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As Time Turns

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As Time Turns

Okay so the rest of my fan-fics have kind of... spiraled down a dead end, putting it nicely. Please don't let that discourage you from reading further! Anyways, I've been itching to write another fan-fic since December so now that I have the time, I think I will.
So this one is Harry's "Seventh Year" but then again it's not. Harry isn't the real main character here (I like writing about static characters).
Just for the record I'm not JKR nor did I make up most of these characters or settings.
PG Rating
And now the story...

Also a bit I wanted to add in: There will be parts where it's just the trio and the narrator will be telling only their thoughts, but that's only a small part of the story.

Chapter One- The First War

December 24th, 1980

If any other person in the world could have seen the night sky on that eventful Christmas Eve, they wouldn't have walked through the deep snow as if it was every other setting. It was night, yet the sky was alive and bright as day. Gray clouds hung overhead like whisps of cotton. Snow fell lightly among the tree tops. A dark shadow plundered through the silver blanket towards a humble house in the distance with smoke pouring out of the chimney.

Fiona Dissanayake knocked on the door of 53 Cliodne Lane in the small town of Otterton. She wore a worn brown coat, a black skirt, and a black hat. Her dark hair was thin and limp from lack of rest, her blue eyes glancing across the landscape behind her. She waited. The red paint on the wooden door of the house was fresh, the curtains drawn on all the windows, and the front steps were chipped and wearing. Fiona knocked harder.

The door was opened by another twenty-something-or-other woman, dressed casually with an apron thrown over her head. Her cheeks were pink and she was grinning from ear to ear.

"Clare," Fiona gasped from the cold, "I need to talk to you."

"Well I'm in the middle of cleaning. Could you wait for a mo-"

"No Clare, this is important. I only need a moment."

She glanced at a half stack of dishes in the kitchen behind her. "Well, if you insist."

Clare ushered Fiona into the house silently, awaiting the news she had brought. Fiona sat on the black upholstered couch.

"Coffee?" Clare offered.

Fiona shook her head. "Listen, tomorrow Daniel will be-"

"Daniel? I thought he had business at the Ministry."

"He does but I-"

"Clare! Come join in, no need to clean now!" someone called from what appeared to be the dining room.

"I'll be there in a moment!" she called back. "Now, what was it you were saying?"

Fiona sighed. She didn't believe that Clare would ever get the message.

"Tomorrow Daniel is going to bring Naomi here-"


"Clare, just please, please, let me finish," Fiona pleaded.

Clare nodded, as if to tell her to continue.

"I know we are good friends but you may or may not object to what I'm about to ask you.

"Daniel will bring Naomi here tomorrow. I hope you will allow her to stay for a few weeks, maybe a few months, at least until all of this dies down. The Ministry advises that this is kept in secrecy, alright?"

Clare nodded again. "But why? Why does she need to stay here?"

Fiona sighed. She didn't know how she could explain this to make everything sound okay. The entire world was in a mess and nobody knew how to clean it up. She didn't want to put her young child in the middle of it.

"The ministry believes that our jobs could put the lives of our family in danger. Death Eaters are running wild in London at the moment and there's no telling who they'll go for next. It's only a matter of time before they've hunted down every single auror."

Clare just stared at her, speechless. She suddenly realized that she may never see her friend again. Tears started to well up in her eyes.

"Oh, Clare! This is just a minor precaution. Nothing to worry about. Either Daniel or I will return to bring Naomi back home. I promise you. Both of us will be perfectly alright."

Another shout echoed from the back room.

"I'm coming!" Clare shrieked, fear closing up her throat.

"See you in a few weeks," Fiona said.

Clare glanced at her and muttered a quick goodbye before Fiona walked out the door.


That very same night, nearly one year old Mikey Corner was put into bed after a long night of stories, laughter, and cooked duck. He dreamed of sugar plums and dancing fairies and slept effortlessly.

Selene Corner walked into her sleeping sons room, checking to see if he was still awake. Mikey was curled up in his crib, sound asleep.

"Aw," she cooed. He looked like a little angel.

The Corner family lived on the outskirts of London in a house that had been in their family for over one hundred years. That was nothing in the Wizarding world. The Corner Mansion, or so it was called since the original burnt down, overlooked a dazzling pond that was oddly called Corner Lake by the local muggles. The strange thing was that the Corner House was unseen by muggles.

Selene closed the door quietly and tiptoed back downstairs to the party where the adults and older children were just beginning to eat and dance. The fireplace in the large parlor was alight. Party goers were dancing and feasting and having a grand time. Selene scuffed her shoes against the uncomfortably shiny wooden floor. It gleamed with light, almost mirrorlike. She glanced over to her husband, chatting with some ministry official. The grandfather clock in the corner struck eight o' clock.

Selene's oldest nephew, Thomas, walked over to her with a huge grin on his face. Thomas was so confident that Selene didn't know if he'd make it through these troubled times. He was fifteen but he was still as mischievious as when he was six.

"Hello Aunt Selene, how are you? May I say, your duck l'orange is extremely extravagant."

"Yes, well, the recipe was from your mother," she replied.

"Indeed? Well you surely perfected the dinner."

She sighed. Thomas must want something from her. There was no other reason for all these compliments.

"Why thank you, Thomas, but I do see Christine Shacklebolt over there and I think I shall go have a chat about the auror department with her," she said. Selene quickly padded over to Christine, leaving Thomas to mingle with his other teenage cousins.

"Selene!" Christine cried as her friend walked towards her. "It's been too long."

Selene gave her a hug. "Yes, I agree. How have you been?"

"I've been great," she said. "How's Matthew?"

She glanced over at her husband again, now chatting up an elegant witch with long blonde hair from what appeared to be Witch Weekly magazine. "He's alright, as you can see." She nodded towards Matt.

Christine shrugged. "Never do appreciate what they have, do they?"

"Well Kingsley seems very appreciative."

Christine didn't reply for a moment. "He is, but he's always at work, or traveling, or fighting off some Death Eaters. He never has time for the family anymore with all this fighting and terror..."

"I know what you mean. But at least you're not as bad off as the Potters."

"Yes, I'm very fortunate for that. Poor Lily, cooped up all the time. What has it been now, five months?" Christine asked.

"I'm not quite sure, could be longer. Sirius or Peter might know but I think it's best not to discuss this, what with that Lucius Malfoy around."

"Lucius Malfoy? Why is he here? He's a Death Eater!" Christine spat.

Selene shushed her.

There was no doubt that Lucius Malfoy was a Death Eater. He was good at hiding it and obviously most people believed him when he said he'd been imperiused, including the Ministry.

"Matt believes Lucius is good for business. The Malfoys are quite wealthy, you know," Selene muttered.

Christine rolled her eyes. "I don't care how wealthy they are. They're a bunch of filthy dark wizards. I tell you they're up to no good. Look at that Narcissa, chatting up Matthew."

Just as she had said, the pretty blonde that Selene had believed was from Witch Weekly was Narcissa Malfoy.

"He can talk to whomever he likes," Selene said. "If he wants to become a Death Eater thats fine with me."

Christine laughed. "That's a good attitude to put towards it."

And even though she never thought it would happen again, Selene Corner was smiling at something as serious as dark wizards. Yes, she thought, I believe the war is coming to an end.

