Snape suspiciously and Snape knew he was walking a tightrope where Draco was concerned. He did not want Draco to become further involved in Death eater activity - fortunately the Dark Lord had chosen to focus on others amongst his servants - but nor did he want Draco to cut and run - that would be fatal.
He left the Malfoys and taking every precaution to ensure he was not being followed, he went on to meet with a death eater he knew who was working at the minstry of magic. Snape was not unduly worried by the infiltration of the ministry by death eaters - goodness knows the minstry was able to mess things up enough on their own - a few death eaters would make little difference, and it meant fewer death eaters out there planning their next attack on Muggles or Wizards who refused to join Voldemort. He had bought
round after round of drinks for his companion and listened as his tongue had loosened. It seemed the Dark Lord was once again dwelling on the prophecy, something that made Snape very uneasy. But he couldn't yet return to the shack he had another job to do - a job that required stealth and disguise.
Slipping into the shadows he took a bottle from his pocket and drank the contents.

It was well past midnight when Snape finally returned to the shack. He was feeling exhausted, but sleep elluded him. He was quite used to insomnia, so he sat up in his nightshirt making notes on his recent excursion. Finally he felt his mind drifting and knew that sleep would soon be upon him. He extinguished his candle and slipped betweeen the sheets of his bed, and fell into a disturbed sleep.

Lily was sliding down the wall
"Please Severus!" she begged. he waved his wand
"Avada Kedavra!"
"LILY!"His own scream woke him, shaking and sobbing. "Lily! Oh Lily" he gasped the horror of the dream still with him. Then suddenly there was someone else in the room, their arms encircling him, holding him, whispering words of comfort.
"It's okay. It was just a dream"
"I killed her. I killed her!"
"Sshh - it was just a dream - a nightmare. You're okay"
"No! No! It's my fault - it's all my fault!" and finally he let go, sobbing into her shoulder, his body trembling as her arms held him - arms that made him feel safe. He couldn't remember being held like this before - not since he was a child, and he succumbed to the glorious feeling of being held by another
human being. It was so warm and confortable he felt he could stay like this forever.
"You loved her didn't you" Her voice was just a soft whisper "That was why Harry saw his mother at the school that night. That's why you turned spy for Dumbledore. And that's why...Harry is ...is a torment to you." He couldn't answer even if he had wanted to, yet somehow he knew that Anna didn't expect an answer. Nor did he find that her knowledge pained him. Her voice spoke of understanding not pity. He knew there was no judgement, no scorn or mockery, just an acceptance that he had loved her and that he could not have stopped himself. It was such a relief to let go, to give vent to the tangled emotions that ripped him apart inside. If he could just let them out, he would be okay. He could carry on. But now he just wanted to rest. To cling to the comfort that had so long been denied him. Slowly his sobs subsided. The pain eased and he felt more peaceful than he could ever remember feeling.

As Anna drifted into consciousness she became aware of a sharp pain in her shoulder. She felt that if she didn't move her arm soon she'd be stuck like that forever, but she couldn't move it. There seemed to be something hard and heavy pinning her shoulder down. A deep rumbling snore brought her fully awake. For a minute she lay in shock wondering what on earth she was going to do. He'd had a nightmare and she had come in and soothed him and they must have fallen asleep. Now Severus Snape was fast asleep - his head resting on her shoulder, and one arm and one leg thrown across her body. She tried to wriggle out from underneath him, but he stirred in his sleep. She froze as he snuggled against her and slid his left hand further up her body so his thumb was now resting against her breast. The situation suddenly struck
her as funny - this was afterall the terrifying Professor Snape. She stiffled the urge to giggle and as he stirred again she held her breath. He semed to be waking up! She could feel the panic rising as she realised how embarrassing this would be. So closing her eyes she took long deep breaths feigning sleep.

Severus Snape woke slowly. A wonderfully sensual smell filled his head and he felt strangely relaxed. He shifted slightly, suddenly noticing that his neck was rather stiff and his head seemed to be resting on something hard and lumpy. In fact he seemed to be lying almost on something - or rather someone! With
a jolt Severus leapt out of the bed like a scolded cat and ran horror struck to the bathroom. He bolted the door and lent against it panting. Thank heaven he'd woken up first! If Anna had woken up with him - like that - he hid his face in his hands as if to block out the thought of it.What horrified him more than anything was the realisation that he had actually liked the physical closeness.He could still smell her scent on him and it made him dizzy with longing. Well why shouldn't it? he reasoned with himself. It was perfectly natural: he was a man and she was a woman - and a rather attractive woman at that. Not that she was beautiful, but she was quite pretty, and there was something about her that was definitely ... alluring. NO! not alluring! He most certainly did not find her alluring! A cold shower that was what he needed!

I hope you liked it! (I have a feeling sone of you won't) Please leave your comments here


Even if everyone hates him for it, that's the sacrifice he's making. He's not being the hero. He's being something more.

He's a silent guardian, a watchful protector. A dark knight.

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Re: Snape's Happy Ending

So, new installment time! Enjoy! (Fingers crossed!)

Chapter 11

Anna took the opportunity while Snape was in the shower to tip-toe back to her own room. Brandon was asleep on her pillow and as she climbed into bed, he woke up and stretched. Anna picked him up and plonked him in her lap where he purred loudly as she stroked him. Severus seemed to be mortified by the whole situation so Anna resolved not to mention the incident until he did. She didn't want him to feel humliliated, and she felt sure he would if she made a fuss.
Ten minutes later Snape strode into the room bringing an arctic chill with him.
"How are you this morning," he asked without looking at her, while he measured out her potions.
"Very well," she said, cursing herself as she felt her face reddening.
"And you Severus, are you all right?" she asked unsteadily as he handed her the potions.
"Perfectly all right" he replied curtly, then his eyes met hers for the tiniest of moments. "Thank you" he said stiffly and strode out of the room. Anna struggled not to laugh; she didn't want to embarass him, but he really was quite ridiculous sometimes. She sincerely hoped his awkwardness would pass quickly, afterall he didn't know that she had been awake when he woke up. She was so glad she had pretended to be asleep; she couldn't imagine how he would be behaving if she hadn't. He came back into the room as stiffly as he had left it and Anna had to bite her lip to suppress a giggle. He conjured her breakfast and she pushed Brandon aside to take the tray.
"Thank you Severus" she said smiling up at him. He gave her a curt nod and left the room. Anna's heart sank; What more could she do? She hadn't mentioned what had happened in the night and she was trying really hard to be friendly, but he was being more distant than ever and it didn't seem funny anymore. Why was he behaving this way? She'd thought he trusted her, that they were even becoming friends, but now he was back to giving her not just the cold shoulder but the cold everything.
He came back into the room just as Brandon was sniffing at the sausages. He dropped the Daily Prophet onto the bed and picked up the cat by the scruff of the neck.
"Oh no you don't!" he said. Brandon gave an outraged yowl and swiped at Snape's face with his claws. Snape swore and holding Brandon at arms length strode out of the room.
"OI! - Leave him alone!"Anna leapt out of bed tipping the tray over, as she raced after him.
"What the hell d'you think you're doing?" she demanded
"From now on this cat leaves the room at mealtimes!" Snape said through gritted teeth, his voice barely more than a whisper.
"No he doesn't!" Anna took Brandon from him cuddling him in her arms "He stays with me!" and she stalked back to the bedroom. Snape strode into the room behind her, saw the upturned breakfast tray and gave an exasperated snort.
"You've knocked your breakfast on the floor!"
"Well you shouldn't have taken Brandon!"
"Look at what it did!" Snape hissed pointing to the three scarlet lines glistening on his cheek "It's vicious!" He glared at Brandon, who glared right back.
"Oh don't be such a baby!" she said and pointing her wand at his cheek muttered "Episkey"
"There" she said "Better now? - And anyway you're a fine one to talk about being vicious." Snape's eyes narrowed and he glared at her. Anna gulped, but stood her ground
"I'm not a little schoolgirl who can be intimidated by one of your hard stares anymore."
"Well that's about the only thing that has changed. You're still just as insufferably nosey, asking endless, pointless questions, looking at the world through rose tinted spectacles and dotting you i's with smiley faces."
His words slashed at Anna more fiercly than Brandon's claws had slashed his face. Tears flooded her eyes and spilled down her cheeks. Is this what he really thought of her? She had grown to respect him, even to like him in an odd sort of way - and she thought he liked her too. She wiped her tears from her cheeks.
"Oh why do you women always have to cry!" he snapped
"Because we're HURT! - everybody cries when they're hurt - even you!" she spat at him "but you seem to think it's something to be ashamed of - something to be hidden." his face paled slightly " Oh don't worry - I'm not going to blab your dark secret to anyone!"
From downstairs came the familiar sound of the trap door closing and Minerva's voice.
"What on earth is going on up there?" Snape turned and strode out of the room.
"Just an accident with the breakfast tray Minerva," Anna heard him say. Seconds later Professor McGonagall came into the bedroom to find Anna sitting on the bed wiping her eyes with the back of her hand.
"My goodness Anna - are you all right?" she asked sitting down next to her and putting an arm around her shoulders. Anna nodded as she took the tartan handkerchief Minerva offered her and blew her nose.
"Severus!" Minerva called as if summoning a particularly naughty third year. Anna heard his light tread come into the room.
"What on earth have you done to poor Anna?"
"I?" he said. Even though she wasn't looking at him Anna was sure his eyebrow had raised quizzically.
"I haven't done anything to - poor Anna" Minerva must have given him a very quelling look. Anna heard him sigh sulkily.
"We just had a disagreement about whether her cat should be allowed on the bed at meal times."
"It's all right Minerva," Anna said with a watery smile."Stuck here together for so long, we're bound to get on each others nerves." She could feel the weight of Snapes stare on her, but resisted the urge to look up at him.
"The least you could do is clear up this mess, Severus," Minerva said sharply. Out of the corner of her eyes Anna saw him jab his wand at the mess that had been her breakfast. Anna slid back into bed, Minerva arranging the pillows and smoothing the covers. Snape meanwhile had replaced Anna's breakfast tray and handed the fresh tray to Minerva who settled it on Anna's lap. Anna promptly gave one of the sausages to Brandon, throwing a defiant look at Snape. His jaw clenched and his eyes narrowed to slits.
"Ah! - while I remember Severus," Minerva said reaching into her pocket "I have a letter for you from Potter." she handed him a role of parchment, as Anna choked on her orange juice.
"A letter from Potter?" Anna asked " But..." she stopped for a moment her mouth open "You're the one helping him with his task" she said excitedly, all animosity forgotten. Snape gave her a rather superior look and curled his lip.
"Minerva I feel confident that Anna will soon be well enough to move to another location." Anna felt as if she had been slapped in the face - he could have said something to her first.
"Ah excellent news" Minerva said with a smile "I'm sure Anna will be glad to get out of here." she added with the briefest of glimpses at Severus.
"I can't wait," she said forcibly
"The plan is for you to go to Grimmauld Place." Minerva went on "It's empty at the moment apart from when we have meetings. It would probably be prudent to inform one or two members of the order of your true state of health."
"Oh that would be wonderful Minerva. I'm so sick of these four walls." Anna said relief flooding over her
"And you Severus - no doubt you will be relieved to return to your other duties." Snape gave a slight smile, but his face was inscrutable.
"Indeed Minerva, I shall be glad to be useful again." he said and swept from the room.

