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The First Year- Marauder Era

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The First Year- Marauder Era

The First Year- Marauder Era

Disclaimer: if characters are familiar they are most likely the possession of the truly wonderful J.K. Rowling so not suing me would be very much appreciated.

and now for the story....

A young girl of about ten years old with golden brown hair that was wavy and stuck up slightly in all the wrong places and had sparkling light blue eyes, was sitting on a plane on the way to one of the places she heard about and loved to look at pictures of the most, England.

She was very excited to be going there, but to be moving there was a completely different matter. All her friends that she made over the years, the family she would be leaving behind, somehow she wasn't sure if going to her dream place was going to be worth leaving everyone behind in the United States.

'Well,' she thought, 'at least my grandma is coming too.' She looked to the place next to her to find her grandmother snoozing with her head slightly titled back. Her mother, father, brother, and grandmother were all going to live on the skirts of some village she had never heard of called Godric’s Hollow in the northern part of England.

"Daisy," the girl's head had snapped up by being addressed by her brother that's about three years older than her, "get your stuff together and wake up grandma, dad said were landing pretty soon."

"Yeah, sure." she said distantly still wondering how life in a new country, on a new continent, with mostly new people, and new friends would be like while gathering her Beatles cassette tapes and her pillow together. Not noticing her brother leaving.

When she had all her stuff together she nudged her grandmother who had woken with a start and said, “oh hello dear, have we arrived yet?”

“No, but nearly. Germ (that was a nick-name she had given her older brother whose name is truly Jeremy Jr. and her father is Jeremy Sr.) told me a bit ago that dad said to get ready as the plane will be landing pretty soon.”

Her grandmother sighed and said, “knowing your father that will probably be a half an hour from now, but all the same I suppose I might as well be awake so when the lovely women comes to escort me off the plane I won’t be too cranky with her.”

Daisy laughed lightly thinking about how when they where boarding the plane the women who was supposed to help her grandmother somehow managed to drop her carry on bag in front of her grandmother and nearly made her trip. She would have too if her father hadn’t been right there to grab her before she completely lost her balance and shot the women a nasty glare that clearly said, ‘do your job right or I will not stay this pleasant.’


The whole way to her new home Daisy was lost in deep thought, as she usually is when it is utterly silent though she has no problem with silence what so ever.

Daisy could just sit and think for hours at a time without being bothered by things some would call, “awkward silences.” While others shift uncomfortably when Daisy suddenly drops into total silence she just stares blankly into space either thinking intently or just off into her own little world that she had created carefully to make everything perfect. Her world holds all of her hopes, dreams, and her immense loads of drama that she keeps locked up in her imaginary jail as “drama” is not aloud in her world.

On the way to her home Daisy started bitterly creating a larger prison for the more drama that was sure to come now that her whole life had truly changed forever.

A/N: no worries things get more exciting in the next post

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Re: The First Year- Marauder Era

Wow just realized how short the last one was. Well I made it up to you with a longer one. Here you go...


“There,” sighed Daisy glad to have finally finished unpacking.

When she had first seen the house she was positively delighted at how cute the old house looked. Before she even considered unpacking she decided to inspect the house from inside out and then after she finished unpacking she would finish her investigative work by taking a stroll around the village to figure out where everything is.

Daisy then ran downstairs too excited to wait to see the village, grabbed some money, and shouted some quick good byes and was out the door.

Daisy was quite pleased with herself that she had made it out the door too quickly for her father to demand her brother to join her to keep an eye on her. Even though she was well aware she was going to get an ear full when she got home she didn’t care because she didn’t want to walk around all day with her idiot of a brother.

Daisy was about four blocks away from her house when she saw an ice cream parlor and decided to see what it was like in there and maybe buy herself an ice cream.

She pushed open the door and heard the jingling as she stepped inside. After a bit of looking around she noticed that they had her favorite ice cream, strawberry, and so she got in line unable to resist the temptation.

When she had ordered the man at the counter eyed her slightly and said as he was getting her the ice cream, “nice accent.” Daisy reached into her pocket for the money as he was holding out the cone.

Then, so suddenly that it made the man jump back slightly, Daisy smacked herself on the head screaming at herself inside her head for being so stupid. Then she looked back up at the surprised man apologetically and said, “you don’t happen to take U.S. dollars do you?”

He shook his head, no and Daisy then sighed. “Is there a bank near here where I can exchange the money?”

Before the man could respond someone from behind her had interrupted and said, “Don’t worry I’ll cover it.”

Daisy then wheeled around to see a man with brown hair that appeared to be untamable and kind hazel eyes with who looked to be his son. His son seemed to be about her age and looked very much like his father but his hair was jet black and his hazel eyes where hidden behind a pair of glasses.

“Oh! No, that’s okay sir I’ll just go find a-,” Daisy started but was then interrupted.

“Bank?” the kind man said looking slightly amused. “The only bank you’ll find around here is about ten miles that way,” then he pointed with his thumb over his shoulder.

Daisy looked pass him as if she expected to see it off in the distance and then blushed slightly. “Well,” she said turning back to the man at the counter, “I’ll be back by night fall.” She then started to leave when the kind man called to her.

“You’re not walking all that way are you?” he asked looking bemused.

“Well yeah. I have to pay this guy don’t I?” Daisy then gestured in the direction the man at the counter.

“I said I’ll cover it didn’t I?” then before she could object the man handed over the money and held out the ice cream to her.

“You can have it,” she said determined not to take charity from a stranger.

“We hate strawberry,” the boy and his father said at the same time with a wide smile on both of their faces.

Daisy then sighed and took the ice cream grudgingly. “Hey, what is your address?” she asked the boy while his father was ordering their ice cream and she didn’t notice one was for strawberry.

“Why?” asked the boy.

“I have to get the money I owe you’re dad to him somehow right?”

The boy then laughed loudly and said, “you Americans sure are stubborn aren’t you?”

His father then handed him his ice cream and a second later Daisy had just noticed what flavor it was.

“Hey! I thought you hated strawberry!”

“We had to get you to take the ice cream somehow, now shut up and eat your ice cream,” the boy said clearly amused at how difficult she was trying to be.

Daisy then walked over to a table by a window and slowly started eating her ice cream while going into thinking mode. She hadn’t even noticed that the boy and his father had joined her.

“Hey!” said the boy waving his hand in front of her face trying to get her attention.

“Wha-? Oh I’m sorry I didn’t see you there,” said Daisy blushing slightly.

“We’ve been sitting here for the last five minutes trying to tell you your ice cream is melting all over your hand,” said the boy exasperated.

“Oh, right,” she said wiping her hand and returning to eating her ice cream thoroughly embarrassed this time.

‘Why can’t they just go away?’ she thought, ‘I’ve only been here a few hours and I’m already making a fool out of my self.’

“So what’s your name?” asked the boy interrupting her thoughts.

“Daisy, Daisy Zawislak, (Za-Vish-Lock)” she said, “and you?”

“James Potter,” he said extending his hand and Daisy shook it briefly.

“So what is it like in the States?” asked Mr. Potter trying to keep the conversation flowing.

“It’s okay I guess but truthfully I’ve always wanted to come to Europe.”

“Why?” asked James.

“Well, you see I’m just more into the whole castles and old houses thing because in the U.S. they want to build a bunch of houses and buildings and stuff really fast and no one really takes the time to make them look nice in the process. Though here, every building and house is beautiful because they took their time.”

Mr. Potter laughed and said, “I don’t think I’ve ever met a child of your age that cares so much about architecture.”

Daisy smiled slightly, feeling heat starting to creep into her cheeks.

“Hey,” said James suddenly, “want to go to the park for awhile? Its not a far walk from here.”

“Oh! I’m sorry. I can’t. You see I kind of left with out really telling my parents where I was going or anything and we just moved here so they must be really worried.”

“Why on Earth did you leave your house alone with out telling your parents?” said Mr. Potter sounding the tiniest bit stern.

“I told them I was leaving. I just didn’t exactly ask them. I left before they could object,” said Daisy. She then looked thoughtful. “You want to come over to my house James?”

“I thought you were going to be in trouble.”

“I most likely will be but they can’t get as mad at me if your there and maybe I can swing a story about seeing you walk by and decided to join you and all I did was walk around the block a couple of times or something.”

James laughed and agreed after he asked his father with emphasis on his request. They then both stood up disposed of their napkins and left the parlor.

They talked and joked all the way back to her house. Once they arrived Daisy led them both into the backyard where they sat down on a couple of rather large rocks to talk for a bit.

When Daisy was tierd of talking she stood up on her rock and said, "enough talk lets battle."


"Stand up on your rock and the first to push the other off wins."

James smiled mischievously and stood on his own rock, "you're going down Za-Visk-Lack"

Daisy then laughed at him and said, "oh I think you'll be the one doing all the going down Potter." She was just about to try to shove him when a letter dropped on her head.

Daisy looked up to see where it had come from just to see an owl fly away. Just then another letter was dropped towards James but he had caught it and was now staring at her with his mouth slightly open.

"You got one too?" James asked looking slightly shocked.

"What do you mean? What is this all about?" Daisy said gesturing towards the letter she was holding.

James grinned at her confusion and said, "You'll see, just open your letter before I hex you."

A/N: I know James seems a little OOC but don't worry he gets more arrogant when school starts
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My Very First Fan Fic. Ever!! The First Year- Marauder Era

The horcrux thing was a last second add in for I don't know why.

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Re: The First Year- Marauder Era

Just a bit of a warning there is some violence and a lot of yelling in the next post... enjoy

‘Hex me?’ she thought, ‘I wonder what he means by that…’
She looked at him warily for a moment before looking back at the envelope that was addressed perfectly to her down to the room she sleeps in. ‘How would anyone know my address the first day I have arrived? Let alone where I sleep! Oh my gosh, this is getting scary!’ she stole another glance at James who had already opened his letter and now was watching her with a raised eyebrow looking amused at the look on her face. ‘Wait. Amused? What is so amusing about some crazy psycho stalker knowing where I live and sleep and sending me and my friend some weird letters with an owl!?’

Daisy suddenly felt something hard come in contact with her head making her stumble off of her rock. Looking up from where she fell she saw James and glared at him. James had smacked her on the side of her head.

“Stop thinking so much and open your bloody letter!”

“Fine!” she shouted and then muttered under her breath, while rubbing her head, “bloody idiot.” James then grinned at her new use of the British language.

‘I might as well open it…’ she thought, ‘even though it could be a bomb, or a threat, or some sort of ransom note… Wait! What if they have grandma!!’ she started to panic again when the rational side of her kicked in saying, ‘HELLO!?! James already opened his and everything seems fine so it must be okay…’

Then, curiosity getting the best of her, she stole one last glance at James before starting to open her letter.

As she read the first line she had thought at first that she had misunderstood and after re-reading it several times she continued with the rest of the letter, while in utter shock, which read:


Headmaster: Albus Dumbledore
(Order of Merlin, First Class, Grand Sorc., Chf. Warlock,Supreme Mugwump, International Confed. Of Wizards)

Dear Ms. Zawislak,
We are pleased to inform you been accepted Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Please Find enclosed a list of all necessary books and equipment.
Term begins on September 1. We await your owl by no later than July 31.
Yours sincerely,

Minerva McGonagall,
Deputy Headmistress

Daisy looked up in shock after reading the letter over three times and was looking at James gawking in disbelief. ‘Wow,’ she thought looking down at the letter once more, ‘this is far from a bomb.’ With that she laughed lightly.

“Welcome to the wizarding world Ms. Za-Visk-Lock,” said James mock bowing.

“Or witchcraft-ing,” Daisy interjected, feeling stupid afterward. Causing James to laugh at her making heat rise into her cheeks once again that day. “Wait how did you know about these?” said Daisy after getting over her embarrassment while waving the letter. She had just recalled the moment before either of them had opened their letters when he had mentioned some thing about ‘hexing’ her.

“Oh, well my parents are both wizards.” James said while scratching his nose like it was no big deal.

“So it just slipped your mind to tell me you come from a family of wizards?” said Daisy being a bit cold with him for finding out her new friend had kept such a HUGE secret from her.

“Well I’m not supposed to tell muggles.”


“Non-magical people,” he said waving off her last question as if it were obvious.

She then stood up, smacked James on the side of the head making his head jerk down. She was still a bit sore at him for smacking her in the head and especially for keeping such a big secret from her.

“Hey!” said James rubbing the side of his head, “what was that for?”

“You know perfectly well what ‘that’ was for Potter,” said Daisy shooting him a glare before standing up and walking towards her house.

“Where are you going?” shouted James after her before getting up to catch up.

“To ask my dad if I can go to Hogwarts,” she said shortly.

“Oh, he’ll let you go right?”

“I’m really not sure, but I’m going to ask now so I have plenty of time to grovel before September first.” With that Daisy stepped into her house with her letter leaving James at the door to wait for the verdict.

“Mom! Dad!” shouted Daisy.

“There you are!” said her father reaching her in the kitchen looking angry, “Where were you! We’ve been looking for you for the past half and hour!”

‘Only that long?’ thought Daisy, ‘I had to be gone for at least three. I guess they didn’t know I left.’ “I saw someone about my age across the street about an hour ago so I went to talk to them since I was done packing,” she lied, “then I brought him over here so we could hang out in the back yard.”

“Likely story! I had your brother look in the backyard already and he said you weren’t there!”

‘Uh oh,’ she thought trying to think of something else quickly. “Dad, I’m not lying. He probably didn’t look well enough or we were checking out the shed at the time and didn’t hear him,” she said. Then she took a deep breath unsure of how her father would react to the bit of information she about to give him. “Anyway I didn’t come in calling for you and mom to be yelled at for not being in the house.”

“Oh yeah? Then why,” her father spat.

Daisy handed over the acceptance letter to her father watching him snatch the piece of paper out of her hands. While he was reading the letter his already red face was turning into a violent dark shade of red an then to a remarkable shade of purple.

Daisy was waiting nervously for her father to finish reading the letter when her grandmother, mother, and brother had entered the room looking from her father to her in bewilderment. She knew what they were thinking, ‘What did she do?’

Her father had just finished the letter and he looked livid but Daisy through caution to the winds anyway and asked, “So?”

“So what?” he said his voice barely above a whisper with anger etched in every word.

Already knowing the answer Daisy asked, “Can I go?”

“Go where?” her grandmother asked interrupting her father before he could retaliate to his daughter’s question.


“But dad!-”

“Jeremy! What are you going on about?” Daisy’s grandmother was now yelling, extremely angry at having her previous question ignored.


“SHUT UP!” Daisy yelled now reduced to tears. Daisy’s grandmother rushed over to comfort Daisy while her mother and brother just stayed where they were.

“Now really Jeremy what are you going on about?” Daisy’s father then passed the letter to her grandmother who then passed it to Daisy to hold on to while she talked to her father. “Well its simple really. She just won’t go, no need to get all worked up about it.”


“You don’t honestly want to go to that school. Do you?”


Daisy was suddenly cut off by being smacked across the face by her father. Hard. Daisy reached up and touched where her father’s hand had come in contact with her face making her cringe. ‘That’s how I figured he would react,’ she thought bitterly.


Daisy walked across the kitchen towards the staircase leading to her room. She passed the clock on their wall making it shatter as she walked by. Behind her she heard her grandmother jump and gasp. ‘Yeah I’ll go to my room,’ she thought, ‘but that doesn't mean I’m going to stay there.’

My Very First Fan Fic. Ever!! The First Year- Marauder Era

The horcrux thing was a last second add in for I don't know why.

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Re: The First Year- Marauder Era

Wohoo! I got a post up!!! Forgive the wait please...

And here you go...

Daisy was moving around her room as much stealth as she could muster without being heard from downstairs.

'If they don't want me for what I am...well then I won't be sticking around for them to worry about my new found horrible abilities.' Daisy thought before silently closing the lid to her trunk. She then began dragging her trunk towards her window. 'Now how I am going to fit this trunk through that window and then make it safely to the base of a two story house is beyond me..'

Daisy sighed sitting back on her bed reading her Hogwarts acceptance letter for what must have been the hundredth time wondered what she could have been thinking that she could ever go to such an amazing school such as Hogwarts. Then, as a pair of tears seeped through the corners of her eyelids making there way down each side of her face, a knock came at her door just before she heard the lock click open.

Daisy pulled her legs up onto her bed almost as if the floor had been electrocuted, 'I thought I put my gum in that lock so they couldn't come in!'

The door then swung open making Daisy actually jump off her bed in shock and when she saw who it was she hastily wiped away her tears not wanting her newest friend and his father to see her in such a state.

"Wha-what are you doing-?" Daisy began before having James rush in and grab her trunk and his father approached her.

"I see you knew we were coming," James mused while he made an attempt at picking up Daisy's trunk.

"I was going to run away and you just happened to come before I left."

"Oh, I thought you were doing more of feeling sorry for yourself than running," said James

Daisy just brushed off his last statement and went on to ask "How did you two get in here anyway? I know well enough that my dad would not let anyone up here right now, let alone people he had never met with out getting out his pistol."

With this both James and his father looked at her questionaly whith both of them raising an eyebrow simitanuously.

"Okay. One: that raise your eyebrows at the same time thing is kind of freaky and, Two: why are you guys looking at me that way?"

Mr. Potter was the one who spoke, "What is a pistol?"

Daisy's jaw dropped, "Well, a gun you know that! ...Don't you?"

"Oh! Isn't that some type of muggle wand?" questioned Mr. Potter.

"Er...I guess."

"Well enough about pis-tails. We need to go," said Mr. Potter. He then glanced over at his son who was struggling with the trunk. "Here James let me take care of that."
Then Mr. Potter pulled out a rather long narrow stick and tapped the trunk muttering something Daisy did not quite catch.

What had happened next made Daisy gasp and jump slightly. 'It shrank! He shrank my whole trunk to about the size of an egg and is now putting it in his pocket!' When Daisy finally came out of her dazed state she realized what Mr. Potter had just said.

"What do you mean we need to go? Go where?"

"Well James here could not help but over here your current situation from the door you left him at and had come to get me after your father er..."

"Smacked me?" Daisy said smiling bitterly.

"Yeah! I can't believe your dad! All that rubbish he said! He talks like all those stupid muggles who use to try to burn our kind at the stake all those years ago!" James yelled frustratedly.

"Truly? My dad isn't that bad he just has serious temper issues that he would rather take out on my mom, brother, and me than in therapy."

"That is no excuse for his actions and we're not going to let you come back here unless we are sure your father will accept you for who you are and has went to therapy for his anger management problems."

"Well then where will I go? With you? I could never do that! I'd rather stay here than cause you any trouble!" said Daisy collapsing helplessly on her bed once again.

"Of course you're coming with us! Why do you think we came!" said Mr. Potter exasperatedly.

"Would that really be okay? I mean what if my dad comes and would you really not mind having me?" said Daisy in disbelief.

"Don't worry about your dad I can handle that and as for minding having you... Well my wife always wanted another girl around the house," said Mr. Potter winking at Daisy making her laugh lightly.

"Dad! We better get going now before your spell wears off!" said James.

"Lets get going then! Is that everything?" Daisy nodded, "Then hold onto my arm as tight as you can, both of you, until we get there."

Daisy and James both grabbed onto the same arm not daring to disagree. What had come next was probably the most unpleasant feeling Daisy had ever encountered. The feeling of her comfortable bedroom was quickly replaced with an almost unbearable feeling that resembled being sucked through a small tube.

