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TMQ #109 -- Murder on the Hogwarts Express

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Old December 28th, 2006, 10:55 pm
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TMQ #109 -- Murder on the Hogwarts Express

Discussion of The Magic Quill #109 -- Murder on the Hogwarts Express by Robbie Fischer.

+++ DOUBLE CHALLENGE for TMQ 111! +++

SURVEY: Now that Merlin’s tale is complete, what should be the next “top priority” tale from the back parlor of the Hog’s Head? (A) How the murder on the Hogwarts Express is connected with Spanky’s unfinished tale about a werewolf. (B) How Sadie made and lost each of her successive fortunes. (C) What happens to Harvey after he takes a drink of his Live-Backward-In-Time potion? (D) Other: _____ (write in your own idea, or vote for someone else’s write-in idea).

CONTEST: What unusual things might you find in a well-to-do witch or wizard’s garden?

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Old December 29th, 2006, 12:10 am
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Re: TMQ109 -- Murder on the Hogwarts Express

A) That would be a great tale. Than B) and save C) for last, you could do it all of C in one editorial

As for the contest, as per usual I will use a figure of speech (Remember the stupid stick) this time it's the money tree. Here's the ad campaign: "Who says money doesn't grow on trees? Only the poor! right? Yes I am right, the new fad in wizarding house plants is the money tree. Who needs a Albus Dumbledore Chia Pet when you can have a tree that is a profit to own? (Also the Dumbledore chia pets have been accidentally cross bred with Devil's snare, trust me, that beard can get a choker hold) The money tree is avaliable in all currencies both muggle and wizarding. Buy a money tree today and then you can afford the chia pet and the medical bills"

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Re: TMQ109 -- Murder on the Hogwarts Express

I think lets find out what happens with the werewolf, I mean, it is time for a little closure.

Hmm something in a well to do garden. The money tree would be the obvious candidate, im sure everyone had thought of that (not to put anyone down)..... Hmm how bout a FUR Tree, instead of killing poor defensless pufskiens for their fur coats, the well to do witch or wizard copuld get all the fur they needed from a fur tree. Then there is the tree of right, which produces the right stick. KNown for its diciplanery (Spelling any one?) uses, a wizard only has to smite his underlings a few timnes over the head. Magically They will get the subtle message that said wizard is Right in certain situations.

then there are the crystal turnips. Theses turnips are ground and either inhaled (as they powder almost too easily it cannot be helped)or placed in afternoon tea. They were used as biological weapons during the first wizarding war of 1812 BC. They would cause any person to become almost wax figures if inhaled in large doses. However, it was later discovered that in small doses (.000001 ounce) that it causes the skin to regain its youthfull color, ones hair to grow back naturally thick and beautifel, and will clear up those nasty pimples. In a sence it is botox for wizards.

now, of course, all this welth of rare plants would attract some unsavory charicters. Coin beetels ( golden ladybugs the size of galleons) would have to be sprayed for, or entire moneytree crops would fail. Then there is the deadly ruby cobra, who feasts upon the crystal turnipos. They also make a hazard for children, as they spit sharpened diamonds. Better get a sapphire mongoose, which are highly loyal, and are the natural predator of the ruby cobra (Which said cobra are very valued to make belts).

Also in the garden, there would have to be a pond, which has fresh walter oysters. these produce black fresh water pearls, a most rare and vauble variety. However, one must keep a few grindylows in the pond, or a few Pirate frogs (KNown by their call of bugger, bugger, rum, rum, savey, savey instead of ribbit, ribbt) will pillage your pond.

Then there are the love trees. who's heart shaped cherrys are the main ingrediant in love potion number nine. You sly Dog!!

then there is audrey One, a large venus fly trap like plant in the back of the garden, several gardners have gone back to water it, and none have come back. It is rumored that it is a carneverous plant. It is fanceyed that a Muggle got a hold of one and they made a musical about it. Ha Ha fat chance!

who knows what lingers in a garden of a rich wizard, only lord voldymortus knows bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

And now a PSA From the ASA, Stephen King, and Lord Voldy Mortus!

If you so much as put one sylabel in COS that spoils Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I will summon pennywise to take you down into the sewers, and he will drag you Into the dead lights kicking and screaming!

Remember, Down here spoilers float. they ALL FLOAT!!! And if you Spoil Deathly Hallows... YOU'LL FLOAT TOO!

