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A Muggles point-of-view (One Shot)

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Old September 4th, 2006, 5:11 pm
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A Muggles point-of-view (One Shot)

This is just a one off short story I wrote about how one muggle woman and her family is affected by the wizarding war.

Dementor Attack

I wrench open the door slamming it behind me. Walking briskly down the street I hear the door re-open behind me and shouting, but I just keep walking. I had a fight with my husband again, it seems to be happening a lot lately. But this time he went too far! He shouldn't have hit meÖ A cold breeze ruffles my clothes and I rap my arms around myself to keep out some of the chill. We never used to fight like this, we used to be happy. I think this all started around the same time this fog appeared. He keeps bringing up this stuff I though we had put behind us, thought we had forgotten for a time, or at least tried to forget. But now he talks about it with such anger you would think it only happened yesterday!

Itís not just the arguments heís changed. He was never really a drinker before. But now you barely ever see him now without a can of beer in hand, or something alcoholic. Maybe I should blame the alcohol instead of this fog. But no the fights started before the drinking, and itís not the alcohol that we do fight about. Well it certainly isnít helping in any case. I turn the next corner, and slow my pace, the shouting has ceased. Well at least he hasn't followed me. Lord knows I still love him but I canít stand him when heís like this.

But heís not the only one who seems different. My children to are affected, maybe itís the fighting. Either way they seem less happy, I sometimes even here them crying in there sleep late at night. Iím worried about them. They wonít even go outside anymore, they seem frightened at the suggestion of it. I ask them why but itís always the same answer. They say theyíre afraid of the fog, say it makes them feel bad if they go out it in. I tell them not to worry, that itís just fog it canít hurt them, say it will go away soon. Often I think Iím trying to convince myself more than them, but when I try to talk about it with my husband he just laughs. Either way this fog doesn't look like itís going to let up any time soon. Each day it looks just as thick, the sun no more than a hazy disk in the sky.

I look ahead, I can barely see to the next house. It would be so easy to get lost in this fog or wonder out into the road without realizing. Even the cats acting strangely. Often she will stop mid step on the widow ledge starring out the window. She will stay that way for a few minutes or anything up to an hour. Often when she is out side she will puff her self up, hiss and scratch the air in front of her. But thereís never anything there.

Thereís something about this fog I donít like, itís been here far to long, almost a month now! Neither the sun nor the rain can clear it. People put it down to global warming. I sigh, go figure. Of cause the Prime Minister refuses to comment on it, this isnít the only change in the whether, a hurricane for godís sakes, in England! Well if not the fog that is defiantly got something to do with global warming.

The chill suddenly strengthens, maybe I should go home my husband will have calmed down by now. I shiver, the chill seems to come more from within now. My bones seem to freeze and it holds my hart in an icy grip. Then, darkness falls so suddenly. Have I gone blind? But no the wind has stopped and sound has vanished along with it. I run try to escape the blanket of darkness but I canít. I trip over the side of the road slam to my knees. I scramble up my hands and knees saw. The darkness seems alive it has raped itself around me. I hear the wind, yet it does not blow. No that isn't the wind it sound more like a rasping breath.
ďHelloĒ I call outÖ
No reply.

A grate sadness engulfs me, raps itself around me. Happiness and joy slip away, like water in cupped hands it seeps away. I start to remember things, terrible things. The sadness, grief, the pain take hold. There is a hand on my shoulder. Has somebody come. But no I see no one through the darkness. No one. Will I ever be happy again?

There is nothing but a grate sadness now. Almost as if I have forgotten happiness, forgotten how to feel it. I feel a breeze on my face, no a breath. Then suddenly it is all gone, I feel nothing, not even the sadness that threatened to drowned me before. Memoirs however happy, people, friends, family, they mean nothing now. It seems that with one outward breath I have lost myself.

The blanket of darkness has lifted. Two small disks of light appear through the fog. I here a screech a car itís me lightly, I am knocked to the ground. I here the car door open, shouts. He runs round to me, calling my name, asking if Iím aright. He says heís sorry for everything. But I do not here my husbands calls, I just lay there starting into the fog.

Well I would like to know what you all think about it so please post in the feedback thread http://www.cosforums.com/showthread.php?t=95099

There is a popular theory which states that if ever anyone discovered exactly what the Universe is for and why it is here, it will instantly disappear and be replaced by something even more bizarre and inexplicable.

There is another theory which states this has already happened.

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