Daisy tried letting go but was unable to and within another second she found herself tumbling onto a soft carpet pulling James and his father with her unintentionally. Mr. Potter was able to regain his balance before being pulled completely to the ground though James wasn't as lucky landing face down in the carpet directly next to Daisy.

"Oof!" was all James said when we landed and just stayed where he was for a few moments before getting up after Daisy.

"You can say that again," said Daisy flattening her hair.

"You're back!" said a women Daisy could only assume was Mrs. Potter who was entering the room they were in which appeared to be the living room. "Well look at this girl. Isn't she adorable? Oh dear, let me fix that," said Mrs. Potter taking out her wand and gently touching it to her cheek suddenly making the stinging feeling evaporate.

Daisy reached up and touched her cheek where Mrs. Potter's wand was only seconds before. 'Its going to take me awhile to get use to this whole magic thing,' Daisy thought before saying, "Are you sure you don't mind me staying here Mrs. Potter?"

"Mind? Dear I was delighted to know that I was going to have another women around the house!"

With this Mr. Potter gave Daisy a look that said, 'I told you.'

"I mean not under these cercumstances of course! But I don't mind at all! Now you," said Mrs. Potter pointing to James, "show this young lady to her room."

James saluted his mother and was about to lead Daisy out of the rather large nice-looking room when his father stopped them.

"Oh, wait James here are her things," Mr. Potter then took out the egg-sized trunk, placed it on thre floor, and returned it to its normal size.

"Dad!" James whined, "Why couldn't you wait until we were already upstairs?"

"Stop your whining and take this trunk up to her room," said Mrs. Potter making James groan and pick up one side of the trunk dragging it out of the room.

Once they entered the other room Daisy looked around where she was standing awestruck. If she had entered through the front door the door to the living room would be to the right of a rather large staircase with another door to the left. When she looked up she noticed the most beautiful chandelier that she had probably ever seen lit with candles. "Oh my," were the only words Daisy could get out of her mouth while staring around.

A moment later she was pulled out of her daze by the scraping sound of her trunk on the floor. "Oh, here let me help. I'll get this side and you get the other," Daisy said picking up one side of her trunk and gesturing James to take the other and with that they started dragging the trunk up the stairs together.

I didn't like this post all that much but I hope you did kind of anyway....
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My Very First Fan Fic. Ever!! The First Year- Marauder Era

The horcrux thing was a last second add in for I don't know why.

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Re: The First Year- Marauder Era

Give Me Feed Back Pretty Please!!

My Very First Fan Fic. Ever!! The First Year- Marauder Era

The horcrux thing was a last second add in for I don't know why.
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Re: The First Year- Marauder Era

SORRY!! This took longer than I expected!!
Well here you go...


"This is my room?" said Daisy. She was too amazed at how huge her new home was. 'Home...' she thought, 'this is going to take some getting use to...'

"Yep," James said dropping his end of the trunk in the middle of the room.

Daisy, just realizing that she was still holding her end of the trunk, dropped it and started moving around the room absorbing everything around her. "This is just... wow..." said Daisy then trailing off while observing the view of the Potter's backyard that she had through her rather large window. 'My backyard...' Daisy thought. 'By the time I get use to this I'll probably be going back. I wonder what my dad is thinking right now...'

"You who! You in there?" asked James waving his hand in front of her face.

Then she turned around suddenly. "Are you sure you don't mind me staying here?" she asked, "I mean you never said you wanted me to stay..."

"Of course I want you to stay! You're my friend!"

"Okay, I just wanted to be sure." Daisy then sighed. "You know," said Daisy collapsing on her new blue canopy bed, "this has got to have been the weirdest day of my life."

"Oh, how come?" said James jokingly.

Daisy, noticing that he was joking, still wanted to tell someone exactly how weird her day was, so she went on to say, "Well, first I move to a whole new continent, then I find out that I've been accepted at a school of witchcraft, and then I'm taken away from my home by my newest best friend of a few hours and his dad."

"Hmmm," said James fake thoughtfully, "nah. Not strange at all." Daisy removed her eyes from the ceiling to look at him disbelievingly. "You live with the Potters now so, believe me, things can get much wierder." Daisy scoffed and got up from her bed to kick open her trunk so she could begin to put her things away.


Another thing that set Daisy apart from most was that she was a 'get up at dawn' kind of morning person. As soon as the least bit of light shone over the horizon there was no return to her slumber. This sometimes annoyed her, as no one else was awake and she would have to find things to entertain herself with for usually up to about three hours on weekends. But today was a different story.

"Four o'clock!" Daisy nearly screamed. "I'm never going to get back to sleep! Stupid Diagon Ally and its making me excited-ness!" Daisy muttered angrily to herself.

Of course Daisy was not truly angry as today was the day she was going to get her school supplies from the one place James had been talking to her about for the past two weeks that she had been staying at his house.

When ever Daisy was really excited for something her subconscious can not help but will her to get up earlier than usual not realizing that it does nothing to make the event she awaits come any sooner. So her conscious self tends to get agitated when she ends up more excited than would be necessary if she would have stayed asleep.

"Humph, I guess I'll make breakfast or something.” Daisy muttered to herself but then she suddenly smiled mischievously, “Weeeell, if I must make breakfast I might as well wake James to help.”

With that Daisy made her way down the hall that was dark, as the sun wasn’t up yet, towards the staircase and went down into the kitchen.

When she arrived in the kitchen she went through a couple of cabinets before she found what she was looking for.

The large pot that Mrs. Potter made spaghetti in the week before was now making its way into the upstairs bathroom, which was conveniently located next to James’ room, where Daisy began to fill it with water from the sink.

After the rather large pot was filled to the brim with ice-cold water Daisy made her way as carefully as she could into the room next door where her victim awaited his fate.

Now Daisy was located to the left of James’ bed where she tried to stable the pot in one hand while grabbing one of his socks on the floor and stuffing it in his mouth amazingly not awaking him.

Then, suddenly, the silence was broken with a muffled scream made from a drenched boy who looked murderous. James jumped up, ripped the sock out of his mouth, and bolted after the girl whose golden brown hair was just whipping around the corner.

Daisy couldn’t help but giggle as she ran from the furious boy from the look he had had on his face when she poured the water on him.

“It was a joke!” Daisy yelled over her shoulder jumping over the railing of the staircase when she was nearing the last few steps.

“Well, I’m going to get you for it!” James shouted at her mimicking her jump over the railing trying to catch up to her.

“Only if you can catch me!” Daisy was now behind the couch in the living room catching her breath slightly before he caught up.

Then the next few minutes consisted of a lot of running around the couch and James trying to out-smart Daisy by switching directions a few times. They then both stopped each on one side of the couch. Daisy behind the couch and James in front.

Before Daisy realized what had happened, James pounced, jumping onto the cushions, over the back of the couch, and pinning Daisy to the floor.

Daisy stuck her tongue out at James and he said triumphantly. “Ha! I win.”

“No you don’t. I’m not the one soaking wet, you are.”

“That can be evened out,” said James evilly.

“Wha-? No! Ahhhh!” screamed Daisy trying to wiggle away from James’ grasp.

James, having trouble keeping Daisy pinned with just his arms, sat on her stomach causing her to wiggle even more. Though after a few moments she gave up on wiggling and decided to go with a different approach…

“If you don’t get off me I’ll bite you.” Daisy said calmly.

“No you wouldn’t.”

Then, at that moment, Daisy proved him wrong by biting James’ right hand making him yelp and jump up.

“You bit me!”

Giggling madly Daisy said, “I’m glad to see how observant you are.”

“What in Merlin’s name is going on in here!” Mr. Potter had now entered the room in his blue pajamas and his brown hair even more untidy than usual.

“She bit me!” said James’ pointing his index finger on his left hand at Daisy.

“I did not!”

“Oh, what? Did I bite myself?”

“I dunno, you could have!”

“Okay Daisy, I highly doubt James bit himself, so no more biting people, and James may I also ask why you are soaking wet?” said Mr. Potter.

James snorted and pointed his accusing finger at Daisy again saying, “That, my dear father, was once again the actions of my wonderful friend.”

Daisy gasped acting as though James had greatly offended her. “James how could you ever think I would do such a thing?”

“Let me guess,” Mr. Potter said with amusement dancing in his eyes, “He took a shower this morning with his clothes on?”

Daisy nodded vigorously with her eyes wide with fake innocence.

“Well, as I found a rather large pot in James’ room I can not help but think you were the one courteous enough to give him his shower while he was still asleep. Although I know what you did was extremely thoughtful I can not help but ask you not to do it again as it seems to displease my son and I also ask of you to apologize.”

Daisy nodded and acted ashamed of her self while turning dramatically in the direction of James. “I am truly sorry, my friend, that you did not appreciate my actions and please forgive me for the removal of your precious stench.”

“I forgive you, my friend, but just rest assured James Potter always gets his revenge.”

“I thank you,” said Daisy going into a deep bow.

“Now, Daisy, may I ask why you are up at four in the morning?” asked Mr. Potter.

“Couldn’t fall back asleep.”

“Ah, well, I suggest you two try to get in a few more hours of sleep, like I’m going to do, before we go to Diagon Ally,” said Mr. Potter who then made his way back up the stairs to his bedroom shaking his head on the way.

Once Mr. Potter was gone James said, “I’m going to get you back for that you know.”

“Yeah, I know,” sighed Daisy making her way towards the kitchen.

“Hey, aren’t you going to go back to bed?”

“That’ll never happen. Once I’m up, I’m up.”

“Well,” James yawned, “I’m going back to bed ‘cause I need a few more hours of sleep before Diagon Ally.”

“Oh no you’re not.”


“What? You thought I woke you up for nothing? I’m wide-awake and I’m not waiting five hours for everyone to get up. Now come on you can help me with breakfast.”

“Do you even know how to cook?”

“Of course I do! I’ve made several bowls of cereal in the past thank you very much!” with that Daisy left James and entered the kitchen.


Ahhh! I hate my ends!! *shreds end into a ba-zillion pieces and then tapes it back together because it’s the best I’ve got.*

Well leave feed back *-Here-* because good or bad I love it!!

My Very First Fan Fic. Ever!! The First Year- Marauder Era

The horcrux thing was a last second add in for I don't know why.

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Re: The First Year- Marauder Era

I know I am truly bad at being able to predict when I'm going to post but hey! At least I can dedicate this to Harry and JKR for their birthdays! See it worked out.


When Daisy had entered the kitchen she pulled out everything that she may require to make breakfast… and even a few things she didn’t.

Within minutes Daisy had an apron around her waist and had the pots, pans, eggs, bread, un-cooked bacon, butter, sausage, and a few other things all laid out on the counter. So when James walked in fully dressed, rubbing his eyes, Daisy through the bread and un-cooked bacon in his arms and said in a deep voice, “Alright soldier! If we’re going to war we have to have a decent breakfast first! You’ve got bacon and toast duty!”


“Yes, war. Now get cookin’!”

“Yes sir,” said James and he saluted which made Daisy glare daggers at him for calling her ‘sir’ before turning back to the counter she had laid several things out on.

Then, when Daisy’s back was still turned, she felt something come in contact with her shoulder making her jump and turn around looking at it.

“Ew!” screamed Daisy while picking it off her shoulder with disgust and throwing it in front of her and jumping back slightly trying to put distance between her self and the raw meat.

At this point James was on the floor laughing his head off at her reaction with tears of laughter in his eyes.

“You should have - seen your - face!” said James in between laughs.

Daisy just shot him another glare before turning back to the counter. ‘The stupid git thinks he’s won. Well I’ll show him that Daisy Zawislak always comes out on top.’ thought Daisy, ‘Hmmm, maybe I should stop talking to myself in third person… For that matter maybe I should stop talking to myself about talking to myself in third person… You know I really need to stop- oh forget it! Time for revenge!!’ With that last thought Daisy picked up an egg and turned around to face James who was now recovering from his laughing fit.

Daisy, hiding the egg behind her back, made her way towards James. “What are you-?” James started, but before he could finish his sentence there was a crack, and James had egg dripping down his face from the top of his head.

So then, the second war begun.

Eggs, bread, butter - anything the two could get their hands on, was flying in all directions, sticking to the counters, walls, cabinets, and somehow, the ceiling. To say the kitchen looked as though an angry ghoul had his way with things was an understatement.

With the kitchen table upturned, which James used as a shield, and pots upside down on both of their heads the battle raged on, making the kitchen look less like a kitchen with each moment that passed.

Then, suddenly, when James was in mid-throw, an angry red-faced Mrs. Potter stormed into the room and yelled, “WHAT IS GOING ON IN HERE?”

With that James and Daisy stood up simultaneously, both dropping what they were holding, glanced at Mrs. Potter and looked down shamefully.

“IF YOU TWO EVEN WANT TO THINK ABOUT GOING TO DIAGON ALLY TODAY I WOULD SUGGEST YOU CLEAN UP THIS PIGSTYE THIS INSTANT!” With that Mrs. Potter turned on her heal and marched out of the room leaving a deafening silence behind her only broken but the sound of egg dripping down from the ceiling.

“Maybe we should get cleaning,” Daisy said while noticing for the first time that the sun had now fully risen.

“You think?”

“Oh shut up! You started this whole food fight remember?”

“Yeah, but you’re the one who dragged me in here, remember?”

“What ever,” Daisy muttered and began cleaning the counter.


About an hour an a half later, with kitchen even cleaner than it was before it exploded, Daisy was running down the stairs, having just taken a shower, with her wet hair pulled back into a ponytail and fresh clothes on. She was holding her school supplies list in her hand and bursting into the living room where the Potter’s waited by the fireplace.

“Have your list of supplies?” asked Mrs. Potter. Daisy nodded and held up the piece of parchment. “Good. Now were all going to meet in Flourish and Blotts okay?”

“Er… What do you mean meet there?” asked Daisy feeling confused and nervous, as she had never been to Diagon Ally before.

“I mean were all going to Floo- Oh my, I’m sorry. I’ve forgotten that you have never traveled through the Floo Network before. Well it is quite easy actually. All you have to do is take a pinch of this green powder here, go into the fireplace, throw the powder down, and say the place you would like to go loudly and clearly. Here, Phillip (Mr. Potter), you go first and show her how it’s done.”

With that Mrs. Potter held out a small bag filled with green powder to Mr. Potter who took a pinch and did just what Mrs. Potter had explained to her and was gone in seconds, engulfed in emerald-green flames.

Of course this wasn’t an everyday type of thing of Daisy so, naturally, she had jumped backwards several inches and gasped loudly making James laugh at her.

“James, you go next, then Daisy will be right after you, followed by me.” James regained his composer and nodded at his mother before following his father.

“Now don’t worry dear, you will be just fine. Just make sure you speak loudly and clearly.” Mrs. Potter was now holding out the bag of green powder to Daisy and, taking only a pinch as instructed, walked nervously into the fireplace.

Daisy looked at Mrs. Potter one last time to receive a reassuring look before she closed her eyes, took a deep breath, sneezed, threw down the powder, and shouted, “Diagon Ally!” in between sniffs.

Daisy was now whirling around in circles as if she were standing on a frisbee that was spinning at full speed but yet stayed in one place. She felt a sharp pain in her elbow, which caused her to pull in closer to herself.

Then, seconds later, Daisy found herself tumbling out of a fireplace with her head just inches away from someone’s feet.

Daisy pushed herself up from the floor, onto her knees and was flatting her hair, when she finally looked up to see a handsome-faced boy with gray eyes who looked like he was about her age. The boy was holding a hand out to her to help her up, which she took, and he introduced himself, “Hello, I am Sirius Black and may I ask who you are?”

As he said this he went into a deep bow that made his body form a 90-degree angle while he looked up at her with a raised eyebrow.


Alrighty I already know what I want to happen in the next post so it shouldn't take as long... I hope you enjoyed this post! Oh, and guess what I'm going to ask of you? Well here's a hint it makes me ~Smile~

My Very First Fan Fic. Ever!! The First Year- Marauder Era

The horcrux thing was a last second add in for I don't know why.
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Re: The First Year- Marauder Era

Okay this wasn't technically put up yesterday like I said it would be, but yesterday was about 40 minutes ago where I live so I'm going to pretend that today is yesterday and not feel guilty for technically lying. Hey, at least I put it up before I went to bed... *yawn*

Well here you go....


‘Whoa, I don’t think I have ever seen such a good-looking boy who is my age in my whole life,’ Daisy thought to herself. ‘He has very nice eyes…’

After about thirty seconds of Daisy just staring blankly at Sirius, he had straightened himself and waited for a reply.

Daisy was finally brought back from her thoughts when Sirius moved and shook her head too herself. ‘Great now he probably thinks I’m some sort of weirdo.’ She then held out her hand for him to shake and said, “I’m Daisy. I’m sorry about that, sometimes I get a bit lost in my own thoughts.”

Sirius shook her hand and smirked. “Oh, what might those thoughts be of?”

Daisy felt warmth creep into her cheeks but hid it well. “Well, I think of everything that comes to mind, from the fact you are wearing black shoes to the cloudy weather outside,” Daisy said covering up what she thought.

“I suppose that would explain how long your daze was,” said Sirius holding back a grin.

“Was it seriously that long?” Daisy asked innocently.

Then Sirius and Daisy looked at each other for a moment before they both burst out laughing, nearly falling to the ground, both laughing at the puns made of their names.

Just as Daisy and Sirius had finally composed themselves, Mr. Potter walked into the store, saw Daisy, and looked relieved. “There you are!” said Mr. Potter. He then put his head outside to door and shouted, “Grace! James! I’ve found her!”

Seconds after Mr. Potter pulled his head back into the store; James and Mrs. Potter showed up, both wearing the same relieved expression that Mr. Potter had wore only moments before.

Mrs. Potter rushed over to Daisy and started brushing off all of the soot, which there was plenty of. “Oh, I am so glad that you didn’t go too far off.”

When Mrs. Potter stopped fussing Daisy asked, “If I didn’t end up where I was supposed to, then where am I?”

“You ended up a couple of stores down, in Magical Menagerie, I think it may be because you didn’t pronounce your destination correctly?” said Mr. Potter.

“Hey! That’s not fair! It’s not like I wanted to sneeze at that very moment!”

Then Daisy looked around the shop for the first time since she had come tumbling out of the fire. The walls were stacked to the ceiling with a variety of different animals. The whole place was full of squawking, hissing, and squeaking, coming from every direction and there was a horrible smell that Daisy was surprised she hadn’t noticed before.

“Yes, yes. Never your fault. Now who is this new friend of yours?” asked Mrs. Potter who looked Sirius over.

“Oh. Right. This is Sirius Black and he was ever so kind enough to help me up when I fell gracefully by his feet,” said Daisy gesturing to the handsome boy next to her.

“Black?” asked Mr. Potter, looking at Sirius with a hint of distrust.

“Unfortunately,” said Sirius rather bitterly but smiling slightly all the same.

Mr. Potter looked at him for another moment before his eyes softened and he asked, “Where are your parents?”

“They didn’t come. They figured that I could do the shopping on my own.”

“So you’re here alone?” asked Daisy unable to believe that any parents could be so careless with their child and willingly let them wander alone. Her father may be mean at times but he wasn’t careless.


“Wanna join us then?” asked James who spoke for the first time since they had arrived.

“Sure. Why not?”

“Well, we still have to go get money out of Gringotts, so we’re going to have to go there first,” said Mr. Potter.