*Okay so that was kinda short but it's just the beginning!
You took the time to read it, it's not going to take that long to tell me what you think.*


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As Time Turns - A Ravenclaw Story and Feedback

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Re: As Time Turns

Chapter Two - A Penny for a Glance, Miss?

July 30th, 1996

"Oi, Michael! Mikeykins!"

"Shut up," Michael grumbled sleepily.

"Get up!" Michael's sister, Kelly, yelled a little harsher. "We're going to be late."

He groaned and rolled over, blocking out Kelly's annoying voice. Kelly kicked his bed.

"Up, now!"

"What're we going to be late for? It's summer!" he retorted.

Even though he couldn't see her from underneath his pillow, he could tell that Kelly was giving him one of those death stares.

"We're going shopping. Now get your lazy butt out of bed," she snapped.

Michael tried to get up off his bed but ended up stumbling over the edge and falling on the hard wooden floor. He swore loudly, then glanced up at the clock on his bedside table. Nine fifty-seven.

Lethargically, Michael plodded down the hallway and over to the ballroom style stairs. He was too groggy to think of going down the back stairs and really didn't have the energy. He ran his hands through his shaggy honey-brown hair. Kelly's annoying voice so early in the morning had gotten him in a bad mood which would get worse. Shopping with his mother and older sister. That would be a total disaster.

In the kitchen his mother, Selene, sat reading the Daily Prophet. The headline Hundreds Appear at Late Headmaster's Funeral screamed across the front. The kitchen was sparkling clean as usual. Michael fixed himself some toast and sat down down at the glass kitchen table.

"Any word on Snape?" he asked his mother.

"Not yet," she replied tight lipped.

He shrugged and continued eating his toast. After a long and idle silence, he spoke again.

"What's the deal with 'shopping'?" he inquired, using air quotes around shopping.

"So Kelly told you?" Michael didn't answer her. "Well Dad's having one of those Ministry functions again."


"No of course not here. I believe they'll be holding it in some sort of country mansion, I'm not really sure-"

"So they'll be tons of people there?" Michael questioned tiredly.

"Just the auror and wizengamot departments and their families," she replied. "It's formal."

Michael lifted his eyebrows in disgust. "So that's what Kelly's so excited about," he stated. "Probably trying to get in good with the younger aurors."

Selene sighed. "Well go get dressed. We'll be leaving in a few minutes."

In a haphazard fashion, Michael magicked his plate over to the sink and ran back upstairs, this time taking the back stairs. They didn't exactly fit in the house for they were painfully normal and boring. Once at the top he skirted down the hall, nearly running into Kelly, and into his room. He pulled on some casual muggle clothes, ran a hand through his hair again, then grabbed his wand and retraced his path back down the stairs.

Once Kelly had finished her full makeup, hair, and clothes routine, the three apparated to Diagon Alley. Michael felt that horrible compression feeling for two seconds and then it was gone.

Diagon Alley looked as bad as ever. The shops were dark and forbidding. A few aurors stood in a group, waiting for trouble to strike. Michael glanced down Knockturn Alley. It was bustling and alive, almost giving a welcoming atmosphere. Wizards and witches laughed and darted in and out of shops, stopping to talk along the way.

The three of them walked into Madam Malkins with a tinkle of a bell from the door.

"Ah, how nice to see you Selene, my dear!" Madam Malkins exclaimed.

"Good to see you too," Selene replied. "Business been slow?"

"Oh, dreadfully. I'm lucky if I get a customer a day."

"Well that's too bad. Kelly, do you want to get fitted first?" Selene rather ordered than suggested.

Kelly nodded, sweeping back her dirty-blonde hair in what Michael took to be a snotty way. Kelly's fitting would take forever. She wouldn't be shopping for just one pair of dress robes, more like five.

"Why don't you two just have a seat there?" Madam Malkins gestured over to a burgundy colored couch in the corner. "Now, I think this perriwinkle fabric would look just marvelous with your eyes..."

All in all, the fitting took about an hour and a half. They left the shop with Kelly carrying seven dress robes in assorted colors and fashions, Selene carrying one of red in color, and Michael one that was black and white. After stopping at a few stores they apparated back home, all three of them pleased with their purchases. Especially Kelly.


Naomi stood in front of her bedroom mirror, curling the jet black lashes that rested above her piercing blue eyes. Everyone always told her that her eyes were unique. They were like ice and fire; chilling one moment and warm and full of laughter the next. Never dull and never overlooked.

Naomi's mother, Rose, had picked out black dress robes for the Department of Magical Law Enforcement ministry function that night. It matched her dark hair well, but flaunted her littleness. To put it nicely, Naomi was petite. At five foot four she was nearly average, but she was extremely slender. People remarked that it was almost unhealthy, but no matter how much she tried to put meat on her bones, she just couldn't. Some girls were jealous of her which she didn't understand. Why would someone want to be classified as unhealthy? This confused and frankly appalled her.

"Naomi, are you ready?" Naomi's dad, Daniel, called from downstairs.

"Yeah, just about."

She hurried downstairs where her mom and dad stood waiting.

"I have to side-along apparate, don't I?"

"Yes, with me," her mom replied.

Naomi rolled her eyes.

Daniel glanced at his watch. "Well shall we then?"

Once again, Naomi felt that horrible sucking sensation like she was being squeezed into a bottle of ink. After a few seconds, she could breathe again. She looked up and saw that they stood in front of an enormous mansion in the middle of the country. It was alight, alive. Naomi could just picture a grand ballroom beneath a chandelier with a marble staircase and herself in the middle of it, totally out of place.

The three of them walked up the beautiful front steps. The steps were gorgeous, just picturing what it would be like inside made her heart flutter. Her heels clicked against the marble.

Inside was more beautiful than she could have ever imagined. The room was full of light and people, like no one had ever heard of You-Know-Who. Everyone was laughing and smiling. At first she couldn't take it all in. She just saw a blur of people and luminosity. After the first minute or so, she started to recognize people. There was Dawlish from the auror department. Over there was Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley, and the famous Harry Potter. Coming towards them was Gawain and Julie Robards, Daniel's boss.

Robert Gawain was a pompous man. He had a white mustache and white hair. Robert was quite stocky and tall. He towered above his tiny wife, Julie. Julie was even smaller than Naomi. Everything about her was little. She had curly auburn hair on the top of her tiny head. Her features may have been childlike but her attitude certainly was not.

"Daniel! How are you?" Gawain greeted them.

"Oh I'm just dandy, Gawain. How about you?"

"All the same, all the same." He looked down at Naomi and his expression changed from present to startled. "And who is this?"

Oh, please, Naomi thought. He's acting like I'm four.

"This is my daughter, Naomi."

He smiled. "Well pleased to meet you, Naomi."

"You too," she replied, smiling awkwardly.

Suprising as it was, Michael was having a just as boring time as her. He stood near the food table, staring at everyone. The only people he knew here was the oh so famous Potter and his friends and he neither had the will or the stupidity to talk to them.

Completely bored with himself, he sauntered over to Kelly in her lavender robes who was flirting with three aurors in training.

Then he saw her and it was as if the whole world had stopped along with his heart. She had an elegant smile and familiar eyes that seemed to look right through him. They flicked over his face for a second and then they were gone.


Kelly turned around to face him, a look of pure loathing on her face. "What?" she spat.

"Who's that girl over there?"