Yes I know it's short and it's been a long wait - but I am already working on the next couple of chapters! Feedback can be left here


Even if everyone hates him for it, that's the sacrifice he's making. He's not being the hero. He's being something more.

He's a silent guardian, a watchful protector. A dark knight.

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My Fanfic - Snape's Happy Ending

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Re: Snape's Happy Ending

OKay here's the next chapter - and it's a day early! Hope you like it! I'm rather nervous about this one!

Chapter 12

As the first first week of December came to an end Hogsmeade was hit by a blizzard that lasted for several days and left the window sills heaped with snow. The news that Anna was soon to move to Grimmauld place improved both Anna's and Snape's tempers. Severus was glad to be able to focus again on what he regarded as his real work. His recent investigations had proved very fruitful, and having interpreted his findings with the aid of Dumbledore's notes, and taken into account the information provided in Potter's letter, he was confident he had pinpointed the location of the Hufflepuff cup. Now Anna was so much better he had been able to resume his nightime activities and sleep during the day. He no longer felt comfortable in Anna's prescence and was glad he was spending less time in her company. He found her rather draining and was sure she was weakening him.The feel of her body next to him, the smell of her hair lingered in his mind. Yes it was certainly a good thing that Anna was soon to be moved to Gimmauld Place.
The prospect of not having to spend Christmas at the shrieking shack cheered Anna up no end.She would be glad to be at Grimmauld place and have company other than Snape's. Two days had passed since their argument and she was sure that he was avoiding her, and when he did speak to her he was as cold as the weather. Anna spent her days curled up in bed with Brandon, reading. Snape was quite happy to lend Anna his books, and she felt this was out of a desire to keep her quiet rather than generosity. Minerva came each evening much to Anna's relief, giving her spirits a much needed lift She also brought news from the school and the wider world. The gates it transpired now had the additional protection of a large three headed dog named Fluffy. Anna had not been surprised to learn that the dog belonged to Hagrid. Snape's reaction to this news was a strange, surprised satisfaction.
"Well that monsterous dog should certainly make even the most hardened death eater think twice about attempting to breach the Hogwarts gates."
"Monsterous dog? Have you met him then?" Anna challenged him
"Indeed I have" Snape said with a sneer.
"Yes, and Severus nearly came out of that encounter minus a leg." Minerva added.drily earning herself a bitter look from Snape.
It was later that evening, as Snape was preparing to leave the shack, that Minerva returned looking pale and drawn.
"What's happened" Snape asked immediately.
"Hermione Granger's parents have been attacked." Anna was standing in the doorway in her pyjamas, having crept downstairs at the sound of Minerva's return. She gasped and put her hand to her mouth
"Are they alright?" she asked
"They are both in St. Mungo's - Miss Granger, Ronald Weasley and Harry Potter have all gone to London. They're staying at Grimmauld Place."
"So Anna will not be able to go there?" Snape asked sharply
"I'm afraid not. Mr Weasley will be returning to the school next week, but Potter and Miss Granger will be staying as along as Mr and Mrs Granger are in the hospital." Snape's eyes rested on Anna, an inscrutable look on his face.Anna rounded on him
"Hermione's parents have been attacked and all you can think about is that you won't be able to get rid of me?!" His eyes narrowed
"I am very sorry for Miss Granger and her parents. By all means cry into your pillow if you believe it will help. I, on the other hand, will concern myself with practical issues such as where you are to be hidden."
"Cry into my pillow!" her eyes blazed at him, she was shaking with fury. Snape looked away looking extremely discomforted. Anna turned to Minerva who was looking somewhat surprised by this exchange
"Why do I have to remain hidden? Surely what happened is old news now!"
"I'm sorry Anna, but you really know too much to risk it." Minerva sad sympathetically. "The ministry would be sure to attempt to extract as much information from you as possible, and I am not confident of the level of restraint that they may or may not use. They would consider the capture of Severus a very high priority!"
"But surely it wouldn't occurr to them that I had any knowledge of Severus?" Minerva and Snape exchanged glances, but it was Snape who spoke
"Are you familiar with the branch of magic known as leglimancy?"
"Umm - is that when someone can tell what your thinking or feeling?" Snape winced slightly
"Yes" said Minerva "and the ministry are using it almost as a matter of routine." she added in a disapproving tone.
"But I thought there was a way you can learn to block people out? You know stop them from seeing certain pieces of information," Anna asked tentatively.
"Certainly there is" said Snape
"Well couldn't you teach me?" A momentary silence fell over the shack.
"You know Anna I think that's a very good idea!"said Minerva
"No!" Snape said so sharply that Minerva looked at him in surprise.
"Why ever not Severus?"
"I do not have the time!" he said
"Nonsense!"said Minerva "Just because you failed with Potter - "
"I did not fail with Potter! He refused to try!"
"Look I don't want to cause trouble" Anna said quickly " I only suggested it because ... well it would be safer all round. I can't spend the rest of my life in the shrieking shack!"
"Could Anna not go to one of the other safe houses?" Snape asked impatiently
"Two were destroyed last month Severus" Minerva said "we're over stretched as it is!" Severus sighed heavily!
"It would seem I have no choice!"
"For goodness sake Severus you could at least try to be a little more gracious. It's your skin Anna is protecting - and not just from the ministry either! If I were you I'd be a little more civil to Anna. Now I've got to get back to the school." Minerva strode briskly from the room.
Anna looked at Snape a challenge in her eyes
"Well are you going to be nicer to me?"
"I believe the word Minerva used was 'civil'"
"Well the word I'm using is nice! Ever since you had that wretched nightmare you've been horrible to me. It wasn't my fault you had the nightmare and it wasn't my fault we both fell asleep in your bed! But you're treating me like I've committed some terrible crime, when it seems my only 'crime' was to see you cry. I've tried my best to spare your feelings, but you have ridden roughshod over mine, and treated me with cold contempt." Anna stopped - she was panting slightly and shaking with frustration and anger. Snape stared back at her - he had become very pale, but his eyes -his eyes were on fire, blazing at her, holding her eyes not allowing her to look away. Anna felt as if her insides had just fallen through a trap door, and she became very conscious of her breathing and how little oxygen seemed to be getting into her lungs. She had also quite suddenly become acutely aware of his fundamental maleness.
"You should count yourself lucky. Feelings are a luxury I cannot afford!" He spoke slowly, his voice very low. She stood gazing at him stupidly, unable to speak, unable even to think. Then he dropped his gaze and left the room. Anna sank into a chair - it was as if whatever was holding her up had suddenly given way. She didn't know what to think. That look - that intense look - it seemed that he cared - and her heart leapt at the thought of it. No - that was ridiculous! But as ridiculous as it seemed she had grown fond of Severus. She admired him greatly, even if he was so mean. She knew he carried a great deal of pain and wished that he would open up and share some of it. Did he care for her? He had saved her life and as a healer herself, Anna knew that it was difficult not to grow to care about the people in your care. But was it more than that? He had loved Lily Potter and it seemed he still loved her. Anna couldn't help but acknowledge the ache inside her. She cared for him more deeply than she had realised but how could it be? This was professor Snape the potions master yet he seemed so different. A man of so many contrasts and contradictions. She wished she could do something to ease his suffering as she had the night of his nightmare, but he wouldn't let her near. She went back up to bed but knew that sleep would be a long time coming.

Snape returned to the shrieking shack shortly after midnight. He felt strained and stretched. He had never appreciated how simple and straight-forward life had been before the Dark Lord's return, before Harry Potter had come to Hogwarts. But then, had not the days dragged past in their infinite dullness; had he not just been marking time; had he not felt so desperately impatient for the return of the Dark Lord, so vengeance could be possible and his soul could find rest? It seemed so long ago now. He poured himself a goblet of wine. He felt pulled in so many directions - keeping tabs on the death eaters, always listening, watching for any hint of where the horcruxes might be, and then to return to the shack to be faced with Anna. She had become a very inconvenient and rather painful thorn in his side. How could he focus and concentrate with her expecting him to be "nice"? Perhaps he was a little hard on her, but she knew the pressure he was under. And now it seemed she was going to have to stay in the shack. Well if she was staying he was leaving. She would soon be well enough to take care of herself and Minerva was close enough if there was an emergency. He would of course still make the occasional visit. And now he had to teach her occlumency as well - there had to be another way. He really didn't want to look inside her mind and he certainly didn't want her accidently seeing into his. And it would probably be a complete waste of time anyway as Anna's temperament didn't seem to be at all suited to occlumency. He hadn't meant to upset her but she did seem to be pathetically sensitive, crying at the least provocation, but then that was women all over. Yes he had cried after his nightmare, but that was understandable, and now she seemed determined to remind him of his moment of weakness at every opportunity. Then today! - he took a large gulp of wine - Actually it was now yesterday, - she had stood there in her ivory pyjamas, her golden hair tumbling over her shoulders, her indigo eyes sparkling, her face flushed as she raged at him - looking so damned desirable - even the memory of her like that left him breathless and for that moment he had allowed his mind to wonder what it would be like to hold her, to feel her fragile curves through the silky pyjamas, to cover her perfect mouth with his. Oh God! He tossed back his wine, poured himself another goblet and took a large gulp. Master yourself Severus! You must not allow your feelings to get the better of you! Fight it! Beat it! He sat down and took another gulp of wine, emptying his mind, forcing himself to let go of all his feelings. It took him a long time - it always took him a long time these days, but finally he banished her from his mind and in his exhaustion he drifted off to sleep. Still, his dreams were haunted by Anna who came to his room in ivory pyjamas.