“Gringotts?” asked Daisy.

“Yes. Gringotts is the wizarding bank runned by goblins,” Mr. Potter answered turning to Daisy.

“Goblins!?” asked Daisy now very alarmed.

“They’re harmless as long as you don’t get on their bad side,” explained Mr. Potter waving off Daisy anxiousness.

“Are you muggle-born?” Sirius asked Daisy suddenly, braking Daisy’s swarming thoughts of being attacked by a bunch of short, ugly, creatures, with long fingers and wrinkled, green-ish colored skin.

“Yes, she is,” answered James for her, his voice suddenly cold. He stepped towards Sirius. “Is that a problem?”

“No,” said Sirius definitely, standing his ground with James only about a foot away from him, looking at him straight in the face. “I was just curious why she didn’t know about Gringotts and for another thing, why is she with you if she is muggle-born? Shouldn’t she have come with her own parents?”

Daisy looked down feeling suddenly shy. She severely didn’t want to go into her family problems with this boy, particularly because she had only just met him.

“That is question for another day. Now let us be off, shall we?” said Mr. Potter whom Daisy thanked silently for rescuing her from the uncomfortable subject for the time being.

Sirius, grudgingly, didn’t pursue the topic and just followed the Potter’s and Daisy out of the shop.

Daisy and the others made their way down the road and Daisy couldn’t help put practically spin around in circles as she walked trying to take in everything that surrounded her.

It was astounding how many people were bustling around the village dressed in robes, doing their shopping, and pulling their children from shop to shop.

Several times Daisy stopped to either watch the children push each other out of the way to get a better look at a broomstick on display in the window of a shop or gawk at a beautiful telescope on display, as she loved astronomy.

Every time she stopped like this she was pulled back to earth by James either poking, pulling, or pushing Daisy to get her attention, and he wasn’t alone. Unfortunately Sirius also took it upon himself to make sure Daisy kept walking, so after a few times Daisy finally learned to keep walking but didn’t take to being pushed lightly. So, naturally, Sirius and James had their fair few of times where they would trip over a ‘rock.’

After a few times of someone falling into someone else, Mrs. Potter gave the three a look that clearly told them that they better behave or what may come next would not be pretty. The look was all they needed to stand up straight, put on innocent faces, and make sure Mrs. Potter wasn’t looking, before they continue to poke each other hard in the back secretively.

Finally, they had arrived at a beautiful pearly white building, which towered over all the other little shops. Daisy was so awestruck that she didn’t notice when James poked her hard in the back again. She looked over the whole building before her eyes landed on the large, bronze doors located at the top of the white stone steps. Beside the door was a creature dressed in a scarlet and gold uniform.

Daisy noticed, as she and the rest of the group made their way up the steps, that the goblin looked somewhat like she had imagined except he had a pointed beard, no green-ish colored skin, and didn’t look as if he was going to attack her.

The goblin bowed to them as they walked through the doors and on the other side was another set of doors. These doors were silver in color and had words engraved upon them:

Enter, stranger, but take heed
Of what awaits the sin of greed,
For those who take, but do not earn,
Must pay most dearly in their turn,
So if you seek beneath our floors
A treasure that was never yours,
Thief, you have been warned, beware,
Of finding more than treasure there.

“I suppose we shouldn’t go through with plan ‘Rob Gringotts the Wizarding Bank of All Their Gold’ then, eh?” said Sirius who had also read the engrave words.

“Oh, why would you say that?” asked Daisy sarcastically.

“Just a suggestion,” said Sirius shrugging.

With that a pair of goblins opened the large doors and bowed them into the vast marble hall within. All around the squeaky-clean hall there were at least a hundred goblins sitting behind a long counter doing many different things. Some were examining stones, some scribbling something onto some parchment, others weighing coins in brass scales.

Mr. Potter led the group up to the counter in front of a free goblin and said, “Good day sir. I’ve come to take some money out of my safe.” Then Mr. Potter held up a key for the goblin but he didn’t take it. Instead he was staring intently at Daisy.

“What is your name, girl?” he asked abruptly.

“Er- Daisy Zawislak,” Daisy answered apprehensively.

“Wait here,” the goblin said before hoping off his stool leaving the group there feeling very confused.


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My Very First Fan Fic. Ever!! The First Year- Marauder Era

The horcrux thing was a last second add in for I don't know why.

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Re: The First Year- Marauder Era

Ew! I hate the next post! I think it is rather boring but all the same, I have to have some boring posts before I can have more exciting ones I guess… OH! And special thanks to RavenLH for putting me in her sig as a good author! I feel very honored!


Several moments after the goblin left, Daisy was still standing there blankly staring at the stool where he was only moments before asking her what her name was. ‘Why would my name be of any significance?’ Daisy asked herself. ‘What would it matter if my name was Daisy Zawislak or Mickey Mouse?’

Daisy looked at the rest of the group for the first time since the goblin left, noticing that they looked just as confused as her and were also staring at her questioningly.

After what felt like an eternity, the goblin returned with an old-looking envelope and handed it to Daisy. When Daisy opened the envelope she pulled out a key and looked at it feeling even more confused before looking back up at the goblin with a raised eyebrow.

Daisy didn’t need to ask before the goblin launched into an explanation in his squeaky voice. “Your great-great uncle, Theodore Zawislak, had written in his will that he would like all the contents of his vault to go to the next witch or wizard in the family. So you, being his great-great niece and a witch, has inherited all the contents of vault 637.” When the goblin had finished speaking he held out his hand to take the key from Mr. Potter, examined it closely, and handed it back to him.

“Well, that all seems to be in order, I will just have someone take you down to both of the vaults. Ruzesm!”

Yet another goblin had appeared next to them and gestured for them to follow him.

Daisy hadn’t even noticed moving when she was standing before a cart in a narrow stone passageway lit with torches that was sloping steeply downward. She had once again been lost in her thoughts, which the majority went like… ‘My great-great uncle lived in Europe?’ or ‘Well, at least I don’t have to feel guilty about Mr. and Mrs. Potter paying for my school things…’

What had brought Daisy back to earth made her yell and rub her ear in disgust as James and Sirius held onto each other, laughing hysterically, nearly falling to the ground, and only having one another as support. What had happened, to Daisy’s total disgust, was that Sirius had licked his finger and stuck it into Daisy’s ear, leaving her with an earful of Sirius’ saliva.

“Ew! Gross! Sirius, why the heck did you do that!” Daisy yelled, still rubbing her ear with a sour look on her face.

Sirius just shrugged, still laughing, while James recovered for a moment to say, “Gross? You think that was gross? At least he doesn’t go around biting people for no apparent reason!”

“For one, you know darn well there was a very good reason that I bit you! Two, at least I didn’t leave my slobber on you afterwards!” James snorted.

Sirius looked at Daisy and his actual laughter may have died down, but his eyes were still at it. “You bit him?” he asked raising an eyebrow and choking back another wave of laughter.

“Yes, would you like to be next?” asked Daisy sweetly.

When Sirius was just about to respond the goblin interrupted saying pointedly at the group of children, “Let us all please get into the cart shall we?”

Daisy took the hint and looked slightly embarrassed as she climbed into the cart after James, seating herself between him and Mrs. Potter. Once everyone was finally seated comfortably the cart went hurtling off. The cart went speedily down deeper underground and had weaved left and right along the tracks in so many different directions that Daisy had a sneaking suspicion that the cart was not being led by Ruzesm but doing this on its own accord.

Daisy loved the ride down to the first vault, which was the Potter’s, as it reminded her of rides she had taken on roller coasters before. Though when Mrs. Potter came back out with her moneybag they were off again plunging deeper underground. As the cart moved onward, Daisy felt the air rushing past her ears getting increasingly cold and found the ride a little less pleasant than she had before. But even so, she didn’t seem to find it as nearly as unpleasant as Mrs. Potter had who looked pale and was clutching her moneybag tightly.

When the cart came to a halt and Daisy had stepped out of the cart behind the goblin, who was unlocking the door, she was also closely followed by the rest of the group with their curiosity getting the better of them. The goblin had stepped aside for Daisy to enter the vault but she just stood there motionless, staring blankly at what she saw before her.

“Wow,” Daisy whispered, unable to believe what she was seeing. She was still staring at the rather large piles of gold, silver, and bronze coins.

“Looks like your dear great-great uncle did fairly well for himself, eh?” said James who was standing to her left.

“Tell me about it,” Daisy whispered again still unable to move from where she was standing.

“I suppose that will get you through school and maybe even a chocolate frog on the train,” said Sirius jokingly who, Daisy found, was standing on her other side.

Daisy nodded blankly, not really taking in what he had said. ‘Wow. I can’t believe my luck! Of all the great-great uncles I could have, I ended up with a filthy rich one who left all his money to me! I’m glad I surly won’t have to depend on the Potters to pay for my things while I’m staying with them.’

All of a sudden, Daisy came out of her daze, surprisingly not having been pushed, shoved, or poked, and did a weird little dance of her own that made everyone look at her for a moment before bursting out laughing. Only the goblin didn’t laugh and he looked to be getting slightly annoyed with Daisy’s continuous delays.

Daisy quickly noticed this, stopped fooling around, and made her way into the vault as everyone else continued to chuckle. Mrs. Potter came into the vault with Daisy moments later and gave her her spare moneybag to shovel coins into.

“There,” said Daisy, holding her new, now filled, bag of coins. With that, Mrs. Potter and Daisy left the vault and the group returned to the cart.


When Daisy exited Gringotts she found herself squinting from the summer sun which was now shinning brightly as the clouds had passed while they were all deep underground.

Daisy was just about to make a brake for the nearest shop when Mr. Potter grabbed the back of her shirt and said, “Hold your horses, girl. We have to stay as a group and besides, you don’t even know where to go.”

Daisy sighed and said, “Fine, fine.” She then pulled her supplies list out of her pocket and began running her finger down the list while doing as she was told by staying with the group.


“Ah! This is so boring!” Daisy exclaimed outside Madame Malkin’s Robes for All Occasions, waiting for James and whoever else was in there to finish up.

Daisy had already gotten all of her other things besides her uniform and wand and could not stand having to wait to get her wand for last. To pass time, Daisy found herself skipping in circles around Sirius and humming random tunes that popped into her head.

When James returned Daisy had still been skipping and had stopped right when she saw James. “Oh my! James, you’re alive!” Daisy yelled dramatically, “I thought you might’ve died with how long you were taking in there!” Then Daisy scrambled into the building with a snickering Sirius following close behind her.

Inside the building Daisy found a short young woman, Daisy assumed was Madame Malkin, who was smiling brightly at her and Sirius. “Hogwarts, dears?” she asked. They nodded. “Well, lets go on into the back where you can be fitted.”

Daisy and Sirius were led to the back of the shop where they were stood on stools and Madame Malkin and another witch slipped long robes over their heads and started pinning them to the right length.

Daisy looked down at her robes being pinned and then back up to the front window of the shop where she saw Mr. and Mrs. Potter and James slip away. This made Daisy scrunch her nose in thought wondering what on earth they were up to.


I solemnly swear that I will not make the next post this boring… *snores*

Ah, well, you can tell me what ya think of it in a wonderful little ~kingdom~ full of smiles or frowns

My Very First Fan Fic. Ever!! The First Year- Marauder Era

The horcrux thing was a last second add in for I don't know why.

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Re: The First Year- Marauder Era

Well, here you go. I’m really sorry about how long it takes me to get posts up and I hope you all like it…


By the time the two witches finished with Sirius and Daisy, the Potters had returned looking happier than when they left them.

Daisy had paid Madame Malkin from her moneybag; she had already known how to use the different coins from Mrs. Potter, who she asked about them when she came across one in the house.


“Mrs. Potter, what is this?” asked a curious Daisy holding up a bronze coin she had found. Of course she knew it was some sort of coin but she had never seen one like this.

“That, my dear, is a Knut, a wizard coin.”

“Wizards have their own currency?”

“Yes, sort of like how other countries have their own currency.”

“But what if a muggle found one!?” Daisy had only just gotten use to referring to non-magical people as muggles.

“Well, it’s not as is if has ‘I’m a wizard coin’ written across it. They would just think it was some type of foreign coin,” Mrs. Potter pointed out.

“Okay, fine, you win. Are there any other coins?”

“Of course there are. You didn’t think that was the only one, did you?”

“Well, no. But it’s my own little way of saying, ‘I want to see all the other ones’.”

Mrs. Potter laughed lightly and went to retrieve her moneybag.

When she had returned she emptied what was left of the contents onto the kitchen counter and Daisy leaned her elbows onto the counter top, looking at the coins in front of her, still holding the one she had found.

“I’m going to have to fill this up again when we go to Diagon Alley,” Mrs. Potter muttered more to herself than to Daisy.

From the now empty bag had come out two gold coins, four silver coins, and another bronze coin that resembled the one Daisy held in her hand.

Mrs. Potter organized the coins into groups putting the gold with the gold, the silver with the silver, and leaving the bronze alone as it had no group.

“Now these,” said Mrs. Potter pointing at the gold coins, “are Galleons. There are seventeen Sickles,” Mrs. Potter then pointed to the silver coins, “to a Galleon. The coin you are holding is a Knut and there are twenty-nine Knuts to a Sickle.”

Daisy then stared at the ceiling calculatingly before saying, “So there are 532 Knuts to a Galleon?”

“No, dear, there are 493,” said Mrs. Potter gently.

“Stupid math,” Daisy muttered making Mrs. Potter laugh.


“Yes!” Daisy yelled leaving the shop and pumping her fist into the air. “Now all that is left is my wand!” Daisy had anticipated getting her wand the most out of all her school things and was obviously excited to get her next and final item that she would require for school.

“Oh, and by the way where were you all off to?” asked Daisy who had just remembered about them leaving earlier.

James instantly looked at his father who hadn’t missed a beat and was already explaining their whereabouts.

“Grace wanted to pick up a few things and so we decided to go pick them up instead of having to drag you into another shop before getting your wand,” Mr. Potter had said with a small smile at the last part. James was nodding vigorously.

Daisy looked at Mr. Potter questioningly not sure whether to believe them or not. ‘Oh yeah? Then why don’t you have any packages!’ one side of Daisy’s mind screamed and then the other side kicked in, ‘Uh, because they’re Wizards! Jeez girl! You worry me sometimes! They probably shrunk the packages and they are located safely somewhere within their pockets! Wait. Did I just tell myself that I worry me sometimes?’ Daisy shook her head and looked at them again before cracking a huge smile and saying, “Lets get the wands!” Daisy then ran off in the direction of the wand shop, not noticing James’ look of relief before he and Sirius ran off right behind her.

When the rest of the group arrived behind Daisy, she was already sitting in a chair, bouncing up and down like an overly excited three-year-old waiting to be served her all time favorite sweets.

Daisy was looking all around the room, wanting to etch this moment into her memory for the rest of her life. The shelves behind the counter were stacked full with long, thin packages that Daisy could only assume were wands. Daisy then looked towards the dusty window that she could hardly see out of and noticed that there was a single wand laid out on a faded purple cushion.

Even though the room was dead quiet Daisy could almost here the magic buzzing from the wands waiting for their proper owner to arrive and unleash the powers they hold within their long, narrow, wooden figures. Daisy was starting to feel uneasy and decided to look around at everyone else. Mr. and Mrs. Potter looked totally fine, probably because they had been there before, but James and Sirius also held the same looks of uneasiness that Daisy could swear she was wearing on her own face as well. This feeling was not improved when a sudden, soft voice had interrupted her thoughts making her jump and fall off her chair.

“Good afternoon,” said the soft voice.

“Good afternoon to you too,” said Daisy picking herself up from the floor for the second time that day. Then when she looked into the eyes of the man who spoke, she couldn’t help but feel even more uneasy as the man’s wide eyes, that looked like a couple of moons, bore into hers unblinkingly.

“Ah yes, I was wondering when I may be selling a wand to another Zawislak,” said Mr. Ollivander.

‘Oh my gosh! How do people keep on guessing who I am just by looking at me? Well, one people and one goblin, but that’s not the point. He even pronounced my name right!’

“Nine and a quarter inches long, springy, made of maple, his wand was. Very nice wand indeed. Excellent for charm work. I was beginning to wonder if it would ever be sold when he showed up.”

Daisy then was relieved when Mr. Ollivander shifted his gaze to Sirius instead, “Another Black, eh?” he said. “I remember it was your cousin, Narcissa if I am correct, was the last relative of yours that I sold a wand to. Holly. Twelve inches. Quite whippy if I do say so myself.”

“Great,” said Sirius resentfully. Sirius was beginning to give Daisy quite the impression that he didn’t like his family very much and she was extremely curious to find out why but then remembered that he didn’t persist the topic of her family, so she would return the favor.

Then Mr. Ollivander shifted his gaze again to James and his parents. “The Potters, I can’t say it is a big surprise to see you here, boy, with parents like yours.” He looked directly at Mr. Potter, “Ten and a half inches, squishy, beechwood, I do recall?”

“Of course,” replied Mr. Potter.

Mr. Ollivander, at last, then turned to Mrs. Potter and said, “Eleven inches, Oak, rather flexible, was it not?”

“Nothing less from you,” said Mrs. Potter smiling kindly.

“Yes, good wand, that one. If I do remember correctly that particular unicorn was very difficult to catch,” he said and then turning back to the group as a whole. “So who will be going first?”

Daisy hadn’t heard him quite clearly; she had been a bit too busy gawking at Mr. Ollivander, bemused at how well he can remember every wand he ever sold and the people he sold them to.

“Which arm is your wand arm?” Mr. Ollivander asked her bringing her back from her thoughts.

‘I suppose they decided I would go first…’

“Well… I write with my left hand?”

“Hold out your left arm then- yes, just like that,” said Mr. Ollivander who was now pulling out a long tape measure with silver markings from his pocket. He measured Daisy from shoulder to finger, then wrist to elbow, shoulder to floor, knee to armpit and around her head. He then freed the tape measure from his grasp, which continued measuring on its own, and made his to the shelves, taking down boxes. As he did this, he said, “Every Ollivander wand has a core of a powerful magical substance. In our wands we use unicorn hairs, phoenix tail feathers, and heartstrings of dragons. You will never come across two Ollivander wands that are quite the same, just as you will never find two unicorns, dragons, or phoenixes that are quite the same. Truly, the wand chooses the wizard, so of course, you will never get the same results with another wizard’s wand as you would with your own.”

When Mr. Ollivander looked back at Daisy with an armful of boxes in his hand and said, “That will do,” just as the measuring tape started measuring the width of her mouth. Then Mr. Ollivander took a wand out of a box and handed it to Daisy.

Daisy may have been a little too over excited, but as soon as she had the wand within her grasp she waved it around all over the place and flicked it before Ollivander could snatch it from her. As soon as Daisy flicked the wand, a jet of blue light shot out of it and hit Mr. Ollivander directly in the head.

What had happened next had brought James and Sirius into a huge, roaring fit of laughter that had them on the ground in seconds. Even Mr. and Mrs. Potter were holding back smiles at the expense of Mr. Ollivander’s shining, bald head.

Daisy, on the other hand, looked horrified at what she had done and looked at Mr. Ollivander apologetically as he fingered his new, bald head. “No, matter dear,” said Mr. Ollivander as he took out his own wand and tapped his head with it.