Join the ASA today and help prevent spoilers!.....Or ELSE!!!! MWUAHAHAA!!
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Re: TMQ109 -- Murder on the Hogwarts Express

I am all for hearing about A. After that I would like to hear about c.

As for the garden, I think it would be cool to have a broomstick growing tree. Of course it would have to be properly nourished.

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Re: TMQ109 -- Murder on the Hogwarts Express

This was a good one. What did happen to Harvey?

sooooooooooooooooooooo boooooooorrrrrrrrrrreed
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Re: TMQ109 -- Murder on the Hogwarts Express

A, then B, followed by C.

First, for the wizard who seeks intelligence, the ElimenTree, whose fruits are fabled to restore tired brain cells, invigorate thinking skills, and rejuvinate one's memory.
There is also the SymmeTree, which is a boon to those of hunched backs or who have one leg shorter than the other.
The BigoTree, whose roots, it is said, are made into a flavorful tea for the pickiest of families (side effects include, but are not limited to, stubborness or intolerance of creed, belief, or opinion differing from the drinker's own).
For those wishing to get in contact with long-lost loved ones, the AncesTree seed is said to be a staple of the modern Medium.
The WinTree is an evergreen whose needles are used in the summer months to keep one's drink cool without watering it down, as the poor man's ice does (fah!).
For the math-oriented wizard, do away with your abacus and plant a TrigonomeTree! While costly, one bite of it's fruit gives you the answer to any one equation!!
The CarpenTree is a favorite among those wishing to update or customize their homes, as the one who planted it must simply show it a blueprint or design, and the tree will automatically carve itself into a new desk, or that set of cabinets that your contractor didn't get right.
The DentisTree allows you to forego trips to the doctor, simply chew on a root once a day and your pearly whites will stay straight, clean, and sparkling white.
The EnTree is often used to guard portals, doors, and gates, as it will not allow anyone through unless they know that "sweet spot" on the tree (commonly known as "Whomping Willow").
Cooks are partial to the PoulTree, as it allows them to simply pluck a chicken, duck, or turkey from its branches for that evening's dinner, instead of heading into town to buy one.

Also, Snapdragon flowers have become an integral part of the Dragon Snaps(tm) dragon treat recipe, but many houselves have been able to create their own recipe using the flower, so that their masters don't have to bother sending them to Diagon Alley to purchase a box.

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Re: TMQ109 -- Murder on the Hogwarts Express

I also would have to vote for A.

(Jatibbal, you're ideas for trees are awesome.)

As to what one might find in the garden of a wealthy wizard, that's a toughie, but as you asked for our off-the-cuff responses...

I think one would find many wonderful ways for the wealthy witch or wizard to Not have to work at gardening. Self-fertilizing plants (talk about living in your own filth); miniature magical suns, that rise and set according to the plants' needs; garden-ing gnomes (they tend to the plants before they uproot them to dig), and perhaps more than the usual number of fairies.

I also wanted to say, Robbie, that I appreciate TMQ quite a lot. Though I don't always have time to respond or to answer the riddles and such, I do enjoy reading it. I'm sure there are many like me. Keep it up, we appreciate you.

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Old December 29th, 2006, 6:55 pm
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Re: TMQ109 -- Murder on the Hogwarts Express

C, then A

I have to agree with pdhorner's idea. Also, I like the idea of anti-weed plants that would uproot any unwanted plants.

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Old December 30th, 2006, 6:10 am
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Re: TMQ109 -- Murder on the Hogwarts Express

SURVEY: Spanky’s unfinished werewolf tale. Btw, are any of Ilona's newly-visible children old enough to become students at Hogwarts?

CONTEST: What unusual things might you find in a well-to-do witch or wizard’s garden?

First, my sincere thanks, and/or apologies, to everyone whose great ideas I've (mis)appropriated and/or mangled below.

It seems that after his recent encounter with Harvey (or perhaps more likely, after his 'accidental' acquisition of several RightTrees), our ethically challenged herbologist, Miles O'Roughage, had a spiritual epiphany of sorts, and decided to considerably expand O'Roughage's Magical Plant Nursery (along with his Owl-Order business). I think I saved his latest catalog... Aha - found it!