Anna awoke the next day surprised to see that it was past eight o'clock and Severus had not put in an appearance. She measured out her potions and conjured up breakfast, which she shared with Brandon. Then she took a bath and for the first time in weeks she got dressed. She was delighted to find that her favourite jeans which had previously been very tight were now rather loose. She went downstairs to find another book to read and discovered Severus asleep on the sofa, his head tipped back, his mouth open, a half-empty goblet dangling precariously from his right hand. Smiling to herself Anna took the goblet and placed it on the table. He gave a snort and woke with a start.
"I'm sorry I didn't mean to wake you." He blinked and frowned
"You're out of bed!"
"Yes" she said defiantly
"Why are you wearing muggle clothes?"
"I just prefer them. I became addicted to jeans as a teenager. My Mum used to say that she'd have to surgically remove them." Anna smiled remeniscently "She was a doctor, you see."
"A muggle doctor?"
"Yes" she said anger rising in her "My mother was a muggle" she said proudly "Sorry if it offends your pure-blood sensibilities!"
"I'm not a pure-blood" he said lazily
"Well" Anna began fiercely then stopped abruptly "What?"
"I'm a half blood. My father was a muggle."
"Oh" Anna said staring at him in surprise "but you were a Slytherin weren't you?"
He inclined his head by way of reply.
"Didn't they ...er ... didn't they mind? - the other Slytherins?"
"Some did" he said in an off-hand way" Your mother continued to practice as a doctor after her marriage to your father?"
"Yes, it was very important to her. She had a very good understanding of what muggles call alternative medicine and herbal remedies. It's all based on magic you see, which is why the muggles don't understand how it works. They don't get the full benefit of course - not unless - well there are a few wizards who work in the muggle community."
"Your father told your mother he was a wizard before they married." Anna frowned - What a very odd question!
"Yes, he told her when he proposed. He said it was only fair that she knew." Anna watched him; he had a strange unscrutable look on his face.
"Why the sudden interest in my family?"
"Just trying to be - nice" he said silkily
"Oh" Anna said convinced that there was more to it. "Well I grew up with a foot in both worlds. All our neighbours were muggles, but our house - well Mum liked the TV and all the other muggle stuff. Dad enchanted it to work without electricity - and the car too. Our house was full of enchanted stuff. The misuse of muggle artifacts office would have had a field day. Dido's got the car now."
"Your mother no longer uses it?"
"She died" Anna said looking at her feet
"I'm sorry" Anna could tell by his voice that he was sincere.
"Dido's your sister?"
"Yes - she's older than me. My other sister Hero's younger than me."
"Ah yes Dido Hartley! How could I forget Dido Hartley" Anna's heart sank. Nobody, especially no man would ever forget her older sister. Dido was so beautiful, tall and willowy with delicate bone structure and perfect skin. Anna had grown up in her shadow. And now it seemed that her beautiful sister had even made an impression on Professor Snape.
"Your sister's incompetence with a cauldron was almost without equal." Anna stared at him, he met her gaze briefly then looked away. "My apologies. I should not have spoken of your sister like that." he said very stiffly. Anna tried to smother a giggle but failed miserably and choked
"No, no really it's okay! It's just that people don't usually remember Dido's abilities."
"I can't say I'm surprised. As I recall she wasn't academically gifted."
"No, but most people didn't notice - or care about - Dido's academic abilities. They're too dazzled by her." Snape frowned
"Yes I suppose she was rather beautiful." he said dispassionately
"D'you have any brothers or sisters" Anna asked tentatively
"No I have no family"
"What none at all?" Severus did not get to answer however because at that moment the trap door opened and Minerva McGonagall emerged looking pale and tired, her eyes red and dark-ringed.
"What is it?" Anna asked as Severus stood up and strode across the room.
"Mr Granger - Hermione's father - died last night."

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Even if everyone hates him for it, that's the sacrifice he's making. He's not being the hero. He's being something more.

He's a silent guardian, a watchful protector. A dark knight.

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My Fanfic - Snape's Happy Ending

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Re: Snape's Happy Ending

It's two days later but better late than never!

Chapter 13

The Grangers it transpired were not the only muggles to have been attacked. Up and down the country muggle parents of magical children had been targetted by Death Eaters. The Creeveys, the Finch-Fletchleys - in fact all
parents of muggle born students who had remained at Hogwarts. Snape left at once to investigate, despite Minerva's protests that he would be spotted. Minerva looked haggard; the school had closed early for Christmas, the children had left, and ministry officials were on their way for an emergency meeting.
Snape returned later to report that the Malfoys had finally decided to go into hiding, but he didn't stay long and had soon gone out again. Anna kept herself busy tidying the shack and laundering her clothes, but even these simple tasks left her feeling very tired so she went to bed early and quickly fell asleep.
She was awoken before dawn by the sounds of Severus returning to the shack. She tiptoed downstairs to find him looking pale and worn, and panting slightly taking gulps from a large flask.
"Strengthening solution?" she asked. He jumped, drawing his wand, then relaxed.
"Rough night?" she asked. He nodded curtly, but seemed reluctant to look at her
"I had a run in with two aurors" Anna gasped and bit her lip. "Nothing I couldn't handle" he said dismissively but Anna was sure he was making light of what had been a very dangerous situation.
"You look done in. D'you want a cup of tea?" He looked across at her
"Thank you, yes" something flickered in his eyes for a moment before he looked away, and as Anna left the room he sank onto the sofa.She returned to the room carrying a tray laden with teapot and mugs and a plate of buttered crumpets. Snape looked at her suspiciously
"Minerva told me you were rather partial to buttered crumpets." Something like a smile flitted across his face
"She worries about you," Anna said, smiling herself "we both do." He looked up sharply at this, his hand poised over the crumpets, his eyes fixed on her face.
"You both do?" he asked, his eyes suspicious again.
"Of course" she said smiling as her insides melted. He looked so vulnerable, like a frightened child, terrified the offered treat would be snatched away. He looked away quickly and bit into a crumpet. A great wave of emotion swept over her, tears prickled her eyes. She wanted so much to hold his face in her hands. to look into those infinite black eyes, to kiss him until he was sure that she did care. Anna blinked rapidly and poured the tea, her hand trembling under the realisation that she was falling for him - had already fallen for him. It wasn't as if he was good looking, she scolded herself, but she found his face fascinating, so much so that other faces seemed bland and boring. And it wasn't even as if he was nice. He was rude, sarcastic, bad-tempered and sometimes just plain nasty, but somehow she trusted him completely. Was it just a reaction to him saving her life? Was it simply that he was almost the only company she'd had for six weeks?
Severus chewed his crumpet and tried not to think about Anna. At least she wasn't wearing those other pyjamas. He halted that train of thought in it's tracks and helped himself to another crumpet. She had said that she worried
about him and she had smiled, an ordinary smile, but no one elses smile deprived him of the capacity for coherent thought. Lily's had of course. Lily's smile had been so bright it had dazzled him, but it brought no comfort and
unbidden into his mind came the memory of Anna's arms holding him. How he ached for that comfort again! Anna was right; it had been a rough night. The hardest part had not been duelling with the aurors. No, it had been meeting Greyback. Nothing would ever extinguish the horror from his mind. That creature surely could sink no lower. He was the worst of human and wolf distilled into one being. He took the mug that Anna handed him.
"Thank you," he said risking a glance in her direction. Her eyes were full of concern. He wanted to fall asleep in her arms, and hated himself for such weakness. He bit savagely into the last crumpet. It wasn't fair, it just wasn't fair. He couldn't deal with this now. He'd have to leave the shack. He couldn't risk staying here any more, but tea and hot buttered crumpets and the sight of Anna's concerned eyes made it so hard to contemplate leaving. He gulped down his tea and finished his crumpet, then stood up and went to the door.
"Sleep well, Severus" she said. There was something about the way she said his name that made the hairs on the back of his neck stand on end. Her voice seemed to caress the word and it sent shivers down his spine. He dared not look back at her, and as he mounted the stairs he had already started to empty his mind.
It was lunch time when Severus awoke and returned downstairs. Anna was deep in conversation with Minerva, when she heard him come down the stairs.
"Ah! Severus" Minerva said, "more bad news, I'm afraid. It seems that Sybill Trelawney has gone missing." Snape stared and became visibly paler, he staggered and clutched the back of a chair.
"Severus are you all right?" Anna asked as she stood and went to him, but he waved her away before lowering himself onto a chair. He looked ashen faced.
"When did this happen?" he asked his voice stiff and emotionless.
"Well" Minerva began "Hagrid told me this morning that Sybill went out yesterday afternoon, while he was feeding Fluffy. She had arranged to come back at five o'clock, but she didn't return, so Hagrid went to look for her. Of
course he ended up having a few drinks in "The Three Broomsticks" and completely forgot about poor Sybill. He only rememebered this morning. I've spoken with Aberforth and he's managed to discover that Sybill was seen in
the village with some rather unsavoury looking characters. Though why anybody would want to abduct Sybill is beyond me."
"They were death eaters." Snape said abruptly
"What?" Anna and Minerve spoke together.
"There can be no doubt." Snape said with an air of finality.
"Severus why would death eaters abduct Sybill?" Minerva sounded incredulous." What have you heard?"
"The Dark Lord has been wanting to get hold of Sybill Trelawney for some time now." Anna and Minerva exchanged doubtful glances
"You are both Order members; you know of the prophecy."
"You mean the prophecy about Harry and Voldemort?" Anna asked
"Yes," Snape hissed. "You know the Dark Lord knows only part of it, and has long desired to hear the full prophecy."
"Yes Severus" Minerva interupted impatiently " but what has this got to do with Sybil.? Does she know the prophecy?" Severus gave a twisted smile
"Strangely enough she doesn't, but she is the person who made the prophecy."
"What?" Anna and Minerva said in unison.
"Surely you can't be serious." Minerva said.
"Deadly serious. She is completely unaware that she delivered the prophecy. She has no conscious memory of it."
"But the spy" Anna said thoughtfully "There was a spy wasn't there, who overheard the prophecy being delivered and told Voldemort. He would have known it was Sybill who gave the prophecy and would have told Voldemort
... I mean the Dark Lord." Anna added as Snape gave her a dark look.
"Precisely" he said
"Severus, no" Minerva whispered, clamping her hand over her mouth "Is there nothing we can do?" Severus shook his head.
"Surely there must be something." Anna said desperately
"It's too late." Severus said his voice very low.
"That spy's got a lot to answer for!" Anna said fiercely
"Anna" there was a warning note in Minerva's voice and her eyes flicked to Severus and back. Anna stared unable to believe what Minerva's eyes were plainly saying.
"It was you?" Anna asked in shock and horror, her eyes fixed on Snape.
"Yes, it was me." he hissed without looking up. Anna sank into a chair and stared out of the window at the grey sky. She'd known he had been a death eater, but somehow it hadn't seemed real.
"I would have thought Potter would have told everyone by now."
"Harry knows?" Anna said appalled. "No wonder he hates you." Severus looked up at her, his eyes dark and brooding. She tried to speak but found she couldn't. He looked away.
"I expect the Dark Lord will summon us to share the good news" he said sardonically, his right hand rubbing his left forearm.
"Us" - the word reverberated in Anna's head. He included himself - he was one of them - one of the Dark Lord's death eaters. Anna felt her throat constricting, her eyes filling up. I mustn't cry she thought and she swallowed hard and stared out of the window. The sky was heavy, it looked like they would have more snow. She quickly wiped her eyes and looked back at him as he studied the floor. But he wasn't one of them; he was here telling Minerva all he could and when he was summoned he would face him. Anna shuddered. Face him and lie to him. Yes he had a lot to answer for and he had answered for it with his life, by risking it to bring down Voldemort. Severus gasped and clutched his arm.
"I must go." he said.