Mr. Ollivander had obviously thought it would grow his hair back because when he touched his head again and realized it was still bald, he jumped slightly in surprise, and stared at Daisy.

This had made James and Sirius fall into a refreshed fit of roaring laughter. “Well, I suppose it will grow back,” said Mr. Ollivander who looked a little less happy with Daisy as he gave her more wands to try out that, thankfully for him, did not cause anymore damage.


Okay, Hogwarts is coming up in the next two posts or so. I hope you liked it

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My Very First Fan Fic. Ever!! The First Year- Marauder Era

The horcrux thing was a last second add in for I don't know why.
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Re: The First Year- Marauder Era

I’m just going to say sorry for the wait and here you go…..


When Daisy had finally accomplished getting her wand without further damage and James and Sirius had gotten their own, they all left poor Mr. Ollivander and his store with their new packages in hand.

“Oh, James! Aren’t you just so happy? I mean, we have our wands! How could our lives ever become more fulfilled after this?” said Sirius in a high pitched voice far from his own or Daisy’s, while they all walked back Flourish and Blotts.

“Shut up Sirius! I’m not in the mood,” snapped Daisy. “Besides, you don’t even sound like me.”

“Come on! It was funny! Don’t worry about it. I think his hair looks better now anyway,” said Sirius.

“What hair?” asked James jokingly.

Daisy looked at them, amazed that they could be so unworried about what Mr. Ollivander might have done to her wand.

“How can you be laughing!? What if he gave me a faulty wand or rigged it or something!?”

James looked as if he might fall down laughing when he saw the serious look on her face. “You can’t really think that he would give you a jinxed wand could you?” said James, only barely able to keep from laughing at Daisy’s expense.

“Daisy, stop being such a worry-wart,” said Sirius, not able to control his laughter as well as James.

After Sirius’ last comment, Daisy snorted back laughter and decided to take the wonderful advice of her friend, and try not to be a 'worry-wart' and walked on ahead of them to where Mrs. Potter was, leaving them behind to talk on their own.

“Could we stay in Flourish and Blotts for awhile before we leave?” asked Daisy. “I was hoping to look at a few of the books.”

“Well, I don’t see why not. We can stay there for a few minutes I suppose,” Mrs. Potter replied.

“Woo-hoo!” said Daisy traipsing down the street to Flourish and Blotts ahead of everyone else, excited to look at some books she saw earlier when she was in there.


Once James had given Sirius his address to write them at, Daisy and James bid their new friend good bye as he disappeared through the fireplace.

Then, when it was Daisy’s turn, she made her way nervously to the fireplace, hoping not to find herself in the neighbor’s house.

“Potter Manor!” Daisy yelled, a bit louder than necessary, while dropping the powder.

The familiar spinning sensation that Daisy was feeling was greeted with her automatically tucking in her elbows to keep them from being knocked into the multiple fireplaces that were passing before her eyes.

Seconds later Daisy found herself tumbling out of a fireplace for the second time that day in her not-so-graceful manner. Daisy shot up off the ground as quick as she could so she would not be blocking the way for Mr. Potter who had arrived closely after her.


When Daisy finished her lunch and put her packages away, she went into James’ room and plopped herself on the bed next to him where he sat thinking.

“I didn’t see you as much of the thinking type,” Daisy joked, bringing James back from his own thoughts.

“Ha, ha.”

“Can you believe in two weeks we’re going to Hogwarts?” Daisy sighed.

“I know what you mean. I can’t wait to go either, but I think I could do without the homework that we’ll be getting.”

“I don’t really care if they give us seven essays on the first day, I just want to go.”

“What about twelve essays and you have to read all the textbooks by the next day?”

“I don’t think I could finish reading all the textbooks but I guess I could pretend I did and maybe I could finish the essays if I stayed up all night, gave up breakfast and lunch, and worked on them in the class that comes before the one they are due in.”

James laughed and said, “You would stay up all night and skip meals for homework?”

“Well, duh. I wouldn’t want to be thrown out and end up going back to a public muggle school.”

“I don’t think you would be thrown out for not doing your homework, but you could get held back a year I think.”

“If I fail a year you’re failing with me because I’m not having my new best friend leave me behind.”

“Deal. As long as it goes vise versa,” said James, holding out his hand in a professional manner for Daisy to shake.

Daisy shook it and pulled her legs up onto the bed and crossed them. “I’m probably going to end up pulling an all-nighter and read those extra books that I picked up in Flourish and Blotts tonight.”

“Funny, I didn’t see you as the bookworm type,” James joked.

“I’ll take that as a compliment. I’ve got 'Hogwarts, A History' and 'Quidditch Through The Ages', I think you might like 'Hogwarts, A History'. It’s suppose to be all about Hogwarts and how it started out, and things like that.”

“Quidditch?” said James, his face brightening.

“Do you know about Quidditch? I saw a whole store for Quidditch when we were in Diagon Ally so I wanted to look into it more since for all I could tell it was some game played on brooms.”

“Some game? Some game! Quidditch is the greatest sport ever! I have a broom if you want to see it!” said James excitedly standing up, gesturing her to follow him.

“Oh, so are these posters on your walls a team for Quidditch?” asked Daisy standing up but not making a move to leave.

“Yeah, those are the Ballycastle Bats. I think they just might win the Quidditch Cup,” said James brightly, moving over to where Daisy was.

“What is that ball-looking thing he is chasing?”

“That is the snitch. The snitch is the most important ball in Quidditch; whoever catches the snitch ends the games and, generally, wins the match for their team,” explained James.

“Ooh, Okay. Wait! Did you just say a moment ago that you have a broom?” Daisy asked excitedly.

James nodded, grinning widely.

“Like, a flying broom!?”

James nodded again and, if possible, his grin grew even wider.

“Then why are we still here!?” Daisy yelled excitedly.

“Shh! Don’t be so loud!”

“Why?” Daisy asked in a now much quieter voice.

“Because I’m not suppose to ride it around here because of the muggles.”

“Where are we going to ride it then?”

“Who said we’re going to ride it?” said James mischievously. “I said I was going to show it to you.”

“Oh, come on! You can’t dangle something like that in front of my face and then pull it away! Plus, you just said that we had to be quiet so that your parents wouldn’t hear, so you practically just said we were!”

“Okay, I guess maybe we could look at the broom and then maybe take it into the woods in the back and maybe go for a ride,” said James.

Then James made his way towards his door with so much mock-stealth that it made Daisy laugh out loud.

“Shh!” said James again. “We can not be seen nor heard, otherwise we may be thrown into Azkaban for the rest of our lives and frankly, I’m too good-looking to go to prison for the rest of my life.”

“Psh! That’s what you think!” Daisy whispered, mimicking James’ moves of ‘stealth.’

Down the hall they went, diving and rolling, looking from left to right every time they stopped to press themselves against the wall as if they were camouflaged.

Eventually they found themselves at the back door, leading into the backyard.

“On the count of three we run as fast as we can to that shed,” James pointed out the shed, “and get in without being detected.”

“Do you think we can make it James?” Daisy whispered dramatically.

“As long as you are with me, nothing will go wrong my darling, Daisy,” James whispered in a slightly deeper voice to add effect.

When James said this, Daisy couldn’t help but snort loudly from trying to hold back the roaring laughter that she was holding in.

This made James put a hand over Daisy’s mouth and whisper loudly, “You could’ve just blown our cover! Are you going to take this seriously or not?”

“Ha, ha. You said seriously.” James raised an eyebrow. “Well, it just sort of reminded me of Sirius,” Daisy said before realizing it.

James grinned widely and said, “You like him don’t you!”

Daisy’s cheeks tinted a shade of pink and she started talking quickly with her face steadily growing redder with each word, “Did I say that? Why would you say that? I was just saying that it kind of reminded me of him in a way since his name is Sirius. Why would you say that? No I don’t. WOULD YOU STOP GRINNING LIKE AT ME LIKE THAT!”

“But it is so fun watching you squirm,” said James, still grinning with his eyes twinkling with laughter.

“Some friend you are,” Daisy muttered. “Can we please just get back to the mission at hand?”

“Okay, but I’m going to tell him later.”

“No you won’t!” Daisy yelled angrily and nervously.

“Yes I will,” said James, fully enjoying tormenting Daisy.

Daisy then pushed him down before he could even react, “If you tell anyone, especially him, I swear I’ll hurt you.”

James didn’t even move to get up as he was laughing his head off on the ground and said after he had controlled himself, “Wow, you’re pretty strong, and don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone about your little secret.”

“I have an older brother,” Daisy answered simply as to why she was pretty strong. “We tend to get in fights, hence my immediate reaction to having someone threaten me with one of my secrets.”

James laughed again and stood up saying, “No need to get so worked up, I wasn’t actually going to tell.”

“Okay, thanks. Now let’s get back to the mission.”

“Like I said before,” James said, “on the count of three.”

“One,” said James.

“Two,” said Daisy.

“Three!” they said at the same time before braking into a run for the shed, James with a slight lead.


“It’s sort of an older model,” said James holding up his broom with Comet 180 written on the handle in silver lettering, “but I’m still proud of it.”

Daisy barely heard a word; she was too busy staring in awe at the shiny broom handle and the fairly neat bunch of twigs on the end.

“I want to ride it,” she said abruptly.

“Well, let’s go into the woods and then I can teach you.”

“Teach me? Is it really that difficult?”

“It is if you don’t at least know some of the basics. Come on,” said James walking out of the shed with his broom in hand and Daisy following closely behind.

James led the way into the forest and after walking into it for about five minutes they found a clearing where James sat his broom on the ground on his right side and put his hand over it.

“When the broom is on the ground you put your hand over it and say UP!” James said the last word loudly and confidently making the broom shoot up into his hand.

Daisy jumped at the sudden movement of the broom.

“Then you mount it like this,” said James explain how to grip the broom properly. “To go up you pull back slightly and to go down you lean forwards.”

“That much seems obvious. I want to see you ride it!”

“Okay,” James answered and then he pushed off the ground, went up into the air a few feet, and went in a circle around Daisy weaving in and out of the trees.

“Cool!” said Daisy excitedly when James landed. “I want to try!”

“Go for it. Just do what I did.”

Daisy went over to where James placed the broom on the ground for her and held her left hand over the broom while saying, “UP!” When she did this the broom she was looking at didn’t shoot up into her hand but rather, it tried to go under her to reach her other side and tripped her before shooting into her right hand while she was on the ground. “What the-!?” Daisy yelled.

“Didn’t I say you are suppose to use your right hand?” asked James, holding back laughter which so often is at the expense of Daisy.

“No!” Daisy said angrily, getting up from the ground with the broom in hand.

“Well, you know now, so get in the air.”

“Fine, but if anything else goes wrong, I’m hitting you upside the head with your broom.” With that Daisy mounted the broom, just as James had showed her, and was off into the air.

Immediately Daisy understood why James had been so excited and happy when the topic of flying came up. The wind in her face gave her a surge of happiness that invited her to take a risk and soar, at high speed, through the trees, weaving in and out of them. She was so excited that she over looked a branch in front of her and rammed right into it, causing her to soar through the air, without the aid of the broom, in a much less delightful way.

When Daisy picked herself and the broom up, she found James laughing at her… again. “What is so funny?” Daisy asked calmly. “Did you think it was a joke when I said that I would hit you upside the head with your broom?”

“Err…” said James, no longer laughing but looking at Daisy with a raised eyebrow.

No sooner had James let out his- well he may call it a sentence- did Daisy poise herself in a position of attack with the broom in hand.

“Ah!” screamed James in fake fright; running away with Daisy hot on his heals.


When Daisy had awoken a few days after the flying incident, she was surprised to find James sitting with his back against the wall looking tired but reading 'Quidditch Though The Ages', which Daisy loaned to him.

“What are you up so early for? Why are you in a hall?”

“I was just waiting for you to get up because I woke up about an hour ago and couldn’t fall back to sleep,” responded James, stretching.

“Are you sick?” interrogated Daisy.

“Er… no.”

“Then why are you up so early?”

“I just told-”

“You can’t expect me to believe you, James Potter, the boy who turns into a rock as soon as his head hits a pillow, woke up an hour before me, could not fall asleep, and started, dare I say it? Reading?

“I have my days,” shrugged James, marking his spot and returning the book to his room; Daisy following behind him.

“Should I wake your mom to give you a check-up?” Daisy asked upon entering James messy room. “By the way are you ever going to clean this thing? I mean, my room is messy too but not this messy.”

“No, you don’t need to wake her up, dad and her are already up; and what’s the point of cleaning my room? It’s just going to get messy again.”

“Is today ‘Give Daisy A Heart-Attack From Shock Day,’ or has everyone just gone bonkers?”

“Is it really that weird that the Potters could, for once, get up early?”

Daisy nodded and was about to say, “Yes,” when she noticed something purple and gooey on James desk. “Ah! It moved!” Daisy exclaimed, jumping back and pointing at it. “What is that?”

“Just something I’m working on,” replied James unconcerned, swiping the goo into his open desk drawer.

“You know what? I’m not even going to ask.”

“Good. You want to play chess?”

“You play chess?” Daisy asked, tilting her head to one side.

“I play with my dad sometimes,” James said, setting up a chessboard on his bed.

Daisy frowned. ‘I did too,’ she thought.

James looked up at Daisy, and noticing her frowning face, asked, “You do want to play chess, don’t you?”

“Of course,” said Daisy, letting all thoughts of her father go for that moment, and smiling widely.

“Black or white?” asked James.

“Black I guess.”

With that James said a command for his pawn and, to Daisy’s astonishment, it moved there on its own.

“Wow, even chess has a spin to it in the wizarding world,” Daisy said exasperated. “Okay then, Mr. Pawn will you ever so kindly move here please?” asked Daisy pointing to a square.

“Certainly, miss,” said the pawn moving to where Daisy pointed and James raised an eyebrow at her.

“What? I never bothered to learn the coordinates for all the squares, so sue me.”

James shook his head and laughed, “I think this is going to be easier than I thought.”


I hope the fact that it is a bit longer than the other updates make up for the wait. Not very much exciting going on right now but what can I say? The next post is the one I’ve been most anxious to get to, so I don’t think it will take as long… I hope.

You know, every bit of feedback I get shines like a pretty little *Star* on my monitor?

P.S. Pretty please forgive the way I sort of ramble in my story. I just can’t help myself!

My Very First Fan Fic. Ever!! The First Year- Marauder Era

The horcrux thing was a last second add in for I don't know why.
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Re: The First Year- Marauder Era

I wish I could feed you all an amazing story about Voldemort coming to my house and my only able to barely escape the hands of death by driving a prokchop through his heart but then I would be lieing. Truth is I fell asleep last night when I was only planning on taking a short nap. Evil sleep and its deprieving-my-readers-of-an-update-ness! Really I am sorry and if I ever take this long again I will drink a gallon of coffe and stay up all night making you all a 10,000 word update. Deal?

now onto the update that took me far to long to post...


“Checkmate,” said Daisy dully for the fourth time to a disgruntled-looking James. She had beat him every game they had played so far and James, every time, insisted that he was only getting warmed up and would call for a rematch.

James then muttered something incoherent that sounded along the lines of, “Stuidaim,” and began putting the game away after looking at his watch.

“What was that?” asked Daisy sweetly.

“Nothing,” said James just as he slid the game underneath his bed. “Let’s go down stairs.”


“I dunno, I just feel like it.”

Daisy then looked out the window, noticing that the sun had fully risen, and then glanced down at her watch to find that it was just after noon.

“Okay, whatever. Lead the way,” said Daisy gesturing dully for James to up on ahead. She couldn’t be too sure whether or not it was a prank. She couldn’t help being a bit nervous as they each have had a knack of pulling pranks on each other, she wanted to be sure that the first person who walked into the room was James in case some foreign substance fell on the next person to enter the room.

James led them down the hall, to the bottom of the steps, and just outside the door to the living room James spun around and said, “Just wait here for a second I just remembered that I have to ask my parents something, alone. I’ll shout for you to come in when I’m done, okay?”

“Sure,” said Daisy, wondering to her self why she had just agreed to such peculiar conditions.

James then went into the room, leaving Daisy there to wait while he asked what ever he wanted to ask.

About thirty seconds later Daisy’s curiosity on what James was asking exactly was starting to capture her and just as she began to lean forward more to hear better, she heard a loud shout from James, “COME IN!” Then Daisy thought she could have sworn she heard faint whispering before she tentatively walked into the room.

The room in front of Daisy was pitch dark and as soon as she was in the room the door closed behind her, ridding the little light that had flooded into the room when she had open the door.

Daisy barely had time to wonder why it was dark in the room when all the lights flicked back on and she saw all the Potters and Sirius jump out from behind several pieces of furniture.

“SURPRISE!!” they all yelled.

Daisy just stared at them in shock for awhile before bursting into a fit of laughter that ringed the walls of the quiet room that had been awaiting a response to the ‘surprise.’

“Er, what’s so funny?” asked James after watching Daisy laugh her head off for about a minute.

Daisy recovered and looked up into James’ face with tears of mirth in her eyes.

“I forgot my own birthday,” and with that she began laughing all over again and the rest of the group, as they now understood what was so amusing, grinned widely at Daisy.

“You really do have to be one of the weirdest people I’ve ever met,” said Sirius grinning at Daisy, “I never thought someone could actually forget their own birthday.”

Daisy looked away from the group as a whole and focused on Sirius for a moment. When she saw him grinning at her she couldn’t help but feel her smile falter a bit as her stomach jumped into her ribs.

After a moment Daisy noticed her own odd behavior, thankfully before everyone else and quickly plastered a smile on her face wider than before and ripped her eyes away from Sirius and turned to look around the room.

The room was full with decorations, but not just any old average decorations. Different colored confetti floated near the ceiling, balloons flew around the room but the air never completely left them, and miniature fireworks went off in the corners of the room without causing any damage to the things around them.

It would have been an understatement to say Daisy was amazed.

“Did you all really do this just for my birthday?”

“Oh, no, this isn’t for you at all,” said James sarcastically. “This is just how we celebrate Christmas early.”

Daisy blushed slightly at how thoughtful it was of them all to throw her such a great party.

“Now open your presents!” said Sirius excitedly.


“Yes, you know, things wrapped in multicolored sheets of paper that one gives to another,” said James.

“You didn’t have-” Daisy began, blushing again.

“Of course we did,” said Sirius pushing a present into her arms, “that’s what friends do, and I also expect a present on my birthday, as does James of course.”

“Of course,” said Daisy grinning and opening the present.

Out of the wrapping paper, that was striped in different shades of blue, came a beautiful black leather diary with golden stars embroidered all over the cover.

“I thought it might come in handy along with James’ present,” said Sirius, grinning at Daisy’s happy face.

“Sirius, this is really nice! I’m not really much into keeping a diary, but I could start and if I ever see another girl writing in a diary I shove this under her nose and be like, ‘Ha! Mine is prettier!’ and then stick my tongue out at them. This is really the prettiest thing with a cover that I’ve ever seen!”

“Okay, next present!” shouted James, leaving the room.

Daisy looked back at Sirius as James left and asked, “What is it?”

“Do you really expect me to answer that?”

“I guess not,” Daisy sighed just as James returned, carrying a large box that he somewhat struggled under. Sirius rushed over to help him and then they easily put it down next to Daisy, commanding she open it.

Daisy carefully pulled off the wrapping paper, opened the box, and found the most brilliant telescope that she was staring at in one of the shops.