"Which one?" she asked, her temper cooling down.

"The one with those eyes like-"

And before he could say another word, Kelly nearly fell over from laughing. She was howling like a hyena. Michael couldn't find out what was so funny. The young aurors inched away, obviously scared of the sudden outburst.

"Little brother, I always thought you were a bit of a git but I never though I'd have to tell you who your own friends were."

It was like his stopped heart had been ripped out of his chest. Was Kelly telling the truth? That this was...

"Just a little reminder, that's Naomi Dissanayake," Kelly said playfully. "You've known her since you were eleven years old."

Michael was awestruck.

"Okay, okay stop gawking you little lovesick puppy and go mingle with your friend. Go on now."

"Shut up," he quipped. "I am not gawking or a lovesick puppy, you-"

"What was that?" Selene had been walking by and her him denouncing his sister.


Michael quickly walked over to Naomi, but before he could even say hello-

"Mikey!" Naomi exclaimed. "Wow, I wouldn't have even recognized you. How've you been?"

"You mean since school got out? It's summer, everythings perfect."

Naomi smiled up at him. "That and you found out that Terry's been chosen as head boy?"

Michael laughed. "No way. This year's going to be a breeze."

"Yeah, I guess. It just won't be as fun without Padma there."

"Patil's leaving?"

She gave him one of those looks that made him feel like she was looking right through him. "She's not the only one. I hear a lot of people are leaving."

"Rubbish. It's not like-"

Michael cut himself off before he could remind them both of what had happened a little over a month ago. He had almost forgot the horrible scene. Giinny had run into him and Cho walking down an empty corridor, telling them both hysterically to come with her, saying it was urgent. They had brushed her off and gone back into the common room, Ginny's eyes starting to fill with tears.

"Michael?" Naomi asked. "You still there?"

Suddenly he snapped out of his daydream. "What? Yeah." He shook those thoughts from his mind. "So, erm.... you want to go get a drink or something?"

"Sure, fine with me."

They walked over to the little bar in the corner of the room. Michael ordered them both a butterbeer and they talked for a while before they were joined by Anthony Goldstein.

"Good evening gorgeous, what're you doing hanging around with this git?"

"Shut up, you loser," Michael replied jokingly.

Naomi stared at both of them. "Well that was a friendly greeting."

Anthony shrugged. "What can I say? I'm just.... charming."

"More like idiotic," Michael muttered.

Anthony hopped up into a bar stool, his dark hair askewl. "Now Michael, that wasn't very nice. What do you think miss little prefect here would saw about that?"

Naomi glared at him. "I would watch what you say what with Terry being Head Boy."

Michael and Anthony both gave eachother a look as if to say, "What is she crazy?"

"It's not like he's going to give us detention," Michael said, receiving an entirely disapproving look from Naomi. "He's just as bad as us."

"Terry, however, is an evil master mind that will never get caught by another prefect," Anthony stated with quite satisfaction. "Unless of course it was you."

Naomi tried her hardest to keep giving them a loathing stare but she just burst out laughing. She could never stay mad at them for long; they were lovable gits.

Posing in a valiant stance and looking up to the ceiling, Anthony said, "Yes, I do believe the day that Terrico Boot gives us detention is the day that I become the Queen of England."

By now, Naomi was past annoyed and just amused.

"I would start shining my tiara if I were you," she smirked.

Michael, however, was laughing through all of it.

"Antoine," he said. "Terry's name really is Terry."

"Oh," Anthony replied, dumbstruck. "Well, we'll have to change that..."

The rest of their evening was spent with the same idle conversation. Some people had started dancing on the great ballroom floor. Anthony kept sending everyone around him into hysterics of laughter. Naomi and Michael watched helplessly as common passers fought to swipe a smile of their faces, including the minister.

Nearing the end of the night, just before the last song was played, Michael approached Naomi awkwardly.

"Hello, m'lady. May I have this dance?"

From a nearby table where seven bottles of empty butter beer and one of firewhiskey laid, Anthony's sleepy voice echoed.

"You'll never have my charm, Corner, don't even try it." And with that he closed his eyes.

Naomi looked at Anthony with a mixed look of disgust and confusion. She looked away as if the site hurt her eyes.

"Yes of course," she said.

And so he took her hand and guided her onto the floor, her hands on his shoulders and his at her waist.

"I wonder how long it'll take before Anthony comes to," Naomi said.

He smiled. "Oh I imagine it will be a week before he's actually normal. Or as normal as he can be."

"Well I think his tiara will be ready by then. That way he can show it off to everyone when we go back to school."

"Maybe you should buy him a gown to go along with that."

She furrowed her brow like she was thinking hard. "Do you think he's more of a iced aqua or rose brushed pink?"

"Iced aqua," Michael replied. "Like your eyes."

Wait, where was that coming from? He didn't even know what he was saying, but it sounded right. Was he falling for his tomboyish friend? No, couldn't be.

Naomi blushed a rose brushed pink color when Michael said this. They were two drops of color on her creme face, other than her eyes. Her freezing, warm, murderous eyes.


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As Time Turns - A Ravenclaw Story and Feedback

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Re: As Time Turns

Don't go shipping yet! Feedback! Tell me what you think about the story so far! Does anyone even read this...? Probably not.


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As Time Turns - A Ravenclaw Story and Feedback

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Re: As Time Turns

Chapter Three - A Rude Awakening

On a warm summer's night in the very first few days of August, Naomi sat at a desk in her room, writing a letter. Her owl, Sparks, stood on the desk as she wrote. Sparks was a highly unusual owl; black with a speckled chest. He nibbled at her finger as she finished off her letter.

"Stop it, Sparks, " she reprimanded in a soft voice. "What do you think?"

Naomi put the letter on the desk as if she was asking the owl for it's consent.

The Ministry functiion was boring as usual. Michael and Anthony were there though. Anthony overdosed a little on the butterbeer and firewhiskey. It was pretty funny. I suppose you're going to ask me if the famous Harry Potter was there. Well he was, along with Ronald Weasley and Hermione Granger. Weasley's sister was there too. Ginny, you know the one Michael went out with two years ago, before Cho. That's just about all that's happened. Write back soon! I'm so bored!

"There, that's good enough. Okay Sparks, ready to go to London?"

She tied the letter to the owl's talon and lifted him onto her finger.

"This goes to Lucy, okay?"

Sparks bobbed in his head in understanding. Naomi opened the window in front of her desk and before she had tried to make him fly, Sparks glided off into the night. The scene looked gorgeous. Sparks was flying off in the path of the full moon. Naomi waatched until he had disappeared along the the dark black line they called the horizon. The place where sky and earth met.

Naomi turned on the Wizarding Wireless Network and sat down on her bed. There was only a month of summer left before she went back to Hogwarts for the last time. It had seemed like just yesterday they had all climbed aboard the great Hogwarts Express and been carted off to a world of magic and wonder.

But before she could daydream herself back to the good old days, there was a tap at the window. Naomi was puzzeled by this. She had just sent Sparks off and he had never failed to complete a job.

The owl that stood at her window was not Sparks at all but a gray owl with sleek feathers. This was also strange since her friend, Lucy, was her only regular correspondent so far this summer.

Naomi opened the window, allowing it in, and took the letter off it's claw. She fed it and then sat back down on her bed without having a clue who this could be from. Padma maybe? Or Michael? Terry?