PLease tell me what you think here


Even if everyone hates him for it, that's the sacrifice he's making. He's not being the hero. He's being something more.

He's a silent guardian, a watchful protector. A dark knight.

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My Fanfic - Snape's Happy Ending

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Re: Snape's Happy Ending

New chapter! Hope you like it!

Chapter 14

Anna waited for Severus to return. Waited until it was dark. Waited through the night until the sun came up. But he didn't come. And as she waited, as the candles flickered and guttered, she dwelt on her last words to him.
"No wonder he hates you." Those were the words with which she had sent him to face Voldemort. She cried, great sobs of regret as she clung to Brandon for comfort. It was true, it was no wonder that Harry hated
Severus after everything that he had done to his family, but Anna also knew that Severus had never meant any harm to Harry. She knew the bitter regret that Severus carried with him. He had loved Lily, and at that moment Anna hated her. Why couldn't she have loved Severus? And in her mind, Anna thought of him happy with Lily (who looked like Dido) but it only made Anna hate her more. She had never known anyone like Severus. He was an extraordinary wizard, an extraordinary man. He could speak dismissively of duelling two aurors, yet couldn't face the embarrasment of waking up next to her. She wanted to know where he was, that he was safe. She jumped at every noise, hoping that it wasn't Minerva come to tell her that he had been captured. And so she waited until the sun rose and sleep took her.
Anna woke with a jolt, her neck stiff, her body shivering with cold. She looked around for any sign that he had returned, but the shack was just as she had left it. She hurried upstairs, but his room was empty. She choked
back a sob. Where was he? Outside it was snowing, great fat snowflakes drifting silently down and already the light was fading. She returned forlornly down the stairs and conjured a fire in the grate, huddling in front of it to
warm herself with Brandon. It all made sense now; the nightmare and why he blamed himself for Lily's death. What she didn't understand was why he had joined the death eaters in the first place. She left Brandon stretched out in front of the fire and made herself a mug of tea. She sipped it thoughtfully, looking out at the thickly falling snow. As she watched, a black figure appeared from nowhere and fell in the snow. Her heart leapt into her mouth. Dropping her mug and snatching up her wand she ran from the room, unboarded the door with a wave of her wand and ran out into the snow. He lay motionless a black shape in the brilliant whiteness of the snow. With fear spurring her on she lifted the magical, protective barriers from around the shack as she ran. She was beside him in seconds.
"Severus are you all right?" she asked desperately as she knelt next to him in the snow. "What's happened to you?"
"The Dark Lord's wrath" he said and with some effort he pushed himself into a sitting position.
"Don't try to move," Anna said putting an arm around him to help him.
"I'm all right" he said impatiently trying to push her away "Apparation took a lot out of me"
"You could've splinched yourself in this condition!" Then she saw that the snow beneath him was red.
"You're bleeding" she said struggling to find a way into his robes which were saturated with blood.
"I stopped the bleeding" he said irritably catching hold of her hands.
"Are you sure?" she asked looking into his eyes. He grimaced as he nodded
"I'm sure" he said and began to struggle to his feet.
"I'll conjure a stretcher" she said
"I can walk!" he snapped.
"Not without help!" she said pulling one of his arms over her shoulder. He tried to pull away, then gave up and leaned on her to catch his breath.
"Severus ... what about ... Sybill?" Anna asked though she knew the answer. He bowed his head looking at the blood-stained snow, then shook it very slightly.
Somehow Anna got him to his bedroom and slid him gently onto his bed, though she heartily wished he had let her conjure a stretcher. With a flick of her wand she removed his cloak and shoes.
"I just want to sleep" he moaned
"I'm sure you do, but I'm gonna take a look at you first." Another flick of her wand and his robes came off, then his tightly buttoned tunic which was saturated with blood. Underneath it his shirt, which had once been white, was now a thick red mass of congealed blood.
"You've lost a lot of blood. What on earth happened to you?"
"I'm all right now. Leave me alone" Snape said clinging to his shirt as it tried to remove itself from his body.
"Don't be ridiculous Severus, you can't sleep like that!"
"Believe me I can" he said firmly, but with a quick flick of her wand she had removed his shirt. Anna gasped.His chest was a mass of long red cuts and gashes, which had been crudely healed. She stared at him horror struck.
"Good God Severus, what did they do to you?" her voice broke as she spoke
"No more than I deserve." he said staring at his knees, his voice hard and low.
"Severus, you don't deserve this!" she said fiercely. He looked up quickly, his eyes meeting hers.
"I'm sorry for what I said." she said earnestly
"You only spoke the truth." he looked away again.
"We've got to get you cleaned up." she said quickly
"No really Anna I'd rather just -"
"Don't argue with me Severus. We can do this with the full body bind or without it - it's up to you" Too tired to resist, Snape submitted and allowed her to syphon off the blood and examine him. She ran her fingers over the
wounds, feeling for the magic that had caused them, her forehead puckered as she concentrated hard on her work. Severus lay back, trying not to wince as her probing fingers ran over his raw and painful injuries. Anna used both her wand and her hands as she chanted the healing incantations, and under her expert touch his wounds knitted themselves together so they were barely visible. She worked on down his pale lean body, Severus dozing as she healed each wound in turn until finally there was just one long deep gash left unhealed. It ran in a jagged line from his chest down across his stomach and disappeared under his trousers. Without pausing Anna began unbuttoning his trousers. Snape's eyes flew open in alarm and he grabbed her wrist
"That's enough!" he said emphatically. Anna stared at him in surprise
"Severus, I'm a trained healer" she said matter-of-factly continuing to unbutton his trousers with her other hand.
"I sincerely doubt you've got anything I haven't seen before."
"I said that's enough!" he snarled grabbing her other wrist with his left hand, and as he did so she caught sight of the ugly mark on his left forearm. She did a double take and stared wide-eyed.
"It seems I have got something you haven't seen before" he said grimly
"Yes, and as I've already seen it you can get your trousers off" she said unperturbed "but as you're so shy, I'll cover your modesty" she added conjuring a sheet from thin air which fell over him seconds before she whipped his trousers off with a deft flick of her wand. Snape clung to the sheet glaring at her.
"Now if I can continue" she said pointedly and resumed working on his last wound, while he seethed. In addition to the cuts, purple and blue bruises were developing all over his pale skin and Anna insisted on applying Weasleys Bruising paste to the worst of them. Then she handed him his nightshirt which he gratefully wriggled into and measured out a large dose of analgaesic elixir.
"One more thing" she said picking up a quill and bottle of ink from beside the bed
"What now?" he said testily. She took hold of his left wrist, pushed up his sleeve and began making quill strokes on his arm.He tried to pull it away but she held it firmly
"Ah, ah, ah!" she said reprovingly, a smile playing on her lips.
"What are you doing Anna?" he asked impatiently
"You'll see" she said. He tried to look, peering over her arm
"No peeking" she said " and keep still or it'll be wonky."
"It tickles" he said, but his protest was half-hearted
"Don't tell me that Professor Snape is ticklish. If that gets out your reputation will be in tatters" she said
"There!" She released his arm to reveal that over his dark mark she had drawn a mop of dark hair, a large handlebar moustashe and an enormous beard.
"I was going to make it a smiley face, but I know you don't like them," she said as he stared at it, a curious expression on his face.
"Very artistic" he said at last.
"Liar!" she said grinning at him. "Now you can get some rest. Sleep well Severus!" and without thinking about it she leaned over and kissed him on the forehead. She had reached the door before she realised what she had
done. She closed it quickly behind her knowing that her face had gone very red. But he hadn't protested. He hadn't pushed her away. Nor had he made a fuss about her drawing on his arm. It seemed there was hope yet and as she walked away she grinned to herself.