Daisy hadn’t even touched it, she just stared at it with her mouth hanging open in awe at the shiny black telescope and the Potters and Sirius just all grinned at Daisy, happy to know she was happy.

“I didn’t much see you as the writing-in-a-diary type, but I figured that you could use the diary to write down your astronomy stuff.”

Daisy finally looked up from the box and said, “I- you- …wow.”

“We’ll take that as a thank you,” said James.

“Thank you all!” Daisy burst out. “Thank you so much!” and with that she lunged at everyone and gave them huge hugs before they all moved their way into the kitchen, where Daisy blew the candles out on the cake, only wishing that she could have celebrated this birthday with her own family as well to make it perfect. At least if her father was in a good mood.


“JAMES POTTER, YOU BETTER GET YOUR LAZY BUTT UP NOW OR ELSE!” yelled Daisy for the third time, already feeling paranoid enough as it was about the first day of school without being late.

Through the door Daisy could hear a lot of groaning before the bed mattress squeaked in a way that told her James got out of bed. Daisy just stood outside the door tapping her foot, with her anxiety rising to the point where she was just about to walk into James room and drag him out no matter what state he was in. That moment came closer and closer and Daisy just stood there waiting and when she thought she truly could not wait any longer, James opened the door, dragging his trunk behind him.

“Ready?” asked Daisy impatiently.

“Yeah,” James yawned.

“Then let’s go,” said Daisy running over to one side of the trunk to help him drag it down the stairs.

“Where’s your trunk?” asked James on the way down the stairs.

“Already in the car. Your dad put it in just before I came to make sure you were up for the third time.”

“You did not tell me to get up three times.”

“Wanna bet? Your mom, I’m sure, heard me shout at you through the door.”

James then said something inaudible and just as Daisy was about to ask him what it was he said, Mr. Potter came to them at the bottom of the steps and told them to hurry up and get in the car as he takes care of James’ trunk.

When Daisy and James entered the car they noticed that Mrs. Potter was already sitting in the front and in the middle of the backseats was a large cage with a large brown owl in it.

Mrs. Potter turned around in the seat to look at them as they stared at the owl. “Name him whatever you wish, James, but I wanted you to have an owl for while you are at school so you can give me updates on how you two are doing,” she said smiling at them.

“Thanks mum!” said James, now taking his seat on the left side of the car.

“That’s cool!” said Daisy. “What’re you going to name it?”

“I’ve no idea, I’m bad with coming up with names. You can name him if you want,” said James casually but almost hopefully as if he would never be able to come up with a proper name for the life of him.

“Okay. Hello Orange!”

“Orange?!” James exclaimed, but it was too late. The bird hooted back at Daisy as if it understood what his name now was and during the whole trip to the station James desperately tried several different names to get a reaction, but none worked.

“Remind me never to let you name anything ever again,” James said exasperatedly as they got out of the car.

“I’ll make a note of it,” said Daisy happily and smiling at the owl.

“He’s not even orange!” exclaimed James.

“I’m not a flower.”

“But- it- not- grr…”

“Stop complaining and let’s get on the train! We only have about fifteen minutes!” said Daisy. “By the way where is platform nine and three-quarters?”

“We’ll show you in a minute dear,” said Mrs. Potter after finding some trolleys for Mr. Potter to stack the trunks on.

James and Daisy grabbed their trolleys and followed Mr. and Mrs. Potter through the station until Mr. Potter stopped and pointed at a wall.

“That, is platform nine and three-quarters.”

“Er…” said Daisy tentatively.

“Just run right through that wall, don’t worry the platform is on the other side. Trust me,” said Mrs. Potter.

“Okay…” said Daisy, still feeling a bit nervous about running straight into a wall intentionally.

“I’ll tell you when to go and then James, Phillip, and I will meet you in just a moment, okay?”

“Alright,” said Daisy, feeling as though she would truly not want to go first.


With the command from Mrs. Potter Daisy run full speed at the very solid-looking wall and wanted to close her eyes but couldn’t because she was a far too curious of a person to not find out what it looked like inside a wall.

What it looked like, though, Daisy never found out because as soon as she saw her trolley begin to go through the barrier, everything went black until to found herself on the other side, where things looked even busier than on the previous side.

Beside the scarlet train there were children being rushed onto the train by their parents and hanging out the window to say their final good bye’s, older students chatting excitedly with each other, and cats weaving through the crowds following their owners to their compartments.

Daisy had just been staring at the train and all the people around it when James came up from behind her and tugged a lock of her hair to get her attention.

“Come on! Like you said we’re going to be late if we don’t hurry!”

“Oh, right,” Daisy said before following James, who was leading the way to a compartment near the back of the train.

“Ugh!” said James, “There’s no more empty compartments left!”

Daisy looked scanned her surroundings before saying, “Let’s just get on the train and look for a compartment from there before it goes off without us.”

James sighed and then started dragging his trunk up the steps with the help of Daisy and helped Daisy with hers.

Then once they were both on board they made their way down the train again, peaking inside compartments to see if they were empty as they went.

Finally, once they neared the end of the train, Daisy spotted a compartment seated with only one redheaded girl that looked to be their age, reading a book by the window. Daisy pointed this out to James and he began to whine about how he wanted an empty one.

“Well, we’re not going to get an empty one because someone was being really lazy this morning,” Daisy snapped before sliding open the door to the compartment.

“Hi, my name is Daisy and this is James,” said Daisy gesturing to James, “would you mind if we joined you? We couldn’t find anywhere else that wasn’t already full.”

The redheaded girl looked up at Daisy and then glanced at James and back to Daisy before nodding and saying, “Yes, my name is Lily Evans by the way,” she held out her hand to shake and Daisy took it, “I’m a first year, what about you?”

“We’re first years too,” said James who sat next to Daisy, who was now sitting across from Lily after they had put their trunks away.

Lily put her bookmark in her book and returned it to her to her trunk. “So are you two related?”

James immediately started laughing while Daisy said, “No, but he kind of is like a brother to me,” she glanced back at the still laughing James and then leaned forward and added in a low voice, “A little brother.”

James heard this, looked at Daisy, and scowled. This had made Daisy and Lily both start laughing at James.

“So what were you reading anyway?” Daisy asked once they were done laughing at a displeased looking James.

“Oh, I was just reading Hogwarts a History for a bit of background reading.”

“No kidding? I just read that not to long ago! I also got Quidditch Through the Ages it was a good book, wasn’t it James?” James rolled his eyes and nodded. “That was the only book I could get him to read though. He wouldn't lay a finger on Hogwarts a History. Here, I’ll get out Quidditch Through the Ages so you can look at it and, if you want, you can borrow it.”

Daisy then jumped from her seat, pulled down her trunk, and began rummaging through it to find her book.

First Daisy just moved a few things, when she didn’t find it on top, so she could see the bottom, but then she didn’t find it there either. So, getting frustrated, Daisy began just throwing everything out of her trunk and scattered her belongings all around the compartment. James even had to dodge a few things as they flew at him.

By the time Daisy reached the bottom of her trunk her hair was sticking out at odd places, her face was flushed with frustration, and everything was either on the floor or on the once empty seats.

‘Oh no! Did I leave it back at the Potters’? No, I couldn’t have! I checked and double-checked my room about fours times while I waited for everyone to get up! Wait a minute…’ Daisy broke away from her thoughts and looked up at James, who looked too amused to be innocent with the whole situation.

“You-!” Daisy began shouting, but couldn’t finish because right then the compartment door slid open admitting not only Sirius, but also a few revoltingly giggly girls.

Daisy just looked at Sirius for a moment before letting out an involuntary squeak and jumping into her empty trunk, letting the lid fall over her head.

‘Great move Daisy,’ Daisy thought to herself, ‘Oh, yeah, he’ll never be able to get this trunk open and see you looking like a total mess. Perfect, Just flipping peachy.’ Daisy noticed that the girls stopped giggling, and were probably staring at the trunk she just disappeared into, and she also heard footsteps making their way towards her trunk and stop right in front of it.

Daisy just knew that Sirius was going to open the lid of the trunk and by no means was she going to let him see her right then with how she looked. So, without even thinking about it properly, Daisy blindly grabbed for some part of the inside of the lid to hold onto to keep it shut, just in time to feel a yank on the lid.

The first yank on the lid was weak, but when the second try came Daisy had to try with a lot of her strength to keep the lid firmly shut.

Daisy was breathing hard and outside the trunk she could hear Sirius’ muffled voice say something and another pair of footsteps make their way towards her trunk. James was going to help too.

Then, when they both tried to open the lid at the same time, Daisy felt whatever she was holding onto rip out of her grasp, the lid fly open, and the trunk flip onto its side causing Daisy to roll out onto the floor and find herself staring up into the faces of Sirius and James.

“Uh, hi Sirius,” Daisy said still on the floor, half waving at Sirius.


Akward ending I guess but it made me laugh even if it didn't make any of you

I don't blame you if you Yell at me for taking too long

My Very First Fan Fic. Ever!! The First Year- Marauder Era

The horcrux thing was a last second add in for I don't know why.

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Re: The First Year- Marauder Era

Errrr… I’m sorry? *runs away*


“Really, am I truly so ugly that you must hide in a trunk at the site of me?” Sirius asked jokingly, holding out his hand to help Daisy up.

“I would beg to differ!” giggled one of the girls that had followed Sirius into the compartment.

‘Shut up,’ Daisy thought as Sirius grinned at the girl, causing her to giggle more madly.

Sirius then looked around the compartment at everything that had once been packed fairly neatly inside Daisy’s trunk.

“Were you looking for something?” Sirius asked, pushing some fresh parchment off a seat next to James so he could occupy it.

“Oh no,” said Daisy sarcastically, surprised even at her self at how easily she could push her emotions to the side, “I just have spontaneous urges to throw my stuff everywhere.”

“And I missed it? I’m sure that would have been very funny to watch.”

‘I can’t believe he’s brushing off what just happened so easily. Maybe he is use to odd behavior from me by now… or he just isn’t the brightest star in the sky.’

“Well, sorry to disappoint you but I only have these spontaneous eruptions every other Wednesday. Now,” Daisy rounded on James, “give me back that book.”

“What book?” asked James innocently while everyone in the room looked between Daisy and James curiously.

“Hand it over before I hurt you.”

“You wouldn’t hurt me. You wouldn’t want to get in any trouble before we even get to school.”

“Oh just hand it over!”


“Fine. I’ll get it myself,” said Daisy and then she pulled down James’ trunk, threw open the lid, and dumped out all the contents in search of her book.

“Hey!” was all James could get out before his trunk was emptied.

Daisy then took out her wand to push the objects from James’ trunk around so as not to touch them with her bare hands.

“Aha!” Daisy finally said after stooping down to pick up her book. “Here you go Lily.”

“Erm, thanks,” said Lily awkwardly taking the book.

Daisy then kicked James’ stuff out of her way and began tossing all of hers back into the trunk.

“Did you make this huge mess over a stupid book?” asked one of the blond-headed giggly girls.

“Nope. Over a good book,” said Daisy coolly.

“What’s the difference?” said the appallingly high pitched voice of the sandy-haired girl located to the left of the blond.

“The difference is that a good book is a book someone likes to read and a stupid book is a book someone does not like to read, but I guess the difference doesn’t really matter to either of you because you probably can’t read to begin with,” Daisy responded.

“Well at least I-” began a brunet that was now pushing herself forward through the other two girls.

“Come on let’s go,” said Sirius winking at the trio of girls and making an attempt to brake up the catfight that was forming.

The girls immediately began to giggle once again as they moved towards the door with Sirius which just annoyed Daisy further.

“ ‘Well at least I’ what?” asked Daisy.

“At least I don’t look like a troll,” the girl replied coolly before leaving after Sirius with the other two girls trailing behind her, giggling harder than ever.

Daisy stared at the closed compartment door feeling her eyes get hot.

‘Don’t cry, don’t cry.’

“Daisy, don’t let them get to you. They are just stupid. You look nothing like a troll,” said Lily comfortingly.

“I know,” said Daisy evenly, trying to keep her voice normal and her eyes dry. She then took her seat across from Lily again and looked determinedly out the window.

‘Don’t cry,’ Daisy kept telling herself, because how she looked was a rather sensitive subject. She couldn’t help that her hair was always messy. Not nearly as messy as James’, but still messy. Then there was how her teeth were kind of crooked and how she wasn’t exactly skinny. She certainly wasn’t fat, but she still saw herself as hideously pudgy even though most would call her average.

Daisy took a deep breath and let it out slowly.

‘I need time to think alone,’ thought Daisy. ‘I need to organize because all the little people in brain-vile are going to have an overload of convicted drama offenders in their midst if I don’t. Time to put those bigger prison cells to work.’

“I’m going to the bathroom,” Daisy announced jumping from her seat.

“Okay, see-ya,” Lily sighed re-opening her book.

Daisy left the compartment not intending on going to the bathroom, but rather, attempting at finding her self an empty compartment to think in.

‘Good luck on your search, me,’ thought Daisy as she made her way down the train.

‘Full….full…full….fu-’ Daisy’s thoughts were cut off when she bumped into someone, knocking her to the ground.

When she looked up she saw a greasy-haired hooked-nosed boy glowering down at her.


That’s all for today, I know it's short, but I’m going to have the next part up tomorrow. And if I don’t… well I’ll give you all a very truthful excuse that my dog ate my computer, okay?

But maybe to prevent this from happening you could feed her a little treat.

My Very First Fan Fic. Ever!! The First Year- Marauder Era

The horcrux thing was a last second add in for I don't know why.
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Re: The First Year- Marauder Era

Worked on this for the most part of the day and yesterday. I’m sorry. I planned on getting it up yesterday but my dog ate my computer. Took a bit of surgery to get it out….

I could give you the details or give you the next chapter so I guess you can have then next bit ----->


“Er, hello,” said Daisy scrambling to her feat. The greasy haired boy was about an inch taller than her and was not giving her a very friendly vibe.

“What are you so quick to get away from?” he sneered.

“Not to be rude but I don’t think that is much of your business,” Daisy said somewhat defiantly, realizing she was defiantly not going to make a new friend here.

“Are you a mudblood?” the boy asked suddenly.

“A- huh?”

“I’ll take that as a yes,” the boy sneered again.

“Alrighty, whatever. Can you please move?”

“Sorry, mudblood-free zone.”

Daisy sighed, “Fine, I guess I’ll just wait for you to move then,” and with that she plopped herself onto the floor cross-legged, and wait patiently for the boy to move.

“What are you doing?” he asked, covering his curious face with a scowl.

“Uh, waiting.”

The scowl deepened and the boy seemed lost at what to do next for a moment so he concluded to just leaning against the wall and determinably not let Daisy pass.

“So, what’s your name?” Daisy asked in her most annoyingly happy-cheery voices.

The boy’s scowl deepened still more.

“You like to scowl don’t you?” Daisy asked in the same voice.

All the boy did was let out a slight growl of annoyance.

“Are you a dog? Because you just growled at me. Generally I like dogs but I’m sure I can make an extra-specially special exception in your case.”

The boy looked as if he was about to actually reply when he was cut off by the sound a dragging trunk coming from behind Daisy. Daisy turned around to see Sirius dragging his trunk behind him, just about to go into the compartment Daisy just came from.

They both just stared at Sirius for a moment before he looked up at Daisy and dropped his trunk with a loud thud. Sirius then made his way over to where they were, and Daisy turned back to the boy unsure on what she should do, feeling her face grow brighter and brighter with each step she heard come towards them until Sirius stopped right behind her.

“What’s going on?” asked Sirius, and when Daisy looked at him she saw him glance from her to the boy and give him a cold stare.

“Just- er- trying to get to the bathroom,” Daisy responded nervously, hoping Sirius didn’t know that the bathroom was in fact in the opposite direction she was heading.

“What’s stopping you?” asked Sirius making a point to glare at the boy, who seemed to shrink a little at the look.

Daisy was about to respond when another boy stuck his head out of the compartment and said, “Hey, Snape! What’s taking you so long out there?” At the sight of the boy Snape seemed to inflate with confidence, as if no one could touch him while the other boy was there.

This boy looked to be at least a couple years older than all of them and had blond hair that looked to be about three-inches long all the way around.

“Oh, hello Black,” he said turning to Sirius.

“Malfoy,” said Sirius, obviously not liking the new group of people he had stumbled upon.

“You know each other?” Daisy asked, unable to hold her self back.

“Unfortunately,” Sirius muttered.

Malfoy obviously didn’t hear or just chose to ignore him because he went on to say proudly, “All the pureblood families know one another.”

“As a matter of fact,” he sneered, turning to Daisy, “I don’t suppose your family is pureblood are they? Unless they have decided to go into hiding,” he laughed.

“Right. I’ll just leave now so that I still have time to take this all as a wonderful compliment because I have no idea what you all are talking about,” said Daisy standing up.

This just made Malfoy laugh again and say to Sirius, “I would’ve thought you’d choose who you aquaint yourself more carefully, considering the noble family name you hold at stake.”

Daisy looked at Sirius and he was boiling. It seemed to take him a great deal of effort not to take out his wand and shove it down Malfoy’s throat because there was not much else he could do with it as they hadn’t learned any spells yet.

“You make it sound as though I am not worthy of your presence,” said Daisy starting to get exasperated.

“That, my little mudblood, is because you aren’t,” Snape said with an annoying air of confidence.

That was it. Sirius blew it and launched himself straight at Snape, pounding every part of the greasy body he could reach.

“Sirius! Get off him!” Daisy yelled, getting red in the face with true anger.

Up and down the train a few compartments opened and a student or two would stick their head out curiously to see what was going on.

“Sirius! You’re going to get us in trouble before we even get to school! Get off him!” Daisy shouted, grabbing Sirius’ arm and tugging him.

“Aww, look, the mudblood doesn’t want her ikle Sirius to get in trouble,” said a black-haired girl in a baby voice who had appeared out of the compartment along with a bleach blond and two other boys with brunette hair.

Daisy was about to blow it too when she saw James stick his head out of his compartment.

“James! Get over here and help me with your stupid friend!” Daisy screamed, dropping Sirius’ arm.

James came running over and grabbed onto one of Sirius’s arms in mid-punch and Daisy grabbed the other one again, dragging Sirius off the now bloody-nosed boy.

Snape scurried back against the wall holding his nose with his sleeve and suddenly losing all his confidence.

Malfoy and the other older students just laughed and went back into their compartment, leaving Snape alone with Daisy, Sirius, and James. Everyone who had been watching also pulled their heads back into their compartments now that the fight had ended.

“Sirius,” Daisy gasped, still trying to hold him back, “you need to meditate.”

With that, Sirius scowled, ripped his arms from their grasp, and leaned against the wall, determinedly looking away from the scared Snape.

“You,” Daisy said, kicking Snape’s foot lightly to make sure he was paying attention, “need to learn when to shut up.”

Daisy then stalked away, back to her compartment with James and Sirius trailing behind her giving Snape one last glare.

Of course James didn’t even know why he was glaring but he did know that the boy on the floor must have done something really stupid to get both Sirius and Daisy mad at him.

Sirius he wasn’t so sure about but he knew that Daisy was usually really good about keeping her cool.

When Daisy got back to the compartment she saw Lily chatting with a boy with light brown hair who stopped talking immediately when she, James and Sirius entered, and looked a bit nervous.

Daisy’s anger instantly melted away upon seeing the boy she presumed would be a nice new person to talk to in comparison to the ones she had just left behind. He had to be nice; he was talking with Lily.