On the catalog's front cover, Miles O'Roughage proudly announces his latest creation...
EmotiCharmed Flowers(tm) - All your favorite flower varities, each and every one lovingly hexed, by Miles himself, to emote whenever they sense your presence. Imagine a garden filled with flowers that adoringly turn in your direction whenever you walk by, flowers that wink, yawn, smile, giggle and more, flowers that even nod in time with the music from your wireless. O'Roughage's exclusive EmotiCharmed Flowers(tm) will enchant you with a pleasurably unique emotional experience every time you venture out to enjoy your garden.

On the back cover it says, 'O'Roughage's Magical Plant Nursery is a proud sponsor of the WWN's Toots, Shoots, and Roots, and carries a full line of Tilton Tootes' Magical Plant Remedies, including Tilton's Red Rejuicer and Tilton's Green Regerminator.'

O'Roughage's latest catalog contains a host of new inventory items:

Money Trees - best purchased along with O'Roughage's environmentally-friendly Coin Beetle Spray, which merely turns the little buggers brown rather than killing them, after which they'll only eat walnuts.

Fur Trees - now you can harvest the latest fashions, rather than killing helpless furry creatures, and making a bloody mess in the process.

Right Trees - We highly recommend that you purchase our Right sticks - for gently whacking some sense into your kids - rather than purchasing the trees themselves, which are so self-righteous, their constant ranting makes them entirely unsuitable for most home gardens.

Love Trees - O'Roughage's recommends you purchase both a male and female Love Tree, which must be planted in close proximity to each other in order for the female Love Tree to produce its highly-prized fruit.

Mahogany Broom-handle Trees - Guaranteed to produce the very smoothest twigs and branches you've ever felt.

ElemenTrees (better known to Muggles as Gingko trees) - For many centuries, ElemenTree leaves have been highly prized for their amazing ability to restore tired brain cells, invigorate thinking skills, and rejuvenate memory.

SymmeTrees - a boon to those with hunched backs, or who have one leg shorter than the other. We guaranteed our SymmeTree tea to be far more effective than a visit to a Muggle Chiropractor, and far less expensive than a visit to your St. Mungo's Healer.

Auntie BigoTrees - the leaves make an irresistably flavorful tea which, if drunk regularly, can cure even the most intractable cases of stubbornness and intolerance.

AncesTrees - The smoke from a few burning leaves is reputed to greatly expand one's psychic abilities. Many people also report that a small whiff of AncesTree Leaf smoke each day allows them to easily remember names, birthdays, and anniversaries.

WinTrees - The WinTree's ice-cold needles allow under-age children to non-magically do such things as chill beverages, soothe scraps and bruises, and cool down after a hard game of Quidditch.

TrigonomeTrees - One bite of TrigonomeTree fruit is all it takes to easily balance your monthly Gringott's statement, or to help your Hogwarts' student with their Arithmancy homework.

CarpenTrees - Plant your CarpenTree in the fall, and when spring arrives, simply attach your blueprint or furniture design to the tree with a Permanent Sticking Charm, and the tree will automatically transfigure itself into the desired shape. A favorite among those wishing to renovate their kitchens or expand their homes. For larger projects, we recommend you bring your blueprints to the nursery, so that (after a nip of TrigonomeTree fruit) Mr. O'Roughage can accurately assess how many CarpenTrees you'll need.

DentisTrees - Not handy with Dentistry Spells? Can't spare the time to visit your Dental Healer at St. Mungo's as regularly as you should? Simply chew a small piece of DentisTree root daily, and your pearly whites will stay straight, clean, and sparkling white.

EnTrees (commonly known as Whomping Willows) - often used to guard portals, doors, and garden gates, as it will not allow anyone to pass beneath its branches unless they know the location of your particular EnTree's 'sweet spot'. O'Roughage's EnTrees are specially bred to resist the Immobulus Charm.

PoulTrees - We carry a wide variety of PoulTrees - chicken, duck, turkey, pheasant, quail, and goose - as well as the new hybrid PoulTree which, although slightly less prolific, produces a little of each type of fruit. Ministry of Magic officials have recently determined that each of the classic varieties of PoulTree fruit have almost exactly the same shape, texture, nutrition and taste as their avian namesakes. MoM test-results on the new hybrid PoulTree fruits have not yet been released.

Crystal Turnips - best purchased along with our newly-patented magically-animated Artificial Sapphire Mongoose, which can be set either to ward off any Ruby cobras which may be lurking about, or to sound an alarm whenever it detects a Ruby cobra near your garden. With our Artificial Sapphire Mongoose, your garden's beauty will no longer be marred by an endless labyrinth of unsightly tunnels.

