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TMQ99 -- Who's Who

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Old August 20th, 2006, 6:26 pm
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TMQ99 -- Who's Who

Discussion of The Magic Quill #99 -- Who's Who by Robbie Fischer.

+++ FREE BONUS! +++

Now it’s time for a pop quiz. Let’s see how carefully you have been reading the first two years’ worth of The Magic Quill. For each question you get right, 1 sickle will be donated to the March of Galleons, funding research for the prevention and treatment of Squibbism.

Consider it an “open scroll” test; feel free to hunt for the answers. It may not be easy, but the answers will be revealed next week. Keep track of your own answers and grade your own work. Please, do not send Robbie your answers through the Feedback System. Also, please, do not spoil the answers for everybody in the discussion forum.

Click the above link to see the questions.

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