“Hello!” Daisy exclaimed cheerfully. “My name is Daisy Zawislak.” She held out her hand to the boy.

“My name is Remus Lupin,” he said shaking Daisy’s hand looking a little less nervous but then glanced at Sirius.

“Oh and that’s Sirius,” Daisy said looking at Sirius.

“Hi,” said Sirius, still a bit moody from the events of the past few minutes.

“Don’t mind him,” said Daisy looking back at Remus again. “Usually he isn’t this emotional.”

Daisy sat down next to Lily because Remus had taken her seat next to the window and Sirius gave Daisy a glare before letting out a laugh that brightened his face considerably and took a seat next to Remus, across from Daisy. James then took the seat next to Sirius.

“So where did the giggly things go?” Daisy asked offhandedly.

“I pushed them off the train for being rude to you and grabbed my trunk. Speaking of my trunk…” Sirius left the compartment for a moment and brought back in his trunk.

“Aww, you’re so sweet,” Daisy said jokingly.

“I know, aren’t I?” said Sirius giving Daisy a cocky grin.

“Uh huh. So, James,” said Daisy looking around the compartment, “I see you picked up your things while I was gone. It’s nice to see the floor again, though I would’ve liked for you to come and assist a little faster.”

“Why did you even go down that way anyway? We passed the bathroom earlier. You couldn’t have already forgotten where it was.”

“I’m really horrible with directions,” said Daisy starting to get a bit nervous.

Then, almost as if on cue, Lily rescued her by saying, “We must nearly be there, we should change into our robes.”

The boys then left leaving Daisy and Lily alone to change into their school robes.

“Er- Daisy?” Lily asked nervously as Daisy pulled her trunk down again to get her robes out.


“Why did you go down that way?”

Daisy sighed. She didn’t want to lie to her new friend so decided on the truth.

“I was looking for a compartment to myself because I just wanted to go think for a while on my own.”

“You didn’t have to leave though,” Lily started, “you could’ve just yelled at me and James to get lost or shut up or something.”

Daisy laughed and Lily smiled.

“I don’t think telling you to shut up would’ve given you a very good first impression of me.”

“Nah,” said Lily pulling down her own trunk to get out her robes, “I already had a pretty good idea on what you were like when you tore up the place in search of a book to let me borrow.”

They both laughed until James knocked on the compartment and told the to ‘hurry up.’

Then they both slipped on their robes, helped each other put their trunks back, and gave up the compartment to the boys.


When Daisy stepped off of the train she felt over whelming happiness swell up inside of her and thought to her self, ‘I’m here.’

The crisp night air filled her lungs as she heard a voice call out, “Firs’ years this way.” Daisy looked to the source of the voice and saw a frightfully large man that had to be at least twice the size of her father, holding a lantern above everyone’s heads.

“Come on now don’ be shy!”

Daisy nervously made her way towards the man and looked from an also nervous looking Lily to a perfectly content James. James then glanced at her and Lily and said, “Don’t worry, my dad told me about this guy. He started here a year after my dad came here. Dad said he’s really nice.”

Daisy felt a bit reassured and picked her pace up a bit as she followed the rest of the group of first years down the steep, narrow, path the large man was leading them down. Lily picked up a pace next to Daisy but James, Sirius, and Remus were hanging behind them a bit talking animatedly about who knows what.

“Remus seems to be a bit more talkative now,” Daisy said laughing.

“Oh, no. He was pretty talkative when you were gone too. I bet he was just nervous because of you,” said Lily nudging Daisy jokingly.

Daisy let out a louder than necessary laugh and said, “The day I make a boy nervous with my presence is the day frogs start growing out of my ears.”

Before Lily could respond, the large man shouted over his shoulder, “You’ll all get yer firs’ glimpse o’ the castle in a momen’. Jus’ round this bend here.”

A moment later the group of first years were full of awestricken, “Ooooh!” 's, including Daisy and Lily.

In front of them, perched atop a high cliff across a black lake, was a huge castle with hundreds of glittering windows, towers, and turrets.

The whole thing stood out beautifully in the starry night sky. This was perfect.

“I’ve never seen so many stars!” Daisy exclaimed making Lily laugh. “What?”

“We have this gorgeous castle starring us straight in the face and you’re looking at the sky.”

“I looked at the castle! It’s very pretty!” said Daisy indignantly

Lily just shook her head and started towards a boat on the bank of the lake because the large man had just instructed them to do so.

James, Sirius, and Remus followed them to the boat.

“Didn’t he say only four to a boat?” Remus asked nervously standing outside the boat, looking at them.

“So?” said Sirius. “One more person isn’t going to sink the boat. Get in.”

“You sure? I can just go-”

“Just get in here!” said Daisy, getting up to pull him into the boat but he already got in, though Daisy and him were still standing in the middle of the boat.

“I’ll sit on the bottom here and you can take that seat next to Lily,” said Daisy.

“No you can have the-”

“Nope, sorry,” said Daisy sitting on the bottom of the boat. “I got here first,” and then she stuck her tongue out at him.

Remus made a face making everyone, including him, laugh, and he took the seat next to Lily. Then they were off and the magical boats guided the first years across the lake.

About half way across the lake, though, everyone found out that using Daisy as a weight stabilizer was a mistake because when she caught glimpse of a large tentacle sticking out of the water she rushed to the side of the boat to get a better look.

“DAISY!” everyone screamed and they all reached for her only throwing the boat’s weight off more. A second later the boat had flipped completely over because the spell put on it was not made strong enough to hold five people all leaning onto one side of the boat.


Had to leave it there or it would’ve taken me until midnight to get this up. Maybe I can get another one up in the next day or two. Or even later today. Who knows? Hope you liked it!

Join me over on my feed back thread with my colony of fleas awaiting your arrival

My Very First Fan Fic. Ever!! The First Year- Marauder Era

The horcrux thing was a last second add in for I don't know why.

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Re: The First Year- Marauder Era

Wow, I just looked at the end of my last post. A day or two? I’m sorry. I have just been so busy lately with homework and painting and cleaning my house I have barely had time to do anything else. Not quite the 3 thousand words I promised (to the people on my feedback thread) but I have to get back to work on my house now so I hope you like what you got so far. Maybe I can put up a bit more tomorrow but I am NOT going to make a promise like I have been lately


“Daisy,” said Sirius with forced calmness, “why the hell did you flip the boat over?”

“I saw the Giant Squid!” Daisy said excitedly, trying to keep herself above water by doggy paddling in place.

“Great! Thanks for putting us all in a dark lake with it, all alone, in the freezing cold water!” said James angrily.

“Oh, shut up!” Lily snapped at Daisy’s defense. “We’re not going to get out of this lake by yelling at Daisy! Now let’s start swimming already! I don’t want to miss my own sorting!”

“Oh my gosh! I’m sorry! I didn’t mean for us all to-” Daisy had started, but was cut off when a tentacle wrapped around her waist.

Daisy only had a moment, before going underwater, to see the same thing happening to all her horrified friends. She didn’t even have time to scream, her head had been dragged under the icy cold water with the rest of her body and she began zooming in god knows what direction.

Daisy had no idea how long she had been underwater but it wasn’t very long at all. In fact, it seemed as though it had only been a couple of seconds before the tentacle loosened its grip on her waist and tossed her into the boat that had left them behind moments before.

Daisy stayed in place in complete shock for a moment, gasping in all the air her lungs would allow, before she scrambled to one side of the boat when she saw Remus and James fly into the boat just as she had, soon followed by Lily and Sirius.

They all quickly took their seats, rocking the boat back and forth a bit, and this time they refused to give Daisy another chance with the middle and Sirius was now occupying that space. Daisy was sitting by Lily and Remus by James.

“That,” said Remus twisting the bottom of his robes in an effort to dry him self of the lake water, “was interesting.”

“Tell me about it,” mumbled Daisy, rubbing the spot on her waist where the Squid had had its grip on her only moments before.

Daisy then looked around at the other boats around them and it certainly was not a secret to the other first years to what had happened. They all had been watching the entire time from the moment they heard the boat flip to that very moment where they were all staring at them.

“What are you all looking at?” shouted James, instantly causing most of the first years to turn away swiftly. The rest were shot a glare from both Sirius and James before they looked away as well.

“Wow,” Daisy laughed suddenly. “What a way to start off the school year, huh?”

This had broken the nervous tension of what had just happened and everyone laughed along with Daisy.

The rest of the way there Daisy and Lily had fallen quiet, Daisy merely lost in her own thoughts, while James and Sirius started talking animatedly, making sure to include Remus when ever he got quiet. They talked about how it exciting it had been being thrown back into their respectful boat, telling their own (not quite believable) versions of what happened to them while they were under water, and before they all knew it they were out of the boats and standing in front of a huge door that the large man knocked on with his trash can lid sized fist.

The door opened instantly to show a tall, strict looking woman with black hair that was pulled back into a tight bun standing there waiting patiently.

“The firs’ years Professor McGonagall,” said the man.

“Thank you, Hagrid. I will take them from here,” said the woman eyeing Daisy and the others’ wet clothes.

Professor McGonagall then pulled the door wider to allow the nervous students to file in and she led them all down a hall and across the stone floor.

Through the doorway to the right Daisy could hear the voices of hundreds of people talking away. The rest of the school must have already arrived, Daisy figured. But instead of leading the students into the room, Professor McGonagall led them all to a small, empty chamber off the hall. Everyone crowded in, squeezing together a bit closer than preferred.

Then Professor McGonagall looked at all the students as a whole and began her speech, “Welcome to Hogwarts. The start-of-term banquet will begin shortly, but before you take your seats in the Great Hall, you will be sorted into your houses. The Sorting is a very important ceremony because, while you are here, your house will be something like your family within Hogwarts. You will have classes with the rest of your house, sleep in your house dormitory, and spend free time in your house common room.

“The four houses are called Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin. Each house has its own noble history and each has produced outstanding witches and wizards. While you are at Hogwarts, your triumphs will earn your house points, while any rule breaking will lose house points. At the end of the year, the house with the most points is awarded the house cup, a great honor. I hope each of you will be a credit to whichever house becomes yours.

“The Sorting Ceremony will take place in a few minutes in front of the rest of the school. I suggest you all smarten yourselves up as much as you can while you are waiting.”

She then glanced at Daisy and her friends distastefully making Daisy feel self-conscience and cause her to ring out her robes more thoroughly and brush her fingers through her tangled mess of hair with the desperate attempt to look more presentable. Daisy looked over at the rest of her friends to notice Lily was doing something similar to herself, while Remus just calmly stared around at his surroundings having already dried his robes, and Sirius and James messed up each other’s hair.

Daisy walked up to James and Sirius when she gave up on primping and said, “You two are missing something.” The two just looked at her curiously, their messed up hair sticking up at odd angles. “Oh I know,” said Daisy and she grabbed both of their heads and knocked them into each other.

“OW!” They exclaimed in unison.

“What was that for!?” Sirius asked while rubbing his head.

“For being morons! If you make me look bad in front of the entire student body I will hex you… as soon as I learn a hex.”

James snorted and Sirius grinned and said, “How could anyone who looks as good as us make you look bad?”

“Oh yeah,” said James, “We were just trying to make you all look better!”

“Compared to blokes that look this good all you other people will look like you just crawled out of a lake,” said Sirius still wearing that cute, cocky grin of his. A grin that just made his deep gray eyes look like they could never be happier…

“But we did just crawl out of a lake,” said Lily, coming up to Daisy’s side and causing her to stop staring at Sirius. He seemed not to notice but Lily gave her a look that said, ‘I’m going to talk to you about that later.’

“Exactly!” said Sirius and James at the same time once again.

Remus then came over and stood on Daisy’s other side and asked, “Do you know how we’re going to be sorted anyway?”

“My dad wouldn’t tell me!” exclaimed James. “All he would say was that we were organized into the houses McGonagall just told us about by traits or something.”

“Are we going to take a test or something?” asked Daisy.

“I don’t think that would be interesting enough to take in front of the entire school while they are all hungry,” responded Lily logically.

“Well then would do you think we’re going to be sorted?” asked James as if what she had just said was stupid.

“I never said I knew! I just said that it probably would be more interesting than a test!” Lily said, beginning to get fired up.

James opened his mouth to retaliate but Daisy interrupted them to say, while nudging Sirius, “Awww, look! They’re fighting like an old married couple!”

Lily responded by sticking out her tongue and scrunching up her face in disgust. James jumped back and also made a face of disgust and they finished it off by shooting each other one final glare and then turning back to the front where Professor McGonagall had once again appeared.

“Now form a line and follow me, the ceremony is about to begin.”

Daisy nervously got in line behind Lily with Remus behind her. They were led out of the chamber, down the hall, and through the double doors Daisy had seen before that led into the Great Hall.

Daisy and many of the other first years gasped when they all saw the beauty of the Great Hall. It was lit by thousands of candles floating in mid-air over four long tables that Daisy presumed the separate houses sat at. These tables were laid with golden plates and goblets that glittered in the candlelight. At the top of the hall was the table that the teachers occupied and Professor McGonagall led them to it and stood them in a line that faced the students with the teachers behind them. Looking at the tables of students Daisy saw silver people dotted here and there amongst them.

“Ghosts!” Daisy squeaked excitedly, pointing one out the one in the ruff to Lily.

This made Lily pale a bit and Daisy said, “Oh! I bet you didn’t know there were ghosts here did you? I read it in ‘Hogwarts A History’ so I guess since you haven’t read it yet you didn’t know…”

Lily just nodded, staring at the ghost, and still looking a bit pale. Daisy then turned her attention back to Professor McGonagall who was silently placing a four-legged stool in front of the first years and also placed an old, patched hat on top of it.

Everyone in the hall was completely silent and staring at the hat. Daisy stared at the hat curiously as well and nearly jumped when she saw the hat twitch and open a rip near its brim wide, like a mouth, and begin to sing:

“Listen to me first years,

And listen to me well,

I am the Hogwarts Sorting Hat,

And I decide in which house you should dwell.

Don’t underestimate my judgement,

Though I may be just a hat,

I can peek inside your head,

To determine where to put you at.

You may belong in Slytherin,

Where the ambition is truly strong,

These cunning folk could never,

Be caught doing wrong.

Or maybe in wise Ravenclaw is where you should be,

If you’ve your wits about you,

And your mind determines your destiny.

You could very well belong in kind Hufflepuff,

Where those are true to the bone,

They are undoubtfuly fair and loyal,

Even to those who are not friends of their own.

Perhaps in brave Gryffindor,

Is where you ought to go,

Their nerve and chivalry,

Is what defines them so.

So try me on! Have no fear!

I will place you well,

I’ve made no mistake yet so far,

As far as I can tell.”

Everyone burst into applause as the hat finished its song and it bowed to each table in turn before becoming still again and the hall became quiet.

Lily leaned across Daisy and Remus and whispered to James, “Ha! I told you there wouldn’t be a test now didn’t I?” With that she straightened herself up smugly and looked back at the hat while James muttered something incoherent.

Professor McGonagall then stepped forward with a long roll of parchment.

“When I call your name, you will put on the hat and sit on the stool to be sorted,” she said. “Abney, Holly!”

A girl with dark brown hair pulled back into a neat ponytail stepped forward nervously put on the hat, which fell down to her nose, and sat gingerly down onto the stool. There was a pause for a few moments before-

“RAVENCLAW!” shout the hat across the hall.

The table second from the left clapped and cheered for the girl as she happily scurried over to the table.

Daisy sunk in disappointment. ‘Alphabetically?’ she thought to herself. ‘Why do I have to have the last name Zawislak?’

Daisy’s nerves mounted every time someone was sorted until finally-

“Black, Sirius!”

Sirius strode forward confidently while James let out a whoop for his friend.

He sat down on the stool and he looked like he was thinking something really hard to the hat. The hat took a while before it made its final decision, “GRYFFINDOR!”

Daisy smiled and clapped along with James, Remus, Lily, and the rest of Gryffindor house. She was glad to see that Sirius did not end up with the group of expectant, but now scowling, Slytherins. Daisy then looked at the ground and lost herself in her own thoughts until she heard another familiar name-

“Evans, Lily!”

Daisy gave Lily a slight nudge and an encouraging smile before she walked over to the hat.

The hat seemed to be taking an extra long time with Lily. She just sat there, clutching the sides of the stool when the hat shouted, “GRYFFINDOR!”

Lily smiled, sat the hat back the on stool lightly, and went to her cheering table.

Daisy looked down at the floor sinking into her own thoughts once again, waiting for another one of her friends to be sorted.

“Lupin, Remus!”

The friend on her other side stepped forward and went over to the hat, just as the others had. This was a bit quicker, but certainly not the shortest, sorting. “GRYFFINDOR!”

'I really hope we all end up in Gryffindor,’ Daisy thought. ‘It would be horrible if one of us got separated.’

“Potter, James!”

James strode over to the hat in the same confident manner as Sirius did and was immediately sorted into Gryffindor with out a second thought from the hat.

Sirius and Remus stood up and started whistling and cheering for their friend and made room for him between them. Lily, who was seated next to Remus, remained seated.

Now all the other students were being sorted one by one at an unbearably slow pace. Daisy just waited and waited for ages until she was the only first year standing and it was at last her turn…

“Ah, I see you have a very fair loyal heart. Perhaps Hufflepuff? Oh, no. I also see courage. Oh, yes. A large amount of courage. Where shall I put you?” the hat whispered in her ear.

‘I would like to be in Gryffindor, with my friends please,' Daisy thought as hard as she could.

“I’m not sure. You could do well in Hufflepuff you know.”

‘And you also said I could be well in Gryffindor and also I could do well if my friends help me,’ Daisy tried to bargain with the hat, practically begging.

“Well… I suppose if you’re sure.”


“Better be GRYFFINDOR!”


Join me in the only place where I am free of work and paint

My Very First Fan Fic. Ever!! The First Year- Marauder Era

The horcrux thing was a last second add in for I don't know why.

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Re: The First Year- Marauder Era

Wow. It's been far too long since I last posted. Having a virus on my computer does not even constitute as a good enough excuse for how long its been. Well, it is winter break now! So I should be able to get at least a few posts up since one of my best friends is also moving tomorrow so I'll have plenty of time on my hands...

Now! With out any further ado I present…..your present from me!


"Yes!" Daisy yelled jumping off the seat so fast that it tipped over, and ripping the hat off her head in joy. She then looked behind her and noticed what she did to the stool and was about to pick it back up and put it right again when McGonagall rushed over and said that she would take care of it and for her to move along to her new house. McGonagall then picked up the stool and took the hat from her, leaving the room.

Daisy turned away from the retreating back of McGonagall and made her way towards the rest of the Gryffindors.

No one heard Daisy when she yelled though because many of them, even some Slytherins, were cheering as soon as the hat said her house. Daisy was utterly confused as to why everyone was so happy until she walked pass a clapping, red-haired boy who looked to be one of the older students.

"That has got to the longest sorting yet! And this is my seventh year!" he exclaimed.

"Oh, it wasn’t that that long, and I like the sorting. It’s not as if you are going to starve," a girl with similar red hair replied.

Smiling to herself, Daisy continued walking down the table, towards her friends and sat her self between Lily and a small, mousy-haired boy that Daisy hadn’t noticed before.

Daisy looked around and she saw Dumbledore him self stand up as soon as McGonagall returned back to her place at the teachers’ table.