Snape lay back exhausted but unable to sleep. He felt... he felt as if someone had inflated an enormous balloon in his chest, light as a feather and really very strange indeed. Perhaps it was a reation to the large dose of analgaesic elixir Anna had given him, or perhaps it was just Anna. He had left the shack thinking she hated him. She had seen who he really was and had been revolted. He hadn't intended to come back to the shack but at that moment he hadn't anywhere else to go. He had expected her to condemn him, say it served him right, not to heal him and draw silly pictures over his dark mark. A low chuckle escaped him. Was he going mad? No, a voice said in his mind, you love her. You love Anna Hartley. No! How could he? How could he be so disloyal to Lily's memory? Lily who was everything that was pure and good, who deserved his undying devotion, yet had received only betrayal. Lily who had always stood for what was right. He hid his face in his
hands. And now he was betraying her again. But he could not help the way he felt about Anna. She had slipped into his mind, crawled under his skin, so now it felt as if she'd always been there, a part of him. He longed for her, yearned for her with every atom of his being. Was it lust? No. As much as her body haunted his dreams he knew that his feelings went beyond physical attraction, that had come later. It was her mind, her personality -Oh what was it? Her very being that filled him with desire, yet what was she compared to Lily. Lily had been an angel, a perfect angel. Her smile like sunshine, her laughter like music. But Anna, Anna seemed to reach down inside him, she looked upon the dark unprobed depths of his soul, and yet she did not turn away. It frightened her, he knew it frightened her, but that only made her more amazing. And then she had kissed him. He closed his eyes trying to recapture the feeling of her lips on his forehead, and as he brought to mind the soft feel of her cool lips on his skin he drifted off to sleep.

The third time Anna put her head around the bedroom door, Severus opened his eyes and sat up.
"Oh good, you're awake" she said brightly.
"What time is it?" he asked stiffling a yawn.
"Time for your sponge bath."
"NO?!" he roared clinging to the sheets and eyeing his wand.
"Only joking" she said with a grin. "How are you feeling this morning?"
"I'm fine. You seem to have almost fully recovered." he said watching her.
"Yes - just a bit tired" she conjured up a breakfast tray."Your turn for breakfast in bed. Oh it's eight thirty by the way." she added placing the breakfast tray on his lap. "Minerva popped in earlier. I told her you were back
- and ..and about Sybill." Severus froze his goblet of orange juice poised between his tray and his mouth.
"She wasn't ... it was what she expected, I think." Anna looked at him, he seemed to have withdrawn from her and she felt like kicking herself for having mentioned Sybill.
"Thank you for breakfast Anna" he said with the air of someone who wished to be left alone. Anna could think of nothing to say so she just said
"That's okay," and left his room.

He came downstairs some time later and having had a bath and put on fresh clothes he appeared to be the same old Snape. Indeed other than a sharp intake of breath when he sat down, he gave no indication that anything untoward had happened.
"Do you feel up to assisting me with a little research Anna?"
"Yes of course" Anna said standing up, surprised and rather flattered that he had asked for her help. He drew his wand, wincing as he did so.
"Severus you don't have to pretend that nothing happened." He glared at her, his eyes cold and hard.
"What happened Severus?" Anna asked softly. He looked at her suspiciously for a moment, then his eyes seemed to soften.
"The Dark Lord knows the full prophecy " He said with a defeated air. He seemed lost in thought then he looked at her and continued "The fragment he had not previously heard indicated that an attack on the child might not be the wisest course of action.. In short the Dark Lord blamed me for the loss of his powers."
"What? That's not fair!" Anna said outraged
"I'll be sure to tell him next time I see him," he said drily, apparently amused at her reaction. "He was looking for an excuse to punish me."
"Because I killed Dumbledore."
"But that's what he wanted!"
"What he wants is to be feared above all others. Dumbledore's death may have convinced him of my loyalty, but it was a show of power on my part, and power is something that the Dark Lord wishes to remain exclusive
to himself. He wanted to ensure that it is him his followers fear, not me."
"So he did that to you?" Anna said horrified
"No. The other Death Eaters did it to me."
"The other ... "
"Yes. It's a favourite pastime of theirs."
"But why were you cut? I thought Death eaters used the cruciatus curse."
"They did." he said, his eyes dropping as he spoke, a haunted look clouding his face. He looked up at her again
"but watching someone suffering unendurable pain and begging to be killed has little entertainment value."
"Oh yes. It is much more ... interesting to slice a man open and watch his face as he sees his own blood pour out of him, and then to close the wound and repeat the process. "
"Severus." she whispered her eyes filling up "How could you think you deserved that?" He looked across at her, his eyes once again cold and hard.
"That spy has a lot to answer for!" he said
"I didn't know it was you," she said unable to stop the tears spilling down her face.
"And why does that make a difference? Why should a nameless, faceless spy be condemned, but when that spy is given a name and a face he is reprieved?" She had never thought he would take her words so much to heart.
"People died Anna. People are still dying" he broke off and looked away. "Sybill Trelawney is now dead. What is worse, she had her mind and memory ripped apart before she died - because of me - because of what
I did!" It was that same utter despair that she had seen before. She went to him kneeling before him and taking hold of his hands. She could feel him trembling.
"You told Voldemort the prophecy, but you didn't tell him to do those things. You're not responsible for what V... the dark lord does Severus."
"But if I hadn't -"
"Then he may have found out some other way. What you did was wrong, but you had no idea what the consequences would be, and you have done so much to try to make things right." His hands tightened over hers, and a loud sob escaped her.
She was crying again. He couldn't bear it - he never could - his insides seemd to dissolve. He couldn't look at her, he couldn't face such naked emotion.
"I'm sorry, Severus" she said through her tears "I know you hate it when people cry."
'Especially you' he thought but he couldn't speak; his tongue was stuck to the roof of his mouth as surely as if he had used his own spell on himself.
'Coward!' a voice in his head screamed at him. He knew it was fear that
had frozen him.
'Face it you Coward' He sat balanced between to lives, the pain, the unbearable pain of a lifetime pressed against the dam of his defences.
Releasing her hands, he opened his arms and she fell against him, her head buried in his chest, her hands clutching his shoulders. She felt so small, so helpless. His arms slowly closed around her and he felt her relax against him, felt her warmth and softness against his own cold, rigidity. And as he held Anna against him he remembered that day so many years ago

"Not crying are you Snape?"
"Ah poor Severus wants his Mummy!"
"Severus - Ha - you mean Snivellus!"

And he knew what no eleven year old boy could really believe; that it took more strength, more courage to cry than to hate. Finally he succumbed to the years of grief that he had bottled up The pain was intense, an emotional cruciatus, yet somehow he could bear it and he felt a power within him that told him he could endure it. A power he knew he'd always had, yet had been too afraid to wield, because the price of that power was pain. That power was love, and at last he understood what Dumbledore had said, what Dumbledore had stood for.

He held on to her long after his tears had dried. He just didn't want to let her go. And she clung to him as if ... as if she felt something more than pity. But he knew that was impossible. Anna's warm heart and generous spirit would forgive him, but he knew better than to expect her to love him. He had learnt that lesson twenty years ago. And he would not wish that for her. He had nothing to offer her. A wanted man, a spy who lived his life on a knife edge haunted by a dark past that refused to release him. She deserved so much better. But it slashed his heart to think of her with someone else. She pulled back and looked up into his face her eyes full of concern.
"Are you all right?" she asked. Of course he was all right, he was with her. He tried to commit every detail of the moment to his memory. He could tuck it away in the dark recesses of his mind where no one would see it, and when he needed her, she would be there.
"Yes" he said huskily. Then quickly cleared his throat and looked away before he completely lost his head and kissed her. He imagined her outraged response and a sharp slap across the face. The last thing he wanted was to destroy the trust she had in him. And then it hit him, why her eyes reminded him of Dumbledore. They held the same absolute trust, the same belief in him that Dumbledore's eyes had always held. He stood up quickly and went to the window.
Anna watched him. For a moment she had thought, hoped, he was going to kiss her. Then he had looked away. Perhaps she should have taken the initiative, but no. She instinctively knew that she had to let him take it at his pace. The moment had passed, so she stood up.
"Want a cup of tea?" she asked, though she thought she could really do with a good slug of firewhisky. He looked round at her and smiled. Her heart seemed to stop. She had never seen him smile before. It was a warm smile that shone from his eyes and completely changed his face.
"Yes, thank you Anna." he said.

So what d'you think of it? Comments here please!


Even if everyone hates him for it, that's the sacrifice he's making. He's not being the hero. He's being something more.

He's a silent guardian, a watchful protector. A dark knight.

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My Fanfic - Snape's Happy Ending

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Re: Snape's Happy Ending

I'm really sorry but I just couldn't get a complete chapter finished this week, and as I'm going away for a week from tomorrow (Saturday) I thought I'd post what was ready.
Thanks to everyone who has left comments on the feedback thread - it is very much appreciated. But obviously I won't be able to reply to comments this week ( Although I'm hoping to pop into the forums before we leave tomorrow )
Has anyone heard anything of Fallingrock and giggin? If you're out there - hope you're okay!