The letter was written in good, round handwriting that look somewhat childish yet welcoming.

Michael here. I was super bored so I thought I'd write you, figuring you're probably really bored too. Kelly's annoying the heck out of me as usual. How's everything with you? Get this, Terry got Weird Sisters tickets for him and Jenny. I know you'll be really jealous of them now. So is everyone else. Anything exciting planned in the future of your summer? Kelly's staying in Italy with her boyfriend for the rest of the summer which is pretty awesome. I just hope she'll stay there.

I know you will so I'm not even going to say it- well maybe I will just in case. Write back soon. I feel so stupid when I say that. Almost like Anthony.


She laughed at the last line. Michael never wrote to her. Well, at least not usually. Her mind was blank of thought and incapable of writing a letter. She was tired, it was nearly midnight, and she'd been woken up at six to go tend the garden with her mother. She decided Michael's letter could wait until morning, at the very least.
And so Naomi Dissanayake drifted off into a deep, peaceful sleep with dreams of quidditch and friends and Hogwarts.


Michael paced across the floor of his room quickly, mulling things over. He was going back to Hogwarts in less than two weeks; he would be able to see Terry, Anthony, Jenny, and Naomi. Especially Naomi. He didn't know what it was about her that made his mind go blank and his heart flutter. Well actually he did know. She was beautiful. But that wasn't it. She always had been gorgeous, but it was something else about her. Naomi just seemed- different.

The more he paced, the faster his mind started to travel. He thought of quidditch, classes, N.E.W.T.s, Hogsmeade weekends, everything, even You-Know-Who. He hated when his thoughts ran away with him, like a run away train.

Michael picked up the letter from his desk, the letter he had received from Naomi a few days ago. She hadn't said much really. Just wished her best and expressed her thorough jealousy towards Terry and Jenny and their little concert experience.
It was just two days away for them.

Just as Terry had been selected for Head Boy, Michael had been chosen for quidditch captain. Most of the good old team was still there and without the famous Harry Potter on their team, Gryffindor wouldn't stand a chance. He supposed Ginny would be chosen as captain which wasn't much competition. Michael knew that she still held a soft spot for him, especially since they were both chasers. His year as captain would be a piece of cake.


The Hogwarts Express stood on the tracks of Platform 9 3/4, gleaming red in the light. Smoke poured forth from its tall smoke stacks while children and teenagers of a variety of ages bustled with trolleys and trunks across the platform. Parents stood misty eyed, saying their last goodbyes to their children, some tearfully.

Lucy Thompson stood in the middle of the scene, uncertain of where to go. She could not see a soul she knew, or at least not well. Her muggle mom had dropped her off at the station minutes ago, her dad having left her family a few years back. Lucy really couldn't blame him. He must have thought his daughter was a freak. His only daughter after four sons. And here she was, being shipped off to her magic school for the seventh time. She sighed in despair and boarded the train with her trunk, searching for her friends.

Walking down the lit hall, Lucy was bumped and jostled quite a bit by passing students but she paid them no mind. She was tired and wet for it was raining once again in London. All Lucy wanted was to feel at home with her friends and fit in again for the first time in months.

She almost missed it, trapped in her thoughts, but she found a compartment where her friends Michael Corner and Terry Boot were seated. It seemed as though they had just been having a serious discussion, but the broke out in smiles when Lucy joined them.

"Good morning, Luce. How was your summer?" Terry asked.

Lucy had always thought of Terry as the sweet one of the bunch and his looks reflected it. He almost had a boyish look about him with his dark hair, slightly chubby cheeks, and freckles. He always had a great big grin on his face that cheered everyone up.

"It was okay I guess," she replied. "How was yours?"

Terry shrugged. "All the same, except for the Weird Sisters. They were fantastic live!"

Lucy pushed her trunk into the compartment and took a seat next to Terry. "Jenny go with you?"

But before Terry could answer, Michael piped up. "Ah yes. Now is the time we revisit the relationship of Terrico Boot and Jennifer Fawcett."

Terry blushed a deep crimson. "My name isn't, never was, and never will be Terrico, my dear Mikayla," Terry mocked.

Michael just smirked. His look's were entirely different from Terry's. Michael had shaggy, dirty blonde hair that was neither too long nor too short. He had brown puppy eyes that looked down at you from his 6'0" frame. To Lucy, Michael was attractive in every way. If only he saw her that way.

Lucy herself had curly blonde hair and aquamarine set in purple eyes. She was tall, nearly 5'9 if you counted the curls of her hair. Lucy thought she was okay looking, but she could never compare to her best friend, Naomi.

Surfacing frome her thoughts, Michael now wagged his finger at Terry. "Terry, you're avoiding my question."

"You didn't ask me anything," Terry remarked. "You made a statement."

Michael shrugged. "Statement, question, same difference. My point is, what's up with you and Jenny?"

Terry shrugged now. He seemed terribly embarassed

Just then, Jenny entered the compartment along with Naomi. Jenny plopped down between between Lucy and Terry while Naomi took the only seat left, next to Michael. Just mere seconds later, Anthony Goldstein walked in, looking a bit disgruntled.

"What's got your knickers in a twist, old chap?" Michael asked, mocking Anthony's cockney accent.

Anthony glared at him and Naomi did as well. "Shut it you," Anthony retorted.

"Just trying to be a bit sympathetic," Michael replied, now polishing his quidditch captain badge.

Naomi glared at him again but only ended up laughing as he smiled innocently at her. Anthony simply rolled his eyes and sat down next to Naomi while Terry and Jenny seemed to not have noticed anything at all. This made a tiny flame jump in Lucy's mind. Could this be jealousy? No, no, she had always been jealous of the attention Michael gave Naomi. But what was it then? Could it... No, she couldn't even think of that. How could you hate your best friend?

"Anyways," Anthony continued, looking thoroughly disgusted, "Me mum's taking me off to Africa next year with her. Says it'll do me some good being in the real world, but I really don't see how starvation is good..."

"It'll help you see the other side of life," Naomi said. "Reality, generally speaking."

Anthony seemed to have not understood a word she said.

"Reality? Reality is me going off to play for the Wasps."

"The Wimbourne Wasps?" Michael exclaimed. "You don't even play for the house team."

"Yes but now you're captain," Anthony pointed out.


Anthony grinned from ear to ear. "Michael, Michael, Michael..."

"Anthony, I'm keeping the old team alright?"

Anthony thought for a moment. "Yes, but you have a seeker position open."

"Naomi plays seeker."

"Says who?"

"Says Davies, as of last year."

Finding no further argument, Anthony busied himself by staring out the window of the carriage while Terry and Jenny grew closer and closer together and Naomi, Michael, and Lucy discussed the aspects of adult wizard life. Nothing could cure Lucy's jealousy like squeezing between Naomi and Michael and suddenly snogging Michael, but of course she didn't. Yet all the way to Hogwarts, the flame in her mind kept nagging at her. It seemed to be spreading down towards her heart where it would send all of her emotions into a raging fire.

When the Hogwarts Express pulled into Hogsmeade Station, it was raining as hard as ever. The rain came down in sheets rather than drops. All the students ran to get into a carriage so they wouldn't get too wet but they did anyway. The weird horses pulling the carriages looked more frightening than ever. Lucy climbed into a random carriage, not bothering to find one with her friends.