Snapdragon flowers - As I'm sure you all know, Snapdragon flour, which is both difficult to make and dreadfully expensive, is the main ingredient in the very popular Dragon Snaps(tm) dragon treats. Recently, house-elves ingeniously created a similar recipe which uses the flower itself rather than the flour. Happily responding to this new development, many wizards are now 'snapping up' Snapdragon flowers for their gardens and fields, thereby saving themselves Galleons by the bucketful.

O'Roughage's patented Self-Installing Garden Pond - comes in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit every Wizarding garden. Best purchased with our Bronze House Elf statue, which has a permanent Augamenti Charm to recirculate your Garden Pond's water.

Mini-Grindylows - Our newly-bred Mini-Grindylows are the perfect compliment to your Self-Installing Garden Pond - strong enough to keep Pirate Frogs at bay, but too weak to drag you or the children underwater. Not recommended for households with small pets.

O'Roughage's Extra-large Walter Oysters - best purchased with O'Roughage's Self-Dispensing Walter Oyster Feed, which is guaranteed to accelerate the oysters' production of black pearls without blackening your pond water.

Audrey's Muggle-Trap plants - By Special Order Only. All special orders will include an instruction booklet which contains advice on the plant's appropriate uses, plus many warnings. For example: Stunned Muggles must be magically removed from the plant's grasp within 3 days to prevent death by ingestion.

O'Roughage's LoveTree Cherries - Sold by the Galleon-weight. For a small additional fee, O'Roughage Nursery will guarantee owl-delivery of our LoveTree Cherries each and every full moon.

O'Roughage's ElemenTree Leaf Tea - Small Box:12 bags. Large Box: 144 bags.

O'Roughage's Crystal Turnip Powder - Never quite got the hang of casting Beauty Charms, but worried your children might accidently become permanent garden fixtures if you were to grow your own Crystal Turnips? Worry no more! Each dose of our Crystal Turnip Powder is guaranteed to regenerate your beauty for at least 6 months. In order to ensure the safety of you and your family, we have a strict limit of one dose per order, and each dose comes in our newly-patented child-proof container, which can only be opened by wizards who are at least 17 years of age.

Dumbledore Chia Pets -with or without self-trimming beards.

O'Roughage's Self-Trimming Grass Seed - eliminates the need for frequent Mowing Charms.

O'Roughage Nursery carries a complete line of Wizarding Garden Furniture. All our chairs, benches, sofas, and recliners are Charmed to detect your close proximity, and automatically generate your choice of several fine cushions, which are magically stored again 5 minutes after you get up.

O'Roughage's Perpetually-Refilling Bird Feeder - with our squirrel-repelling perpetually-refilling bird feeder, lovely song birds will be attracted to your garden year-round. And, with no need to buy bird seed, you'll save time and money as well.

O'Roughage's Automatic Fertilizer Sprayer (mounting pole included) - One Mounting Charm, and you're done with fertilizing your garden for a year.

O'Roughage's Small Portable Ceiling (includes camouflaged mounting poles) - Place them in your garden over your favorite lounging spots, where they'll invisibly protect you from sun and rain because, just like the ceiling of Hogwarts' Great Hall, they're enchanted to look like the sky!

O'Roughage's Fairie Houses - each enchanted to attract a specific variety of Fairie, thus eliminating the usual noisy squabbling over a new dwelling.

O'Roughage's Muggle Garden Gnomes - said to terrify regular garden gnomes out of your garden with their eerie stillness.

O'Roughage's Guide to Fur tree Charms - with detailed instructions for magically creating all the latest Fur fashions and accessories.

O'Roughage's Guide to Training Your Dumbledore Chia Pet

O'Roughage's Complete Guide to Creating Custom-Made Broomsticks For Fun and Profit

Well, there you have all the new items from the first 5 pages -- of a 30-page catalog! I can hardly wait to check out the rest, but that will have to wait, since I have chores to attend to.

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Re: TMQ109 -- Murder on the Hogwarts Express

survey: B

and what else would you find in a well to do garden than well to do gnomes sitting down to tea?


Official Umbridge Hater

"Give her Hell from us, Peeves."

I'll give her more than that.