Chapter 15 (well a bit of it anyway)

Minerva arrived at the shack later that day to find both Anna and Severus sitting at the table, which was totally covered with large piles of heavy books, each engrossed in an old and yellowing volume. They both looked up,
Anna rubbing and stretching her eyes, which were sore from straining to read the handwritten text. Snape stood up
"Severus, how are you? Anna said you'd been hurt." He gave Anna a sideways look
"Nothing of any consequence. Minerva, I need you to get a message to the ministry. The Dark Lord is planning to free the death eaters in Azkaban. I believe it to be in preparation for the implementation of a much larger plan to
take over the ministry. "
"Have you seen 'The prophet' today then Severus?" she asked
"Percy Weasley has been arrested."
"What?" Anna said loudly. Snape's eyebrows shot up.
"Yes, he was caught passing security information to a non-ministry wizard who turned out to be a death eater."
"McClaren?" Snape asked
"Yes" Minerva confirmed "however the minstry are refusing to consider the possibilty that Percy Weasly was acting under the Imperius Curse. Molly is beside herself with worry." Snape frowned and then pulled a roll of parchment
from a pocket.
"For Potter?" Minerva asked, Snape nodded."Have you started the occulemency lessons, Severus?"
"I was hoping to be able to use Albus's pensieve." he said
"I'm afraid that won't be possible Severus. Potter has been using it and has taken it with him to Grimmauld Place."
Severus didn't reply, but Anna could tell he was disturbed by this news.
"I'll see what I can do" Minerva said apparently also recognising Snape's displeasure " In the meantime I'm sure you can manage without it."
After Minerva had gone, Snape and Anna resumed their research, with Anna reading aloud any passages that looked hopeful.
"Why are we looking for Necotic curses anyway?" Anna asked as she turned over another thick and yellowing page.
"I'm afraid I can't tell you that" Snape replied without looking up.
"And when are you going to start teaching me occulemency?" He looked up at this.
"I want to be sure you are fully recovered. Occlumency can be physically, mentally and emotionally draining," he said slowly.
"So when d'you think that'll be?" Anna asked. He sighed heavily
"After Christmas" he said irritably. Anna took the hint and quietly continued skimming through the text, until her yawning became so marked that Severus told her to go to bed.
She lay back in her bed feeling dreamy. He cared about her - she was almost sure of it. And he had looked like he wanted to kiss her. She grinned smugly to herself. It seemed almost surreal that she was imagining herself being held and kissed by Severus Snape. The man she had fallen in love with seemed so different from Professor Snape the potions master. Then he had just seemed like a scary teacher with a fearsome reputation and a razor-sharp sense of humour. Now - now he was a man who willingly put himself amongst the most terrible wizards alive so he could bring them down from within. He witnessed the horrors they commited, faced extreme punishment for his failures and knew he was hated almost as much as Voldemort himself. His single-minded, stoical dedication to the cause, left Anna feeling ashamed that she had done so little for the Order. To be admired by such a man - well Anna felt flattered and humbled, and hoped she was worthy of his admiration.
When she awoke the following morning it was to find that she was alone. She was starting to panic when she discovered a hastily written note amongst the books on the table.
I have been called away. I do not know when I shall return.
Yours Severus.
Called away? What did that mean? Had Voldemort summoned him or was it something else, like the task he was helping Harry with? Anna felt as if she was deflating with disappointment. She missed him already. She sighed and
resigned herself to a lonely day of research into necotic curses. There was another letter addressed to Minerva which Anna gave her when she visited the shack later that day. Minerva's letter was rather long and Anna found
herself wondering what Severus had to say to her. When she had finished reading it Minerva threw it on the fire.
"Did Severus leave you a letter?" she asked. Anna nodded "Have you burnt it?" Anna's heart sank. Inexplicably she had wanted to keep his note. Reluctantly, but trying to appear nonchalant Anna pulled out her letter and put it on the fire.
"Has he been called by Voldemort?" Anna asked
"Yes" Minerva replied looking grim
"Did he say how long he'd be gone for?" she asked hopefully
"No" Minerva said" but I should think he'll be gone for at least a couple of days."


Even if everyone hates him for it, that's the sacrifice he's making. He's not being the hero. He's being something more.

He's a silent guardian, a watchful protector. A dark knight.

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My Fanfic - Snape's Happy Ending

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Re: Snape's Happy Ending

Okay - sorry for the wait. At last here it is

Chapter 15 (part II)

Anna threw herself into the research as it was the only way she could help Severus and the only way to keep her mind from dwelling on the dangers that he was facing. The Daily Prophet told of a night of attacks on muggle-born witches and wizards and their families, and renewed attacks on the muggle community. A supermarket had been burnt to the ground killing numerous muggles and the Dark Mark had been set in the sky over it. The following day the headlines told of a football stadium that had collapsed during a match, with casualties counted in hundreds. Death eaters had been seen in their distinctive masks and hoods and once again the Dark Mark had appeared in the sky.
"The muggles have no idea what it means of course. I've been speaking with some of our order contacts in the ministry and apparently it is well known that Voldemort has been threatening this kind of mass muggle killing if Scrimgeour won't stand aside."
"But Scrimgeour won't give in to that!"
"No," Minerva agreed. "Trouble is he's under pressure from the muggle prime minister as well. The muggles have been calling for his resignation, and of course that would only de-stabilise the situation and make it worse."
"Minerva?" Anna started tentatively "You don't think that Severus was involved in any of this do you?"
"Well if he was it would be very reluctantly" she said rather tartly "I hope you're not doubting his loyalties Anna?"
"No of course not" Anna said quickly "It's just that - if he appeared reluctant it might - it might look suspicious to the other Death eaters."
"Anna, I am confident in Severus's ability to appear just as he should to the other death eaters."
On the third day of Severus's abscence Minerva arrived earlier than usual looking pale and tight lipped. She wordlessly held up the front page of the prophet whose headlines announced that there had been a mass breakout from Azkaban. Anna took the paper and Minerva sat down waiting until Anna had finished the report that went on over several pages. Finally Anna closd the paper and looked down at the faces of the escapees which were glaring out at her from the front page.
"Severus said this would happen. I tried to warn the ministry" Minerva sighed heavily "They are some of Voldemorts most fanatical supporters" Minerva said her voice sounding unusually high. "And now they're out there again."
Anna stared down at the arrogant, heavy-lidded eyes of Bellatrix Lestrange. She found the face of the woman who had cursed her disturbing, but strangely fascinating.
"Then we have to work harder." she said, and looked up at Minerva who smiled slightly
"Spoken like a true Hufflepuff, Anna. Pomona would be proud if she heard you." Anna felt her face redden.
"You know Minerva - if there is anything I can do to help..."
"Severus said in his letter that he had asked you to do some research with him. It seems to be a very high priority, so I think you should concentrate on that." Minerva shook her head again "I remember the last time Voldemort was taking over, his rise to power went unchecked because nobody knew what he was doing. This time we know what's coming, but unfortunatley the ministry still doesn't seem to know what to do about it and the wizarding community is too scared to stand up to him. I've a feeling of foreboding, Anna. The whole wizarding community seems to be bracing itself for Voldemort's big push to seize power. They see it as inevitable; it's as if they're resigned to it." Minerva gave an indignant snort "Still that doesn't mean that we should give up as well now does it." she said, and Anna was glad to see the steely glint back in Minerva's eye.
After this Minerva came to the shack in the evenings as well and her visits lasted much longer. Anna channelled her frustration into the task Severus had set her. From morning to evening Anna devoted herself to searching the books for references to necotic curses - curses placed on objects to bring about death. Anna had never known that there were so many ways curses could cause death. Touch was by far the most common way for the Curse to be transmitted to the victim, but ownership was almost as common. Using the cursed object in a certain way or on a particular day meant that people could own an object for years before it struck them down. Severus had quite a collection of books about the Dark Arts and some of them were absolutely horrific. Anna had never had any idea that magic could be used for such foul purposes, but she ploughed on through the piles of books; it was the only way she could keep herself from worrying herself sick about Severus. Sometimes Minerva would arrive to find her asleep at the table and would scold her for pushing herself too hard.
"But I've got to do something useful" Anna would say.
She would go to bed exhausted, but lie awake hoping that he would come back soon, that he wouldn't be captured or injured, that he wouldn't be... she didn't want to consider the possibility of him dying. She had only just found him, she couldn't face losing him, not when she was almost certain that he felt the same way.

Azkaban had not suited Lucius Malfoy. He was leaner and paler and his hair was now more white than blonde, but it seemed that life outside Azkaban suited him less. Narcissa and Draco had successfully disappeared, but now Malfoy was being held to account; either find his son or die. Snape had no doubt that Lucius would be killed. He had ceased to be useful and was giving the Dark Lord more trouble than service. Severus had never really liked Lucius Malfoy but had cultivated the friendship because it was useful for him. He had no illusions about Malfoy's attitude towards their "friendship". He knew that Malfoy looked down on him, but it troubled him not. Now however Lucius was in his debt for not only had he taken the vow to protect Draco and killed Dumbledore in Draco's stead, he had now assisted Lucius to escape Azkaban. Snape had been one of a small select group chosen to attack Azkaban, while other death eaters caused diversions to draw out the ministry. Now in hiding in an empty muggle house Lucius did nothing but complain.
"Why have we been stuck with those two?" he repeated in a harsh whisper to Snape. Cuthbert and Millicent Bulstrode were also with them. The escaped death eaters had scattered in small groups ready to re-assemble when called by the Dark Lord.
"Your perfectly welcome to leave Lucius" Severus said smoothly
"Why the hell did you get me out anyway? The Dark Lord ... I was safe in Azkaban."
"Yes. The Dark Lord is aware of that" Snape said with a sneer "And I am not foolish enough to disobey a direct order from the Dark Lord."
"Surely you know where Narcissa and Draco are?"
"I've told you repeatedly Lucius I have no idea. I merely put them in contact with someone who I believed could help them."
"Who?" Lucius demanded
"If I were to tell you it would put Draco's and Narcissa's lives in serious danger." Snape said in a bored voice.
"Well what if I wanted to join them?" There was a very long silence. Snape wanted to make him squirm.
"You would dessert the Dark Lord?" He asked eventually his voice heavy with contempt and outrage.
"No!... no... it's just... my family Severus. I want to be with my family."
"Naturally" Snape replied his voice heavy with sarcasm. Lucius was playing right into his hands. Not only was Snape certain that he could get him to join Draco and Narcissa in hiding, but he was sure he could make Lucius believe that he, Snape, as a devoted servant of the Dark Lord, considered it little short of treachery, and had no hand in bringing it about. For the moment though the Bulstrodes were a more urgent problem. In Millicent's memory it had been Remus Lupin who had rescued Professor Hartley, but Severus knew that she must be kept from the prescence of the Dark Lord. Fortunately her father was already hinting heavily to Malfoy that he would like to join him in hiding. Snape couldn't think of three people he'd like to be stuck with less -actually he could Potter, Weasley and Longbottom for a start. Then there were numerous other death eaters whose company he did his best to avoid. MacNair, Greyback and Bellatrix Lestrange - how it galled him to think that he had assisted in freeing the woman who had cursed Anna so viciously and had come so close to killing her. He shuddered at the thought, that Anna might have died, that he might never have known her. Severus found himself once again lamenting his inability to appreciate what he had when he had it. What he wouldn't give to be back in the shack with her now. He desperately wanted to console himself with thoughts of Anna, but it was too risky. He had to be strong, he had to be disciplined. In the forty-eight hours since he had left the shack he had rationed himself to thinking of her briefly only twice, at night just before he emptied his mind. It was the memory of holding her that he had chosen as his indulgence to sustain him in the darkness. He had no idea when he would be able to return to the shack. The Dark Lord it seemed had plans for him.