Just a few minutes later they were at the great stong castle once again. It was gorgeously lit. Lucy hurried up the steps along with everyone else when she found Jenny beside her, looking supportive but not uttering a word. Something was up. Jenny wanted to say something, but she was holding back.

They entered in the Entrance Hall in a flurry of noise and laughter. Lucy gave Jenny a look.

"Lucy, can we talk for a sec?" Jenny asked.


Jenny pulled Lucy away from the rest of the crowd a little ways. Jenny seemed to be trying to put her thoughts into words.

"Do you... you know... have a thing for Terry?" she asked timidly, as if she was speaking to a lion.


"Well I see the way you look at him and- never mind, forget it."

"Terry and I are just friends. Come on, Jenny, you know me. I'm not that shallow." Well maybe I am.

Jenny started laughing nervously. "I didn't think you were. I just wonder sometimes, you know?"

The truth was, Lucy didn't wonder sometimes. She never wondered. She knew.

*I just wanted to post this so this chapter will be continued*

*Feedback please*


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As Time Turns - A Ravenclaw Story and Feedback

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Re: As Time Turns

*Reviving this and continuing on with the story. I forgot about this fan fic.*


Jenny looked up and around the Great Hall. Much to her surprise, the hall was overcrowded rather than empty. The Slytherin table, however, was looking a little bare. Some of the students must have joined the Death Eaters or gone off to Durmstrang in the rise of Voldemort.

However crowded the hall was, things seemed subdued. The death of their greatest Headmaster, Professor Dumbledore, was likely the cause of this. Professor McGonagall now took Dumbledore's seat with a new face in what used to be Slughorn's place, the potions master last year. She looked young and energetic, ready to begin the school year and not subdued the slightest.

In Snape's seat was- could it be? Fiery red hair, though a bit long, a sprinkling of freckles, blue eyes- yes, it was most definitely one of the Weasleys. He was rather tall, from what she could see, and strong. He was deep in coversation with Hagrid. This Weasley looked as though he had just come from off fighting dark wizards. He had that striking aura about him, though she noticed that his face and arms were quite heavily scarred. Jenny shrugged. Couldn't get a cooler teacher.

Flitwick, Hagrid, and Sprout all sat in their usual place. Professor Vector and Sinistra were also seated along the table. It seems as though Firenze would continue teaching Divination, though full-time as Trelawney had fled from the Death Eaters last June, rumored to be shouting, "I was never wrong Dumbledore, I was never wrong! I told you this day would come!"

Whether she had predicted this or not was not what Jenny had on her mind. She quickly found a seat along the Ravenclaw table between Terry and Naomi and waited for the sorting to begin.

Led in now by Hagrid, the first years wandered up the middle aisle, looking shaken and wet. Hagrid smiled, though it was a sad smile. Professor McGonagall stood up. Everyone hushed.

"Many of you are probably wondering why Hogwarts is filled in times like these. Many of you are wondering why Hogwarts is still open. Hogwarts sister school, Beauxbatons has closed down."

Gasps and whispers came from the students, though some of them seemed unperturbed by the news. Jenny guessed that these would be the Beauxbatons students.

"So Hogwarts has opened it's doors to all willing students. As long is there a young witch or wizard to be taught, Hogwarts will remain open."

There was applause and some cheering. Then Professor Sprout stood up in front of the first years with a list that read their names in alphabetical order. The sorting hat was seated on it's usual stool and began to sing.

It's times like these, with war and rage
Which strictly are apalling
When founders are formed, to educate
And hear their true calling.
Now let me tell you of Godric, a fine fellow was he
Fought long and hard
With skill and bravery.
Kind Helga Hufflepuff, a pure soul she was
Believed in generosity
Taught the truth and just.

But Jenny couldn't be bothered to listen to the sorting hat's useless song, for word was spreading down the table that the famous Harry Potter had not returned to Hogwarts. Jenny looked over at the Gryffindor table. Ginny Weasley sat there, paying close attention to the sorting. She could not see Harry Potter's friends, Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger, either.

"They've become aurors," Anthony whispered.

"I heard that they went off to find You-Know-Who."

"That's absurd. They're studying Crumple Horned Snorcacks in western Asia at this very moment."

Everyone looked down the table, for nonetheless, it was Luna Lovegood. She paid them no mind but simply turned back to the sorting as Professor Sprout was now calling off student's names.

"Braeden, Olivia!"

Olivia placed the sorting hat upon her head. Then the sorting hat shouted, "Hufflepuff!"

"I'm glad this is the last time I'll have to see this," Anthony muttered, who was seated on the other side of Naomi. Naomi elbowed him rather hard.

The sorting took a while, for whatever reason. Jenny sat and waited and talked, uninterested in the new students. Ravenclaw seemed to be the only house that was disgruntled by it's new members; the other three houses had cheered and applauded when a new student joined their group.

When the sorting had finally finished, the Ravenclaw table all breathed a sigh of relief. Professor McGonagall stood.

"Well, in the words of Professor Dumbledore, I think it is quite fitting to say 'Tuck in'."

And with that, the golden dishes on the tables were suddenly heavily filled with whole roast pigs and turkeys and shepherd's pie, potatoes and corn and pumpkin juice, sauces and dishes filled to the brim, looking absolutely delicious. Jenny filled her plate with food. Tonight she wanted to enjoy herself.

"Bit odd, Beauxbatons shutting down and all," Terry said to her.

"Yeah," Jenny replied, not thinking. "Do you think they speak much English?"

"They probably know some, but what I'm thinking about is why it closed down. Do you think something happened to Madame Maxime?"

Jenny took a sip of pumpkin juice. She didn't really care about Beauxbatons or Madame Maxime. She didn't really care about anything at the moment- except Terry. She answered in spite of how exhausted this simple conversation had made her.

"I don't know. Hagrid seems happy though, so probably not."

"There was something in the paper about the French Ministry the other day," Naomi chimed in. "Seems to be that a lot of the families there are moving."

"That's weird," Terry said. "Why would they come here?"

"No idea," Jenny breathed.

Terry looked at Jenny, smiling. "What's wrong?"


"No, really."

Jenny looked up at him. "I'm tired and stressed from this war. It's all anyone talks about. I just want things to be the way they used to be. I don't want to have to worry about whether I'll be a girl with no parents tomorrow. Everything is completely chaotic. I'm afraid of losing you, Terry."

"Afraid of losing me? How?"

Jenny glared at him, half crying, half frustrated. "You've seen the deaths in the papers. The Death Eaters will go for anyone and everyone."

Terry smiled and put his arm around her. "Jenny, you don't have to worry, everything will be just fine-"

"You don't know that!" She yelled, a little loud. Half the table was staring at her.

Jenny ate in silence for the rest of the night, her thoughts waged in a bloody and cruel war. She hated the thought of You-Know-Who. She wanted him killed. She wanted Harry Potter to save them all once again.

*Not my best, but wanted to continue writing. Feedback. Please don't only read, feedback is good and very much appreciated!*


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As Time Turns - A Ravenclaw Story and Feedback

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Re: As Time Turns

Chapter Four - Tomorrow Feels Like Forever

Michael awoke to the glare of the sun on his face. He had forgotten to pull his four poster curtains shut for the first of 180 times he would forget to pull his curtains shut this year. He squinted through the bright light. Of course, Anthony was still sleeping. Terry however was awake and gone, probably off to attend to some Head Boy duties. His other two roommates, Stephen Cornfoot and Kevin Entwhistle were slowly arising from their slumber. Michael decided to take action, as no one else was about to wake Anthony.