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Re: TMQ109 -- Murder on the Hogwarts Express

SURVEY: A, definitely

CONTEST: A well to do wizard would need some way of protecting his wealth. I think giant man-eating venus flytraps planted along the fence line would be excellent for deterring intruders. However, for those wizards looking for a more aesthetically appealing approach, perhaps an unobtrusive fungus grown on the fence. This fungus could release some kind of gas when intruders enter the garden, leaving them unconcsious.

And those with wealth tend to enjoy showing it off, holding dinner parties and such like. So, some kind of, umm...Conversation Carnations(terrible name) would be handy. These flowers, when picked and placed on the dinner table, release a perfume which clears and brightens the mind, allowing everyone to be extremely witty and interesting and leading to a thoroughly enjoyable dinner. And a thoroughly enjoyable reputation for the well to do wizard/witch.

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Re: TMQ109 -- Murder on the Hogwarts Express

Some flowers have a certain meaning, or symbology behind them, which I think could be interesting. What if some of the meanings were derived from their original use by wizards and witches? I got a list from the internet, and this isn't all of them, but it's interesting, nonetheless:

Aloe- grief, superstition, wisdom
Anemone- shyness
Aster- elegance daintiness
Bachelor Button- new clothes
Begonia- Beware
Brown-Eyed Susan- "I'm Watching You!"; "Be Careful!"
Calla Lily- grief, death
Dogbane- keeps threats away
Hollyhock- home, comfort, refuge
Iris - Faith; Wisdom; Valor; Hope; Light; Power
Poppy - Eternal Sleep; Oblivion; Dreaminess; Imagination
Sweet William (Pink Carnations)- Keeps unwanted visitors away; protects from ill wishes or jealousy

It'll be interesting to see if/what someone can come up with from this list.

Have at thee!

(plus, a random thing I noticed while researching: Petunias symbolize anger or resentment. Just an interesting something I hadn't known before)

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Re: TMQ109 -- Murder on the Hogwarts Express

survey: definitely option A

some kind of luxury outhouse like the prefects bathroom in hogwarts? "An Out-a-site Outer-Site for all your Out-housing needs"

separate house-elf accomodation for species-sensitive owners

A Galleon (the ship) made of galleons (the coins)!

A zoo containing rare and mysterious magical beasts (crumple-horned snorkack, blibberring humdinger, and the legendary tea-loving Nackledirk - the crumple-horned snorkack is possessed of an impressive olfactory organ with all the function and design of a bagpipe, but which however can no longer be found in Britain due to overhunting by Scottish musicians? Erm... the blibbering humdinger is a Snitch-sized bird with plumage that changes colour constantly - it flies into people's ears, feeding off their brainwaves (a.k.a. Babel fish of Douglas Adams fame) and either causes them to be more befuddled than the most efficacious befuddling draught, or it gets a song stuck in their head.

The legendary Giant Beanstalk of Jack and the Giant Beanstalk fame!

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Re: TMQ109 -- Murder on the Hogwarts Express

Well, why not A first? Just to be orderly.
Such wonderful plants you all have come up with.
To pick up on something jatibbal started, there are many common plants with magical uses.
The garden might have a rue plant, to repel Goblins (esp that nasty loan collector from Gringots), or Lavendar for relaxation spells, healing potions, and entrancement concoctions.
Of course, for unfenced country gardens, a bit of Medusa Nettle around the edges will keep out nearly anything. Like "muggle nettle", the Medusa Nettle is good to eat, has medicinal uses, and it stings; but unlike the common variety, if you try to hack your way through with anything but a properly charmed blade, it will grow back instantly and even thicker. It is a good idea to walk your nettle line occasionally and see what or who it has wrapped up...
But in addition to the plants, a top drawer garden should have fertility spells, enlargement spells (think Arthur's Ford interior) for the land locked city garden, and maybe even a gazing ball. A wizard's gazing ball not only reflects the garden's beauty, but also sometimes doubles as a prognosticating tool (aka crystal ball), a foe glass, and even a magical mirror that extols the physical virtues of it's owner.

Thanks, Robbie , for all you do.

PS. Dumbledore Chia Pets! I love it.


"We are cups, constantly and quietly being filled. The trick is knowing how to tip ourselves over and let the beautiful stuff out." Ray Bradbury

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Re: TMQ109 -- Murder on the Hogwarts Express

Like everyone else the next story should be A, then well maybe B, and save the best for last which is C.