Anna worked on through the days, stopping only briefly for meals. The shortness of the days meant that much of her work was done in candlelight, and on the sixth day after straining her eyes to read a particularly miniscule handwritten text, she inevitably fell asleep. She woke with a start, suddenly aware that someone else was in the room.
"Minerva?" she said
"You've been working too hard" said a familiar voice.
"Severus!" without thinking she rushed at him flinging her arms around his neck. He staggered slightly and she drew back. He smelt of sweat and smoke and firewhisky, and looked dead on his feet.
"I'm going to bed." he said curtly "I suggest you do the same." She didn't care that he was so abrupt with her - he was safe.
"Whatever you say," she said grinning at him. His face became blank and unscrutable, then he turned on his heel and left the room.

Severus fell into bed, but his mind refused to allow him the sleep he so desperately needed. That she had been delighted to see him there could be no doubt, but his heart could not rejoice. How could he be happy that she cared for his worthless hide? Three days - was that all it had been? It had felt more like three weeks or three months! Three days he had spent working exclusively for the Dark Lord. Being in hiding with the three stooges had been a picnic compared to those three days. His stomach turned over. What the Dark Lord had asked of him - demanded of him, He shuddered at the thought of it.
"It will take time my Lord," he had said.
"So you think you can do it Severus," he had asked, his high cold voice eager with anticipation.
"I can try my Lord. My only wish is to be of service"
"Whatever you recquire shall be yours, and Wormtail shall assist you."
How Snape had paid for that moment of weakness that had allowed a glimmer of his hatred for Wormtail to show.
To have that - that treacherous scum anywhere near him was sickening, so Severus had given him the tasks that would keep him away for as long as possible - fetching books, collecting ingredients anything to keep the rat away.
Part of him longed to know if the potion was possible. Could he brew it? Would it work? But this was more than an academic exercise, it was an attempt to further the reaches of the Dark Arts to a point that revolted Severus. Of course he would not succeed, but he had to make a convincing attempt. A day of research followed by two days of brewing and he could bear it no longer.
"I can do no more for the present" he had said as he knelt before the Dark Lord. "Some of the ingredients must be harvested at the full-moon, and others are very rare - they will take time to acquire."
"Very well Severus. Return when you are ready to continue." And so he had escaped to the shack. He had hardly slept the last two nights; how could he with that vermin so close at hand. and that foul potion.brewing. He had to be so careful. The Dark Lord was sufficiently knowledgeable as to have a very good idea of what ingredients would be required and how they should be brewed, but Severus knew a few tricks of his own. He knew how to render a perfectly brewed potion useless without leaving the slightest trace. And he could not risk this potion being effective.
His thoughts drifted back to Anna. Would she have thrown herself on him if she had known what he had been doing these last three days? He had never known such a welcome and with perfect clarity he could recall the pressure of her arms as she had clung to him and the feel of her hair as it brushed his chin. It had taken him completely by surprise. At the time he had wanted to push her away. How could she bring herself to embrace a death eater? For that was what he was until he managed to shake off the persona he assumed for the Dark Lord. He felt unclean, contaminated and he had no wish to pollute Anna with the Dark Lord's evil. Now his mind lingered on the memory of her embrace as he sank into a dreamless sleep.

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Even if everyone hates him for it, that's the sacrifice he's making. He's not being the hero. He's being something more.

He's a silent guardian, a watchful protector. A dark knight.

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My Fanfic - Snape's Happy Ending

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Re: Snape's Happy Ending

Sorry about the delay - here it is

Chapter 16
Severus slept through well into the following afternoon. Anna was far too excited to concentrate on the research so she spent the morning decorating the shack for Christmas. It was only now that she realised how frightened she had been for Severus. If he hadn't come back -she shuddered at the thought - he would never have known how she felt. She didn't want him to leave again without knowing that she cared what happened to him. But how do you tell a man like Severus Snape that you care about him - that you love him. She imagined the sneer, the contemptuous look and his dismissal of her feelings as sentimental rubbish, and even though she was sure that this reaction would not reflect what he really felt inside, she blanched at the thought of it. She knew it stemed from his reluctance to trust anyone - he didn't even trust himself - but that wouldn't make it any easier.
When he finally did appear, he looked and smelled considerably better than he had done the previous evening. She cleared a space on the table and conjured a tray
"You must be starving" she said smiling up at him. He responded with the slightest of smiles as he sat down and rearranged the plates and cups on the tray. Anna watched him unaware that she was staring until he looked up at her amusement in his eyes.
"Well?" he said Anna blushed and mumbled an apology
"No doubt you have a hundred questions to ask," he said and Anna blushed even more.
"They can wait until after you've eaten," she said
"Why don't you tell me what you've discovered about Necotic curses." He said shaking out his napkin. Anna talked while Severus ate. Occasionally he would ask a question or add something, but mostly he just nodded. By the time she had finished he was sitting back sipping his tea.
"As I said last night you've been working too hard." he said fixing his eyes on her in a very direct gaze. Anna felt uncomfortably hot.
"Well I doubt I'm the only one" she replied looking back at him pointedly. He dropped his gaze looking nettled. That had been tactless of her.
"I'm sorry" she said quietly "Did you - did you have to do some terrible things?"
"I have no wish to discuss it." he said sharply
"Of course, I'm sorry" she muttered looking at her hands - she should have known that.
"There is no need to keep apologising" he said irritably
"Well maybe I'm just trying to set an example" she said. His eyes narrowed, but there was a glimmer of amusement in them.
"If you're trying to teach me to be nice Anna I'm afraid I'm a lost cause,"
"Oh I wouldn't presume to do any such thing" she said her eyes wide and round in mock innocence. His eyes glittered and his lip curled
"You're impossible!" he said
"So are you!" Anna replied quickly. His face relaxed into the smile she had seen once before and she felt as if she were melting. She smiled back hypnotised by the flame that seemed to be flickering somewhere behind his eyes.
"Then we're very well suited" he said softly, but clearly, and as she gazed at him barely able to breathe, the flickering flame burst into a blazing fire in his eyes.
"Severus!" she whispered, but at that moment the trap door opened and Minerva Mcgonagall climbed through into the hallway.
"Ah Severus" she said "You're back! Thank goodness"
"I need to talk to you privately Minerva," he said, and without looking at Anna he strode out of the room.
Severus Snape was beside himself with rage. Of all the idiotic and ill-conceived ideas! What did he think he was doing! He was pathetic! A weak and undisciplined fool who could be turned into a dribbling idiot by one smile. He had to do better - he had to! If he couldn't master himself, then he had better stay away from her.
It was the following afternoon before Anna saw Severus again. He had been talking to Minerva well into the evening. Anna had waited for an opportunity to talk to him - to tell him, but after he had finished with Minerva, he went out and Anna had been asleep when he returned. He came downstairs scowling and barely even glanced at her. Talk about blowing hot and cold Anna thought.
"Where did these revolting decorations come from?" he asked looking around him in disgust
"Where do you think" Anna said unable to keep the hurt and disappointment from her voice. What was with him? She was only trying to cheer the place up a bit.
"If you hate them that much I'll get rid of them" she said petulantly.He looked at her expectantly, so, infuriated she waved her wand and the decorations were gone
"Happy now?" she asked as he glared at her. She sighed heavily "Oh stop being so miserable - it's Christmas in 3 days"
"And that is supposed to improve my mood?"
"YES! Oh come, on how can you not like Christmas!"
"because my mother was killed 3 days before Christmas."
Anna felt completely stunned. He was walking past her leaving the room
"Severus, I'm sorry" she said grabbing hold of his arm. He shook himself free.
"I have work to do Anna"
Well done! Anna thought to herself - you've excelled yourself again. When will you ever learn to keep your mouth shut. Not surprisingly Anna didn't see him again for the rest of the day. Early in the evening she heard him leaving the shack without even saying goodbye, so she wearily went to bed, but didn't sleep well, hearing him return shortly before dawn. There were so many questions she wanted to ask him, but her curiosity didn't burn inside her as it had done before. She wanted to share his pain and hoped that doing so would ease his burden. She knew what it was like to loose your mother. Knew that you never stopped missing them. Knew that all you could do was get used to the empty feeling of loss.
Anna struggled with the books; it wasn't just the tiredness - her heart wasn't in it. Minerva came and went, but Severus slept on, until finally the night before caught up with her and once again she fell asleep over the books.