"Anthony," he said sleepily.

Anthony rolled over, away from Michael's voice.

"Anthony! Wake up!"



Anthony was terrified of vampires, so Michael thought this would have some effect on him. It did absolutely nothing.

Stephen conjured up a bucket of water with his wand and levitated it above Anthony's head.

"Do it," Michael ordered.

"Yeah, do it," Kevin agreed grumpily.

With a flick of his wrist, the water and the bucket had both landed on Anthony, giving him a nice shower.

"BLOODY- Eurgh! What the-"

Michael went about getting dressed as though nothing had happened.

"Oh, just thought we'd wake you up."

"I was perfectly clean, thank you. And that was bloody cold water."

Michael, Stephen, and Kevin didn't care. It was always a task to wake Anthony up.

Anthony magicked the water and the bucket away. He dried his pajamas and began getting dressed for class, muttering things under his breath that would have appalled any mother. Michael soon finished dressing and walked down the stairs to the common room. It was a wash of blue and bronze. Everything, excluding the fireplace, was some shade of- you guessed it- blue or bronze. Couches and armchairs were scattered about the room. Little bronze tables were here and there, piled with books, candies, and whatever else students had left there the night before (Michael spied quite a few items with the label 'Weasley's Wizard Wheezes' emblazoned on them). Over the mantel of the enormous fireplace was a portrait of Rowena Ravenclaw, the founder of the house.

Occupying two of the elegant navy armchairs that were pulled close to the surprisingly still roaring fire were Terry and Lucy, both looking rather exhausted.

"Sleep well?" Michael asked.

Terry groaned. "It was horrible. First years setting off fireworks and what else they get from the Weasley's store. They just opened one down in Hogsmeade you know."

"Really? I'll have to make sure to check that out on the first Hogsmeade weekend."

Terry glared at him. "You know I'll have to confiscate anything you buy from there."

"Lighten up Terry. Can't have a little fun?"

Terry sighed. "Must you always disagree with the school rules?"

"Yes," Michael replied bluntly.

Terry rested his head on his hand, picked up the nearest book from one of the bronze tables, and began reading.

"Well, I think I'll go down to breakfast," Lucy stated.

"I'll come with you," Michael said, wanting to leave before Anthony came down to the common room. "You coming, Terry?"

"I already ate. I was up early getting instructions from McGonagall and Flitwick."

"Oh, little Head Boy duties." Michael put on a prissy face, mocking Terry.

"Shut it, you!" Terry hissed. He threw the book he had been "reading" at Michael, which missed him as he had just ducked out of the portrait hole behind Lucy.

"So, Michael, what did you do this summer?" Lucy asked as they walked down the corridor. She was trying to make small talk, very small talk.

He shrugged, a habit of his.

"Ministry functions, went to Spain for a week, nothing overly exciting."

"Spain? I'd love to go to Spain."

They passed a portrait of an eccentric knight who was, oddly enough, shouting at them. Down the corridor, Michael spotted Ginny and a girl he knew to be Demelza who had played on the Gryffindor quidditch team last year. He looked away from Ginny, who seemed unperturbed at the sight of him.

"It was okay," Michael murmured, looking at the floor. "What'd you do over holidays?" he said quickly, trying to spark up the conversation as Ginny passed by.

"I stayed home-"

"Always very exciting."

Lucy hit him softly, in a joking sort of way.

"I also went to the states and worked on my uncle's farm in Idaho."

"He's a muggle, right?"

"My whole family are muggles," Lucy replied.

"Oh, right." There was an awkward silence. The topic of family with Lucy was very touchy. She didn't like to mention it much and Michael felt that he had caused her to bring this up.

"Well, erm, Naomi and Anthony were at the Ministry Function," Michael said hesitantly.

"Yes, I know."

Lucy now seemed very agitated. She sighed.

"What?" Michael asked.

"Nothing, I'm just tired," she muttered. "I wonder how the Beauxbatons students are fitting in."

"I forgot about them. Are there any in our year?" Michael questioned, the two of them now walking down the marble staircase.

"Twenty-three." Lucy looked around the hall, now bored by Michael's questions.

"Twenty-three? That's like all of Slytherin! How many are in our house?"

"Seven. Look Michael, I've got to go. My sister's over there and she's a first year you know, I wanted to show her around a bit before classes started-"

Michael ran a hand through his hair. "Go ahead, I'll just go find a seat at the house table."

"See you," Lucy called over her shoulder, as she hurried toward a lost looking first year.

Michael sauntered into the Great Hall where students were chattering excitedly over their breakfasts. The sky above was sunny and welcoming as the post owls flew in through the windows. Michael ventured over to the Ravenclaw table where he found Jenny sitting quite alone.

"Hey Jenny," he greeted. "Mind if I sit here?"

"No," she murmured.

Michael sat down. He helped himself to pumpkin juice, toast, and bacon. A few moments of silence passed until Michael came to wonder why Jenny, who was often very talkative, had said nothing.

"Something wrong, Jenny?" Michael asked, trying his hardest to be sympathetic, though he didn't think he was doing a very good job.

She shook her head. She was looking down at her empty plate and had been the entire time.

"Do you want to... talk?"

Jenny sniffed.

"Is it Terry?"

She wiped what seemed to be tears from her eyes. "I have to go," she said, getting up from the table.


"I-I'll see you in class, Michael." She hurried out of the hall, forgetting her bag, her face blotchy and her eyes wet.

Before Michael could even contemplate what had happened to Jenny, he was joined by two other girls in his year- Su Li and Lisa Turpin.

"Hi Michael," said Su, a very pretty girl with long black hair and shimmering dark eyes.

"Hello," he said, still thinking about Jenny.

"Excited for classes?" Lisa asked, flipping back her platinum blonde hair.

Michael sighed. "Yeah, I guess. Last year and all."

"Speaking of classes," Su said as Professor Flitwick hobbled towards them with their schedules.

"Hello students!" Flitwick exclaimed.

"Hi Professor Flitwick," Su said.

Flitwick handed them each their schedules, telling them what careers he thought they would excel in as he did so.

"Now Lisa," he said as he gave her her schedule, "I think you'd be a fantastic healer with that kind and caring nature of yours. Your Charms grade is well beyond your years, though I don't think you did too well in Professor Slughorn's class last year. Might want to work on that for your N.E.W.T.s..."

"Professor Flitwick?" Su interrupted, as she was a very impatient person.

"Yes Su?"

"Just who is the new Potions Master?" she asked.

"Potions Mistress," Flitwick corrected.

Su and Lisa quickly looked at each other. Michael couldn't exactly tell what they were thinking because, as what usually happens, he found that girls like Su and Lisa were very good at conveying their emotions without anyone else noticing.


"Your new Potions Mistress is Professor Dagworth-Granger. I'm sure you will all find her quite marvelous."

And with that, Flitwick hobbled down the table, handing out schedules to other students.

"Dagworth-Granger? Like Hermione Granger?" Lisa thought aloud.

"Probably not. Hermione's a muggleborn," Su replied, looking over her schedule.

Michael looked at his own schedule. "Yes! First period is Defense Against the Dark Arts."