Wow everyone gave plenty of ideas... hmm unusual things in a well to do wizards/witches garden...
well the first that came up was priceless antique Muggle Garden Gnomes, and ironically, charmed to drive out the pesky wizard gnomes, or maybe polish them in ediquettes (just to entertain guests)..

Spicy-Herbaliciously Plant - a dream plant every House elf, Wizard Chef wants, very expensive and diffcult to care but its worth every effort and money as it grows all kinds of spices and herbs, from common cinnamon to expensive saffron, all year round, so no worries of stocking up your spice bottle when fresh ones are always ready.

Fungus Log - It's not a mouldy piece of log, it's in fact a log charmed with complicated spells to allow growth of all sorts of edible fungus, from ****take mushrooms, medicinal Ling Zhi and Cordeyceps, to the all luxrious truffles, plus not much care needed for it though its very costly and hard to get.

La Vineyard - Well not excatly a grape vineyard to make wine but its an exquiste vine that grows beautiful assorted flowers and bears delicious chocolate filled with the best wine. Great when you don't have time to buy Valentine gifts or for that Wedding Anniversary you keep forgetting... be warned that its best to also have a Anti-Pest Plant or placing a Impertubable Charm around it will probably do fine too..

Anti-Pest Plant - the plant that produces an aroma that repels all irritating insects like ants, mosquitos and cockroaches and also has a calming effect on small creatures like dogs, cats and even sometimes children, reducing the chances of them running all over the garden and damaging all the prized well-pruned plants.

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Re: TMQ109 -- Murder on the Hogwarts Express

The werewolf or Sadie's fortunes.

Rich Wizarding Gardens
1. A big pond, complete with mermaid family and medium-sized squid and some exotic magical waterplants. The pond is probably charmed so that it's like a heated pool, because England is a little chilly.
2. Hammocking Vines -- Plant them around the roots of two sturdy-trunked trees that are about 6 to 8 feet apart. When you want to relax and enjoy your garden tap one vine twice with your wand, then tap the other set of vines once. The Hammocking Vines will weave together until they create a secure hammock on which you can lie. When you're done, just tap the middle of the hammock three times and the vines will unweave until they look like normal plants again. (Hammocking Vines are brown, kind of like azalea stems but more flexible. They don't have leaves.)
3. Burning Birch -- Need a quick campfire? Need a torch? When limbs are magically severed from a Burning Birch, the broken end bursts into flame. (Death Eaters especially like these because they're really handy when forming spur-of-the-moment angry mobs.)

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Re: TMQ109 -- Murder on the Hogwarts Express

I vote A then C and in a wealthy garden...hmmm... I think a truffle bush so the very rich don't have to depend on smelly French pigs to find their truffles.

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Re: TMQ109 -- Murder on the Hogwarts Express

technically not garden, but....

gargoyles! these magical creatures are found only on the rooftops of the most well-to-do wizards. lifeless and immobile by day, these creatures awaken by night to.... well i don't know what they do really. maybe they'll do whatever their owner tells them to, like house-elfs. or maybe they'll do the gardening. or they'll guard the house by night? they'll be really strong, and probably quite magic resistant too, what with the stone skin and all.

(one little-known secret of gargoyle ownership is that to get them to come to life by day - use Peruvian Instant Darkness Powder!)

i got quoted on TMQ 110 - yay! quote #36.

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Re: TMQ109 -- Murder on the Hogwarts Express

I suggest C, so that you can then finish up that whole plot line and then make option A really long. (Kind of how the time thing has been hinted at since the beginning, it is why they all got together)
I imagine a well to do wizard would have a friendly scarecrow in there garden. It could help them solve life's problems as well as politely *magically* convince intruders to leave it's owners property.

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Re: TMQ109 -- Murder on the Hogwarts Express

SURVEY: Now that Merlin’s tale is complete, what should be the next “top priority” tale [...] ?
I vote (C). Living backwards is a bit complex, but might be fun for you to write.

CONTEST: What unusual things might you find in a well-to-do witch or wizard’s garden?
You definitely need an EverlastingIce Pond. The other Muggleborns will be jealous at your ability to have year-round skating or hockey practice. I've also seen some well-to-do's that had TimeTurnerSundials - they're a must-have for when you're outdoors enjoying yourself and want to repeat an hour of perfect weather.

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