"Welcome! To what I hope to be another splendid year at Hogwarts! And welcome to all the new comers who have yet to experience the joys of this school! And now, as I can tell you will all be extremely livid with me if I wait a moment longer- let the feast begin!"

As soon as Dumbledore sat down, the glittering gold plates filled themselves with every type of food Daisy could have ever imagined.

Nervous about whether the food that had magically appeared in front of her was real, Daisy hesitantly waited until she saw the rest of the hall stuff their faces before she took a piece of chicken, some mashed potatoes, and a biscuit.

Right before Daisy picked up her chicken she noticed the boy next to her properly. He seemed slightly nervous, as if he wasn’t sure whether to wait before everyone else got their food, or to just help himself. His hair lay parted on the side and perfectly flat, as if it was combed several times over and he had a faint pink mark of lipstick on his cheek.

"What’s your name?" Daisy asked him curiously and, instantly, all her friends turned their head in her direction to see whom she was talking to.

"P-Peter Pettigrew," he muttered nervously, not looking directly at Daisy.

"Don’t worry mate," said Sirius to Peter, "Daisy doesn’t bite."

"Much," added James causing Sirius to let out a bark-like laugh.

Remus grinned in Peter’s direction and Peter grinned sheepishly back. Daisy ushered Peter out of his seat and she and Lily moved down so that Peter could take Lily’s seat and the rest of the boys could make him feel welcome.

"Do you like Sirius?" Lily whispered to Daisy so suddenly that it caused Daisy to choke on her piece of chicken.

Daisy coughed loudly while Lily patted her on the back. When Daisy stopped coughing Lily repeated her question; "Do you like Sirius?"

"I-erm, well… I-I dunno. What’s it to you anyway? Do you like him?" Daisy whispered back with a slightly sharp tone.

Lily just laughed and said; "I knew it. And I was just wondering because I couldn’t help but notice, and we are friends now, aren’t we?"

"Of course we are!" said Daisy with relief and then with a sharp intake of breath she asked, "Was it really that obvious?"

"Yes," said Lily nodding, "but only to someone who pays attention. Like Sirius for instance, I bet he hasn’t noticed yet with how he acts normal around you and all. But I do think that you should control it a bit more if you don’t want anyone to find out, especially him."

"Who-him-what?" asked Sirius curiously now listening to their conversation, having lost interest in his own, and only hearing the last part of Lily’s sentence.

Daisy began getting nervous and just before she began stuttering an answer Lily said, "We were just talking about the ceiling and how it looks like it isn’t there and the guy who made it."

Sirius seemed to believe Lily before Daisy looked up excitedly, suddenly remembering something she hadn’t noticed before that she read from ‘Hogwarts A History.’ "Whoa! Look at the ceiling! I read about it in ‘Hog-" Daisy was interrupted by Lily elbowing her in the side to make her shut up.

All of Daisy’s new friends now were looking at her strangely as if she sprouted another head. ‘How did she not notice?’ was only one example of what was running through their minds.

"Er… Just thought I would mention it," Daisy said awkwardly, as Lily shook her head.

"Wow, Daisy, I thought you would’ve noticed the topic of your conversation," said Sirius, causing Daisy to look at Lily again to rake up another excuse.

"Well, it is Daisy," was all Lily had to say before everyone instantly believed her and started laughing.

"What? So you all think I’m slow now?!?" Daisy asked loudly, causing them all just to laugh harder.

Daisy pouted in mock-hurt, crossed her arms, and pushed her plate away from her. ‘Great. All my friends now think I’m slow, but at least Sirius doesn’t know. Heh, that rhymed’

Once everyone recovered from their fits of laughter and finished the desert that had appeared on the table the same way dinner did after it disappeared, Dumbledore stood up once again with the eyes of all the now-sleepy students on him.

"I would like to make a few short announcements before we all go off to bed," he said strongly and loudly across the hall. "First order to address is that all students are advised not to wander into the Forbidden Forest as it is not safe and will result in punishment. Second, is that Mr. Filch, the caretaker, has requested that I inform you all that the list of forbidden items is posted outside his door and should be taken with the utmost seriousness. And also that there is to be no magic in between classes in the corridors.

"With that, I wish you all a good night and that first years should follow the prefects up to their dormitories."

When Dumbledore sat down, all the students stood up and made their way sleepily to their respective common rooms.

Daisy walked up the steps to Gryffindor Tower, next to Lily, recollecting the whole day she just had. She was burning this day into her mind forever. She was never going to forget it.


“Lily! Come on!” shouted Daisy trying to get her friend up for breakfast. “Gosh! You are just like James in the mornings! Can’t anyone but me get up before noon!?” Daisy was already dressed in her school robes and had taken a shower with her hair pulled up into a wet ponytail.

It was dawn.

Lily started mumbling something into her pillow and pulled her blankets over her head.

“Fine! I’ll go down to breakfast all by my self…all alone…. with out my bestest friend in the whole wide world…”

“Bye,” Lily muttered sleepily, waving at Daisy carelessly.

Daisy sighed and left her friend. Maybe someone else would be up in the common room.

As Daisy entered the common room she found that it was completely empty. Checking her watch, Daisy threw her self down on one of the most comfortable chairs she’s ever been in, directly in front of the warm fire.

‘I need a hobby for moments like this other than reading,’ Daisy thought while pulling out A History of Magic. Daisy wiggled her self down a bit into the chair to make her self more comfortable and opened to the first chapter.

Daisy hadn’t even finished the second page before she heard someone coming down from the boy’s dormitory.

It was Remus.

“Oh Remus! I can’t believe someone else besides me gets up this early!” Daisy exclaimed, jumping out of the chair and running up to Remus. She gave him a huge hug that made him rock back and forth. “This is so great! Now I don’t have to be all alone for three hours!”

“Yeah- Great!” Remus choked out.

“I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to choke you! I’m sorry!” Daisy said frantically, letting go of Remus.

“No problem,” said Remus, rubbing his neck. He still looked a bit tierd but Daisy hadn't noticed.

“Okay!” Daisy began talking really fast. “So what do you want to do until everyone else gets up? We can play chess. Do you like chess? I love chess! Chess is the best board game in the whole world! So do you want to play chess?!?”

“Um su-”

“Or we could just talk or something! But I’m too hyper to just talk right now… Maybe we could just run around in circles and see who falls down first!” Even though Daisy was already pacing in circles.


“Oh! Wait!” Daisy exclaimed, suddenly stopping her pacing. “We could see who can get everyone out of their dormitory the fastest!”

“I don-”


“I'm not su-”

“Set!” Daisy put her self in a position to run up the girl’s staircase.

“Go!” And Daisy tore off up the stairs, not even paying attention to what Remus was doing.

“LILY!! Oh my gosh! Lily!

“What!” Everyone in the dorm said, suddenly awake.

“There’s a fire in the common room! Now hurry up and get out of here before it spreads and we can’t get out!”

All the girls threw off their covers and started running behind Daisy out of the dorm and down the stairs.

When Daisy reached the base, she was shocked to see a small group of boys on the other end of the common room next to Remus in their pajamas.

“Hey!” Daisy shouted. “How’d you do that?”


Merry Christmas! And if you don't celebrate Christmas, happy everything else!! Maybe I should've just said "Happy Holidays!!" but oh well!

My Very First Fan Fic. Ever!! The First Year- Marauder Era

The horcrux thing was a last second add in for I don't know why.

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Re: The First Year- Marauder Era

Here's you next post! Be happy, it is about 3800 words I hope you like it! Oh, and this is dedicated to Kristin (marauderfan) for putting me in her siggy


Remus just smiled sleepily, laid on the couch, yawned, and closed his eyes.

Sirius was actually the only one in the group who looked truly awake.

"It was easy for him really," said Sirius. "All he had to do was call up the stairs because we all were already wide-awake."

"Speak for yourself," yawned James, throwing himself across the arms of the nearest chair and closing his eyes as well.

“Why were you all up so early?” asked Daisy. “And how did you all end up in the same dorm?”

“What are you all talking about?” Lily asked furiously. “I thought you said there was a fire!”

“Oh look! My bad, it was in the fireplace,” said Daisy, trying to act as if she had been genuinely mistaken.

Lily just huffed and went back up to the girls’ dormitory with the other girls trailing behind her awkwardly. Daisy supposed that they were embarrassed that Sirius saw them when they weren’t looking their absolute best.

“Well, they took that rather well,” said Sirius jokingly.

“Except for Lily,” said Peter, who was already sitting in a chair beside James who was snoring.

“Just because the rest of them fancy Sirius,” muttered Remus with his eyes still closed.

“You can’t blame them. Who could resist this charm,” said Sirius with an arrogant smile.

“I’m pretty sure it’s not the charm,” said Daisy before she could stop herself.

“Oh really? Then what?” asked Sirius.

“If you seriously don’t know, then I’m not going to tell you. Goodness knows you don’t need to be anymore arrogant.”

“I’m not arrogant,” he pouted.

“Mmmhm, right. Anyway, how did you all end up in the same dorm?”

“Well, we were lucky and only had a room of four. Peter, James, and I were already in the same dorm and some blond-haired guy was there too, but we asked him to trade with Remus so that we could all share,” Sirius explained.

“And why were you all up? I know for a fact that James can’t even function this early.”

“How would you know?” asked Peter curiously.

“We live in the same house.”

“Are you two related or something?” asked Remus, who actually sat up and open his eyes.

“Or something,” said Daisy before repeating her question. “Why are you guys up?”

“Sirius,” was all Remus said before closing his eyes and lying back down again.

“So you’re the one who gets up early?” Daisy asked Sirius.

“Uh huh.”

“Great! Do you play chess?”


After Daisy was beaten three times by Sirius in chess she became extremely agitated but wouldn’t give up until James and Lily had drag her away from the game while a few onlookers laughed. Daisy was dismayed that she wasn’t able to continue playing against Sirius. For one, he was the only person she knew that could beat her at chess and she wasn’t stupid enough to think she couldn’t learn and get better by playing him. And for another, any excuse to be within a chessboard’s radius of him was fine by her.

Daisy gave up her struggle before too long when Sirius promised her another game, so she was perfectly happy to leave with everyone else for breakfast.

Getting to breakfast though, proved to be a problem as well. None among the group had exactly paid attention to how they came from the Great Hall to their common room. They, like Daisy, were too tired to care about anything but sleep. The moving staircases didn’t help their case much either. Every time they experimented going down one flight of stairs, they would come back up to find them selves on a completely different floor.

Finally Daisy decided that it would be much wiser to just ask for help rather than wander around until dinner. So, naturally, she asked the first person, or poltergeist rather, that she happened upon.

“Excuse me!” Daisy shouted to the floating figure not but ten feet away that seemed to be doing something to a door handle for one of the classrooms.

“Oh! Lookie here!” the poltergeist exclaimed in glee. “If it isn’t a flock of ickle firsties! They look lost too!”

“Yes, we are,” Daisy explained. “Would mind telling us how to get to the Great Hall?”

“Why, not at all miss!”

The poltergeist, that Daisy found out later was named Peeves, then proceeded to tell them a series of long directions that only Lily could remember perfectly. Whether or not they remembered them at all proved useless though because they only ended with being more lost then before and learning never to take directions him again.

After about another hour of wandering, they all eventually found their way to the Great Hall just in time to pick up their schedules. Daisy had to introduce them all to the egg-sandwich because they all had to eat while they walked to get out on the grounds to Herbology with Ravenclaws in time.

Daisy very much liked the sound of getting down-and-dirty with magical plants by the end of the lesson. She already loved to tend to a small garden that her grandmother had set up for her back in America so she figured that working with exotic magical plants would be all the better. Especially since Professor Sprout seemed nice enough.

Once Daisy emerged from the green house she made her way to her next class of the day, Defense Against the Dark Arts. This was one of the classes she was most anxious to get to. Even if it was with Slytherins.

When Daisy and the others entered the classroom, Daisy found herself seated in the first row near the window. Lily was on her left side and the only person who was in between Daisy and the window was none other than one of the giggly things. This was the blonde one who told her she resembled a troll.

“Hi,” Daisy said awkwardly. She hated to be on bad terms with anyone, even if it wasn’t really her fault.

“Come to insult my intelligence again?” the girl asked, reminding Daisy of what she said about her not being able to read.

“I’m sorry,” Daisy said. “I shouldn’t have said that. Everyone has their own thoughts on things and you just don’t like to read. I do think it was a bit far for you to call me a troll though.”

“Yeah, I’m sorry too,” she said, turning and looking at Daisy for the first time. “I really didn’t mean that. I don’t know what came over me! Well, actually, I do. I couldn’t help but act stupid with Sirius there! Those girls I was with seemed so cool at the time and I wanted so badly to impress him that I made a git of myself and we all got told off by him later, before he went back to your compartment with his things.”

Daisy smiled at the girl. Boys could do stupid things to girls sometimes so she couldn’t exactly blame her, especially since it was Sirius. This girl was lucky that the boys decided to sit in the back though, because if they had decided to sit near her, Sirius could’ve easily over-heard.

“It’s okay, so what’s your name?”

“Leona Taylor, but you can call me Leo. I already know your name, Daisy, right?”

“Yeah, I’m in Gryffindor. What House are you in?”

“Wow, I would’ve thought you would noticed your own dorm mate, especially after your little wake-up call this morning,” Leo answered, bemused.

Lily, who seemed to be listening, laughed. “Sorry! I’m terrible with being observant unless I want to. So you’re one of my dorm mates? That’s cool! This is Lily by the way,” Daisy said, leaning back so that they could look at each other.

“Hi,” said Leo half-waving.

“Nice to meet the real you,” said Lily holding out her hand for Leo to shake, which she did.

“Anyway, do you know what happened to your other friends?”

“They were sorted in Slytherin, I think. I’m glad I don’t have to put up with them anymore though, they got really annoying.“

Just as Leo said that, an old-looking woman came in with a bit of a crazy look about her. She had short black hair with streaks of gray, she was short and skinny, and a smile that told everyone in the room that she would not rather be anywhere else.

“Hello students! I am Professor Claus,” James raised his hand, “and before you even ask, I have no relation to the big guy up north.” James put his hand down and everyone laughed lightly.

“Now, we can have a great time this year, but only if I have your respect. Respect is of utmost importance with me. You will refer to me as ‘ma’am’ or ‘Professor Claus.’ Anyone who doesn’t, will have points deducted from their house.

“I have most likely similar rules as the rest of your teachers. When you learn theirs’, you learn mine. I will not waste our time together going over petty rules such as ‘no poking one another’, I will trust that you all know very well by now what teachers expect of you while you are at school.

“I am here you enlighten you and to fill your empty little heads, even if only a little, with knowledge on how to defend yourselves against the dark arts. I hope that you all will do well to pay attention while I’m talking and that includes you too, Mr. Black,” she said without even so much as glancing in his direction, causing him to jolt slightly. He had been trying to tell James something evidently.

The whole class went on with an amusing joke here and there from Professor Claus that would make everyone laugh and by the end she had every single students’ respect. She had a vast knowledge for her subject and easily made it seem as though it would be the most interesting.

Once the class ended everyone piled out and while Daisy waited for the rest of her friends to come out she looked at her schedule to see what would be her next class. Once Daisy found that it was already time for lunch, she heard something that tore her eyes away from the sheet of parchment and to what looked to be the beginning of a fight.

Peter was on the floor with his things scattered everywhere and Remus was trying to help him up while James and Sirius pulled their wands out on Snape, who already had his wand pointed at Peter.

“What did you do that for!” James shouted at Snape. Daisy had a sneaking suspicion that Peter may have bumped into Snape and that he hadn’t liked it very much.

“Alright! Alright! Break it up! All of you!” said Professor Claus, coming out of her classroom. “Come on! Put those wands away!” James, Sirius, and Snape all resentfully put their wands away, giving each other a look that clearly stated that it wasn’t over between them.

“Mr. Snape! Thank you for that wonderful, free performance on why we are all learning Defense! For that I award you five points.”

At this point Daisy couldn’t believe her ears. Had this teacher gone mad? There was a fight brewing outside her classroom and she awards points!? Daisy looked at Lily and Leo and saw that they had similar expressions to what she would imagine were on her own face at that very moment.

Everyone stood stock-still in shock and only Sirius cried out in indignation, “He pushed Peter and you award him points!?”

“Now, now, Mr. Black. Don’t you already forget about my number one rule of respect.”

Sirius just stood there with his mouth hanging open while Snape smirked. But just as Professor Claus went back into her classroom she paused and added, “Oh, and by the way, Mr. Snape. That will be twenty points from Slytherin house for misconduct in the corridors.”

Snape’s smirk was wiped off his face as all the Gryffindor’s laughed at him while they all walked to lunch, leaving the angry Slytherins behind and a whistling teacher.

None of the other classes quite matched up to the standards that were set by Professor Claus among the students that week. On Wednesday Daisy found herself breathing in the crisp night air in the Astronomy tower at midnight with her fellow Gryffindors and Hufflepuffs. She could only barely listen to what the professor was saying, although she was truly interested in astronomy, she couldn’t help but be swept away by the beauty the Hogwarts grounds provided at night from this angle. If she looked up she saw the most amazing amount of stars imaginable and when she looked down, she could see the dark grounds only eliminated slightly by the waxing crescent moon. Daisy loved astronomy most out of all her subjects but she had to admit that with Professor Claus teaching Defense, she found a keen liking for the subject as well.

Of course, Daisy liked all her classes so far. Even History of Magic, which was taught by such a boring teacher, most students wished themselves dead ten minutes into his droning lecture. But he was the one with the pleasure. History of Magic was the only class that was taught by a ghost. Daisy heard that he was just taking a nap by a cozy fire like he did everyday when he got up to teach a class and left his body behind. Some doubted that he even knew that he was dead.

The only classes Daisy hadn’t had by the end of the week were Charms and Potions. Daisy was eager to get to Charms on Friday because she wanted to ask the teacher if there was a way she could get her cassette player to work on magic rather then batteries with a charm. There was no way she would be able to listen to her music other wise because electronics didn’t works properly within Hogwarts, what with all the magic buzzing around and causing interference.

Professor Flitwick was a tiny man who had to stand on a large stack of books while he taught. Daisy thought that he would also be a very nice teacher and that a charm was exactly what she was looking for for her cassette player. At the end of class, while everyone else was leaving, Daisy went up to Professor Flitwick’s desk and asked, “Is there a way you can make muggle electronics run off of magic? I figured if anything could do it, it would be a charm. See, I have this cassette player here,” and she took it out from her robes and gave it to him, “and I thought that you might be able to make it work since batteries don’t.”

“Oh! Certainly there is a way!” he said in his squeaky voice. He then pulled out his short wand, tapped her cassette player, and said ‘operatio.’

Daisy tried it out and heard her music perfectly. “Thank you professor!” Daisy exclaimed, hugging him tightly before running back to her desk to get her bag.

“Just don’t go on telling everyone about it because before you know it students will be lining up outside my classroom!”

“No problem! Thanks again Professor!” Daisy shouted behind her before she went off to Potions.

Even though Daisy was one of the last to arrive to Potions she found that she was still saved a seat at a table with Leo and Lily at the front of the class. But Daisy also found that they weren’t able to rescue their table from Savannah sitting at it.