"And you're happy because?" Lisa snapped, a bit of her unpleasant side showing through.

"Because it's actually exciting," Michael retorted.

Su pretended to be uninterested. "I hear one of the Weasley's is teaching it. Can't be all that bad," she said airily.

"You just fancy him, Su," Lisa said, smiling.

"I do not," Su contradicted, blushing.

Michael didn't particularly want to hear any more of this conversation. He quickly got up and left the hall, carrying the bag that Jenny had forgotten. Su and Lisa didn't notice his departure.

He dashed up to the Ravenclaw Tower to retrieve his own bag before Defense Against the Dark Arts. The corridors and common room were nearly empty, a surprise at this time of the morning. Usually there were students hurrying about, trying to get to their classes. Well, Michael said to himself, it is the first day of class. Or maybe they've all just broken this bad habit.

Whatever the case, Michael quickly hurried down to the First Floor where the Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom was located. He had two minutes until he would be considered late.

Standing outside of the Defense Against the Dark Arts Classroom were his fellow Ravenclaws and a group of Gryffindors. The places of Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, and Hermione Granger were taken by three Beauxbatons students, he noticed.

"Hi Michael!" Naomi said excitedly.

"Hi, have you seen Jenny?" he asked, worried that she wasn't there.

"Erm, no." Naomi looked around at the group of students. "Why?"

"She just seemed a little- distracted at breakfast." Michael set Jenny's bag down against the wall. "So what's the deal with this Weasley character?"

Naomi looked at her watch. "Should be interesting, I guess. He's going to be late though."

Just then the classroom door opened, revealing none other than Professor Weasley.

"Or not," Michael whispered to Naomi.

"This is seventh year, is it?" Professor Weasley asked. A few students nodded or said quick "Yes"'s. "Well, come in then."

They entered the Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom. It looked as it had before, yet it looked entirely different. A moving photo of two wizards locked in battle was mounted on the wall. Only the spells and incantations could be seen- what had happened to the unlucky wizard that wasn't quite quick enough was a mystery.

Michael took a seat next to the window, next to Anthony. Anthony, who was sitting between Michael and Lucy, was already fooling around with a fake wand, replacing Lucy's wand with the fake wand.

"So I suppose I should take attendance?" Professor Weasley asked rhetorically. He had long, deep scars on his face and neck, but these markings didn't hurt his appearance. In fact, they made him look even cooler.

"Yes," snapped Lavender Brown. She had been a bit snippy since her best friend, Parvati Patil, had been taken out of Hogwarts.

"Well then, Miss Lavender-"

"Lavender Brown," she said, a little nicer.

"Thank you for that, Lavender," he replied sarcastically. A few people snickered. "Is anyone not here?"

Anthony raised his hand, smiling.

"I was talking about physically absent, not mentally, Anthony."

Anthony's eyes widened, surprised that the professor knew his name.

"Actually I was going to tell you that Jenny's not here."

Professor Weasley made a check on what presumably was his list of students. "Okay, moving on...

"I'm Bill, Weasley, whatever you want to call me-"

"Hi Bill!" Anthony called out. He received quite a few glares in return, none however from "Bill".

"As I was saying before, you don't need to mess with that 'Professor' rubbish, unless you feel the need to. You only absolutely have to call me that when McGonagall is around... house points and all... unless you're not really into that...

"So do any of you know the use of a Homorphogus Charm?"

A Beauxbatons boy raised his hand.

"Izn't eet somezhing to do wiz werewolvez?" he asked with his heavy French accent.

"Yes, but that's not what it's used for. Anyone else want to take a guess?"

The door at the back of the classroom opened quietly and Jenny entered. She took a seat at the back of class next to Seamus Finnigan. Michael carefully passed her her bag.

"You must be Jenny?" Professor Weasley asked.

She nodded. He pointed at his list of students with his wand and a pencil that was lying on the desk was suddenly writing.

"Wands out," Professor Weasley told the class. "I'm going to show you what a Homorphogus Charm does."


"Potting soil?"


Lucy looked up from her work. They were in Herbology with the Slytherins and they had been given the task of tending to the venomous tentaculas. She had just been pruning the tentacula- very carefully- when Michael had asked her about potting soil.

"Do you need the potting soil?" Michael asked again.

"Erm," she started, "no, I'm alright."


Michael stared at her as if she belonged in a cage at the zoo. Like he would even know what a zoo was. She sighed.

Why wouldn't Michael ever notice her? Sure he talked to her, but he didn't really care. Why was it always the pretty girls that got everything? Naomi had loving parents, money, a guaranteed spot on the quidditch team, and any guy she wanted. Whoever said that brains weren't a turn on? Well obviously someone did, because Lucy had loads of that and Michael still didn't like her. I must look awful, Lucy thought. It's not fair, she doesn't even like Michael. She just thinks of him as a friend, at the most. I can't stand being around them like this. Oh ****... what's my problem? Do I really hate her? I can't, no I can't- but I do. I can't stand Naomi anymore.

Lucy tried to catch herself as she muttered this under her breath. Too late. It slipped out.

No one heard her though. Of course, Lucy thought, who would ever notice some reject like me?


It was Naomi.

"Yes?" she asked through gritted teeth.

"I think you're stabbing the plant."

The plant? THE PLANT?! Why can't she call it by it's proper name?

Lucy continued 'stabbing the plant' since she refused to listen to Naomi. She really couldn't wait for seventh year to be over.

Naomi tapped her on the shoulder.

"What now?!" Lucy yelled.

But when she turned around, it wasn't Naomi that had tapped her on the shoulder, but Professor Sprout.

"Just wanted to let you know that class has been dismissed, dear," Sprout said.

Lucy blushed. "Oh, I didn- I was- sorry."

"That's alright."

Lucy put down her pruning shears and quickly departed from the greenhouse. The bright sunshine that had been present in the morning was slowly fading to gray clouds. Lucy spotted the rest of her class entering the castle ahead. She made no effort to catch up to them. She didn't feel like seeing Naomi.


Terry couldn't stand the sound of dripping water any longer. He had been patrolling the seventh floor ever lunch had started. The prefects and both the Head Boy and Girl were assigned a place in the castle to patrol during the time they didn't have class; the times rotated of course. And lucky him, he had been assigned the corridor with the leaky roof.

The corridor was completely empty and probably would be for the rest of the shift. Terry leaned against the window. He was exhausted from his Head Boy duties already. Did McGonagall honestly think that the castle would be attacked? What rubbish. Even if Hogwarts was attacked, it's not like he would be able to do anything about it.

"Whatever," he muttered to himself. He started walking towards the Ravenclaw common room. There was only three minutes left on his shift anyway. Nothing was going to happen in three minutes.

He muttered a quick, "Bonus amiscus," to the portrait of Merlin and climbed in through the portrait hole.

The common room was nearly empty. Naomi sat on a plush couch in the corner pouring over homework, Michael sitting in an armchair across from her. A few third years were messing around by the window. Terry didn't want to go tell them off. All Terry really wanted to do was sleep. He dropped into an armchair and closed his eyes.

"Hey, Terrico," Michael called across the room, "trying out for quidditch?"

"No," Terry grumbled, not bothering to tell him off for the Terrico statement.

"Why not?"

"Because I don't want to."