Severus watched her. Her face was so peaceful when she was asleep. He was loath to wake her, but knew she had to go to bed to get some proper rest.
"Anna" he called softly in her ear, as his hand gently shook her shoulder "Anna"
"Sorry Severus" she mumbled in her sleep as she stirred.
"You have nothing to be sorry for" he whispered. Her eyelids fluttered open and she sat up yawning.
"Severus" she said bleary eyed "Are you going out again?"
"Yes" he said "Anna you must ensure you get sufficient rest. You are not yet fully recovered."
"And you Severus - Will you take care of yourself?" she asked. Frowning, he turned quickly to look at her. "because I care what happens to you" she went on clumsily. "I wait for you to come back." His face took on that blank, inscrutable look.
"Then I will make sure that I do come back," and almost before he had finished speaking, he had turned on his heel and gone. Anna slept rather better that night. She felt that the peace had been restored between them and although disappointed with the clumsiness of her words she had at least said something of how she felt.
Severus lay awake as the sun rose. His meeting with Greyback that night he consigned to the back of his mind. The full moon was only five days away and Severus had not attempted to hide his revulsion. He had no wish to dwell on the werewolf's eagerness for news of Snape's progress with the potion. Instead his mind lingered on his latest blunder with Anna.
"Then I will make sure that I do come back" What kind of reply was that? How unbelievably pompous and arrogant did that sound. Admitedly her words had come as something of a shock and he had really wanted to throw himself at her feet and tell her that he lived for the precious moments they were together, but he had only just mastered that particular impulse and a hasty retreat seemed imperative. But why did he have to come out with that conceited priggish reply. He'd have to find a way to make it up to her, but now - now he needed to sleep.
He awoke to the sound of someone shouting. As his mind registered the voice as Anna's he jumped out of bed in alarm, grabbed his wand and threw on his robes. He raced down the stairs and burst into the small sitting room
"... muggles who can't even defend ..." Anna who was brandishing the Daily Prophet at Minerva stopped abruptly and went very red.
"Oh I'm so sorry Severus! I didn't mean to wake you." she said quickly
"I take it there have been more attacks on muggles" he said irritably
"Yes Christmas shoppers" Minerva said "Severus, you appear to have your robes on back to front." He glared at them both before retreating out of the room, slamming the door behind him. Anna winced. Minerva's eyes were fixed on the door with a steeley gaze her lips so thin they were barely visible.
"You really must try not to agravate Severus, Anna" she said " I know how unpleasant he can be, but you must try to remember how difficult it is for him." Anna nodded "I know - the last thing I want to do is make life more difficult for him." Minerva glanced at her watch.
"Look at the time! I must be going"
With Minerva gone Anna thought that she'd never felt so lonely. It was Christmas Eve - usually a day of happy anticipation, of welcome home, of commenting how much her nephews had grown. And here she was in a run down shack, while her family thought she'd been captured by death eaters. Whatever the world threw at her she'd always got by because she had her family to go back to; without them she felt lost. Upstairs was the man she loved; a man for whom Christmas brought only unhappy memories, a man who wouldn't let her get close to him. Everytime she thought she'd broken through, he retreated, regrouped and reinforced his defences.
Upstairs Severus paced up and down. This was ridiculous! He couldn't go on hiding up here - I am not hiding - oh yes you are - I AM NOT - then go downstairs and talk to her - I can't risk it - risk what? - creating memories I won't be able to hide - so you're going to stay up here? - yes - while she's down there feeling hurt? You don't know she's feeling hurt - well she will be if you don't go down - but at least she'll be safe - Ha! You just don't want to make an idiot of yourself - I need to take a shower.
Severus took his time, and when he finally did go downstairs it was to find Anna immersed once more in the books. He felt a stab of guilt - more so when she looked up and immediately began to apologise again.
"Anna please - there really is no need." The candlelight was dancing in her eyes, so he looked away." I think you should put the books away now," he said, and with a flick of his wand the books zoomed off the table and stacked themselves neatly on the floor.
"Your notes?" he asked indicating the pile of parchment that was left on the table.
"Yes," she said, as he summoned the parchment, and glanced at it briefly before rolling it up and stowing it in his robes.
"As thorough and effiicient as ever Anna." he said with a slight smile.
"For a moment then I thought you were going to give me ten points for Hufflepuff." she said drily
"Not ten!" he said quickly his eyes glittering " five perhaps." She grinned at him.
"Now if you'll excuse me I must study your findings." and he turned and left the room
"Coward!" a voice inside his head accused him, but he silenced it with a single thought of the Dark Lord and his ability to penetrate the mind.

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Even if everyone hates him for it, that's the sacrifice he's making. He's not being the hero. He's being something more.

He's a silent guardian, a watchful protector. A dark knight.

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My Fanfic - Snape's Happy Ending

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Re: Snape's Happy Ending

SORRY it's taken so long - and sorry it's only half a chapter. The second half is very nearly finished, but life has been completely mad for the last week, so I thought I'd post half a chapter rather than waiting 'til I'd finished the whole thing.

Chapter 17 (part 1)

Anna awoke on Christmas morning and despite her circumstances she felt a thrill of happy excitement. She decided to honour the occasion by foregoing her usual jeans and wore instead robes of deep blue. She brushed her hair and clipped it back from her face, then skipped downstairs. At the door to the sitting room she stopped dead. Someone had replaced the decorations. She was wondering if Minerva had arrived early, when a familiar voice behind her made her jump.
"I came to the conclusion that you were right: the shack did need ...cheering up a bit."
She swung around and grinned at him. Snape's eyes widened and his mouth fell open, but he recollected himself quickly and turned away. He took two paces then turned back again
"You look very ... nice" he said rather stiffly. Anna stifled a giggle
"Thank you" she said feeling her cheeks reddening.
"If you would like to take a seat at the table I'll bring breakfast through," he said not looking at her. Brandon sauntered in twining himself through Anna's legs, and she picked him up and wished him a Merry Christmas.
Severus sighed and rolled his eyes.
"All right," he said through gritted teeth "As it's Christmas the cat can stay for breakfast." Anna stared at him
"Okay," she said "What have you done with the real Severus Snape?" He didn't miss a beat
"He put up quite a struggle, but I managed to subdue him and have ensured that he shall be restrained for the day. I thought you might appreciate a break from him." Anna grinned
"No doubt you stole polyjuice potion made with his own fair hands to effect the transformation."!
"I admit the prospect of spending Christmas day in your company was too great a temptation." Anna's eyes widened; he really could be quite charming.
"How very gallant of you to say so - but I suspect you are something of a rogue,"
"Undoubtedly," he said his eyes glittering.
Anna took her seat at the table and Severus turned away to conjure their breakfast.
He really had to get a grip, but she looked so radiant - Guinevere, the lady of Shallot, Ophelia - she outshone them all. A pre-raphaelite vision that made him want to go out and slay a dragon for her. Severus! He gave himself a
mental slap and vowed to turn the conversation in a less dangerous direction.
Over breakfast they talked of the attacks on muggles and how Rufus Scrimgeour and the ministry had responded. Fear, panic and hysteria were spreading through the wizarding world like wild fire, but in the shack Anna felt
cocooned from it all.
They sat drinking their tea in an easy silence, each lost in their own thoughts.
"Severus" Anna said abruptly "I'm sorry about your mother. I didn't get a chance to say before."
"Don't apologise - it was unfair of me to bring it up in the situation." Anna paused for a moment then asked
"How old were you when she was killed?"
"Eleven" he said
"So young! - so you grew up with your father then?"
"No - my grandparents."
"So your father died as well?" she asked in concern
"Actually I have no idea." Anna looked at him a frown creasing her brow. He sighed,
"I may as well tell you the whole sordid tale. My father was a muggle - my mother a witch. When they married my father had no idea that my mother possessed magical abilities. She didn't tell him until shortly before I was born.
My father did not like magic and forbade my mother from using it, or ever mentioning the subject."
Anna gasped "and she agreed to that?" Snape inclined his head
"At first she gave up magic completely, but with my father at work all day, it was very tempting and she was soon using magic whenever he was not in the house. As I grew up it became our secret, but of course one day I let slip
to my father. I'd never seen him so angry. After that my mother was too afraid to use magic again - he threatened to leave if she did."
"That's terrible" Anna interjected "Sorry - go on"
"Then I received my Hogwarts letter. I had no idea that I could do magic. My father insisted that I would not be going to Hogwarts - my mother however insisted that I would, so he left. I never saw him again."
"And then your mother died." Anna said in a small voice.
"A little more than six months later. I went to live with my grandparents." He dropped his eyes, his index finger tracing the handle of his tea cup. Anna watched him.
"I get the feeling that they weren't exactly welcoming." Severus gave a twisted smile.
"They had disowned my mother when she married Tobias Snape. They were not exactly delighted to be left to raise her half-blood son." Anna felt as if a giant hand was crushing her heart in her chest.
"They weren't without hope. I was at least a Slytherin - better than a muggle-loving Gryffindor, or worse a hopeless Hufflepuff."
"Humpff" Anna looked indignant.
"I showed some talent" Snape went on "- and in my perusal of my grandfathers extensive library I developed an interest in the Dark Arts" Anna fixed him with a penetrating stare.
"The very fact that the restricted section of the library at Hogwarts was restricted aroused my curiousity." He gave a great sigh and they lapsed back into silence. Anna's eyes fixed unseeing on his fingers still tracing the handle of his tea cup, thinking of her family and how lucky she had been to grow up with them. She became aware that his finger was now tracing the rim of the cup. He had such beautiful hands, with their long elegant white fingers, and she watched his hand imagining - wishing - that he was tracing the cirles on the nape of her neck. A shiver ran down her spine and she looked down at her own empty tea cup blushing furiously.
Severus felt rather pleased with himself. The morning had gone very well. he hadn't meant to tell Anna half his life story, but he found her very easy to talk to about such things. Still, having kept the table between them he had kept temptation out of reach, and although he did find himself, once or twice, wondering how it would feel to kiss her, he had recollected himself very quickly.

Sorry it's so short Feedback is here


Even if everyone hates him for it, that's the sacrifice he's making. He's not being the hero. He's being something more.

He's a silent guardian, a watchful protector. A dark knight.

Pottermore name: FlightMoonstone199

On CoS I'm in On Pottermore I'm in Maple and Unicorn, Thirteen and Three Quarter inches, Pliant

My Fanfic - Snape's Happy Ending

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