Savannah was one of the girls that Leo was with on the train and wasn’t as apologetic for her snotty behavior. Not that Daisy had talked to her at all since what happened on the train, but she and her friend, Lucia, had already become known as the snotty, Slytherin duo. By first years at least.

“So,” said Savannah giving Daisy a fake smile, “what took-“

But before Savannah could finish what she was saying, she was interrupted by the Potions professor who stood up from his desk and greeted the class cheerily.

Throughout Potions Daisy found the teacher was Professor Slughorn, he liked to grin and talk directly to students who had connections, and that he also preferred to talk about things with much more dramatic effect than necessary.

By the end of the lesson Daisy wasn’t very fond of Professor Slughorn, but he seemed rather fond of Lily who was able to answer all of his questions. Lily told Daisy later that she was interested in Potions and had read half the textbook already.

After class, before Daisy could get away, Savannah was able to finish her question.

“So, what took you so long to get to class? You already had most of your things packed by the end of class didn’t you?”

“Are you watching me or something?” Daisy replied rudely.

“No, I’m just observant. So why did you stay late? Have a crush on the Charms teacher do you?” Savannah said loudly so that people nearby could hear as she laughed at Daisy.

“Oh, no,” said Daisy sarcastically as she rolled her eyes. “You have it all wrong, you see, it’s Slughorn I fancy.”

“Now, now, Ms.-?”

Daisy slowly turned to face Slughorn as she felt her cheeks go steadily crimson. Daisy looked up at him and then down at the floor for a moment before she muttered, “Zawislak.”

“Ms. Zavislack,” Slughorn said, mispronouncing her name while Savannah, Lucia, and a couple other Slytherins snickered behind his back. “It doesn’t do well to hold strong affections for teachers, no matter how dashingly handsome they are.” Daisy would’ve laughed if she hadn’t been mortified at the moment. “They never work out you know,” he said before patting her on the head a walking back to his desk.

Daisy gathered the rest of her things hurriedly before she dashed out of the classroom with the Slytherins following close behind, roaring with laughter. Daisy hardly ever felt so much hate for a person before, but if there was ever a person she felt it for at that moment, it was Savannah.

Potions was her last class of the day and she planned on spending the rest of it in the common room plotting her revenge. Daisy rushed down the corridors, nonchalantly apologizing to anyone she bumped into, eager to get to the comfort and privacy of her dormitory.


By the time Lily found Daisy, Daisy had several crumpled pieces of parchment scattered around her, her hair was out of its pony tail and was hanging in front of her face more messed up than it would’ve normally been out of a pony tail, and she was scribbling furiously across a sheet of parchment with her bed hangings pulled shut and a book as her writing surface. To say that Daisy looked like a mad genius that was creating a plot to unleash upon the innocent would be an understatement.

“Daisy…” asked Lily hesitantly. “What are y-?”

“Shh! I’m trying to figure out the finer points of my plan!”

“Daisy, we’ve been looking all over for you!” exclaimed Leo as she walked through the door. “Have you been up here all day!? Do you know you’ve missed dinner!?”

“Of course I do,” said Daisy dismissivly without looking up. “I don’t go anywhere without my watch.” Daisy held up her right wrist and showed Leo her watch while she continued to write.

“Daisy, what’s up?” Leo asked sounding concerned. “You’re acting really odd.”

“More than usual,” agreed Lily nodding her head.

Daisy then sighed and set down the parchment she was writing on. “Did you two see what happened at the end of Potions?” Lily and Leo looked at each other before they both nodded. “Well, I’m plotting my revenge,” Daisy said with a sly smile creeping at the corners of her mouth.

“Oh! What do you have planned? Can I help?” Leo asked eagerly.

Lily was a bit more hesitant before grinning evilly. “Savannah would deserve it. Her attitude has been really getting on my nerves lately."

“Great!” exclaimed Daisy. “I can use all the help I can get! I’m thinking of getting James and the others involved too.”

“I hope this plan is good Daisy because I am not getting in trouble in the first week of school,” said Lily before Daisy described in full detail of what she was going to do.


“James, that’s perfect!” Daisy squealed, as she hugged James in delight. It was midnight and the common room was empty except for seven eleven-year-olds who were going over their mischeivious plans for that night.

“I know, my dad gave it to me before we left. I used it to find out the password,” James replied, demonstrating how the silvery cloak made one invisible.

“I don’t think we’ll all fit under it though,” said Remus.

“We can go in groups,” said Sirius. “James, Peter, you, and I can take the cloak first to a spot near where we are going to go through with the main plan. Peter can take the cloak back to the common room for him and the girls to take to a spot on the other side of the castle. That way they can find an area where they can cause a huge distraction, but still get away quickly. Once the girls are ready, Peter brings us the cloak so that if anyone wakes up, they can’t see us.

“Any objections?”

“Yes, just a small one Sirius. Okay, two. First off, I think Lily should be the one who does the cloak transfers because she’s really good with directions and less likely to get lost,” said Daisy logically.

“Okay, Peter and Lily switches positions,” nodded Sirius.

“Also, you’re forgetting that only girls can go in a girls’ dormitory. We,” Daisy gestured at herself and Leo,” have to go through with the main plan while Lily keeps look out when she comes back with the cloak.”

“They’re right,” said Remus before James and Sirius could argue. “But it will take forever for five of us to get on the other side of the castle all under the cloak. I think Lily should first take Daisy and Leo to a spot right outside the common room and then come back and hand the cloak off to me. I’m not too bad with directions so after James, Sirius, and Peter get situated for the distraction they can wait ten minutes and start while I take the cloak back to the common room for Lily to take to Daisy and Leo. Then the girls can move in for the attack.”

Daisy played this all out in her mind and found that Remus was right. “Good plan Remus! I think it’ll work!”

After that it was settled, Daisy, Leo, and Lily all left under the cloak to make their way to the Slytherin common room.


Oooh! I wonder what the plan is? HmmMmm... Oh wait, I'm the author. I alreadly know

Have I ever mentioned how much I loooove giraffs?

My Very First Fan Fic. Ever!! The First Year- Marauder Era

The horcrux thing was a last second add in for I don't know why.

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Re: The First Year- Marauder Era

I meant to get this up earlier but my dad caught me on the computer at 5:20 a.m. and made me go to bed.


For Daisy, Lily, and Leo, it wasn’t very hard for them to get to the Slytherin common room after James gave them directions. He had already been there when he followed a Slytherin for the password. The hard part was for Daisy and Leo not to die of nervousness while Lily went off down the corridor again with their only true source of protection if any danger were to arise. Namely Filch or his new accomplice, Mrs. Norris, who was quickly known to be an evil kitten with the agenda to track down all mischief makers for her master. It was rumored that Filch had done away with Mrs. Norris’ original partner, Mr. Norris, and planned to marry the kitten in the coming spring. Daisy doubted this rather absurd theory but did find it rather odd how he was always found muttering something happily to the kitten and would give not even teachers so much as a friendly glance.

“Daisy, you know that’s kind of gross right?” Leo muttered to Daisy. Daisy looked at Leo, confused for a moment, then she noticed that she had been chewing on a piece of hair that had fallen from its place in her ponytail.

“Sorry,” Daisy muttered back, brushing the hair from her mouth. “Just a bit nervous.”

“I know what you mean,” Leo said nodding slightly. “Are you sure you have it with you?”

“It’s the main part if the plan,” Daisy said exasperatedly. “How could I forget it?”

“Sorry, just wanted to make sure.” With that they fell into a nervous silence again and Daisy felt a sense of relief wash over her when she saw Lily slip the cloak off herself a foot away from them.

“What took so long,” whispered Leo.

“Doesn’t matter,” interrupted Daisy quickly. “The others are going through with the distraction for Filch and his trusted sidekick at this very moment and we need to go now. We don’t have much time.” Lily nodded, threw the cloak over herself, Daisy, and Leo, and muttered the password to the blank stone wall they were told where the entrance was. A door concealed in the wall immediately slid aside and they all scrambled inside.

The Slytherin common room was a blur of green and high-backed chairs. Daisy didn’t really pay much attention to it. She merely glanced around out of curiosity before following Leo and Lily up the stairs to the girls’ dormitories.

Lucky for them the rooms were labeled just the same as they were in Gryffindor Tower so they were able to find Savannah’s room with ease. Leo was the one to reach out with slightly shaky hands and push open the door slowly. Antagonizingly slow in Daisy’s opinion.

Lily stayed by the door for lookout duty with the cloak on while Daisy and Leo crept over to the brunet’s bed, careful not to make a sound. Her hangings were only half closed so it was easy for them to get to her bedside without the sound of metal rings on the metal pole that risked waking her.

Savannah’s hair lay elegantly on her pillow, that also had a trail of drool on it, and her eyes twitched when Daisy’s shadow fell across her face.

Daisy smirked at Savannah’s perfectly straight brunet hair. Oh how mad Savannah would be in the morning when she looks in the mirror. And with that thought, Daisy pulled out a jar of bugger-green goo. It was originally the purple goo Daisy had seen on James’ room, but Daisy thought that green would give the whole thing a better effect. So, with Leo’s dye (she was a crafty person and had all kinds of paints and dyes,) they dyed it green after getting it from James.

The goo was perfect. It clung onto anything it touched and gave it the same wobbly-green appearance it had. Savannah wouldn’t even know what hit her until her dorm mates scream at the sight of her. Only James had the antidote which they figured they could slip into her shampoo a week after her suffering.

‘This is brilliant,’ thought Daisy as she emptied the jar over Savannah’s once perfect hair, hastily put the lid back on and stuffed the jar back into the depths of her robes.

Daisy and Leo stared at the results and both covered their mouths at the same time to resist laughing.

The work was done and all they had to do was get back to the Gryffindor common room.

“Good night Savannah,” Daisy whispered before creeping back over to where they left Lily with Leo trailing behind her.

Lily lifted the cloak over them when they reached her and they slowly made their way back down the steps to the Slytherin common room.

Maybe they were all too cocky after just achieving the main part of their plan. Maybe they were just careless. But no matter the reason why, when they reached the bottom of the stairs they found a cold pair of dark eyes staring directly at Daisy’s left foot.

They were exposed.

Leo let out a squeak of surprise before covering her mouth again, Daisy just stood stock-still in shock, and Lily shifted the cloak to cover Daisy’s foot.

Daisy let out a breath slowly and quietly and sent Lily a small smile. At least she realized he didn’t know who they were. Yet.

Snape stared at where he had seen Daisy’s foot and began walking towards them blindly with his arms out stretched. It was a rather amusing sight actually. He almost looked like he was trying to hug them except for his brow that he had furrowed in concentration.

The trio of girls silently stepped to the side and towards the blank wall that was the exit, making sure they stayed covered. They would’ve waited for Snape to leave before they did themselves, but he looked as determined to find something as a vampire is to drink blood.

Lily muttered the password and Snape snapped his head in their direction. Daisy was just hit with an idea as she pulled Leo and Lily to the side and let Snape pass by them and out through the exit.

When the wall slid back into place Leo said, “Good idea Daisy.”

“I just hope he gets caught chasing invisible people that aren’t even there,” Daisy said viciously.

“Why are you so mad at him?” asked Lily. “He might have just been pressured to act that way towards you because of the older students.”

“I already thought of that Lily,” said Daisy. “He could have just ignored me. The other students weren’t there until they heard a commotion. Plus, he kept on calling me a mudblood and I don’t even know what that means!”

At this point Leo gasped and Daisy and Lily gave her an odd look. “He called you a-a- that?” Leo said looking shocked, while Daisy nodded slowly. “Why that little-“ Leo nearly screamed before Lily interrupted her with a “shhh.”

“Do you want to get us caught,” Lily whispered angrily. “Snape isn’t the only one who could catch us you know!”

“What does ‘mudblood’ mean anyway?” Daisy asked, ignoring Lily.

“It means dirty blood,” Leo said in a much quieter voice. “It’s what pureblooded wizarding families call people who were born from muggles and didn’t even know they were magical until they got their letter. The families that want to keep the wizard race ‘pure’ anyway.”

“Oh! So it is kind of like how some people are with dogs! You know, how some people think that dogs that aren’t purebreds are mutts and aren’t good enough for their purebreded dog!”

Leo laughed at Daisy’s analogy and said, “Yeah, something along those lines…”

Lily was smiling as well but said, “This sure is an interesting conversation but I think we would be better off continuing this in our nice safe beds rather than on the edge of getting caught and getting detention for life.”

“Then what are you waiting for Lily?” Daisy asked. “Stop holding us up already! We got to get a move on!”

Lily laughed and said the password. And after making sure that Snape was not in sight, they all scrambled back up to Gryffindor Tower.


“James! Remus! Sirius!” Daisy shouted as soon as she and the other two girls pulled off the cloak.

“They’re not here yet,” said Remus getting up from the couch with a look of anxiousness in his eyes.

“What? They should be here by now!” Daisy said, starting to get worried. She didn’t want the boys to get in trouble just because she wanted to get a bit of revenge.

“Don’t worry Daisy-“ Lily started to say before she was interrupted by three boys stumbling into the common room, sweating and out of breath.

“There you are!” Daisy said before rushing over and helping up a trembling Peter. Lily, Leo, and Remus right behind her.

“How’d it go?” asked Lily.

“Did you get caught?” asked Leo.

“Almost,” said Sirius, moving over to the nearest chair.

“That d@mn cat of Filch’s was chasing us and meowing like none other!”

“We heard Filch's footsteps just as we made it here,” said Peter.

“I’ll tell you,” said Sirius, “that cat is the next target. Guaranteed.”

“Are you kidding!? We only just got away with this bout of mischief and you’re already planning the next? We nearly got caught by Snape!” Lily shouted.

“Isn’t that that hooked-nosed bloke?” Remus asked curiously.

“Yep, and don’t worry. We’ll get him after the cat,” Sirius said brightly.

“How could you act so happy about it? Snape hasn't done anything that bad! How do you know he's really as bad as he acts? Uhg! You make me sick!” shouted Lily before storming up the stairs to bed.

“What’s her problem?” asked James, still staring at the spot where Lily had been at the top of the stairs.

“I’m not completely sure but we’d better go talk to her,” said Daisy looking at Leo who nodded back before they walked up the stairs together after Lily.

“How’s it look?” Sirius shouted after them.

Daisy smirked at the picture of Savannah in her head. “Great. Thanks for all the help you guys!”

The group of four boys all grinned up at her and Daisy thought to herself, ‘I wonder what they have planned for Mrs. Norris…’

Daisy and Leo opened the door to their own dormitory to find Lily still fully dressed sitting on her bed starring at the floor.

When she heard them enter she looked up and said, “I overreacted a bit didn’t I?”

“Just a bit,” said Daisy sitting next to her on her bed.

Lily sighed, “I just don’t think it’s fair for everyone to hate Snape. He just seems more troubled than mean to me.”

“I know what you mean,” said Daisy nodding, “but I just don’t see him as being someone who wants any sympathy. I’m not going to be civil to him unless he gives me a reason to.”

Lily sighed again and laid back on her bed closing her eyes. “I don’t know…” she muttered.

Daisy knew that Lily didn’t want to talk anymore so she crawled into her own bed but before they all fell asleep Leo said, “just think about the look on Savannah’s face tomorrow.”

They all fell asleep with a smile on their faces that night.


When Daisy woke up the next morning it took her a moment to realize why she was so happy but then she remembered the night before.

‘This is going to be good,’ Daisy thought before jumping in the shower and getting ready for her customary game of chess. Daisy involuntarily shivered a bit thinking of being alone with Sirius. She may not stand a chance with someone like him but at least she got to spend time with him.

When Daisy was ready she bounded down the steps to the common room with her chess set in hand. Usually Sirius doesn’t get up until about a half a hour after her so she set up the game and pulled out her Astronomy book while she waited.

Daisy was just reading about how incorrect the muggle theory on what happens when a star dies was, when Sirius plopped himself down in front of her in his usual spot.

“So did you talk to Lily?” he asked, while he made his first move and Daisy put her book away.

“Uh-huh,” said Daisy taking her turn.

“Well? Does she still hate me?” he asked making his move.

Daisy wanted to ask why he cared but knew it would sound suspicious so instead she made her move and said, “No. She probably won’t admit it to you, but she said she knows she overreacted. It probably would be best to just act like everything was the same.”

“Alright,” he responded making a move that took her pawn.

“Gr,” said Daisy repositioning herself to look at the board more intently while Sirius laughed.

Daisy perked up and said, “Ha!” She had moved her bishop to take the knight that had taken her precious pawn.

Sirius just took her bishop with his queen. Daisy growled.

“Daisy,” said Sirius putting the pieces back to where they had been before she took his knight, “you care too much about the little pieces. While you were concentrating on getting revenge for your little pawn, you didn’t even notice that you could’ve taken my bishop instead and put me in check.”

“I noticed,” said Daisy putting the pieces back to where they were before Sirius changed them for a quick lesson. “I just care about every piece like I would for a soldier in a real war. Every little piece counts because it a soldier’s life at stake. If you take down one of my men, by golly, I’ll take them down too.” With that Daisy took his queen with her own.

Sirius took her queen with his pawn and while Daisy thought of her next move he said, “But don’t you think they want their sacrifice to be worth more than revenge?” Daisy moved. “It doesn’t matter if they are avenged if the war they are fighting for is lost.” Sirius then put her in checkmate.

‘That was deep,’ thought Daisy. ‘ I didn’t think Sirius had that many layers…’
“Want to head down to breakfast?” Sirius asked. “I’m not sure when Savannah gets there but I don’t want to miss the results when she runs out of the Hall in humiliation.”

“I’m sure she’ll try to go to the hospital wing first but there is no way that Madam Pomfrey is going to let her stay in there for a week because of a bad hair day.”

They both laughed and were about to leave the common room when the rest of the boys came down.

“Couldn’t get back to sleep,” said Remus.

“He woke up when Sirius closed the door,” said Peter gesturing towards Remus.

“Decided to get the rest of us up because he was just so anxious to see our hard work,” finished James.

“Well, if you all are all already up there is no point in leaving Leo and Lily behind,” said Daisy. “I’m off to go poke the sleeping lionesses in their den.”


A few grumbles and pillow-throwings later, everyone was ready to go down to breakfast together and Sirius had taken Daisy’s advice to pretend nothing had happened with Lily.

They were the only ones there because it was eight o’clock Saturday morning, but the wait was worth it when they heard a collective gasp from some of the students and snickers from the others.

Savannah had entered the room.

She held her head high defiantly with Lucia walking next to her glancing from the snickering students around them to Savannah and back again. She obviously was worried about how being seen with someone in such a state would affect her reputation.

Daisy couldn’t help but send Savannah a fake smile and wave; she worked too hard not to get any credit.

Savannah looked as if she was going to throttle Daisy with her bare hands and started walking swiftly towards her to do so but stopped dead when she heard someone say loudly for everyone to hear:

“I personally thought she was snotty enough already!”

That did it. Savannah burst into tears and ran from the hall with Lucia following her at a slower pace uncertainly. For some reason it wasn’t as satisfying as Daisy thought it would be. She wanted Savannah to be embarrassed, angry, and to feel as snotty as she acted. She didn’t want her to cry.

Daisy sunk in her chair slightly, pushing her eggs around with her fork, while everyone around her laughed. Everyone except Lily and Leo who seemed to feel the same way as she did.



Tell me what ya think ~HERE~

My Very First Fan Fic. Ever!! The First Year- Marauder Era

The horcrux thing was a last second add in for I don't know why.
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