"Aw, come on Terry," Michael whined. "It's your last year and you've never tried out. I've seen you fly, you're not half bad."

Terry groaned. "Michael, can you please just shut up?"

"A little cranky today, aren't we?"

"Just leave him alone, Michael," Naomi interrupted. "You're both being really annoying."

"Me?" Terry asked. "What am I doing?"

"Arguing with Michael, now both of you just quit it."

Thankfully, Michael decided to be quiet for the rest of the hour. However, Terry got little sleep. He just couldn't stop his mind from running away onto different paths until he got so rapped up in his thoughts that he was wide awake.

"Potions next," Michael grumbled.

"What's so upsetting about that?" Naomi asked.

"It's in the dungeons," Michael started, "and the dungeons are creepy."

Naomi laughed. She started walking out of the portrait hole.

"Come on, Terry," Michael said as he gathered up his bag.

Terry slowly got up and carried his book bag out the portrait hole. The three of them walked down the corridor to the moving staircases. They walked down seven flights of stairs and then another three. They walked, or rather inched, along the Potions corridor and walked up to the door.

"Oh no," Naomi said.

"What?" Michael and Terry questioned.

She read the note that was taped to the door, "'The Potions class has been moved up to the first floor by Professor Dagworth-Granger's request. All students attending Potions class should enter classroom 37 on the second floor.'"

They carried themselves back up five flights of stairs. Terry was about ready to drop dead by the time they reached classroom 37. Some of their classmates had already gone into the room.

Their new Potions professor turned out to be quite eccentric. She wore extremely bright colors and had a love for the 'art of potions'. Terry really couldn't decide whether he liked her or not. He was much too tired to be bothered with exciting teachers.

By the end of the class, Terry had managed to turn his Veritaserum that they were supposed to be mixing into a particularly strong batch of Bulbadox Powder. Professor Dagworth-Granger didn't seem to mind too much.

"Having an off day?" she asked.

"Yeah, just a bit off."

"Well, I suppose you can start again next week. You'll be a bit behind, but I've heard that you have quite a knack for potions." She patted him on the shoulder, and then went on to survey Anthony's potion.

The bell rang signaling the end of class, and they hurried out.

"Well that was interesting," Naomi said sarcastically.

"Don't like her?" Terry asked. "How come? Too excitable for you?"

"Yeah, just a little," she replied with sarcasm again. "She hasn't even ever brewed Veritaserum before, this is just her 'experiment.'"

Naomi and Terry were then joined by Anthony and Michael, both looking a bit sheepish.

"What'd you do this time?" Naomi asked.

"Fooling around with fake wands you know," Anthony started,

"And one kind of fell in the cauldron," Michael said. "The bat it was supposed to turn into had a few complications."

"I swear-" Naomi started

"Hey, Michael already got detention, don't be too hard on us."

"And you didn't get detention because?" Naomi asked.

"Because I'm intelligent, unlike this git here. I think Proffessor Dag-whatevers likes me."

Terry tried to choke down a roaring laugh.

"She said your Veritaserum smelled interesting. That's not a good sign. It's not supposed to smell like anything," Terry said.

"Well then, Mr. Head Boy," Anthony said, "I saw your Bulbadose Powder. Explain that."

"Bulbadox," Naomi muttered.

"What? You're Orthadox?" Anthony asked.

"No, you git. It's called Bulbadox Powder," she said.

"Oh," he said. "Well, Terrico, I saw your Bulbadox Powder, and quite frankly my Veritaserum was a much better show of... well Veritaserum than Bulbadox Powder."

"What're you getting at?" Terry asked. "Potions was never really my thing."

Anthony found no further argument and decided to just shut his mouth for once.

"Hey, have you seen Lucy anywhere?" Naomi asked generally. "I haven't seen her at all today. It's weird."

"Yeah, Jenny too," Terry added.

They both looked at Michael as Anthony pretended that he wasn't listening.

"What?" Michael asked. "It's not like I've talked to them today. Just blame me, why don't you?"

Terry coughed loudly and muttered, "Lies."

"Got a cough there Terry? Might want to go up to the Hospital Wing," Michael said as he tried to devoid the attention away from himself.

"Forget it," Naomi muttered. "She'll be at dinner."

They continued walking down the hall until Michael hissed, "Oh bloody hell! Hide me!"

Terry looked up the hall a ways, and as he had guessed, there was Ginny Weasley surrounded by a large group of boys.

"Michael," Naomi said reprovingly, "what in the world is your problem?"

"It's Ginny!" he whispered. "You don't know how it is to have her friends see me! They all laugh at me for dumping her for Cho."

Anthony came out of his unusual period of silence. "Why? That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard."

"Yeah well, I wouldn't expect you to understand."

"Why?" Anthony asked. "In my opinion, Cho is much prettier than Ginny," he said a bit too loud. All of the Gryffindor boys looked right at him, but he didn't seem to notice.

"Geez Anthony," Naomi snapped, "you're so shallow."

"You know what?" Anthony retorted. "I just... I won't talk for the rest of the day if that's how it is. Bet you'd all like that."

Naomi looked up to the ceiling, clasped her hands together, and mouthed "Thank you." Anthony glared at her, but stuck to his word and didn't utter a sound.

Michael however was going out of his way to walk as far away from Ginny as possible. He hid behind Terry, Naomi, and Anthony, but was still visible as he was the tallest of them all.

"Eh, Corner!" Seamus Finnigan called. "You the Ravenclaw quidditch captain?"

Michael stopped his brisk pace. "Yep."

"Like to see you up against Ginny," called Andrew Kirke.

Ginny nudged them, flaming to the roots of her hair.

"Leave him alone, Andrew," she muttered.

Michael looked at Ginny for a moment, then hurried down the hall, Anthony, Naomi, and Terry following him.

"That was a bit awkward," Terry commented.

"Yeah, just wait until you and Jenny break up," Michael said.

Naomi gave Michael the meanest look she could muster and slapped him- hard- on the shoulder, since she couldn't reach his face. He recoiled in what seemed to be mock pain.

Terry was struck by Michael's words. He loved Jenny. He wanted to be with her forever, or it seemed like that anyway. He hadn't even considered breaking up with her.

"Michael, sometimes I don't even know- oh how could you- he's your friend- I swear, someday- Eurgh!" Naomi stormed off down the corridor, leaving the three of them standing there a bit shocked.

"Terry, I didn't mean to be such a git, just slipped, you know?"

"Yeah, it doesn't matter," Terry muttered.

They both looked at Anthony, wondering what his input would be. Anthony shook his head and motioned a zipper across his lips.

Michael took out his wand and said, "Zipperos!"

And Anthony's mouth turned into an actual zipper.

Michael and Terry walked down the corridor, having a good laugh while Anthony chased after them in fear. He took out his wand and tried to say incantations, but it did nothing.

For a moment, Terry nearly forgot about the war. He was with his friends, laughing over some stupid prank. He didn't have the urge to report them for using magic outside of class. For once, everything was like it had been when they were younger- carefree and mischievous. And, Terry thought, I think I like it much better this way.

*Okay that took forever, hence the title (but not really). Now it's time for... Feedback!
Oh and Ginny will be in future chapters... Not implying anything with that though. Oh and the title came from a song called Cliffdiving by +44.*


You are everything I want
Because you are everything I'm not.

As Time Turns - A Ravenclaw Story and Feedback

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